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KJ Wesker

01/19/2021 11:42 PM 

Bethany Wesker (Open)

Bethany Aka Beth Wesker At one time had been a human girl. Who came signed up to join one of Umbrellas beauty cosmic makeovers. They had moulded Bethany to resemble one of her favourite stars. That she had always watched on the telly. After the T Virus outbreak. She had been chosen for the Wesker Compound virus interjections. Due to how well she had adapted to previous cosmic skin virus Also known as the B Virus. Used to remould her looks. Over the years she and KJ have had on and off again romances. But Beth always tends to find her mind wondering on what else. This newly formed world has in store for her. She often spends her time trotting around the globe. Seeking out what few attractive males remain alive. Always hoping the next one will in fact be Mr Right. 

KJ Wesker

01/19/2021 11:32 PM 

Rosa Wesker ( Open)
Current mood:  blah

 Ana de la Reguera( Play by look)Rosa like KJ was created from a select elite group of humans. And she has been with KJ longer than any other Wesker creation. She is one of the few that was able to stand up against Alice, Chris and Claire. And be able to live to tell about it. She also was one who was able to pass all the Red Queens traps and puzzles and give the Weskers access to mainframe again. To take over the remaining organizations spots across the world. Though a part of her has always pondered why she alone. Was never enough to complete KJ's team. She has accepted the fact at least. She has proven in time. She is the one he knows he can always count on. No matter how difficult the tasks before the two may be. 


