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10/27/2012 11:46 PM 

Who We Are

So just who is and what is Into the Night?  We are a role playing community dedicated to the creation of long and involved, multi-character blog stories in the Angel/Buffyverse, Supernaturalverse, and the True Bloodverse.  Some of our role players also have story lines in comments or messages, but that is their own personal role play and is neither considered a part of the RPC activities, nor is such role play governed by the rules of the RPC (see

Into the Night has been in its current form since early 2010.  We started on MySpace, then migrated to Sitemodel, and finally to  The RPC was created by Katarina Pratt, Spike, and Jade.  Kat and Spike are the current co-owners of the site.  Jade left the group in 2012.  However, Into the Night has roots going back to early 2009 when a very talented group of role players came together on MySpace to create blog stories in the Angelverse.  Lorin is the only refugee from those early days.  You can ask him about them, if you are interested. 

The RPC consists of this home page and four blog story pages:

Angel/Buffy Stories:

Into the Night Tales:

Supernatural Stories:

Crossover Stories:

The Stories

Tragically, in late October 2012 the RPC was hacked and most of the stories were deleted.  However, we were able to piece together most of the ongoing story lines and repost them.  One completed story (Just a World Away) was also reposted in its entirety; however, most of our archive of completed stories was lost.  We are now saving every post in every story so if catastrophe hits again, we will not lose a single syllable. 

Each story has a story lead who is responsible for developing and executing a plot (in collaboration with other role players).  This plot is kept largely secret so that events are a surprise to the role players, but generally he or she must share parts of those future events with the participating role players to keep the plot on track.  The story lead also must be flexible and learn to adapt, because role players tend to do things unexpectedly that require tweaking the story line. 

We do not have a minimum word count for posts, but each post should be long enough to carry the story forward, as appropriate for the context of the story.  In some cases a short post is needed, in others, a longer post is appropriate.  Currently, role players in the Angel/Buffyverse tend to write shorter posts than in the Supernatural and True Blood stories.   Some stories are written in multiple blogs, which are akin to separate scenes or chapters of a story.  Blogs may run concurrently or follow one another.  As a chapter or scene ends, a post will direct the role players to move to another blog.

Following is a listing of ongoing stories:


Diving Deep Into the Wellspring of Magic:

The Still Point, Pleasantville, in 3 blogs:

The Still Point (The Sequel):

The Still Point, Part 2:

The Still Point, Part 3:


Sedition of the Lesser Evils:

Into the Night Stories

Madness - The Infection (Kat is lead), in 2 blogs:

Dark Road:

Mad as Hatters:


Hunter Games (in 3 blogs):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Locational Blogs:

We have also posted three locational blogs on this page: Caritas, Harvelle's Roadhouse, and The Bronze (click on the 'Back to Posts' link below to access these blogs).  The locational blogs are open to members and non-members alike.  Anyone is invited to use them to start a storyline, throw a party, discuss plots, or whatever reason you like.  They are posted as an open forum but also as a way for us to test drive potential recruits.  Also on this page is a Halloween/Anniversary Party that became a murder mystery short story.

Completed Stories:

Kindred (in 3 blogs):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The Still Point (in 3 blogs):



Darkness Falls:

Vampire Rising (in 3 blogs):

The Fall:

Vampires at the Gate:

Eternal Night:

Toy Soldiers (in 2 blogs)

New World Order in 2 blogs:

Razor's Edge of Darkness in 2 blogs:

Bloodlines in 2 blogs:

Wishing for Vengeance in 3 blogs:

Mimicking Death (this was our only True Blood Story):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2 (copy)

Part 3 (reset) 

The Demons Within (3 blogs)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Uncharted Waters of the Temporal River (4 blogs, Cordelia is lead)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Long Road (this story was originally posted on Faith's page):

We moved the story to the Supernatural page:

It Happened in London

Just A World Away (in one blog, a Supernatural Story):

Mad World (in two blogs, this Supernatural story concluded in April 2013):  

Kansas City Here I Come (Supernaturalverse - in two blogs):

The Runaways (Angelverse):

The Red Hat Incident (Angelverse):

Shrouded Legends (Buffy Season 3, Story Lead: Giles - in 3 blogs):

Our Worlds Become One (a crossover story in 7 blogs):

The Line of Aurelius, in two blogs.

Trials of the Teenage Winchesters:

The Characters

The following is a listing of the characters/role players who are members of the RPG:























Lilah Morgan







Sam Winchester

Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester: 


Bobby Singer



Alyssa Singer

Jo Harvelle:



Leigh Morgan:

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