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Gender: Female
Age: 44
Sign: Leo
Country: United Kingdom

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May 27, 2011


08/01/2011 07: PM 


R U L E S:
1. Disclaimer: I am not Emma Watson. I'm just a fan of hers; Honestly if I were to be her I really don't think I would be on here roleplaying myself; I think Emma has more important things to do than be on myspace roleplaying herself. Common sense, people- This isn't real. I am also not affiliated with her in any shape or form. I am just using her face for roleplaying purposes only. So don't even think about asking me.

2. I'm a multi-para roleplayer, I cannot do novella that is too long for me to write..sorry not sorry.

3. Storylines: If you want to discuss a storyline please send me a message, or a comment either one is fine.

4. Relationships: It will date anyone if you are interests in my character, if not oh well sh*t happens right? I do ship Dramione, but that doesn't mean I can date other characters.

5. Real Life: I am 27 years, I work part-time and I am also a mother of a 3 year old son; I'll reply once I have a free time or when I am off from work.

6. Sex+:  We're all mature adults here so sex is fine with me.

7. Grammar and Spellings: Nobody in this effin' world is perfect so i make a lots of mistakes when it comes to writing starters and replies. If my starter or reply doesn't make sense just tell me and don't be afraid to come forward please. English isn't my second language. 

8. Starters & Replies: If you are interested on a starter we first have to discuss a story-line than once the whole situation is set on the story-line i can send the starter to you or vice versa you can send it to me.
When it comes to replies, Some role players burly role play with me so i will be happy if people would role play with me more because every time i get on i don't have jack sh*t in here it's f***ing depressing! So if i end up role playing with a lot of people and i have to reply back please be patient.

9. I think that's about it if i miss anything please let me know.
If you read so far up to rule #9 Tell me who do you ship of any character in Harry Potter Series; After that Sign your first name,middle name and last name and LEAVE ME KUDOS. Gosh does used to be fun back in myspace 2005. OH that reminds me i come from MYSPACE 2005 so if you do too WELCOME BACK! I'm glad you are back to the ROLE PLAYING WORLD.

10. Drama free here, No childish crap allow here.
- Hermione Jean  Granger a.k.a.
PS: Must follow the rules like i will follow yours.

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Unsung Hero


Jan 17th 2021 - 11:23 PM

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Who do I ship together? Oh boy. Are we talking canon or not canon? Well here let me name them all. Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Neville/Ginny is cute together. I have a small guilty pleasure in the pairing that is Tom Riddle and Bellatrix. It has to be the good looking version and usually is just full of hate sex and killing. 

Regulus Arcturus Black. Ex-Death Eater and dramatic thief lol

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