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Beverly briskly entered Deep Space Nine's Sickbay and halted posthaste when she saw Thomas through the large window of the private room. He held Deanna's small hand in his larger one intently watching her lying on the bio bed surrounded by medical staff. Beverly knew, from past experience with both Thomas and Will, what he was doing. She never professed to fully understand the connection the Riker men, including the youngest Riker male, had with Deanna, especially the one Thomas and Deanna shared. Somehow it was different; stronger yet more delicate and undeniably more intense. It was akin to watching a volcanic lava eruption that never ceased flowing; it simply continued to grow in strength.

Deanna was on her side curled up in the fetal position facing Thomas. She was fast asleep with the aid of medication while he was sitting in a chair beside his Imzadi, with an utterly desolate look on his face. He looked like he had aged 10 years when in reality it'd only been 12 hours since she'd last seen him. She quietly set her bag down and walked over to him, reaching out she touched his shoulder. He didn't flinch; he simply looked up at her with bloodshot blue eyes, shock still written upon his handsome features. The compassion and understanding in Beverly's eyes was his undoing.

Thomas Riker, the man, reached out for her, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. Like a wounded child he rested his head on her stomach and tried to control his tears. When she reached down and tenderly stroked his head she heard Thomas' breathing catch. She knelt down and enfolded her arms around his shoulders as he buried his head on her shoulder. Beverly felt him inhale deeply, trying to control his emotions, but it was a losing battle, his tears started to fall.

Knowing Thomas wouldn't want an audience to see his breakdown she looked over her shoulder at the nurse and gave a knowing nod. The young nurse ushered the medical staff out, closed the curtains and shut the doors behind. Without a word Beverly sighed and stayed where she was holding her friend and letting him cry as she began to shed tears of her own.

Chapter One

It just hasn't been the same without Deanna these past agonizingly slow four plus weeks Riker thought to himself as he sat in the morning's briefing. He was reminded, in her absence, what a steadying calming factor she was to not only him but also the rest of his crew as well as many other inhabitants of the DS9 station. He sighed, `I can't wait `til she gets back. I can't wait to touch her, to kiss her, to make love to her. I'm getting tired of only having her pillow to smell when I go to bed.' He thought. Finally the meeting adjourned and Thomas, having 'requested', not that he needed to request,  the next three days off, chose to get his hair and beard trimmed as well as make an effort to clean up his quarters before his beautiful Betazoid arrived back home to him.

Thomas returned to his quarters, ordered up a steaming cup of hot coffee from the replicator and sat down at his desk. He saw there was an incoming message from Betazed. `What timing,' God how he ached to hold her in his arms again, to inhale and bask in her scent that lingered on him while he went through his day. There were times, that after he'd showered he'd purposefully get his wife aroused, pull her up onto his torso, grab her hips and rub her heated, soaking wet, sweet smelling core all over his chest just so he could smell her throughout his day. He'd also done it before away missions at times simply to have a physical part of her with him for a day. That, coupled with her mental brushes would make him smile; at times groan, which drew looks if done too loud and he'd smile unashamedly. He was not one to shy away from his erotic side; in fact he thrived on it. There too were times that same combination would backfire on him and force him to seek out privacy so he could ease his overwhelming need for her. The advantage and drawback, if one could even call it a drawback, of being intimately involved and mentally connected to a Betazoid, he wouldn't have it any other way. He smiled at the woman staring back at him. He took note that she was still at the Troi mansion and not on a transport back to the DS9 but chose not to comment just yet as to why, thinking she would explain in due time. "Hello Love." His thick baritone voice stated tenderly.

"Hello yourself." she answered back. Even though she tried to hide it she was not in a good mood. She was in a downright foul mood that was for sure.

"How are you beautiful?" He drawled.

Deanna sighed, "I'm fine Thomas." But she clearly was not fine.

Thomas frowned and forgetting he was going to wait for her to bring up the explanation he spoke, "So what's going on? Why are you still on Betazed when you should be on a transport back to DS9 and back to me?" he asked curtly.

"Because Captain," she stated sarcastically, "the particular transport I was to be on had some sort of mechanical failure problems and the next one won't be until late tomorrow evening." She sighed heavily once again. "I'm sorry Thomas." Tears welled up in her eyes. "But at least mother will be happy that I'm here a little while longer." She wiped the tears away with the back of her hand and forced a smile.

Thomas' throat knotted hard and he put his hand on the screen as if to touch her face. "Sssh, baby don't cry. I can't bear to see you cry. Everything will work out just fine. Come on now keep your chin up. It's not like it's the end of the universe Deanna." He stated calmly.

"But Thomas, tonight, tomorrow and the day after were supposed to be our days." She let the next several tears fall down her flushed cheeks. "This was supposed to be the first time we've spent your birthday together as a couple. Not just as friends but as a couple and now it's all ruined. And I know you requested time off for today as well as the following two days and it's just ruined."

"It's not ruined." Thomas attempted to soothe Deanna's frustration. "Let me see if I can still get you back here later tonight Imzadi. I'll find you an available something, be it federation, private or whatever. Wait for me to contact you back." Thomas paused and gave her his trademark Riker grin. "Oh and Deanna it's just another day honestly you know that don't you? Any day shared with you is a special day to me."

"You're right Thomas any day together is a special day, but did you make any plans on your end for us?" She asked somewhat pensively.

"Don't have a plan of attack as of yet love. I thought perhaps we might throw caution to the wind, wing it a little and see what * comes up *." He smirked at his comment thinking it was smart. Deanna chose to ignore it.

"So Captain Riker, I guess it really doesn't matter if you try to find me a transport back home or not since there aren't any plans!" she retorted vehemently. "How's Little William?"

`Good God what a shitty, shitty mood.' He thought as he spoke, almost whispering her name as he leaned toward the screen, "Deanna." He paused and remained calm speaking softly, "Of course it matters and he's with the O'Brien's playing with Molly, he's excited that he's going to spend the next few days with them."

His bright blue eyes twinkled and a smile crossed his face. "Throwing caution to the wind doesn't necessarily mean I don't have any ideas," he smirked. "I have lots of wonderful ideas."

His voice became a low husky growl as he leaned closer yet to the screen. "Most of them only need you and me alone with chocolate and strawberry ice cream." He chuckled hoping to get a positive response from her but only received a halfhearted smile.

"Oh Thomas."

"Now hold on and let me see what I can do to get you back here tonight. Stay right where you are I'll be back with you shortly." He placed two fingers to his lips and then touched the screen with them and with that he disengaged the link and set to work on finding alternate transportation for one upset, frustrated Betazoid.



It'd been four hours since he'd found Deanna new traveling arrangements. It wasn't hard to find with all his connections legitimate and otherwise. She was now well on her way back home, however she wouldn't arrive tonight as planned but early the next morning. He'd busied himself with cleaning his quarters and rearranging several items making extra space, space for Deanna to put some of her things if she wished. He'd even spoken to one of DS9's engineers about his idea of expanding his quarters with Deanna's but hadn't quite been able to accomplish it before her return. He wanted Deanna to just move in with him when she came aboard as DS9's resident counselor but she opted to have her own quarters for the time being, even when he'd practically begged her not to. Although she spent ninety percent of her time in his quarters he did understand her need to be alone at times and although certain specific people knew him and Deanna were together, they also opted, for the time being, to keep their relationship, specifically their marriage, private. However the gossip mill would run rampant at the slightest morsel of rumor regarding the SID Captain and the station's resident counselor. So he'd keep the expansion idea tucked away from Deanna for the time being. He was getting anxious, weeks without her making him more so.

The sound of his computer terminal brought him out of his thoughts, an incoming message. He knew who it was from; he'd been waiting for it. She'd told him she'd contact him once they were well on their way. Her beautiful face filled the screen. "Hello Imzadi." Deanna smiled.

"Hi yourself, how are the traveling arrangements? Agreeing with you? Meet with your approval? Up to your standards?" He lowered his voice before he spoke again. "Imzadi I can't wait for you to be home."

Deanna was remarkably more relaxed and she let out a dainty laugh.

Thomas' grin went from ear to ear, "It's good to hear you laugh."

She leaned into the screen "I'm sorry about earlier Imzadi. I was and still am just frustrated and a little aggravated that I'm not going to be curled up with you tonight. Four and a half weeks is four weeks too long to be without you."

"I'm a little frustrated about that myself but I've been taking it out on my quarters by cleaning them." He was proud of himself and smiled. "Don't be alarmed when you get here and think you're in the wrong quarters. I've picked up all my dirty socks and made the bed." He let out a small chuckle and once again leaned into the view screen, his voice low rough with desire. "Deanna, we can make up for you not being in my bed tonight by staying in our bed all day tomorrow if you so desire. Your wish will be my command for the next two days."

Either she'd ignored or completely missed the infinitesimal point he'd made with the mere change of one word. "We can't stay in bed all day Thomas. Tomorrow is your birthday and we have to celebrate." Deanna countered him.

"I told you, it's just another day, we don't have to celebrate."

"Don't be ridiculous. We have them, so we need to celebrate them."

"What do you have in mind? Since obviously my ideas are no longer at the forefront of your mind."

"Umm, I thought maybe we'd go to dinner either on the Promenade or a bit more romantic in the Holodeck, take a walk along a sandy beach at dusk, go dancing and then end up in bed." she purred seductively as her finger slid up and down the screen.

"Why don't we just start in bed and skip everything else? We could replicate dinner in." he growled in a husky voice.

"You are shameless and oh so bad Thomas Riker," she whispered.

"Oh, Imzadi, I'm not bad. If you want bad, I'll give you ba..."

"Thomas, I have to go, someone else needs to use this," Deanna interrupted.

"Wait Deanna, one more thing before you go. Silk, Chocolate, Carmel, whipped cream, strawberries and ...

"Oh, Gods, Thomas, you're insufferable!"

"Ashau du nuh'," Thomas laughed as the link was disconnected. ((((Love you too.))))



"Computer time."

"0237 hours."

"Damn time is moving slow." He sat down at his desk, picked up an old-fashioned pen and paper and leaned back in his chair closing his eyes to think. Since sleep was eluding him, he thought he'd occupy his time doing something romantic while Deanna was still on her way back home to him.

Thomas Riker wasn't prone to writing poetry until one Betazoid raven- haired beauty entered his life. His attempts seemed doomed to failure in his opinion. He could count on both hands and feet how many he'd written and tossed away over the years, except for those he'd written while imprisoned. He could count on one hand how many he'd written and stashed away near a small velvet green box and he could count on one finger how many he'd written and had taken away.

He sat at his desk writing a few lines and either scratched them out or wadded the paper up and threw it onto the floor. He kept writing and writing. His mind overflowed with words and phrases. He seemed a bit awed by his mind's ability to do so.

 You leaned over and you kissed me

I felt my knees go weak

You leaned over and you kissed me

I couldn't even speak

You leaned over and you kissed me

With passion flowing free

You leaned over and you kissed me

A touch so soft and tender

You leaned over and you kissed me

With the fire no kiss should lack

You leaned over and you kissed me

My soul you did explore

You leaned over and you kissed me

Lover, kiss me so much more!

"Aaghh, that's horrible." He wadded it up and threw it on the floor. "I'll never get this right before she gets back." He mumbled to himself. He pressed pen to paper once again.

You Are My Poetry

You whisper verbs in my breath

Kiss the corners of my smile

Touch the depth of my heartbeat

And breathe my poetry.

You trace the echo of my hunger

Sign the curves of my skin

Take my desires as your own

And inspire my verses.

You linger soft where I need you

Never tremble receiving my loving

Adorn my life with your beauty

And have become my poetry.

`Good thing the replicator can make paper.' He thought as one more paper wad went flying through the air and landed haphazardly upon the couch. His once orderly room had become a mass of white wadded paper balls. `How can she like this dribble?' Just then the glint in his eyes became just as wicked as the smile on his face and he started writing once again.

Deanna Dear for one night

I want you to be my call girl

Coming around in that just right

do me now outfit

Standing at my door

in black spike heels and stockings

waiting to entertain me


I want to unwrap you by candle light

Slowly, like a very special package

delivered just for me

Letting me take my time, not tearing any paper

as I lift your shirt above your waist


Sitting you in a chair by the viewport

Pity no one can catch a glimpse

As I part your legs and you arch your back

Showing me your urgent need, pleading with me to lick

With leisure, as it holds my favorite flavor


You want me kneeling before you, naked I see

Nibbling at your passion flower with my teeth

Around the edges of your silk panties

Caressing your petals with my chin and nose

Savoring the fragrance while our eyes gently close


Not content with this petting for long

The urge to strong

Like a cat kneading, you can't help but purr

While I remove, smiling up at you, your silken panties

I spread your lips like sweet sweet honey

Using my fingers to start the flow

While you're watching down at me

As you raise them to my mouth, offering a taste

Begging me to tell you what I want

I say please, I will do anything you ask

Being at your mercy, submitting to your hunger

For the moment is my task to see your whole body smile

With the pleasures my heart and body have to offer.

"What a fantastic birthday gift that would be!" He stated excitedly as he chuckled and proceeded to peruse over that which he'd just written and set it aside on the desk willing his body to power down. "Riker you horny bastard damn good thing Deanna will be home today. You really do need to get laid or take a very cold shower." He shook his head, closed his eyes and took a deep cleansing breath. "Ok Riker let's get it right this time."

