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Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 13th 2020 - 1:15 AM

“Come to find out, she has a third hole. Can you imagine? I was like, whoa!” House described, as this caused Matthew Casey to look at him with quite the shock, though at the same time grossed out, look. “Too much information.” He blurted out, looking to his girlfriend, a paramedic by the name of Gabby Dawson, who looked at him with a raised brow, only for Casey to look back at House. “What’s the matter, sunshine? You feel envious because I got down and dirty with a woman of whom I found out while we were in the middle of intercourse, of having a third one. You should have seen it.” House exclaimed, to which Casey rolled his eyes. “Not envious, House; don’t care is all.” Casey spat back as he let out a sigh and shook his head. “Seriously why did you feel the need to tell me all this?” Casey asks, causing House to raise a brow. “Because you were the first person I saw when I came out of my office so I couldn’t keep such an amusing situation all to myself.” House answered back, “Do me a favor. Next time keep it to yourself, alright!” Casey said in a bit of a demanding tone, as Gabby just chuckled and having heard a call for her neck of the woods so to speak, and that ambulance 24 was needed to a scene with a woman having been shot, etc...looked at Casey with a smile. “Duty calls. Catch you later, babe!” Gabby tells him, reaching over and giving a quick kiss to Casey before rushing off and out the front doors of the hospital a few moments later. And, Casey who was now alone with House, raised a brow as he had been extremely relieved when he had seen Foreman and Gena making their way down the hall. “Foreman, Gena…, just the two people I wanted to see.” He was quick to call out, rushing away from House and over to where he met up with the other two doctors a few moments later. “Thank, god; I don’t think I could listen to another second of House and his woman with the three holes, wonder.” Casey spat out, causing Foreman to give him quite the look. “Never mind.” Was all Casey had said. 


“So we have a potential new case headed our way.” Foreman states as this peaks Casey’s interest. “Which is?” He asks, “FBI Agent, Dana Scully…, that’s all I know. I assume she got hurt or something during the line of duty.” Foreman tells him, “And, you found this out, how?” Casey asks, “A woman, who seems to…, well Gena seems to know her. She just walks in and says we should be expecting this woman any moment now.” Foreman explains, causing Casey to look to Gena, before looking back to Foreman, with a smirk. “We are to believe this woman, why?” He asks, “Same thing I was thinking to myself! That’s why I like you, Matt Casey!” Foreman was quick to state. 


Headed out of his office, Doctor James Wilson, one of the world’s top, and leading Oncologist in his field, was making his way down a hallway going over a couple of charts of potential cancer patients given to him by Dean of Medicine,  and the head of the hospital, Doctor Lisa Cuddy. Having finished visiting a couple patients, making a few rounds, worked himself up to having quite the appetite as he headed straight for the cafeteria. Once inside he had made his way over to where the trays were at and as he went to grab hold of one, took a step back when the dark-haired woman turned around as though she was going to leave in front of him, having collided with her, not being able to help but to smile politely as he gave a nod. “The food is not that bad today is it?” He mused, before letting out a quick chuckle. “It’s fine.” He simply spoke as he grabbed a tray and handed one over to her, before taking his own. “First, you are going to need one of these.” He stated as he began to walk down the line, grabbing a couple things that he wanted, smiling with a nod to the food service workers behind the serving line, who placed each item onto his plate that he couldn’t pick out for himself. He had chosen for the day, a Pork Chop dinner with Mashed Potatoes, and Gravy; along with an Apple, a couple Cookies that were already in a bag as well as having grabbed an already makeshift salad as he looked at Sarrai with a smile. “Go ahead and grab whatever you want. It’s on me.” He tells her, right before having gotten to the end of the line, at the checkout counter.


“ROLL CALL…,” Wilson heard the familiar voice behind him, causing him to jump as he had been startled, only to sigh as he shook his head. The man, behind him, having been of course, Doctor Gregory House, as he looked to Wilson with a smirk. “Lunch is on you.” Was all he said before grabbing his own tray and having gotten what he wanted to eat as well as Wilson rolls his eyes. “Isn’t it always on me, House?” Wilson remarked, to which House couldn’t help but to smirk. “Oh, please; you know you love me…,” House muses, before Wilson who had raised a brow to House, smiled at Sarrai once more, paying for the three adults’ food, only for House to reach over and kiss him on the cheek. “YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT LOVER…,” House yelled out, causing everyone that was in the cafeteria to stop what they were doing and look in his direction to which Wilson shakes his head. Watching as House walks away, before looking back to Sarrai with a chuckle. “Yeah, he...he hasn’t taken his medication this morning. Do not take anything he says at face value. Shall we?” He tells her, smiling as he motions for her to walk ahead of him, before making his way over to a table in the back, and sitting down. 


When he had placed a hand to her cheek, Scully could not help but to smile at Mulder, suddenly having forgotten everything and everyone around them, and everything that happened to her. The moment he kissed her, she placed a hand to the side of his neck, instinctively as though it was the most natural thing to do as she had kissed him back, after the whole getting over the shock of it all, only to look him in the eyes as she listened to his words. Feeling her heart start racing at this revelation. The moment was short lived, of course, when she had gotten shot, falling to the ground, not having been able to respond back to what he had told her, as everything went black. 


“This wasn’t supposed to happen.” William mumbled, when the shot rang out, and Scully fell to the ground. The past had changed, and her getting shot after being rescued was never supposed to have happened as he could only swallow hard. He shot a cold-glare to Webber, only to turn his attention back to Mulder as he gave a nod. “It’s not that simple.” He states as a direct result of Mulder having told him to do something to save Scully. “Get her outside. I will meet you out there. You want me to do what I can to save her. I am going to need a few things. Just be careful with her. Do not move her around too much. She could have sustained unhidden neck and spinal injuries that moving her around too much could cause permanent paralysis.” William spoke quickly but to the point as he watched everyone leave the building, only to take his gun out, making his way down the hallway, headed in search of Webber who he lost sight of. 


Amanda, during the shootout, instead of arguing with Aiden, and what he said to her, she only gave a nod as she followed him over to where Mulder, and Scully were. “I'll follow your lead. For now.” She tells him. Once the shootout was over, she smiled at Annabelle, and smiled even more at the moment shared between Mulder and Scully as she watched the two interact. “Nice…,” Was all she had said when she had seen Mulder kiss Scully, along with what he had said, before looking with wide eyes when a shot rang out and Scully having been shot as the older woman fell to the floor. ”Oh, no…,”  Was all she had said, turning her attention back to Annabelle when the other woman had walked over to her, saying what she did, not liking the idea one bit of letting Annabelle join them out at the cars, later; but, quickly gave a nod as she kissed her back. “Just be careful.” And, watching Annabelle disappear into the shadows, turned her attention back to Aiden, following him out of the building as she let out a much needed breath. “I don’t know what she is doing. All she told me is that she had something to take care of.” Amanda tells him, only to lean against him as she wrapped an arm around his waist. “Doing a bit of asskicking at the last minute is the only thing I can think of.” Amanda tells him with a small smile as she looks in the direction of Morgan, Prentiss, and everyone else. “Where the hell is the ambulance? I called them ten minutes ago, you know…, just in case.” She tells Aiden, clearing her throat a few seconds later. 


Corrine, who had been wandering about the hallway; in search of Webber, as the two had gotten separated, let out a sigh as she shook her head. “Where the hell are you, you idiot?!” She scowled, placing a hand to her shoulder, gritting her teeth from the pain that was shooting throughout her arm, trying her best to ignore it. “Stupid bitch,” She mumbled, having meant Annabelle of course as she turned the corner, only to develop quite the smirk along her face when she had seen the younger blonde in her line of sight. “Silly little girl.” She mused, before having come up behind Annabelle, c*cking her head to the side. “No time to be brave.” She stated, only to raise a brow as she heard everything Annabelle had said to her, causing her to chuckle. “Are you done?” She was quick to ask, rolling her eyes. “Oh, sweetie; that is my business.” She said as a result of Annabelle having asked her what she was doing with Webber as she took a step back. “Call it an arrangement.” She spoke softly, laughing once more. “Gorgeous, huh?” She grinned, “Your charming attempt at Seduction isn’t going to work on me, however; as I’ve heard all about you, my dear.” And, before Corrine could say anything else, took a couple steps back when having seen Webber, who had come up behind Annabelle, and c*cked his gun, placing it to the back of her head. “You should have left when you had the chance.” He tells her, only to hear a voice call out from behind. 


“Hey, asshole…,” William called out, causing Webber to turn around and look at William. He had been about to say something; but, instead heard the sounds of shots ringing out. William, placing his gun ahead of him in the direction of Webber, glared at the other man, only to pull the trigger. Not once, twice, or three times, but multiple times as he shot Webber, and kept shooting him. Each and every time he shot the other man he would take a step closer to Webber, only to watch as Webber fell to the ground, the man coughing up blood as William had walked over to him, staring down at the older man, with his gun pointed at the man’s chest. “W-Who the hell are you?” He choked out, as this caused William to kneel down in front of Webber with a blank expression across his face. “Who I am is not important. That woman, Dana Scully, you went after the wrong one.” He stated, causing Webber to grin. “Why’s that? Are you another lovesick dog wanting to get his bone? Are you wanting to f*** the bitch, also? Who’s gonna be next, you or my good friend Mulder back there,” He mused, causing William to lean down closer to him. “My bet would be on, Mulder…,” He started his words, “I’m their son.” And, saying nothing more, stood back to his feet, and pointed the gun at his head, Shot Webber without another second thought, having shot the man, dead. William, after a few moments, turned around, almost running into Annabelle, as he gave a small smile. “We should get going.” Was all he said, not knowing whether or not she heard what he just said, not really caring at the moment or bringing it up as his only concern was to get to Scully, and to get his mother the help that she needed before it was too late. 


Rushing over to a table and grabbing a bag, placed all the medical supplies in it that he could find as he also grabbed bottles of alcohol as well as a couple knives and everything else that he could use as he wrapped the bag around his neck and headed for the door. Once outside he had run over to where everyone was, setting the bag on the ground and moving ushering Mulder out of the way. “STOP…,” He gave an order, as he leaned down and listened to Scully’s chest, “You are making it worse.” He tells everyone, as a result of having seen Scully being given mouth to mouth and chest compressions. Checking her pulse, along her neck, pressed his hand to her chest and pressed down hard enough to where everyone could hear the gurgling-hissing type sound coming out of it. “You hear that? Her lung is crushed. She’s not getting any air into her windpipe, which means not into her lungs despite your efforts.” He stated, only to reach into the bag and grab out everything that he needed to perform an emergency Tracheotomy along her neck to get her to start breathing again. Or, at least for the time being and stable long enough to get her to the hospital. “I need a knife, but first I need you to douse it with alcohol.” He instructs whoever was listening as he reaches over and takes off the jacket he was wearing, which he tosses it to Annabelle, and specifically to her, considering with her he was sure his secret about who he really was, was out, due to his moment of weakness, and anger, wanting revenge on Webber, back at the warehouse. “Hold that for me for a moment will you, Anna Banana…,” He addressed her in a nickname he called her when he was a small child, and while growing up; and, giving a quick wink to Annabelle, grabs the knife from Renee after she had done what he asked, taking the knife and giving a glare to Jack when the older man had objected. “Back off…, I know what I am doing.” He said with a bit of a hiss, and glare as he turned away from Jack, only to take the knife and place it to Scully’s neck, where he took the knife and cut along her neck, doing so deep enough to where, after having grabbed a pen and handing it to Renee who cleaned it with Alcohol, etc..he placed the pen into Scully’s neck, taking bandages and some duct tape which he used to keep the pen in place, as he waited a few seconds, smiling when Scully had started breathing again, checking her pulse as there as a faint one, but a pulse nevertheless. “That a girl..., just stay with us…,” He mumbled to the older woman as he could hear the sirens of an ambulance getting closer and closer. 


