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December 27, 2017


11/13/2018 05:44 PM 


Activity: We understand that everyone has a life outside of here and we believe that comes first. However, this is an active para to multipara group so activity within the group is expected. We as that members get on 2 times a week and get at least 1 reply out once a week preferred. You do not need to write with everyone in the group. Please make sure to have a few storylines with those in the group. We ask that you to have at 3 connections and storylines with the members of this group. An activity check will be done eacbh month with points. Members need to gain ten points per month which can be done through many ways including starters, replies, reposting group statuses, group rp, discord rp, drabbles, group event storylines and discussions.
Writing Length/style: While we understand that while it's sometimes difficult to find inspiration to write long replies, This is a para to multipara group. For your replies, we would like them to be at least a paragraph in length. You are allowed to write anything above that but please be understanding that not all members write as much as you write. Our group is also 3rd person writing.
Drama: Drama is good when it is in character. But that only implies to in character. If out of character drama is reported to the owners then the one causing it will receive a warning but if it happens again , that member will be asked to leave the group. In order to know that the drama is occurring, we ask that a screenshot be provided in order to avoid any "he said, she said" and that wouldn't be fair to anyone. Kaitlyn's favorite movie is Harry Potter. If you are going to post pictures that includes another members personal information (display name, url link) please get their permission first.
Connections: Romantic connections must stay within the group. Members may not connect their storyline with another canon character without permission from that canon. If the canon is not already in the group then they cannot be connected with another with exceptions to siblings (see sibling rule). This is so that when the canon does join, they do not feel forced into a storyline or connection with another. Also, members are allowed to have two sets of mains, one being those in the group and another being those outside of the group. However, the group mains need to be priority.
Second/Third Roles: Members may take on a second role after they have been in the group for 1 week. They also may take on a third role a week after that. This is so we can see if you are active enough to take on another. If you play a character from one verse, you may not take on another character within the same verse. We count TO, TVD, and Legacies as three different verses therefore you can take one from multiple of these. The same goes for Buffy and Angel.
Original Roles: Original roles are allowed but they must make sense to the storyline.
Sibling Roles: We are now allowing sibling auditions as long as in your audition you explain where your character was during the span of the show. There are certain characters that we do not accept auditions for, for siblings.
Children Roles: We are now accepting children roles, except we are not accepting babies played. If your character is wanting to have a baby then it will need to be NPC. In order to be accepted, the child must be at the age where he/she can speak.
Hiatus: If you plan to go on hiatus please let us know. We understand that sometimes things come up in life and that you may need a break. If your hiatus goes on for longer than expected then we ask that you check in with us and let us know.
Dead Characters: If your character is dead in the show does not mean he or she has to be dead in the group. When auditioning, if you can come up with a way that is reasonably supernatural then we will be willing to accept that character. However, while most characters are able to be brought back, we do have some that we have decided should remain dead. If you are curious as to who please message us.
Face Claims: Any face claim who have appear(ed) on two or more shows that we allow canons from, the role  that the actor was in the longest will be the one who uses the FC. For example, in The Secret Circle Faye is played by Phoebe Tonkin who goes on to play Hayley Marshall in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. In this case, because she was the role of Hayley longer, Phoebe's face would be used for her and the person playing Faye would be able to pick her FB. There may be exceptions if there is a good enough reason. No mirrors of canons accepted unless it is canon in the show. If the face claim is in any of the shows that we accept then it cannot be used for an original character.

Face changes: We allow face changes when asked however due to other people who might want to take a role with one of the faces you have 48 hours to change your profile picture indicating who your playby is.
Time Setting: This group is set post series finale for any show that is over and set at current season for shows that are still on the air. We have a timeline that we send out to members in order to show what has progressed or been added to it. If you wish to see the timeline in order to see where the other members are, you are welcome to ask. Legacies is set post pilot and has a special storyline and has a special storyline to go with it so that it is set in Beacon Hills. If you are curious about this please message us for details.