With evidence entered,

I kiss your perfect face

Moist from busy dreaming

Your scent marks me

Your fingerprints,

My pen dipping in you, on point,

Extracting, gliding us

With even strokes

Into the night's ink


Write me

across the pages of your universe

in passages transcribed

upon the stars

for you have read the poetry

of my soul

in Braille upon my skin

and you have woven

your words with mine

across the seven seas

sailed between Polaris and Orion.


Speak my name into the wind

in syllables that drip from your tongue

with nectar licked

from the very tips of my fingers

under the spell of daybreak

chanted on the breaths

between whispers spoken by beating hearts.


Carve our initials

on the backside of the moon

and throw a kiss into the slipstream

for it to rain on me at twilight

and I will throw it back to you

before the night sets in

so you can drink the passion that flows

from the inscription of your name

upon my lips.

Thomas reread his words and smiled satisfactorily, "Perfect. Not the greatest but still perfect." He laid it back down on his desk next to his written fantasy and tapped his comm badge.

"Riker to Bridge," He stood, walked to his bedroom striping off his clothing, leaving them where they fell and he laid his well-formed, large naked frame spread eagle on his bed relaxing in the warmth. His quarters were several degrees warmer than most of the station due to his wife and son and their need to keep it warmer for their liking. It was a trivial thing he'd readily accepted and gotten quite used to.

"Yes Sir?"

"Please inform me when the Corvallen Freighter arrives to docking port. It should be within the next hour or so. Counselor Troi is on that ship."

"Aye Sir."

"Computer time?"

"0647 hours."

`Good, just over an hour before she arrives. I'll just take a small cat nap,' he thought. He'd finally gotten tired and sleep overtook him in mere moments.


"Bridge to Captain Riker," The unseen voice waited moments and having gotten no reply stated once again. "Bridge to Captain Riker."

Riker awoke with a start and replied groggily. "Riker here."

"Sir you requested to be informed when the Corvallen Freighter arrived. It's in docking port three as we speak."

"Yes, thank you, Riker out."

Thomas sat up grabbed his pants and shoes put them on and stood to fasten his pants. Grabbing the white t-shirt he'd discarded earlier in the living area he put it on as he walked out his door and headed towards docking port three. He ran his hand through his long dark hair without so much as a thought about how that had enhanced his already slightly disheveled appearance, "Riker to docking port three?"


"Has Counselor Troi debarked yet?"

"No Sir."

"Good wait until my arrival to do so."

"Aye Sir."

Riker entered the room and gave the order to open the port doors. `Gods I can't wait to touch her.'

Ensign Michaels observed and took note of the tousled appearance of SID's Commanding Officer. Something he'd have to add to the Riker/Troi rumor mill. 'Couldn't wait to see Counselor Troi; that much is obvious,' Michaels snorted quietly as Riker briefly looked at him and spoke abruptly.

"Open the doors."

Riker stood tall and watched as his vision of beauty named Deanna Troi stood before his weary eyes. He grinned as she demurely stepped through the door, walked to him, dropped her bag at his feet and spoke seductively as she wrapped her slender arms around his neck and curl a finger in his hair. "It's so good to see and touch you again Imzadi." Thomas Riker had the biggest smile she'd ever seen on his face. He was no longer fatigued.

Ensign Michaels began making mental notes; the very large smile on Riker's face and what could be made out to be smoldering desire in his eyes. The kiss Troi placed on Riker's neck and then on his lips. 'This is great stuff. I can't wait to tell Sorenson and Bellows about this. They aren't going to believe it. Captain Riker did have a softer side and was evidently not a prick all the time.'

Suddenly Deanna felt his arms slip around her waist and she was pulled against a solid chest and a very hard something else as Thomas began nuzzling her neck. Then he lifted his head, placed his mouth on hers and his tongue delved deep into her mouth. She pressed herself into his frame until he had to back them against the wall or fall over. "Deanna," he gasped seductively in her mouth. "Oh, God, I missed you so much."

Thomas was making quick work of kissing her again and roaming his hands through her hair, over her breasts, her back and ass entirely oblivious of his surroundings. Before the couple went any further however they abruptly stopped upon hearing Ensign Michaels clear his throat rather loudly. Realizing where they were Thomas lifted his head, pushed slightly away from Deanna, sheepishly grinned at the smiling yet slightly embarrassed Ensign and shrugged nonchalantly. Thomas grabbed Deanna's hand as he reached down for her bag. Strategically placing it in front of him he made a beeline for the door and left the room hastily virtually dragging Deanna in tow.

"Where are we going?" She asked innocently.

"To bed," he responded wolfishly.

"Why? Are you tired Thomas?" Deanna giggled.

"No Deanna I'm not tired, I'm horny as hell and I'm going to fuck you so long and hard you won't be able to walk straight for a week." He growled indifferent to who might have heard the old terrain slang profanity which Thomas Riker was known to use on a regular basis.

Ensign Michaels laughed as he heard the verbal transaction before the doors closed and shook his head. He tucked away the tidbit of information he'd just been witness to, knowing that several people in the Riker/Troi betting pool were going to win a lot of credits later that day including him.

Once they arrived at the door, Thomas picked Deanna up, walked into the cabin straight to the bedroom and set her down beside the bed "How was your trip?" He tossed her bag aside. She reached up and kissed his neck as he made swift work of unbuttoning her blouse, pulling it off and unhooking her bra tossing them all on the floor.

 "A bit bumpy at times but otherwise satisfactory," Deanna muttered as she lifted his white t- shirt over his head and threw it on the floor next to hers.

She undid his pants and pushed them down "I didn't get much rest at all." She stated as she kicked off her shoes and Thomas lowered her skirt along with her slinky little panties.

"Mmm beautiful as ever Imzadi," He growled as his hands slowly caressed her now nude hips, thighs and ass. "Kupi-sarlah nash-veh yeht i' Imzadi," ((((I could come right now, Imzadi.))))Thomas toed off his boots and pulled his pants the rest of the way off.  "I think I got forty-five minutes of sleep or so early this morning love."

Quirking an eyebrow Deanna quipped, "Practicing your Vulcan I see. Let's not teach our son that phrase just yet," she was looking down at his body admiring the view. "Thomas?"

"Yea?" He was grinning down at her when she looked up at his face.

"You don't have any underwear on." She quipped.

Thomas leaned down and kissed Deanna soundly on the mouth as he picked her up and laid her in the middle of the bed.  "I didn't feel the need to put them on this morning sweetheart, just one extra thing to be removed."

"Do you go commando often Imzadi. Or is this something new since I've been away?" She asked smiling.

"I suppose that's something you'll just have to figure out on your own my dear." Thomas stated as he reclaimed her mouth in a bruising kiss.

"Make love with me Thomas, now, please!" She reached up and pulled him down onto her. She guided him to her and ever so slowly he slid himself inside of her as he watched love wash across her face.

"I've missed you so much Deanna. So very much that I don't think I'll last very long."

"Then don't Imzadi, just love me please."

He smiled at her, "With pleasure my love."



Two hours later when Deanna opened her eyes, she was looking at old fashioned photographs. Although she found it a bit odd to have old fashioned style pictures, she smiled none the less as she recognized the first picture as one from their first official date as a reestablished couple. Thomas had taken her to the Holodeck for a picnic and he had recreated the Janaran Falls; the first place they'd ever made love and learned each other's bodies, minds and souls. The second picture was of Thomas and his, now their, son Little William after Thomas had discovered and rescued him from Cardassia Prime, the third was of her and Little Will on the smallest, newest Riker's recently established birthday and the fourth picture was of young William as a baby; a picture that Thomas' Romulan ally had given him and Thomas cherished it above all others since he'd not known of his son until he was almost two and a half years old. Thomas had put the photographs in beautiful wooden frames that resembled the logs on the Riker Log Cabin home in Alaska and they sat prominently on the bed stand next to his oversized bed, a bed she realized, the first time she'd shared it with her lover,  fit his large, muscular body perfectly yet seemed to dwarf hers. Deanna smiled, turned in Thomas' arms and kissed him, waking him and their lovemaking began anew.

 After hours of love making, Deanna again began to awaken with a feeling of euphoria. "Mmm," she purred as she snuggled deeper into her pillow. She ran her right hand over the covering, surprised that it felt so good as rough as it was. She tried to move her legs and found that she couldn't. Still almost asleep, she opened her eyes to see not a pillow, but a nice soft, furry chest. She moved her head slightly and planted several kisses on it. She heard a low long growl and tilted her head up to look into her husband's face. Her eyes widened like saucers when she finally realized that it in fact was not a dream, it was real, and she was at last, after four and a half weeks, in Thomas Riker's arms.

"Good morning Imzadi. So very glad you're home." He whispered huskily.

Deanna tried to move but realized she couldn't as her legs were entwined with Thomas' larger ones. He pulled her tighter to him possessively and matter of factually stated, "Mine." Before he started to quietly snore, Deanna giggled and allowed herself to also fall back asleep in her Imzadi's arms after giving him a peck on the chin and answering him, "Yes, yours, always will be yours."


He hadn't slept well for weeks and was making good on his notion of staying in bed all day thus far. It was eleven twenty-seven hours and Thomas lay on his back still groggy from sleep with Deanna on her side pressed against him. Her arm was across his chest, her leg draped over his thighs and her head nuzzled into his neck, sound asleep after they'd made passionate love for the third time since she'd gotten back that morning. He chuckled as he remembered the conversation that lead up to their third love making session. Thomas was glad he'd had Little William spend time with the O'Brien's. William enjoyed spending time with their daughter Molly.

"Happy Birthday, Captain Riker and I love you Imzadi." She'd said sleepily.

"And I love you too Imzadi. Now rest. Go back to sleep."

"I don't want to sleep. What I want is to make love with you," she purred and crawled on top of him, straddling him. He could tell she was already stimulated and it didn't take him but a few seconds to become aroused by her.

"Deanna, you're exhausted. You can't possibly have the energy to have me pounding inside of you, again," But Deanna wouldn't take no for an answer and he loved what she was doing to him. He wanted her, and he wanted her now and it appeared that she craved the very same thing.

"Make love to me, Riker. Make love to me! We've been apart for so long. I don't want to be apart any more. I want to be with you, I want to feel you inside me again. Thomas, love me now please."

He chuckled once again at the memory as he settled himself. "You're going to wear me out my love." He whispered into his sleeping lover's hair as he faded off into oblivion once again hugging her tighter to him as he did so.

Less than a half-hour later the couple awakened simultaneously, "Dax to Captain Riker."

A half-asleep Captain, stretched, reached for his communicator and responded groggily, "Riker here."

"Thomas I've been buzzing your door for the past five minutes. Is everything all right, I need to talk to you." Jadzia's voice was filled with lilt.

Thomas grumbled and answered gruffly, "Everything's fine. Is this something that can wait Jadzia?" He looked over at Deanna and watched her shrug to his unasked question.

"No Thomas, I'm afraid it can't. Besides what are you still sleeping for anyway? It's thirteen hundred hours for crying out loud. Are you feeling all right?" She could barely contain her mirth. She knew he wasn't alone, knowing by his voice that she'd awoken him and hadn't broken up a private party of two.

"I'm Fine, give me a minute," He growled as he dislodged himself from Deanna and got out of bed. He proceeded out of the bedroom and grumpily headed for the door when Deanna's voice stopped him.

"Oh Thomas?" she was trying to stifle a giggle as she stared at him.

The tall, tired, disheveled man stopped and turned to face her. "What?" he stated a bit more sharply than he'd planned and Deanna broke out into laughter. "Why are you laughing Deanna?" he whined.

She pointed at him and he shook his head, "WHAT?"

"Thomas, you might try putting on some clothes before you answer the door or you'll give Jadzia a very large shock."

Thomas looked down, grumbled, walked over to a chair and grabbed the pair of pants he'd tossed aside earlier that morning and put them on. "There, more presentable sweetheart?"

"Oh yes, much." Deanna continued to giggle as she got out of bed, found her robe and followed him into the living area sitting down on the sofa. She knew what was coming for her Imzadi, she'd spoken with Jadzia about it a week prior and she was excited to see his reaction to the little surprise.

He opened the door and jumped back two or three steps from the shock of a dozen young school children, including his three year old, yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, happy birthday to YOU!" They were holding a banner in front of them as they sang to him and for Jadzia's part she could barely withhold her own excitement. Thomas quickly turned and shot a quick glare to Deanna behind him, pinning her with his big blue eyes clearly asking `Did you know about this?' And then he turned back to Jadzia with a `I'll get you for this' look before he allowed himself to smile and say thank you to the children for the Birthday well wishes and the banner they had made for him. After they'd all wished him a happy birthday, his son looked up at his very, very large father and began to speak.

"D..d...daadaayy, w..ww..wweee ha..a..aava burffffaaadaayy ..." the dimple chinned, black haired, blue eyed, charming pointed eared, Riker toddler put two of his fingers, from his dominant left hand, in his mouth for a moment before he finished.

Noting he was nervous in front of his classmates, making his child's speech impediment more prominent,  Thomas dropped down to his eye level, placed his hands on his son's arms, great pride emanating from him for the Riker determination his three year old had swiftly developed in the short six months he'd been with his father.  "Hal_tor fi' Sa_Fu, Du kup tor..." Thomas paused as he couldn't translate the last word so he spoke it in Earth Standard. "" ((((Go on Son, You can do it.)))) Thomas made sure he spoke to his half Human/half Vulcan son in Vulcan as often as he could, together along with Deanna, they were learning the language and the latter was teaching both her Riker men the Betazoid language as well. Deanna had placed a halt on too many other languages Thomas had knowledge of. Not so much because it would be too much for the lad but because most of the words weren't the most appropriate of words to be teaching a small boy of three.

