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01. Describe your character in a few words.
Cassie is honestly a little bit of a mess rolled into one. She's; passionate, stubborn, intelligent, strong-willed, reliable, reserved, caring, sarcastic.. She's the type that if you get on her bad side, you'll regret it, if you're her friend or family, she will protect you until the day you die. But if you hurt her or anyone she loves in any way, it's done; She is a very compassionate person and will do anything for you, but she's also a very reserved person that doesn't mind knocking you down a size or two.
02. Are you a New York native? If not where are you from and what brought you here? Do you like the city life?
Cassie isn't from New York, She was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but her Mother took her and her Brother away from that life in hopes they had a better one in America. Cassie loves New York, it's where her mother chose for them to be a happy family and even though she isn't there, she wants to carry out her dream in having that happily ever after in New York.
03. What is the best thing in your life?
There isn't just ONE thing that is best in her life. She has had many blessings from her Brother, Antonio, to her job, to Chris and their Son. What started out as a nightmare turned into something beautiful for Cassie, so honestly; Her family and friends are the best thing in her life. To be loved by people and be blessed with amazing people like them is truly the best.
04. What is the worst thing in your life?
The absolute worst thing would be not having her Mother around. At first, she didn't even have a picture of her and she was so terrified of losing those memories she was able to have with her Mother but when Chris got in contact with her Aunt and while they were on their Honeymoon, her AUnt met up with them and gave her a picture. She is lost a lot of times without her Mother, and seeing Ty not have his Grandmother hurts a lot, too.
05. What's your biggest vice?
Would eating too much be considered a vice? Because Cassie can put away some food and then regret it later. Sometimes. Before Ty was born, however, Cassie was quite a drinker and now that her son is here, it has mellowed out extremely.
06. What would you give your life for?
Cassie would gladly give her life for her Son, for her Husband, Her Brother, Her In-Laws, her nieces and Nephews, Her friends, and 'family' at the department. She would give her life for anyone honestly, it's just in her nature. It may sound wrong because she has all those people that would truly miss her, but if it came down to it, she'd rather them live and remember her, than lose their life.
07. Name one thing that always make you smile and why.
Her son, Tyrion. That boy is truly a miracle, both her and Chris were struggling to conceive and once that boy was in her life, there was nothing in the world that could make her smile than the sound of that little boy laughing. Her Nieces and nephews are a very close second, though.
08. What is your biggest regret?
Cassie would say that her biggest regret is not trying harder to get her 'Father' in bars and locked up for good. The man has ruined many lives, even her's and Antonio's, he has killed people and done wrong so much. She's honestly terrified of the man, and the last thing she wants is to see the man face to face.
09. Describe your career - do you love it? Do you tolerate it? 
Cassie is head Paramedic at FDNY and absolutely loves it. To have a job that helps people at their worst, to help heal them when something bad happens to them is the best feeling in the world. She couldn't ask for any other job than to be passionate over someone and care for them when they need someone the most.
10. Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
Cassie is probably 85% extrovert and 15% Introvert. She loves people, loves throwing get togethers with friends and family alongside Chris, loves going to work and dealing with people even though sometimes they can put a bruise or two on her. However, she does enjoy a nice glass of wine in a quiet house away from everyone every now and then. It's a wind down moment from her, a de-stresser from every day life.
11. What's your family like? Any siblings? Parents still alive?
Her family is crazy haha. She has a Brother, Antonio, who has protected her from day one and hasn't ever let her down. He had literally been her rock her whole life, but he always loves making her laugh. Chris, her husband is just as goofy but he has a heart of gold and would protect her and their son. Cassie has two nieces, two nephews, a brother-in-law, Miles, a Sister-in-law, Bridget, a Mother-in-law that she knows of, and all of them are just fantastic. She couldn't ask for a better family, even her 'family' down at the station. Her Father is still alive and just as evil, but her Mother has passed when she was young.
12. What is your favorite sound?
Can Christmas Carols be it? If not, probably Ty's and Chris's laugh, because they have the same laughter. Ty, however, would start snorting like Cassie does when he really gets that laughing fit going.
13. List four likes and four dislikes.
Four likes would have to be; Penguins, Christmas, Strawberries, and Volunteering. She's really a simple girl that just enjoys simple things and life. Four dislikes would be; Thunderstorms, Clowns, Spiders, and her Father. She's terrified of all of them and would literally cry over them if she saw them or, in thunderstorms, be in one. Then she hides in closets.
14. What do you do on a rainy day?
If it's just rain, Cassie will snuggle up with Chris and Ty and watch movies or read, or something relaxing to get away for the day. If she's working, she just works in the rain. If it's a thunderstorm, and she's at home, she'll hide in a closet or Chris has to be with her. At work, she takes something to keep her as calm as possible.
15. What type of clothing are you most comfortable in?
Cassie doesn't really like tight clothing. She's more of a 'sweatpants and husband's tshirt' kind of girl, unless she just wears one of her own tshirts. However, her job Uniform isn't so bad, either, but tight dresses and pants and revealing shirts just isn't her thing. On a rare occasion, she'll slip into a dress, or for a special occasion such as Weddings, parties, etc.
16. Do you have any enemies?
Cassie is a pretty well liked person, if she had enemies, she wouldn't know. She probably does with her temper and not taking any crap. However, the only one she considers an enemy is her Father.
17. What kind of first impression do you give?
Cassie probably gives off a 'welcoming, friendly' impression when she meets someone new. On occasion, such as on a job when a patient is being a real jerk, she can get snappy and sarcastic. But when it's meeting someone face to face at a party or what not, she's a very welcoming and inviting person.
18. What is one thing you're hiding and why?
Cassie hides a lot of things, but probably the biggest secret she has is her Father being a drug lord. She knows that if that came out in the open there would be a dark cloud over her head forever. So many judgmental faces, probably the loss of some of her friends, and the accusation of her possibly being that type of person in itself would crush her. She has fought to be the person she is today, having that negativity and evil looming around her isn't something she wants. She just wants to be happy.
19. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Cassie's biggest pet peeve is lying. Seriously, what does that accomplish? She has a lot of pet peeves, but that one tops all of them. Hurting someone to benefit yourself or to save yourself isn't the way to go and Cassie doesn't appreciate it, and would honestly call you out on it.
20. Give a quote or lyric that best describes your character.
If its a friend that you need, Let it be me.


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