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Head Prat

01/22/2021 10:05 PM 

Flawed Protection

  22 February 1998 A waft of bitter wooden fragrance filled his senses, swirls of magnificent ink against the old and worn parchment. Against the dimmed light, Percy’s eyes strained to remain focused, fingers cramped in the tight grip against the quill. Exhaustion crept in like a familiar ghost, weighed down on his hunched shoulders as he ignored the pacing coming from behind him. In a matter of days, he had crammed every bit of information about family trees as he could, leafed carefully through old records at the Ministry at every chance he could find where watchful eyes were on him. While some families were loud about their ancestry, entire members dating back generations spread over their walls, many were more subtle and settled for a simpler means of keeping track. “Is that it, is it done?” With a careful breath, Percy slowly dried the ink. It was a delicate matter, the slightest mistake, even a minor smudge, and it would give them away. In a world where the Ministry of Magic were rounding up muggleborns, forcing them to register themselves and then removing them from their world, there were hundreds of false family trees appearing, the most severe punishment delivered. He had watched as people were hauled away, stood helplessly in horror alongside his peers to the cries of innocence. It was cruel and unjust but no means to fight it. Shoulders pressed back, the line of pops down Percy’s back brought a momentary relief, head tilted from side to side in a grimace of pain. “When they come for . . .” he started, looking up slowly at Lukas Burnley. They both knew the reality, even if Zoshia ignored it and fought against the injustices, it was only a matter of time until they came for Lukas, but as a top oblivator he had his uses still in the Ministry. It was Zoshia that was the concern, while a half-blood, the trouble to was starting to stir-up made her a target. “You will only bring this out if they come for her. I have charmed it and followed intricate details of old trees. They shouldn’t suspect anything if you don’t bring it as proof and let them come to you.” Lukas hovered behind him, peered annoyingly over Percy’s shoulder with small nods and mumbles as he looked it over. There was a mild smirk on his face, a large hand clapped over Percy’s tense shoulder. “I think you might be in the wrong profession, this looks damned near perfect. Who exactly is Peter Jones?” “A common enough name not to be questioned thoroughly,” Percy replied quickly. “From them, Isla is no longer a muggle but a half-blood and they cannot come after Zoshia.” It was a barbaric process, one that Percy himself had trouble wrapping his mind around. Half-bloods who had one parent that were muggleborns themselves were thrown into the mix, unable to prove their status as a half-blood was correct. And Zoshia who’s father was a muggleborn and mother a muggle fit perfectly into their claims of fraud. Her talent or intelligence didn’t matter, they cared little that she could best most of those she came across; it was why they were so afraid and to so many she was a thief of magic and didn’t belong. Zoshia had refused to back down in the face of the bully, stood proudly next to him as time after time he was singled out, helped him in every way she could as they piled useless work on top of him until he drowned. Until he was forced back into his place of blood traitors. He watched just as much as her father as eyes fell on her, rumors rising of what she was and that she would be next. There was no hesitation when Lukas came to him for help on creating the family tree of his wife, worked and altered it to where Isla Burnley was a student at Beauxbatons, records from the French academy untouchable to the Ministry. Percy had made her untouchable. “She is not to know about this.”  Percy looked up, all concentration on the delicate process of rolling up the false tree lost. “You can’t keep this from her, she’ll find out.” Paper handed over, Percy stood a little straighter as he followed Lukas out of the old abandoned shop, the older wizard’s nod in understanding the trouble it would cause. “I’m going to store it in her mum’s old things up in the attic, give it time to collect some dust. Once as Zosh sees the threat, when I know they are coming for me, I’ll tell her.” There was a moment of silence as they walked together, Lukas glancing. over every so often until they reached the station. “You know you’re more than welcome to come and stay with us, we have a guest room. After everything you’ve been through, you shouldn’t be alone.” The kindness in the offer fractured the strength he held up, the first bit he had received from someone other than Zoshia since he left St. Mungo’s. “I appreciate the offer, but they watch me and I’d draw more attention to you. Let's not speed the process up.” Lips pulled in a strained smile, Percy kept walking, the form of Lukas Burnley an outline against the night before he uncorked the poly-juice potion and downed it. - - - - - - - - - -  A loud and sudden thud hit the table, Percy’s entire body tensed against the rush of ink that tipped over his work. There was fear behind the glasses as he looked up, half expecting to find one of the many death eaters at his desk but found something much worse. Face twisted in a look he had never once seen on her, Zoshia glared murderously down at him, her chest rising as she seethed. “What the f*** is this?” It wasn’t a question as much as it was a demand for answers and awkwardly, Percy cleared his throat as he looked down to see what exactly was the reason behind her rage. His heart dropped, a week's worth of hours seeming like years but he knew the parchment before he even saw the lopped letters, no amount of exhaustion could banish if from his mind.  “I don’t know, looks like a family tree?” He tried to play stupid and failed miserably, Percy’s nervous smile as loud as a neon blinking sign. “Where did you get it?” A strangled gasp filled the air, a few heads turning curiously as Percy's whole body was pulled violently forward. Tie wrapped around her hand, Zoshia’s face was inches from his, so close he could smell the intoxicating fragrance of lilacs.  “Why would you help him?” Her voice seemed amplified, carried through the room and Percy hesitated a moment, waited a beat to find the right words but Zoshia was faster than the lie he could create. “Don’t lie to me, I know your writing!” “Just calm down, I can explain.” “NO!” She radiated fury, face flushed in it as her arms shook. “What, you think I should be ashamed of who I am, of who my parents are?” “Not at all-” “I’m not!” The office had descended into silence to watch the fight, every set of eyes on them and Percy felt the panic bloom. Every attempt to talk Zoshia down she only grew louder, fought her case harder. “I am proud of who my mother is, and she sure as hell wasn’t some half-arsed French witch! There is nothing wrong with me and I will not . . . Percy!” His hands found hers quickly, pulled himself free from her grip but he didn’t release her. Fingers laced, he pulled her from the office, winced against every smack she hurled at him to remove him from her hand.  “God damnit, let me go!” The door clicked shut behind them, Percy wedge uncomfortable against her in the small closet space. His hand remained firmly locked around hers, kept her fingers close to his chest in desperation to not lose her too, but he could feel it. “Zoshia.” Her name was a whispered plea, Percy’s hands leaving hers to cup her face and force her to look at him. Tried his best to make her see that he was just trying his best to protect her, just like her father was. “Just let me explain, please. Please.” “Explain what? That you’re trying to get us killed!” Wrenched free of his grasp, the snarled tone matched the one on her face and he gulped.  “No,” Percy said, voice cracking under a newfound terror. He could feel her pulling away from him, inching for the door and he moved with her, trying his best to block off the exit. “I just-” It was impossible to get a word in edge-wise. Every time he tried to explain himself Zoshia came in louder than before, pulled further away from him. “You what? Everything I am fighting for is gone because of this! How do you think it makes me look to those I am trying to protect me telling them to fight back when I’m hiding behind a forged family tree?” “You are a half-blood!” He half shrieked. The level silenced her for a moment, Percy’s cheeks rushed in color that burned his skin. Anyone passing by would have heard him, could be lingering just outside, and quickly he threw up a silencing charm. “Your dad is a muggleborn and without being able to prove you received your magic from your mum’s side they will persecute you as a muggleborn. The family tree I made you is flawless, they cannot disprove a damned thing because the French Ministry is still standing. I understand you’re angry, but having this does not impede on you fighting for what is right.” Zoshia stood in stilled silence, and Percy knew his words had finally broken through her anger. “I am bloody furious. My dad may have roped you into this, but you saw me every day while doing this and never said a word. How many did you make? And think before you answer that, because if I find out you lied to me that’s it, I’m done.” “That’s a bit harsh,” he squeaked out., a violent drop in his stomach as if he had just missed a step. “I’m trying to protect you.” If he thought her words were harsh, it was nothing compared to the laugh that followed, brown eyes rolled up to the ceiling. “And what happens when they rummage through your mind because we both know they will eventually when they can’t find everything Scrim hid away. What then? Your protection is worth nothing more than a few extra minutes.” She waited long enough for Percy’s face to fall before she continued. “How many did you make?” “Three.” Lips pursed, she nodded to his own admittance. He ventured forward, fingers outstretched for her for a second before he pulled back uncertainly. “Are we okay? I just don’t want to lose you.” Her mouth opened and closed, Zoshia taking a second before she finally spoke. “Well, you’re not doing a very good job, are you? Just like my dad, you didn’t think through the repercussions if for me. He’ll be gone and you’ll be . . .” Her face blanched, eyes closed briefly. “I just need some time to figure this out, to fix it all.” He felt the pull of the remaining part of himself. A frayed string that was on its last thread snap as the door pulled open, Zoshia not taking a single glance back at him. He stood lost, staring after her long after she had vanished from his sight. There wasn’t panic or even numbness. He understood her anger, regretted not telling her but it was too late for regrets. Chin high, Percy stepped out into the hall, a shell of himself as he lost the last person he had. Ministry Falls Series; Part 4You can read part 1 -> Before the fallPart 2 ->  Leading up to the CoupPart 3 ->  The Coup


