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đ˜Ŋ𝙧𝙤𝙠𝙚đ™Ŗ 𝙎𝙤𝙡𝙙𝙞𝙚đ

05/06/2021 08:53 PM 

Ariel's song playlist. Part 1.

1. Soldiers, By Rachel Platten.2. Confident. By Demi Lovato.3. Emotions, By Mariah Carey.4. I'll Be There, By Gabriela Bee.5. Alive, By Sia.6. Surrender, By Natalie Taylor.7. Broken, Noelle Johnson.8. You're Gonna Be Okay, By Brian & Jenn Johnson.9. Save Me, By McKenna Breinholt.10. Battle Scars, Daisy Clark.


05/06/2021 08:09 PM 


Been thinking about this for awhile since I started this account.  So for those that I have accepted as friends please read as well. I'm not here just for smut/erotic/sex stories. My character has one relationship, she's already in it. As long as it's not just for smut I really am up for just about any kind of stories. Message me and we'll talk ideas.  I'm all for some really creative stuff. Stories and content do not have to be limited to wrestling verses. I'm not picky on who I accept as friends.  As long as previous guidelines are followed. If all you want is someone to write smut with then I'm not the one for you to write with.

Agent Avaren McCoy

05/06/2021 08:17 PM 

The Devils Nightmares

What Is the Truth Post SL Mini-Drabble     Glimpses of the devil grip deeply within my mind. The refusal to let go is strong, and the pain even stronger. Why must he continue with this obsession to keep hold of his dark son? He stops at nothing to cause pain and revenge for the betrayal of Loki, and now even I am a source of that revenge. I see his face, in the day, and in the night. With brown hues both awake or rested, he is always there. His hold is too strong, and his will unbreakable. He cannot be stopped. He cannot be killed. He will never leave me alone, never leave any of us alone. Crimson orbs haunt my dreams, the nightmares of my subconscious mind. Will he stop at nothing to get his dark son back in his arms? I will not allow it, the torture and pain he causes my love is indescribable. So long as I breathe, I will fight against the hold of the being who haunts me. The being who haunts us all. The one known as Lucifer. The Devil.


05/06/2021 07:22 PM 

starter to police.

