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The Filled Female Roles

Full Name: Vicky Grace Statton.
Playby: Ariana Grande.
Grade: 12th (Second Year Senior).

Age: Nineteen-years-old.
Birthday: December 24th, 2001.
Vicky Statton Popular?: Yes. Vicky is the #1 most popular girl at Statton Academy.
Relationship Status:
Vicky Statton is single right now.
Sexual Orientation: Vicky Statton is heterosexual.
Ex-Boyfriends: Ricky Thompson,
Brandon Allen, and Mark Chang.
Best Friends: Kennedy Fogler, Rayana Sanderson, and Amber Fletcher.
Friends: Chanel White
, Ryan Peterson, and Avery Diaz.
Secretly Friends With: Trixie Tang.
Secret Love Interest: No one right now.
Other Connections: Tootie Statton (Vicky Statton's younger sister), and Timmy Turner (the boy that Vicky Statton used to babysit for).
Personality: spoiled, selfish, wild, stubborn, secretly extremely insecure about her looks, etc.
Vicky Statton Ever Drink Alcohol?: Never.
Vicky Statton Ever Go To Parties?: Yes.
Vicky Statton Ever Use Drugs?: Never
Vicky Statton Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Vicky Statton Still a Virgin?: Yes.
This Character Is Based Upon The Fairly OddParents Character: Vicky.

Biography: Vicky Statton is the #1 most popular girl at Statton Academy. This is mostly because she is the Headmaster's niece. Vicky is super cool, and she is always stylish. But this girl does have a lot of secrets. She had witnessed her father having sex with a blonde woman (who definitely wasn't Vicky's mother). And Vicky had threatened him that she would tell her mother this. But instead of begging for Vicky not to tell her mother, he got furious at Vicky because she was home early that day. He didn't even know that that day was a half-day, so Vicky was released early. Another secret that Vicky has is that on her very last day to babysit the Twerp (Timmy Turner), she actually felt a little bit sad (probably thinking that she will never have to see him again). But, of course, Vicky will never confess that to anyone, especially not to Timmy. Vicky's first boyfriend was Ricky Thompson. But he was a gold-digger who never even loved Vicky. He just wanted to get all of her money. Vicky had started babysitting when she was only twelve-years-old. She started babysitting Timmy when she was fourteen-years-old. Back when Vicky was a babysitter, she was also a member of a secret organization called B.R.A.T. (which stands for Babysitters Raging Against Twerps). Another member of this secret organization was Vicky's best friend, Rayana Sanderson. Whether Vicky likes it or not, she's the girl that almost every guy at Statton Academy is secretly in love with. Even Timmy Turner is secretly in love with Vicky, because he thinks that she is very beautiful. Too bad Vicky will never believe that. This is one of the many reasons why Vicky is stubborn. She is secretly extremely insecure about herself. Vicky secretly hates the way that she looks. Tootie Statton is Vicky's younger sister. Despite their differences in the past, Vicky was almost willing to help Tootie become popular. But two years ago, Tootie was still a fangirl of Timmy, so Vicky decided not to help Tootie become popular. Most of the time, Vicky is the hostess of the parties. She's been keeping a secret from Tootie though. Tootie doesn't even know that their father had sex with a woman who wasn't their mother (Nicky Statton). Nicky found out about it, because Vicky had finally decided to tell her. Of course, Nicky was so mad at her husband that she filed for a divorce from him. The only Statton Academy student who knows about this is Amber Fletcher (Vicky's best friend).  Vicky had decided to tell Amber, because they are so very close. Vicky is not in love with anyone right now. And this is mostly because she doesn't want to get hurt yet again. Vicky definitely has problems with trusting guys right now. She doesn't want to date a guy who is just like Ricky, or just like her father.

Will Vicky Statton always be a spoiled little brat? Or will Vicky decide to change her personality once again? Will Vicky ever be able to trust guys again? Will she ever get a new boyfriend? Or will Vicky be single for the rest of her entire life? And will Vicky ever find out that Timmy Turner is secretly in love with her?
Interested in Vicky Statton? Unfortunately, she is taken right now.
Full Name: Angelica Charlotte Mercer.
Playby: Dove Cameron.
Grade: 12th (Senior).