01/22/2021 09:54 PM 

Old Pine Memories.

“The moments died; I hear no screamingThe visions left inside me are slowly fadingThere's always something different going wrongThe path I walk is in the wrong…”*                 She hated her, she wanted to believe otherwise and say that she loved her but in reality, James hated Arden more than anything in the universe itself. How could she leave her like that? They’ve been through hell and back together, somehow this second journey to hell and Arden decided to walk out. And how dare she? James put her life on the line, not once or twice, but every single time Arden walked out to lure in a new victim. She’d been in Oregon for almost six months, and while the police were on the hunt for her and Arden, she was conducting her own search in hopes of finding her wife. James didn’t have any luck so far, not even with a sliver of information, but she persisted. Often returning to her little room at night with nothing but tears streaming down her face.For the past few months tears only streamed down her face in the confinement of her own room, but on a daily basis James did nothing but bust the sweat on her brow to have a semi-normal life, even if another now secret life lined up right in front of it; the collision will be brutal once it happens, but James just hoped for the best until the day comes.3 and a half years ago.               “James,” Arden whispered, wrapped in a sleeping bag just a few inches away from James, the young girl was mesmerized by the stars and tree branches above her, and yet again Arden’s whispers echoed in her head and she turned to face her girlfriend’s shimmering eyes. “Yes,” she whispered back, smiling softly at the woman in front of her. This was James’ first camping trip, one that Arden made sure was perfect although she wasn’t aware of it being James’ first.“I’m horny!” she exclaimed, which caused James’ to burst out laughing, “and here, I thought you were going to say I love you. Oh, how romantic!” James said, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. The two women had proclaimed their feelings to each other a while back, so this little comment wasn’t going to cause any harm, James just found it amusing.“Well anyway, I’m horny too but I’m a little sleepy too,” she said, sighing desperately although fully aware that this wouldn’t stop her horny girlfriend. Arden within seconds pushed herself off the grass and now hovered over James’ figure. James saw her girlfriend glow in the moonlight, almost similar to a euphoric sighting of God, she stared in awe with a soft smile appearing on her face. “Yes?” she asked as she wrapped her arms around Arden. At that moment Arden smiled back, leaning so close that her lips practically hovered over James’ “I do love you,” Arden whispered before kissing her girlfriend, a hand grasping James’ side firmly and pulling her close.30 minutes to an hour later.               Their demeanor changed massively since the beginning of this session, the girls’ hairs were both in a tangled mess now, sweat dripping down their faces, and the sleeping bags were nothing but rags below them on the floors as they’ve already unzipped themselves out of them and f***ed under the moonlight.Now on the other hand, James lay in her girl’s arms sighing deeply as she relaxed her body into Arden’s arms. She stared up into the sky with her, breathing in unison. “You’re perfect,” James whispered, unsure if Arden heard her but was secretly hoping that she did. “No, I’m not!” Arden immediately said, almost leaping out from the cuddling position she was in. James in turn raised her brows, looking up at the woman from where she lay, “okay?”To be honest, James hated how the woman reacted to how she was being viewed by James, but there was a side of her that somewhat understood and was curious about Arden’s feelings. “I just don’t like being put on a pedestal, I’m not perfect, James. Please.” Arden said and without a second thought James sighed, nodded, then cupped Arden’s face and leaned in for a kiss. “Of course, I know, darling. But you’re imperfectly perfect to me.” She said, hoping this was a good enough answer for Arden.Present Day.               She’d been a walking human shell for a while now, but what else did she have to do in her life to get buy? She often faked a smile, faked interested, faked small-talk, for hell’s sake. But the one thing that never left her mind was her wife. Where was Arden? Why hasn’t she tried contacting her? Was she so stupid that maybe James didn’t get Arden’s clues? Or better yet, did Arden leave any traces and clues to be found? Questions plagued her all day and night, she often needed to be snapped out to reality but that didn’t leave her from living a semi-normal life where she worked, went home, slept, and did it all over again. Not the best, exciting, life but a life nevertheless. James didn’t want to complain, even though she had plenty of reasons to.She finished her shift and walked quietly and sadly back to her room, lay there in bed with a half empty bottle of tequila sitting on the nightstand, chill indie folk music playing in the background as she staired into the abyss of the ceiling above her head, seeing nothing but memories of Arden.* Song lyrics: "Tears don't fall " by Terrible Sons.


01/22/2021 09:24 PM 


Hello thereNames Destiny RhodesPleasure to meet youHere's some facts about myself  Dog Mom Cancer Zodiac 29 Years old Georgia Peach Bachelors in History Former model turned Adult Film Star Geek Don't be shyLet's establish something

'The Wily Fox'

