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01/24/2021 10:02 PM 


February 2019 New York was supposed to be a fresh start. Hartsville and the traumas that had left an unforgettable mark on Mackenzie were things of the past, or at least that was what the petite redhead told herself. If truth be told, it was what she needed to believe in order to survive. She jumped at her own shadow and wasn’t sure how she would survive it. The thought of Dr. Michael Ryan’s haunted her every waking moment and she knew that she needed to go back. She didn’t have a choice. He had killed her sister, maybe not literally, but he was the reason that she was dead and she was determined to make him pay. She needed to go back to South Carolina but she was terrified. She’d spent so long trying to run away from her demons, but she should have known that she wouldn’t have been able to keep running forever, despite how much she would have liked to. Hartsville was her home. Hartsville was where everything both good and bad in her life had happened. It was where Violet and Avery still were. Laying in bed and staring at the ceiling, the redhead shook her head and closed her eyes tightly as she inhaled. There was no more putting it off. She heard her phone vibrate against the bedside table but decided to let it go to voice messages as she turned her attention to the guy laying in bed beside her. “Wake up,” she muttered. He didn’t move. Rolling her chocolate-colored hues, she shoved him gently. “You need to leave.” She hadn’t had a serious relationship since leaving Hartsville, unable to completely get over Avery. She wasn’t her first love, but she had been her one epic love. Their relationship had its ups and downs, but it was as if they were addicted to one another. They were drawn in and fireworks. Everything was about that blonde and even now she couldn’t quite let her go. No, this was all about the physical, and once Mackenzie was done with them, she kicked them out of her bed and out of her apartment. If men could do it, why couldn’t she? “Bitch.” She’d head that one before so it didn’t phase her. “Thank you.” A small smirk spread across her lips and she reached for her phone.  It was late, almost time for her to go to the club. She’d never imagined her life like this and when she returned back to Hartsville no one would know what she’d been forced to do in order to make ends meet. No one would know that she’d worked as a stripper, no one would ever know. Slipping from her bed, she grabbed her robe and slipped it on before making her way to the bathroom to have a quick shower. She’d never been one to get ready quickly, but it was amazing how fast she could do it if she was running late. As soon as she was ready and dressed for the club, she made her way out of her apartment, locked up, and headed for the car. Another phone call and again she ignored it. This time a text followed the missed call. Yanking out her phone, she rolled her eyes. Six missed calls. She guessed her sister had called again when she’d been in the shower. Opening the message, she almost dropped it as tears filled her eyelids. “He’s been arrested, M. You need to come home, please. We need you.” The tears began to roll down her cheeks. M&M was the combined name that she and Mercy were known as. “Don’t call me M,” she quickly replied before turning her phone off and getting into the uber. She wanted to forget. She needed to forget.  