Age: Sixteen-years-old.
Birthday: December 25th, 2004.
Is Angelica Pickles Popular?: Yes.
Relationship Status: Angelica Mercer is single right now.
Sexual Orientation: 
Angelica Mercer is heterosexual.
Ex-Boyfriends: Shane Chase, Brant Lundberg, Lance Krank, and more will be added soon
Best Friends: Susie Carmichael, and Kimi Watanabe-Finster.
Friends: Avery Diaz,
Arianna Heatherly, Camilla Sanders, Rachel Alcroft, Kennedy Fogler, Rayana Sanderson, Amber Fletcher, Chanel White, and Summer Bishop.
Secret Love Interest: Angelica Mercer does not have a secret love interest right now.
Personality: selfish, mean, charming, confident, insecure, etc.
Angelica Mercer Ever Drink Alcohol?: Yes.
Angelica Mercer Ever Go To Parties?: Yes.
Angelica Mercer Ever Use Drugs?: Never
 Angelica Mercer Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Angelica Mercer Still a Virgin?: Yes.
This Character Is Loosely Based Upon The All Grown Up! and Rugrats Character: Angelica Pickles.

Angelica Mercer is the meanest girl at Statton Academy. Angelica absolutely loves to sing and she believes that she will become a famous star someday, even though everyone else knows that she's not a good singer. Angelica is the type of girl who didn't really care too much about school. She didn't try to get good grades. But then everything changed before Angelica had started her last year at Statton Academy. That was when Angelica's parents had finally told Angelica the truth. A doctor had told them that Angelica might possibly have A.D.H.D. But Angelica's father had advised to Angelica's mother that Angelica should stop taking the medicine. The doctor had given Angelica some medicine, which was supposed to help her with her A.D.H.D. But sadly, Angelica's problems only got even worse. Angelica doesn't open up to anyone about any of her secrets. It's like Angelica would strongly prefer to keep everything bottled up inside of her. Angelica has had several boyfriends in the past. But, of course, none of these relationships had lasted very long. In fact, Angelica's longest relationship was with Brant Lundberg. They were a couple for two months. But Brant broke up with Angelica on October 24th, 2016. Angelica doesn't love anyone right now. She likes to be single for now. The only thing that Angelica wants to focus on doing right now is actually studying, for the first time. And this is simply because Angelica definitely doesn't want to become a Second Year Senior, like Vicky Statton. Knowing Angelica can actually be a good thing, because her mother is the C.E.O. of a major corporation called Mega Corp.
Will Angelica Mercer continue to be single? Or will she decide to start dating someone? Will Angelica continue to be the Mean Girl at Statton Academy? Or will she decide to have a change of heart? And more importantly, will Angelica be able to graduate in the Class of 2022? Or will Angelica have to become a Second Year Senior in the 2022-2023 school year at Statton Academy?
Interested in Angelica Mercer? Unfortunately, she is taken right now.
Full Name: Tootie Nicky Statton.
Playby: Alexandra Chando.
Grade: 10th (Sophomore).
Age: Fifteen-years-old.
Birthday: July 5, 2006.
Is Tootie Statton Popular?: No.
Relationship Status: Tootie Statton is single right now.

Sexual Orientation: Tootie Statton is heterosexual.
Ex-Boyfriend: Hunter Olliver.
Best Friend: Timmy Turner.
Friends: None (Tootie is kind of a loner, because the other people at Statton Academy honestly don't like her).
Secret Love Interest: Ryan Peterson.
Other Connections: Vicky Statton (Tootie Statton's older sister).
Personality: She used to be extremely fangirl-ish (especially about Timmy Turner), but now she is extremely quiet and even very shy.
Does Tootie Statton Ever Drink Alcohol?: Never.
Tootie Statton Ever Go To Parties?: Never.
Tootie Statton Ever Use Drugs?: Never
Tootie Statton Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Is Tootie Statton Still a Virgin?: Yes.
This Character Is Based Upon The Fairly OddParents Character: Tootie.