01/22/2021 07:15 PM 

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

For Forgive me, for I have sinned. (SEC) Kol could feel the blood congealing between his fingers; becoming sticky as it cooled. He wasn't sure how long he'd stood there just watching her. She hadn't changed at all. Not since the last time he'd seen her. She was still beautiful. How long had it been? five...six years? and yet she still made his heart yearn.She was the only one! The only one who'd ever been able to do that to him! And again he found himself wondering where it had all gone wrong. When the exact moment, he knew that they were no longer traveling together along the same path in life.She hadn't noticed him yet. Standing in the shadows of the art gallery watching her. Watching as her long brunette locks swayed gently with her movements while she leaned over a canvas upon her desk.    Davina Claire, the only woman to capture his heart and cast it aside, just as quick!Already the resentment, the hate was trying to creep into his thoughts...That bloody book and misfit 'createn' that had made it all possible!- Lucifer Morningstar- He hated that name! He hated the uncontrollable rage, of jealousy it made him feel, even after all this time!He hated that it made him feel weak, that it made him feel so frustrated; so vulnerable that he could as easily drop, to sob uncontrollably upon the floor, as he could fly into a blind rage of angry bloodlust and wraith. The name, Lucifer Morningstar brought out the worst Kol and Davina Claire, that bloody 'Book of Damnation' five or six wasn't long enough to forgive or forget!Closing his eyes, Kol tried to steady his thoughts. He wouldn't be that bloke. The one who let his emotions control him and lost their s.h.i.t because of it! He'd spent the last five years trying to convince himself he didn't care about any of them. Davina Claire, Lucifer Morningstar,  the bloody book, or the fact he had a daughter resulting from it all that he'd never laid eyes on! A daughter that had never been given a chance to know him! A daughter that probably called that bloody tosser' Morningstar' her Father!!Kol bit down hard upon his lip, and for a moment he tasted his own blood before the wound healed. Then slowly he exhaled and opened his eyes. He was going to keep his cool. Keep his s.h.i.t together, if it was the last thing he did! Methodically, he calmly stepped from the shadows into the dimly-lit light... "Who knew the optic nerve was so long? Surprised his a**hole didn't come with it." Kol smirked smugly as he watched Davina jump at the sound of his voice before turning to face him. Calmly he lifted his left hand. The Guard,( some tosser, 'Morningstar' had probably hired to help protect Davina) hadn't faired too well. Idly the Guards eyeball swayed: hanging by its fleshy optic nerve between Kol's fingers.If Davina was surprised to see him, she didn't show it. Instead, she looked surprisingly calm. Unperturbed even! It was almost unhinging. Had she been expecting him? He'd thought about seeing her again. allowed himself to believe that she'd possibly be happy to see him. Now he wasn't so sure.Immediately he felt his eyes narrow as the torture once again began to set in, images flashing by, swifter than any possible visible moments. Images of them knowing he was coming, setting up traps for him to walk straight into... Images of her turning him away, of not letting him see his daughter... of Davina kissing Morningstar in front of him...and he felt his grasp upon the optic nerve tighten as he cautiously took a step closer to Davina.Would she try to cripple him with the spell that caused excruciating aneurism after aneurism, while her angel wannabe bad boy came at him as he crumbled from behind..? F.u.c.k! he'd ram that Guards eyeball down her bloody throat, he'd pluck that angel's wings, fallen or not, and use them to stuff him like Thanksgiving turkey! They'd never stop him, no matter how many times they killed him, or tried to...He'd never rest until he got revenge! He was losing control once again, and he knew it!  Lifting his head Kol glanced around him at the pictures hanging upon the Gallery's walls, and at the sculptures scattered here and there, upon the floor: while he tried to recollect his thoughts, to gain control of his emotions once again. And finally, when he felt some manner of calmness returning to his logic, he let his gaze fall once again upon Davina's face and her beautiful blue eyes..."I'm guessing you know why I'm here?"  He announced, not giving her a chance to reply as once again he stepped closer... "You've no doubt heard the Necromancer is hunting hybrids for their power... And your poncy Morningstar can't ptotect our daughter or you from him... You may not like me much anymore Davina, You may not like my family... But we're the only bloody ones who can keep you safe! So I'm not asking you... I'm telling you! If you won't come with me willingly, I'm still taking our Daughter!"         