01/24/2021 09:36 PM 


Mackenzie stood there in complete silence as she watched her older sister. She wasn't sure that this was the right thing to do, but what choice did they have? She didn't want to go to prison, she wasn't built for that and there was no way she'd cope. Kenzie wasn't sure of her sister knew that and maybe that was why she'd decided to go to such lengths, or maybe it was just what you did when you had little sisters; hell, Kenzie knew that if it had been Mercy that she'd have done the same thing. Shaking her head, she took a deep breath and swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat as the flickering flames danced in her eyelids. "Vi, what if.." She was cut off when her sister looked up from the flames before them; flames that were destroying every last piece of evidence that the two girls had been involved. "No one will find out, Kenz. I promise."The younger redhead was hesitant but she listened to her sister anyway. Maybe she just wanted to believe that they could get away with murder. It wasn't really murder, though, was it?! It had been an accident, but now a woman was dead. She couldn't help but think about this woman's family. Did she have children that would grow up without a mom? A tear ran down her cheek and she turned when she felt her sister's arms wrap around her. "Come on. Let's go home." Glancing over at her sister, Mackenzie nodded and glanced back at the flickering embers as they started to burn out. No one would know that they had been there, no one would know that Mackenzie had gone and gotten completely trashed before driving home from a party that she wasn't allowed to attend. Violet had made sure that all evidence had been destroyed and they would be able to move on with their lives, unlike their victim or her family. "Okay," Mackenzie finally whispered, flicking the tear from underneath her eyelid as she turned on her heels and wrapped one arm around her sister's waist. "But can we go and get a burger. I really don't want to go home." This was a secret that would stay with them forever. There was no way they could tell their grandparents. They wouldn't understand and would be more concerned with punishing Mackenzie and Violet for sneaking out rather than the situation itself or the fact that someone was dead because of Mackenzie's actions. Violet didn't say a word though and simply nodded as the two of them walked through the forest and along the clearing, making their way to their friend's car. Daniel hadn't asked questions when Violet had asked him to bring them to the forest and neither of the two girls had divulged the reason. He didn't care and Mackenzie was thankful for that. "Thanks, Big D," Kenzie smile as she slipped into the back of the car and glanced over at her sister as she too got in. "And thanks Vi." Leaning over, she hugged her big sister as a few more tears escaped her eyes. 


01/24/2021 09:53 PM 

I need your help, He's out of Control 2

Aurora’s hazel eyes followed Dean as he stumbled through the bar. “Jesus for a demon your boy can't handle his liquor.” She rolled her eyes. Then she saw him flirt and she smirked a little trying not to let it bother her. After all, he wasn’t her biggest fan even though she had kept the werewolf from attacking him and his brother ten years ago.  She was however slightly impressed that he now knew that Crowley was her brother. “Oh, so even though you never wanted to lay eyes on me again, you took the time to figure out who I was? Don’t know if I should be flattered or scared that you might be a little bit obsessed.” She knew he wouldn’t like that response from her, but she didn’t care. Demon Dean was being a douche, the thing he didn’t like other guys being.”   Standing up Aurora looked down at him. “I guess you really didn’t do QUITE that much research. You do realize that my father is Lucifer, that means I am only ALLOWING Crowley here, to be the king of hell for now. You think that first blade makes you a big bad demon, Dean? It only makes you a common Demon with a big stick.” She rolled her eyes and then looked at her brother. “But yes I was wondering the same thing, why he brought me here.  I mean it’s obvious I am not demon dean’s type. Demon Dean goes for the slutty little blondes with no brains in their head. “She looks at the bartender and then at the chick he bumped into with and flirted.  Then she looked back at Crowly. ‘So it clearly wasn’t to distract him so you can get things done the way you want.” Then her eyes went back to Dean she reached around him and grabbed the glass of bourbon that was sitting there waiting for him and she took it. Looking at him she held it up in a toast. ‘But here is to being a douche which is funny because you killed Crowley’s for being just that.” She smirked and downed the glass of bourbon.   


01/24/2021 09:53 PM 



POD Archie

01/24/2021 08:18 PM 

Piper Vs POD Archie.

