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01/08/2018 04:42 PM 

Prewritten Original Roles

Paul Lewis

Playby: Patrick Dempsey

 Paul Lewis was your everyday, mundane human who lived in Chicago with his wife and teenage son. Because of an illness inflicted upon his son, Paul made a deal with a demon to help save him. At the time, he had not known the repercussions of this deal and the demon made sure to keep it that way. To get away from the big city, he and his family packed up and moved to the small town of Beacon Hills where he took a job at the local hardware store. This was far from his original office job but he felt the need to change many things within his life. Little did Paul know, because of the deal with the demon, he had become a shapeshifter, that only could turn into one part of a hydra. When he signed the contract, he had not read closely or at all thus he did not realize what he would become or that this curse would affect his family as well. Now each night for several hours, he guards the lake which is where the portal to hell is and kills anyone who comes near i

Sarah Lewis

Playby: Amy Adams

:Sarah Lewis originally worked in an art gallery but when she got married and had a son she left this job to become a housewife. When her son was inflicted with an illness, Sarah fell into depression. But somehow, her son got better which brought joy back to her life. It came as a shock to her when her husband decided he was going to uproot them and have them move to Beacon Hills, a town in California.When she arrived in town she found it rather boring and decided it was time to get a job so she would have something to do during the day.So with this she got a job as a maid and started working for various people around town. While it was not something she considered fun it did give them a little extra money since her husband as now working a job that made significantly less than he had been making before. When her husband had signed a contract with Sarah became a shapeshifter that was one part of a three person hydra.When in this form she has no recollection of being a human and when human has no recollection of being a hydra,that is being controlled by a demon. Now each night she stands guard at a lake that is the home to the gates of hell.and kills anyone who comes near it.t

Ryan Lewis

Playby: Jake T. Austin

Ryan Lewis was your stereotypical athlete in high school junior. He was considered to be an extremely talented football player up until he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. His hopes for getting to play sports professionally were crushed and he started to slack off when it came to school. Because of this he was in and out of the hospital a lot while also having had surgery to remove the fluid from his lungs. Ryan was going to get a transplant but all that changed when they thought his body would reject the organ. One day he suddenly had no fluid in his lungs and appeared to be better. It was as though he had healed overnight and no one could explain why. No one except his father that is. Ryan had plans to join the football tea again but was then yanked out of school in Chicago and forced to move to a small town named Beacon Hills. When he got there, he joined the lacrosse team where he seemed to do well. In order to stay on the team he had to work harder to keep his grades up but this was hard for him due to having a hard time paying attention. Little did Ryan know but his dad's signing of a contract involved him and each night he would shapeshift, with his parents, to form the third part of the hydra. Along with his parents, he protected the lake that guarded the gates to hell and would kill anyone who came near it. This was something that when in human form he had no recollection of.

Lainey Johnson

Playby: Katie Leclerc

Lainey Johnson, a nineteen-year-old witch, was born in Beacon Hills. Growing up she was forced to keep her powers hidden, preventing her from learning full control. The powers skipped a generation leaving her mother with only knowledge on the powers. In high school she was particularly into drama which carried over to college where she majored in the topic. Not traveling far from Beacon Hills, she only went to school in the next town over and continued living at home with her parents. Recently she inherited the family grimnoire which she has been able to use to help her gain better skill with her magic. She is skilled when it comes to time magic but lacks control when it comes to fire. With her time magic she is able to turn time back by a minute and isolate elements such as stopping rain in a given area by freezing time for a short period within that area.When stress, upset or anxious her spells often result in fire.

Elliot Clarke

Playby: William Moseley

Elliot had recently graduated from a school near Hershey, PA. He is twenty-four and double majored in English and Education. He got a job at a local school and met a teacher who he dated for a while. After they got engaged he discovered that she was cheating on him with the principal. Upset over this he moved back to Beacon Hills where a friend helped get him a job as the English teacher at the high school. He was happy to move back as this was his childhood home up until the age of fourteen when his parents decided to move him away. Part of him feels as though the town is not entirely safe due to the recent disappearances which causes him high anxiety.

Johnathon Larson

Playby::Open as long as in age range and not in any supernatural shows within the group

Johnathon Larson is a 486 year old crossroad demon who has the appearance of 27. He was born in the 1700's and before he was a demon he worked as a blacksmith who was selling cheap material at a high price leaving customers believing that they were receiving good quality tools. He fell for a girl who paid no attention to him. Because he wanted her attention he then traded his soul in order to get her attention. Due to not being able to remain loyal, he lost the girl and she moved onto his friend.When his time came the demon decided that he was evil and decided to change him into a demon instead of letting him die. After centuries of making deals with humans he came across a man named Paul Lewis who he then made a deal with to save his son. The deal he made was to make Paul and his family into someone who transforms into a hydra and guards the gates of hell that was within a lake in Beacon Hills. 


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