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яєғƖєᴄᴛɪηɢ Gᴏᴅᴅᴇss

01/21/2021 08:16 PM 

Rules and Guidelines .

 Rules 1. I write Novella, 1000-3000 words, This means you have to be patient with me as I write at my own pace, attempting to speed up my process and muse will get you blocked. I don't tolerate little people.  2. I live on Pacific Standard time, when I am on honestly is random as I am also writing in the Cyberpunk Verse as Rogue and R (My Table Top Character). I also have other sites I RP on and manage. 3. I don't tolerate people who take roleplay as seriously as one would real life- these people are little people and I hate having to be the bigger person 24/7.4. Bombarding me to reply or discuss plots with you will not make me respond quicker. It will just get you backlash.5. You add, you talk, we discuss, you write the starter and I'll attempt to match your length as it seems people can't handle reading a detailed Roleplay/ character Introduction.  Guidelines 1. No God Modding, you f u c k with a goddess, expect to get it three times fold. 2. I don't do spars/fights with other writers, My Character is OP because she's a goddess, however she doesn't use her powers on mortals as it can kill them and she loves humans too much. 3. Don't get pressed over how my character reacts to yours, she's a cynical and sarcastic boss b i t c h who runs her own company that happens to deal with Halfbreeds and giving them jobs etc. for a decent life. She knows she's above your character, she just doesn't brag about it because what's the point of bragging unless your actually weak.4. If you have an issue with me, talk to me directly, don't be a little person and throw shade via status or talk behind my back, it shows how pathetically small you are as an individual and doesn't do anything for anyone. 5. I write mature and triggering themes, I do not s3xualize my character, what's the point? She's a married woman. 6. I don't discuss my personal life unless something is serious and it takes me away from my writing IE. Hospitalization, DRs appointments, Funerals. 


01/21/2021 04:22 PM 

Bi Weekly Task: Jan. 17 - Jan. 23

Adaptable adjective Able to adjust to new conditions

Devils Edits & Art

01/21/2021 03:40 PM 

Have an edit to do. But I had to post this video.


She does She dreams you into a beautiful dream

TOBA Joanna

01/21/2021 02:17 PM 

Chacho Please
Current mood:  amused

This is seriously getting to the point. Of no return with you. You bregar harder to try and confuse people. Then those who work hard for chavos. And now you have your damn people so Algarete. I just do not think anything else can even be said or done. And all this wepa just makes me think you are even crazier than they say. You wonder why not of them make this the Janguiar. And would rather be somewhere else. Let me say this in my native tongue.  A mí, plín  A mí, plín A mí, plín A mí, plín  It is just time to make some new Corillo's and move on. If you dumb enough to think we do not know Boricua from those who are tirar.  Then you really are stupid. In case you did not know they are in the Karate Kid groups now. Trying to decide if you are Stefan or someone else. You may have them confused. But not me. Another damn person makes account saying I am a Lesbian in real life. We are going to have a problem. Cause I have Papi and meho that I love very much in RL. TOBA JB was a lesbian so I do not have an issue with it. But I am not. Do not like others making myself out to be. You all just need to stop with these childish games. Its why no one writes with you. If you have not even had enough witts about yourself to get that yet. I promise I am not always a bitch. They or them, Him or Her or whatever they or it are. Just brings the bad side out me. I have already lost count of how many nights they have made me cry. Since I came to this horrid reality. That clearly drove all the Roleplay Families and friends that were out there. To hide or retire. I do enjoy to write and I am seeking a preferred single LI to fill TOBA Ethen. Someone who is romantic and noble. But Creative writing is a must.           

Seeking,Role,to,be,filled I am a Single LI girl.

Ƭωιʂƚҽԃ Ƭяαɠҽԃყ

01/21/2021 12:11 PM 


                                                                                                                                                        I am a mature Roleplayer. 1. I like having the ability to challenge myself. In simpler words, I enjoy having the opportunity to bring my ability to the fullest. Therefore, I will not allow any Auto-Roleplaying or God-Modding.  2. Do not steal my pictures or accuse me of stealing pictures. I will eventually become upset and report you or blacklist you. I will also like to add, my pictures have been  tagged , don't ask me if you can have them it took me awhile to find manipulate them for myself.3. I consider myself a Multi-Paragraph, Novella  roleplayer, I will not tolerate one-liners.4. I will not tolerate any idiots that try to act the fool. I will eventually block them, and if you choose to block me that that is your opinion and I stand by that 100%. I doubt I needed you as a friend anyway.5. I do have a life outside RP, if I do not respond right away don't message me about it I will get to you when I can.6. If you do not receive a reply to your starter then it can be one of two reasons:     1. I am behind on comments and I will eventually catch up.     2. I just don't like your style or how you started off so I refuse to reply7.  I am here to write, roleplay, I wont be a number collected to you none writing page.8.  MESSAGES are for OOC and setting up a Storyline.     COMMENTS are for RP 9.  RELATIONSHIPS - Ships with chemistry, single love interest.                                           


01/20/2021 09:22 PM 

Single LI Single SL

Hardin Scott is a Single LI and Single SL writer Anything that happens to him from the first story will be brought into other stories as his character is developed. This does not mean I won't write with Multi LI or Multi SL writers the only difference is that he won't be forming any "Love" connection with your character. Please respect my wishes.