Since Archie had been in charge of the new POD recruits. He started his day like any other. Getting ready for the education process and human deprogramming for those newly turned to PODs. He liked seeing how diverse the bunch of newbies were. Since typically it was more interesting to have a group. Where each did not think like the next. Everyone came off as a stale loaf of bread. Todays Lesson plan was on understanding what does POD actually mean. There had been a time when it all meant one thing. Over the years most who did not know the History of the PODs. Would just assume they were all one big loving clique of friends.Which Cleary was the furthest thing from the truth. "Okay class today is POD 101" We are formed from Kains Lingage which makes us Demons. So for us, POD means Prince of Demons. Now there is also those from the former Storm lineageThey too are demons. Micheal was the last one known to be alive. And Has not been seen years. But who are any of the other PODs? He asked waiting to see who would raise there hand. Thank you, Julie, its good to see someone did their homework for once. She smirked then answered. There are Devils PODs, Which had been named Devils due to Ethen being upset with the fact Johnny God Of Demons started making PODs. But the Devils are also divided. Due Ethen had also fallen in love with one his fathers Devil Queens. Some even say now that is why he tries to pretend his dad and mom are always someone else.Thank you, Julie. And Anyone knows some other ones? Then Jayson raised his hand and spoke. Yeah, POD can also mean the People Of Dra which was a small group of pods that formed after Dra and Ethen had a falling out over the way he treated Joanna. Though most of them are known for using random Mafia surnames, not the POD tagline. So only the highly educated even know they are PODs. Very well done Jayson. Okay, let's see who else knows some more. Then Karma raised her hand. Yes, Karma go ahead and tell us. Archie said. And she did. PODs can also mean Principle of Deities, They are loyal to Hades and Sapphire and formed after Ethen chickened out on meeting Sapphire hand having sex with her like he had Melanie. Are neutrals not hostile towards anyone else due still being friends with Ethen. They are even still on his discord DM's.  Nice Karma, Okay who knows some more? Then Jimmy raised his hand. And Archie pointed over so he knew to speak. PODs Can also mean Psychos Of Denial Like Amara and Melaine are. Cause they can never let go of the past. And last but not least  Anyone? Oh, come on? The Princes of Death which lead the reapers. That Micheal Storm killed half of. And even warned others about in his headline for years. Last time they were seen. Only two of them are still alive. Just then an AID burst in. And then walked up to Archie. " You are needed in the Main Entrance hall. There is some Piper there and she is blowing things up demanding to see who is in charge. And you are all we got.. So can ya deal? He nodded and left the AID with his Class then orbed to the Main Hall Entrance. " Well, Piper I have to say never thought I would see you here at Kain's University. What gives? Why have I been told you're being hostile? " 


01/24/2021 08:05 PM 




01/24/2021 06:24 PM 


I've struggled with being an addict my whole life. From the tender age of thirteen, I found comfort with my demons, feeding them anything that would take the edge off of a bad day. I found a home in the destruction of heroin as I shot it into my veins, the rush of cocaine as I inhaled it up my nostrils, and the burn of nicotine as it filled my lungs. And for a while, I didn't want to leave. I only recently got clean, and I had no intensions of going back to the life I once lived -But then you kissed me, and suddenly I craved every ounce of your soul; I wanted to know the ins and outs of what makes you, you. What makes you tick, how you take your morning cup of coffee, where you go to clear your head. I haven’t stopped thinking about your hands on my waist, or your lips on my skin, or your fingers in my hair, or that stupid grin you pull when you get your way. How have I lived without them for so long?I guess what they say is true -once an addict, always an addict.


01/24/2021 06:24 PM 

sunday service.

i was never a church pew on a sunday kind of girl;heavy breaths fill my lungs, the sounds of satisfaction exhaling through parted lips, fingers entwined in dark locks. desperatley begging for more - more of you, more of your hands, more of your mouth."keep going," i whisper, your hands pulling me closer. “please don’t stop.”your fingers twist and curl in just the right directions, and suddenly i’m praising god like i’ve attended sermons my entire life.