She'd opened the front door, expecting to see someone that she knew, and tried to identify the old man that stood the other side. She had clicked who it was straight away. His voice was deep, one that she hadn't heard in a long time, as usual he was dressed in his best suit. His arms were still that shape the last time that she had seen him, the last time being when she was 7 years old, a poor and defenceless child who at that age couldn't possibly see and identify what was right from wrong. At the young age she had known that they were not doing bad things to her.. It wasn't until one day where she had overheard one of the business men who had had watched all the men have their wicked way with her. He had tried to help her escape, telling her that she shouldn't be locked up in this hell whole like a animal, that the things they had done to her weren't right. They were all kinds of wrong. She had gotten up from the bed, half asleep because of the trauma to her body. Feeling him hold her hand in his to bring her out to a new safe world for her. That was when her life had collapsed as she heard the loud echo of a gun, the bullet lodged in the kind business man's forehead. She screamed... She could still hear the echos of the gunshot, the blood on her stained dress, she had witnessed a murder happen before her eyes. "Dad." She spoke, and rushed to him, wrapping her fragile arms around him becoming completely oblivious as to it was him all a long who had forced her life in this direction. "Hello Lorelei... My beautiful Lorelei... I've found you at last..." his voice grew deep but still a caring tone, as he held her in his embrace, with a wicked grin pasting his face in all thoughts of stories he could now write for her in his book of twisted tales. After all the drama and trauma she had gone through, throughout the rest of her years of high school she had suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, [PTSD]. Opening those locked away memories of being used and abused with the trafficking rings. The Diagnostic symptoms she suffered include re-experiencing original trauma by means of flashbacks or nightmares; avoidance of stimuli associated with the trauma, and increased arousal, such as difficulty falling or staying asleep, anger, and hypervigilance. Lori often suffered from flashbacks ending in cold sweats, night terrors, periods of extreme guilt followed by emotional numbness, difficulty sleeping in present day. To solve her suffering she takes Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors [SSRIs] to stabilize her moods and to help her sleep at night. However, the medication does not help with lowering the amount of guilt or numbness she feels periodically. The guilt she feels lowers her stability in relationships with anyone, whither it is with her friends – through she loves them so much and she knows that they will always try and help her, with love interests.  Then her feelings took her. But now; she had changed so much, changed for the best, changed for her future. She was loved, Tyler had loved her then in high school, but Tyler had been away on business and she'd got the message that he was killed in action. How could it of happened again, that she had been so blind to see that everyone always leaves... Everyone, whither it's off there own back, because of fate, or something completely different and even she didn't know the reason. But this time she wanted to at least keep someone in it. She had loads of questions flood her mind, as to his whereabouts? She kept him in the embraced hug. She knew that her life had been deprived, that she didn't have a brother or sister, nor the loving parents that most people had.  She drew back, only to look at his concerned faced, a glint in his eye that he was so happy. But for what purpose? "Lorelei... I need you to come with me... It's not safe for you here anymore." his voice being genuinely concerned or what she had thought was. "But dad why? I'm safe were I am now, besides Marcus is looking after me.. He won't let anyone..." She was forced quiet by his finger touching her lips, and then his arms gently gripped her shoulders, his eyes looking at her, controlling her better judgment. "Lorelei.. That man is not your friend... I've been watching him from afar... He was hired to befriend you and then abduct you."  Even though she heard him reveal everything she couldn't think of it, but then she had remembered he had been off lately and distant. She'd reminded herself that he had told her he was hired by someone.. Before but wasn't going to act on it because she had told him what had happened in her past. Daniel himself knew that she was blinded by friendship. The rage took over in his eyes, he decided to lightly squeeze her arms, and then drew back. "Well if he isn't interested in you then why do these photos tell me different, he placed his hand inside his blazer suit pocket to grab a brown envelope and placed it in her hands.  