01/19/2021 11:27 PM 

The Gotham Gazette

       I know, I know don't tell me all your secrets, people like me can read without having to be told.  We have so much information that we talk to each other in the press leaving the codes and necessarily range of mental games to skip those from misunderstanding what we really meant to the public.  Siding a name to the event or person would give a sign for the investigation to move on, we were not reporters making copy of what was said, we are the scientist of the civilisation, investigational journalist and on the spot light some of us worked as free thinkers, independently.   I for example would do anything for my freedom, every single choice is surrounded by it. Long ago was offered to run the NewsPaper of The Gotham Globe ( the right ), the  Gotham Gazette asked me to represent them with a higher amount of money.   But I have my followers in TV shows and its too late for me to belong to any of them, got friends all over the city and I'm a free mind, a lover to my partners in crime, following and steeping ahead betting for politicians. Some times in a winter afternoon would appear around a crime scene with a coffee and cigarettes in my hand, we have this extraordinary meetings, the same faces, over and over again, decade after decade, doing the same old game in the same streets and avenues.       What can I do, when I'm asked questions about love. Pioneering costs me my life more than one time, with time learned to keep boundaries, put my self first. Everyone benefits from the many hours of deep thinking from an artist of the word.   Maybe, I only pay the mortgage and have a burden to pay with this expensive apartment in Gotham, run like a rat as everyone in this city to pay my debt, suffer as a battered woman who can't leave paying how much I love it and it's worthy, in every book I place, to how much it makes me suffer. I still find my apartment so beautiful. Its a an art deco with some classic empty spaces, so I walk from side to side, many times talking loud to myself. That measure of pain is key so I instigate with the problems of the cities, criticising and side at the same time the phobias who are predominant. The ones who make me yours from all the civilians to write about.        If to name a few to embrace the words, is never a bad idea, the most established can be afraid for a plague of hight alarm, unless you start to distinguish the prose and the icons.   Let me tell you before staring a story, journalist get the pay for blackmailing those, we never talk about money, we talk about the amount of 'values' remember always 'values' in our gazette, you never write what you say, you tell them in words face to face with the tone of a gossip, for no one knows, not yet, that you never wrote in your letters to them what you are saying. Remind them the 'values' it would cost to the City, the 'value' they must consider to patch the damages what is relevant to the story, numbers are values. Never mention the people, the all say is for the people but no one cares about the people. If you ask any criminal or 'good person' if they volunteer when they talk about 'the people', you know the unswear. Trust in me, is a whole amount of money, hours from hundreds and thousands of workers in the Gotham City Police Department officials, Lawyers, Judges, the Correction department and years in jail, the loss of your company's image, the monetary relations who will cut you off. You draw all this so called 'values' with solutions.    Not only as a modest payment when you mention 500Million to the cost to an international as to be looking for the bodies they buried once they got the clues together, even if the bodies not found, the question will be tattooed forever, were are the bodies? to be imprinted, we always come to help. In many cases, false publicity, false agreements.   What can we do?   "To print it in the press would be a dishonour" Is our always slogan followed with a hand in the chest to rescue them from that in "between the lines" they know to be threatened from is part, they cheat the law till some one blows the whistle, unless they place their offers at closed doors in the table. You have no idea how many times they call me. I'm never desperate about money. "Don't talk in circles with me, I never asked for suppositions" Its then when they see, what you said will go. "I want an agreement and 2M" The hook was the 500M they will have to invest in the agreement to change the agenda into green, before Nov 2021. A small fraction, because all this workers don't really know how much they make. They make 500 Billions, if you read before you think and think before you speak, problems equal solutions.   We know the timing, how long it takes to do the next move, its methodical, always the same, they  never listen at first till they are on the edge. This is why they thieve from the forest, from animals and from the poor people, from the City too, farmers, they don't care about their employees unless they are called to court, or if the ones who entrusted their lives to work for them are living in the streets. And not because they lack pay or insight. Why would they think in giving value to your words, it's only when the reality gets too real that they give it up on you, you have the law enforcement, lawyers and tribunals and the Supreme Court, by the time they payed me, they are already banned in two countries from exporting today to support the environment and locals, and it follows if they don't change immediately. They see it as investment, a prevention to stop the falling pieces of my domino, a fix. They burned it, they need much time to recover from the burn.     Its in your blood, you were born from Patriarchs, from Patience, handling patrimonies and documents, some of us ended in the Holocaust or in the London Tower jailed for not paying debts, or running from the Communist in Russia, The Roman Empire, we come from abandoning our mansions or humble arrangements on some timeline our ancestors had to run out the pyramids, the antisocial movements will always hate us sooner or later calling for change. In general the average people hate intelligent people.    We are changing the rules of the games now. Everyone is going to be regulated so it won't happen again. If you don't follow the vaccine or the rules, you will be known till fourth generations, from today on. We deserve a brake from anti-socials, unstabilisers.    We not always have a fairy tale in the history of ours. The Government entrusted you this missions, the Government never pays you, but they give you a go, and you report them the true without interests in between. They give you powers and letters, who will pay the efforts for the love of the law and order, the conquer, turning words into gold for the city. A City that is always changing.  We never work for a salary in the Government but side them and end up giving them all the information so they make new rules and policies, so they stop them from corruption with the changes, but let them free from court cases to adjust better. Why? Because people like me, said so. This is why I'm payed.   What can I do?  We have the luxury to think, to handle our ideas in other's mouth in the Congress, to pay this huge debt to the bank monthly, if possibly yearly, cut a decade of payments, this is why I love this space so much, my beloved apartment. Is more than a freelance job, is a depression between the pages, an agitation to turn the page, an obsession with the same chapter, a fixation with some celebrities and notorious characters.  