“Good job.” Amanda tells William, who looks at her and nods. “Thanks…,” He speaks, looking back at Jack again as he shakes his head, though saying nothing to the other man as he looks at Mulder. “I did what I could…, now the rest is up to her, and the hospital staff of course.” He says, only to place a hand on his father’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, she’s going to be okay.” William says as he stands to his feet, only to be approached by Skinner. “No more games, prick,” Skinner spat back, “Who the hell are you? And, don’t give me the whole I’m just a friend bullsh*t that you spewed back there. You said your parents were FBI…, that they are well known…, well, by all means, do tell me...what are their names?” Skinner says and asks with a c*cky tone, causing William to raise a brow. At hearing the question of who his parents were, William couldn’t help but to grin as he turned around to face Mulder, with a wink to the older man, before turning back to Skinner. “Skinner, my good man.” He began his words, placing a hand to the older man’s shoulders, “That answer I am afraid, is…, Classified.” He tells him, only to pat him along the face, causing Skinner to let out an annoyed breath. “Though, I will tell you this…, you don’t have to look too far behind…, for the answer…,”  And, leaving his words at that, having seen the ambulance pull up, and Gabby Dawson being the one to jump out, along with Peter Mills, rushed over to where everyone was surrounding Scully. “Talk to me,” She calls out, as she quickly begins to check Scully, etc...waiting on Mills, who had rushed over with the stretcher as she looks to her partner. “On my count…, one…, two…, and three…,” She says, placing Scully down onto the stretcher with the help of Mills as the two paramedics raise it up and begin rolling Scully over to the ambulance. “Impressive work…, who did this?” She asks, speaking of the Tracheotomy as William gives a nod. “I did…,” He tells her. “You a doctor?” She asks, “When it helps.” He says with a smirk, causing Gabby to develop her own smirk as well. “Wel, sometimes, doctor…, come along and ride with us...I could use your help just in case.” She tells William as he gives a nod. And, once Scully had been loaded into the ambulance, got into the ambulance behind her, only to turn around and look at Mulder. “You coming?” He calls out to him, already knowing the answer to that, before the doors having been closed, and Gabby having been the one to shut them, looks to Annabelle with a smile, before making her way over to the ambulance, and getting inside; as the ambulance drives away a few seconds later, with Mills being the one in the driver’s seat as Dawson, steadying herself, moves to where she is in the back with William, Scully, and everyone else as she starts checking Scully’s vitals once again. “What’s her name?” Dawson asked, “Dana Scully,” William had answered her.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 10th 2020 - 3:28 PM

Amanda had smiled as she looked to Aiden and gave a nod. “What can I say, I love a good fight. So yeah sure, count me in.” Amanda looking to both Aiden, and everyone else, let out a sigh. “Though I might need my own gun if we are really going to do this.” She tells them, looking to Aiden once again, before looking at Annabelle, Jack and Renee. Jack, however, had let out a sigh, not about the fact that Aiden would be going with them because they in fact could use another helping hand from a fellow agent, but Amanda, she was a civilian, like Annabelle, and the thought of trying to keep not one woman safe, but two, caused him to shake his head. “Alright, fine; not going to argue at the moment, but to let everyone know, I am not happy with this at all.” Jack says only to take out another gun from the inside of his pant’s leg, taking it and handing it to Amanda as he places another magazine round in her hand. “Just in case. I trust you know how to use this.” He says, to which Amanda nods. “That I do.” She says, looking back to Aiden as she smiles at him. And, having followed everyone outside and over to Aiden’s car, got into the front seat next to him as she looked to see Jack’s car parked up ahead after about a minute’s drive, watching as Jack, Renee, and Annabelle get out of the car as she heard the other woman’s phone ring, giving a curious look. At hearing the instructions after the conversation had ended with the man on the other end of the phone line, she had given a nod. “Sounds good. See you there.” Was all she had said as Aiden drove away.


Renee, who had heard the phone ring, followed by what Annabelle had said, let out a huge sigh of relief. “Let’s go.” She was quick to say only to get into the passenger’s side of the car, with Jack getting in the driver’s seat, waiting for Annabelle to join them as Jack drove away. Once having reached their destination, he immediately shut the car off, quickly getting out of it, along with Renee who gave a nod as both Jack and Renee looked to see Aiden and Amanda nod, to which Amanda rolled her eyes at what Aiden had said. “I will be fine. As I said I can kick your ass, so a little less talk and a lot more action, okay!” Amanda retorts looking at Annabelle with a smirk as she begins rushing down the dirt path that leads onto some grass through the woods, which eventually once they came to a clearing, led to the warehouse, where she followed everyone else inside. 


Skinner, having been driving down the road, upon hearing what Mulder had said, shrugged. Only for Prentiss to raise a brow. Causing Morgan to look at her with a raised brow. “What is it, Emily?” He asks, “Huh?” Prentiss remarked, being broken out of her thoughts as she looked to him, then shook her head. “Oh, uh, nothing.”  She answers with a smile. “Don’t give me that, woman; I know that look so just tell us what is on your mind.” He spats right back, causing Prentiss to sigh. “Okay, okay; I was just thinking that…, well maybe, just maybe...uh, well...okay, fine, i suddenly had the crazy thought of considering what he said to Mulder back there about seeing a reflection of himself in the mirror or whatever it is he was going on about; anyway I was just thinking especially with what Mulder just said of what if by some crazy way…, this William is Mulder’s son from the future and decided to venue back into the past for whatever reason” Prentiss tells them, only to start laughing. However, when having seen the looks she was getting from Morgan, Mulder, Skinner-all three men, with Skinner staring at her through the rearview mirror she had only stopped laughing, clearing her throat as she held her hands up. “Whoa, boys....get whatever thoughts out of your head. I was just joking okay. There is no way that he could be Mulder’s son. I mean, who would be the mother, much less, we are talking about time travel here.” Prentiss says, as Skinner keeps the same look on his face as he looks to Mulder. “Given our line of work within the X-Files department, and what we have seen so far, I wouldn’t totally count out the possibility of this young man being Agent Mulder’s son, much less the possibility of time travel. Stranger things have happened.” He states, causing Prentiss to chuckle. “Oh, my god, I am sorry that I said anything.” She says in a tone of disbelief as she shakes her head. “Now that I think about it, Mulder; he does bear a striking resemblance to you. I mean, not entirely; but, he could definitely pass for a younger brother, or well like Prentiss said back there, your son.” And, Skinner leaving his words at that, says nothing more as he continues to drive down the road. And, once having arrived there, like everyone else, Skinner, Prentiss and Morgan all got out of the car, and raced down the pathway and straight into the warehouse with their guns held out in front of them, all of the agents going in different directions but making sure to stay within earsight.


“Wait…,” Was all Scully could say after he had wrapped his coat around her, only to watch the other man stand to his feet and rush off, after Webber she assumed, “Don’t l-leave me.” She mumbled through the tears, not even noticing Jack and Renee having entered the warehouse, along with Annabelle, and everyone else as Renee having seen her sister, looked with wide eyes as she immediately raced over to her. “Dana…,” She called out, reaching the other woman within a few seconds, pulling the older red-head into a hug without thinking, causing Scully to cry out from the pain that shot throughout her, “D-Don’t…,” Was all she could say, causing Renee to pull away from her. “Oh, god, I am so sorry Danny; I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry.” Renee said to Dana, calling Dana ‘Danny’ which was her nickname for Dana as Scully gave a small nod, not really paying attention to her sister. Let’s just say while Scully was there, she was also ‘not’ there, and definitely not 'all' with it at the moment, at the same time. “I...I want...I just want to go home.” Scully mumbled as for the first time Renee had looked over Scully, and felt heat rush throughout her body due to the rage and anger she was feeling as she saw the bloody clothes, also those clothes being torn etc, through Mulder’s jacket that the other red-head had wrapped around her. "W-What did he do to you.” She cried out, “I…, I don’t feel so good. I think I need to lay down. To go to sleep.” Scully mumbled, and as she was about to fall forward to the ground was caught by Renee, instead, as a result. “No, no, no…, you can’t lay down, you can’t fall asleep. You understand me, you have to try and stay awake for as long as possible until we can get you to the hospital.” Renee tells her, looking straight ahead of her to see Mulder. “Mulder, I need you.” She called out to him, not really sure why; but felt that Mulder was the only one to keep her sister awake and that Scully would respond, and listen to, and her instincts would soon to be proven right.


William, when he had seen Aiden rush into the room, raised a brow at the other man when he had pulled Mulder off of Webber, “Do...Do I know you?” He asked, looking to Aiden, while having that sense of familiarity about him but pushing it off so to speak. Webber, however, once he had gotten punched by Mulder and got called what he did, couldn’t help but to chuckle as he rolled his eyes. “What’s really the matter, Fox…,” He started his words, calling Mulder by his first name. “What is it that you're really mad at. The fact that I f***ed your little whore of a girlfriend, or I f***ed her first, before you ever getting the chance. Who knows, you play your cards right, she still might open her legs for you.” Webber having said this, looks to Mulder with a sickening grin as he gave the other man a quick wink. However, William having heard what Webber had said, let out a sigh as he just placed himself in front of Mulder, and pushed the older man back away from Webber. Not so much pushing him hard, but doing so to make a point as he shakes his head. “What the hell are you doing? You just left her! She doesn’t need you to show how macho you are right now or how well you think you can kick someones ass no matter how much they deserve it, or hell…, this isn’t the time for some satisfaction of revenge…, you need to know when and where to choose your anger, and to choose it wisely, now is not the time. She doesn’t need this. What she needs right now is you. And for you to go back over there and be with her and to get her out of here. I will take care of this piece of sh*t. Okay!” William tells Mulder, before having elbowed Webber in the face. “Watch your mouth, prick!” He hissed, only for Webber to chuckle as he spit out the blood from is mouth from having been elbowed in the face by William, looking to Annabelle afterward as he raised a brow, before smiling at her having called him Darien Black. “Yeah, uh...sorry to disappoint you sweetheart; but, you’ve mistaken me for my brother. While I am not Darien Black, I am his brother, much older, better looking twin brother by five minutes, Eugene Webber. It’s nice to finally meet the woman who was to become my brother’s whore.” He mused, only to hear a gunshot from out of nowhere, looking to see his girlfriend of a few months, Corrine Hutchinson having been the one to fire the shot, as he grinned, “it’s about time you got here babe.” He tells her, only to wink as he reaches over and kicks William away from him, only to jump out of the way from where everyone was standing, taking off down the hallway of the warehouse, and disappearing around the corner. 


“Shots fired, shots fired...we have another shooter.” Prentiss yelled out to alert everyone as this caused Morgan to get down as he fired a couple shots towards Corrine, who had fired back. “Everyone stay low.” Jack yelled out as he began firing his own shots at Corrine as well, who, again…, fired back on them. Signaling a shootout as this caused Scully to look with wide eyes and place both hands over her ears, along with having placed them to each side of her head as she began rocking back and forth. “I...I just want to go home.” She mumbled, only to push Renee away. “Leave me alone.” She yelled out. “W-Where’s Mulder…?” She cried out, only to wrap both arms around her, as though placing herself into a protective ball…, a protective bubble as she started to cry again as this caused Renee to swallow hard. “Mulder…, get your ass over here.” She called out to the other man, “It’s Scully...she, she doesn’t want me, or anyone else, She’s not…, damn, it; just get over here, she doesn’t want us, she wants you.” Renee yells out to him as she takes her gun and fires a couple of her own shots towards Corrine but made it a mission to stay as close to Scully as humanly possible shielding her at least until Mulder could get back over to them. 


