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October 06, 2011


10/06/2011 11: PM 

Rules & Guidelines{Please read if you intend to rp with me}

I welcome any and all that would like to rp. I ask only that you follow my rules and guidelines while doing so.

~Make sure your spelling is correct. I won't rp with you if you type like a grade schooler. I don't care so much about grammar since I sometimes struggle with it as well, but if your spelling and sentence structure is bad then don't expect me to rp with you.

~I like rps that have a sense of fantasy to them. This means elves, ghosts, angels, vampires, lycans, etc.. I'll do a real world rp, but I tend to do a little better with fantasy ones because it increases the amount of story devices I can use.

~No god-modding. This one should be pretty obvious. Don't go making your character invincible if we fight in our rps. It isn't fun and I will not bother with someone who can't play fairly. I've had an experience with an rper who did this. I axed him from my friends list and blocked his ass.

~I will do a sexual roleplay as long as it's tasteful, no overly vulgar language is used, and as long as it's not the only thing we do. If there's no plot than I won't bother. I'm not here to sex chat with anyone.

~Do not try to control my characters. For example, one rp I was in: our characters were fighting and he has the nerve to say that he completely cut off my character's arm and that I ran away in fear. Don't do this. No one likes it.

~Do not try to completely dominate the rp. The rp is meant to be shared by two people. Each one should have an equal amount of control over what happens. If you try to take complete control over the rp and leave nothing for me to do but simply respond to only your rules, I will end the roleplay, delete you, and block you.

~I do not do homosexual romance rps. I am not homophobic, I'm actually an avid supporter of gay rights. I say this specifically because I'm not gay and in the past some of my gay rp friends have gotten the wrong idea.

~No one-liners. They are a sign of the rp going stale. I want at least 3-4 sentences in every reply I receive while role playing.

~I will do a roleplay that takes place in any universe. I may have a character I tailored to a specific universe, but I am more than willing to use them outside that universe.

~I will reply to you when I can. Do not hound me for replies. If you see that I am online and I am not replying to you, I am probably away from the computer and forgot to sign out.

~If you get bored with the rp and want to drop it, please tell me so. Do not just stop replying and ignore it; I find that to be very rude.

~ If you add me, then my expectation is that you did it to rp with me. If not, then whatever. If you want to be just another number, then that's what you will be, I have no problem with that. Just expect me to do some subtraction at some point.

Follow these rules and we'll get along just fine and I promise to make rping with me an enjoyable experience.


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