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04/14/2012 11:45 PM 

interview with Christian

 Christian - SVR11 Render

Ken Anderson: well thanks for the time Christian how are you and thanks for coming as i see you made your come back how does it feel to come back to WWE Season

Christian: It feels great. I feel better than I was before because before I left I was unsure where I was. Now I am back do what I do best.

Ken Anderson: very good to have you back as i also have to ask you that you have your three kids wrestling and also your grandson how do you feel about that having them follow in the same footsteps?

Christian: It is amazing to see the legacy that I that I have built. My kids and grandson are showing what they can do.

Ken Anderson: very good answer as now we can move on to another question your option on about Daniel Bryan and Brett DiBiase holding on the titles and who do you think should be the next either world or wwe champion?

Christian: I would like to be next in line for the WWE Title just I can have another title reign. As for the World Heavyweight Title, I think it should be Zack Ryder because I am supporter of Zack's.

Ken Anderson: woo! woo! woo! i am too and also let's move on another on the nxt show you made a big come back what lies in the future for you maybe teaming again with Jason again?

Christian: Well, W are the new World Tag Team Champions, so you be seeing us as a Tag Team for the time being.

Ken Anderson: now time to move to a big topic as we seen in the past John Laurinatis has critizied the divas what is your option about this and do you think the women's division is going down a hill?

Christian: Everyone should know that me and "Big Johnny" hat each other. So everything he has done is wrong and Women's Division just needs to step more.

Ken Anderson: i hate that douchebag too, now let's get to another know that where talking of Johnny Ace slash aka Douchebag of the Year i gotta ask you what was your tought of him placing you i think number 55 in the infamous list he made your toughts?

Christian: I still hate fact that he placed me that low, i mean "The Cow" was place higher than me!

Ken Anderson: that is what i tought too cause i real reasons Vickie is not a wrestler she is horrible and she was up higher than most of the roster what was up with that and i ratings of 10 to 0 hers is 0.0 my option on her wrestling ability

Christian: Well of course it's that low.

Ken Anderson: let's move on to another question your stable mind telling me some about that and what you plan to bring in as we seen the Fortune slash Brotherhood you think we might see some feud their? and who are you intrested in being a member for your stable?

Christian: I thought Fortune was over? Anyway, Christian's Coalition is just a stable that is looking to be sucessful. Were not trying to be better than Fortune/Brotherhood we want have our own sucess. I have ask a few people to join, I don't want to spoil anything.

Ken Anderson: not a clue on that but let's see if it is and they did dominante the season a while and now where seeing a rebirth and i like your respond too as also your going to be another co host on the buzz how do you feel about that?

Christian: It feels great to be a Co-Host on the Buzz. I'm looking forward to the upcoming show.

Ken Anderson: now let's move to something contreversial as we know Melina is well known for contreversy as i been asked by many what was my option about the match between Melina and Michelle which i tought it was horrible not worked well in part of Melina which i have to ask your option and also those rumors on Michelle being favorited your toughts?

Christian: I did not like the match because it was a very poor match. I don't think Michelle is favored becasuse she do enjoy her matches but her losing the Divas Title was unfair.

Ken Anderson: that is what i think too and she was ripped and she carried the whole match which she should of retained now time to move on my first ever What You Think of This Superstar ready? your the first person in this congrats by the way

Christian: My opinion on me is that I am the one top guys on this Season to take it to heights it has never seen before.

Ken Anderson: cool i know that and very honest as i made this segment on where you speak your option about 20 superstars names i give you and you have to give me your honest option are you ready to be the first person to take the test?

Christian: Let's do ti.

Christian: it

Ken Anderson: first name in line Sheamus?

Christian: Sheamus is a guy that has a temper that you do not want see unleash. I believe he is one few big men on Season that I respect because I have faced him in the past.

Ken Anderson: second is Tyson Kidd?

Christian: Tyson Kidd needs to be taken alot more seriously because he is a tremondous athlete and a future World Champion.

Ken Anderson: third up is Melina?

Christian: She ran her mouth to much and it got her in trouble. Now, I have no respect for what she has done recently.

Ken Anderson: fourth is Johnny Curtis?

Christian: Another Great Superstar that I enjoyed competing against and has proven to me that he is the future of this Season.

Ken Anderson: number five is Justin Gabriel?

Christian: One of the best High Flyer in recent memory and was mentored well by Jack and AJ. He has come a long way.

Ken Anderson: six is Candice Michelle?

Christian: She is a great performer and I enjoy talking to her when I get the chance.

Ken Anderson: seven and eight is Primo and Epico?

Christian: They are a very talented Tag Team and I am sure that they will be one of the Top Teams here on Season.

Ken Anderson: nine is Jillian Hall?

Christian: I have a lot of respect for her and the talent she has in the ring. Even though she sould not sing anymore.

Ken Anderson: ten and eleven are Kaitlyn and Michael McGillicutty?

Christian: Michael McGillicutty is my former rookie on NXT and I was proud of how he did. Kaitlyn is a good young diva on season and she is going places.

Ken Anderson: tweleve is Heath Slater?

Christian: Heath is the one person that I wish I could have mentored because he is so talented now from what he has learned from Jack and AJ. I am supported to him as well and I believe he will be a Future WWE or World Heavyweight Champion.

Ken Anderson: thirteen and fourteen belong to Layla and AJ?

Christian: Layla has come along way since her days in Lay Cool but yet she has not stepped up enough and I would like to see that. AJ is another young divas that I like to watch and she can do much better on Season.

Ken Anderson: fifteen is Ted DiBiase?

Christian: He is another person that needs to step up more.

Ken Anderson: sixteen is Cody Rhodes?

Christian: He's young and cocky. That is one guy showing that he is for real.

Ken Anderson: seventeen is Eve Torres?

Christian: She's had her ups and downs but she has proven to be a top diva here on Season.

Ken Anderson: eighteen is Dolph Ziggler?

Christian: Vickie's Puppy hahahah. In all seriousness, He is a good competitor and has the charisma.

Ken Anderson: nineteen is Tiffany?

Christian: She can do alot better on her own because she has not done alot lately.

Ken Anderson: and last but not least the WWE champion Daniel Bryan?

Christian: Is getting alittle cocky but is backing it up in the ring. I feel that Sheamus will take that title anway.

Ken Anderson: well thanks for your optinion which it was awesome having you as this Saturday we get to hear you on afterbuzz which will be awesome and thanks for stopping buy any messege to your up coming opponents?

Christian: Yeah, I am back and I plan on once again taking Season to heights it's never seen before.

Ken Anderson: very intresting and thanks for the interview and your welcome to stop by anytime you feel like it and i guess the peeps are happy to see Captain Charisma back in action which good luck in season

Christian: Thanks anytime.


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