“I got him. I got him.” Agent White yelled out, running past everyone and straight down the hallway. “What the hell are you doing Agent White? You can't go by yourself you idiot.” Skinner yells out, “I’ll cover him.” JJ yells out as well, before running past everyone and down the hallway as well, after Agent White. And within a few seconds of having been looking around the pitch black hallway, didn’t have time to react when someone had grabbed her from behind causing her to gasp, and not having been able to turn around to see who her attacker was, had been slammed into the corner of the wall, causing her to be knocked completely unconscious, out cold as Agent White just ran a hand through her hair. “Sorry, JJ;” Was all the younger man had said as he gently placed JJ to the ground, before rushing off and continuing his search for Webber. The real truth was...was Agent White as a  plant. A mole…, and he was there to keep Jacob Fielding informed of what was going on, to stay one step ahead of all the very well trained FBI agents, at every chance he got. Every chance he got to report back to the older man of course without getting caught. 


Scully after a few moments had looked to Mulder with sad eyes once again as she swallowed hard. “Where did you go? You just left me.” She mumbled, not really being ‘all there’ emotionally at the moment as she placed both hands over her face and rubbed it, before looking back at him. “D-don’t leave me again.” Scully begged him as she let out a very shallow breath. “I want to go home. Take me home.” Was all she had said to Mulder as she looked to both Jack, and Renee when they had made their way back over to her, still hearing the shootout going on as she shook her head. “We need to get you to the hospital, Dana.” Jack tells her, trying to place a hand on her arm; but, not being able to do so as Scully looks at him with a glare. “No.., I’m not going.” She spat back, jerking away from his grasp out of reflex due to all that happened to her, not wanting to be touched at that moment at least not by anyone else except for the one man in front of her, her partner and the one she trusted the most as she looked to Mulder. “I don’t want to go to the hospital. Just take me home.” She told him again, almost pleading. Only to reach over and hug him once again. Hugging him with another tight embrace. 


William, who had been involved in the shootout, when having seen a red laser pointed at the woman a few feet across from her, immediately rushed over to the blonde. “Get down.” He yelled out, knocking both he, and the woman to the ground, only to look down at the blonde he knew all too well, with a smirk. “Always did have a knack for trouble didn’t you.” He said with a wink to the woman who had helped to babysit, and watch over him, along with his parents, Scully and Mulder, the same woman who had given him his motorcycle when he was of age one could say and the very same woman who had bought the jacket that he was wearing originally for his father; but, after Mulder and Scully, both, had been killed, the jacket was handed over to him and he had always worn it wherever he went, ever since that fateful night and eventually as he got older, he finally grew into it. Also wearing the watch that was given to his mother by his father, as another token to remember them by as he gave a quick wink to the blonde, before standing to his feet.

“That man...the one who got here first. Where is he?” Scully asks, as William had managed to reach the four of them just in time. Scully having seen William, smiled a short smile, but smiled nevertheless. “Thank, you,” Was all she said, causing William to smile, with a nod. “You never have to thank me, Agent Scully. I am just sorry I didn’t get to you in time.” William stated, feeling guilt, even if it was misplaced as he cleared his throat. “We need to get her out of here.” He stated, as Scully shook her head. “No hospitals. I just want to go home.” She said, as William gave a nod. “You don’t have to go to any hospitals if you don’t want to. That’s fine!” William tells her, “I’m sorry, but who the hell are you to tell her what is best for her.” Jack was quick to say, “Shut up,” William snapped back in Jack’s direction, only to look back at Mulder, as he also looked to Skinner who had finally reached them. “You cowboys still have a makeshift hospital down in your basement at headquarters right? For whenever you have high risk missions and don’t want risking your agents to get found out, or their mission blown were some wound, or serious injury to befall them.” William states, “And why does that matter?” Skinner asks, “Because I am a doctor, and she can get all the medical attention and treatment she needs once we are there. For right now I am very sure I am more than capable of keeping her stable until we get there.” William states, raising his hand in the air as if to silence everyone to not speak another word about it. Just trying to keep Scully calm and less stressed as much as possible. “Look at her. She’s been shot from what I can see at least twice. What if she suddenly needs to be rushed into surgery, hotshot; think you can handle that?!” Skinner chimes in, causing William to smile. “I can more than handle it, I assure you. Back where I am from I was among the top ten in my class, and one of the top three surgeons in the hospital I worked out of…,” He stated, “Okay, no need to be shy...I was actually the head-top ranked surgeon. So yeah, I can handle myself and a hell of a lot more is thrown at me. Never once lost a patient on my table, or in my charge. Can any of you actually say the same thing? Hold on, I’ll wait!” William said in a sarcastic manner as he looked to Jack, and Skinner, both; mainly the two hot-headed, stubborn men, as he looked to Renee, then Prentiss, and Morgan, last. “Now if there are no more arguments, can we just get her the hell out of here!” WIlliam said in what was a very annoyed tone as he helped Scully to slowly stand to her feet.


Amanda had followed suit, running inside, only to look with wide eyes when she had seen the redhead to whom everyone had been referring to, having seen the condition the older woman was in which caused her to swallow hard. However, she made no comments, she looked to Aiden when he told her, along with Annabelle, that the two should go with them out the door, and basically out of harm’s way without saying the actual words, as Amanda gave a sigh. “I’m good.” She remarked, looking to Annabelle with a small smile, only to look with wide eyes when she heard what the other woman had said. More importantly the name she had called out all of a sudden which caused the blonde to look in Annabelle’s direction having seen who looked completely identical to the man who had made her life complete hell, well one of the men that is when she had come to live with Annabelle, named Darien Black, or so that is who she thought he was not knowing that the bastard, wretch of a man had in fact had an identical twin brother. “Wh-What?” She mumbled, before swallowing hard. Suddenly she had instant flashbacks of when Darien had attacked and raped her, causing her to swallow hard as a shiver ran down her spine of just thinking about it as she tried her best to contain her composure. Trying her best to act as though nothing was wrong as she let out a breath. When she heard what Webber had said about Darien as his identical twin brother, she raised a brow. “So, there’s two of you. Not surprising.” She once again mumbled under her breath as a hand was placed to her shoulder. “Are you okay?” Morgan had asked, as Amanda looked to him with a forced smile. “I’m good. Just a couple of old ghosts came back up to the surface is all; but, I agree with our friend over there, we should definitely get going and get the hell out of here.” 


Scully who had gotten up from the floor, leaned against Mulder for support, emotional support more than anything as she kept a tight hold on him, leaning her head against his chest. “I...I don’t feel so good. I just need to lie down a few minutes and shut my eyes.” Scully mumbled, causing Renee to shake her head. “No, No, No, Scully; what did I just tell you? You can’t do that. Not yet! No matter how tired you feel. You have to try and stay awake, okay?!” Renee tells her, to which Scully gives a nod, moving forward, but almost falling to the ground, crying out when another sharp pain has shot throughout her entire body, but having been caught before she could do so. “I-I can walk.” Scully muttered, as William sighed. “Obviously you can’t.” William stated as he looks to Mulder. “You got her? I’ll cover you. Just get her out of here.” William says, only to stop when Agent White, and JJ had come walking back over to them, JJ rubbing her head as though she had just woken up as he raised a brow. “Where is Webber?” He asks, “I shot him. He’s dead.” Agent White tells them. “What do you mean he’s dead? You just left the body?” Jack asked, causing White to nod. “Yeah, why? The jackass is dead, I don’t see the problem.” He spats right back, as Jack gives an annoyed look. “You always make sure a person is dead before leaving the body and even then you don’t leave it. You call for backup and call in, crime scene. Don’t you know anything?” Jack hissed as Renee shakes her head. “This isn’t helping.” She first states as she looks at JJ. “You were with him. Is the bastard dead?” She asks, causing JJ to shrug. “I don’t know. We got separated. Webber must have knocked me out and when I finally came to Agent White told me he was dead and we came straight here.” JJ tells them as Morgan raises a brow. “You know better than that, JJ.” Was all he said as he looked at White with an equally annoyed look. 


“You know what, I’ll go and make sure the bastard is dead. Just get my sister out of here.” Renee retorts, looking to Scully as she places a hand to her face. “Love you.” She says with a warm smile, as Scully looks to Mulder. “Wait…,” She begins her words, “What was it that you wanted to tell me over the phone before…, before everything happened?” She asks, causing William to raise a brow. “Is this really necessary right now?” He asks, “Better to know today. Tomorrow’s not promised. Es-Especially with the way I am feeling right now.” Scully states, “Don’t say that.” Was all Renee could say in response. And, before there was a chance to react, or for Renee to leave to go and make sure Webber was dead, a shot rang out, causing Scully to gasp. “Dana, are you alright?” Renee asks, “I...I don’t know.” Scully replied, feeling a sharp pain having hit her in the lower back, causing her to take her hand and place it behind her only to feel blood, causing her to pull her hand back, raising it up towards her to look, having seen the blood as she looked to Mulder. “M...Mulder…,” She called out to him, and within seconds she had fallen straight to the ground, having been shot once again by none other than Webber, who wasn’t dead, as she fell to the ground, collapsing into Mulder’s arms. “DANA…,” Renee yelled out, moving to where she was on the ground beside her. “Just...., just say with us, okay!” Renee tells her as Scully gives a small smile. “Don’t tell me what to do.” She spoke softly, as she struggled to breath, gasping for air; but, it wasn’t coming causing her to start coughing as she let out a ragged breath, wheezing now one could call it, as tears fell down onto her cheeks. “Funny, I always thought even with the dangers of this job, and everything; that I would never go out like this.” Scully states, causing Renee to shake her head. “Don’t talk like that, you’re going to be fine.” Renee says through tears, “Like I said before...better to leave nothing left unsaid that you need to say…,” Scully begins her words, looking to Mulder now as she gives another small smile. “Better today…, tomorrow’s not promised,” She states for the second time, as she blinks her eyes. “It’s funny…, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Not really…,” Scully mumbles, “I...I see a light,” She stated, “She’s talking out of her head.” Jack was quick to throw out, as Scully looked to Mulder once more. “If this this it...i’m at peace with it. Because, at least I get to spend these last few minutes looking into your eyes. Am I to die, your face is the last one I want to see.” And, Scully leaving her words at that, saying nothing more let’s out one more breath, before passing out cold, her head naturally turning to one side, as her breathing and pulse had stopped completely. “Payback really is a bitch.” Webber had called out, while still holding the gun, looking to everyone with quite the sadistic-sickening smile, as he started to laugh.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 9th 2020 - 12:38 AM

Amanda could not help but to smile at her once girlfriend, and best friend, only to place a hand on the other woman’s arm, leaning into Annabelle as she returned Annabelle’s kiss to her lips with a passionate one of her own, while also deepening the kiss as she let the kiss linger for a few moments longer as this caused both Jack, and Renee to raise a brow, though Renee despite the current situation, being worried about her sister, could not help but to develop quite the amused smirk along her face. “You’ve never kissed me like that.” She said playfully, looking to Jack, causing the other man to chuckle as he shakes his head. “We both know that's a full blown lie, agent Walker.” Jack remarked as playfully back to her, as he winked. He, however had cleared his throat as he looks to Aiden, when Aiden had answered Amanda’s question all of a sudden before Annabelle could so so, knowing that the younger man was lying seeing as when they first arrived, Annabelle had introduced Aiden as her brother; but, who was he to say anything he thought to himself as he crossed both arms over his chest. “How did you two meet?” Renee asked, to which Amanda looked in the redhead’s direction. “Annabelle, and I?” She asked, looking to Annabelle with a grin. “I’ve missed those lips by the way.” She said with a wink to the other blonde, before looking back to Renee, who could only chuckle yet again. “While that would be interesting to say the least. Um, no…, I mean you and Aiden.” Renee stated as she let out a sigh. 


