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Meet Jackie Olsen (drabble 001)

  “Hello friend, I’m so glad you could make it!” A pair of well-manicured hands lightly grasped on to yours as the owner welcomed you to her home. Her smile is warm, inviting, trustworthy - - - yet the eyes lacked the same emotion, they hardly had any. “Oh you must be freezing! Let’s get you inside, I have tea waiting for us!” The house, while on the smaller side, made up in what was inside. The owner took pride in only having the finest things occupy her living space. Paintings and sculptures from Spain and France, furniture that dated back to Colonial America in a rococo style that didn’t have a speckle of dust. As you admired a Goya painting you couldn’t help but wonder how such a young woman acquired all of these wonderful things. “A new addition, isn’t lovely?” Her voice sounded as if she was in a daze, “I bought it in the last auction I went to. I couldn’t help myself, can’t you just imagine yourself in that painting as you look at it?” Another warm smile as she patted your arm to lead you in the living room, equally as grand as the entrance. As she poured your cup of tea that’s when you decide to ask about the money. “It’s been awhile since we’ve last seen each other. We have so much to talk about!” She took a seat next to yours, cup of tea in hand. After a quick sip she set it down on the platter.  You see, when I left South Dakota, I really wanted to leave it all behind. New York just seemed like a city with so many opportunities, I was surely going to reinvent myself here. I had maybe a hundred dollars to my name when I got here, my dad gave that to me secretly because he knew my mother would have thrown a fit. First few nights were rough, how I managed to stretch that money out I will never know but I did. I kept telling myself this isn’t going to be the norm, I’ll get a little job, and I don’t know… maybe I’ll give Broadway a shot or something! I like to think I have a nice voice, they just don’t realize it yet! I was only able to find a part time job at a gift shop down by Madison Square Park. They hardly paid me anything, I kept having to stay at these cheap rundown hostels in the area. Desperate times call for desperate measures… and I haven’t told many people about this but, you seem like a good friend… I sold myself, hell I was 19 years old at the time and hadn’t had sex yet. The first guy was just as timid as I was, some low level attorney who was stressed out about a case he had. I only know this because we spoke more than anything. He must have felt guilty about being my first, the initial deal was $100 and he left me at the hotel with $400. I hope he’s happier than he was when I met him... It seemed so easy after that! I didn’t hate myself as much as time went on, it just became who I was. Remember, my hair was naturally blonde? I started dying it because I felt like I got more attention with black hair. So that goes back to what I was saying before! I wanted to reinvent myself and I did. So going back to your original question, where in the world did all of this come from? Well I met a man when I was 24, he was twice my age. Made it big in the stock market. Turns out his wife just left him and he didn’t want to go to this big function alone and offered me $1000 to just play his date. What a steal, am I right?! I got a free dress, nice meal, and overall good time! I must have impressed him because that wasn’t the only event he had he didn’t want to fly solo in. I was offered an additional $3000 just to spend a week with him. Did we have sex? Oh yes, he definitely wanted to get his money’s worth. I guess you can say we fell in love after that. He didn’t want me to go, offered to let me move into his place, even threw in the option to go to college if I wanted to. It was a sweet idea, and I didn’t want to continue this journey anymore. So I agreed. A year later he finally popped the question, I was going to be Mrs. Phillip Lewis! He was everything I could have ever dreamt of, even my parents loved him! It was a very fast wedding; I hated that you couldn’t attend! Married life was fun, I think I fulfilled the role of house wife quiet well. I kissed my husband goodbye every morning after making his coffee to go, when he came home I had dinner ready. I never wanted for him to feel like I didn’t appreciate all the hard work he does… It’s never enough though, is it? Phillip loved his pretty women, couldn’t get enough of them. Oh, don’t apologize really! I should have known it was coming. After we got married his ex wife told me about these sorts of things. Once a cheater, always a cheater y’know? I just pretended like I didn’t see it. I went on being his housewife, because I was scared to go back to where I was. He Must have upset the wrong person… One night a man came in, tied me up and killed him right in front of me. I don’t know why he didn’t come after me, maybe he felt sorry for me. I wanted my life to end right then and there, even after begging he just left. I don’t know where the killer is now...   She picked up the tiny plate that had her tea on it and took a sip. After a moment of silence you asked one more question. “Do I miss him? Of course I do.” She grinned as she took another drink   “He was my husband after all.”