What is it to Waylon Victor Jones the Killer Croc. I don't find a grumpy alligator shouting in the media, but you get to know him, they come from any side, even if you are not looking for that channel inside the theory of everything. It becomes part of you, part of the City. A commentary column about renown people, with or against, let it sing in.  The sample of a Journalist can make a hit worldwide, no one knows our name, is not that kind of fame we are after as to leave a mark, the average think we make money from the news paper, now tell me what type of interview will pay my Bank, is not that I'm every month in the channels. You have to figure it out, along your list of contacts, do your research too, who is the person in charge. Some times they come to you for other reasons.     To prise a lover as my home, madly in love, every time I return and see the old dark oak layering parallel and oblique shades by the velvet curtains, its details, the constancy, its loyal to me. Its always there were I left him, with all the memories of my lovers and friends, the after parties from intellectuals and some freaks who inspire us to stop thinking and elevate the accessible and reachable booming of life's experience. This very walls who hold me and can contain me, define me. I belong to my home, in this state of peace and heavenly perfection where the agony turns into red wine and bitter coffee.    If to write for the freaks of Gotham, out the salt of the city, call them as you may, if you find them in the atrium, or from a larger trial, they show must go on and don't they make money with this court cases. Not all make it.    What can I do?    Is incredible! If they had self criticism or had the good luck of having a person with it next to them, they would follow my compassionate script.   Activating a positive memory whose distressed from the aggravation they have been noted to be doing, you never blackmail someone who is innocent. Everyone blackmails each other at work, so the work works, is an habit of Gotham.    You have snap the air out of them until it gets to their brain, you reveal them their escape, their path of redemption. A validating experience to their values, was thought from an early age as a child to fight for rights, to be the voice of the people. But no never mention the people. The sad news you will never read in the press is that our human values are dying with the environment, the true heroes are in the front line I'm in love with each and everyone of them. Its exiting to hear them talk from what you wrote, from what you once stopped to tell in fragrantly mouth to mouth. Give them the power to believe, they have the power to do it, to re-set.   Is not funny, I'm a very boring person most of the day, one who never stops the critic and on top, place what's most important as a venue to solve from all this chaos.  Then I go out as show man/woman making people laugh, no one could imagine when I tell them that I hate people, but they all agree with me when I remark that we are force to be nice, so we laugh. We laugh to how well we are doing by not killing each other in this pandemic. Everyone agrees that we are in heaven. We all came from corners of the world, we all agree in it. We are the world leaving together in peace, with a mild funky crime that's kind of funny for the industry.   An intervention has to be made, those in Government can loose their position is very dangerous unless a higher source has dicta-men 'the' order, or has been notified, but who will bring the evidence if they are following orders for so many cases already. People like me, work on the side to help them, to make their work better. To be admired, it's not easy to hold many years in power without a back stabber who wants your place. They have to be polite, is justified. That Communist Countries would hate us, is their lack of creativity to have a free country of free people and free thinkers, free lovers. Free will. One day they will thank the colonies.   What can we do?    Therapy can be more powerful if there was more people like us, we direct you to your trauma, and tell you how much it will cost you if you follow this path and how much you would loosen if you don't give it up to make a better world out of your work. Call it extortion if you may. What can I do?  Its not easy talking to white collar psychopath who could care less about the environment or workers, the people who run business. 30% in the company are agreeable psychopaths making their way up. I made a few lines who sold the idea.   The Pinguin is nothing but another, but the night needs him, if to measure it, let him, one with the other, and the other back, noticed the difference when he goes on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, there is nothing to report its too much of the privacy and pleasures of his, as to damage anyones reputation. I'm not against pleasure. Or power.     What can I do?  I don't run the yellow press, we guard the City with an open view. Let me tell you. This writings were never for money or sex, it all started for the love of it, then you end as prostitude doing for money as you get older, love gets jaded. You are still devoted to your set of rules and toaster in the house as an old lady dress in man pants.   There is more to me returning home, everything that has been written will be buried in the collections of history, in the collective, not just as another book in the shelf. Some will repeat what you said, without even knowing your name, some would. One day, as my thoughts recollect.    I'd like to be remembered as a supporter of literature, of great thinkers so they never stop in the future, at any art and script, sculpting society. To be remembered around those who had a level of dictionary. Proud to have collaborated. It enables you to learn in a love affair towards society, what makes people the way they are, looking down into the people, the species, the evolution, how we used to be and what changed us. Sometimes melancholic, because you will never be in the 80's or 90's again, going from Jazz Club to 54 Studio, this is the obscure gathering without problems.  Bruce Wayne, his parents murdered. It went in the front pages of all the papers, it was too sad for me to write about this kid. Some sociopaths have so much hatred towards those who have anything they don't, they truly think that good and bad doesen't exist, that they are above it all.  Typical stereotype, tricky. It makes me sad to so many woman who are knocked by the abuse of this seducers, and what woman know, if there is true love. Who knows in this society about love, it would take two fools to recognise this city is not made for them, they won't fit anywhere they go, as far as they could go, they would never make it as they would ambition.   One because is too stupid and the other because is too ambitious having no clue in how to be presentable. Sociopaths can only relate with sociopaths, but psychopaths the don't care to be insulted. Narcissist care in being insulted. Tailoring the content of whom they pretend to be and deep inside is all a lie, a lie they tend to believe is not.   But psychopaths know what they are doing, some times and don't take me wrong but I have more sympathy towards them because at least they are doing something. Its peculiar to target people in a box, but is the pattern.  