Little William reached  out and cupped his small hands on either side of his father's face, nodded, smiled back and spoke with more conviction. "Aaaafff..fff...ffffaaa   c...c...ccooool    weee, ummm   burrrfffffffaaadaayy ppp..ppp..pppaattt...ttt...tttaa    fff..fff...fff..fffoo     uuuu    Dddaadddayy,    uuummm     Maa..maann..maaann..mmanaa S..s..s..sissk...k...koooo    saaaay    w...w..wweee    ccc..cccaaana      doooo     bbbbyyyy       bigggaaa    wi...wi...winooows  on p..p..prooromaaaadddaaa, uuuu      p..p..puuueeezzz   dd...dd...ddaaddayy? W..w..w..wwweee     g...g...goonnnaaaa     hhhaaavvvaaa   c...c..cccake   aaaa...aaaann   um    iiiiiccc   ceeeeeeemmmm fff..fff..fffoooo      uuuuu    ddd...ddd..dddaaddaayy,  ppp...ppp...pppuueeeeze ccc...ccc...cccuuummm."

Thomas could feel Deanna's aching desire to want to help their son with the struggles that he was dealing with and it too broke Thomas' heart to see his lovely little boy struggle and suffer, if he could take it all away and upon himself he would do it in a nanosecond.  Watching and hearing his son struggle simply fueled Thomas' rage and disgust for the entire Cardassian race and quite frankly the most important reason of them all to hate the Cardassians was what they'd done to his baby boy. One day, the charming lad would overcome all of his problems and be the stronger and wiser for it.

Thomas' eyes were soft and he had a very large grin on his face as he nodded his head yes and placed a hand on William's shoulder. "You are having a party for me?" He was truly surprised. "Why William, I'd be delighted and honored to attend. What time shall I be there my boy?" He wrapped his arms around his son as the younger Riker looked up at Jadzia for the answer. "Sixteen hundred hours would be wonderful Captain." Jadzia winked at her friend.

"Very good, we'll see you then." The children smiled and said goodbye, luckily young William hadn't seen Deanna, as Thomas stood in the doorway watching them walk down the hallway. He then turned around to see Deanna on her feet backpedaling away from him, giggling as she did so. "You knew about this didn't you?" He started to stalk her. "You're lucky your son didn't see you, you know."

She simply nodded her head, laughed and started to run as he chased her around the cabin. By the time he was able to grab her and push her to the floor she was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes. "Oh Gods Thomas, I thought you were going to fall over when the door opened and they yelled happy birthday. I wish I could have seen the look on your face."

"Ah a payback is in order here I do believe." He flipped Deanna onto her back, untied her robe and proceeded to tickle her mercilessly.


He'd felt a bit awkward and tense at the start of the party but as it wore on he'd become more relaxed about the idea. Even more so after Deanna wrapped her arms around one of his and told him that it was good practice being around more than just one child every now and again, she'd stated smiling up at him. His response to her comment was to lean over and kiss her without a care as to where he was. He looked around a bit sheepishly afterward and saw numerous very wide smiles on some of the crew's faces. It was clear to him that they'd suddenly gone very public with their relationship. 

Thomas had laughed with the children as he blew out the candles of his trombone shaped cake and again when he'd opened the several gifts the kids had made in their art classes for him. He enjoyed watching as the children started to become more at ease around him just as he had with them. Riker had taken great care in speaking with each child individually and thanking them for thinking of him on such a special day. The adults took delight in Thomas' shocked look when several of the children even approached the larger than life SID Captain and blindsided him by giving him a hug.  For Thomas' part he actually enjoyed himself immensely and had almost decided to forgive Jadzia and Deanna, but not entirely. Thomas smiled even more and his heart swelled with so much love when his son had decided to take five minutes out of his play time to hug and kiss his mother and then climb into Thomas' lap, cup his cheeks in his tiny hands as he often did and plant a sloppy kiss on his daddy's cheek, and whispered in his ear, "H...hhh...hhhappp...pp..pppaaa Burfffddd..ddd..ddday   ddd...ddd..dddaaaddd..ddd...dddy. Mmmeeee lllooovvvvv uuuuuu."

Thomas hugged his little boy tightly, kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, loud enough for Deanna to hear as well, that he loved him. "Taluhk nash-veh k'dular." With that the boy, with eyes that matched his own, scrambled from his lap and scurried off to play once again.

The party had finally wound down. The parents ushered their children off the Promenade and Thomas finally leaned back in a chair after he graciously thanked all the children, teachers and parents who'd made such an effort to show him he was appreciated. He was toying with one of his gifts, a miniature black head with two big blobs of blue where the eyes should be protruding from it and he chuckled at the irony of it all.

"Well Captain Riker, that was certainly enjoyable and entertaining." Commander Sisko smiled as he sat next to Riker and grabbed the black head out of Thomas' hands and held it up next to Riker's head. "Why Thomas, I'd say the likeness is simply incredible, simply incredible indeed. What do you think Kira?"

"The resemblance is remarkably uncanny." Kira chimed in as she placed drinks at the table in front of both officers as well as three more beverages.

Thomas shook his head and chuckled. "Dontcha think the eyes are a bit big?"

Before both had a chance to respond Daniel, Vatican, Deanna and Jadzia approached the table and sat down with their drinks. Thomas eyed the two women respectively and waggled his finger at them. "Don't think you're off the hook ladies."

Jadzia scoffed and snickered, as did Deanna. "Oh Thomas, you can't honestly say you didn't have a good time? The children were absolutely adorable and wonderful." Jadzia looked at Thomas, "You know Thomas your son; dare I say he's quite the little charmer just like his daddy and his uncle. I wonder, is his grandpapa Riker as much of a charmer as his offspring?" Thomas groused slight at the mention of Kyle then merely nodded and smiled.

"Alright Deanna, yes I had a good time and yes the kids were great. But this doesn't mean it's open season on Riker." He stated gruffly and took a stiff drink of his beverage and pulled the glass away from his mouth in surprise. "This is delicious and ... real."

Kira simply patted Thomas on the back, "For a special occasion."

He smiled up at her, "Thank you Kira."

"Happy Birthday Captain," She smiled and as she leaned back in her chair.


They'd been talking and drinking for several hours and to everyone, but Jadzia and Daniel's surprise, Deanna had pulled her chair close to Thomas and cozied up to him about two minutes after she'd sat down at the table. Thomas, for his part ponied up closer to Deanna as well. Close enough to where they were in constant body contact, whether it was an arm, leg, fingers or lips. At one point Thomas leaned over to give Deanna a soft kiss on her cheek but ended up lips to lips when she turned toward him at the same time. Thomas delved his tongue into Deanna's mouth and deepened the kiss letting it linger longer than initially planned. "Ashayam," he murmured.  ((((Beloved.))))

Thomas was starting to think how fitting it would be to start giving some payback to Deanna under the table with his roving paw. Then he thought the wiser of it knowing it would simply inflame him as well, but he did take a small liberty now and again and Deanna would squirm, try to hide a gasp or a sigh amusing him all the more as he ran his hand up between her legs and gently rubbed her core through her dress; he knew she wasn't wearing any panties under her little black dress and it turned his crank. He'd asked her to go without them, prior to leaving his quarters, as a small birthday gift to him and she'd agreed to give him that.

The more Riker drank the more open in his public displays of affection in regard to Deanna became. Every so often he'd pick up her hand and kiss it or rub it on his cheek. Periodically he'd place his arm around her shoulders and hug her to him, smile directly at her and wink. Often times he'd reach under the table and knowingly squeeze her knee or thigh or take his hand and run it seductively up as far on her leg as he could without getting hit while having a huge schoolboy grin plastered on his face. They'd exchange knowing glances from time to time not truly caring if anyone saw. Besides it wasn't like their relationship was a secret now. Not after the way they'd behaved in docking port three that morning anyway. Riker realized that it would be station wide knowledge that he and the station's counselor where now very intimately involved with each other and were officially off the market. They hadn't broadcast their marriage so it wasn't common knowledge and those that did know weren't prone to divulging said information at the behest of Deanna and Thomas. The couple thought it would be safer for the time being due to the nature of Thomas' job. Now Thomas didn't know why he'd kept it on the down low in the first place. She was after all his best friend, wife, lover, a mother to his son and future children but most importantly his Imzadi and he was to the point of not caring if the entire universe knew.  Other than the fact of keeping Deanna safe from any so called enemies of Thomas', there was no other reason to keep it a secret.

By twenty-two hundred hours The Promenade started to get busier with the nightlife. Thomas stood rather unsteadily; everyone at the table knew he was more than slightly buzzed and tipsy from the alcohol. Daniel started to offer his assistance to Thomas but was waved off by a rather animated arm motion from his commanding officer. "Nooo Daaaanieeeeelllll, I'mmm fahhine. Beeeessssides I neeeed to essscorrrt Deannnnaaa hommme." He paused and then stage whispered. "I think she'sss aaa liaatte tiiiired annnn drrrruuunk." Thomas slurred and felt the room spin slightly as he stood behind Deanna's chair, waiting for her to stand. They said their goodnights and headed down the hall. Thomas leaned his large frame rather heavily against Deanna and draped his arm possessively over her shoulders and she wrapped her arm around his waist, every bit the poster couple of Deep Space Nine as they made their exit.

"Well this evening's Riker Troi display will ignite the betting pools and you can bet he'll have one hell of a hangover tomorrow that's for sure." Jadzia snickered as she took another drink.

Daniel chimed in. "Yeah maybe one of them should go away more often, it'll make life less painful on the rest of us when whichever one comes back home."

"Cheers to that." Sisko said as he lifted his glass.

Once they rounded the corner; Thomas stopped, leaned against the wall in a small recess and whirled Deanna into his arms and planted a long, hard, wet kiss on her lips. "Mmm I love youuuuuuuuuuu Deeeeeeaaaaaaaannnnnnaaaaaaaa Rrrrrrriiikerrrrr" He slurred. "Mmm youuu feeeeel sooooo gooooood." He lowered his head again and caught her lips in a bruising kiss. He ran his hands through her hair and down her shoulders then cupped her breasts in his large hands, kneading them and worrying her nipples between finger and thumb as she groaned at the pleasure he was sending through her body. Even drunk Thomas knew how to electrify her body and bring it to life, thrilling her to her very core.

Deanna pulled away with an audible smack and smiled up at her Imzadi. "I love you too Thomas. Now come on let's get you home and to bed."

Thomas grinned like a little boy waiting for a cookie, "Nnnnnnowwww that'ssssssss annnnnnnnnn offffferrr I caaann't reeeefffuuuuuuusssssssssssse. I'm allllllllll yuuurs mmm'lady. Lead the wayyy." Deanna quirked an eyebrow at him and smiled. The walk to his quarters was made in comparative silence as Deanna tried to keep Thomas upright. He was more intoxicated than she had originally thought.

"Come on Captain you need to be in bed. You need to sleep it off big fella."

Thomas grunted as she punched in his access code, grabbed his arm and led him through his door, through the living area and into the bedroom. She pushed him down onto the edge of the bed. "Take your clothes off Imzadi you'll be more comfortable." Deanna started to walk away but he grabbed her wrist.

"Aren't weeee jusss thhhe demandinnnnnnnnn sssssoooort t'night Deeannnnnaaaaaaaa. Youuu gonnnnaaa taaaaake yuuuur clothessss offff annnnn giiiittt comfyyy withhh meeeeeeee? I promissse I'lllllll beeeeeeeee aaaaaa goood boyyy." He paused, "I'll beeeeeeeeee aaaaaaa vaarrry vaarrrryyy gooood boyyy. At leeeeassssst thasss whuuut myy woooomannn sayyysss." He yanked on her wrist drawing her to and on top of him as he fell back with her onto the bed. "Youuu arrre myyy wooomannn arrrrrrrennn'ttttt youuu Deeeee?" He asked in a low, thick baritone voice as his hands pushed her dress up and began rubbing her bare ass and sliding his thick digits between her legs sliding them along her clit and over her pussy. "IIIIII'mmmmmmmmmmm glllllaaaaaaaaaddddddddd youuuuuuuuuu diiiiiidnnnnnnn't weaaaaaaarrrrrr paaaaaaaannnnnnnnttttttttttiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeessssssssss. MMMMM yuurrrrrrrrr alllllllll wettttttttttt Immmmmmzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaadiiiiiiii, youuuu neeeed a gooood fuuuuuukkkkkkiiiiiiinnnnnnn. Youuu havvve aaa greaaat assss haaasss anyone evvverrr tolllld youuu thaaat?"

"Don't be silly. You know the answer to that question." Deanna took a deep breath to steady herself.

"Tooo whaaat queeeestion? Thhhe niccce assss, nneeeeeeeeeed aaaaaaaaa goooooooood fuuuuuuukkkkkkkiiinn or thaaat yourrre miiinne?" He drawled.

"That I'm yours Thomas. Of course I'm yours don't be ridiculous." She attempted to extricate herself from her lover but was unsuccessful. Regardless of his rather inebriated state he was still extremely strong and seemed to have enormously long octopus arms.

"Prrrrrove it tooo meee then Dee, prrrrrove it tooo meee." He nuzzled into her neck. "Oooh I loooooove how yuuur hair smellssssssss."

"Thomas you're drunk."