05/09/2020 04:01 PM 

mother's day.


01/21/2021 03:42 PM 



Karma "𝕁ιиχ" Mafia

01/21/2021 02:53 PM 

αи αѕgαяα∂ιαи'ѕ ρσωєяѕ & αвιℓιтιєѕ

POWERSSuperhuman StrengthSuperhuman SpeedSuperhuman Heightened SensesSuperhuman EnduranceSuperhuman StabilitySuperhuman AgilitySuperhuman StaminaSuperhuman Keen ReflexesImmortalityABILITIESMaster CombatantSword MasteryWeaponry ExpertMMA MasterKick Boxing ExpertStealthBlood and Life RegenerationAccelerated HealingHighly IntelligentMultilinguasim (speaks, understands, and writes in all languages including ASL)(most powers and abilities can be found here:

Karma "𝕁ιиχ" Mafia

01/21/2021 01:31 PM 

αℓтєяиαтє υиινєяѕє ~ яєιи¢αяиαтισи ℓιfє

PAST LIFELady Sif was once apart of the Warriors Three; a warrior for Asgard; she was also an Asgardian. Though she wasn't a Goddess, she aged slower than humans did. She protected Asgard, as well as fought beside Thor. Lady Sif enjoyed her life; even though it was sometimes hard, she wouldn't change her life for anything. It was an honor to be a warrior to Odin and for Asgard. Even though she aged slowly, she wasn't immortal she could be killed.And that was exactly happened; during a fight to save Earth with Thor; Lady Sif was murdered by protecting Thor and Jane Fosster. However before she died; Thor used his Hammer, shooting a bolt of lightening into her body. It should have brought her back to life; but in the end it didn't. Thor as well as the Warriors Three took Lady Sif back to Asgard to give her an Asgardian funeral.After she was prepared for the funeral, Loki snuck in to see Lady Sif, as a Frost Giant he was able to use his own kind of magic, which would help her soul. In the beginning Loki and Lady Sif were enemies because all the things that Loki did were horrid and unforgivable at the time. However Loki made up for his mistakes; Loki and Lady Sif became close, even really good friends. So Loki was hurt and saddened that Lady Sif died. He hoped his magic would work. However there was no change, eventually Lady Sif was given a proper Asgardian Funeral, and after that nothing was ever the same.REINCARNATION ~ PRESENT LIFEEven though Thor tried to help, as well as Loki; nothing worked, Lady Sif did die. And she was sorely missed; but what no one realized that the help they gave would work. What no one saw was that Lady Sif's soul went to limo instead of Vahalla, due to the magic that was done to her. When a woman; a descendant of Odin; but on Earth became pregnant; Lady Sif's soul went into that child. When she was born; her parents named her Karma; Lady Sif, A.K.A. Karma didn't age like a regular child; after just a few years she was a grown woman. Her parents never got to see this, because her mother died giving child birth, and the father wanted nothing to do with her. So she was sent to an Orphange; however Heimdallr; the one who sees everything and controls the Bifrost saw that Lady Sif's soul was in Karma's body, he found a way for Karma to be protected, having her sent to a specific location until she was ready.When Karma was fully grown was when she retained all of her memories of her past life. And she then began to emprace herself for who and what she truly was. She would always be a warrior and now not only due to the reincarnation but the magic of Thor's hammer and Loki, she was now immortal, which gave her some powerful abilities as well. She trained to get her body used to fighting and defending herself. One day she had traveled to Italy, looking for Heimdallr's descendant. While in Italy she witnessed a violent moment, and instantly went to help the man who was being attacked. By his aura alone; she could tell that the man was not human; which meant he didn't want to expose himself which is why he was taking the beating. But Karma got in-between them and protected the man; while the other man was defeated; but not killed got away. Karma didn't know that the man she saved was Vincent Corleone. Because she fought well and because she protected him; Vince offered her a job, and she accepted it. Granted it wasn't a complete honorable job, she was still fighting for what was right, and she was okay with that.When she went to Vincent's home to be shown around; she was seen to be too fraile, until Vincent asked her to show her skills. With a bow and arrow she proved one of the many things she could do, which was highly impressive.When she showed what she could do she instantly got respect. Vincent offered her a home to live in; his and Karma accepted it. Soon she would be meeting his daughter; and she was told that her position in the Corleone Mafia Family; was that one called a 'Warrior'. With this position and title it meant that she not only protect the Corleone home, but the family and was a needed protector of his daughter Tara. Karma felt needed once again; and she was happy. However Karma didn't know that someone was going to come into her life, someone who as well as reincarnated; and when she see's him, she will be surprised and pleased. 