Skimming: If we learn you did not read the rules in full once in the group, we will give you one chance to reread and actually read. But if they are not read and signed appropriately after the first warning it will be removal from the group. Rules need to be read prior to audition ior audition will not be accepted.
Rules are subject to change at any time. If you have any questions regarding our rules feel free to message us and we will respond ASAP. Please sign with a gif if you have read to here. If you are mobile then please sign with your favorite quote.
Group etiquette(discord and roleplayer) : Discord is not mandatory to have if a group member. This is purely for fun.
1. Please do not assume that everyone knows what someone or something is. A werewolf may not know anything about a vampire or a warlock and vise versa. There are different creatures in different shows so do not expect others to know what you are.
2. Please respect other members. It is important to show respect if you want respect.
3. Try not to blurt out what type of creature you are. Not every character wants to know and by saying it, you are effecting their storyline. By saying it both in group roleplay or on roleplayer, there are many members who feel as though they cannot be involved. It is important that everyone should feel included. If you want to have certain group storylines with characters that involve the supernatural then you may open up a topic in the group forum and write in there. Also, keep in mind your character before saying what you are. Would your character enter a place and tell a large group of people that they are some type of supernatural creature? However, the main point of this rule is to make sure you talk with the other writers in the chat to make sure that they are okay with it.
4. Remember what happens in chat effects your character. These are storylines that are apart of the group storyline. If you see something supernatural or do something natural that is fine but keep in mind it is now part of your character's story.
5. Harassing members is a big thing. It is not okay and will result in being taken out of the chat. If this occurs after being taken out of the chat then it will result in removal from the group. If we hear it from multiple people that you are harassing then it will result in removal from the group. If you have questions about this or it has happened to you, please come and talk to us. Please be able to show us what is going on so that it does not become a "he said, she said" sort of situation. We are here for all of you and want you all to feel safe and comfortable.
6. Do not talk about other groups in the group chat. It is not appropriate to talk about other groups in the chat whether it be positive or negative. If you wish to talk about them, please use your DMs. and keep it private. If we see it a warning will be given. If it continues then it will be removal from the chat. We will definitely not tolerate negative talk about another group while in this group. 
7. Remember, if a character is not in the group then they cannot be added to your storyline. You can not say that they have a connection to you until we have one and they give you permission to include them. We do not want someone to feel forced into a storyline when they join. If we notice this has happened then we will discuss it with you. Any connections that exist within the show still exist within the group. An example would be the ending of TVD. The ending will not have changed however, the writers may choose to change it post the ending of the series. Say your character ends up married to another character but you do not like that connection, you are able to have them divorced.
8. We do realize that some people do share personal information in chat. However, we would like to ask that you not ask anyone questions about their personal life in the group chat. Not everyone feels comfortable in saying but might feel pressured into telling. This is a way to make our members feel safe. This is another concern that has been brought to our attention and has been a reason why some have not gone into the chat much. If you are unsure that something should be discussed in group chat then please take it to Dms. 
9. Please keep any IC chat out of the OOC chat from now on. General chat is there for OOC and should only be used for so. This is now here in order to avoid confusion in this chat. The IC chat, IC roleplay and roleplay locations are places where IC chat should be happening. IC chat and IC roleplay may be any length but the roleplay locations are asked to be paragraph and up due to this being a para to multipara group and due to it being something that adds onto both yours and other members storylines. 
Thank you for your understanding. If anything changes we will make sure that members are updated on it.


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lιттle wιncнeѕтer


elle x noah | Tumblr

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Family don't always end in blood, boy.

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-- beautiful miser


"If you're going to be bad, be bad with a purpose or else you're not worth forgiving."

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the vampire diaries gif | Tell-Tale TV

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Read and understood. I wlll apply by them.

Posted on Aug 9th 2020 - 10:47 PM

Goldenheart Witch


Read and agreed with the rules

Posted on Aug 8th 2020 - 3:27 PM

# Classic Raeken !


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Fierce One


One of my favorite quotes since I’m on mobile. “I hear whispers from the birds, the bugs and the bees. They’re all in my service.” - Seelie Queen

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Read and agree to the rules. 

Posted on Jul 27th 2020 - 7:21 PM

~Prophecy Slayer~


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