"Yuuu haaavvve aaa waaay of statin thhheee obviousss Couuunseeeelor. But I'm nooottt drunnnk nnufff not tooo satisfyyyy myyyy Immmzadi." He had an evil glint in his eyes that matched the grin on his face as he brought his damp fingers up to his lips and licked them off. "MMMMMMMM ssssssssooooooooo gooooooood."

Deanna relished being wrapped in his strong arms and being crushed up against his solid body. He was making a good case for himself. "I tell you what my husband, you get undressed and if you're still awake when I get back you can show me just how good you can be. I'll just be a few minutes I promise."

"OooKaa." He released her and she helped him sit up and he started to disrobe.

Deanna went into the bathroom and when she came out she smiled as Thomas was sprawled half on and half off the bed sleeping and snoring ever so quietly. He had one boot and sock off, his shirt off but still clutched in his right hand and his pants were unzipped and halfway down his broad sexy hips. She giggled at the sight and she finished taking the remainder of his clothing off, pushed his large body onto the bed then crawled in beside him, kissing him before laying her head on his chest and wrapping her arm around him. "Happy Birthday Imzadi may all your wishes come true. Sweet dreams my love."


Thomas awoke suddenly in the middle of the night bolting upright in bed. His head hurt like hell. His heart was nearly pounding through his chest, adrenaline pumping hard through his veins and he was drenched in sweat. "Deanna." He gasped hoarsely as he waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. He looked around taking in his surroundings and suddenly realized what he'd just experienced wasn't real, none of it was real. It was simply a nightmare, the same damned nightmare. He looked to the woman next to him hoping like hell she wasn't coherent to live the nightmare with him and he lay back down. He turned to face her inhaling her scent as he did so. Thankful he hadn't awoken her, he reached out to touch her. Needing the reassurance that she was in fact with him and breathing. He caressed her cheek and ran a gentle hand through her hair then leaned in and placed a soft feather light kiss on her lips. "Thank God." He whispered. "I don't know what I'd ever do without you."

He willed his body to release the tension, it refused to relax and he didn't want to wake her so he slowly got out of bed and somewhat unsteadily headed for the bathroom. A nice hot shower would do the trick he thought. He shivered uncontrollably but he wasn't sure if it was from the Station's night air that cooled the sheen of sweat that covered his skin or from her voice that cut through the starlit room.

"Imzadi, what's wrong? What is it?" Deanna was awake and she'd felt his despair and terror.

Thomas' muscles tensed and he silently cursed as he turned and met her gaze. They simply stared at each other for what seemed like hours. He damned himself for waking her and he tried to hide his rampant emotions from her. His voice was hoarse and it cracked as he spoke. "Nothing's wrong. I'm sorry Deanna. I didn't mean to wake you up. Please go back to sleep. I'm just going to take a shower. I'll be back before long."

Deanna didn't believe it was nothing. She'd heard and felt his very raw almost deathly worry for her. He closed his eyes to center himself knowing she was going to come to him. He could hear the sheets move on the bed as she got out of it. He braced himself for the gentle assault he knew he couldn't withstand.

"Thomas, what is it? What's wrong?" Her fingers brushed lightly against his defined chest up to his cheeks to the back of his neck then along sweat-streaked shoulders and down his tension-ridden chest once again then stopped to rest on his hips. "Talk to me Imzadi."

"It's nothing really." Thomas winced at her feather like touch. "Please, just go back to bed."

"No Thomas. It's not nothing." She spoke ever so gently but firmly. "I don't accept that, especially when it's about me."

Thomas tilted his head; shot her a narrow glance and pushed hers hands off his hips. "What? How?" Anger sparked momentarily behind his eyes, "Stay out of my head Deanna," he grated.

"Thomas, you can't be serious." She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly to her. "I heard you call my name and I felt distress when I heard it." He still didn't relax so she ran her hands up and across his smooth muscled back up to his shoulders along his neck and then cupped his jaw in both hands forcing him to look straight into her eyes.

"What was it, Imzadi?"

Blue eyes stared defiantly into onyx. He didn't want to answer her. He didn't want to worry her with nothing but a simple nightmare. After all that was what it was a silly little nightmare. He'd had it several times before and each time it became more real than any other he'd ever had. He didn't want to alarm her. "It was nothing really Deanna just a silly dream. Probably something to do with all the drinks I had earlier." He smiled at her.

"What was your nightmare about?" she asked insistently.

Thomas was dumbfounded, "I didn't say it was a nightmare."

"You didn't have to I knew it was." She hugged him again. "Please talk to me Thomas. What has you so distraught?"

Thomas grabbed Deanna's arms to release her hold on him and walked her to the bed. He sat down on the edge pulling her along with him. He kept one of her hands clasped firmly in his and he sighed heavily before he spoke. "I've been having this reoccurring nightmare."

"For how long?"

"Since about a week after you left and every time I have it, well it seems to become more real."


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Thomas Riker (Ass Kicker)



The SID Captain was a man quietly obsessed; compelled to pursue and destroy anyone or anything that stood in his way from retrieving his Imzadi.  He sat calmly, a scowl on his face, in his command chair staring out into the star streaked darkness. He’d set the course, he knew exactly where he was going. He didn’t have to think twice about it once he’d gotten his bearings about him. He no longer felt any physical pain, which was a good sign. However he could now feel Deanna’s mental anguish and coupled with his own it was enough to make him want to heave.  For those who knew him best, Thomas, at times, seemed to skirt on the edges of madness.  Having Deanna in his life to help soothe his trouble soul seemed to have cured him of his marginal insanity but did nothing about his self-derived erratic behavior at times. He was far more violent, aggressive, unpredictable and dangerous than his twin. Crossing or betraying this particular Riker would most certainly result in one’s demise more oft then not.  Taking his mate as bait to lure him in was unquestionably a death wish on the part of those who took said mate.

It wouldn’t be long that he’d be rendezvousing with his old friend S’tarn, a Romulan who he’d met after his rescue from Lazon II by Saket a member of the Romulan Tal Shiar and then shortly thereafter rendezvous with the Enterprise and his brother.  He was looking forward to seeing his old friend, but the reunion with his brother was something he really wasn’t so keen on at all. Thomas would set aside their differences as best he could for the sake of Deanna. Once she’d been rescued and deemed safe and sound Thomas was going to smack the holier than thou attitude right out of his brother Will.

Thomas knew S’tarn’s ship would be cloaked, just as the Defiant was cloaked. “Drop cloak, raise shields and be ready to arm weapons on my command.”

Vatican had turned and looked first to Commander Johnson and then his Captain with a questioning look, “Sir?”

Thomas Riker stood and glared at his helm officer. “Just do it!” he stated sternly.

"Aye, sir," Vatican replied crisply.

"What the hell?" Patterson growled.

"Just watch,” Thomas ordered quietly.

The Defiant’s Captain knew there was only one other person on board that knew of his involvement with Romulans as well as several other very unpleasant characters and as a result there would be several itchy fingers once the other ship decloaked.

A Romulan M4 Class Assault Vessel wavered into existence in front of them sending his crew clamoring. “Stand down!” Riker’s baritone voice resonated off the walls of the bridge. No sooner had Thomas Riker given the order than another Romulan M4 Class Assault Vessel decloaked on his port side, causing mistrust to run ice cold through Thomas’ veins, "Weapons, ready at my mark,” he barked.

“Captain, I have phasers ready to fire and photon torpedoes on standby.” Patterson stated zealously.

“Steady Patterson, steady as she goes, don’t be getting an itchy finger just yet.”  Although the Defiant outgunned both Romulan ships, it was still two against one and if one of those wasn’t S’tarn’s ship he was in serious jeopardy of being blown out of the sky.

Vatican turned to Thomas, “Aren’t we going to hail them?”

“Do you want to?” Thomas smirked at his helmsman and simply waited, he’d counted to ten before the Romulan ship opened a hailing frequency of their own. “Put it on the screen Vatican.”  Thomas waited and then smiled as he saw his longstanding friend’s face fill the screen, “S’tarn, you old goat how the hell are ya?”

S’tarn smiled, “Tom Riker as I live and breathe, I knew you couldn’t stay away for too long, you seem to need my help eventually. I’d ask how your wife is but it seems those reptiles have her, hmm. How’s that tiny Riker fairing?”  The Romulan seemed to contemplate for moments as he looked at Riker’s Team. “I see your crew is efficiently stunned to see a friend with the face of a Romulan.” With that he grinned in satisfaction. “It’s good to know you’re not in the habit of revealing your associates. I’m sure Starfleet would have your, how do you say it, nuts in a ringer.”

Daniel outright laughed and the remainder of the crew, for their part, were stifling giggles and Thomas merely rolled his eyes.  “Yea, S’tarn that’s the expression and my boy’s a little shaken by Deanna’s disappearance but otherwise a little trooper.” He sighed and couldn’t keep the apprehension from creeping into his voice, “Who’s your escort?”

S’tarn shrugged, “Ah it’s an old ally my friend.  We’ll come aboard now if you don’t mind and we can discuss a plan of attack to get the Missus back.”

“Good, I’ll see you shortly.” With that the link severed. Thomas, along with Daniel, left the bridge, walked in companionable silence to the transporter room and waited only moments before three Romulans shimmered into existence. Thomas’ mouth dropped open at the sight of the female Romulan he thought he’d never see again, nor did he have any desire to see again, his old captor and lover, Sela. What would Deanna think he wondered as he stared at her as she stepped demurely off the transport pad.

“Close your mouth Thomas, you look ridiculous with it hanging open like a fly trap.” She stepped up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “What’s the matter, not happy to see me?” She raised an eyebrow at him and turned at the sound of S’tarn’s voice.

“I know I don’t have to make introductions as you both are very well aware of each other, however,” S’tarn walked over and wrapped an arm around Sela and smiled, “Tom, I’d like you to meet my wife, Sela.”

For her part she smiled and Thomas nodded his head sideways and down letting out a strangled “Hello Sela and congratulations to the both of you.” His heart eased back down into his chest, “How long?”

S’tarn waved, “Oh not long after we parted and went our separate ways Tom. It seemed the right thing to do and I do love her so.” S’tarn was always an emotional one, Thomas guessed that was one of the reasons they’d gotten along so well, they seemed to easily mirror the other’s emotions and they were both passionate souls.

Thomas breathed a sigh of relief before he spoke again, “Come let’s talk,” with that they headed to the Captain’s Ready Room

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Thomas Riker (Ass Kicker)



"Tell me about it Imzadi." She asked soothingly. As she ran her hand in circles on his smooth wonderfully muscled back.

Thomas sat with his head in his hands. He wanted to still be drunk or better yet why not dead, anything, anything but awake to this searing pain at his core. Unfortunately inebriation and death were not options open to him at the moment, "I'm almost afraid to fall asleep. I'm not sure if I'm going to end up having the nightmare. Each time I have it, it goes a little bit further, until I end up drenched and wake screaming your name loud enough that I'm sure everyone on the station can hear me." He sighed, "Damn, my head is killing me."

Deanna gently reached out and touched his mind with hers and he cringed inwardly and started to physically withdraw but Deanna framed his face between her hands, he smiled slightly, suddenly realizing where his son had learned that particular endearing habit, and pulled his head to hers so that their foreheads were touching. "It's going to be all right Imzadi. I'm right here with you and I am fine. We're going to be just fine."

The silence, swift and deafening loomed over them completely, and he could feel the weight of her ebony eyes upon him. He felt their burning intensity and it was as if his very soul was standing stripped bare and naked before her. In a way, he supposed that it was. It's the one cherished secret, the one undeniable aspect about their relationship that he never admitted or revealed to anyone. It was too sacred.

"What?" Her voice barely a whisper in the darkness, but the intensity in her tone was strong enough that she may as well have shouted it to the entire universe.

He swallowed hard; his voice was strained and tenuous even to his ears. "We were in some kind of room, a cell or something like it. I was chained to a wall…I…" He shook his head slowly and with that tremulous shake she knew how deeply this nightmare had and was affecting him.

"Everything felt so real. I could feel, smell and taste everything just like I'd been there and it always starts out the same." He took a deep breath and continued. "I can't quite remember everything. There are some details I can't seem to get a finger on." He glanced at Deanna, who nodded, and then he resumed his narration. "There was darkness then bright lights, gray walls and floors, and someone or something..." He frowned, trying to bring it into focus and his sentences started to become choppy at best. "Everything...moving...I was chained...he assaulted..." His chest heaved. The pain he felt there was real and he wanted to wretch. He was certain each time he relived this nightmare he died a little inside.

Deanna questioned. "Is there a sense of imminent danger?" Thomas nodded, reaching into his memory to analyze the feelings. "Yes."

His voice was nothing more than a hoarse desperate whisper and his eyes were downcast. "I'm chained...they violated me…you… us...I couldn't stop...I couldn't keep...oh God Deanna…my…our… boy..." He'd finally given voice to the visceral fear that was slowly driving him insane. It was evident to Deanna that Thomas was shedding silent tears and he made no effort to hide it from her.

"Sssh Imzadi, I'm right here. We're all right. William is just fine as well, we’d both know if he weren’t my love." She soothed him all the while sensing his hopelessness.

He silently cursed himself and his completely screwed up subconscious. At least tonight he didn't have to fight it alone or fight the overwhelming loneliness that permeated every fiber of his soul while Deanna was away. She was here and he wasn't ever going to let her go again. He reached out to her needing her strength. Thomas laid his stiff, tension filled body back on the bed pulling Deanna with him. He curved his large body around hers his arms and legs wrapping protectively around her spooning her very close. "I don't want to talk anymore. Please just let me...I need to feel you. I need to feel we're alive." He turned her to him and his lips descended brutally on hers; she didn't flinch, and returned his kiss with equal hunger knowing that right now this is what he needed.