Hermione Draculea

01/20/2021 05:12 PM 

New Greeting

OCC: My Hermione is AU, she has a different background, but still goes to Hogwarts and meets Harry Potter and Ron, but Ron in her story after she had their last son. Later Hermione would go back to live with her father Vlad. Hello and thank you for accepting or requesting me. I role play a AU version of Hermione Granger. For the most part she is still simply Hermione. Background Summary. Only since not much is known about her parents. I added a twist that she finds out she was adopted by the Granger's at 4 yrs old. This was due to she was kidnapped from her father by a Monk, who was part of a order that killed witches, Vampires, and any creature they felt was unholy. In any case it was during her Hogwarts years she would begin to notice she was not what she thought she was. A muggle witch. It would be Dumbledore who gives her the news after he found out himself from Professor Snape, who after finding Vlad , had taken it his business to find her true father, Vlad Dracula. Greetings new friends. Any questions please feel free to ask. I will answer what I can. Hope we can get a SL going soon. Yes I do HP/OUAT crossovers and other verses as well. Plus I have and can put Hermione in other verses like crime, supernatural, and psychological horror ,Fast and Furious as well. Want to give it a try. Also rp in messages only due to mobile only, comments for IC chat or Occ chat and friendly banter. Discord coming soon. Love interest information Single LI, ships with chemistry. Active is preferred No rush, like to go slow to an extent. Don't just want to jump in bed. Looking for love that won't leave me and Character does not matter. Will chose when or if chemistry is there. Not too picky, but I will be to an extent. - Hermione's writer


01/20/2021 04:58 PM 

|RP advice| Information

Information is important when it comes to plotting full on stories instead of jumping in or banter. It has nothing to do with layouts or edits, which are supposed to make said information easier to view in a manner pleasing to the eye. In my years, I have learned that information is needed in order to learn about someone's character in the plotting process. It allows you to know about their character enough to suggest something. Genre, length, and verses are pretty important in that. Most profiles have areas to fill these out, and display them visibly.If you take a look at someone's profile, make use of the information, don't just ignore it.And if you intend to have an actual storylinr and not just banter or smut, try to fill them out a little.However use of this information during a roleplay - using someone's name without ever getting it, using knowledge of their past and powers without your character being seen or told IC - is called metagaming. Most places I have roleplayed consider it an unspoken rule to never metagame as it takes away a valuable addition to the story and possible plot point later on.