She paced back and forth, holding the photos in her hands, 'no this can't be?' she thought. But not knowing that they were cleverly photoshopped. He had photos of Marcus lying on her bed stroking her face, of him having hold of her neck which was when she had disrupted him through a episode of PTSD... Other photos stated texts and payments. This had worked... His plan was working its way to his trophy. Money! It had always been on the money, selling his daughter for money for her services. She stayed quiet a little, knowing that she hadn't possibly found the words to say, these photos had just ripped her heart open, had sliced their way through until they were just broken fragments of skin. She heard her father's words, "I'm so sorry darling... I never wanted you to get hurt." the grin upon his face, but it was all lies, "Quickly now we have to go..." her head in her hands, the tears escaped. She'd carried a phrase around with her everywhere she went, even had it tattooed on her ankle, ;Evermore a lone wolf, Nevermore a Slave; Her other tattoo showed on her inner wrist, just those two words, The words reading, 'Save Me' it was a tattoo she had gotten when she had gotten free from the trafficking rings, a reminder to stay strong that she didn't need anyone to save her, it was a symbol that meant Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light? And she believed that she was the only one to determine her fate, after the countless amount of times that she let them into her head, let them breed inside her, let them destroy her, and it wasn't happening anymore.  She felt betrayed by them, by all she called as friends, after all she was still broken inside. She was only just starting up her new life. Practically a double life, for while Lori hid behind a new name and identity, Addison would make the decisions as to what to do, what to say, and how to do it. She knew that she couldn't get too close to them just in case it had all spiralled out of her control and someone would prey on them to get to her. She wasn't about to let that happen, she was stronger now after everything that she had faced. She felt a small tap of her shoulder which brought her out of her thoughts. She felt her hand place onto of her father's as she walked with him, not knowing what his intentions were, but it wasn't the loving father daughter kind that she had thought. He wasn't a loving father, he was a monster. She hadn't seen that side in him yet. Climbing into the 4x4, she sighed to herself, feeling everything just get on top of her and weigh her down. "Get some rest darling.." the strong hint of his power almost showing, the evil glint in his eyes as the wicked smile pasted across his face as he could see her start to relax and rest her head on the headrest. She felt herself slip into a peaceful sleep, it was that peaceful that she hadn't felt her hands and legs be bound with towing rope and her mouth be gagged with duct tape.Her eyes began to flutter when she saw bright lights blind her sight, she tried to bring her hands up to her turquoise hues, but feeling the restraints it was hard to. She managed to move herself in a direction away from the line of lights, she scanned around the best she could see as her eyes slowly locked onto the walls, turning her head to the right locating the bed in the distance seeing them sent chills down her spine, the next thing she located was the locked door, the same locked door that had haunted her ever since she was a child. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she promised, she swore to herself that she'd never be back there again. Within a massive suite in the large mansion sat several men, talking, discussing their plans. Two men were speaking. "I trust our guest is happy with her accommodation?" Jacob the boss chuckled with a twisted grin upon his face, "Absolutely, she fell right for it... She fell for the whole story... And right now that friend of hers is as far away from her as possible, so she'll be here to stay. Now let's discuss the matter of payments. My friends." Daniel said obsessed with all the power he had.  *Present day* The last time she had seen her father was almost 5 years ago, but today she was going to see him before he had done the right thing, before he was going to turn himself in for the unforgiveable crimes that he had done. In order for a shorter sentance he was giving up the names and locations of all of the Trafficking rings that he had known about. Knowing that with his help they the Chicago Police Department would be able to get all involved, but also knowing that she could even get the justice that she had longed for. But it still wouldn't be enough she had been trapped with the ring for Nine years when she was a child and for 6 months after her father had under false pretenses brought her back into the ring life. Knowing that her father had done all of this because of the amount of grief that he had held inside of him, she couldn't blame or hate him for what he had done. Before meeting her father she found herself walking into the Chicago's finest police station, walking inside she almost froze, it wasn't the fact that it was packed inside and that had made her uneasy. It was the fact that she had a fear of trusting cops, yes it sounded pretty stupid she knew that as her boyfriend was a detective. But still when she had met him, she was weary of trusting him at first. It was the fact that along with being trapped within the rings, she knew all too well that they had indeed persuaded some cops of all ranks to turn towards the darkside as they turned rouge and bent. It was the same while she was in Witness Protection, she didn't trust them how could she when she was forced to just lie there as they had their wicked way with her, she would never forget that glimpse of horror from within her eyes as she had seen the police uniform one minute as they were wearing them and the next it would be on the floor with her clothes. Once again snapping out of her thoughts, she took a breath in and exhaled deeply. As she walked towards the desk, "Excuse me? I need to talk to someone. It's about..... A former Detective... Danny James... And some information on the Trafficking Rings?" she asked the offcer at the desk, she hadn't wanted to do this but she felt like she had no choice. 