He deepened the kiss, tilting her head back, his tongue roughly demanding a stronger response from her, much like the first time he kissed her upon his discovery and rescue from Nervala IV. Her lips parted and she gasped as he probed deeper. Her body curved against his as his hands roamed over her anywhere he could reach. He pulled her closer, her breasts crushing against his chest. Thomas groaned in the back of his throat. "Mine." He growled against her lips then crushed his long, hard erection into her stomach.

Thomas had lost control; he became animalistic as he bit and sucked her neck, marking her for all to see, as his own and he didn’t care if anyone did see the mark. Deanna moaned and slid her hands lower, and then there was nothing but want, need, hunger and desire. They needed each other desperately. He ran a hand over the inside of her thighs, and then moved it higher feeling she was more than ready for him. She whimpered, and panted for breath as he first caressed her with his finger and thumb then pinched them firmly on her engorged, enflamed, soaking wet clit making her gasp loudly as her body instinctively arched toward him.

Then, with a slight movement, Thomas had positioned himself over her and without pause, drove himself, in one stroke, deeply into her and spoke, "You are everything to me, you belong to me."

Deanna cried out, arching upward to meet him. She wrapped both legs firmly around his waist, her body straining to match his every rapid, frenzied move. Oblivious to everything but their raw instinctual need, Thomas pounded into her over and over, angling her hips so he could bury himself ever deeper into her, the force of his thrusts leaving them both breathless and he was certain he was slamming into her cervix which would leave her in a certain amount of pain. He slid his hand between them and caressed her. Tremors ran through her, and then Deanna cried out his name, "Thomas!" as wave upon wave of desire crashed forcefully over her, lights exploding behind her eyes. "Gods, Thomas!"

Her fingers tightened on his shoulders and her nails dug into his skin scratching him. She was sure she drew blood and he stiffened. A savage shudder went through him as he gasped and emptied his seed into her. "Deannaaaa." He buried his face in her hair, groaning her name while she clung to him, her breath coming hard and fast against his cheek and tears began forming on her eyelashes as she felt the pain that drove him to take her this way. He collapsed, settling his full weight on her. Silence slowly descended, Deanna quivered intensely, aftershocks rippling through her small frame. Thomas was gasping for air, his heart was racing as he tried to withdraw, ease his weight from her a little and found he couldn't. He couldn't move, couldn't breathe, and could barely see. He felt like a lead weight.

"Give me a minute," he managed to whisper hoarsely.

Her arms unconsciously tightened around him and she stroked his smooth back. "Take all the time you need."

For what seemed an eternity they didn't move, then strength began to return to his jellied limbs, and he slowly withdrew, lying alongside her. His breath was still coming in short gasps. He could feel her shivering against him, the cool air beginning to chill their moist bodies. With a large, shaky hand he reached down for the blanket and dragged it around them, pulling her even closer into his arms. Together, their hearts resumed a more regular pace. Thomas pulled Deanna hard against him and wrapped her in his protective arms and kissed her forehead. "Don't ever leave me. I love you Imzadi, so very much."

Deanna reciprocated and filled his mind with all the love and understanding she could. She then pressed her body as close as she could into the warm contours of his and placed her arms on top of his and interlaced her fingers into his. Then and only then did she feel him completely relax and chose not to pry into his inner most thoughts she knew he was trying to shield her. "I'll never leave you Imzadi." She whispered as her heart began to break for this man who knew her better than she knew herself.

Thomas brought a gentle hand up to brush away hair from Deanna's face and he felt the dampness on her cheeks. Her eyes opened, her lashes brushing against his fingertips and she gazed at him. There was no recrimination in her eyes, only understanding and love.

"Deanna," he said raspingly, realizing it was his fault she was shedding those tears. "I'm so sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

Thomas swallowed, "I should have been gentler, slower, more considerate, taken your feelings into consideration. I never meant to make you cry. I just" The pain that had been in his chest earlier was once again ripping him apart when he felt her tears. The expression on his face changed, to guilt and self- recrimination.

"No Imzadi, you don't understand. I'm not crying over what just happened. It may have been fast but it was still intensely wonderful." She paused and took a breath to center herself. "I'm crying because I feel you pulling away from me and all I want to do is help share your burden." Deanna's heartache increased. "Thomas, open yourself up to me. Allow yourself to sense me as well. Don't push that gift away." She pleaded.

Thomas bent his head once more to her lips, kissing her slowly and gently this time. He was bound and determined to prove that he was more than the savage beast that had just attacked her moments earlier. He was holding himself in check as he had the overwhelming desire to toss her back onto the bed and ravage her body once again. `Get a grip Riker, power down.' He grunted and groaned feeling like nothing more than a rutting animal on its mate.

With great willpower he simply began caressing her lips lightly with his own, but the kiss nevertheless held more than a little desperation. He had spent more than half his lifetime trying to control his feelings and emotions before he gave up and now he was displaying that side of him to his wife in very healthy doses.  He ran tentative fingers down her body, exploring every curve that he had missed the first time around. Deanna moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck. He was gently but firmly deepening the kiss, sliding his tongue across her lips begging for entry, when a fleeting thought sliced through his brain like a shock wave, and he jerked away from her as if he'd been hit by phaser fire.

Deanna's eyes flew open in mild shock. "What?" Thomas recoiled even further away. "What is it?"

His voice was strained and his eyes were as big as saucers. "Deanna, Shit...I didn't...dammit…I mean…I was supposed to before you got back...I hope you..." he came to a bumbling halt, shoved his face in his hands, groaned and sat back on his haunches.

"Thomas you're babbling. You hope I what? Just spit it out."

"I haven't updated my inhibitors." He ran his hands over his face and through his hair.


Deanna's first emotions were frustration, irritation and annoyance. Shit like this wasn't supposed to happen in this day and age. It was just too easy to take care of the issue. Panic and shock, the more reasonable emotions given the circumstances, followed swiftly after, "God's Thomas!" Deanna waved her arms in the air. "You've put me through a roller coaster ride of intense emotion and passion in the past twenty-one hours and now you drop this on me! What the hell were you thinking?" She was near shrieking, "Oh let me guess. You weren't thinking, at least not with your big head."

He attempted to stay calm and simply shrugged and looked boyishly apologetic, "I know. I know. I told myself I had to get that taken care of before you got back but obviously I forgot. Then when I saw you this morning my brain apparently went elsewhere." He looked at her hopefully. "But you're up to date aren't you?"

"Are you sure it isn't the fact that you turn into a big baby where sickbays and hyposprays are concerned? Thomas you're irresponsible and pitiful!" She said sarcastically.

"HEY! Low blow Deanna!" He yelled. "I said I was sorry. It's not like I set out to do it consciously. Damn!" He wasn't quite sure how to handle the situation and his look became puzzled as he stared at her. 'Why is she so upset about this if she's up to date?' Then realization hit him like a lead balloon. "Deanna?" His voice was soothing. She didn't respond; her head hung low as she looked away from him.

"Deanna. Please tell me you are up to date." He knew in his gut what she was about to say to him.

"I can't Thomas. I can't tell you that." Her voice caught in her throat and tears started to form in her eyes. "I was going to take care of it this morning before we got involved but one thing led to another and I forgot to take care of it too." She pulled her legs to her chest, wrapped her arms protectively around them and rested her head on her knees. "Apparently my brain was *elsewhere* as well. You're just too irresistible for your own good Imzadi."

Thomas sat down next to her and wiped a tear away. "Please don't cry Imzadi. It hurts me to see you cry. Let's work through this, maybe it's fine. I can tell you I have been out of date for two weeks now and since you were gone, well, I figured I had enough time to take care of it. I guess the nightmare took up more of my cerebral time than I'd thought." He sighed. "What about you?"

"I didn't realize mine were going to be out of date until a week ago." Deanna scowled. "It's only been two days so like you said maybe it'll be fine. But as many times as we..."

Thomas cut her off. "Yeah I know babe. I know." He lifted her chin and stared into her eyes. "Hey, listen Deanna, no matter what I'm ok with it. We'll get through it together and I know a certain three year old would love to have a baby brother or sister."

"I guess we'll see if you truly are if it turns out we are going to need more room for another baby." She stated dejectedly not truly believing in what he'd just said.


They sat on the edge of the bed talking and after much discussion over their bungle with their inhibitors; they’d decided to forego getting them updated. Thomas chuckled, “After all Deanna there must be several million little Riker soldiers scurrying around inside my lovely Imzadi, trying to find their way home.”  Deanna merely rolled her eyes, giggled and lovingly patted his bare muscular thigh. “Thomas you have such a romantic way of describing it.”

He spent an inordinate amount of time during their conversation expressing to Deanna that he would be excited to have a baby and he hoped she felt the same way. He felt her weave her way into his mind and reassure him that she in fact had been wishing for a baby as well. For Thomas’ part, he was elated and overwhelmingly thrilled.  

Thomas pulled Deanna to his side, pulled her with him onto the bed and curled up facing her, his arms wrapped around her. “I love you Deanna, it makes me so happy that you love me enough to have my baby and it would more than likely make Little William a proud big brother.” He leaned in and kissed her gently upon her sweet lips then lowered his head and rested it upon her belly. “When do you think we’ll know and when we do find out I want to wait until our baby is born before I know whether it’s a boy or a girl.” Thomas looked up at her, “So my beautiful little empath, that means you cannot tell me, because I know you’ll bond with the baby and know what it is very soon.”

Deanna ran her fingers through Thomas’ thick long dark hair as she listened to him ramble on about a baby. “Oh Thomas it won’t take long for me to know if I’m pregnant or not and I promise not to tell you what we’re having even when you ask me.” 

Without conscious thought, Thomas pressed Deanna down onto the king sized bed.  He gazed at her, lying naked before him, and felt a wave of lightheadedness wash over him as he turned her over on top of him. Of all the women he'd known, none had the effect on him that Deanna Troi, his Imzadi, did. He ran broad fingers through her black wavy hair, letting it cascade over his hand.  His mouth ascended upon hers and claimed her in a fierce kiss. Deanna twisted sinuously on top of him, glorying in the feel of his naked body against hers.

Thomas was rapidly losing control yet again.  He tried to draw back a little, but she wouldn't let him, her own needs dictating the pace.  She moaned and slid her hands lower, and then there was nothing but need and desire.  They were no longer Riker and Troi but Imzadi who needed each other desperately.

He ran a hand over the inside of her thighs, and then moved it higher, and Deanna's fingers tightened on him.  She whimpered, and gasped for breath.  Then, with a sudden twist, their positions were reversed and, without pausing, he drove himself deeply into her, moaning loudly. Deanna cried out, arching upward to meet him.  She wrapped both legs fiercely around his waist, her body straining to match his every move in their renewed lovers dance.  Oblivious to everything but sensation and want, Thomas plunged into her again and again, angling her rocking hips so he could bury himself ever deeper into her.  The force of his thrusts left them both gasping. Thomas knew that if he hadn’t fertilized her eggs prior to this that he’d undoubtedly was impregnating his wife now and his heart soared with joy.

“Commander Johnson to Captain Riker?”

Thomas growled as he reached out grabbed his communicator in one hand and threw it while he slid his other hand between them and caressed her.  A tremor ran through her, and then Deanna called out his name as waves of desire crashed violently over her, dark lights exploding behind her eyes. 

“Commander Johnson to Captain Riker?”

Thomas growled yet again as Deanna’s fingers tightened on his shoulders and her nails dug into his skin.  Thomas stiffened.  A savage shudder went through him as he gasped and emptied himself into her.  He buried his face in her hair, groaning her name while Deanna clung helplessly to him, her breath coming fast against his cheek and tears forming on her eyelashes.  Then he collapsed, his full weight settling on her for the second time in as many hours.  Silence slowly descended for mere moments until it was slashed yet again by Commander Johnson’s request to speak to him privately.

Deanna quivered violently, aftershocks rippling through her frame.  Gasping for air, his heart racing, Thomas tried to withdraw, ease his weight from her a little...and found he couldn't.  He couldn't move, couldn't breathe, could barely see…

More insistent came the commander’s voice, “Commander Johnson to Captain Riker, you have an encoded message.”

Thomas shouted, “ALL RIGHT!” and flung his pillow at the wall comm. He slowly rolled off his wife, “Sorry angel face, duty calls. Don’t go away, I’ll be right back, we’ve still got weeks to make up for.” He stood and walked into the living area not caring or bothering to put any clothing on. Deanna was in visual view of Thomas’ desk and when he sat down she had a very pleasant view of his well-formed physique. It only took moments for his wall to go up around his thoughts, he’d blocked her. The look on his face told her he was in command mode and no longer would their love making be continued that evening. She heard his fist slam down on the desk as he stood and walked back into the bedroom. “Deanna, I have to go.” He started grabbing his clothing, “I don’t get twenty-four more hours and I don’t know how long I’ll be gone on this particular mission.”

Thomas watched the smile fade from Deanna’s face, she wasn’t happy that he’d blocked her and he wondered if she’d insist on letting her in. She stayed in bed and watched him finish dressing. “Deanna, if I had my way, I wouldn’t go, but I have no choice in this matter.” He watched as Deanna withdrew, pulling her legs up and wrapping her arms around her legs. He mumbled her name, “Deanna.”  Thomas walked to the bed and sat on the edge, he reached up and touched her face and whispered, “Angel face I’m so sorry. I love you.” Thomas leaned in to kiss her and she turned away, he saw the hurt in her eyes and his heart broke. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. You still have some time, why don’t you go visit your mother again. I know she’d love to have you back for a few weeks and when I get back I promise we will make up for this. We’ll plan a getaway, just me and you.” He caressed her cheek as she refused to look at him and his heart ached. Thomas leaned in once again and kissed her cheek. “I love you Imzadi,” He whispered into her ear and then walked out of their quarters into the night.