Biography: Being the younger sister of the most popular girl at Statton Academy isn't very fun. Just ask Tootie Statton. She is related to Vicky Statton, but apparently the other popular girls and popular boys don't even care. They think that Tootie is way too weird, too uncool, and that she's just not worthy enough to become popular with Vicky. Despite being the boy's biggest fangirl in the past, Tootie and Timmy Turner are actually best friends now. Tootie still likes Timmy, but now she only likes him as just a friend. Timmy recently confessed to Tootie that he was secretly in love with Vicky, but he had decided to start dating Valerie Smith. Tootie isn't that surprised though. I mean, she was shocked that Timmy was secretly in love with Vicky. But Tootie wasn't surprised that he decided to start dating Valerie. Vicky is the #1 most popular girl at Statton Academy. At least Valerie isn't popular. Previously, Timmy was in love with Trixie Tang (but it wasn't a secret), and she never loved him in return. Maybe Timmy just didn't want to have an unrequited love once again when he had fallen in love with Vicky. Tootie's only ex-boyfriend so far is Hunter Olliver. Thankfully, Hunter is not popular, but she broke up with him recently because she had started to secretly love a different boy (Ryan Peterson). Unfortunately for Tootie, Ryan is the #1 most popular guy at Statton Academy. Which means that Ryan will never give Tootie the time of day.

Will Tootie Statton and Ryan Peterson ever become a couple? Or will Tootie decide to be single for the rest of her entire life?

Interested in Tootie Statton? Unfortunately, she is taken right now.

Full Name: Trixie Jessica Tang.
Playby: Shay Mitchell.
Grade: 12th (Senior).

Age: Seventeen-years-old.
Birthday: May 13th, 2004.
Trixie Tang Popular?: Yes.
Relationship Status:
Trixie Tang is single right now.
Sexual Orientation: Trixie Tang is heterosexual
Ex-Boyfriends: Beck Campbell, Declan Thompson, and Evan Mora.
Best Friends: Kristen Gregory.
Friends: Grier Hopkins, Arianna Heatherly,
Camilla Sanders, Kimi Watanabe-Finster, and Nicole Boscarelli.
Secretly Friends With: Vicky Statton.
Secret Love Interest: Beck Campbell (Trixie Tang is still in love with him).
Other Connections: Veronica Lindberg (Trixie Tang's ex-best friend).
Personality: vain, stuck-up, snobby, self-centered, secretive, snooty, and etc
 Trixie Tang Ever Drink Alcohol?: Yes.
Trixie Tang Ever Go To Parties?: Yes.
Trixie Tang Ever Use Drugs?: Never.
Trixie Tang Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Trixie Tang Still a Virgin?: No (Trixie Tang lost her virginity to Evan Mora when she was sixteen-years-old).
This Character Is Based Upon The Fairly OddParents Character: Trixie Tang.

Trixie Tang is the girl who used to be the #1 most popular girl at Statton Academy. But that was before Ron Statton became the new Headmaster of Statton Academy. This school used to be called Dimmsdale Academy. But Trixie was totally fine with the new changes. She even willingly let Vicky Statton become the new Queen Bee of this Academy. Trixie has always constantly called Timmy Turner "Tommy". Basically, Trixie doesn't believe that anyone who is not popular is even worthy of her time. So Trixie doesn't even bother to remember what their (anyone who isn't popular) names are. Trixie used to be best friends with Veronica Lindberg. But then Trixie had discovered certain evidence that proves that Veronica is secretly in love with Tommy (I really mean Timmy Turner though). So Trixie ended her friendship with Veronica in the 10th Grade. Trixie is one of the many believers who actually believe that if a girl is popular, then that means that she shouldn't love a boy who isn't popular. Trixie had cheated on her first boyfriend (Beck Campbell) with Evan Mora. Beck found out about this, and he quickly dumped her. None of Trixie's previous relationships have even lasted more than one month. Trixie does have a rather shocking secret though. She loves to read comic books that boys read. So in order to get a comic book, Trixie has to dress up like a boy. Some people like to believe that Trixie hates Vicky, but another shocking secret is that Trixie is secretly friends with Vicky. Trixie is secretly still in love with her ex-boyfriend, Beck. She hates herself for cheating on him, and she wants to get back together with him. The only problem with that is, well, Beck seems to love Vicky right now.