01/22/2021 02:53 PM 


The large basement of Eloise was full of the surgery equipment placed over the surface of the table that was located by the wall. Scalpels, clips, needles, scissors, saws, forceps and many other stuff. There was the smaller table yet, near this big one. But there were left the rusty nails and the knives that seemed to be not used in the eternity. The walls of the whole room were a mixture of the old yellow and grey, revealing the bricks at some places. In the middle of this own torture room was a big surgery table like the dominant element of the whole table. A few drained blood drops were obvious on the floor that was covered in the thin surface of the dust. The scent of the old blood and the rust created a very strange mixture that hit a person's nostrils immediately. One would say that it's more like a perfume that Death herself is wearing.If the room was able to speak, it would be screaming in pain and regrets of the men that were coldly tortured and murdered in that place. The dead silence was broken by the loud slam against the wall as Eloise opened the door. With a few heavy grunts, she dragged the helpless body with her. Carefully she continued down the stairs. The man's body was unconscious but Eloise knew that he is going to wake up by any second. She didn't give him a strong dose of the drugs that she once gained. With a sharped grunt, she got his torso on the surgery table. Now the rest of the body. The fragile blondie kneeled down, wrapping her fingers around the man's ankles to get him into the position where she wanted to have him. It took a few attempts but she did it. This wasn't her first victim and she already knew how to manipulate with the body. The heavy cuffs that were tightly fixed to the table wrapped around the ankles of the man and so she did with the wrist of his left arm. Fastening the cuff tightly, the weak growl escaped his throat. He started to wake up. Eloise rushed to the other side to do the same with his right wrist. With a few steps back, she shot her hand to her forehead so she could wipe away the sweat that was covering her pale skin. "W-what, what is happening?" The man asked before he realized that his limbs are strongly tighten to the table. When he opened his green eyes, the light pinched his irises with all of it's strength. But Eloise remained silent.With a cold gaze she just watched him. Eric Murphy. The man that used to pay the prostitutes to beat them next and run away without paying them. He was exactly the kind of the men that Eloise truly hated. The blood was boiling inside of her when she watched him. But this anger was mixing with some strange joy of having him powerless. Some say "Eye for an eye". Motto of Eloise was "Life for a life". Even Eric never killed any of the prostitutes, he left them beaten to the death. But he stole their lives already. "Where the f*** I am?" He glanced over the young blonde lady. "Talk to me! Who the f*** are you?!" His attempts for freeing his arms and legs were truly hilarious and Eloise smirked at his reactions."I'm the one who's going to bring a justice to those whom you harmed."Eloise started to walk around the table to her surgery one to get the scissors so she could cut off his clothing appart. "-the f*** you're talking about?!" "You choose this way. The way of being a violent criminal. Nothing and nobody can't fix of what you've done." Eloise turned to him, playing with the scissors in her hands. With a few steps she got closer, grabbing the man's t-shirt and began to cut it. "What? Are you the one of those lazy cunts that don't know sucking cock?" With a mischievous smile she looked at him. Even if he tried a million times, he would never insult her. He will not insult anyone, not anymore. When Eloise revealed his chest, she let her fingers dig down his body. Obviously one of those men that loves to spend a lot of time in the gym and pay for a sex next. "But maybe we can play a game. You apologize and I kill you fast. You don't - you're going to suffer. And believe me, my fantasy is really big." El walked back to the table to open the shelf. There was a gag hidden in there that she got into her hand while turning back to Eric. "How about you suck my c*ck and let me go next?" He adviced with a dirty smile of his. The question made him look even way more disgusting than he already was. With a walk of the cat, the blondie walked to the top of his head and lean in to share some whispers with him."Have you ever heard of body modifications? I've studied it a lot and you know, I'm somehow sure that your tiny little thing would look even more better if it was separated from your body." Eloise began to put the gag into his mouth to fix the buckle next. "You're the p**sy, why not look like one?" She suggested and stood up straight. This time his screams were useless. The left corner of Eloise's lips bent to a victorious smile. She was truly disgusted by this man. Eric wasn't really different from all of the men that she's murdered. He was just the same. Sometimes she was even thinking what it was like if she'd let a pigs to feed on her victims. Place for a morbid joke? "You know, I've heard that when pigs eat you alive, they cry." And the grunts and growls filled her hears next. She looked down directly into Eric's eyes. All she could see in them was a fear and incredibly fury. Some people just deserved to suffer and die next. Eric was the perfect example.  

storyline, backround, backround story, 21+. mature content


01/22/2021 01:45 PM 

Love of a Daughter.

serpent juliet Love of a Daughter In the five minute drive that it took to get to the Riverdale Cemetery, the sun had started to set when Betty parked the car. She watched over the small town as she waited for the dark to set in. It didn't feel right to confront her father's corpse during one of Riverdale's beautiful sunsets. He didn't deserve anything beautiful, even if he was dead. He earned the cold, dark night and his six-foot grave and the graffiti and trash around his headstone. Betty continued to sit in the driver's seat, just simmering in all of the anger she'd accumulated over the week. From Brett. From his weak attempts at intimidating her. Jughead not telling her things. Jughead writing about her father for his book. Yale not accepting her for who she was, her traumatic experiences and all.When the town finally felt dead, Betty got out of the station wagon and grabbed her father's sledgehammer. She marched over to the far corner of the cemetery where the town had insisted she bury her father. Out of sight, out of mind, right? At the time, she had believed that her father deserved a proper funeral. Only ten people showed up, and she knew that they were only there for her. They weren't there to mourn her father; they had all come to comfort her. Most at school had turned a blind eye to her father's death, but those that didn't insist it was for the best that the Black Hood was dead, and others were glad he had kicked the bucket. Betty had once mourned the loss of her father, but now she was nothing but resentful of him. Betty saw the trail of trash coming from the single grave, no less than fifty feet away from the rest of Riverdale's dead citizens. Maybe when she was done, she'd find a dumpster full of horse sh*t and have it overturned on his grave. Perhaps she'd feel better then.Betty let him know how much pain he was causing her, even while he was rotting in his grave. He had screwed with her past and present, but now he was messed with her future. She thought she could have been safe from him after he was gone, but she was angry that wasn't the case. She was disgusted, just standing in front of his headstone. Only then did she allow herself to get even slightly emotional. She usually just bottled it all up and waited to see Jughead so that she could let it all out in private with him while he held her close. She felt a few stray tears running from her eyes, and she didn't even try to stop them as she berated her father for everything he'd done.Then she picked up her sledgehammer and swung it down forcefully, breaking off the corner. It felt good, even though the tears and anger. So she hit it again. And again, and again. She wanted to turn it into a pile of pebbles. Soon, she was screaming and growling her resentments as she swung and swung and swung, tears streaming down her face. Her mother showed up at some point, grabbing her and taking the sledgehammer from her hand.Betty truly broke down then. Her body slacked as she collapsed into her mom's arms. Her body shook with sobs and embarrassing cries. Her mother said a few things to her, cupping her face in her hands to force her to look at her. Betty became even more emotional, as her mother was finally there when she needed her most. She held her tight, the hammer dropping to the ground at some point. Alice just stood there and comforted her for a few minutes before taking them back to the station wagon. Alice made Betty get in the passenger side and threw the hammer in the trunk before driving them home. home comment message gallery stream blog It's been five years Since we've spoken last And you can't take back What we never had Oh, I can be manipulated Only so many times Before even "I love you" Starts to sound like a lieFor the love of a daughter Don't you remember, I'm your baby girl? How could you push me out of your world? Lied to your flesh and your blood