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Thomas Riker (Ass Kicker)



Three weeks later he was home from a stress filled mission, he knew Deanna wasn’t there. He’d opened his mind to her as soon as he knew he was close enough for her to feel him. Thomas remembered how they’d left things, he’d hurt her without even meaning to. Their special plans ruined by the call of duty yet again. How many times, he wondered, would he have to do this to her? How many times would she put up with it before she left him because she was too lonely?

The haggard captain entered his empty quarters, feeling cold and alone. He looked around, Deanna had cleaned again and he chuckled, she was always picking up after him. He threw his bag on the floor, sat down, foregoing a sorely needed shower and opened a channel to Betazed.

He waited for what seemed to be eternal moments, he was expecting to see Deanna’s face but he got Lwaxana instead. For such a strong man, Thomas nearly shrunk away when he saw her, instead he just smiled, “Hello Mrs. Troi, I was actually looking for Deanna, is she there?”

It took less than a second for her to drill into him; she was a force of nature. “You Thomas Riker,” she pointed a finger, “I have a half a mind not to let you talk to her at all. You have the most incredible ability, just as your brother, to make my little one cry. No, I take that back, you are worse than your brother.  Have you no shame” She briefly paused, “No I don’t suppose you do.  I swear to you Thomas, if I see so much as a tear in her eyes when she is done talking to you, I will hunt you down and make your life more miserable than it is now. Do I make myself clear?”

Thomas opened his mouth but nothing came out, his mouth was hanging open when he heard Deanna’s faceless voice, “Mother stop, he’s my husband, my Imzadi.” Lwaxana gave Thomas a stern look before she removed herself and let Deanna take a seat. Thomas smiled albeit a little brow beaten, “Hello Imzadi, I sure have missed you. I love you and I’ve made it clear that when you get back I am not going to be called into work for at least a week.” He paused to gauge her reaction and she gave no indication that she was excited to hear his news. In fact she didn’t say a word, “Deanna, talk to me please.”

They sat in companionable silence for what seemed an eternity; his heart ached at the forlorn look upon her face. He reached out and touched the screen, “Deanna, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t give into him Little One.” His mother in law yelled from somewhere behind his wife.

“Mother! Please!” Deanna turned back to face him and her heart wrenched at the wounded look upon his face, “I forgive you Thomas and we have much to talk about when I get home.”

He smiled, “When are you coming home? How’s our son? Getting along with the wicked witch of the west?”

Deanna giggled slightly and was just about to retort when her mother shouted at him. “I heard that Thomas Riker!”

Thomas snorted and grinned while Deanna signed, giving him a halfhearted smile, “I’ll get on a transport tomorrow Imzadi and William’s taking his nap and he’s doing just fine, he loves his grandmother. Really Thomas must you always agitate her?  Will you two ever get along?”

Riker grinned, “That’s perfect, I’ll schedule you a transport and I’ll see you tomorrow then. I love you angel face, give my boy a kiss for me.” He kissed his fingers and pressed it to the screen and Deanna followed suit.

“And I love you too Thomas Riker, with all that I am, I love you and I too am sorry for the way we left things when you left.”

They stared at each other for moments before he broke the silence. “Then I’ll go make some plans for us and we will NOT be disturbed. This I promise you.” He winked at her just as she cut the link.


Deanna terminated the comm link and immediately felt bitchy. She didn't want to stress Thomas, but they had planned this for a month. She had been lonely when he went on this last SID mission so she and three year old William had spent the time on Betazed with her mother. Somehow her mother had managed to keep Deanna at her childhood home for an extra week. Deanna felt manipulated, which was becoming much too common for her own personal comfort. She finally decided that she wasn't going to wait for Thomas to find her a ride home. She was going to the consulate. She would call in a few favors if she had to, but she was going home today. She gathered a few of William's toys and bundled them in a small canvas bag. Then she took her son and took a public shuttle directly to the consulate.

It turned out to be much easier than she had thought. There was a Vulcan science vessel called the T'Prang that would be honored to transport her to DS9. She liked the idea of traveling with the Vulcans. She wanted William to be comfortable with both sides of his heritage. It was especially important to her. Her father had died when she was still very young, and she had grown up almost exclusively on Betazed. It wasn't until she was assigned to the Enterprise that she began to seriously explore her human heritage. She wanted William to have a better balance as he grew, so she used every opportunity that she could to expose him to his Vulcan heritage. William was an intelligent captivating child, and Deanna knew he would enjoy questioning the Vulcan crew.

She requested the consular contact Thomas and inform him of her change of plans. Then she reported to the main transporter room. "Two to transport to the T'Prang." she announced as she situated William on one transporter pad and herself on another. The familiar sparkle enveloped her and she left the surface of her home world.

She rematerialized and stepped from the transporter pad only to freeze in utter confusion. William had not materialized with her. At first she was inclined to panic. Then she glanced up. A Cardassian blocked her path. He wore the rank of Gul. Deanna knew she was in trouble. Now she was glad that William had not transported with her. She hoped that wherever he was someone would be able to protect him. The Gul reached out and grabbed the front of her uniform and violently yanked her to her toes bringing their faces mere inches from each other. "You're Riker's woman. Don't even bother denying it. We have been watching you for a long time now."

"What do you want from me?" Deanna stammered.

"I have what I want. I have you. Now all I have to do is wait, Riker will come for you eventually."

"Yes he will. He will probably kill you. You'd be a lot better off just letting me go right now."

The Cardassian laughed out load. "It's too late, My Dear. We went into warp as soon as we had you. No one will miss you for several minutes. We will be long gone by then."

Two lower ranking Cardassians entered the small room. The Gul shoved her roughly toward them. "Take her to the brig."

The Cardassian brig was barely four meters by six meters. The only furnishing was a two meter long hard bench.

Deanna didn't know how far from Betazed they had gone already, but she sent her mind out in search of her mother's. She found it but it was faint. They were traveling fast. At least warp seven she judged. She sent her mother a desperate mental shout. "Tell Thomas!!! Cardassians have me!!!!!" the link disappeared. Deanna could only hope her mother heard her and would contact Thomas.

Deanna wondered where they were taking her and what they were planning on doing once they got there. She was sure it was nothing pleasant. She was scared. Actually she was terrified. There was no love lost between her husband and the Cardassians. She was certain she had become bait to bring her husband. The Gul had said as much. So they would make sure he found out that they had her. Thomas would be enraged. She hoped desperately that her mother would contact Thomas first. Her consolation was the thought of what the Defiant would do to this ship once she had been rescued from it.


William screamed, "Mmmmommmmmmyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!" as he watched his mother disappear from view. Then he burst into tears. The transport chief tried to reverse the transport as soon as he saw what had happened, but it was too late. The Counselor had disappeared and her son stood alone crying and frightened. The transport chief sighed and contacted his commanding officer.

Lwaxana Troi was immediately contacted. She was at the Consulate in mere minutes. After taking custody of William and reassuring the frightened child that everything would be all right, Lwaxana proceeded to dress down the Consular on his lax security protocols. She didn't leave out the transport chief either. She wanted to know where her daughter had gone. And she wanted to know now! But there were no answers. No one knew. They had contacted the T'Prang to be informed that the Counselor had not materialized there.

Lwaxana put in an emergency communique to DS9. Her message to Thomas was alarming and concise. She was as scared as she had ever in her life been. Just as she was ready to transmit she felt a whisper in her mind. It was Deanna's voice, and Lwaxana only caught one word: Cardassians. She added that piece of information to what she already described for Thomas. She informed him also that she was keeping William with her and begged him to hurry. She signed off before she broke down into tears of despair.


Deanna's consolation didn't happen. They continued to fly to the unknown destination. Deanna lost track of how long it actually took them. Her world had quickly and drastically been narrowed to just one goal: survival. The first beating happened within hours of her capture. The Gul strode into her cell and demanded to know about Thomas' last SID mission. Deanna didn't know and said so. The Gul bloodied her lip and left a purple bruise below her right eye. Deanna took the blows silently. The second beating happened the following morning. There were no questions this time. The Gul simply walked in and bloodied the other side of her face. Deanna felt some of her hope slide silently away.

Their destination was a dark and dreary compound. It took them several days at least, though it might have been longer. Deanna wasn't sure. By the time she was prodded into a dank cell that smelled of urine and vomit she cradled a broken left wrist. Her right eye was swollen completely shut, and streaks of blood trailed down her left cheek from a cut above her brow. She was thrown roughly into the cell. It slammed shut and she was left alone in the dark. She tried reaching out for Thomas, but got the same results that she had gotten each time she reached for him. Silence was all she heard.

There had to be dozens, maybe hundreds of people looking for her by now. Yes it would be hundreds she decided. The Enterprise and the Defiant both would be searching for her. Starfleet would not take such an affront. She wondered how much if anything her mother had heard before she was whisked completely out of telepathic range.

To her relief she was ignored long enough that she managed to fall into a troubled sleep. She found herself in a dream that she knew was a dream. A dream where her Mother spoke, but couldn't be heard. Where Thomas stared through her and didn't know her. She saw William frozen in time at age three. That was the image that finally brought her to tears. She couldn't bear the thought of never knowing William the teenager or William the young adult. This dream implied that she wouldn't. She sobbed herself awake and continued weeping for several more moments. The next morning the beatings resumed, but her tormentor had changed. Now it was a guard who delighted in trying to make the Betazoid scream or beg. Deanna didn't give them that satisfaction. She would die with her dignity intact at the very least.

He dislocated her left shoulder, and she finally screamed. He had reached down and grabbed her by her broken wrist and yanked her shoulder from its socket as he simultaneously hauled her unsteadily to her feet. He stared at her and laughed maliciously. "Your husband is coming for you, Bitch. I hope he gets here soon. I have some unfinished business with him." He punched her in the stomach, and she doubled over. He laughed again as he shoved her completely to the floor with one booted foot. She felt a warm gush from between her legs and smelled the coppery odor of fresh blood. She knew instantly what it meant, and she curled in upon herself hugging her knees, her left arm hanging uselessly, as she mourned the life that slowly bled onto the concrete floor.


Captain Thomas Riker had been in Deep Space Nine’s Operations Center talking with Kira and Commander Sisko when the emergency communique from his mother-in-law came through. He stood silently, jaw clenched, watching the view screen as he listened to Lwaxana informing him of Deanna’s disappearance.

“Deanna is missing; she was transported, somehow, to the wrong ship. Believe me; I gave the Consular as well as the Transporter Chief a piece of my mind. I assured them that you would be having a conversation with them as well.” Lwaxana barely contained her heartache and fear from her son-in-law.  “Thomas, it’s the Cardassians, the Cardassians have her. Please you must hurry she’s in danger.”

Rage bled into his every pore at the mere mention of Cardassians who’d taken his Imzadi; he slammed his hands onto the console barely containing his anger, “How the hell did this happen!” His deep baritone voice sounded more like thunder as it stopped everyone dead in their tracks.  “Cardassians!” he spat in disgust and before he could say another word he doubled over holding his stomach suddenly beyond queasy. Sharp, short breaths were all he could manage and soon Kira came near. He waved her off as he stared back at his mother-in-law. “I’ll find her Lwaxana, don’t you worry about that. I don’t care who I have to kill to get her back.” Everyone who was within ear shot of Thomas knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he would kill anyone who got in his way.  Thomas stood up, cracked his neck and ground his teeth. “Where’s my boy? I need to see my boy?”

“Thomas, he’s fine, just a little frightened. I’ll tell him you love him and that you will bring his mommy back to him. Now go, find your Imzadi. I will keep William here with me, he’s safe and sound.”  With that the link was disconnected.

Thomas stood glaring at the monitor; he hadn’t had a chance to ask Lwaxana anything more before she closed the link. His forehead furrowed and his lip curled into a snarl. His blood boiled as anger threatened to overtake him. He tightened his right hand into a fist and smashed it into the monitor shattering it and bloodying his knuckles. His eyes darkened as he turned and looked at Kira briefly before he stormed from the Operations center leaving stunned crew members in his wake. His every step fueled by rage; a rage he hadn’t felt since the day he liberated his son from Cardassia Prime.  He stormed the halls of the station, blood dripping from his hand, daring anyone to say anything to him.

“Riker to Commander Johnson,” Thomas was now on a mission, the most important mission of his life, “Riker to Commander Johnson!”  He was fresh out of patience as he strode onto the promenade and met his Commander just as he was about to call for him again. “Daniel, come with me, we need to talk.” he grabbed him by the arm. “It’s Deanna, long story short, the Cardassians have her, she’s undoubtedly bait for me.  I’ve got to see Quark, he owes me some gold pressed latinum and that’ll come in handy.”  As the two walked toward Quark’s Bar they formulated their mission plan.

Thomas leaned over the bar and grabbed Quark by the collar, “Listen up cabbage ears, you better give me that latinum you owe me or there will be nothing left of your bar to speak of by the time I get done with it.” Thomas took a long breathe and squeezed his collar tighter. Odo stood in a darkened corner of the establishment watching the entire scene with unobtrusive amusement.