I'm more of a Machiavellian, as dancers follow the choreography and the lights get turn on, and trust me that I've ignited many shows, the older I get the more get written from the songs behind the script, you see people are too busy to think. They don't care, they are after the limelight. My patience is priceless, my pain waits to see the losers come out from society, let creation exist above all things, let peace another chance. Forgive non, let it be known. Forgive from the distance, in your home. Where you belong.   What can I do?    I read all sort of things, even if i'm not a communist and hate those communist and read the fascist too, fascinating to what they are capable to do, any extremist from a White Swan Wife book to a 1810 cooking journal, but it's funny how the wave moves and interlaces, how the words in the polarities have a critical issue to address in this world, who is always split into two grater parties.  Black and White, man and woman, faster and slower, much regulations more freedoms, plus and less, bio-tech and naturalism, existentialism and capitalism, the burning wage of the amazons and our local farmers, meat eaters and laboratory protein, cloning going mainstream vs lets have sex baby, the tech that let us see further into the past, virtual reality therapy vs. the lack of love.  What can I do?   This words go my fellow americans across the river from Gotham City. You will stand together again, this only a wind, an awakening wind of whom we are.   It saddens me to say goodbye to Mister President, for a few moments it seems his words come out of my mouth when speak to people, with the same sound and speed, he has become a part of me. Could still feel how much he loves America in his hyper-arousal success, and he lost the Presidency, what better business after the afterwards mess, would he learn the lesson. Insisting people, what kind of people could you trust when the ones who honoured you gave you the oval office, betraying the laws, however corrupted the laws in your votes, this laws exist, they seem to be.  It's time to go, in the heart of all Americans when I see the Congress what I see is they are following his work, is the work of an entity, an united voice. We do have our extremities to do so, as we relate to the world and rotate on each other, as we look eye to eye and hold our ideals, with or against, and back to it, we tend to get too extremist at times, some one has to stop us, or him or her, if some can, or let it be, passing the bridge from our own horizons, wanting more. After all, we never get satisfied until we have reached the pick. The elder you get, the more you jump from pick to pick, keeping the edge in suspense to return to base. You like to relax at times, know where is the real ground to all this. I was never a fantasy writer. What can I do? After 5 decades, people understood my poetry, I thanks to not have published some of them back in the day. They were inevitable. Purposely for the very love of it, it sound it psychedelic as the times it self, but it was pure science and logic with hints of rhymes. Small, simple, made to explore.  Inside my world in my apartment, where there are a lot of rickety outdoor ladders and I'm to be found walking up and down, smoking the warm memory of the last readings from an old lover. Feelings get extra avoidance to re-experience, as the flashbacks PTSD of a veteran.  Falling apart is not as falling in love, your memory recollects from the distance, you watch the window savouring the intrusive images he or she has put in your mind, they are seducing you to write about them, to follow the tendency of their topic. To make it a Theme, to take it up to be best gigolo of the writing arts, but you don't want to get hurt by it again, you won't give it away for betrayal, you get to choose the direction of your words with cautions, a strong critic has to be pleasurable.  So the spell breaks. We are more friends of information than lovers, kissing each other words in the breakfast table and at night. You dream the pain was never there but we eat on it with thousand stars showing off. And you smile alone in your studio, knowing well you are not the only one doing the same back. It gets envious, the envy of the writer. This is why we write. Is complicated to understand a community of writers becoming so badly attracted, writing to each other, no reader has ever expected this kind of beings exist, but we do. We devour each others pages.  What can we do?     The true story is that, no one loves you, they will give what you gave to another person. Normally if they find you too intelligent, they will never give you anything in return. Unless they honour you because you are not a threat, you are a plus in their agenda to push up. Even if it hurts you, they will do it.    I'm a very old woman, free of needy hormones.   Those days are over, dressing as man helped me to be known as an 'non sexually available' I'm here to do the work. They still try to imagine me naked, some times I give them the illusion for 4 seconds and make a pose revealing their minds back to the text, lets swim with the endorphins for some more information, what male would get married with an intellectual woman unless is a film maker, 'its very relaxing' he would said, 'a musician' too, no one is a rival, but a muse.  I'm no competence after all, but I'm too hurt to do it again by a male's pen, is not as it seems in the music and film industry, woman are dangerous, we woman are yet not being placed where we need to be. Let us be, please, more seats are being held by round derrières wishing to do the work. What can we do? If we were build with circumferences who give milk and birth. How much beauty a woman can have to have her intellect destroyed and humiliated over and over again, but I always knew there are good people on this earth. Was raised for them.  What can I do?   Had to play the game. Many think I'm a lesbian, I let them think I'm bi or nothing at all. The importance is that you let them imagine, let them say what they need to pick in their curiosity. I joke about sexuality, then say is a lie its probably that you have to be there to know, don't you? Isen't sex about that? Have some privacy. What can I do?   Its the hideaway from the crap of the sexes to be myself, no one will hurt me, no one will use my heart to take advantage. The inevitable truth in Gotham City is that if you don't have any money to care for, no one will love you, no one loves anyone unless they are dreaming, is only a need.  Then you stabilise with efficacy, and there is no shortage to choose from. Your friends are your real true friends and connections to do things with. What matters, what intellectual idea makes us high into an artistic orgasm, and as I have said many times, we are not many but we know each other crystal see through. There is nothing to betray because we are rich enough to know what we are doing. No one in our circle gets betrayed. I'm sorry.  What can I do?   You never let a friend be betrayed, a good friend would never aloud that to happen, if you know well, the fans from Gotham City will bring them down before they knock in your door. Your friend won't know Fran wrote about it, or told some one that.   𝕲𝖔𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖒 π•²π–†π–Ÿπ–Šπ–™π–™π–Šπ–‡π–ž π•±π–—𝖆𝖓 π•·π–Šπ–‡π–”π–œπ–Žπ–™π–Ÿ     This post is dedicated to my father, he would shout very proudly."I'm not a reporter, I'm an investigational journalist of politics! You never mess with a writer!"  The real Fran is Lesbian and love her, I just play her sexuality unknown or no ones business.       