01/24/2021 06:23 PM 

grieving hearts | ft talulah

*AUTHOR'S NOTE: big thank you to Talulah's writer for a) jumping on board with my storyline, and b) helping me write this piece. She's talented as f !! ok pls enjoy.LENNON'S POV. Lennon sat in silence, her eyes glued to the clock on the wall. It had been two and a half hours since her world changed, Stone’s lifeless body carried out in a body bag just a few minutes shy of 3pm. Talulah would be home from school any minute now, and Lennon pondered over how she could possibly break the news to her that her father was dead. Discomfort and numbness overcame her body, aching with each breath she took, air struggling to find its way to her lungs. She had been no stranger to loss, losing her own parents at a young age, but it was easier for her. Lennon never had a relationship with her mother, and she was the reason her father laid six feet deep, rotting in hell. She considered their loss a luxury, freeing her from the poisonous life she once lived. It killed her to know that Talulah would feel differently.It had been two and a half years since the woman came into the teenager’s life, their relationship less than perfect. Talulah had made it clear from the start that she wasn’t a fan of Lennon, and though she and Stone tried their best to keep a healthy household, Lulah was quick to act out. Smoking turned into partying, and partying turned into sleeping around. Stone always tried his best to parent her, to tell her to cut the sh*t or she’d be grounded, but Talulah wouldn’t budge. And eventually, it drove a knife between the three of them.Lennon always tried, though. She would offer to drive her and her friends to the movies, asked Talulah if she wanted to go to the store with her any time she left the house, and often offered up her home so her friends had a place to spend the weekends. When she found out she was expecting, Len always made the effort to invite Lu to come along with her to the ultrasound appointments - she understood that a stepmother was hard enough, and adding sibling to the mix could have been damaging to what little bit of a relationship they had, not wanting the young girl to feel left out.When Lilah was born, Lennon took notice to how quickly things changed around their home. The once tense living situation finally felt normal, and the brunette was grateful for the help that Talulah offered when it came to her new baby sister. She would always be the first to grab a bottle or a clean diaper, often offered to play with her so Lennon could rest, and was the first to jump up off the couch if she heard the baby cry. Though she never admitted it to her parents, Lennon knew that Talulah loved Lilah, and she would always be in good hands.The thought that all of that would change now that Stone was gone left a hole in Lennon’s heart. She sat with the discomfort for what seemed like ages after setting Lilah down for a nap, sobbing silently as she sorted through old photographs. She smiled at ones of Stone and Lu, ones from before Lennon was ever involved. She had always admired the love the two of them shared, and had hoped that the same love would’ve been shown to her own daughter.The sound of the front door unlocking startled Lennon from her thoughts, a hand reaching up quickly to wipe away the tears that were staining her face. She wanted to be strong, but she wasn’t sure she knew how. “Hey Lulu…” Her voice was soft, cracking just enough to hint that was something wrong. “Can you come sit with me for a minute?”TALULAH’S POV.School had been a drag, as per usual. Talulah had ended up skipping most of the day, only showing back up for the end of her last class, long enough to show her face before the bell signalled the end of the day and she could escape. Her chucks scuffed against the floor as she rushed down the hallway, eager to make her way out of the hellhole and home. She’d agreed to watch Lilah for an hour or so that afternoon and in return, she could head out for a few hours with friends. Of course, her idea of “a few hours” would mean the whole night but what her father and Lennon didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. She smirked at the idea as she exited the school building, meeting a group of her friends behind it. It was their afternoon ritual. They’d light up their cigarettes, smoke and bitch about whatever pissed them off that day. It was their version of therapy. Only, it was more affordable and in their eyes, it worked better.