đ˜Ŋ𝙧𝙤𝙠𝙚đ™Ŗ 𝙎𝙤𝙡𝙙𝙞𝙚đ

05/06/2021 06:34 PM 

Broken Road. Starter - Whiskey in a Jar.

America, New York City, Newburgh.They connected every country to something supernatural. Country, city, town - It made no difference to Ariel Rousseau. Two weeks in America as this had to be the... Thirty, fifty cases she had to take on. It wasn’t natural. At least not where her team came in, she guessed. Her second boss commented on how unnatural it was to deal with so many cases. The head director wasn’t that different, but she knew how dangerous her job was and refused to question it.Her life would never be simple, her team should accept that and leave her be.Today it centered the case around a small place. The people who lived there are still waiting with the ambulance to be questioned by someone. Ariel’s brow twitched, using her free hand to fix her mirror in the car. A pair of green eyes blinking from the reflection. I hate dealing with emotional people.The black Ferrari drove down the road toward the street she was looking for - she wasn’t good with direction. The street scene came up a second later, much to her relief. Amber Drive. Ariel mused her face remained as blank as ever until she saw the police surrounding the house. Her brow knitting together in confusion. How many men do they need to watch over this house?The head of the police was just coming out when the black Ferrari stopped near the house. The engine turned right off and revealed a an extremely annoyed agent. She strode over to him and crossed her arms over her leather jacket. Standing out among the men in uniform with her casual clothes. Ariel’s outfit comprised a leather green jacket and matching gloves. Then she supported some green pants and black boots. “Agent Rousseau... How nice of you to join us this early in the morning.” The surrounding men observed the conversation unfold. The red-haired agent remained stoic and gave them an incline of her head in greeting. Her gaze moved from the Chief toward the people rushing to whatever bin they could find and heaving up whatever they had this morning for breakfast. “That bad...?” she questioned, lifting her wrist to check the time on her watch. 7.30 Am. Not that bad then.“...It is, the poor kid had no chance...” He followed her gaze and watched the newbies bent over the trashcan. Shaking his head at them. “I feel bad for bringing those kids with me. This would be hard for anyone to see.”Ariel cocked her head in confusion, not understanding the struggle, sure she had to meet some gruesome sights herself, but no one was ever upfront about feeling bad. In fact, some took some pleasure in it. Maybe that was just with her.Taking the time to watch them and look him over. Taking note of the name tag he wore, Smith. It had a strange ring to it. Chief Smith was a tall, lean man with grey hair combed over from the side of his face. He looked around his fifties, from the wrinkles on his face and dark bags under his eyes. He wore a black suit with a long grey coat, his black shoes freshly coated with blood from the scene.“...And the men?“ She continued her question, shouldering her purple bag over her head. Keeping it out of the way while she checked out the house. His face remained grim this entire time, pressing his lips into a thin line. “I didn’t need someone poking around. A few people have confessed to seeing someone posing as a fake cop or something.” Truthfully, he never paid attention. His men are a clumsy mess, especially the newbies. Smith sighed heavily and shoved both hands into his jacket pocket while sparing the silent woman a pointed look. “I will send the new ones away, but keep at least two until your time is working with you.”Ariel made a face when he gave the suggestion. It sounded like an order, but she knew better and he knew better. He was not her boss - it was a fact they both knew at this point.“Very well, but if they cause trouble I will send them back.”The man allowed a small smile to stretch across his face, happy to hear his suggestion was taken into consideration. “Alright then.” He released a breath and turned on his heel without another word. He turned to face most of his men, randomly pointing at these two guards. “You and you stay,” he told them, not bothering to wait for a reply as he moved to his car. “The rest get back to work! I want you all back in your cars!”As the surrounding men returned to their car, most mumbling about leaving, this was why she didn’t work with someone new. Too many issues come up, she had no time for more problems with her life being so busy. Her eyes looked up at the house. Not enormous, cheap, and painted white. Recently, but maybe they just didn’t bother to paint it until later. Either is possible, I should check the file or have it sent to me. Ariel thoughtfully stepped up the stairs. The door left open with the barricade tape blocking the entrance. She adjusted it and moved under before going inside. Her boots hitting some wet upon entering. The smell of blood was so thick in the air that her eyes watered, even her nose burned. “Dieu! He wasn’t kidding.” She said in disgust as her lips curled slightly.It was daylight, so thankfully she did not need to turn on the light. This didn’t make it any easier. Someone completely painted the room blood; most of it dripping down the side of the wall to the floor with guts from the bodies covering the floor. Ariel frowned, pulling out a handkerchief and fixed on some plastic gloves for her leather ones. Placing whatever she had on previously in her bag before she stepped further into the living room. The small hallway passed quickly, but when she went in, her eyes zeroed on the tiny body and the bigger one on the wall.This can’t be happening... Her pulse quickened at the sight of the woman on the wall. Ariel’s brows knitted together, confused. It seemed very demonic, but part of her didn’t know if it was or not. For one, any human could be just as bad. She swallowed thickly, dabbing her eyes with the handkerchief at first. Then she stepped closer and noticed no combat knives dug into the woman’s wrists and ankles like... Jesus. I don’t know if I would be happy to have this for human cases or not. She thought, her head turned to face the broken girl on the floor.Holding the fabric to her mouth, she dared to move toward the small body, her heart racing in her chest. F***. They ripped her bloody skin from her body. She couldn’t even imagine the girl in her head. there was nothing for her to piece together. Nothing. Whoever did this... Whatever did this was some piece of work, that was for sure. The redhead slowly kneeled down to the girl and looked her over once more. Forcing the bile in the throat to stay down. At least she tried. Airel Shook her head and closed her eyes tightly: Who could do this to a child?