Prince Of Devils Asmodeus

01/19/2021 07:38 PM 

POD Heather Dreamy

Love first off I am still confused to which Heather you actually are. But it has to be a complete stranger. Though Jack technically was not a stranger to Ethen, Joanna and Alex Jr.  He had still been so to the rest of us lot. And involving him was what lead to our division. The War of the Devils as most like to call it. Ethen became Bitter and the way he was. Due to fact he never knew Melaine had truly loved him. He was lead to think. It was all about causing him to Lose Joanna and Johnny. And he had just been manipulated and the curses cast at that time.  Prevent it from being one us to be able to break it. Or get involved in the two of them from making Amends. It must be completed by a Stranger who does not know any of us. But comes to love us and realize we are in fact worth saving. I hope this explains it, love. 

POD Heather Dreamy

01/19/2021 07:29 PM 

Let the world end
Current mood:  accomplished

Why don't we just stop trying to save it. And just accept the fact both Ethen and Melanie. Are two sociopathic people who only care about themselves. And having a long list of people in love with them. For what it does for them. I mean it's not like any of us are actual immortals. And stand to lose anything if this world does come to end. One would think by now. There would be millions of non-beilivers trying to convert. Nope, not really everyone really is still acting like their Iphones and Tik Tok is all that matters. So I say let's just let the chosen from Liberal rise to unite the world. And just enjoy the 60 years of bliss and 10 years of hell on earth that comes with it.  And just be done with both Ethen and Melanie for good. I still do not even get why we have to find some stranger to give a damn? That is part of all this that makes no sense to me. 

Megan Rosario

01/19/2021 07:25 PM 

I think I am in love

The Immortal Jan 10th 2021 - 7:20 PMApprove Comment  |   Delete Comment  |   Comment Back  |   Send Message  |   Block Member "Did you ever stop to think that if you stopped acting like crazy chick everyone seems to think you are, that they dominoes  might get stacked and fall this time in your favor?"He couldn't quiet get his head around it all. Why people insisted on sabotaging their own life's. Didn't they get it? Life is what you make it, how you shape it. Maybe if she stopped trying to convince her unrequited love that she hadn't done the things she was accused off -- maybe they'd see the truth and not the stalker.//Right, care to work on a story line?

TOBA Lilah

01/19/2021 07:09 PM 

What did you all do now?
Current mood:  annoyed

I am really annoyed I almost had him talked into going to talk the former King in the wastelands. He deleted that part. But he may have gone there and talked to Ben. And got him to come back. So who scared this one off? I know some of you may not realize the world is actually ending. And the only thing that can save it. Is reuniting to scorned lovers. And we are running out time to convince another to get involved. But if the unknown hero does not rise soon. The entire world will end. Not to mention this writer was from Dublin with access to many powerful magical sites. Going back to nearly the beginning of Magic itself.   The ImmortalAdd FriendBlock UserGive Gift ♥ Select Jan 11th 2021 - 12:03 AMThe Meeting// Sorry but i want nothing to do with your group. Not when drama comes knocking on my door because of it.I'm happy to work on a story line with you but as for out!      TOBA Lilah Select Jan 10th 2021 - 2:13 PMThe MeetingWhen she heard he might be willing to go into another reality. To save another the very one he was sought to likely replace. " I truly have no idea if you would even be able to find him. But no less I am sure they will approach you with caution. And not make you suddenly feel overwhelmed as you do here. No less it's like our reality in some ways. And in others, it's not. And it's mainly a lot of werewolves. I know right that business card certainly does sound lame right. I mean who is ever truly helpless unless so by choice.I suppose that would up to you. I guess it just depends if you enjoy group therapy more than one on one. She said with a soft laugh. But If you decided to be King. Doesn't necessarily mean you have to always deal with this issue or that one. You can elect a council to do so. If you deemed that a fit alternative over it being yourself. The only thing that would change from how it is now. Is it would truly all become the way you desired it to be. Since the crown and power would in fact be yours. Not that am suggesting you do this. But you very well could have those you don't like removed from the court if you chose to do so. Or you could even choose to do nothing with it. And just let them all run about as they do now. Once all the ceremonial parts of it are complete. Your life will likely not be too different than it is now. Just a lot more leaving you comments. Which they may still do so no matter the choice you make.You know I am too sure if how wise they think you are. Is why they chose you. I think it has something to do more with this poetic way they see some his traits in you. The last King I mean. You have a short fuse as he did. But yet curiosity like he had too. To always lead him to desire to expand his horizons. No matter how content he may in fact be. With what little he already has. But you and I could perhaps spend days on end. Each trying to discover the root cause. That lead to their action. All that matters now is if you see in yourself. What they now seem to see in you.She would quite pleased to sale her African pieces. She had inherited most of them. And at times they only seemed to remind her of life that once was. That now is no more.       The ImmortalAdd FriendBlock UserGive Gift ♥ Select Jan 10th 2021 - 5:24 AMThe MeetingOne should definitely not assume a thing, Eben thought. A few days ago he was happy in his own world with a tight knit group of friends and allies and now he was thrust into utter chaos as all manner of creatures were crawling out of the wood work all looking for guidance of some sort or another.Overwhelming didn't cover it. It was hard to know where to start with these people. Help one at a time who seemed to have problems as individuals or address them all as a group?Plus he still wasn't convinced he'd be the right man for the job or if he even wanted it in the first place. It seemed like a whole lot of work for very little reward.Nonetheless Eben listened intently to the lawyer, who out of everyone so far seemed to have a firm grasp on reality."I've seen some of your many group around but haven't had any dealing with them nor was i curious to find out more about them if the truth be told. I started to get connected [adds] from members and well -- here i am, still none the wiser as to who initially thought contacting me would be a good idea"A heavy huff of frustration escaped his parted lips, dark eyes firmly fixed on hers. His brow raised when she mentioned the wooden African pieces he might be interested in, he'd have to check those out at some point.Again this obsession with time and it running out for them. He weighed some pros and cons quickly in his head. Having a group under his command that he could use as and when needed, was definitely up there. Having a group also meant taking care of said bunch and he wasn't sure he had the time or patience for that. Eben didn't mind the company but he preferred being alone and only having to worry about himself."We help the helpless?" He questioned with a laugh."What idiot would use that on a card?"Unlacing her fingers he put his hands firmly on the table pushed up and got to his feet, closing the distance between him and her, then sat on the edge of the table next to her."You're right -- i'm not the hero type and i could care less about a group of people destined to rot in some prison. However -- make it worth my while and i might --- 'might' be willing to save a few souls and bring them back in one piece for you"Still undecided about the whole kingship thing he figured he'd enjoy the ride while it lasted and deliberate on that later.