01/20/2021 04:23 PM 

•Rules Of The Road

⠀⠀May Change With Time;• English is not my main language but I try my best. If I do few mistakes there and then, I'm sorry.• My character deals with blood and violence. [Mature themes] Therefore, I will not Add/Accept you if you're under 20 years old.• I do prefer to collaborate a bit before Roleplaying. But, if you have a starter ready and want to send it .. go right on ahead. I won't outright refuse it.• I'm more interested into SPN characters, and yes I do both AU & Canon; OC's are fine too, though all I ask for OCs is that you please be well thought out. Not just some thrown together crapfest that makes no damn sense. If your OC is made to be somehow related to the Winchesters, please talk to me first. I really don't feel like having to keep up with Dean's so called 'fourth sister from the planet Venus' or some crap like that. Dean has enough to worry about with Sam.• No to long lost children [it starts to become a problem] & incest; John, Mary, Sam and Adam are Dean's family. I'm cool with whatever you ship and I respect your preferences, no judgements. But this is just a NO fly zone for me. Selfcest included.• First of all, I swear, a lot. Secondly, I will RP sex scenes if that's the case and our storyline goes that way. A big to do, I will not just RP sex. I am here to write stories and if my character connects with yours, then maybe, but word to the wise, Dean is lowkey ─ Solo ─ . I will not just jump in the sack with anyone cause your character calls for it, there needs to be chemistry between us, meaning I need to feel it too, not just you. If! I have found a Love Interest, I will not flirt nor do romance with someone else. [Single ship] ~I will remain faithfull to that one person and one person alone.• No to hate of any kind, please. Even if you're not sending it to me, if I have a really good reason to believe you're sending it at all then we have a problem. [There's always something eating at me. That's who I am. If something happens, I feel responsible]• With all the crap that is going on in the world today, bullying should not be one of them. We have terrorism and hate and there is nothing more wrong than bullying. The reason you bully is because your life in general sucks and you need someone to take it out on; well, don't f*** with me 'cause I f*** back. I was bullied in school and I will never let that crap happen again.• The only welcomed drama here is if it is in a RP we have going on. There will be no drama amongst my pals and I will not CHOOSE sides. I will also not tolerate the "well, she/he told me you were . ." Nah. STOP RIGHT THERE! Do not even try and pin me against any of my fellas nor family. Also, I couldn't care less who is banging who or who hates me. That is all fine and dandy, leave me out of it.• I don't dig Crossovers too much; the only one I ship it's the one with Scooby Doo. THAT ONE WAS AWESOME. :)• I don't do One-Liners; just Para - MultiPara. Please feel free to 'delete' or ignore me if I don't match your standards. As for writing, I believe my own standards are fair to middling, it depends of my actual mood.• If you 'lose' interest in our RP, I will kindly ask to let me know; no hard feelings, I promise.• ─ You Don't Want Me Anymore?! Ok, Close The Door On Your Way Out. ─For the ones who delete me by no apparent reason, when everything seems to look just fine. So . . I need to clarify this: If I find out you deleted me, I won't Accept/Add you back; I don't need to explain why, right?!• Godmodding means taking control of the other one's character during the RP.Don't control my character & worry about yours.• I'm always in character unless indicated for plotting/chatting. I will use [ / ] ✓• If you haven't received a reply from me within three/four days, it's because I'm at work or stuck with life. Or because I live in Germany and I go by Central European Time Zone. If you see me posting on my Feed or I'm Online and not texting you, that does not mean I'm ignoring you, so don't get offended. Also, feel free to take your time in replying. I do have Discord, ask for it.• I try my best to stay true to character, so don't get offended if Dean is stand off-ish and not all sweet; he's not in the show, he isn't here. [However, he does have a soft spot for his Sammy]• Just because I might have mains, that does not mean I won't RP with other SPN characters.If you need a Dean, I'm here to be just that.• If you don't want spoilers, please let me know ahead of time. I've seen all the seasons and am caught up. But I'd hate to be the one to spoil something for someone.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Remember. If it bleeds, it can die.[ If you read the rules, write below -- The Impala, a Pie, and Dean Winchester. -- Or anything else. ]••⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Despite how the rules sound, the admin is friendly.~   


01/20/2021 01:21 PM 

Mha OC

Name: Akari SuzukiAge: 16Height: 5'0From: MhaQuirk: Spirit SummonerQurik Description: Akari can summon spirits out of thin air. She controls these spirits and can use them to fight. She can only summon fifteen spirits at once, and they can only go about one-hundred meters away from her. There are two kinds of spirits she can summon. Quirk Pros: She is better at summoning the living spirits at graveyards. These spirits are strong, and almost indestructable. They manage to protect her for a long period of time and she can keep them created for as long as she can take it.Quirk Cons: The spirits can overpower Akari and if they do, they can kill her. Normally this just makes her pass out, but if she's not lucky, she'll die. Her quirk makes her cold all the time, and the longer she hold spirits, the colder she gets. Differnt Spirit Types:Spirit One: The created spirit. These spirits were never living, and have no special abilities. Akari normally summons these spirits because they're easier to summon and controlSpirit Two: The living spirit. These spirits once lives, and have quirks and special abilities. They're harder to control, and harder to summon. Akari only manages to summon these in desperate timesFeatures: Akari has a pale face, with bright rosy cheeks. Her wavy hair goes down to her shoulders, and is a pure white. She has light freckles dotting her face and shoulders. Her eyes are a blood red.Bio: Akari is quiet and mysterious. She grew up in a terrible home, and the only thing that kept her going was hero's. She grew up around villains and was abused most of her life. Her quirk had killed her brother, leaving her family to hate her. When Akari was old enough, she tried out for UA and made it into class 1A. She keeps to herself, afraid of saying to much and becoming a disappointment for more people. When you get to know her thougn, she's a sweetheart.Past: Akari grew up in a terrible home, surrounded by villains. When her quirk first manifested, she had accidentally killed her brother. Her family hated her for that, and abused her for the rest of her life. She only knew how to feel sad, and stopped talking as much. Akari taught herself how to use her quirk in spare time, and became good at it. 

