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02/16/2024 05:32 PM 

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guidelines, pixelettes, gothika's cabinet of curiosities


02/16/2024 02:18 PM 

Rules and About

No underage players or characters*This is a hobby for me. I value role playing but have a life outside roleplaying... I will take prolonged breaks from this site and our roleplay. If this doesn't work you please delete me or block me or whatever you need to do... I priorities over roleplaying. If you choose to play with me I promise I'll put time and effort into making our roleplay a great roleplay to be enjoyed by all parties.I enjoy all the positives that come with writing and creating a story with another participant. I like to write horror stories, pushing the limit and boudaries to what some monstorious humans can do. I will only write with the other participant using a female or female characters. I tired to write with them using male chartacters and I just couldn't get into the roleplays. I am looking for short term or long term roleplayers. The story-lines do tend to get very dark and deep into the horror genre. The bad guy trope suits me and my roleplay interests.I am looking for some daring and open minded roleplayers, if you dare...No God-modding or making your character all powerful.Don't write for my character or write how my character is thinking or feelingSpeak up if you don't like the content or want to change the projection of the roleplay.Nothing underageNothing involving animals


02/16/2024 11:13 PM 

Audition Form

Please fill this out and send it back to us via messages!Ooc Information1: Have you read and understood the rules?:2: What is your online availability?"3: Are you happy to join the discord? Our group storylines will be hosted on site and on discord. Please provide your discord handle so we may add you to the discord server:4: Have you been part of any groups before? Are you currently with any? We do allow multi-rpg members providing all activity is met and it's okay with the other rpg.:5: How many pages are you currently active on?:6: Did anyone refer you from the group? If so, who? Or did you see the banner elsewhere?:7: You agree not to force your character into a relationship with any other character and will abide by the guidelines set?:8: Will you inform us if you need to go on hiatus/drop the role or if you're not able to comply with the activity requirements?:9: You agree to let the admins know either via DM, the server or your private channel within the server should you wish to step down? Failing to do so, may remove your opportunity to reaudition in future.:IC information1: Who is your main Playby?:2: Who are you auditioning for? If OC or AU please give as much info as possible :3: Any AU or changes to your character?:4: Brief biography about your character?:5: If you're not successful with this character, is there any other character's you'd like to try out for?:6: Anything you'd like the mods/owner be aware of with this audition?:7: Please submit an in Character sample of around 500 words, no less!:


02/16/2024 11:09 PM 


Hello and welcome to Sky Fall! We are a Star Wars RPG where any era is welcome! Down below are a few rules that must be followed if you wish to join Sky Fall and stay within the group, they won't be hard rules to follow but they must be followed.  Once you have read the rules please sign your name down below and post a gif of the character you'll be auditioning for.   And as always  May the force be with you all.1. One thing we will not tolerate here is out-of-character drama. If you find that you have an issue with a fellow member, we ask that you leave it at the door. This group is meant to be a safe space, a place for you to come and write. You will receive one warning, and that is it. The next time we find you guilty of causing chaos within the group you will be removed. If you find yourself having an issue with a fellow member, please go to them directly and try to sort it out. Should you fall short, come to a member of the admin team, someone you trust, and we will do our best to assist. You will not be punished for such. Do not let drama and arguments reach outside parties. You are a reflection of this group, and we want everyone to feel welcome.  In-character drama is of course welcome!2. As with any Roleplaying Group activity is important which is why we here at Sky Fall ask that you complete one writing piece a month.  This can be in the form of a reply to a 1x1 storyline between you and another member of the group.  A Starter to another member of the group,  a post in the group storyline, or an in-character drabble based on a word prompt.  Easy enough right? We want to make sure that our members are active while also making sure that they don't feel as if this a job.3. Hiatuses are bound to happen. Should you need a break, for whatever reason, we ask that you inform a member of the staff with a start date and a return day. If you need to be gone longer than a month we may ask you to step down from the role and return to it once you can be around more providing that the role is still available.  Communication is key here at Sky Fall so please be sure to inform a member of the staff if you need a hiatus.4. Members will be allowed to hold up to as many characters as they can handle. However, you must pass your activity check with flying colors before applying for an additional role. We ask that your second role not be directly connected to your first. For example, I'm writing as Anakin Skywalker which means that I cannot write as Obi-Wan Kenobi as my second character.  Also please be aware that all Eras from the Star Wars universe are welcome here at Sky Fall.5. All characters must have the original face claim that has been assigned to them. For example, Hayden Christian is Anakin Skywalker.  Now if you wish to play a character from one of the animated TV series or book series then you may use whatever Playby you wish so long as it is approved by the owners of Sky Fall.6. Please respect your fellow members. We understand that not everyone is going to get along and be best friends, but kindness goes a long way here. Though we can not force you to write with everyone, we do ask that group members be considered a priority. We are here to write after all. We also ask that if you are already in a group as the character you don't audition for our group. 7. Discord will be mandatory seeing as how we will have a group server on Discord where we will post updates, and member links for both pages and group forums—host-watching parties, and other fun activities. If you leave the discord group without reaching out to a member of staff the owners will take that as a sign that you are leaving the group and this will result in your role being reopened.