01/19/2021 01:24 PM 


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We can talk about the fire that brought down the foundation. The anger revived the people. We can talk about how horrifying it was, or we can talk about the years after, living in a desolate dystopian society that seemed the same. Life was normal, we could still post our pretty pictures and go about like everything was the same. Only it wasn't. When justice is gone from the world, it opens up a door for many kinds of monsters, the scariest one being mankind.And mankind can devour you...After escaping the clutches of one foul monster, the leader of the notorious cult, The Odarian Society, The Valkerians find themselves in an odd mountain town in Nevada, surrounded by a massive graveyard. The people are welcoming. The place is quaint. It seems everyone can finally go to sleep without worrying about waking up to another loved one dead. Many secrets were revealed in every chapter. Superhumans were created by a drug called Chaos, another monstrous creation made by the government in order to have sleeper soldiers in the event of war, and the cult members truly believed this drug would make them invincible. The Odarian Society still reigns, but without their leader, how strong are they?... there's something odd about this little town called Invidia.Once upon a time, Invidia was a fake city created by the US government to test a system called 'Infenceable', which was a massive stretch of land protected by an invisible fence all around. The purpose of the wall? To prevent death. No matter what, so long as you were inside the wall, you could not die. You could still sustain injuries and illness and suffer, but you could not die. This allowed more time for medical professionals to potentially save the life in question, but it had many flaws.Invidia was discovered and occupied after the riots, turned into a home for refugees and more, and eventually became a normal looking place to call home. When the missionaries came, they looked at the fence as a miracle. God's work. So it was then turned back on. The Invidians, however, felt like it was a mistake to use, so during the missionaries 6 months ventured out to recruit and find resources, they shut it down and continued their life. When they returned, the leader of the missionaries, Herr Gunter, immediately had it turned back on. Now they are living with immortality once more.They are not complete savages, however.The people knew that there would be certain situations where someone's injuries or illness would be irreversible, so they created another section outside of the fence called The Tomb. Those who could no longer stand their suffering would be taken there by professionals to die. The best part? They could pick their theme. The virtual reality dome turned into any setting they wanted, along with the smell. A beach. A fairytale-like forest. You could die anywhere you wanted, and since it was outside of the fence, you were no longer immune to death. You could no longer escape it.This seemed like a particularly fair compromise at first... however a division was caused between the people and the missionaries when it was decided that those who broke the rules could be executed in the Tomb. Hungry with power, the broken rules were smaller and smaller with Gunter, people punished for simple mistakes, and now the people and the missionaries clash heads. The fence keeps nothing in or out, thus allowing the massive wolf that lives in the forest to stalk the residents as well.It seems, however, that these are not the only secrets living within Invidia.The question is... how long until they're all revealed? So perhaps you have simply forgot what you signed. Navigation affiliate Rules Audition Form NPCs Odarian Society Chaos Groups Riots Secret Ideas Fear Ideas Desired Share Affiliates Content Questions Patient Diaries Helpful Links FAQ Plot Breakdown Muse Main Page Our Writer Spotlight! One Of Us was established on February 14th, 2020, and has blossomed into quite an intricate story.The chapters were molded, one by one, the characters grew and the villains tied the entire story together. While the mass amount of information seems incredibly intimidating, we want you to know that we are far from that. It took me, the owner, about a year to mold this into what I wanted it to be. I tied all of the loose ends, dealt a lot with people trying to steal the uniqueness of the plot, worried that my muse was going to die and the group was going to fail... but came out strong in the end. I'm very happy I stuck it out.If you're skeptical about joining, for any reason whatsoever, please feel free to ask questions. We will always answer them honestly and respectfully, so please do not hold back. Please also remember that you do not have to memorize everything, but it does help to read it whenever you can. The plot is elaborate, but it all meets in the middle to make sense. We do hope that you decide to join our growing family. Dark - Dystopian - Sci-fi Horror - Gore I want to paint it black...


