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This account was created with the intentions of helping me create a story, Entries of a Dead College Student The story was inspired by another story known asThe Lovely Bones with a different take. The concept is still the same. The main character, Recks, or R was tortured and murdered for reasons that suggest he was a journalist who had controversial opinions. Recks was found in his apartment days after his death and it is the nature of his death that keeps his spirit anchored.

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05/19/2017 05:01 PM 

Journal Entries of a Dead College Student
Category: Stories

-Journal Entry #3

It's rare to find someone you actually trust. Someone that makes you smile and you don't even realize it. Someone who makes you want to be a better person. I didn't think I'd ever have that, but sometimes, fate is funny like that...

I met him in High School. At first, it wasn't really anything. He sat at the same table during lunch period and that was pretty much that. He'd always have these circle of friends that filled the other side of the table he was on while where I sat was pretty much empty. I liked the solitude. 

However, he and I would always be the first ones there to the table, he'd serve as a seat warmer and it was those times that felt.. Suffocating. He'd smile in my direction, eyes warm, brown. He tried to converse with me a few times but those times didn't end up being too well. I kept shooting him down; deep down.. I think I might've been afraid of him. He was so happy and chipper. Something like my half brother.. Something I could never hope to be.

Eventually, at the end of the Highschool, he started following me around, asking me to tutor him. I dunno why I agreed to it. It wasn't like me to ever offer a friendly hand towards anyone.. But he was different. His name was Bently. People called him Benny for short. Not me though, I liked his name, Bently. It stuck out to me.

Is it weird for men to find other men beautiful? I'm.. Not sure.. But to me, Bently was. He was perfect. Soft and sweet.. I found myself wanting to kiss him, only to push those thoughts away. What would my parents even say at the time? Regardless, on Graduation day, Bently had pulled me into the locker room and he told me that he was going away for a really long time. It was then and there he kissed me, and I kissed him, I remember pulling him close with my arms wrapped around his waist; It was everything I could have hoped for and more..

Bently left the week after but we spent as much time together as possible.. I.. Never seen him since, but I still can't find it in myself to regret it. Bently was something else. The boy who made me question everything I was taught about what was viewed as normal and not.

I still question myself to this day..


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