02/16/2024 10:58 PM 

Potential starter 

Dolly had been created as petite blonde android, who was supposed to serve as a potential assistant to her buyer. She'd be able to perform just about any task a real human girl her size could. She was programmed to feel cold, pain and hunger, yet she didn't need to eat or drink anything to survive. Her personality was adjustable, but set to how a typical teen girl her own age would react, albeit slightly more naive given how her AI was supposed to grow over time and experience. Shipped off wearing just a tiny black top which showed off her toned midriff, along with a set of booty shorts that clung close to her shapley rear, she now rested lifelessly in a crate, having a controller on top of her to turn her on. Would she prove to be fully functional, or were there still some issues which needed to be ironed out? Only time would tell. Time, and intensive testing.  

Corey Phoenix🔥

02/15/2024 10:42 PM 

Origin of the Phoenix

There have been many tales about Phoenix through the many ages of the Earth. Some are rumors. Some are truth. But the true story behind the creature is simply this, the Titan named Prometheus is responsible for the creation of the Phoenix. He was not born from the sun. Not even burst out of a volcano in Tartarus. Those tales were myths. It was the Titan himself who gave life to the Phoenix. Prometheus is not truly known as a god of fire like Hephaestus, but he is associated with fire. He was known for bringing fire to mankind. Meanwhile, Prometheus asked Hephaestus if he could assist him in creating a fire bird. Prometheus would call the bird a Phoenix. They used the fire of the gods. Then together they forged an egg of fire, when it hatched, the Phoenix bird of flames was born. Since his creation he bursts into a flame and becomes a pile of ashes, this occurs once every five-hundred years. The Phoenix is eons old making him one of the oldest of creatures. Born from the ashes of itself to live again is something he is known for. The Titan was pleased with the success and thanked Hephaestus for his assistance. Prometheus named his Phoenix, Crimson, but later he became known as Ignis Inferno, because of the devastation he had left in his wake was like a fiery inferno across the land. Through the centuries Crimson had become stronger than he was before, his powers changing and becoming more advanced. He is one of the strongest of magical creatures next to the unicorns, dragons and the Pegasus. While there are several creatures who mate and multiply, the Phoenix does not. He dies and lives again making him a singular creature. The Phoenix has become a symbol of strength, rebirth and renewal in todays modern world.The Phoenix is forbidden to reproduce offspring like various other creatures do. Prometheus felt it wise not to allow the creature to have offspring, wise with the reality that the Phoenix was to be the only one of his kind. This may have been cruel of the Titan. There are some creatures there should never be multiples of. Crimson was made from Prometheus and the fire god Hephaestus. It was a joint creation on their part. Hephaestus asked Prometheus why he refused to create another Phoenix, which would be a mate for Crimson. One was enough. The Titan experimented for a moment and created something beautiful, but also destructive. Unleashing a deadly force upon the Earth. Crimson was untamed and out of control when when he was fully grown. Prometheus tried to make his creation obedient to him but the fiery spirit of Crimson was too great. Tales suggest Prometheus went to Zeus to speak of his Phoenix. They weren't on the best speaking terms even after his punishment was over, and yet Zeus still ordered some of the other gods to tame this Phoenix. At the vary least get the fiery creature to behave and obey the commands of the gods. Even the god of light, Apollo, tried his hardest to tame the creature. In the end, Crimson was left alone, however, he had learned that he had to became gentle, gentle like a calm flame, not act out as a raging fire as much as he pleased. The devastation this creature left behind was catastrophic. Most of the Earth was blackened having been scorched to ash and dust. Gaia renewed the Earth causing rain to fall and so new lush forests grew far and wide. And the Phoenix went into a cave to wait it out. With his power, Prometheus decided to invoke a human form to Crimson, so that he may walk the Earth amongst mankind once the Earth was restored. He was to remain singular. That was the deal set between them. However. Crimson started to develop more human like emotions and soon found himself wanting a connection with a living being, mortal or otherwise.(This blog is a work in progress!)