Daniel chuckled, “You better do what he says Quark; you’ve obviously never seen Captain Riker severely pissed off, it’s not a pleasant sight trust me.

Quark put his arms in the air in defeat, “All right, all right, ten bars of latinum it is.”

“Wrong answer Quark!” Thomas tightened his grip enough for Quark to start choking, “Try sixty and you know it. Or would you rather not have any Dabo tables left? Hmm?” Thomas’ voice was low and threatening. “I don’t have time for your bullshit Quark, give it to me now!”

“All right Riker you don’t have to get nasty over it. Give me a minute and I’ll be right back with it.” Thomas released his grip on the Ferengi.

He rubbed his forehead, he had an ever increasing headache and his guts were twisted into knots.  “Daniel hand me that bottle there.”

Daniel handed Thomas the half full bottle of unknown alcohol and watched as his Commanding Officer downed the entire thing without so much as a breath then slammed it onto the bar breaking the bottle. “Did it help sir?” Daniel was trying to lighten the mood without success. “We’ll find her Thomas then we’ll blow those damned Cardassians from the sky.”

Thomas looked at his first officer attempting a smile but failing miserably. Quark had returned, counted out all sixty bars of latinum and handed the bag to Riker who in turn handed it to Daniel. “Keep it safe my friend.” With that the two men walked away as they approached the exit Thomas stumbled and grabbed his face, “Deanna,” he gasped. “Oh God, Deanna” He shook Daniel’s hand off his shoulder, “its Deanna I can feel her, they’re beating her. Those bastards, I’ll kill every last one of them!”  He shook his head and as he stood he looked directly into the eyes of Garak, who’d walked in with Dr. Bashir. Without forethought Thomas punched the unsuspecting Cardassian in the face with such force as to drop him to the floor. “Bastard! You’re fortunate I don’t beat you and watch you bleed to death on that floor. If you know what’s good for you, don’t get up because I just might kill you.”

Daniel grabbed Thomas and pushed him toward the door, “I’ll explain later Doc. Sorry Garak wrong place, wrong time my friend.”


The Section 31 Alpha team had assembled aboard the Defiant and Thomas was trying his best to remain calm. He had many enemies within the Cardassian Union and he took a stab in the dark as to the direction he should head. They’d been running at various warp speeds for a day when he felt Deanna’s pain once again.

Coming erect in the captain's chair, Thomas’ face grew pale and a trembling began in his soul. Vatican offered him an odd look with a compassionate, "Sir?" Without acknowledging Vatican, he clenched his stomach as he dropped to the floor screaming, “DEANNA!  GOD NO, PLEASE NO, STOP, IMMMZAAADIII!!!” He was gasping for breath as beads of sweat formed from every pour on his body as he lay in a fetal position with his eyes clenched tightly closed.

The bridge grew silent and his officers traded looks. The captain's uncanny ability to sense his spouse dumbfounded most of them. Long ago, they had given up trying to understand the bond he and his beautiful wife shared. No reply came to Riker's pained scream and tension escalated on the bridge as Vatican and Daniel attempted to assist their captain when he screamed and curled back into the fetal position again, holding his stomach as he dry heaved. “Nooooo Imzadi nooo,” He choked completely unaware of his surroundings. He tried to squeeze back the tears forming in his eyes due to the agonizing pain in his abdomen.  The large broad-shouldered man lay on the floor for long moments attempting to compose himself. He was unashamed of his display as he slowly stood, holding his stomach and wiping the moisture from his eyes as headed for his Ready Room.  “You have the bridge Commander.”  Thomas needed time to regain his composure as well as try to reach Deanna. As the door to his Ready Room closed behind him, he took a cleansing breathe, sunk to the floor, closed his eyes let the tears fall and sent to his beloved, <<Deanna, I love you, hold on, please help me find you. >> He waited; all he got in return was a void of silence and the continued sensation of pain, her pain. It was her pain which drew him toward her and his heart ached for his wife and what she was going through at the hands of his enemies.


Thomas sat and stared at the monitor, he had to speak to Lwaxana and all his preparations were in vain as he saw her face appear on the screen, the dark eyes that were so like her daughter’s looked at him inquisitively.

“Thomas, tell me what’s wrong?”

He shifted uncomfortably, wondering how he could ever find the words he was searching for.

“Thomas Riker take a deep breath and say what’s on your mind. Thomas sighed, “I know she’s in pain, I feel it, they are torturing her but I can’t hear her. Why can’t I hear her?” As he uttered the words, he felt his heart break again. His own frustration was getting the better of him. He fisted his hands tightly, his self-control quickly escaping him.

Lwaxana was silent for a few minutes; she seemed to be probing his soul with her eyes.

"For one moment Thomas, I want you to let go of your tangible belief system. Stop focusing on only the things you can see, feel and touch." She studied him for a moment.  “Can you Thomas? Deanna is in danger…she needs you to help her. Your Imzadi bond is very strong, clear your mind and focus…don’t relinquish it.”

He ran both of his hands across his face, part of him wanting to flick the switch that would terminate the communique. But the better part of him longed and needed her words of encouragement. “Why can’t I hear her? I don’t hear her in my mind.” The tears again were released.

"Thomas, you’ve been taught more than you realize. Let go of your primitive human thinking for a moment... search the part of your mind that only she speaks to."

He closed his eyes, and reached out for her.....he listened as he always did....hoping for her gentle voice to fill him....but he heard nothing. He was grasping at straws, so desperate to believe there was some way he could change the past, and reclaim his future.

He shook his head at Lwaxana.....he could see the pity in her eyes.

"Are you sure it is silence that you hear? Or are your own demons drowning out the whispers that are striving to surface in your mind. Thomas, have you ever thought it is her pain that she is speaking to you with? Thomas you must find her." with her words the screen went blank, leaving Thomas to contemplate.

He let his tears fall freely down his face, his heart ached, and his body ached with every blow she took for him. It was his fault she was in the position she was and he regretted nothing more. “Deanna, I’m so sorry. I swear to you, if it’s the last thing I do. I will kill every last Cardassian who’s laid a hand on you. <<<Imzadi>>> His mind reached in desperation as a portion of his wedding vows flickered through his mind.

<<<You are a lone bright star that shines in the darkest of nights, the warm rays of the sun that melt the winter snow, you fill my heart, my soul, and my mind and if I cannot walk with you, I will choose to walk forever alone. For the part of me you fill, can never be filled by another or even by myself, for I am nothing without, and everything with you. >>>

Then he waited.


Time didn't exist anymore. The sharp jabs of pain that attacked her whenever she dared move were her only reality now. Her torso was covered in deep dark bruising. She didn't think there was any part of her slender frame that had had not been visited by the blows of her cruel captors. Her own blood pooled around her congealing as it cooled. Some still flowed from her battered womb. Her useless left arm hung swollen and hot at her side. She had long ago torn her uniform sleeve away from the swelling flesh. Deanna wasn't sure she could survive this. She thought of Thomas and tried to mentally call out for him, but even that seemed to do nothing but exacerbate the throbbing encompassing her body, had her mother heard her desperate telepathic call? Did Thomas know where to find her? She was beginning to think that her first instinctual mental shout hadn't been heard after all. She may not be able to count on rescue. Deanna knew she didn't have the ability to attempt an escape, but she thought she might have to find a way anyway.

She floated in and out of consciousness. Someone dropped some moldy bread and a bit of rancid meat in front of her. She forced herself to consume the nasty meal, and then promptly threw it back up. Her guards laughed and left her lying in her vomit. Deanna was not by nature a violent woman, but she knew that she would kill any of her captors without hesitation or regret if she were able to find a weapon. That thought terrified her and comforted her all at once. She hung on to the image of her captors dying slowly and in pain.

Deanna had never before in her lifetime wished away her empathy, but the cruel squalid state of the Cardassian emotions in this place made her head ache with more than just the throbbing of the actual physical injuries. She hadn't seen the Cardassian who kidnapped and brought her here since just after her arrival days? weeks? ago. She still had no idea who any of these aliens were. She only knew that they hated her, Thomas and anyone else associated with the two of them. Thomas had been held hostage and tortured by Cardassians nearly a decade before, he had no love for them. He had many enemies among their race.

She shifted her torn body pulling her face out of the regurgitated meal. Her arm screamed in protest, but she ignored it. The guards had not beaten her at dinner time. In fact they had not touched her since the morning time. And this was the first "meal" that actually had included meat no matter how rancid. They didn't want her to die. She couldn't imagine why, unless they were worried about Starfleet. But it had been Deanna's experience that Cardassians viewed Starfleet as weak and ineffectual. She didn't think that could be the reason. That they wanted something from her gave her reason to hope that Thomas could reach her in time.

The throbbing changed its tempo as it lost the urgency that her movement had produced. She needed to try to rest. She decided also that no matter how sickening the food, from now on she would force herself to keep it down. Deanna closed her eyes and tried to set her physical pain aside while she concentrated and searched for her Imzadi's mind. She felt a soft hum at the very back of her mental awareness. It was Thomas' continued presence there. That hum would be there for as long as Thomas lived. She tried to envelop the hum with her own essence. It brightened for a brief moment then returned to its state of warm glow. Her arm rustled against her side and the sharp flash of pain pierced through the hum. <<<Thomas!!!!>>> Her mind screamed out.

She fell into an uneasy doze and dreamed again of her loved ones. This time her mother appeared before her, a gag wound tightly around Lwaxana's mouth. Yet she still heard her mother call her name. Lwaxana's eyes searched for her daughter. Thomas collapsed on the deck of the Defiant howling the pain that mirrored her own. William sat in his sandbox in Lwaxana's back yard building his simple sand castles and howling in glee as he tumbled each one. <Imzadi!> she called out in her dream. <Mother!> <William!> someone had to hear her. Please let someone hear her. She woke with a start, but she remained still, trying to cast her mind back into her dream. It had felt so real especially the part of Thomas feeling her pain. Their Imzadi bond was one the strongest in Betazed history. It wasn't impossible or even implausible that he felt her pain when their child died within her and was flushed out. But she couldn't hang on to the mental thread. She just didn't have the strength.

The morning brought another meal, some kind of runny gruel in a small bowl. She wasn't given a spoon, but she didn't care. She plugged her nose and gulped the stuff down. Her stomach rebelled, but she forced the stuff back down and held on. After a few minutes she won the battle, and the food stayed down. It was a small victory, but it gave her back a tiny bit of her sense of self control. She flung the bowl aside and brought her face up to glare at her tormenters. She could see only from her left eye. Her right eye remained tightly swollen shut. Her blood caked her face and her uniform. Then she realized that her guard hadn't hit or kicked her yet. "Not enough energy for torture today?" She mumbled acidically. The guard cuffed her head hard enough to make her ears rings but not hard enough to draw blood.

"Shut your foul mouth, human bitch!"

"That will do. She is mine remember? I need her alive, at least for now." The dulcet intonations came from a Cardassian female. Deanna stared at her unlikely rescuer. She didn't trust her. The woman wasn't dressed in military garb, and Deanna was intensely curious. She refused to acknowledge the woman though. The woman knelt down and grasped Deanna's chin in her hand yanking her face up to meet her own. Deanna worked up a small mouthful of saliva and spat it directly into her eyes. The guard raised his fist, but the Cardassian woman stayed his hand with a quick gesture. She chuckled dryly. "Even half dead you are still a fighter. There can be no doubt you are Riker's woman." She let go of Deanna's face and wiped away her spittle. "It took some doing to get them to let me have you. You are lucky I won this debate. Everyone else here thinks we should just let you die. After all they only wanted you to bring Captain Riker here. You really are of no more use to our bureaucracy. Riker will come now whether you live or die." She stood and gestured to someone outside of Deanna's cell. Two young males in civilian garb similar to hers came into the cell and hauled Deanna to her feet. They were neither gentle nor rough. "Try to get her into a bio bed without further injuring her please."

Deanna was dragged helplessly from her cell and maneuvered through hallway after hallway as they ascended to a higher brighter level. Deanna tried to keep track of the twists and turns, but had to finally give up. She was hopelessly lost. The female Cardassian followed them silently. When she was finally flung on the bio bed, she felt as if she had gone from a hut to a palace. The bed cushioned her torn and bruised body and dispelled the chill that the concrete of her cell had imbued into her very bones. It felt wonderful, and she felt a tear slip from her eye and tumble to the pillow beneath her head. The woman dismissed the two males. They left and Deanna was alone with her savior/new captor. The woman placed a hypo against Deanna's neck and released the hypo spray. Anesthesia coursed through Deanna's body relieving her pain. Deanna sighed. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Deanna. That is your given name?" Deanna nodded. "I am Dr. Kamenka. And of course you don't really care who I am do you?" Deanna nodded again. "Hm...not sure if that means agreement or dissent, but it doesn't actually matter. You want to know why I brought you here. Am I correct?"

"Damn straight I want to know why you brought me here." Deanna growled softly.

Kamenka was busily cutting away the rest of Deanna's uniform. She waited until Deanna's nude form was completely exposed under the harsh lighting before she resumed talking. She began to gently sponge bathe Deanna as she talked to her. Her voice was low and soothing, her hands steady and thorough. "I am a geneticist, and I am a specialist in xenobiology. I had access to samples of your husband's genome a while back, but those samples are long gone. The short part of the story is that I need more if I am to continue my study. When I found out how you had bled from the stomach punch, imagine my delight at discovering that I could collect more than I need once again. In fact his fetus with a human woman is so much better that his DNA alone AND....." she chuckled as if letting Deanna in on a secret between girlfriends. "When the Captain gets here we can use his DNA to augment what I am about to collect." Kamenka pressed another hypospray against Deanna's neck. The new drug whooshed into her bloodstream, and she found herself nodding into sedation. She barely registered the sensation of being strapped down at wrists and waist. Her legs were forced open and her vaginal cavity probed. Then darkness overtook her.