Karma "𝕁ιиχ" Mafia

01/21/2021 12:52 PM 

αℓтєяиαтє υиινєяѕє ιиfσямαтισи

BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION:Name (in past life): Lady SifName (in present life): Karma Asgardian Nicknames (both past and present): Lady Sif, The Goddess of War, Xena,  Medieval Times Chick, Crazy Lady, JinxDate Of Birth (in past life): UnkownDate Of Birth (reincarnation): UnknownSpecies: Immortal AsgardianHair Color: It variesEye Color: It variesBody Build: Slender/Curvy/ AthleticParents (in past life): UnknownParents (in present reincarnation life): UnknownFriends (in past life): Odin, Frigga, Thor, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun (Warriors Three)Enemies (in past life): Lorelei, Frost Giants, Laufey, Hailstrum, Raze, Grundroth, Loki (former enemy), Destroyer, Kronan Marauder, Horned Maraduer, Malekith, Algrim, Nevada Highway Patrol, Rooster, Vin-Tak, Bruno, Tiago, ThanosFriends (in present life): Thor, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun, Loki, Corleone FamilyEnemies (in present life): Anyone who comes against herLovers (in past life): Haldor, ThorLovers (in present life): Loki {soon to be}Weapon Of Choice (in past life): Double-bladed Sword , Shield, Asgardian Armor, Asgardian CollarWeapon Of Choice (in present life): Double-bladed Sword, Desert Eagle, SMITH & WESSON .500, Magnum Research BFR, KARAMBIT Knife, Cold Steel Urban Edge, Herself, And whatever is availableMode Of Transportation (in the past): Thor, Bifrost, HorsesMode Of Transportation (in the present): Rezvani Tank Tactical Urban Vehicle, Range Rover Sentinel, Customized Harley Davidson Crotch-Rocket 