Cheyenne Rhodes

02/15/2024 09:19 PM 

Owes List -Feb 12 to feb 18

Starters:Replies:Discussions: Ryler, Priscilla, Hunter.

Lʏɪɴɢ Aɢᴀɪɴ

02/15/2024 09:11 PM 

ribbons, flowers, and bows.

TW: child abuse, neglect, child sexual abuse,victim-blaming, self-loathing Author's Note:This drabble does feature vague mentionsof CSA, and the effects being interanlized for bythe victim. Please read with caution.  There she stood, along a line of other boys and girls, beneath the roof of their school that protected them from the rain. Between them all, she was the one to continuously tug at her skirt, in he hopes of making it long enough to feel comfortable in. She was the one with big, black stains all over the socks she was made to wear. All the other girls had ribbons, flowers, bows in clean hair, tying them up into feminine styles deemed appropriate for girls their age. And the boys…they got to cover up. They got to relax in their slacks, button-downs, and jackets if it was cold enough. They never had to worry…Not about eyes of older men that followed them when they passed by…Not like she did…Each time someone approached – one of the parents – she couldn’t fight the way she wanted to disappear. Mothers might stare at her unwashed hair and her stained uniform with rips and tears at the edges of her sleeves. Fathers might allow their eyes to wander. That was in their nature, wasn’t it…? It was inherent. As the line shifted, and kids were picked up, one by one, she was running out of places to hide…but she had to stand there regardless and pretend.Pretend that someone would eventually come for her, and she wouldn’t need to walk home in the rain.Pretend someone cared enough to make sure she ate when she did get home.Pretend someone cared enough to help her with her schoolwork.Pretend someone cared enough to put ribbons in her hair, even if she’d feel more comfortable without them. If she didn’t pretend, she’d have to answer questions. And if she had to answer questions, then everyone would know…She was truly unclean – repulsive – with every ounce of her innocence destroyed night after night. She didn’t deserve clothes cleaner than she was. She didn’t deserve to have her hair washed. She couldn’t be like the other girls, that adored their pretty dresses and bows. She couldn’t be like the boys, either…they were so comfortable. She was…alone.She always would be.


02/15/2024 07:36 PM 


#⭐️YoungGunsRp#⭐️like if you wanna rp :)#⭐️Cowboy#⭐️CrossoversWelcome :)#⭐️Writers Tag: #BookNerdandmagic#⭐️YoungGunsoc#⭐️Faceclaim : Sam Reid"I've saved you many times and I would do it again ."

