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Chandrila: A Difficult Lesson

Cara Darklighter
Age: 9 Standard Galatic Years
Height: 1.0668 Meters

::18:00 hours, local time::

"Amber! We're so close, I know they were here!" Cara exclaimed excitedly, nearly jumping up and down with excitement as she and her Master/guardian left the hotel. The receptionist had informed them not a minute ago that Caiden and Caleb had left the hotel earlier that morning. Cara had been so absorbed with the joy that she had failed to hear the receptionist inform Amber that they had been kicked out of the hotel and informed that they would never be permitted within the premis again.

While it lightened Amber's heart to see Cara singing and dancing for joy, it did little to absolve the steadily darkening presences in the Force. There was little doubt in Amber's mind that Cara's older brothers were just as Force Sensitive as Cara. While Amber preferred to tell Cara everything, she knew that this was something Cara would need to see first hand; Amber's word would simply not be enough to convince the girl otherwise.

Amber followed Cara as she danced to and fro, smiling slightly. That smile however, dimmed as she felt the darkness nearing them, far more than what they had experienced thus far. It was very feeling that Amber had dreaded: it was the confirmation that the twins were not only on the planet, but within visual range. While she could look obviously for them, she dared not. Cara would take notice and start running off on her own to try and find her idolized brothers, and Amber did not fancy running off after the child. Best prevent the chase before it can begin.

"Cara," Amber called out softly, getting the short blonde haired girl's attention.

"Hmm?" Cara sounded back as her caretaker called her name. She stopped her spin, facing Amber with her head tilted slightly to the right. Cara blinked grey-green eyes at Amber, her eyes bright with the innocence granted to all children. Cara watched as Amber knelt and opened her arms wide, smiling. In Cara's eyes, there was no deceit from Amber, only warmth, love, and everything good in the world.

"It's really starting to get late Cara. What do you say we get some dinner and then go back to the ship for the night, huh? I'm sure your brothers will still be here tomorrow."

Cara thought excitedly. Food was definitely a good thing, and Cara ran full tilt towards Amber's waiting arms. She threw her hands wide and jumped into Amber's arms, wrapping her small arms about Amber's neck. Cara giggled and nodded her head, chittering excitedly, "Food! Can we get nerf dogs? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?"

Amber wrapped her arms around Cara and held her as she rose, fitting the child so she rested on her hip. Smiling genuinely, Amber replied to the joyous bundle of light in her arms, "Yes Cara, we can get you a nerf dog."

"I want two!"

Amber chuckled and began moving away from the dark presences, nodding her reply to Cara. "We'll see Cara. If you're still hungry after your first, then we'll look into getting you a second." Cara squealed in delight and bobbed up and down in Amber's arms.

"Thank you Miss Amber! Thank you so much!"

Amber could only smile at the delightful child and say, "You are more than welcome." As they walked towards the nearest nerf dog stall, Cara calmed, now simply smiling and chattering away about random adventures she had had with her brothers before their parent's deaths. Cara paused only long enough to tell the vendor she wanted ketcup and mustard on her dogs, before plunging back into her story telling. Amber paid the man, taking Cara's two nerf dogs and heading back to their ship.

As the ship came into sight, Cara started bouncing up and down in Amber's arms, exclaiming, "Look Miss Amber! It's the ship!" Amber nodded and set the bundle of energy down.

Cara needed no instrucions nor prompting for as soon as her feet hit the ground, she was running for the ship. Going as fast as her short legs would carry her, Cara made two laps around the ship before Amber arrived to unlock the ship, at which point, Cara bolted up the ramp and into the ship.

After about an hour had passed, Cara had begun to wind down for the night. After a quick bath and a bed time story, Amber tucked the sleeping Cara in for the evening before turning in herself. The stories and the impressions she had recieved in the Force worried Amber. Something had happened to Caiden and Caleb after they left the orphanage. The question was: had someone found them and helped them to discover their abilities?

There was no way to know until Amber came face to face with the twins...something she hoped was a ways off but deep down knew that it would happen much sooner than she would be ready for. With these not so comforting thoughts, Amber fell asleep...

::Cara's Dream::

Cara was singing and dancing in the meadows when she heard their voices.

"Where are you Cara?" Caleb called out and was echoed by Caiden who was calling, "It's us Cara! Come on out!"

"Caleb! I'm here! Over here Caiden!" She started jumping as high as she could, waving her arms above her head. She was so short and the grass was so tall, it was easy to lose sight of Cara. "Here! I'm here!" she kept calling. If they couldn't see her then they could follow her voice until they could see her.

"Come out to us Cara!"

::Just After Midnight::

Cara blinked her eyes open with the echoing voices of her brothers. Why did it feel like they were so near?

Cara! she heard inside her head. Sitting up, she looked around, puzzledly. That sounded just like Caiden...

Outside...we're outside Cara...

She threw the blanket off of herself and slipped from her bed. "I'm coming," she said in a sing-song voice even as she slipped on her shoes and a coat. She walked quietly through the ship, her feet making no sound for she was as light as a feather.

Overline: Start in the city, work way out to the forest/fields, find the boys without Amber, nearly killed by Caiden and Caleb, Amber rescues Cara, and on they go.


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