“Oh, that is quite the funny story.” Amanda tells everyone as she takes a couple sips of her margarita and sets the glass down on the coffee table in front of her. “Let me see how best to put this…” She began her words, “He was a lifeguard at the beach. Don’t ask me why. Maybe that was his cover, or something at the time…,” Amanda continued. “His Cover?” Jack cut her off. “He’s FBI,” Amanda was quick to say, “or, so, he says.” She comments with a chuckle as she winks at Aiden, before looking back to the three other adults in the room. “Anyway I was walking along the beach and decided to take a swim. And, trust me when I say this, do not eat a big lunch before you decide to go and take a swim in the ocean, because believe me, you’ll regret it and well let’s just say I got a really bad cramp right as this huge wave came crashing into me which caused me to go under the water and hit my head hard against a rock or some huge ass seashell, whatever the hell it was, point being made, I almost drowned and Aiden over here, well he saved me.” Amanda tells them, causing Renee to smile. “And, the funniest thing about the whole situation…, okay, maybe not funny; but, after he saved me and gave me the whole mouth to mouth and CPR thing…, this man right here tells me a few seconds later after I’ve come to and gotten my wits about me, and caught my breath that I didn’t have to almost drown myself in order to try and get into his pants, that he had seen me giving him the eye the entire time I was there,  and that there were easier ways to have done so then what I did.” And, Amanda having said what she did, looks to Aiden and shakes her head, rolling her eyes to which Renee and Jack couldn’t help but to chuckle. “And, what can I say, I’ve been hooked ever since.” Amanda tells them as she leans over and gives Aiden a sweet kiss along the lips before turning back to Annabelle, and Aiden, looking back and forth between them as she heard Aiden introduce them as old friends. Only to laugh when having heard what Annabelle had said to her about kicking Aiden’s ass. “He’s very good to me I assure you…, besides, were he not to be, trust me, I can kick his ass pretty good so that is something that you wouldn’t have to worry about. He is a complete gentleman.” Amanda states, looking to Annabelle with yet another smile.


She had given a nod however as she watched Annabelle lead Aiden out into the hallway, raising a brow at the two, wondering what was being said back and forth as she had cleared her throat, looking to Renee and Jack. “So, this redhead you are looking for? Why do you think she would be here, and with who?” Amanda asks, having heard a bit of what the conversation had been about before having walked out of the bathroom over to them, as she had seen the FBI written on the jackets the older woman and man were wearing. “She’s my sister. Dana Scully. She...she was taken by someone. A very bad man and we are just trying to pull all leads of where she could be or was last spotted and we got a tip that she might be in the area.” Renee told Amanda, knowing that some of what she said was lying but not having been lying at the same time as some of the things she had said were actual truth. The truth was, Scully had been taken, and by a very bad man; though, Scully having been spotted in the area, that had been a lie, and once again Renee shifted about uneasily as she let out a breath. Having seen Aiden, and Annabelle come back into the room, smiles at the young couple as she looks at Annabelle. “Yes, let’s do.” Was all she had said before following Annabelle out of the room, and out the estate, headed over to the small set of houses, like guest houses that Scully could have been taken to. When having seen nothing or any sign of Scully or Webber around, Renee glared, though not having really glared at anyone or anything, just the situation as she shook her head and sat down, placing both arms over her chest. “Of course not. That would be too easy.” Renee hissed, looking to Jack as she rubs her forehead for the moment. “This is…, unreal. I can’t believe this. We are never going to find her in time.” Renee mumbled, becoming extremely worried now as she got a very uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, mainly about Scully and what the other woman could be going through as she felt tears starting to form in her eyes once more. Only to look up at Jack when he had placed a hand to her shoulder.


And, Renee and Jack listened patiently to every word that Annabelle had told them. The younger woman revealing her most deepest, darkest secrets or so it seemed, and baring her soul one could say as Renee hearing everything that was said, caused the older woman to feel terrible for the other woman and everything that she had went through as she shook her head and placed a comforting hand on Annabelle’s. “I am so sorry you had to go through that. All of it. Men like that…, like your father…, like Webber, they shouldn’t be allowed to exist. If you need anything or simply want to just talk, about anything else, you can, okay? You can talk to me about anything else that you want.” Renee having told Annabelle this, shakes her head. “You and your friend back there at the estate.” She said, having meant Amanda of course.  Though no sooner had she said this, frustration that she had been holding back had started to seep back in so to speak and it was starting to overwhelm her as she stood to her feet. “Not to sound uncaring or like a complete bitch, however; but, can we just please get out of here and get back to finding Scully.” Renee says with irritation, and determination, “Didn’t she say back there that your brother was FBI? Maybe we can bring him along.” Renee says as Jack gives a nod as he stands to his feet. “I agree. One more person trying to help us can’t hurt. The more the merrier is something to behold at the moment.” Jack says, only to make his way out of the guest house, headed back to the estate where Aiden, and Amanda were at. 


William had heard what Mulder had said, only to raise a brow; however, he half expected, though at teh same time didn’t expect for what would happen next. Mulder…, his father had grabbed his jacket and pushed him back against the car, causing William to c*ck his head to one side as he looked to Mulder with what was quite the proud smirk a few seconds later. “Hey…, watch the jacket old man.” He retorted, before letting out a sigh and clearing his throat. “Who am I? That question, were I to tell you that, Agent Mulder, would absolutely blow your mind.” William tells him. “Who are you smart ass?” Skinner is quick to say, as William smiles at the other man. “Skinner, Skinner, Skinner...still straight to the point as always I see…,” He says before looking back to Mulder. “Okay, short and simple…, My name is William. Last name, not important. What is important is that we find Agent Scully and we find her fast. I can help you do that. I know you don’t trust me, and that’s okay. I come to you, unarmed, however; you can check. You can search me, do whatever you need to; but, you’ll only be wasting valuable time. Like I said I can take you to her. Where she will be.” William tells him, only to look his father directly in the eyes. “You really want to know who I am, agent Mulder; how about this…, look into my eyes, and not just look into them, but deep into them, and perhaps you might see a reflection of yourself staring back at you. You might see yourself.” And, leaving his words at that, basically telling Mulder that he was the older man's son, without saying it at the same time, sighs. “I know you have no reason to trust me, and you have every right to; but, I am asking you right here, and right now, you are a man who believes. Believes in the impossible when everyone else would laugh in your face, and look the other way. Be the first one to call you a liar, or an idiot, or a conspiracy nut. You believe in some of the most unbelievable things that could ever be considered possible. So, I am asking you this, take a small leap of faith and take it on me. I am not lying to you. I’m asking you to believe in me? Can you do that? Just believe me.” And, as he had said this, Skinner raising a brow, looks to Mulder and places a hand to his arm. “Call me crazy, old friend; but, I believe him.” Skinner tells Mulder, about William, causing William to smile at Skinner. “I always did like you. Hard on the outside, teddy bear on the inside.” William mused, as Prentiss having walked over to Mulder, Skinner, and William, along with Morgan, gave a nod. “I believe him as well.” Prentiss tells them. “My life’s job is profiling and knowing instantly when someone is telling a lie. To read expressions, to notice any and all signs of deceit, and I am telling you Mulder, from what I can see, and read, he is telling the truth. There isn’t an ounce of deception in him. At least not when it comes to Scully, and wanting to help us. I one hundred percent believe he is genuine, and I stake my job on it.” Prentiss having said this, causes Willam to smile. Thank, you, Emily; you always have been the smartest one in the room.” William tells her only to give a quick wink as he turns back to Mulder. “Oh, before we go, hold on…,” He begins his words, reaching into Mulder’s jacket pocket, and taking the older man’s cell phone out, to which he dials a number. That number belonging to Annabelle Fielding as he places the phone to his ear. 


“Hello, there, Annabelle. No time to waste. Meet us at 23rd steiner street. There is an old abandoned warehouse, set out back, way back into the woods a good forty yards or so. Agent Scully will be there.” William tells her as he looks to Mulder. “While your at it, bring Aiden along with you and that pretty girlfriend of his, they could very well end up being a great help.” William says only to hang the phone up, ending the call, as he tosses it back to Mulder. “Shall we go now? Or, I don’t know, waste more time?” He says with a sarcastic nature, looking to Skinner. “I could definitely use a gun by the way.” He states, “Do you know how?” Skinner asks. “Oh, please…, my parents are two of the very best, and well known FBI Agents out there, of course I know how to use a gun.” William states, having meant Scully and Mulder being his parents of course as he looks to Mulder with another proud smirk, only to start heading for his bike. “Come along, kids…” And, saying nothing else, William takes his helmet, places it back on, only to kick the gear into shift as he drives away a few seconds later. “Who the hell are his parents?” Skinner mumbled out loud, however said nothing more on the subject as he got back inside the car he had driven in, driving away a few moments later, following behind William as he did so. “I just hope he isn’t lying.” Skinner says, “oh, if he is…, I am sure I’ll have no problem with shooting him. That’s if Mulder doesnt beat me to it, of course.” Morgan had said, looking to Prentiss as they remained in the back seat. 


Feeling a stabbing pain inside of her all of a sudden at the force of how he had thrust himself inside of her, and equally moving inside of her at that same harsh manner, Scully couldn’t help but to gasp, and whimper from the pain she was feeling though whether it was the substance he had injected her with, or her own body naturally paralyzing her, Scully couldn’t say anything or even move as she just laid there as the pain only got worse, trying her best to ignore what was going on as she closed her eyes, trying to think of something else completely, other than what was going on, of course. “Please…,” Was all she could manage to cry out, causing Webber to smirk as he continued to rape her. “Please, what? Please, stop? Go ahead, tell me...tell me to stop.” Webber said taunting her while at the same time wanting her to beg for him to stop, wanting to get some sort of sick pleasure out of it as he forces his lips to hers again, forcing her into a passionate kiss as he gripped her thigh, and dug his nails into the skin of it causing Scully to gasp once more. And, even with his words to her, she didn’t say anything. She wasn’t going to give that satisfaction to him as she swallowed hard, wanting it to end, which seemed to be going on forever as she started feeling completely sick to her stomach. And, Webber having reached his peak a few moments later, let out a groan of satisfaction as he climaxed inside of her, only to pull out of her, and instead of standing to his feet, just turned her over onto her stomach, and gripped and squeezed her ass, “I have always been a front and ass man.” He remarked, leaning down to kiss her on the cheek. “You didn’t think I was done with you yet, did you?” He growls somewhat, only to lick his lips and enter his penis into her ass, Scully had cried out due to the pain that coursed throughout her body as he began moving inside of her faster and harder with each passing second. “God your good, baby; so sweet, wet, and so tight. That Mulder doesn’t have a clue what he’s missing, or maybe he already has….maybe he’s already gotten a bit of this sweet ass of yours.” Webber comments, as Scully remains silent.