“Right, I’ve gotta head out. I agreed to watch Lilah, but I’ll see you all tonight and you better be prepared to get wasted.” Talulah raised her brows in a challenge before she laughed, all her friends quickly raving about how the plan was to do nothing but get wasted. Heading off in a hurry, as she was running late, the teenager took the quickest route home, arriving only five minutes later than usual. She stopped at the front door, her hand on the handle. Something seemed off.Talulah was never intuitive or overly connected with hers or anyone else’s feelings but something...something wasn’t right. She could feel it. There was a feeling lurking in the pit of her stomach, warning her of...something. It felt like impending doom. That’s the only way she could describe. Her hand shook, rattling the handle, snapping her back into reality. You’re being insane, Lulu. She thought to herself, shaking her head and taking a deep breath to rid the thoughts and the feeling that kept rising in her stomach. Nothing is wrong. She turned the handle now, pushing the door open and taking a step into the house. The feeling, no matter how hard she tried to ignore it or push it away, only got worse now. She felt like someone was trying to punch her from the inside out. “Dad?” She called out. The house was quieter than usual. Lilah wasn’t playing and didn’t greet her excitedly like she usually did.It was Lennon’s voice that Talulah heard first and her eyes shot in the direction the voice came from, the feeling in the pit of her stomach immediately doubling in size. It was obvious Lennon had been crying and something was wrong. Why else would she ask her to sit? Though the two were growing closer, it wasn’t as if they had hearts to hearts or were best friends. Talulah’s eyes darted around the room, looking for some kind of sign of what could be going on. Where was her father? “Where’s dad?” Her voice cracked with nerves as she asked. Her first instinct was that he was hurt or that maybe, he’d cheated. Maybe he and Lennon were getting a divorce. As f***ed up as it may have sounded, Talulah wouldn’t exactly be too surprised. She never had expected her father to settle down. “Lennon, what’s wrong? Where’s my dad? I don’t want to sit.” No, it couldn’t be something like a divorce. If it was, her father would tell her. He should be here. He promised her he’d always be where was he? “Where’s dad? Why isn’t he here?”LENNON’S POVLennon couldn’t ignore the lump in her throat once panic ensued in Lulu’s voice, though she tried to stay calm, finding it nearly impossible. Tears began to swell in her eyes again, looking for the right words to say. “Talulah.. please.. Please sit down,” she stayed on the couch for a moment, her gaze moving from the girl’s face to the floor, hoping maybe it would give her the answers that her step-daughter desperately asked for.When Lulu refused to sit, Lennon stood, taking a deep breath as she walked to where her daughter was. Her hands extended, resting on the girl’s arms, a hand reaching up to cup her face for a moment. “Lu.. uhm..” she didn’t want to do this. She didn’t want to break her heart, just like everyone else had. She tried to stay strong, hold herself together just enough, but the look on Talulah’s face sent shivers down her spine, and the brunette couldn’t stop herself from sobbing. “Lulu.. your dad… your dad passed away,” her voice cracked at the admittance that Stone wasn’t coming home, her vision blurred. Her arms wrapped the girl in a big hug, clinging her to her chest. Aside from Lilah, she was the only thing she had left of her husband.“I’m so sorry.. I’m so f***ing sorry,” she said brokenly, dread washing over her. This wasn’t fair - it wasn’t fair that everyone that Lulah loved had left her. It wasn’t fair that Lilah would wake up from her nap and not see her daddy ever again, and it wasn’t fair that they were left to pick up the pieces, while everyone else moved on like it never happened.Death was a normal occurrence in this town, but it never hurt until it happened to someone you loved. Lennon continued to cry into the girl’s shoulder, holding on to Lulu for as long as she allowed.TALULAH’S POV.Talulah should have been used to heartbreak, to people leaving her and not coming back but this...this was different. “Your dad passed away.” The words hit her like a freight train right to the lungs yet she remained silent. Shock. Her mind seemed unable to comprehend the words that left her step-mothers mouth. Though she knew what they meant, it couldn’t be happening. Not to her dad. He was invincible. Her eyes blurred from tears but she refused to let them fall. She wouldn’t show weakness when her father had taught her to be strong. “I...I…” She muttered almost incoherently, her head shaking as Lennon hugged her.The teenager wasn’t affectionate. Not unless you were Stone or Lilah but she knew Lennon needed her in this moment, so she wrapped one arm around her, the other still hanging by her side as her mind continued to try to grasp onto reality. Could her father really be gone? She’d been in such a rush to leave this morning that she hadn’t even said goodbye. And he was just gone? Gone forever? Just like that? That wasn’t fair. Shaking her head, Talulah pulled away from Lennon, the tears escaping her eyes now. “Dad isn’t gone.” She said, an emotionless laughing leaving her lips as she wiped her tears. “He can’t be gone. Dad...Dads don’t just die.” For as much as she wiped her tears, more tears fell in their place, her vision completely blurred. Her head knew what had happened but her heart...her heart wouldn’t accept it.