Will Trixie Tang and Beck Campbell ever get back together? Or will Trixie be forced to watch Vicky Statton and Beck making out with each other? Will Trixie continue to be secretly friends with Vicky? Or will Trixie suddenly regret allowing Vicky to become the new Queen Bee at Statton Academy?

Interested in Trixie Tang? Unfortunately, she is taken.

Full Name: Lori L. Loud.
Playby: Jenny Boyd.
Grade: 12th (Senior).
Age: Seventeen-years-old.
Birthday: May 25th, 2004.

Is Lori Loud Popular?: Yes.
Relationship Status:
Lori Loud is single right now.
Sexual Orientation:
Lori Loud is a closeted bisexual.
Brother: Lincoln Loud.
Sisters: Leni Loud, Luna Loud, Luan Loud, Lucy Loud, Lola Loud, Lana Loud, Lisa Loud, and Lily Loud.
Bobby Santiago.
Best Friend: T.B.A.
Love Interest: Whomever will get accepted as Lori Loud will be allowed to choose her love interest.
Other Connections: This will be decided by Admin. J. of Statton Academy later.
Personality: caring, impulsive, insecure,
condescending, protective, kind, friendly, rude, and bossy.
Does Lori Loud Ever Drink Alcohol?: Yes.
Lori Loud Ever Go To Parties?: Yes.
Lori Loud Ever Use Drugs?: Never.
Lori Loud Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Lori Loud Still a Virgin?: Yes.
This Character Is Based Upon The Loud House Character: Lori Loud.
Biography: Lori Loud is the oldest sibling of the Loud kids. Lori is bossy and she has a bad temper. As such, Lori tends to come off as somewhat rude and condescending towards those not familiar with her, but aside from that, she is friendly and kind. She does not like the others touching her possessions, especially her cell phone, which seems to be her most valuable object. The reason for this is that she does not want to waste her phone memory for messages other than the ones from Bobby. She is also very territorial as she loudly yells at anyone who goes into her room without permission before kicking them out. She is also shown to be protective, as she locks her room with a key and electronic keypad lock. In some occasions she acts without thinking, and commits malicious actions against the others for her own selfish benefits, like in "Driving Miss Hazy" when she tries to stop Leni from learning to drive so that she can remain the only Loud kid with a license, but since her love for her family always comes before any petty problem, she has a caring heart underneath a rough exterior, and she will always try to fix her mistakes. Deep down, Lori is insecure; it is shown that while she gets annoyed and easily agitated by a lot of people, she feels lonely without the people she loves and cares about (such as Bobby and her family) and her worst fear is in fact, losing their approval. This is shown in episodes such as "Garage Banned" where she becomes lonely sleeping in the garage away from her siblings and "Save the Date" when she bursts out crying after being dumped by Bobby. Lori, much like her father and grandfather, is very emotional and cries easily. She will often cry if she is lonely or has simply had a bad day. Despite being insecure, Lori is very reliable and a good leader. Lori also has an interest in golf and is a very skilled player, though nervousness can impede her ability to play golf. Despite this, she is not very interested in other sports. Like Leni, Lori has an interest in fashion, though unlike Leni, she doesn't make clothes. Lori is often the person to whom Leni turns for fashion advice, and when Lori and Leni roomed together, they would often borrow one another's clothes without permission, causing many squabbles between the two. Lori is a romantic; she planned very elaborate dates with Bobby and talks very affectionately towards him. She also enjoys giving her siblings love advice and watching romance shows such as The Dream Boat. If she suspects that one of her siblings has a crush, she will get very excited. She seems to also have an interest in nutrition. Her siblings complain about her going on "health kicks", which seem to be mainly focused on food, and she enthuses about her bean chips being low-calorie and high-fiber. Lori recently broke up with her boyfriend, Bobby, because she didn't think that a long-distance relationship would have worked between them.

Will Lori Loud be able to make new friends at Statton Academy? And will Lori get a new boyfriend while she will be here?

Interested in Lori Loud? Unfortunately for you, she is taken.



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