“Leave him out of this, you bastard.” She hissed, even through the pain, and tears. “Your doing this because you want to. Don’t use him as an excuse and keep his name out of your damn mouth.” She states, causing Webber to snatch her by the back of her hair and jerk her head back. “Don’t get smart with me bitch.’ He scowled right back, before thrusting deep inside of her, causing Scully to cry out once more. “Perhaps I should call Mr. Casanova himself, and tell him all about just how well the two of us are getting along.” Webber states, as tears fall down onto Scully’s cheeks. “Do whatever you feel you need to do.” Was all she said, only to close her eyes once again. 


William had been the first one to arrive on scene, so to speak, as he got off his motorcycle and taking the gun that Skinner had given him, c*cked it as he immediately took off running, headed closer and closer to the warehouse with each passing second as he kicked open the door, and rushed inside. “Agent Scully…,” He called out, and having heard this, Scully having felt Webber reach his climax inside of her once again, waited until the perfect moment, which had been the sudden voice inside of the warehouse she heard all of a sudden, and using all the remaining strength she had left you could call it, knocked Webber backwards, with a headbutt to the back of his head as she stumbled a couple times, before getting to her feet, and began running towards the door that led out of the room with Webber running after her. “I’m here…,” Scully yelled out, running out the door. “Get back here you bitch.” Webber yelled after her, as Scully had reached the steps, looking downstairs to see a figure headed her way. “Agent Scully,” Willam called out again, as Scully began running down the stairs, though having tripped, and falling down the stairs, landed hard on to the floor, at the bottom as she let out a groan, only to be grabbed behind by William who was pissed off, glaring and had placed a gun to the back of her head. “That was the last time.” He growled, only to feel a gun pressed to the back of his head a few seconds later. 


“Back the f*** off of her right now, or I will blow a hole straight through you, you son of a bitch.” William hissed, doing so in a very threatening manner, causing Webber to smile. “Who are you?” He spat back, “Your worst f***ing nightmare if you don’t let her go. Actually, I’m just your worst nightmare either way. Now, let her go, I won’t ask you again.” William states, only to shoot the other man in the shoulder causing Webber to yell out. “You son of a bitch.” He hissed, gritting his teeth. As William as a result, held out his hand for Scully to take. “Agent Scully, you're safe now. Take my hand.” William tells her, looking down at his mother, almost in tears at seeing the sight of her, and the bruises, etc...on her as he swallowed hard. “I am so sorry I didn’t get to you in time.” William tells her, as a result of seeing the torn clothing she had on, knowing what happened to her, of her being raped, that he was 85 percent sure of as he tried his best to keep himself from blowing Webber away right there. He knew his mother was the type of person who sought justice other than shooting someone, of wanting to seek justice the right way if that made sense as he let out a breath. “W-Why should I believe you?” Scully asked quietly, looking to William, who smiled. “Because, you can trust me…,” William simply stated, and by looking at him, searching his eyes, for some reason Scully knew he was telling the truth, and that she could trust him as she gave a small nod and taking his hand, he pulled her up and over to him, wrapping an arm around her. “It’s okay. You're not okay, but it’s going to be okay with time, I promise.” William whispered to her, kissing the side of her head.” When he hears other agents approaching the house, and hearing Mulder’s voice, he looks to Scully. “Think you can walk long enough to get to Mulder?” He asks her, causing Scully to nod. “Good. go to Mulder. I’ll take care of this piece of garbage.” William tells her, and Scully, having heard this, begins heading for Mulder right away. “Mulder…,” She had called out his name, only to run over to him when seeing the older man, running straight into his arms, completely collapsing into his arms as she began to cry, hugging him with a very tight embrace. “Y-Your came for me.” Was all the red-haired woman could muster at the moment as she just buried her face into his chest. Feeling weaker and weaker, however as the seconds passed. Not knowing for how much longer she could keep herself awake, and from passing out completely. 

Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 7th 2020 - 12:46 AM

“Your right about that Miss Fielding, you are a civilian and a guest here. So choose your words wisely.” Skinner tells the younger woman only to look at Mulder, and Renee, as he raises a brow, not saying anything but watching the emotional scene play out as he lets out a sigh. When Mulder had said what he did over the phone to Webber, before having watched as the younger man threw the phone across the room, he crossed both arms over his chest. “Agent Mulder, I need you to focus. I know you are worried about your partner as well as everyone else here; but, in knowing that I am going to need you to try and have somewhat of a level head right now.” Skinner tells him, and watching as everyone broke off into groups, looked to Prentiss, and Morgan. “Morgan, Prentiss; you two are with me and Mulder.” Skinner told both Morgan and Prentiss, both giving a nod and speaking in acknowledgment as he looked to Penelope Garcia, and Spencer Reid. “Reid, Garcia...I am going to need you to stay here, keep up with the traffic lights, the cameras and whatever else you might get, and hack into that could possibly get us closer to finding Agent Scully. And, lastly; JJ…, I want you with Agent White. Is everyone good with that? Alright, let’s go.” Skinner tells BAU agent Jennifer Jarreau, as he looked to Mulder and gave a nod, before following everyone out the door. 


Jack, who had listened to what Mulder had said, raised a brow when Mulder pulled Annabelle over to him for a private briefing, however decided that this sort of thing wasn’t his business, at least not at the moment, and especially if it didn’t affect him in any kind of way as he just gave a nod. “Let’s do this…,” He began his words, as he looked to Annabelle once more, “Annabelle…,” And leaving his words at that, at just the calling of her name, followed the younger woman out of the door, and made his way over to the car where Renee was, as he opened the door for Annabelle. “She is coming with us. She might know of a place that this son of a bitch, Webber, could possibly be holding Scully.” Jack tells Renee, as he places a comforting hand on her arm, squeezing it as he stepped closer to her, “We will find her. We will get her back, I promise.” He told the redhead as he smiled at her, and ran a hand down her face, only to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. “Come on, let’s go.” He says quietly, before getting into the driver’s side of the car, and driving away once everyone was safely secure in the seatbelts, etc…


The trip had pretty much been a quiet one, with the exception of a few directions given by Annabelle, here and there, as they grew closer and closer to reaching their destination. Jack would look through the rearview mirror back at Annabelle every now and then, trying to get a read of her; but, not saying anything as he looked to Renee who had been staring out the window almost the entire way as he reached over and placed his hand on top of hers, squeezing hers. “Good thoughts for me, okay?” He says, of what was their typical saying each and every day when one was feeling down and out, or particularly low about something as Renee turned to look at Jack, giving him a small smile in return, as well as a nod. “I’m trying. It’s just hard to do when that bastard is out there and has her, and knowing what he does to women. Just thinking about what he could be doing to my sister is making my skin crawl.” Renee tells him as she wipes a tear from both eyes. “One more thing.” Jack says as he looks at Renee. “Back there, with Mulder; you have to know that despite the circumstances that this isn’t his fault. You gave him a pretty good verbal ass kicking back there which while it might have been a bit warranted, was not completely fair, and you know it.” Jack tells her, as Renee looks away from him and down at the floor. “Let’s just find Dana first and then we can decide whether or not it was fair, alright?” Renee tells him, as she turns back around to look out the window. The thing is, she knew that Jack was right, about Mulder that is, and that he would never put her sister in harm’s way and that he would do anything and everything for the younger woman’s sister, even giving up his very last in the process, however Renee hadn’t been thinking clearly, or logically at the moment as she let out a much needed breath. Only to swallow hard as she grabbed the walkie talkie a few moments later, trying to reach Mulder on his walkie talker as she cleared her throat. “Mulder, come in…,” Renee said through the walkie talkie, as she looked to Jack. “listen, I...I shouldn’t have went off on you like that earlier. I know that this isn’t your fault and that bastard Webber, and his alone, I am just so worried about Dana, I just got blinded for a moment is the best way I can describe it. Please just tell me that you will find my sister...find my sister, Mulder; that’s all you need to do to make it right. That’s all you need to do.” Renee said her last words again, only to set the walkie talkie down on the seat beside her as she looked to Jack again with another small smile, causing Jack to smile back at her. “That’s my girl.” He said with a wink, only to nod towards Annabelle as he pulled up onto the dirt road and began driving down it, but not too far down as he listened to everything that the younger woman had said, while also wondering how she knew this place existed, or why Webber might actually take Scully there, or why she knew as much as she knew; but, wasn’t telling so to speak, as he let out a breath.


Stopping the car, and placing it in park, turned the car off, as he opened the door. “Alright.” Was all he said before getting out of the car. “How is it you know about this place if you don’t mind me asking?” He asks Annabelle as he looks to Renee, and takes out his gun, as Renee having gotten out of the car, and seeing this, nods to him as she takes out her own gun as well, “I know you are one who likes to jump head first into things; but, for the sake of well...everything, not knowing what we are walking into, try and stay behind us as much as possible, okay love?” Renee tells Annabelle with a wink as she began making her way over to the estate, following alongside Jack as she began looking in every direction around her, making sure of no sudden movements etc, or any indications that they were about to be blindsided as she kept the gun, in front of her with a firm grip. However, when she had heard a noise, and Annabelle rush forward, shook her head, “Annabelle, wait…,” She called out to the younger woman as she began to follow behind her, only to stop a few feet away from the steps of the front porch to the estate as she raised her gun in the air, in front of her, training it on a dark-haired man, and before she could say anything else, looked with shock, when Annabele and this man seemed to know each other, and very well at that, watching the two hug as she looked to Jack, who had just looked back at her as both FBI Agents kept their guns trained on the man that Annabelle had introduced as Aiden. “Aiden, huh? Do you have a last name, Aiden?” Renee had said, not fully trusting him yet, if at all, even though Annabelle had introduced him as her brother. ‘He’s alright,’ she heard the younger woman say, only to look to Aiden with a knowing smirk as she shrugged. “You know him, I don’t, so forgive me if I keep my gun trained on him just for a little bit longer.” Renee spats back, causing Jack to give a nod as though in agreeance as both he, and Renee, begin making their way over to the estate, having walked inside a few minutes later, as Renee had heard what Aiden said, giving a nod. “So is your girlfriend’s name, girlfriend; or does she have a name?” Renee had asked sarcastically, causing Jack to chuckle. “Easy killer, I am pretty sure if this was some sort of setup by now, we’d have already found out.” Jack said, only to reluctantly lower his gun a few moments later. “I trust Annabelle, not you; so, for right now, for her sake, I’ll keep my gun lowered; but, don’t give me a reason to raise it back up.” Jack tells Aiden as he looks to Renee, who raises a brow; also to reluctantly lower her gun, and place it along the holster of her jeans as she crosses both arms over her chest. “Like she said, have you seen a redhead around here?” Renee asks, only to look in the direction ahead of her and behind Aiden, when hearing a door open, particularly to the bathroom, as she looks to see the outline of a woman walking out of it and headed in their direction. 


