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10/16/2012 11:49 PM 

the fall of earths guardian

No, we can't have the Earthlings miss the fall of their champion." He raised his hand in the air and a bubble of darkness covered the area for two miles, a distance surely sufficient enough for what he had planned. "He is still there isn't he Your defeat will be too easy if you're distracted. I would rather crush you and you be focused on it."


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Samayou The Shattered Angel


weather your intent was to free samayou from his demons this was a lost cause. using the powers you were calling apawn made his body rush with unbelievable amounts of pain. his hands would move to clutch his chest as he screamed in pain. he was never one to show pain or even give into it. but this pain he was feeling was beyond anything any thing he had ever delt with before. his screams would echo through out this world as he twisted and turned from the pain. he tryed to fight it but it was like someone was trying to turn his body inside out. 

his body would start to glow slightly as he moved his right hand to his heart. lucifer was powerful but in this world lucifer was not able to invade samayous mind nor was there anyway to summon him. lucifer was trapped in hell and only two people could free him and that was samayou or god. as he heard you ask where he was samayou would shake his head not willing to give the information to where the true were abouts of lucifer was.

"i-i will not tell you anything......"

he would say as he yelled out again in pain but this time it only lasted a moment or so before suddenly his body became still and his empty void of anything as he floated there. but as his body floated there it started to ooze a white pure energy from it that slowly took a humanoid look but still only was a intense white light. it slowly turned to look at the fallen angel floating there with its life drained and its mind broken totally shattered like glass. 

the unknown being would slowly float over to samayou and placed its hand on him for a moment and then moved its hand to his eyes slowly closing them as it then turned to face xedous. who ever this being was or what ever it was it held compassion for the young angel.

Posted on Oct 19th 2012 - 3:51 PM

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Posted on Dec 31st 1969 - 7:00 PM

Samayou The Shattered Angel


the realm they had entered even though it was samayous soul it was dead and torn of its was also where every memory of his past was stored. this darkness was forged from samayous pain his sorrow and the guilt he carried. in this realm what seemed to be minutes or hours was only seconds in the real world.but xedous made a grave mistake bringing everyone to this realm.

being here ment now everyone no matter their race or power ment nothing. there was one absolute law in the universe one that even god could not change or obstruct. being in with in a souls realm ment that vampire demon alien angel or whatever you were was now mortal based. powers ablites everything was stripped away and left in the world of reality. 

samayou floated there in the darkness for a moment as if he was in space. but his appearance totally diffrent it was now of what was human. his midnight blueish hair was now a black as his eyes opened slowly it would reveal they were now a gentle blue color. he thought to him self for a moment wondering where he was. all he could remember was that brief moment of pain and his heart breaking from watching lillian being struck down and him breaking the seal that protected his soul.

at that moment the darkness shifted changing to a look of space where all the stars were visable. he would move move himself upright looking around now seeing lilliana floating off in the distance as well as sam and livia. his gaze would start moving around quickly wondering where xedous was. he would then notice a glimps of movement off in the distance but how far away it was he could not tell nor what it was.

Posted on Oct 18th 2012 - 7:09 PM

Samayou The Shattered Angel


samayou would look over his shoulder seeing her get hit. this suddenly flooded him with anger and rage but also a sinking feeling of sadness he was failing to protect them. at this point the reality of what was happening finally really hit him. his eyes suddenly become stern as he felt your movements and you get behind him. he knew he had no choice at this point. there was only one path left to choose. 

as he stood there he could still hear lucifer and even see him standing there laughing at him but oddly enough a smirk crested his fathers face. samayou thought to him self what was he thinking and why was he so mellow and no longer laughing at him. before he knew it lucifer was standing there with his hand on samayous shoulder speaking to him only in his mind. 

Lucifer" i will lone you my power but only this once....only because i desire to see him dead as well"

he was in shock to hear what his father told him. but in that instant as your foot connected to the back of his leg he felt his leg buckle and he collapsed to one knee but only it seemed as if he took no damage from the attack. his soul though felt like it was on fire. as he moved his right hand to his chest where his heart was gripping it for a moment before suddenly his body glowed with the intense light of a thousand suns. 

samayou slowy stood up as his body was now taking new shape. his black angelic wings bursting from his back and through his shirt revealing them selfs at a 40 foot wing spand. his body took shape of some new kinda black metal plated armor and his violet colored hues were now gold colored but had the look of a aurora in them shifting like flames from gold to purple. 

samayou was now standing there in his true nature. his soul and humanity locked away by the pure angel form now standing there. his power levels now at the point where even god would be a worthy match. no being like this was ever forged. but samayou was a 1 in a billion chance. his angelic blood that ran through his body was the purest since lucifer was the first angel born. but ontop of his angelic blood was the human blood the blood of a being which had no limits as long as it had the will to fight.

he slowly turned to face xedous as his hands turned to fists. he showed no emotions just emptiness and pure power this was the one absolute law in all of the universe and multi verse. even xedous could not deny samayou was now truely death and life its self.

"......xedous....i will enjoy ripping you to pieces."

he would say with a cold deep monotone voice as he slowly walked forward preparing to engage in the last battle of his life. this power has a price and samayou had payed it in full. no matter the out come of this battle samayou was never going to be the same 

Posted on Oct 17th 2012 - 7:56 PM

Samayou The Shattered Angel


his violet hues would widen as he throw out his hands creating a massive wall of energy in front of him and the others he could not afford to let them be harmed. his wall of energy was pure spiritual pressure. though he did not have a chance to form a proper barrier the con shaped shield did its job to force the heat and power out wards away from them all but not with out a few burns on his hands and arms from the quick blast. his eyes were locked onto xedous as he stood up to a normal stance. his hues glowing now with his angelic half now slowly moving to the surface. but samayou had to becareful at doing this since it could mean killing him self if he used his powers too fast and at too high of a level that his human body could not stand.

but this was the only path he had weather he lost himself in this or not was not up for debate. he would slowly turn his body slightly and bringing his hands to a ready position awaiting the next attack. he had no choice but to stay on the defence until his powers stablized enough to use his soul release

"...if you think i will just be a push over think again xedous..."

Posted on Oct 17th 2012 - 12:31 AM

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Posted on Dec 31st 1969 - 7:00 PM

Samayou The Shattered Angel


 samayou would stand there looking at xedous. but he would glance over his shoulder over at livia,lilliana and sam. they were in danger and if he used his max powers here with them here they could be killed just from the pressure of his powers. and the thought of could he even beat him lingered in his mind. he was still human but his angelic side was now needed at its fullest. but this ment falling back into darkness and letting his soul finally be crushed along with the seal he forged to protect himself 

" sorry for dragging you into this conflict....i will protect until my last breath...sam i will put a barrier up to protect you three what ever you do dont leave it...."

Posted on Oct 17th 2012 - 12:06 AM

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