When Deanna awoke her legs were strapped into metal stirrups. She had remained uncovered and exposed to anyone who might enter the room, and the two young males had returned. They were busy doing small chores for Kamenka, but they each glanced over at her occasionally and leered openly. Deanna was humiliated and repulsed. Nudity did not offend her modesty. Betazed society was open about the humanoid form and sexuality. Their culture had never embraced or taught sexual shame. But she was constrained against her will, forced to endure the stares of monsters. Kamenka noticed that Deanna had come to and quickly resedated her.

When Deanna woke again her legs were closed and she was stretched out normally on the bio bed. Her ankles had been put in restraints identical to the ones on her wrists. She was still uncovered but no longer so shamefully exposed. She wondered if the young assistants had been the ones to restrain her. She didn't want to know what may have happened while she lay unconscious. She turned her head to the right and left. She was alone in the room. The monitor above her bed tweeted and chirruped announcing her medical condition. The anesthesia had worn off with the sedative, and her injuries were throbbing a new tattoo of pain across her abused body. <<<IMZADI!!!!!!!!!!!>>> She screamed in her mind. <<<I'm here, My Love!!! Please find me!!!>>>

The pain she endured without shedding tears. But the thought that next occurred to her broke her into a million emotional pieces. She had thought that her empathy had told her what her husband had endured at the hands of Cardassians. She knew now that that was not the case. She knew now why he hid the things he had. She didn't want to acknowledge let alone share the horrors that had been visited upon her. Even with her by his side, how alone he must have sometimes felt. She cried new tears for Thomas and for their never to be born child. And now they had the precious DNA for that child as well as the lost child's mother, and soon his/her father as well. Deanna didn't want to know what was being done with they had already obtained. But she knew she wanted to stop it. This doctor hadn't rescued her except to prolong her life for her own malignant purposes. Deanna felt the fear and pain being replaced by blind, white hot rage. <<<IMZADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMZADI!!!!!!!!!!IMZADI!!!!!!!!!!IMZADI!!!!!!!!!>>> Her mind spit out the word over and over again until it became her mantra, her prayer.


"Please...............find me, Imzadi." she begged aloud. She almost felt guilty for wishing him here with her. She didn't want these filthy beasts touching a hair on her Imzadi's handsome head. But she knew he would not be so easy to catch as the Cardassians thought he might. Thomas Riker had earned a unique place in Starfleet, and he had done so for very good reason. His undercover activities for SID coupled with his expert command of the Defiant made him a deadly enemy to have. This group of Cardassians had bought more than they knew by bringing the wife of Thomas Riker here and doing the atrocious things they had done to her. And Thomas had resources at his disposal that Deanna was certain even she did not know about. The only thing he needed was her location. She kept her mind on constant watch for him by wrapping herself completely around the warm mental hum that was him. Deanna blocked everything out but the feel of her Imzadi. Even her pain seemed to come from a distance. <<<Here I am Imzadi! Here I am!>>> Deanna had to believe that he would find her in time, before this so called doctor tired of her. She also had to believe that he would be well prepared and would not become their next hostage.


Thomas, alone in his ready room, which also doubled as his living quarters while on board the Defiant, shuddered sobbing hushed cries as he continued to reach across the span of space that separated him from his lover, his wife, his Imzadi.  He hadn’t realized he’d fallen asleep until he’d woken with a start. “Imzadi,” he gasped as her words bounced within the barriers of his mind, he wheezed as he wrapped his love and warmth around her words and sent back to her. <<<Deanna, don’t give up. I hear you and I’m coming. Please hold on. >>>

The enormous, angry Alaskan man stood and paced his ready room like a caged panther. Thomas had access to more resources than most; both savory and unsavory characters, above board and well below board. This was the time to use both he’d thought as he sat down and opened a comm channel to the Enterprise and his brother. Thomas waited, cantankerously for Will and Jean-Luc to come into sight. His fatigued look was not lost on either Will or Captain Picard, Thomas nodded sharply, “Hello Will, Jean – Luc, I’ve got a very delicate and very personal situation….”

 Before he could finish Will narrowed his eyes and tersely spoke, “its Deanna isn’t it?”

Thomas rubbed the sand from his weary eyes, cracked his neck and nodded, “Yea it is.” Suspicion crept into his being, “I’m not going to ask how you know Will because I need your assistance and support. She’s been abducted by the Cardassians, they want me and they know that by taking Deanna…“ His eyes constricted, he glowered at his twin as he continued “… they’ll get this Riker in spades.”  He looked from Picard back to his brother and steadied himself for Will’s attack which didn’t take long to materialize.

“Dammit THOMAS, I told you to take care of her, what part of that didn’t you understand?! Leave it to you to have your past creep back into your life and take OUR IMZADI!” Will shouted at his brother as Jean Luc placed a hand on his first officer’s arm to quiet him, “Number One, quiet down.” Jean-Luc spoke steadily and looked from one Riker to the other. So much alike, yet so dissimilar; he knew Thomas to be more volatile, more explosive, much darker and oh so much more dangerous than Will. Those physiognomies to the ‘younger’ twin were borne from coping skills Thomas had learned since the transporter accident and living alone for eight years, then enhanced from his imprisonment and daily torture at the hands of the Cardassians and his treatment by the Federation and Star Fleet. It had not been an easy life for Thomas and Star Fleet used those skills to the fullest extent possible.

Thomas swallowed hard and roared, “Kre'nath! Do you think this is easy for me Will? What the hell! Now isn’t the time for a dick measuring contest with you, I’m stressed enough; I don’t need to listen to your shit.” He pointed at his own chest then slammed his hand on his desk, “SHE’S MY WIFE, MY IMZADI, NOT YOURS and you best just remember that Will!” He reached for the switch to dissolve the comm link, “I thought maybe just maybe we could set aside our differences completely and you would step off your dammed high horse, pull your head from your ass and help me find MY WIFE. I should have known better; all you still see are my failures, sorry to have bothered you.” He nodded curtly at Picard, “Jean – Luc, sorry to have troubled you.” He sighed heavily and had once again felt utterly alone as his finger hovered on the switch. “I’ll let you know when I find our Imzadi.” He spat sarcastically.

Jean – Luc placed a hand in the air, “All right both of you just stop, this argument is getting us nowhere. Thomas… we’re here to assist you. Tell us where to rendezvous with you and we’ll be obliged to help find Deanna.” He looked at both men and continued, “After all, you and Deanna are both family to us, send us the coordinates and we’ll meet you there as soon as possible. Anything we can do in the meantime just let us know.”

That said Thomas nodded at Jean – Luc and then glared his Will. “Thank you; I’ll have Commander Johnson send you the coordinates.” With that he severed the link. “Bastard,” he muttered under his breath. His rage powered even more by a brother, who seemed to consider him to be an absolute disappointment. He grabbed the nearest thing to him and flung it hard against the wall hoping to ease some of his resentment and anguish.

Just as he initiated an encrypted message to S’tarn, his Romulan ally, collaborator and friend, he doubled over in blinding pain once again, “OH GODS, DEANNA! Sons of bitches! I’ll kill you all.” He felt everything she was feeling, they were so connected.  After several minutes he sat back and finished the message. “Now I wait.” With that he stood, disengaged the privacy lock on his ready room door, opened it and stood in the doorway. “Daniel,” Thomas waited until his Commander approached him, Thomas handed him a PADD, and the younger man read it, looked at his Captain, and then nodded in understanding.

The haggard captain took his seat on the bridge, hit the comm, “Attention all hands, the Section 31 Alpha Team had just officially gone rogue. If any of you wish to decline it will be noted in your file. If not, let it be known that with this mission anything goes.”  He disconnected the link and grinned wickedly and sent to his lover <<<Hold on angel face, I know where you’re at and I’ll be there soon.  Stay with me Imzadi. >>>


Deanna gasped and inhaled sharply as she felt the sudden acknowledgment of her physical pain from her Imzadi. Thomas was clearly aware of her now. <Angel Face....> she heard him whisper through her terrified and pain wracked mind. <I'll be there soon, stay with me....>

<I won't let them win, Thomas...hurry, My Love..> The whoosh of the door opening brought Deanna's attention back into the reality of her situation. Kamenka walked in and leaned over Deanna. "I'm sorry, Deanna. I didn't mean to allow the anesthesia to wear off. I certainly don't want you in pain." Kamenka placed a hypo against Deanna's neck and the pain subsided once more.

"Why?" Deanna muttered hoarsely.

"Why what, Deanna?"

"Why show compassion? Why kill my pain? Hell, why bother to keep me alive now that you have what you want?"

"What makes you think I have what I want?"

Deanna couldn't mask her confusion. "I don't understand. Didn't you tell me you wanted samples from me for genetic study? Well you have that."

"That much is true. I do need those samples. But there is a bit more to me than meets the eye. Can I ask you something?"

"Can I stop you?"

"No. Our spies are reporting intensified activity along the Federation's border to us. They believe that someone alerted Star Fleet as soon as you disappeared. Of course we have no idea who that could be." Kamenka draped a light insulated blanket over Deanna's naked form. "You colleagues believe that you are a human woman. But I know that isn't quite accurate. The name Lwaxana Troi means nothing to these soldiers. But I happen to know who she is. So my question is this: Are you as powerful a telepath as your mother?"

Deanna inhaled sharply. "I am an empath, not a full telepath."

"Even with Captain Riker?"

"Why? What difference does it make?"

Kamenka rolled a chair next to Deanna's Biobed and sat next to her. "Because when Captain Riker shows up I want him to know where to find you."

"And still my question is why?"

"What does your empathy tell you about me?"

"I have shielded from you. I am uncomfortable with the violence of most Cardassians' emotions. I prefer not to feel your emotions."

"Fair enough. I'm comfortable with Cardassian emotions myself. Their anger can become quite tedious."

"Their anger?"

Kamenka leaned forward to whisper into Deanna's ear. "I am no more Cardassian than you are."

"Why should I believe you?"

"You shouldn't. I wouldn't believe me if I were you. But it's true. Use your empathy. You'll see I'm telling you the truth."

Deanna stared at the woman, but finally reluctantly she dropped her shields and read the woman's emotions. Kamenka was telling the truth. She was not Cardassian. In fact Deanna detected a definite Bajoran flavor to the woman's emotions. She started to ask, but instinct took over and she swallowed the inquiry. If Kamenka were Bajoran she was buried deep under cover. The woman risked her very life just by sharing her emotions with Deanna. "I see..."Deanna whispered.

"Do you?" Kamenka rose. "I have a vested interest in the outcome of this entire situation. And part that is making sure you leave here alive. If you die twenty years of my work dies with you. Do you understand? And if that happens my mission fails and millions more lives will be at risk."

"What do you want from me? What do you think I can do?"

"You'll know what to do when the time comes."

Deanna fervently hoped so; she also fervently hoped that her new ally was really that. But at least she was pain free for now. She closed her eyes. "I think I need to just rest for a while if you don't mind."

"I'll leave you alone then. I will bring you some food in a few hours, some real food."

Deanna nodded her thanks. <Imzadi!> she called out. <I can feel you. I'm here. I'm alive....> She dozed off with her mind wrapped around the part of herself that was Thomas.

True to her word, Dr. Kamenka returned several hours later with a bowl of hot steamy broth and some fresh crusty bread. Deanna had to use the most self-restraint she could remember since her honeymoon. But she forced herself to nibble on the bread and sip the broth. It was the tastiest meal she had consumed since she had been abducted, and she found herself again grateful to her captor for the small kindness. "Couldn't you get in trouble for this?"

"For eating my lunch at my desk? I always eat my lunch at my desk. It would be unusual for me not to bring a meal here." Kamenka winked and smiled lightly. She patted Deanna's shoulder then dropped a PADD in the Counselor's lap and placed a finger across her lips. She leaned down to whisper in Deanna's ear. "How is the little Vulcan Halfling doing? Yes, I know about him. I implanted him in his Vulcan mother. It was an interesting experiment. The child survived because I deemed him of scientific value. I would have done more if I were able, but I couldn't. I had been imbedded for a dozen years already. I have been here longer than anyone in my profession." She looked pointedly at Deanna at the word 'profession'. Deanna understood exactly what she meant. "Call it atonement. I can't take back what I did to him all those years ago, but I won't make you the price of that mistake." In that moment Deanna knew she was gazing at a proud Bajoran woman. This woman had given up her very identity to spy for her people. Deanna would not endanger her if she could prevent it.

Kamenka went to sit at her desk. Deanna tapped the power on the PADD. It came to life with a picture of Kamenka followed by a detailed biography that went back exactly 22 years. She was listed as Cardassia's most skilled geneticist and xenobiologist. Kamenka had supervised the genetic experiments on her husband so many years ago. That there was nothing to show her existence before her employment for the Cardassian government, told Deanna the woman was who her empathy told her she was. At least there was nothing official. Putting this woman where she was for as long as she had been here must have been a very delicate operation. 22 years was a huge chunk of your life to give up for your people. "Then you gave us our William." Deanna murmured, "For that I thank you. We love him very much." Kamenka nodded.

"You are not my enemy, doctor. I will tell Thomas that as well."

Kamenka nodded again and came and retrieved the PADD.

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