“No, thank, you; we’re good.” Jack had said, when Aiden offered he, and Renee a drink, as he also looked ahead of Aiden to see the young woman walking out of the bathroom, and having seen the woman, who was a young blonde having come into view, gave a nod of acknowledgement as he looked to Aiden. “So you must be the girlfriend, I take it?” Amanda Clarke, had been through a lot of sh*t already in her young adult life, at the age of 11 she had lost her father, Adam Dalton, and not just lost him; the man had been setup and murdered in cold blood, and ever since that night, she had vowed to find out who had killed her father, vowing that she would do everything in her power to avenge his death, and make every single one who had any involvement in it, pay with everything they held dear, and owned.  At age fourteen she was attending a party hosted by Conrad Grayson, one of the main culprits behind setting her father up, as well as being behind him being killed. The party had taken a dark turn when she had been drugged, and taken upstairs to a bedroom, and been raped by none other then Conrad Grayson himself, from there she had gotten pregnant and had tragically lost the baby due to a miscarriage and everything had seemed to go downhil from there. She had gotten into a lot of fights, gone from one shelter to another, always finding trouble wherever it took her, which took her to drugs, and having gotten hooked on drugs, it was only with the help of a chance encounter with someone by the name of Nolan Ross, of whom she had tried to steal from, had taken her back to his home, forced her into going cold turkey off the drugs, and had in turn, saved her life, and saving her from herself in the process, and while she had been with Nolan the short while she had, she had come to trust him more than anyone, or anything else, currently in her life. She had been bitten you could say with the taste of her first taste of young love, first love, whatever you wanted to call it; but, things happened, and the two were separated. From there Amanda had found herself having been sent to live with a man by the name of Jacob Fielding and his wife, Katya; along with their daughter, Annabelle Fielding, of whom she had grown the closest to, well the only one she had grown close to, since her time at this mansion, had been nothing but pure hell for her; well almost complete pure hell, had it not been for Annabelle there, to keep her sane. While staying there she had come to antagonize and get under the skin of a man by the name of Darien Black, who had raped her, and made her, and Annabelle’s life miserable, only for Amanda to eventually escape this hell hole, with the help of her newfound friend, and every now and then, lover; one could call it, Annabelle, herself, and the two had lost contact, however little did she know, she was about to be reunited with the woman who had become her best friend.


Amanda, having walked out of the bathroom, started making her way towards Aiden, not fully paying attention to the older man and woman, as well as the younger woman, who was standing across from him, as she only smiled. “Now, Aiden; you didn’t tell me we were to be having guests tonight.” Amanda had said with a bit of amusement to her tone, as she walked over to Aiden, kissed his cheek, and turned her attention to smile at Renee, and Jack. “hello…,” She greeted them, only to chuckle. “Yes, I am the girlfriend.” She remarked as she looked to Aiden with a grin. “Did you really introduce me that way, babe?” She mused, only to turn back to Jack, and Renee, “I’m Amanda, a pleasure...and, you are?” She says, and asks, only to look with wide eyes when having finally noticed the other woman in her line of sight, the woman being none other than Annabelle, causing her to gasp and drop the glass with the margarita in it she had been holding to the ground. “Annabelle…,” Was all she had said.”


“ are you here?” Amanda asked, stuttering over her words as she looked to Annabelle with what was a pained expression; but, also one of love for her friend, happy to see the other woman as tears stung her eyes. “I….I thought I’d never see you again…,” Amanda stated as she reached over and wrapped both arms around Annabelle, hugging her as tight as she could. “And, now you’re here. It’s, it’s crazy.” Amanda said, only to let go of the other woman as she wiped her eyes. “I’ve missed you.” She told her, only to look at Aiden, however; with a very curious expression. “How the hell do you two know each other?” She asked, only knowing of Annabelle having two brothers, One being Amir Al-Raisani, and the other one of course, being Nolan Ross; having no clue whatsoever that Aiden was also Annabelle’s brother, and that the two shared the same father. For once it seemed, Amanda had been the only ignorant one in the room. 


Skinner, having been driving up highway 56, came to a stop when having seen a car on the side of the road. Well, two cars on the side of the road, one belonging to Scully, and the other car belonging to the deceased male next to the second car as Skinner stepped out of the car for the moment, starting to go through Scully’s car to see if he could find anything as he looked to Prentiss, and Morgan, before looking to Mulder with a nod. “The jackass changed cars on us, he could be anywhere right now.” He said with a scowl. “I have to call in and inform Garcia and Reid that we basically have nothing to go on now.” Skinner stated, before rushing back over to his car and getting inside, slamming the door shut, and driving off.  He, however, had seen blinding lights of what had been a motorcycle headed straight for them, as he squinted his eyes as a result, trying to see who it was that was blocking their path. “What the hell?” Was all Skinner could say. “Who the hell is this guy, and what is he doing?” Prentiss had shot back from the back seat, as Skinner had no choice but to come to a stop a few moments later, slamming on the brakes, as a result. 


William Mulder, was the son of Dana Scully, and Fox Mulder. Long story short, he was back in the past with the help of a woman by the name of Sarrai, a goddess was a better word to describe her as this woman was also his aunt, and his father’s older sister. His parents had been killed when he was eleven years old, and William had been in and out of trouble ever since, having ran away from the home he had shared with his younger siblings, at the age of thirteen. Leaving his siblings behind to stay with his aunt, and uncle, Jack and Renee Bauer. His parents had been killed by…, well their deaths had been ordered by a man by the name of Jacob Fielding and the person who had carried out the killings was a man by the name of Darien Black. He had come to find out that these men were behind his parents death, and had vowed with his last dying breath if that is what it took, that he would make each man pay, and pay with their death but not before he destroyed them completely inside and out, as he sought to destroy them from the inside, as he had gone rogue, and managed to infiltrate and gain the trust of Jacob Fielding, having managed to do so just a little over a week, earlier. He had been assigned to keep an eye on Scully and Mulder, and the thought of this, with Jacob not knowing who he really was, and that he was the FBI Agents’ son, made it to where every time he thought about it, he couldn’t help but to laugh and find it more amusing then he should.


He had gotten hold of…, well had called out to Sarrai earlier that day, knowing what was about to happen to Scully, and knew what happened to her, as he wanted to put a stop to it, not wanting her to get hurt, reading from her files, and the reports about the incident caused him to know exactly where she would be, the location, everything as he smiled at Sarrai, and kissed her on the cheek. “Thanks Auntie; and, don’t worry, I’ll do my best to be on my best behavior.” He said with a chuckle as he kicked the motorcycle into gear as he gave a nod. “Yes, I very well know how my father can be.” He said, thinking about Mulder, causing him to swallow hard. As he had raced away, headed in search of his father, he couldn’t help but to think of his mother as well, and his heart started racing inside of his chest, having been without the two of them for so long in his future, that he didn’t know what he would do, or how he would react when seeing the two of them again. All he knew was that he had to keep himself composed and together as best he could. Having heard a car about a mile up ahead, and having seen the headlights, knew that this was the man he was in search of as he stopped his motorcycle in front of the car, causing Skinner to slam on the brakes, as he just got off of the bike, and took off his helmet, looking at the people in the car with a smirk on his face. “Just the people I was wanting to see.” He kept his words short, as he watched as Derek, Prentiss, and Skinner were the first ones to get out of the car, immediately raising his hands up in the air when he had seen each agent with their gun out, and aimed in his direction. Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on now…, there is no need for that. I am a friend. I am also someone who can take you to Agent Dana Scully, so how about we not waste time and you four follow me.” He spoke out to them, looking to Mulder, last; as his heart dropped down to his stomach, swallowing hard as he let out a breath, feeling tears threatening to form as he stared at the other man, though forced them back as he cleared his throat. “Agent’s Skinner, Prentiss, and Morgan I am to assume.” He called out to them, “Agent Mulder…” He said his father’s name last, as he slowly lowered his hands down to the side of him, starting to make his way towards Mulder. “We don’t have much time. Don’t ask questions, you just need to come with me. I can take you to Agent Scully.” He repeated his words from earlier, as he looked to Mulder, and everyone else.


Agent Scully awoke with a gasp when water had been thrown on her, causing her to jolt awake, only to gasp and cry out, when she felt a sharp object piercing her stomach along the side of her wound, where she had been shot. “That’s payback for shooting me you bitch.” Webber hissed as he had taken his dagger, after having thrown ice cold water on her, stuck the dagger deep into her wound where he had already shot her, and dug it around, twisting it, wanting to cause the young woman as much pain as possible as hearing Scully’s cries caused him to grin. “Hurts doesn’t it!” He yelled out with a scowl on his face, and a growl to his voice, as Scully could only glare at him through tears had had immediately fallen down onto her cheeks as a result of the excruciating pain she was feeling as she couldn’t help but to cough, trying to catch her breath. “You're going to have to do a lot better than that , you son of a bitch in order to break me.” Scully said through gritted teeth, causing Webber to smile. “Oh, sweetheart, I plan to do just that.” He tells her, before leaning over and putting a hand to her face, and running it down her cheek, which made the younger woman’s skin crawl. 


“When i get done f***ing you, you won’t be able to walk or sit down for a week, or hell…, who knows, maybe much longer than that.” Webber tells her, moving even closer to Scully. Who looks back at him defiantly. “What do you expect me to do? Cry...beg for you not to do it? I hate to break it to you, do whatever you feel you need to do, what you think you have to do, because I am not going to give you the satisfaction of such a thing!” Scully tells him, causing Webber to chuckle. “Beautiful, brave, feisty, with that fire and passion in you, such a fire and passion that no wonder Mulder is so taken by you, and whipped.” Webber says as he leans in closer to her, his mouth along her ear. “Once I’m done with you, however; he won’t be able to look at you the same way again. Excuse me, you’ll be dead, I almost forgot, so who am I trying to kid.” And, Webber having said what he did, shrugs. “However, I expect you to scream, beg, all of the above.” He hisses, only for Scully to reach over and headbutt the other man against his own head as hard as she can, causing him to groan and fall backwards, as Scully once again kicks him as hard as she could, this time in the face, doing so out of pure adrenaline and nothing else, as she cried out, as a result of standing to her feet, placing her hand on the wound, that was almost pouring out blood from her body, causing her to feel very weak and dizzy as she fought through this and tried to make her way towards the front entrance of what appeared to be a warehouse. “Someone, help…” She called out, only to be grabbed from behind by Webber, and pulled backwards, being thrown into a table, causing her to hit the table hard as almost everything on the table had come crashing to the ground, and feeling him behind her, headbutted him once again, with the back of her head this time, causing her to become very dizzy and lightheaded all of a sudden as she let out her own groan, kicking his feet out from under him as she ran past him. “You really are not making this easy for me, Agent Scully.” Webber growled as he was able to get back to his feet after a few seconds. “Who am I to not enjoy a good challenger, however;” He called out to her, going after her again as the two began to fight a few seconds later, with finally Webber getting the upper hand on her, knocking Scully to the ground, only for her to start crawling towards the door, able to pull herself up, after kicking him off of her once more. To see she was beaten and bruised very badly, was an understatement. She could hardly see as she could feel herself losing the battle to fight with each passing second. 