“No...Lennon, tell me you’re lying. Please. Tell me my dad is coming home. Tell me he’s upstairs...tell me anything...anything other than that he’s dead! Please...please! I need you to tell me he’s not dead. Please!” Talulah was yelling...she was begging...pleading. Her tears and silent crying had turned into sobs. “Lennon, please. I need you to tell me that he’s fine. Tell me dad is fine.”LENNON’S POVLennon’s head shook, one hand raised to cover her mouth, the other clinging to her chest. The pain in Talulah’s voice wrecked her. Her chest ached, her own sobs making it difficult to find air with each inhale of a breath. “Honey… I’m so sorry,” she said again, reaching her hand up to wipe away her own tears. “I’m so sorry.. He.. he won’t be coming home, Lulu.” Saying it made it real, and though she wasn’t ready to accept that her husband was gone, Lennon needed her daughter to know there was nothing else they could have done.“He loved you so much, Lu,” she said, trying to remind Talulah that he wasn’t leaving because he didn’t love her. He was a sick man, one that hid his problems well enough that neither of them knew he had picked up his bad habits again. “He loved you and he.. F***,” Lennon cursed under her breath, the ache more apparent now. “I’m so sorry..” It was the only thing she knew to say.Lilah began crying in the distance, awoken from her nap from the commotion in the living room. Sighing, Lennon looked past Lulu’s shoulder, her head hung heavy. “I have to get your sister, but please… please stay, I don’t want you going out on your own Lu. Not now.. Please..” Selfishly, the real reason Lennon didn’t want her to leave was because she didn’t want to be alone.Lennon walked past Talulah, spinning on her heel for a minute, almost suspecting that her stepdaughter wouldn’t be here when she got back. She took a minute to look at her, to try to offer some sort of comfort during the worst moment in their lives. Taking a deep breath, Lennon tried to smile, though the tears in her eyes and the sadness in her heart forced her lips into a frown. “I love you, Talulah. I hope you know that.” It was the first time either of them had said those three words to each other, and though she knew there was a slim chance the teenager would say it back, she needed her to know that she wasn’t leaving her too.TALULAH’S POV.There was nothing Lennon could say to make this better. There was nothing anyone could say to make this better. The only thing that could fix the giant hole that was tearing Talulah’s heart in two was Stone and with each second that ticked by, Lulu was slowly realising that wasn’t going to happen. She shook her head, tearings flying, as she listened to Lennon. “If he loved me, he would be here. He wouldn’t leave if he loved me!” She yelled, the pain evident in her voice, that was now hoarse from her tears. She was starting to panic, though it wasn’t obvious from the outside. Talulah had always been somewhat good at hiding her emotions. Right now it was tough, obviously. Some of her emotions were escaping out in the form of tears and yells. Yet some of it stayed tucked away. She tried to hold back a sob but it was no use, it ripped through her body and she shook, stepping back from her step-mother as she frantically shook her head.“No, no you don’t either, Lennon!” Taking a deep breath, she wiped her tears. Trying with any ounce of strength she could find to gain some kind of control over herself and her emotions but she was failing. “If you loved me, you wouldn’t tell me my father was gone. You wouldn’t say that if you loved me!” She cried out. Her legs felt like they were about to give way on her. It felt like her whole world had just been ripped out from underneath her and nothing would ever be the same again.The moment Lennon’s back was turned, Talulah fled. She was out the back door with a second glance. She had to go. That’s all she knew at that moment. She had to leave before she got left. She needed space. She needed to breathe. She needed to find her dad. She needed to run. So, she did. She ran as fast as she could with no destination in mind. All she knew was that she had to go. She needed to find her dad, wherever he was, no matter what.