𝑹̶𝑶̶𝑶̶𝑺̶𝑻̶𝑬̶𝑹̶ (h)

02/15/2024 04:07 PM 


"I was blown up and shot at a few times."This was the mission that nearly took my life.Sure, I can tell people about my experience in as much detail as I can muster, but it doesn't compare to the actual feeling of what I went through...Blown off a cliff by a f***ing rocket launcher and peppered with shrapnel as your body is thrown around like a goddamned ragdoll. You don't stop moving until something stops you: a boulder, a tree, or a blind drop onto more rocks. I got lucky.A tree stopped me, though I damn near broke my back had it not been for the vest I wore. Some of my guys weren't as lucky. I distinctly remember seeing Parker's brains spilled out onto a limestone slab.I can no longer eat lasagna.We were chased like f***ing rabbits; flushed out of hiding and shot at more. A sniper took out two more of my guys and got me in my leg. Had to dig that sh*t out with my knife - God, the pain,the f u c k i n g pain!It's unbearable, but I kept going. I had to reach the summit and call for help.I had to try, even if it killed me.It almost did.  (c) made by creativian

General Johann Schmidt/Red Skull

02/15/2024 02:36 PM 

The Return of Hydra

After losing the most promising subject, Johann is back at square one and now looking for a much more promising subject that he can have full control of for life and where he can use them to rebuild Hydra once again

Corey Phoenix🔥

02/15/2024 01:23 PM 

Fiery Details (under co)

True Identity~Name: CrimsonNickname(s): Ignis, Ignis Inferno, Fire BirdAge: UnknownDOB: Eons agoStone: Ruby, DiamondElement: FireRace: Fire BirdSex: MaleOrientation: UnknownJob: No job description but he is a bringer of firePower(s): Immortality, Grow in size, Fire balls, Flame blasts, Smoke clouds, Ashes, Transformation, Rebirth, Immune to Illness, Healing tears, Quick healing ability, Superior senses, Strength enough to carry 100 times its weight, Super speedWeakness(s) Water can greatly weaken him. Iron can trap/hold him temperarily. Appearance: Fiery luxurious appeal, Natural blue eyes, eyes change color to red to golden yellow , Eagle formed with red/crimson feathers, Tail-feathers long in length, Orange-yellow beak like an Eagle, Talons like an Eagle, 38 inches while standing, Long wingspan is 8 feet. Weighs approximately 12 lbs. Flames cover his feathered body any times it wants. Alias Identity~Name: Cornelius PhoenixName Used: Corey PhoenixNickname(s): CoreyAge: 28 yrsPOB: Phoenix, ArizonaDOB: April 8th, 1996Sign: ♈️ AriesBirthStone: DiamondElement: FireRace: he is a Human disguiseSex: MaleOrientation: DemisexualJob: FirefighterAbility(s): Pyrokinesis, Effectively puts out fires, Swift speed, Immune to fire/heat, Inhuman strength, Can use his Phoenix wings at any time, Superior senses Fear(s): Water, can't swimAppearance: Blue eyes, Golden brown hair, Has a lean/fit body, Lite tan skin tone, Attractive appeal, White/Caucasian male. No Tattoos. Approximately 5'11' in height and weighs approximately 170lbs.Interest(s): Exploring caves, Rock climbing, Camping, Reading, Photography 


02/15/2024 06:38 PM 

Owes List.

I owe you:1. Lacey ( starter )2.3.You owe me: 1.2.3.Updated on 2/15/24

Legends of Lore

02/14/2024 11:20 PM 

Taken Information

Character Name, Face Claim, ClanFreya Allarie.- Brenda Marques - FaeDarius Killian Thorne - Michele Morrone - Draconian/WarlockAlaric Ulfvaldr - Alex Høgh Andersen - Werewolf 


02/14/2024 10:59 PM 


Got to go for now i will be back on tomorrow night sometime goodnight for now.///

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