Karma "𝕁ιиχ" Mafia

01/21/2021 12:33 PM 

ℓα∂у ѕιf ωιкι

{I; as a writer do not own anything about Lady Sif via wiki. It was cited; however anything in the Alternate Universe.}  "I am Lady Sif of Asgard, friend of the S.H.I.E.L.D." ―Sif Lady Sif is a fearsome Asgardian warrior and a good friend of Thor and the Warriors Three. When Thor almost provoked a war with the Frost Giants and ended up powerless on Earth, Sif and her friends disobeyed the orders of their new king Loki and went to Earth to save their friend. Thanks to them, Thor returned to Asgard and Loki's reign of terror ended. Later, along with her friends, Sif bravely fought against the Marauders, an intergalactic ragtag band of pirates who pillaged the unprotected realms of the universe. After the Second Dark Elf Conflict, she was sent to Earth and successfully captured Lorelei. A year later, Sif returned to Earth again, this time to investigate the arrival of Vin-Tak who was hunting down the Inhumans.  Personality "It must've been hard for you, after everything she did, to move past it, to let it go.""Odin ordered her back alive. As one of his warriors, I bow to his will.""Regardless of what it cost you?""Much like your S.H.I.E.L.D., we are bound by our code." ―Phil Coulson and Sif Being one of the best warriors in Asgard, Sif is very proud and always eager to prove herself. She is a very close friend of Thor and the Warriors Three, and is an honorable warrior on the battlefield. She often is independent and uneasy in following orders, although she has shown unwavering loyalty to Odin. Unlike many other Asgardians, Sif does not view humans as lesser beings. Sif also harbors romantic feelings for Thor, being protective of him, jealous of his love for Jane Foster and showing a willingness to aid him even if it means treason. Despite her desire for Thor, she was ready to help in his mission to save Jane, showing a great level of selflessness and honor. Powers and Abilities "The graves of Asgard's enemies are littered with men who underestimated Sif. Do not make the same mistake." ―Lorelei to Grant Ward As an Asgardian, Sif possesses superhuman physical attributes such as strength, stamina, speed, durability and reflexes, and she is an extremely powerful combatant. She wields a double-edged sword, which she uses perfectly, either separate as two blades or a single long sword staff.  Powers Asgardian Physiology: Sif possesses all of the various superhuman attributes common among the Asgardians. Sif possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, and is extremely long-lived.Superhuman Strength: Like all Asgardians, Sif is superhumanly strong. However, she possesses greater physical strength than the average Asgardian female. She was able to hold her own against the Frost Giants and Marauders, attack the Destroyer from above, piercing its chest with her sword and, with one push from her foot, move a very large RV a considerable distance.Superhuman Durability: Sif's body is much more resistant to physical harm than the body of a human being. She is capable of withstanding great impact forces from Frost Giants and the Destroyer, and exposure to extreme temperatures and pressures of Jotunheim. She can also withstand shotgun blasts at close range without any injuries.Superhuman Speed: Sif can move at high speeds. She managed to outrun a Frost Beast and stop a sharp missile from hitting Thor with her shield.Superhuman Agility: Sif was able to defeat multiple Jotun and had the upper hand for most of her duel with Vin-Tak by utilizing her superior agility and balance.Superhuman Stamina: Sif's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a human being. She was able to hold on to the top of the Bus for an extended period of time, while the plane was in the air, traveling at full speed.Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite her body's resistance, Sif can be injured like any other Asgardian. However, her metabolism enables her to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue with greater speed and efficiency than a human being is capable of. After Sif and the Warriors Three took a severe beating from the Destroyer, she returned to Asgard looking no worse for ware.Longevity: Like all Asgardians, Sif ages at a rate that is much slower than that of a human being. Even though she is over one thousand years old, she still looks like a young woman by Earth standards.    Abilities "I'm a decent fighter." ―Sif to Phil Coulson and Melinda May  Master Combatant: Sif is an extremely gifted combatant and has received extensive training in unarmed combat and swordsmanship, which enabled her to become one of Asgard's foremost warriors. Asgard's greatest warrior Thor comments that Sif proved "all wrong who scoffed at the idea of a young maiden being one of the fiercest warriors." that the Asgardian realm had ever known. Lorelei comments that "the graves of Asgard's enemies are filled with men who underestimated Sif."; this suggests that Lorelei felt Sif was a dangerous threat to her, granted that Sif was just as skilled as Lorelei. Thor stated that Sif was one of the best warriors the Nine Realms had ever known. Sif was able to hold her own in battle against legions of Marauders and Frost Giants. "She's a warrior. I saw her fight in New Mexico with Thor. Climbed a giant metal killing machine, speared it with her double-bladed sword. It was pretty badass." ―Phil Coulson Sword Mastery: Sif uses a unique Asgardian sword with a versatile shield as a part of her fighting style. Sif is widely feared and recognized for her powerful and versatile swordsmanship in battle, which ranked her as one of Asgard's greatest warriors, and even made her nemesis, Lorelei, desire Sif's sword for her own. "Kava, for example. I thought it was a name. 'Tis a Kree word.""You also learn other species' entire languages as a child?" ―Sif and Phil Coulson Multilingualism: Sif is well-versed in the native languages of several alien species, including that of the Kree.   Equipment "Give me my sword, Lorelei." ―Sif to Lorelei Double-bladed Sword: Sif's signature weapon of choice is a double-bladed sword. One of the two blades is retractable, allowing for Sif to fight with a single-blade. Shield: Sif almost always carries around a shield, providing defense in battle. The shields are made up of a strong Asgardian metal capable of deflecting gunfire. Other Equipment Asgardian Armor First Set: Sif’s first armor consisted of a collared red mini-dress over chain mail and was covered with silver plating. The silver plating was in the shape of a deep-scoop shirt with her upper chest covered by silver chain mail. It also was in the form of a belt and shoulder pads. Her right upper arm had a silver bracelet and her left arm had a red band around it. Her hands and lower arms were covered by red fabric and her arms had arm-bracers. Sif wore dark-grey pants and detailed black boots. This armor was worn with a pale greyish-purple cloak during her visit to Jotunheim. Second Set: Sif’s second armor was silver and dark red. Under her armor, she wore a red leather dress that continued down her torso ending in a multi-paneled mini-skirt. Over her dress, she wore silver armor plates that ended right above her cleavage. Her neck was covered by a sheer material. Sif also wore black pants under her dress and brown knee-high boots decorated with silver metal which matched her armor. Asgardian Collar: Sif brought an Asgardian collar with her when she was chasing Lorelei on Earth. After capturing Lorelei, Sif placed the collar on Lorelei which rendered her mute and prevented her from using her powers. Sif then took Lorelei back to Asgard, where she was imprisoned once more. (this information was found here:

M is for Missulena

01/21/2021 11:41 PM 

Death of Bishop part 1: King Takes Bishop feat. Wither

King Takes Bishop feat. WitherJapan was gorgeous, he couldn’t make it over to the island in 2299 so he took the first chance he got… several years after landing in the 21st century. He was a busy man, the team needed him when they didn’t have an isolated sanctuary to call home. Now that Krakoa was in existence and skeeving Lucas the-hell-out, he had some more time. Figures he caught the SHIELD gig not long after leaving the paradise behind, life was funny like that sometimes. Lucas was suiting up every other night, hitting the town in the metallic purple and black, battering the sh*t out of any threat to the city. He did his best to keep to uptown, he respected The Defenders too much to interfere with their well-oiled machine. Two years, two years straight of dedicated heroics without fail all thanks to his mutant abilities backing him up. It was a rough adjustment, being a mask held a completely different code of conduct that came with it. Nevermind being contracted by SHIELD and helping with black ops missions when he wasn’t being Missulena. His biggest bust came when he took down Chameleon’s latest plot to take over both Fisk Industries and Roxxon simultaneously. Later that week, he assisted Clint and Natasha in a covert recon mission on Latverian soil; it was the first time in a long time Lucas felt comfortable. It had been far too long since he held a firearm in his hands. Though it was nice to be in the comfortable shoes of a potential firefight, he was really taking to hero work.  His Fury-sanctioned reprieve was only a couple days so there would be no waiting for a flight, not a commercial one anyway. Taking off with his bag over his arm, a hot pink streak shooting across the sky with a confident speed he never thought he’d attain considering how uneasy flying used to make him feel. Now, even at these high speeds, the wind didn’t bother his eyes anymore. The trip didn’t even take that long, half an hour wasn’t bad for the novice. Touching down on a rooftop of Kushori port, he smiled brightly. He still had a little bit to go before he hit his first city but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy his first moments on the faraway land. Lucas didn’t get to do so much as touch the ground before he heard a massive explosion in the distance. "Bloody f***ing hell, I haven’t even seen my first arcade yet." He took a charged leap from his landing point to an adjacent roof. Skipping a building here or there with a massive powered jump. Coming up on the commotion, there was a shipment being interrupted and potentially absconded with. He wasn't on the clock or have his costume, but what the hell, when's the next time he'll get to fight crime in Japan right? So Lucas sighed, dropping his bag on the warehouse roof and stretching momentarily. Tossing himself off the roof he landed not far from the epicenter of the issue. Landing just before the imploded cab of the freight truck, he didn't need to do much of an inspection to know the driver was dead. “Goddammit,” he sighed and turned to the only other living person at the incident site. “(What the bloody hell is goin on here exactly?)” Lucas’ cerebral implant assisted Lucas in the phonetic translation. The words and phrasing were correct, it just came out much slower than the pace of a fluid speaker. A long shadow casting down the pavement by the flaming wreckage, the stranger’s silhouette was strange, it was a rather unique costume choice, to say the least. That was when the energy of the man stole his attention away from the scene itself. “(Mate, what are you?)” Lucas had never encountered someone with a ‘quirk’ before, and Shigaraki was about to leave one hell of a first impression. Deceptively quick was the stranger, before Lucas knew it, he was staring down the projectile part of the RPG. Ripping the energy from the wreck’s flames, fueling a burst of speed Lucas used to close the distance between him and Mr. Hands. Irises and hands glowing wildly with neon orchid, the powered punch connected with the chin of the pale assailant. The weapon