01/24/2021 06:23 PM 


“Mine,” you say. Your hand is placed around my neck, your touch light as you lift my chin to meet your gaze. You don’t say anything else, but your eyes told me all that I needed to know about you, about me, about us.This moment would pass and we’d keep living like we normally did, two lost souls that found comfort in anything that felt like home for a minute or two.But I wanted more.More you.                More me.                             More us.I play with fire because it keeps me warm - your lips are on mine, your hands are in my hair. I ignored the burn it leaves behind, my nails scratching your back, my teeth nipping at your skin.“Yours,” I reply. I disregard the butterflies in my stomach, knowing I wouldn’t be their home forever. In the morning you'd all leave, and I'd be alone again.


01/24/2021 06:22 PM 


The tension between two souls, hungry for just a taste of what they can't have. You look at me through lustful eyes, and I feel intoxicated by the sudden need for your mouth on my skin, your hands around my throat, your body engulfed  in mine.  I meet your gaze with the same lustful stare - wondering how the universe could create someone as beautiful as you.The anticipation of your touch leaves me breathless, and for the first time in years, we're exactly where we're supposed to be. 


01/24/2021 05:36 PM 

The Rules.

[About] This is a create-your-own characgter multi-para normal verse roleplay group. All characters must be human, and every member may only have one character in the group at any given time. No exceptions.[Respect] We're all adults here. I shouldn't have to say this, but treat the other others as you want to be treated. We're all here to write and have a good time. There's no need to bully or disrespect others. This also applies to theft. If we find out anything on your page has been stolen, whether it be a layout or a biography, you will be removed from the group.[Activity] This is a pretty laid back group. Everyone has a real life and we understand that. Once a week, you will send a screenshot of your owes list to the members's page. Why? We just want to make sure that you're writing with four memebers, and that you don't have any owes older than a month. That's it. If you've read this far, comment below with a terrible pick-up line. If you do not send a screenshot of our owes list each week, you will be at risk of being removed from the group.[Requirements] All replies and starters must be a minimum of three paragraphs. Replies and starters should be written in third person. There are no bio and layout requirements. Writing and muse building is the important part of this group.[Muse Building] The members page will post hashtags to encourage posting on the stream. Participating in the daily hashtag isn't required; it's just an option to help with inspiration. Once a week, the members page will post a some sort of muse-building activity - surveys, writing prompts, mood board ideas. While these aren't required, once again, we just want to boost that muse.[Social Media] While social media is not required, we do understand that group bonding is important to a successful group. We will have a Discord server for In Character and Out of Character chats. Once a month, we'll have a game night on a site other than Discord for those that don't have Discord. These will always be optional.And that's about it. 