The Diamond Standard

01/22/2021 09:19 PM 

Emma Frost Info

These aren't so much rules, as it is an informative blog.1: I am fluent in Emma Frost, have been since myspace. About the only era of Emma I'm a touch hazy on is Gen X.2: I do not adhere strictly to the comics. I have and will deviate from the comics, but I am very familiar with the source material.3: Unless specified or requested, just assume my Emma is somewhere between pre and early New X-Men. Through my time RPing Emma, my Emma was part of an X-Men team lead by Ororo (Eye of the Storm), but it eventually split up and she's been on again/off again X-Woman and free agent.4: Relationships. Oh where to start. I was never a huge fan of Emma and Scott. At first it was...different...but after Second Coming, eh, Emma felt more like an arm adornment. That being said, if I like the writing, if I feel inspired, it will happen no matter how off the wall the union might seem. Do I seek a relationship for my character? Goodness, no. I am a hopeless romantic, but I put my feelings aside to stay true to who and how I think Emma is.5: I promise, I am not a bitch!  Emma is rude, snide, condescending, and disparaging--but I am not! Don't think the mean things I say /as/ Emma is reflective of my feelings or temperament towards you, fellow writer.To be continued...

Sᴇᴀ ᴏғ Sɪɴ ʀᴘɢ

01/22/2021 02:29 PM 

Original Characters Wanted

Crystalia Amaquelin

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Marvel What if? Johnny, Cry's and Quicksilver