clattered to the ground and Lucas ignored it entirely, focussing on the strange man. “So what’s your gimmick, hand fetish? Is touch your strongest sense?” Lucas was kidding, the dry and bothersome sense of wit still dripping off him. Kneeling down to inspect the stranger, he let his guard down and caught a hand himself. “Yeah. It is.” The stranger said as he grasped the fabric cladding the mutant soldier. “I have a killer grip.” The hold on his shirt wasn’t impressive, its effect however was surprising. Fading into dead flakes, the homemade X-men shirt peeling away into nothing. “AGH!” Lucas pulled his arm away, the skin deteriorating and flaking until muscle and tendon were revealed. “That-...that’s not good.” His body was desperately trying to counter the effect of the man’s touch crawling up his arm.  Launching himself backward in an attempt to create distant, searing pain ripping up his arm. The uncorrupted arm extended, an open palm firing in the direction of the assailant. *VORMM VORMM VORMM* the projectiles blasted forth with a loud distorted sound with every neon pink orb launched. The situation was slipping from his grasp, but Lucas had a couple of plans brewing in the back of his mind. All the while trying to negate whatever effect was taking place across his left arm. Nothing was working and if he wasn’t quick he’d lose the whole damn thing. Lucas would take no chances, after the devastating effect of just one touch he knew that distance would be a welcome ally. Rocketing into the air, his vision blurring as focus became a resource his body couldn’t afford. Before he knew it, the sound of the launching warhead caused Lucas to turn, dreadfully familiar energy emitting from the missile as it drew dangerously close. It was an anti-matter payload, a volatile material that when made explosive had energy-zapping properties. There was no time to react, no time to think, the flash of white light was all Lucas could perceive. He didn’t even hear the blast.  It's funny, Bishop had died before, three times if he remembered correctly. The first time, his ability of energy absorption was entirely overwhelmed in a fight with Bastion. All to save Gambit and Cable, worth it, but it was by far the worst pain he had ever endured. It felt like being ripped from the inside out, while being on fire. Definitely the worst. The second time… the second time is a long story. Cliff notes, his quest to keep the timeline from reaching his future drove him to insanity. Chasing Cable and baby Hope across time. Would you kill a child to save millions? Lucas tried to, died trying. Alone on an Earth with a red sun, 6700 AD. Hacked tech infecting his brain, like lightning combing through his skull. He really hoped he could just rest after that. No such luck. This wasn't so bad all things considered. Oh, it was agony, unadulterated anguish that seemed to exist inside him as well as all around. It was instant at least, reducing him to atoms without so little as the smallest trace left. Anti-matter was quite effective on Lucas, it was the high powered magnet to his body's hard drive. They just didn't mix. The sound explosion was meager, everything else not so much. With a sky-covering light from the blast was a bright, hot red hue. The aftershock was absolutely monumental, with a clap strong enough to warp the metal of every nearby structure. The crack of the sound barrier being broken was so loud it quieted the immediate area long after it passed. Everything immediately underneath the explosion buckled with its force and split the docks with a small army of immense fissures.  And just like that, Lucas Bishop was wiped from the face of the planet. || I want to thank Wither (1624593) for co-writing this with me, I had so much fun working on this with them. I have wanted to kill Bishop for so long, to see how I would do that old comic troupe of the death and return of a character. Check out the events from his perspective in his drabble. Give him an add maybe to seek revenge, maybe to buy him a drink as a token of appreciation. Regardless he’s talented and deserves the love. Part 2 will be coming soon, whenever it’s ready.