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I have an oc. She is a Grim Reaper. She has long black hair and white skin. Her eys are crimson. She wears black clothing. Anything goes...please cooment if interested. 



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⭐ ➳ 20 ?'s with Queen Stoney.

I always like to treat these as my interview tapes for the future when I become the next real housewife of where ever the hell I will be living ... so here we go. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. The story of my first kiss // : Ugh. I don't much care for this story. It makes me feel like a loser. So like, I didn't have my first kiss until I was 16 and it was at a laser tag place. I had met this boy, Austin, the day before and we instantly hit it off (or as much as any 16 year old could hit it off.) ANYWAY. He invited me to come and laser tag with him and his friends so of course I went. OH! I forgot to mention, at some point in our constant texting I told him I had never been kissed before. He laughed at me - should have known it wouldn't last - and he told me he was going to do it during one of the games. Lights were dimmed and the walls were covered in that florescent paint. Then he just pulled me in and kissed me. He pulled me too hard and I legit smashed my face into his and damn near fell on the floor. Yea, super romantic. Never talked to him again after that.2. The biggest decision I have ever had to make // : If you know anything about me, I make a lot of big decisions that seem so tiny to me. From moving to jobs. But I think the BIGGEST one I have made was going to back to college so I can focus on opening my own business. I never thought that I would really want to amount to much, so this is kind of a big thang for me. 3. Injuries I've had. // : Bruh, I live my life on the fucking edge okay? I have been in multiple skateboard accidents (trying to show off for them skater boys), Jumped off cliffs and belly flopped. I once pierced my tongue by myself and it got so infected and swollen I couldn't talk (think like the dude from the movie Rat Race. THAT WAS ME!) Broken a few bones, fell on my collarbone and broke it. Like, it's a list. 4. How many people I trust and who // : I'm too trustworthy. Until someone gives me a reason not to trust them, I usually do - even if people tell me otherwise. I also don't tell people things that I wouldn't want others to know. Now obviously there are the people I trust the most out of everyone ~ and they know who they are *cough* Brody and River *cough*5. Am I a virgin or not / if no, how old was I when I lost it // : I am not and I was 18 - and boy was he an a**hole. 6. How many relationships have I had // : I have only been in three serious relationships. One between the ages of 18-21 and another between 22-24 and lastly the one I am in now. 7. One trait I would like to have // : I would like to have more self control and not be so impulsive. Could have saved me a lot of trouble over the years. 8. Where I want to travel // : Negril, Jamacai. Weed and beautiful views. Who wouldn't love that ?!  (peep the picture below) Or Amsterdam. That would also be amazing. 9. Plans for the summer // : Really sit down and set some recipes together for the business I want to open. I want to have my own pot bakery (pies, cookies, breads, croissants, a full bakery okay? Not a dispensary bakery.) So yea, that's what I want to be working on. I will be needing some taste testers if there are any volunteers out there. 10. How many countries have I been to? // : I have never actually left the United States. I remember my father always talking about wanting to take us places, but unfortunatly that never happened. Now I don't know if I want to go if I can't go with him. Kind of seems unfair, ya know? 11. The most important people in my life // : River is the most important person in my life by far ( but don't tell her that. ) I just have a really hard way of showing it. Brody is also incredibly important to me. And of course Eden. She is the sweetest bad influence I have met. Honorable mentions to Clay and Wlad and Mads for also being incredible people. Ew. I am so not good at this "nice" thing. 12. My last night out in detail // : I like to do this thing sometimes ... HA! I like to do this thing where I just show up at random events and just act like I am apart of it - some people would call it a "crasher", but I just see it as me trying to make new friends. So I like to get super dressed and fancy and go to venues to see if anything is going on. So this was some random bitches wedding. It was gorgeous. She was a huge fan of game of thrones and she had two iron thrones set at the head table. I gave a small speech and everyone loved it. It was a good night. 13. Something I am looking foreward to. // : Everything. I am always looking foreward to what is ahead of me. I guess a big one is hopefully building back my relationship with my sister. 14. My top 5 most played songs // :      - Drivers License  ~ Olivia Rodrigo     - Aaron's Party ~ Aaron Carter      - Selena ~ Dreaming of you     - Dujour ~ Backdoor Lover     - Matisyahu ~ One Day 15. What I'm wearing now // : Checkered sweatpants and a Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie and my Rick and Morty Slippies. I know, sexy af. 16. The last person I had a meaningful conversation with // : Brody. For sure. 17. The last time I cried and why // : Hmmm. Maybe the other day I cried because I ran out of weed. Or I heard a beautiful song that hit a nerve. Like come on. I cry at everything when no one is around. But most likely it was because I ran out of weed. 18. The sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me // : I had expressed to Brody how important it was for me to travel to New York ( my father always wanted to go there ) and Brody surprised me to a trip there and ... he did something really special for me while we were there. Something I would like to keep it between the two of us. But just know, ya'll, a gem this man. 19. Something I am scared of // : Besides the normal spiders and snakes? I guess I am also scared of being a failure ... Or more continue to be a failure. Scared that my father wouldn't be proud of who I am today. Scared that I will never would or will make him proud. 20. The worst thing I have done whilst being drunk // : HA! I got into a fight with a mannequin at a bar once. Like - legit fought this thing and I WALKED AWAY WITH A BLACK EYE. Took two people to get me offf of this mannequin. She was looking at me weird. Tf did you expect me to do ? But here is a picture of us before the fight. So I have that going for me. 