After Wanda's power had started to soar out of control. Nearly on the level of like they had in another multiverse that was called the M day event. When she utters the words no more mutants. Nearly all the mutants had become typical homo sapiens with no mutated genetics. Multiverse had many layers. First being created by Logan when he time travels to stop Raven from killing political leaders in Washington. Now Wanda has caused a chain reaction. So many versions can occur just from one's simple thoughts. Crys could never deny the fact she had fallen in love with Quicksilver when they met after she returned to Attilan. And for once it was nice actually being with someone Medusa had not had an issue with. She had still in fact always asked herself. What if she had never gotten ill? And never had left to go back home due to it. Would her Johnny still have been together? Due to the One above all. Had also seemed to deem it fate. That not only while Crys was being wooed away by Pietro. Johnny was also being wooed by a Skrull named Lyja who was posing as Alicia Masters. Even after the time came when Crys and taken her daughter Luna and rejoined the fantastic four. Due to not wanting Luna to become a weapon used by her Father and Grandfather. By then she was never quite able to rekindle what her and Johnny once had.  Not just due to fact, he had fallen for another woman. But that she was never quite able to accept. He would date one of Ben's love interest. Since the bond, they had with the other as they all live in Baxter building. Had been one more like a family. Then just heroes serving the greater good. All punching a time clock when the day was over. Thus having that question just simply being a thought. Now has caused a ripple and a verse in the multitude of many. To be born it was as though. She had this thought. Cross her mind at the exact right time. During one that mystical magic storm. Had taken hold creating large vortex around the size of what an F8 Tornado would be. And countless Sword agents had crashed or been shredded to pieces just trying to break through it. Not one of them yet realizing it was, in fact, Wanda doing it to herself. Since no response to communications had been occurring.Multiverse Verse 788 born from a single What if the thought of Crystallia AmaquelinCrys suddenly wakes up. She realizes right off something is not right. She does not even quite realize where she is even is. She slightly shakes her head a bit. Then reaches over and turns on the light. Once she is no longer in the darkness. She now sees little Luna laying to right of her in the bed. She is deep sleeping with the most adorable soft snore. That you can barely even hear. She then realizes where she is. And even more so what date and time she is in. She had no idea why. The first thought that came to mind. Is Diablo was up to something. And somehow gotten in her mind. He likely now wanted to play some game with her. She knew then if that was the case. She would need to try to find the weak spot of his illusion. Then use her powers to cause it to crack and break. She softly gets out of bed careful to not wake Luna. As she gotten dressed she noticed some of the details had seemed almost recreated to perfection. It was as if somehow Diablo used the exact building prints and design plan to create the illusion. Not one single thing was off or out of place. Crys then thought that means he likely has some relic. That is giving him a power boost. Once she made her way out the room. The entire level of the flat was still in night mode. She decided to go to the kitchen and get something to drink. Even the floors gave off that slight coolness they would. From the way, the air conditioning system would cool the building. As she walked into the Ketchen. And then noticed the dishes from the previous meals. Had still not be loaded in dishwater. Which meant it was either Johnny or Bens night to do them. As always they forgot to clean up or chosen to do so. She then shakes her head as she smiled a bit. Pondering if the two of them would ever change their ways. At least when it came to housekeeping. Why Susan kept Reed from just making a robot to do it all. Was likely due to fact a part of her knew. A day would come the two of them would no longer be in this building. And need to know to manage a place on their own. She just felt her drink hit the spot. Curing that aching thirst she was having. When she glanced over and noticed Alicia was on the balcony talking to someone. Typically Crys was never one to snoop in others business. Since no one else was awake or around. She just seems to find quite peculiar that Alicia felt the need to even go outside to talk to someone. On one of the very few hot muggy nights New York city gets during the summer. She walked over and opened the glass doors. And once she was bit closer she realized Alicia had been talking to Skrull on a galactical transmitter that looked like a normal smartphone. Crys eyes widen as her brows ruffle. She could not believe what she was seeing.  " Alicia what are you doing?" She then asked as she walked completely out to the balcony and crossed her arms. Still having this mixed expression of being baffled and angered at the same time. Lyja knew right then that the jig was up. She had been busted even though it was breaking every Skrull protocol to always deny and lie prior to breaking one's cover. Something in Lyja just seems to bypass all that. As though a part of her was glad it was Crys of all people. Who discovers her out first. Lyja then turns with an expression of disappointment. " Do you truly care? Or should we just get right to it?" Crys now had become annoyed with how coy she was being about it. " Do I care? Hemp lets see you are clearly talking to a Skrull. On a device intentionally disguised to seem like something, it's not. So I think it is safe to say that I do care." Crys snapped back at her. " Look at you now trying to act virtuously. When you and I both know. The only reason you even came back here. Was to try and get back with Johnny. Do you really think I do not notice? The way you two look at the other? All goggly eyed. Trust me I have taken notice. Stop acting as if you are not enjoying every second of this. And let us just get right to it shall we?" " First off this is not just about Johnny. It is about every one of us. Alicia, why would you betray us? Just over some loose end feelings? That Johnny and I have for the other? And he clearly made it clear to me he was in love with you now. So I truly don't even get why you are doing this?"She then turned a shade of green and morphed into her true Skrull appearance.  " Are you not only annoying but also stupid?" She said as then lunged at her taking her by the throat as then pushed her against the glass. As she started to choke her. Crys now finally realized it was not Alicia at all. But a Skrull. Which now answered all the questions she had lingering within her. She then focused and caused her body to be covered in mini-heatwave of flames. Once she freed herself from the Skrulls grip. She then shot a small electric jolt orb knocking her back some. She now took a defensive stance and awaited the next counterattack. " Who are you? Where is the real Alicia Masters?" " The Skrull Nation last I checked. Listen, Crystal, I do not want to fight you. " Lyja replied  As she used some type of psionic powers that were in the shade of pink to shield herself. I know you may not believe me. But I am telling you this. So you can tell Johnny and the others. In the beginning, I was sent here to infiltrate and cause the Fantastic Four to have dissension. Which I clearly did with Ben and Johnny. But over time I truly did fall in love with Johnny. And everyone else. I truly realized no matter how many people on this planet hate us. And will never listen to the million speeches Carol Danvers gives on our part. And accepting us here. That not everyone is a xenophobic heartless monster. Please just tell Johnny I love him. And I am so sorry. I can't count the times I had wanted to try and come clean to him. But the fear of being rejected stopped me every time. And get everyone ready Crystal, cause soon a Skrull with the powers of all them combined will come for you all. And I will not let it be known my cover has been blown. To give you all time to save the real Alicia. " Then her wings expanded from her back. As though she was kind of demon or vampire. And she quickly flew off into the night sky. Crys ran to the edge of the Balcony. " Wait.." As slight tears now ran down her cheeks. After hearing her speech. She now would have to relive again as she told all them. She then stood there a second. Lost in the acceptance of taking it all in. Crys truly had no idea what to think. She did know one thing for certain. Actions did always speak louder than words. And whoever that Skrull woman was she tended to mean what she said by both. Then as she turned Reed had just been alerted by his alarm system. Powers had been being used. And she ran right out into him. " Crystal watch were you running off too." He said with a slight laugh. " What is going on? I was just alerted of a possible attack or fight between two using their powers. Crys then looked at him. With this look that was worth a thousand words. " If only you had been here five minutes sooner. You would not have missed it. Reed wake everyone up it's urgent. And I know it might seem hard to believe. But we have got a lot to do. And not much time to do it.  After a few attempts to get her to just tell him. He finally caved and went to wake the others. Most had all seemed to accept it pretty quickly. And Ben had broken down and cried. While Johnny was in denial searching all over the building. And then flamed out and flew around the city a few times off and on. Crys had not seen Ben so emotional before. At least not like this. And she had done her best to try and console him. But he stood up and then said. It still did not change the fact if it had been Alicia Johnny would have still married her. And then stomped off in a bruting manner.  While Reed and Susan were in the tec labs quickly working on how to locate the real Alicia. Though Crys had gotten so mixed up in all this. She finally realized this was not Diablo. There was no way he was behind this. But if not him then what was going on? Why was she suddenly repeating her history? But now with different events occurring. She was still clueless to the fact. These now alerted events. Would affect the life she once knew in ways unforeseen.                                     Writers note and Cliffhangers It's pretty clear to me I had this creative idea due to Wandavison going on. Plans for part 2 Crys learns some of the negative changes caused by this. I hope Johnny enjoys this so he may partake in writing his own segments into it. :) There is more to why the other Heros are all getting lost in these verses. But I am not sure what chapter I plan to reveal that quite yet. But feel free to guess. I will tell you if you get it right.Most of all I hope you enjoy the read. 