01/24/2021 05:34 PM 

I need your help - He's out of Control

After Dean had threatened her life, Aurora threw herself into her father's work. He saw fit to make her a crossroads demon. It seemed she had a knack for talking poor unfortunate souls into well signing their souls over to her.  She enjoyed what she did and stayed out of the drama that was the underworld. Even when the Winchesters through her father and her uncle Michael back into the cage to stop the apocalypse, she had no interest in taking over her father's position in hell.  Though Crowley, her stepbrother different fathers, same mother, was more than happy to do that for her.  Most of hell was in outrage that she let him and demanded that she overthrow him and take the position herself.  Soon though they started to like the new order of hell that Crowley was responsible for and left Aurora in peace which could not have made her any happier.  One night, Aurora was just sealing the deal with some poor pathetic schmuck who saw fit to sell his soul to gain his mother’s fortune, when she heard the unexpected text tone of her stepbrother. She pulled her lips from the schmuck and smirked. “Pleasure doing business with you.”  She pulled her phone from her pocket and saw the text. She raised a brow since when did the new king of hell need help, especially from her, he seemed to have all the help he needed from the Winchesters. The last name still causing a bit of unease within her. She had tried so hard to push Dean out of her mind, which wasn’t easy since their name popped up all the time in rumors throughout hell.  Instead of texting her brother back she decided to call him.   “What is it that you need from your little sister so urgently?” She asked part of her voice sounded curious, part just plain irritated, there was no love lost between the two at all. “I can’t tell you that over the phone, you need to come I have a situation that I cannot handle, and it's become quite bothersome.”  Aurora let out a heavy sigh.  “All right, where are you?” He told her and she said she would be there as quickly as she could.    Hanging up the phone, Aurora walked back to the biker bar which was about a quarter of a mile down the road. It was where she had parked her bike before she was summoned.  The black and chrome Harley was the only thing left in the world that she was able to love and to feel right now. She caressed the metal. “Ready to go see what type of trouble our dear brother has gotten himself into?” She asked as she straddled the machine and turned it on as she purred to life.  Aurora took off into the desert roads as she headed to where Crowley was waiting.   It was a two-day ride for her to get to Wisconsin. She raised a brow as she pulled up the address that Crowley had given her. It was a bar but one that she wouldn’t picture her brother ever frequenting. It was more, well,  her type of bar to be honest. She killed the engine of the Harley and stepped into the dark dimly lit place. Her eyes scanning the room, she found her brother and started to head over to him that was until she heard the all too familiar voice, that had haunted her dreams the last ten years. She turned and looked to see none other than Dean Winchester drunk, trying badly to sing I’m too sexy. She turned to her brother.   ‘You do know the last words that man ever said to me were, if I ever see you again, I will kill you? I know there’s no love lost between us but seriously? Lure me down here so the Winchester can off me that’s a new low even for you.”  Crowley patted the seat down next to him. ‘Now dear sister, I would never do that to you. No see Dean here is the reason I called you down. “Aurora’s attention had gone back to the Winchester. Though she tried very hard to hide it just the sight of him made her heart skip a beat and it wasn’t out of fear. She forced herself to look away and back at her brother. “Dean? He’s the reason you called me here? Since when you have ever not been able to handle a hunter and you seem to have an arrangement with the Winchesters. So, forgive me for sounding confused... I am not understanding still why you called ME of all people to help you with this knowing my history with Dean.”  “My dear sister, have you not heard? Our good friend Dean, he’s no longer a hunter. He’s a demon.” Aurora’s jaw dropped and her eyes went to Dean once more. “So, the rumors ARE true. Dean is one of us now.” She turned to face Crowley. “You know it won’t be long until Sam comes right? I mean where there is one Winchester, another will soon follow. Is that why you needed my help?” Crowley shook his head. “I’m not worried about Sam. It’s Dean he's out of control. Now don't get me wrong, it has been fun, but lately, he’s just doing whatever the hell he wants, he ruined a deal for me the other night by killing the client because the client was, and I quote a ‘douche’” Aurora couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at that. “Sounds like he’s having trouble choosing whether to be a demon or whether to just be Dean.” She looked over at her brother. “Still not quite sure what you want me to do about it.”  But before Crowley could answer, the music stopped, and she looked, and Dean was making his way back over to them.  

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πŸŽ‰My Rules .

1. I write Novella and only Novella, unless stated other wise. 2. I don't do comments .3. I like the darker themes, I can take the abusive aspects don't @ me for writing the darker aspects of Harley and Jokers relartionship.  It happened, deal with it. I write the ENTIRE ship and the Post break up where she's made a name for herself. 4.  I am here to roleplay, that's literally why I made the account...DUH. 5. I'm here for fun, not drama, drama starters will be shot with Confetti and glitter bombs. 6. My Harley Portrayal, My Rules. If I say NO to a roleplay idea you have- respect it. 

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The playbook
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Some simple guidelines when it comes to the the world of Starling and his writer. I have been rping Starling for over eight years. He is my creation please respect that I dont do drama outwith sl's Messages for occ sl discussion Comments for RP I typically write multi para up. I dont do one liners or semi para. No offence to those that write that way but its not what i am looking for. I write 3rd and 1st person format depending on who i am writing with. 1st person isnt for everyone At this time i have no line/discord and im not looking to get them. Im here to write not to chit chat, i find it distracts me and im distractible enough as it is.  I have a full time job and then some, my time here is not always a given. LI? Who knows we shall see.

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