Niklaus Sadistic

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The Bloodshed in The French Quarter!

It was world war V down in New Orleans a brave coven of witches got together and when the Vampires of New Orleans did not expect it breaking the rules that was placed by Marcel Gerad but these witches were brave enough to take on an whole army of witches they just wanted to fight for their rights to be as normal as daywalkers and as the nightwalkers too they were always shunned for doing magick but now this was their chance to make it big or nothing at all as they charged in full force in the French quarter the fight started rather quickly Witches vs Vampires.It was a beautiful night Nik held a Barbie and knelt down to hope's level she was 7 years old she wanted to play with him so he did what Hope wanted to do and played Dollhouse but as he was playing with her he could hear the chaos in the streets it sounded like a war going on Klaus could also smell the blood that being splattered something big was going down he stood up but not before he kissed his daughter on the forehead and told her to go find her mother which she happily did Klaus stood up and walked onto the deck and looked down seeing the scene down below The Abattoir she sighed gripping the handrails he jumped off the second story and jumped right into the fight he grabbed one witch that was about to use her powers and snapped her neck but once everyone saw Klaus do that it was like the fight had stopped in mid air and both sides backed away knowing he would kill both parties if it didnt end right then. Klaus eyes changed from his light blue color to a bright yellow almost Golden color with veins running down his eyes he huffed in anger. And yelled out " I Want this cleaned up Now " he demanded gesturing at the bloodbath and carnage that was there they immediately got to work instead of fighting Klaus stepped over a body within minutes the French quarter looked like there never been a big battle there and the Mortals were already crowding the streets as tourists because of the historic sites to see. Klaus made his way into Rousseau's sitting at the bar the bartender slapped down a glass knowing what Klaus liked to drink he poured him some scotch and Klaus took a sip relaxing on the seat with a sigh he had no idea what was on the way or who was on their way to New Orleans ..


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I'd like to promote you! I'm hoping to gain a large following here, so I'd love to start promoting people daily as I reach friend goals. First Promo will be at 100 friends As I see this account continuing to go up, I will continue to add more! But I don't want to add anymore goals yet. 


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Moshi Moshi! This will be pretty simple! o1. Do not message me for roleplaying. I simply do not have the time to Roleplay. Between working, life, streaming, I cannot make the commitment anymore. However, feel free to message me for just about anything else. o2. If you want an image. Like and comment on it! It helps let me know that I am fufilling my job and you guys are liking and seeing what you're getting! o3. I do editing! I do very small editing. All of the photos I post will be watermarked and edited, so I have to message you for the original photo. I have no problem editing anything for anyone, but keep in mind I'm not a professional or an expert. I do very small things like hair colour changes, tattoos, makeup. I can't do Gifs. o4. Be nice and respectful! No racism, Sexism, Xenophobia, or anything you can think of! 

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Rules for RP-ing please read.   1. If you want to rp lets start discussing some ideas and go from there.   2. Messages are for rp-ing while Comments will be for Intro's and OOC Banter.   3. I absolutely do not tolerate OOC DRAMA. Start sh*t and you will be blocked.   4. No god-modding my character.   5. Semi-Para Writer.   6. Multi-Li and ONLY SHIPS with chemistry. Don't like, don't add.   7. I do not write Cheating, Incest or Rape type rp's of any kind.   8. No Religious or Political rp's of any kind.

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