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Empty Sky

Empty Sky Mentions: Bleeding Heart Nevermore. /1677399 Riverdale Season 1 DrabbleShakespeare once wrote “Conscience doth make cowards of us all.” As I sit here alone in my dad’s trailer, I can say that an attack of conscience caused him to confess in the murder of Jason Blossom. He wanted to protect me from the psychotic rantings of a megalomaniac who killed his own son without even batting an eyelash by threatening to kill me as he had Jason. The one and only FP Jones actually wanted to do right by me? The thought gives me hope. Well, it’s more like cautious optimism. There is a part way down deep that really wants his dad back. I miss Mom. I miss Jellybean. I miss things how they were. Will it ever happen that way again? Maybe cows will sprout thirty foot wings and fly over a moon made of green cheese. The sound of the loudest thunder possibly imaginable jolted me from my random musings. I clapped my laptop closed as the lights flickered on and off. I wasn’t afraid of storms. I’ve been through plenty of them. What bothers me more than anything is the wind. The destructive power of wind has been duly noted in the annals of time. Plus the added fact I’m sitting here in a trailer puts me a little bit on edge. As if taking a cue from my high anxiety levels, a gust of wind started to rattle the entire trailer. It wasn’t enough to make my dad work up a sweat about it, but he was not here right now. I was.A vicious bolt of lightning shot out of the sky and crashed violently struck the power cables next to the trailer across the lot from me. I could see by looking out the window. The cacophony of explosions along with the smell of charred wood heralded in the envelope of darkness that enveloped me.I couldn’t see anything around me. There were shapes and outlines that looked a lot like monsters in the darkest reaches in my childhood nightmares. I mentally braced myself if I had to go further into the trailer to look for some sort of light.In the back closet in my dad’s bedroom, I started looking for any sign of a flashlight. My fingers reached out touching the flat walls of the closet not detecting anything. I kept moving until I found a small box sitting back in the back of his closet. My extended digits wrapped around the box hidden away from prying eyes. Betty would tell me to open the box without hesitation. Part of me wondered what sort of secrets that my dad was hiding. I almost didn't want to open the box. Almost.I had the box open just a few moments later I was soon gazing at the contents within. The great secret that my dad was hiding was a dirty old Polaroid picture that had four figures in it. I recognized the figures immediately. It was me, him, Jelly Bean and Mom from about 5 years ago. We all looked so happy and smiling together. The picture was wrinkled around the edges almost like my dad had been holding this more times than I care to imagine. Just when I thought he really didn’t care about our family, it turns out he did all along. I took in a deep breath and exhale sharply. I paid very little attention to the fact I was still sitting in the dark. I didn’t realize my cheeks were wet until I heard the sound of a car horn.The loud voice I heard was that of my best friend Archie Andrews. “JUGHEAD! CAN YOU HEAR ME?” I could hear his voice through the steady growing rain. What the hell was he doing? I stuffed the picture in my pocket and made my way into the living room.By the time, I made it to the living room, Archie’s cries were getting louder. I opened the door to see Archie standing there in a virtual monsoon with his dad behind the wheel of the truck. They came out here just because they were worried about me. I could be a real d.ick and not go with them just until the storm passed by. Who was I to ignore my adoptive brother and my second dad? I dodged back inside just quick enough to grab my bag before I ran back outside.Archie clapped my shoulder before he got into the front of the truck. I slid in beside Archie and shut the door. Mr. Andrews and Archie had come out in the middle of everything to make sure I was safe. Not too many people would give a tinker’s dam about me. I am just a Southside kid who had everything go wrong for him. Who cared if I lived or died?With that picture in my pocket that Dad had kept hidden away along with sitting in the truck with these two made me start to think things could actually be okay for once. Thoughts of Betty added to my growing smile. Maybe there really was hope after all.  "My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them." - Jack Kerouac credit: james kriet

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Bought a duck.

Dantanian❤'s His Vampy Ethena

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Duck Duck Duck Goose


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