Crystalia Amaquelin

01/20/2021 10:32 PM 

About me as a Writer
Current mood:  bouncy

Well since the Inhumans movie got pushed back. Or will be blended in with Guardians or Thor at some point. A lot of people who have never read the comics or watched the cartoons. Truly may not know who I am.  And I do in fact have quite an interesting storyline. Now personally I always enjoyed LI storylines in this order Black Knight, Johnny Storm and Quicksilver. And trust me when I say, Being a part of Fantastic Four, House of M and Avengers. Certainly does open a girl up to a lot of different viewpoints.  Which then leads to why I have to admit, Which lifestyles I enjoyed most. House of M, Fantastic Four , Avengers. The easiest way to explain my powers is they are a lot like Storms. However typically produced at a smaller level. But if nature itself is causing them on a large scale. I then can at times control the elements on her level. But it takes me a long time to cause full on scale elemental events as she does. All on my own for example, Storm could cause a Tornado outbreak in around 2 minutes. It would take me nearly an hour to do that from scratch. There was a brief time Ororo had last her powers. And during that time if we held hands together both focused on the same element. I was able to use my powers to temporarily reactivate hers.  And if I created a small fire orb. And then had Johnny blast it with a fire beam. I could then use our combined powers to create a huge Fireball.  So any other with Elemental powers similar to my own. I can often boost my own if we work together. My main Weakness is pollution. If a city or place is overpopulated with fuels,gases,smoke, or any other mineral it can cause me to come very weak and ill. And if over exposed to it for a long period of time. It can even kill me. Ironically this issue seems to be what always ends up being the deal breaker. Whenever I get too close to someone on earth. Attilain was not located there at the time. I typically must always leave earth. To regain my full strength.   But I also write at times with a twist to this, Reed Richards creates a Healing Pod I can sleep in. Whenever I have been over exposed to earth's pollutants. Due to the fact I last wrote this part back during the time people still were using Sitemodel. I have forgotten a lot of details of the comics. Cause I used comic vine to learn them all. So I will likely be writing a lot of my own versions of events and storylines. So I think it's the entire fun of writing to begin with. Who wants to rewrite something they have already seen or read prior right? Don't worry I am not one those Nazi writers who expect you to be prefect. Or never have a bad day that you may just need a friend to rant too. And I know when you build solid true friendships. You can't do so by trying to control the other. But please if we have an issue. Bring it forth to myself in a constructive manner. And if you have no desire to truly resolve it. To begin with. Then just go somewhere else. So now with all that being said. Let us write and have some fun. Cause I need a story to just get lost in.  


01/20/2021 09:08 PM 


  // With the loss of her father and her sister being gone, Anders became a little sh*t when she entered high school. She had tried the whole "goody two shoes" thing and what did that get her? Nothing. So what was the point of sticking to the status quo? What was the point of being the perfect kid if you were just miserable? // Sarcasm was and always has been her best friend.// Complete and utter tomboy. What is foundation? What is conditioner? Thank the Housewives franchise for sparking some sort of interest in looking like a lady.// Biggest bitch and mostly a loner. Doesn't think before she speaks - doesn't care if that hurts your feelings. // Wouldn't change herself for anyone. // The start of her weed fascination started around this time as well. (thank you papa Holmvick for that.)// Had a yolo attitude before it was cool.  BONUS DERS FOR YA ASS !!!  

ʀɪᴄʜʙᴏʏ ᴄᴏɴʀᴀᴅ

01/20/2021 01:02 PM 

Looking for rp partners

Hi! I write Conrad from the game Man of Medan. I'm open to writing with anyone and I prefer dark & taboo topics. I will write an about in a different blog entry.Feel free to comment or send an invite if interested. ^^

introduction,rp partners,

KJ Wesker

01/20/2021 12:01 PM 

Mellissa Wesker ( Open)

Allison Sweeny ( Play by)Mellisa prior to the outbreak. Had been a mother of two. And lived the average American lifestyle. However, once the T Virus had spread. It had changed her world dramatically. She had lost touch with her husband. And has no idea if he or her kids are still alive. However, after she ended pinned up in Apartment building with her mother. Barely surviving day to day. She came across a survival group broadcast. Which in fact had been a trap set by the Wesker group. After she was taken captive. Kevin had to take a liking to her. Even though she seemed to have quite the mouth on her. And often would throw temper tantrums. When she felt things were not going her way. Some say, Mellissa in some ways filled the void with KJ that Beth often seemed to leave. 

KJ Wesker

01/19/2021 11:50 PM 

Tamara Wesker ( open)

DOROTHY DANDRIDGETamara Wesker was the first to be created with a virus and Tec aspects. She uses a hologram to cover the infected host that moves around. Thus giving her the element of surprise. Since she seems harmless. But underneath the hologram. Lyes in wait a formal human now half robotics and half Wesker virus. The programming is so well done. One would never catch one or the other out of frame. So it almost as if she is in fact a living walking entity and not two. She likes Beth and Rosa. Has had one and off-again romances with KJ. However, seems these days to try to keep the team together. Since Rosa and Beth often but heads. Some say if not for her. The Wesker team itself. Would have dismantled ages ago. 

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