01/21/2021 11:28 PM 


Her Sister Avery | Her Dog Baxter | Flowers/Her JobHorror Movies | Her Best Friend Hanna | CoffeeGin & Tonic | Books | Her Best Friend Benjamin

RP Christie

01/21/2021 08:56 PM 

RP Billie

Thank you for being a sister and a good friend. But I can't take any more of this nonsense. So I am going on a break to read a good book. Wait until I get the deletion alerts before I come back. I never once thought I would ever like any of the girls Tyler Queen once wrote with. But I am glad I never held that against you. Cause if not for you. I would almost think most in this place need to get over themselves. Just shut up and roleplay. Not talking about doing it all day long. Just frigging do it. I may try to find some new writers on Facebook and Twitter to bring back here with me. maybe one in video game app.  I just hope that POD squad stays away from them. So they actually stick around. Take care sister.  

RP Christie

01/21/2021 08:56 PM 

NO I will not

riend Requests    [Approval Settings]     no name (orphan) wants to be your friend!hi will you be my mommy    


01/21/2021 08:27 PM 

It is called @ use it.

First whoever that was on the account with the coked-out looking playby. Who types their RP details in all caps. F*** YOU for deleting me and not saying why. I want to cuss out a lot of you motherf***ers tonight. I just do not know where to begin. Okay, TOBA Joanna who are you talking too? Cause I am lost. If to me hello I am just here to try and date overseas boys. So I can get the hell out America before this place collapses. And people start losing it. Shining StarlightAlso on a side note if you want to post a bulletin about your Political view and outtake on things. Allow comments and be open for debate. Or just keep it all to yourself. See that is the entire reason this damn country is so divided. Everyone tries to just force their ideology on you. And feel like the debate is not allowed. It's common courteously and known proper eudicot never discuss your polictis openly. If you do not desire the risk of debate. POD Heather Dreamy. You do not even know Justin or Kim. So how do you know they are sociopaths? I know them both. And do not really like ether. But I get why both would not desire to talk to each other. Have you people even checked to see if they are still alive? I am just saying they both are up there in the years. Both had meth issues off and on during their life. They may be both dead for all we know.  And just because old accounts are starting to pop up. It does not mean it's them behind them duh. Kevin... I am still unsure if that is really you or not. Now I am even more confused.. Please address this issue.. Or find out what all that is about. Kevin if that is you..... Hum are you okay? I would offer to call you as a friend. But seeing how that never went any were ten years ago.  Yet somehow April Storm got to call you. I really would not blame any one of the others you dropped for her. To not run back to you. After she is no longer part of your life. But.. I am sincerely concerned.  You could at least wrote a long-ass lot about each of them. Like you normally would do. Kev if that is not you and you don't want to deal with it. Please let me know and I will cause I don't give two sh*ts what about bunch half-ass twats who most can't even write anything worth reading. Think about me!! And trust me once you all out there. No longer care what most on any site think or do not think. You will truly be free to love you and all the good and bad that comes with you. Cause we are all one of kind.                                        Sincerely                                           G. 

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