𝒮đ’ļ𝓇𝒸đ’ļ𝓈𝓉𝒾𝒸 𝒲𝑜𝓁đ

05/06/2021 03:53 PM 

Guidelines || Rules

Preference for rp writting length: Para and Multi Paragraph, if Semi Para or One liners decide to friend request me then it's asked and appreciated of they kept their responses through status rp only please and thank you. This way keeps me more organized. If you don't like it and want to swamp my comments and messages with you're one liner rp content then I won't hesitate to start removing boring none mains off my friend's list. I'm aware that I have expectations though just means i know what I like and what keeps me interested in long term roleplays.When Comes to Greetings: If you're a close friend and we have written together before on other pages you're safe from this, new comers and none earned mains if you're going to send me the same premade greeting  that you send to everyone else and it has no suggestive idea that you may have had in mind before requesting me. I will respond to you're greeting with a brief bio of how I portay the AU of how I'm writting as Stiles if you can't come up with a suggestive idea to include into it then I will give the boot off my friends list and remove any comment or message sent from that person.  I've not actually seen any of the full episodes of Teen Wolf though I've watched quite abit of handful of video's of Stiles and Void Verison of Stiles. The only part of the AU that i won't mention within the brief bio was how and why Stiles got out of the Ghost Riders train station and what awakened Stiles to have his Void mode moments. The only one who knows of that info is my main Derrick and it's staying that way so others who are curious about it then you can be patient and stick around long enough til I feel like revealing that bit to others in storylines Not Sorry.Quiet and Asocial Moments:  I do have my moments when i whenever or not feel like being chatty ooc wise or not, If I'm in a really chatty mood then yeah i can be a chatter box. When times that I have my quiet moments then I will be abit quiet for awhile til ready to be chatty again. Do Not Force or expect me to be chatty with you if you have not earned my trust yet for it will not end well I will ooc continued chat with none mains when I damn feel like it. Those who have watched my twitch streams or have co-oped with me in any video game know that i will talk though it's not every single damn minute and if concentrating on a area, If you have a problem with quietness and can't be patient to be spoken to then I'm not the right Stiles connection for you.  Those who can't respect this it's more their problem then mine. It's not my fault they aren't patient.Discussed Storylines: Though this is fine by me though I ask that you don't leave all the thinking of idea's up to me and you just follow along not showing you're share of the effort of keeping the rp interesting and long going. If you leave all the idea's to me and not sure how you want to run you're own character then I will simply give that person the boot off my friends list. Mains: Yes I will accept and do main connections though I will be abit selective about it, I have not yet watched any actual episodes of Teen Wolf yet though have watched abit of scenes from the show on youtube. For mains so far I have my Main Derrick aka Legendary Hake, Twin Brother Stitles aka Spastic Fuzzbutt. and Main Cora Hale aka Legacy Hale, when it comes to any other mains either from the show or crossover main connections then I have the right to be selective. If you are constantly going to delete pages only to remake I will have to give some thought of making someone like that a main connection for it's happend before I would add someone into the connections area within in the layout then two to three days later that person randomly goes poof off my friends list. If within a few days if someone none main is going to do that then I will keep you on my friends list though won't be adding that person to the connections list within the layout itself when I put one up for Stiles. The only one safe with doing this is my irl significant other who does often deletes pages when she takes a break then remake's them when she comes back to the site, Derrick's writter is also safe from this and I know that dear friend of mine won't up and vanish either.Starters: I will send a few starters though I won't be sending one to every single person each damn time. Please also ofter to send the starter also instead of expecting or asking me to send the starter.Replies: Please don't rush me for quick replies, Stiles isn't my only page and I'm also abit of a PS3 and PS4 gamer so there will be times that I will step away from the laptop or my phone to play a video game or two, and I have more then one page which deserves my attention as well. if someone is showing that they have little to no patience then I will simply remove them off my friends list. I will not tolerate at all of someone un main connections spamming my messages or comments asking why I haven't replied to them yet, If I