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September 26th, 2021

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November 09, 2013


12/14/2013 10:28 PM 

Statton Academy's Rules

1). IF I accept you as the role that you had auditioned for, then please create a brand new account for your character.

I will give you a maximum of 7 days to do this.

If you need an extension to create a brand new account for your character, then please let me know.

Yes, it does need to be a NEW account.

2). Please do not delete para comments. But you can delete the O.O.C. comments. :)

3). We do not allow God-modding in this RPG. Please do not control anyone else's character.

4). All members of Statton Academy will need to be active with their role's account 2 days each week.

This means that you need to reply to para comments 2 days each week.

5). The list of things that all of my members can't do:

-You cannot add anyone who isn't an official member of Statton Academy.

-You cannot change your character's love interest without owner approval (meaning: please ask me first).

-You cannot change your character's first, middle, and last name after I accept your audition.

6). No one-liners are allowed for in character activity. All comments for in character activity must be paras, novella length or at least two or three sentences. Try to match your partner's writing length in your reply, if you can.

7). Every two weeks, I will send all of the members an Activity Check. If you do not send me your Activity Check before the deadline ends, then I will remove your character from this RPG and I will re-open your character to NEW auditions. Just so that I will know that you have honestly read all of the rules thoroughly, please type in the word kissed somewhere in your audition starter (in the Body of the new message to me).

8). Please create IN character drama. NEVER create O.O.C. drama.

You can play a maximum of eight characters in this RPG, but you must keep all of your characters active. If you have read all of these rules, then please type in the first, middle, and last name of the character that you will be auditioning for!

10.) If you get grounded, go on a vacation, etc... and you cannot be active as your character... Then please let me know, and request to have a hiatus. If you are on a hiatus, then you cannot comment/reply to paras as your character until your hiatus has officially ended! A semi-hiatus is different from a full hiatus. A semi-hiatus means that you must reply to paras or open starters at least ONCE a week until your semi-hiatus has ended.


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Trixie Tang


Trixie Jessica Tang

Posted on Aug 12th 2021 - 2:07 AM

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Tootie Nicky Statton

Posted on Mar 24th 2020 - 1:04 AM

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