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How To Audition For a Character

How To Audition For A Character:

Please read ALL of the available characters.

After you have decided which character you want to audition for, here is what you will need to do.

Please send me a new message.

Subject: The first, middle, and last name of the character you are auditioning for.

For an example, let's just pretend you'll be auditioning for Tootie Nicky Statton.

Subject: Tootie Nicky Statton

 ❥ O.O.C. Info

    Preferred pronouns:
    Time Zone:
    Activity Level: More than just a number.
    Triggers: Any triggers that you might have.
    What is something positive that you can bring to our RPG?:

❥ Character Info

    Character Name: Who are you applying for?
    Secondary Choice: If any.
    Summary: Expand on the skeleton and tell us how you see your character and a bit on what they’re like here in Statton Academy.
    Headcanons: A few fun facts that haven’t been covered yet.

Please also write three to four paragraphs for an audition starter, in third person point-of-view. And don't forget to add the code word.

Do you want to change the playby of this character?

And if so, please type in the celebrity that you want to use instead.


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