She had cried out a few moments later, when having been shot in the leg by Webber, causing her to fall to the ground, and being grabbed by the other man, who had pinned her to the floor, felt a needle prick slide into her neck, as Webber turned her around after the fact, and punched her in the face. “Good try, my love; but, not good enough.” He tells her, “Let’s just say I gave a little something to calm you down and to put you better in the mood.” He remarks in a sadistic tone, only to rip open her shirt, and rip her skirt as well as he pulled the stockings off of her and threw them to the ground, before sliding her closer to him by both her feet, which he had gripped the insides of her thighs hard, which was definitely going to leave a bruise. “The last thing I want you to know is that you and I, Dana; we could have been friends one day…, maybe something more, had that partner of yours not f***ed me over and sent me to prison. You're the one who has to pay for his crimes. What do you think about that?” He asks, causing Scully to look at him with tears in her eyes. “I think you are a sick-twisted limp d*ck son of a bitch who can’t get it up long enough to do anything much to anyone that would have lasting effects that would make them remember you, tomorrow. And, more importantly, Fox Mulder is one hundred times the man you will ever be. He had kindness, compassion for people, and people love and admire him. That is something I am sure you will never come to know. Probably not even your own parents, whose mother popped out your worthless existence, and probably killed herself just to get away from how big of a disgrace and disappointment you really are.” Scully tells him only to spit up at him, knowing that it wasn’t a good idea to antagonize him at the moment, but not caring seeing as if she was going to die, right then and there after he got through doing whatever he wanted to do to her, she might as well go out with a bang, and a fight still left in her so to speak, causing Webber to chuckle. “Ouch…,” 


And having left his words at that, ripping her underwear off, unzipped his pants, as he pressed his body against hers, with Scully feeling her eyes becoming very heavily as a result of the blood loss, the wounds and bruises she had suffered, along with whatever was in the needle he had injected her with, as she could only swallow hard. “I can assure you, you will come to see I don’t have as much of a limp d*ck as you think me to.” And, not saying anything else, positioning himself just right, forces himself inside of her, entering her in a rough thrust, and moving inside of her harshly, causing Sculy to cry out as he planted his mouth against hers to keep her quiet.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 4th 2020 - 10:57 PM

“Ssh…, don’t try and speak. It’s best you save your energy for what’s to come.” Webber had told Scully, who had silently called out Mulder’s name with tears falling down her cheek, trying her best to ignore, and fight through the pain she was feeling which was becoming more and more excruciating as each moment passed, due to the gunshot wound to the side of her stomach as she let out a heavy breath, gritting her teeth as a sharp pain struck throughout her as a result. However, when Webber had first heard what Mulder had said to him about regretting even his mother being born were anything to happen to Scully in his presence, this caused him to laugh as Webber looked down at Scully, only to wink. “Someone seems to be quite protective over you my dear, as I already thought. Always good to have an actual confirmation, however;” Webber said to Scully who was starting to slowly become at the point where she was going in and out of consciousness, trying her best to stay awake as seeing this caused Webber to roll his eyes. “You’ll make me regret even my mother being born? My, my…old friend, that’s quite the threat. You should know, even, I regret my mother being born, the bitch was as useless as the toilet paper I used to wipe my ass with, which was only good for about five seconds, then I took it out with the rest of the trash. Threats don’t scare me, Fox; promises do. Put it this way when I’m through with her she’s finally going to know what it’s like to be with a real man. Agent Carter certainly found out.” And, having said what he did, pouring more salt deeper into the wound so to speak, was doing so to make his intentions heavily known what he planned to do to Agent Dana Scully, before having heard the phone make a couple noises indicating that someone else had grabbed the phone from Mulder, causing the older man to smile once again when having heard the younger woman’s voice speak into the phone, knowing exactly who she was as she carried out her mixture of threats to which he couldn’t help but to chuckle. 


“Such big threats coming from such a little girl. I am shaking in my boots, I really am, Annabelle. While I’m enjoying your use of words, don’t make threats that you cannot back up, sweetheart. What I do, or do not do to her, is the direct result of my old friend Mulder’s choice of actions which placed me back in prison all those years ago, and nothing else. If there is anyone to blame, it is him…, and him, alone. He forgot the code of brotherhood before anything and everything else, and now he’s going to pay. I currently don’t mean you any ill will; but, that can soon change, if and when you decide you think you can go against me, you won’t win, honey; believe me. Men, and women much bigger and badder than you have failed.” Webber tells her, before cracking another smile. “Yes, that’s right I know your name, I know exactly who you are, and I know your father. He is a great man, that Jacob Fielding…,” And, leaving his words at that, Webber, closes the phone shut, hanging it up as he looks down at Scully’s cell phone, and tosses it across the room, causing it to hit the bottom of the wall, having left with Scully in her own car a minute or so, later.


“I love it when you call me big poppa.” Jack had said, standing in front of Renee, who had just chuckled and shook her head as she adjusted Jack’s tie for him, only to grin as the two had just finished having dinner at their favorite restaurant. “I bet you do,” Was all Renee had said, before giving a wink, causing Jack to smile as well as he wraps both arms around Renee and pulls her closer, against him, which ends up with Renee wrapping both arms around his neck. “However, once we get home you can be sure I will call you whatever you want me to while we are in the process of well…, you know…” Renee mused, letting her words trail off as Jack looked at her with quite the wicked smirk, chuckling as a result. “Is that right?” He asked, only to look at Renee with concern when she had frowned all of a sudden. “What’s wrong?” He asked, “I don’t know. It’s hard to describe. I just...something is wrong. I don’t know what; but, I can just feel it.” Renee tells him, and no sooner had she said this, her phone started to ring, looking at Jack, who looked back at her with a raised, though curious brow as well as Renee grabbed her phone out of her pocket, and pressing the talk button, placed the phone to her ear. “Yeah, Annabelle, what’s going on?” Renee asked with a very worried tone, only to look with wide eyes. “What?” She said in almost a shout, before giving a quick glance to Jack, as she rushed out of the restaurant, with Jack tossing money onto the table to pay for their meal as he quickly followed the younger redhead out the door. “Renee, wait; what is going on?” He called out to her, having finally caught up with her back at the car they had driven in, getting into the driver’s side of the car, and slamming the door shut. “Someone took Dana, that’s all I know.” Renee tells Jack in almost a panic, as she places a hand over her head. “We have to get back to headquarters as quick as you can…, go…!” She ushered to Jack, who looked with wide eyes, gave a nod, and started the car, driving away, almost racing down the street as if in some type of nascar race as he raced to get to the FBI headquarters as quick as he could in order to meet Mulder, and whoever else would be there to give them a better update on the current situation at hand.


Meanwhile Webber had seemed to have been driving around forever, in Scully’s car, when he had pulled over to the side of the road. He knew that being an FBI Agent had its perks, and that the powers that be would certainly be putting a trace, and sending out an APB to locate the passed out in the trunk, red-haired agent’s car. So he had already made plans to switch cars, and that time was now as he got out of the car, and made his way to the back of it, opening the trunk, where he had been taken by surprise when Scully had suddenly raised up and kicked him as hard as she could, causing the man to stumble backwards, falling to the ground, having kicked him as hard as she could in the chest which definitely knocked the breath out of him as Scully quickly got up and gritted her teeth once more as she got out of the trunk as fast as she could, only to fall to the ground as a result, as she winced and let out a whimper from the pain, only to be grabbed by the leg by Webber. “You stupid bitch…, you are going to pay for that.” Webber hissed, as this caused Scully to use her other foot and kick him in the face, causing the other man to fall back to the ground once again, to which she wasted no time in grabbing the phone out of his pocket, as she shot him in the leg with his own gun, before standing to her feet, finding it harder to breathe with each passing second as she quickly dialed Mulder’s cell phone. 


Growling as a result of first being kicked in the face, and having been shot in the leg afterward, Webber gritted his teeth, mumbling curses under his breath as he ripped open part of his shirt, and quickly tied it around his leg, tying it as hard and as tight as he could in order to stop the bleeding as he looked in Scully’s direction. Of whom, Scully wasn’t paying any attention to at the moment. “MULDER….,” Scully called out to the older man when she heard the phone make a clicking noise on the other end signaling that someone had picked up. “I...I don’t know where I am…,” Scully said as she looked around, spotting Marker 56, before pausing a moment to catch her breath. “All I know is-is that I think I’m somewhere between marker 56, and 60 along highway 56…,” And, before Scully can say anything else as to where she could be located, gasped when Webber had come up behind her and grabbed the phone from her. “You are dead, bitch.” The older man tells her, only to turn her around and shove her forward, causing Scully to hit the ground. Placing the phone into his pocket for the moment as he reaches over and grabbing hold of Scully once more shoves her as hard as he can face first into the car, causing the younger woman to hit her head, knocking her unconscious, as she fell back into Webber who had just scowled before opening the car door and placing her in the back seat, slamming the door shut behind him. 


Grabbing the phone out of his pocket, placed it to his ear. “Mulder, are you still there? I am to assume you are back at headquarters now with good ole agent Skinner, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan and whoever else might be listening in on this call…” Webber had said, as a wicked grin formed along his features. “I can see why you like her so much. She’s very feisty and puts up a good fight. I do love a woman who knows how to put up a good fight, because sooner or later, no matter how much they fight I always end up the winner and taming the bitch. As much as I would love to keep chatting with you, your partner and I, we have a hot date to get to.” Webber says before reaching over and taking a picture of Scully passed out in the back seat, and sending it to Mulder’s phone in a text message. “A little going away present for you. Something for you to remember her by. I do hope you like it.” And, having said what he did, he lets the phone drop to the ground, which he destroys by stomping on it as hard as he could causing it to shatter into many-many pieces, before having turned around when hearing a voice behind him. “Is everything okay?” The man had asked, causing Webber to smile. “Actually, no; everything is not okay. My wife, back there...she is hurt…” Webber says, and before the man can say anything else to him, Webber just pulls out his gun and shoots the man point blank in the head, watching as the man fell dead to the ground, shaking his head afterward as he placed the gun back into his pocket and drove away with Scully once again a few moments later after getting inside of the new car he was currently driving.


Having reached headquarters within a few minutes, Renee was the first one to rush inside, making her way over to Annabelle, Head Director Agent Skinner, Mulder, Emily Prentiss, and Derek Morgan as she was completely frantic. “What the hell is going on, Fox?” She addressed Mulder by his first name only to see Skinner shake his head, motioning for her to be quiet as she looked to the phone that Mulder was holding in his hand, which was pressed to the speaker button as she heard everything that Webber had said to Mulder, ‘Your dead, bitch’ She heard the older man say, only to hear Scully gasp and what sounded like her hitting something hard, causing Renee to glare. “You son of a bitch…,” She hissed into the phone, only to hear what Webber had said last, about ‘taming the bitch’ before the phone line clicked, and went dead. “Who the hell was that? Who took Dana? What is going on?” Renee called out, question after question as she looked between Skinner and Mulder, both; but, mainly focusing her attention on Mulder. “Who the hell is this guy?” She asked once more. “His name is Eugene Webber.” Skinner spoke up before Mulder could, looking to Mulder, giving a nod, before looking back to Renee and Jack. “He used to be an FBI field agent, one of the best.” Skinner began to explain, “Used to be?” Jack mumbled, “We came to find out through agent Mulder that the man was a dirty cop, and not just your average cop; but the lowest of the low, if that makes sense. He was charged with treason, and terrorist acts, later to be sent to prison as the result of Mulder’s investigation, and testimony.” Skinner continued, “So, Mulder was responsible for putting the dirtbag away?” Jack stated, as Skinner nods. “So, what….? He wants some type of payback now? How the hell did he get out to begin with?” Renee says with a bit of growl to her voice as she shoots Mulder an intense look, one which was of course not good, nor very friendly at the moment. “We don’t know yet. Something we are currently working on.” Skinner tells the younger woman only to let out a much needed breath as he rubs his temples, before clearing his throat. “There is something else that you should know, Agent Walker?” Skinner says, looking to Mulder, before looking back to Renee. “Webber was accused a year before he was arrested and sent to prison of raping a co-worker and his partner, an agent by the name of Samantha Carter. It was said that she slept her way through the bureau and was also diagnosed with a mental disorder, to which was why when this accusation came to light, they threw the book at her, turned the court in their favor, and Webber got aquitted of the rape charges, while agent Carter was shamed and sent out of state where she was institutionalized and has remained in a state hospital ever since.” Skinner tells her, causing Renee’s heart to start racing inside her chest at nothing but pure worry for her older sister. “I...I don’t understand, what would he want with Dana if Mulder is the one who put him away…?” She asks, not really thinking straight at the moment, causing Jack to swallow hard as he places his hand in Renee’s. “Why do you think, Renee?” He gently speaks, “Mulder is the one who put him away as you just said. He wants to make Mulder pay for the crimes he thinks Mulder committed against him. What better way to do this than by going after the one person that Mulder is the closest to…,” And, Jack having said what he did, causes Renee’s heart to drop in her chest, down into her stomach, or so that is what it felt like as she shakes her head. ‘Scully…,” Renee mumbles, before looking back to Mulder with a glare, and what could be described as a stone cold look. “You…, you did this…” Renee blurted out the words before she even knew what she was saying, not meaning them, just doing so in the heat of the moment. “You better pray right now, and hope that we find her, before he can...before something happens to her, or so help me, god; I swear…” And, before Renee can finish her sentence, Jack squeezes her hand. “Renee, stop;” He says gently, only for Renee to jerk out of his grasp. “This….her being gone, being taken, it’s on you…” Renee tells the older man, having said what she did straight out, flat out to Mulder, before turning around and storming past everyone, headed for the door. Not knowing where she was going just yet, all she knew was she had to get the hell out of there at the moment, as this caused Jack to sigh. Renee, come back…,” He yelled out, “She doesn’t even know where the hell she is going?” Jack scowled, before looking to Mulder; however, not saying anything to the other man just yet as he looked to Skinner first. “Please tell me you have come up with something? Somewhere that he could be, would take her to…, just tell me you got something.” Jack stated, only to fall silent a few moments later, only to look at Mulder, once more. “What about you? You knew him best I take it? Do you have any idea on where he would take, Dana?” Jack asks the other man, his eyes never leaving Mulder’s as he did so.