see someone doing this then I will remove that person off the friends list then delete their comments or messages they have sent and won't be adding them back into my friends list again. If you have very little to no patience or demand to be responded to within a few days to a week then I'm not the right connection for you. I will not be told when to respond to you period. Don't like it? Tough sh*t get over it impatient f***.Rp LI: Stiles Heart and Soul belong to Derrick Hale aka Legendary Hale within rp and Derrick's writter is one of my dear close friends irl and trust completetly. I will not be doing that whole Multi LI bullsh*t sorry that's just not my cup of tea and my Stiles is loyal as hell to Derrick so I don't want to see other's requesting me demanding and asking for my Stiles to leave his current rp marriage with Derrick and be with someone else HELL F***ING NO! If you don't have respect for me or my friends then get the f*** off my friend's list and let the door hit you on the way out, I will also not be accepting Smut Pages on any of my pages period!  They are a waste of time and space and shouldn't even be on a site like this, they want to write with others with their sick fetishes then make a website of their own and write blogs about their fetishes or jack off to a p0rn site such a p0rnohub or something like that Smut Pages don't belong on a site such as period!Drama: In Character Drama is fine though I ask that you keep you're ooc drama away from me, If you are a close friend yes I will be a listening ear to you and be there for you and be good support for that friend.  If someone outside of friends and trust request's me and demands and expects me to respect them right off the bat, I'll tell you something right now you earn my respect first before way before i respect you. My respect is earned not given easily. If we click as friends and there is a strong form of trust there sure I will respect you, Though if someone randomly friend request me and expects me to respect them right off the bat I DONT F***ING THINK SO.Haters: I will not tolerate or allow any haters around me or my friends period, If a hater friend request's one of my friends and I spot them then I will give them a head's up about them and ask them to be weary of a hater, Queen Cobra, Bat Royality, or Tough Guy if the three of you spot this blog then I want to say one thing to you Good Riddence you're out of my life and toxic and dead to me now!  Queen Cobra f*** you for using what i told you against me yeah you're dead to me you toxic bitch! Tough Guy | Gladio f*** you and drop dead I don't give a rats ass if you're a cop in real life you never got to know me and yet what gave you the position to think of me as a red flag and drama. Let Karma hit you back you a**hole...D*ck!, Bat Royality I once trusted you as a extended family friend though when you told you're now husband Tough Guy that you and I were just kidding about that one discord message that he saw when you stepped away from you're computer yeah you're dead to me too...Let Karma hit you as well you bitch. I know I'm forgetting someone though she can drop in hell as well for  making a twitter comment about me asking her friends to be weary of me Merrisa drop dead to you as well bitch!As a disclaimer no I'm not a toxic person in real life just been raised that if someone f***s me over in friendship that I don't have to sit or stand there and do nothing about it. I have my expectations and I'm no easy push over either so if someone toxic who thinks I'm toxic can seriously f*** off. If someone over super sensitve can't handle my blunteness and label passive agressive or whatever get your facts straight and get to know me before you come up with those pathetic labels for me. My Bluntess isn't toxic it's straight forward and my opinion..If others can't handle oh damn well not my fault.Photo Editing: Photo Editing Programs I use for my photo editing and when I photo edit for others I use Photopea which is the free browser alt verison of photoshop, I use Gimp also sometimes along with Online Image Editor, Used to use Lunapic a long ass time ago though I moved up from that years back and I am infact self taught when it comes to my editing styles and have grown over the years. Still learning somethings on different editing styles and same implies about mains when it comes to editing for others, I will edit for other main connections though I will not spend hours on a edit for someone who is just going to up and delete their page only to use the email for another complete different character. and my irl significant other is always safe of this as well for she knows that I will photo edit for her no matter what as well no matter who her character is, and will always do rp LI edits with the ship I'm doing with that writting parrner, If you're going to get bored of a character and delete and remake to another character simply don't ask me to edit for you or like the status when i ofter to make edits for people.MORE RULES SOON