Through, The Looking Glass;

Aug 3rd 2020 - 10:06 PM

“Dana, come back down to earth and join the rest of us.” The young redhead heard her sister, Renee Walker, state as Danielle ‘Dana’ Katherine Scully was lost deep in thought. Only to be broken out of her thoughts by this small gesture, with her sister’s hand to her shoulder, causing the other woman to turn her head around to face Renee, giving the younger woman her full attention. “What?” Dana asked, “Where are you? You are a million miles away?” Renee said, only to smirk as she raised a brow. “Sorry, I was just...I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.” Was all Dana had said as she let out a sigh. “Something, or someone...,?" Renee mused as she nudged her older sister playfully and nodded towards the dark-haired man standing at his desk, fellow FBI Agent, Fox Mulder, and Dana having seen, and heard this, sighs as she shakes her head. “Don’t start.” Dana mumbled a bit annoyed. Thinking about that job offer in California, huh?” Renee replied, causing Dana to smile somewhat. “Yeah, that too.” Dana tells her as her mind had been on both the job offer she had received and also on her partner, Mulder, particularly to a time of a few nights ago before she had received said job offer, of how she had drove up to the baseball park, only to get out of her car and see Mulder striking a couple balls with the bat, which swung a couple times back and forth before having laid eyes on her. He had asked her if she ever swung a bat before, and she told him that she hadn’t, which of course had been a lie; but, who was she to spoil his fun and he seemed to be in the mood for a little show and tell so to speak so why not and indulge him, right? Or, at least that is what she told herself as she walked over to where he was, and let him guide her with both arms around her, showing her how to hold the bat just right, and how to successfully play baseball as he was calling it, causing her to laugh, as the both of them shared a moment, which had been more than just a few lately. The two were growing closer and closer everyday and everyone seemed to be noticing it, but them; or, well, more like acknowledging the undisclosed feelings between the two so to speak that were obviously there between them. However, Dana was old school, and she was not about to be the first one to make a move, the move, or whatever you wanted to call it. She would, no pun intended, leave the ball in his court, for that one. 


Taking a strand of hair and tucking it behind her ear, Dana just smiled at her sister, as she shrugged. “Have you told him yet?” Renee asked, “About the job offer?” Dana answered. “Yeah, the job, Dana? What else would I be talking about?” She said and asked with a chuckle. “No, I haven’t told him yet. I’m actually thinking about how I am going to do it.” Dana stated, “Come on, sis; it’s not that hard.” Renee retorted, “Maybe not for you.” Dana spat back with a roll of her eyes. “Ouch. someone is moody.” Renee chimed in, “Sorry.” The other woman stated, only for Dana to chuckle as a result. “Are you going to take the job?” She heard Renee ask, “I don’t know. Still haven’t really processed it, I guess. It’s a great opportunity for me to run my own Bureau division and to teach some of the most up and coming promising young agents.” Dana remarked, before clearing her throat. “I just.., it’s just…” And Before Dana could finish her words, Renee had spoken up instead. “What would you do if he told you he didn’t want you to take the job? Would you stay? For him?” Renee asks, causing Scully to blush as she smiled. “What are you trying to say?”  The worlds came out in almost a mumble to her. “You know damn well what I am trying to say?” Renee retorts, “He loves you, and you love him.” Renee says flat out, “Of course we do, we’re partners” Dana was quick to say, causing Renee this time to roll her eyes. “One thing you two have in common is plausible deniability! Especially when it comes to how you feel about the other. Weren’t you the one to tell me to make a go of it with Jack, before he and I started dating.” Renee had told her, having meant Jack Bauer, whom of which the two had been dating seriously for a little over two years, as Dana shrugged once more. “Can we just talk about something else, okay!” Dana says a bit defensively causing Renee to place both hands up in the air. “Yeah, okay, no problem.” She retorted, only to smile at Jack when the older man had come walking up to her. “Ready to go?” Jack asked, as Renee smiled. “Of course I am, babe.” She responded before leaning over and kissing Dana on the cheek. “Love you sis, and we’ll talk more about all of this later.” Renee tells her, only to lean in close to Scully and whisper in her ear. “You know if you finally went after what you wanted and got laid by your partner over there, you wouldn’t be so damn grumpy.” Renee states, causing Scully’s eyes to grow wide as she shakes her head. “Yeah, whatever; I’ll talk with you later. You guys get home safe.” Scully tells the two of them as she watched as Jack and Renee walked away hand in hand.


After a few minutes, Scully had just stood to her feet, letting out a much needed breath as she made her way over to where Mulder’s desk was at, as she stopped in front of it, crossing both arms over her chest, with a smirk across her face. “Deep in thought?” She asked, only to chuckle when it was apparent that she had startled Mulder, only to smile at him. “There is something I need to tell you…, well something I feel like I need to tell you before I head home for the night.” Scully tells him, clearing her throat once more. “I, uh...a few days ago a man approached me with a job offer in California? He told me that I could run my own division and a lot of other opportunities would be awaiting me were I to accept his offer. I told him to give me a few days to think about it, and well…, it’s been a few days, so uh....what do you think about that? Were I to go to California? Accepting his offer?” Scully says and asks, only to become silent as she awaits Mulder’s reaction, only to be interrupted a few moments later when she looks to see a young woman by the name of Annabelle Fielding walk over, to whom she smiled at. “Hey, Annabelle, just getting here?” She asked, looking back to Mulder afterward. “Actually I’m just going to head out now, never mind. We can talk about what I just told you later on, if you want.” Scully tells him, looking back to Annabelle once again, with that same bright smile. “I’ll leave you two to banter back and forth.” Scully says with a chuckle. “Call me later.” And, Scully having said what she did to Mulder, smiles once last time, before walking away from the desk, and both Annabelle, and Mulder, walking over to her desk and grabbing up a few things including her keys and purse as she made her way over to the door, and walked out, letting it shut behind her. 


Having arrived home about fifteen minutes later, had just opened the door, and gotten into the house, unaware of any hidden threats, as she turned on the lights, and closed the door, locking it, smiling at yellow-orange, cat Mr. Tibbles, of whom she leaned down and rubbed its head, petting him as she smiled. “Hello there, Mr. Tibbles, it’s been a long day? Are you hungry?” She asks the cat only for the cat to meow, causing Scully to laugh. “I take that as a yes.” She tells the feline as she takes off her work jacket, and places it on the coat hanger behind her, only to let out a sigh when having heard her cell phone start ringing; reaching over into the coat pocket and pulling it out to find that it was Mulder who was calling on the other end, causing her to smile as she pressed the talk button, and put it to her ear. “Hello, stranger. Just walked through the door. You have excellent timing. What can I do for you?” Scully says and asks, and after a few moments raised a brow. “Okay, alright. Yeah, sure. Though, what is so important that you suddenly have to tell me that you can't wait until tomorrow morning when I see you, or more importantly after I’ve had a good hot bath, trying to relax. Whatever it is, you could have told me before I left. You know what, on second thought, you could always just come on over and tell me what it is in person.” And, before Scully could say anything else, she heard a voice call out to her from behind. “Hello, Agent Scully.” She heard the voice say, causing her to turn around, “ the hell did you get in here? Who are you?” Scully asked, taken by complete surprise as she began to reach over to grab her gun, though before she could do so, the man had raised his own weapon in her direction, of which he smiled at her, as he pulled the trigger, causing Scully to gasp when having been shot in the stomach, along the side of it, causing her to fall to the ground, dropping the phone. 


“I’ve been wanting to meet you for quite some time my dear.” The man tells her, making his way over to where she was laid on the floor, only to grab her phone, which was a few feet across from her, before Scully could grab hold of it, as the man placed the phone to his ear. “Hello, Agent Mulder? A blast from the past you could say! Remember me? I’m sure you will just by my voice alone.” The Man, by the name of Eugene webber, had said, a man who Mulder had put in prison about ten years earlier, a former FBI agent who had been dirty and selling secrets to the enemy as this man vowed to pay Mulder back one day, by killing off everything, and everyone that he ever loved and cared about, and starting with Scully first, seemed like the best way to go about it. “It’s your old buddy and comrade in arms, Webber; I was released on good behavior, can you believe that? Pay the right people a few compliments and play the good little soldier, and you’d be surprised just what it is that you can get away with.” Webber states, as he looks down to Scully who was gasping for breath causing him to smirk in amusement, as he took his hand and tucked a strand of hair behind the younger woman’s ear. “She is beautiful, your Dana Scully. The photos I’ve seen don’t do her justice. The thing is, I’ve just shot your partner, old friend, and the way I’ve shot her, she’ll bleed out slowly, but surely, in the next twenty-four hours, if she is not found. I hope you don’t mind me getting to know the beautiful agent Scully a lot better for the next few hours.” Webber tells him, “Remember how that feisty little agent Samantha Carter accused me of raping her, and no one belived the poor dear because she was labeled as as a paranoid schizophrenic, as well as a pathological liar? I know you do! Well, I want to be the first one to tell you that...everything she said I did to her, was true.” Webber says with a sickening smirk along his face, “You think about that. You think about all the things that I am going to do to her, to the beautiful Dana Scully, down here; that is so much worse than death, with knowing the fact that you won’t be able to stop me, and you won’t be able to save her. So, yes; think about that, and Fox…, may I call you, Fox? Like I said already, I told you I would go after the people and things you cared  the most about, and what better way than to start first with the one person you love more than anything or anyone in this world, the woman we both know, you love?” And, having said what he did last, let out a menacing laugh as he just hung up the phone, looking down at Scully who, taking hold of his gun, strikes her over the head with it, knocking the younger woman out cold, only to pick her up, and put her over his shoulder, as he carried her out the door, placing her in the trunk of her own car, and slamming the trunk lid shut, made his way over to the driver’s side of the car, getting inside of it, shutting the door, only to crank the car, and drive away; the destination, unknown.

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