Magical Gifs

05/06/2021 03:32 PM 


Guidelnes Please Read and Follow before going further!! One: I am the only person running this page. This means I will be the only one who will provide Gifs. I might be slow though since Creating Gifs does take a lot of time so please bear with me. There are times that I might not even more around every day. But I will try to update Albums and work on new Gifs.Two: The Gifs I create and provide for anyone who wants to use them are 100% free. They are also untagged and will be sized to 90x220. But if anyone wants to tag the Gifs they are using with their names and resize them. Feel free to do that just give me credit for them,Three: I am doing nothing but Gifs. So if you're looking for new Edits or layouts. I hate to disappoint you but you won't be finding anything of that here sorry. Four: Please no Drama and just have fun. I might update the Guidelines later. But for now, this is all the rules I can think of,


05/06/2021 11:39 PM 


Her sister Avery | Her dog Baxter | Cakes she madeA deer in the woods | A single flower growing | You Guac My World signA rabbit in the woods | A selfie | A stream she found 

》drowning man.

05/06/2021 12:53 PM 

magic between the stars,

i don't know whattomorrow brings,but now,here,in this momentit's wrapped beautifullyaround you.


05/06/2021 10:37 PM 


TERMS people, places and things.  BODY SCULPTINGA combination of cosmetic cybernetic enhancements, and plastic surgeryBOREALISA hallucinogenic drug, that is sold in clubs in Night City. It is a very popular party drug which enhances your physical senses. It comes in liquid drop form, as well as in patches for a steady increasing dose.BRAINDANCEBraindancing is when someone jacks in to a deck to live through someone else's memory. While they are braindancing they can experience every sense as if they were their own. They can taste, see, hear and physically feel everything as if it was their own body. Many people sell their own memories, to be sold to wealthy immobile people.CYBERNETICSMechanical and technological additions to the human body. Every Cybernetic implant sold by the Corporations is tracked, and monitored. Individuals who are seen purchasing an extensive amount of cybernetics are put on a Cyberpsychosis watch list.CYBERPSYCHOSISCyberpsychosis is just that. Psychosis derived from having too many cybernetic enhancements. The individual slowly begins to lose their sense of humanity, till they no longer identify as humans. For most that ends in self-harming behavior. For some that involves attacking any human in sight. Cyberpsychosis is treated by a licensed CyberShrink. It involves a braindance to make the patient aware that they are indeed human.DORPHDorph is a combat drug and pain killer. It uses Endorphins to increase adrenaline, speed up reaction time. Many who are in the combat field use it, and it is not chemically addictive. It does cause mental dependency, as well as brain and nervous system damage after extensive use.EXOTICSEccentric millionaires with too much time on their hand. They often purchase outrageously expensive body sculpting to look other than human.NETRUNNINGTravelling the internet directly through your brain. You jack-in to a deck, and you view everything as if you were living through it.PSYCHOSQUADA unit in the NCPD That strictly focus on people and their cybernetics. They monitor those on the watch list, and are the ones you call when someone with machine guns in their arms gets rowdy. They are the best of the best..SMASH2077's answer to beer. It's yellow, foamy, and comes in a can and on tap. It's effects are much more intense than classic beer, and has highly addictive properties.SYNTHCOKEThe second generation, synthetic replacement for cocaine. Like the original, its side effects are nasty: paranoia, psychological addiction.  GROUPS these aren't classified as gangs, but are groups set to classify peoples roles in society  CORPOSA corporate businessman. People who work for one of the megacorps. The kind of guy who has his head so far up his ass it would probably come back out of his mouth again. They only care about one thing, and that's the bottom line. Of course people are wild and unpredictable, but the Corpo is bred to believe they are better than anyone.FIXERSDealmakers, smugglers, information brokers. Black market Corps. If you need to know something, there's a guarantee that a fixer will be already waiting for you when you seek them out. Their currency is secrets, and their product is information. If you need something done, quickly, discreetly and accurately, find a good fixer.NETRUNNERSHackers, skilled in the art of destroying your body, chip by chip. They are people who an shut down the ability to use your arms and legs. They can hack into your brain and collect your memories. Some extremely skilled netrunners can even hack into Corporate data, for a hefty cost.NOMADSWanderers. Always moving place to place. When real-estate is so expensive how can you blame them? Nomad's usually travel in caravans together, setting up camp in abandoned buildings and any plot of flat land they can find.SOLOSLoners. People who prefer to work alone, in a city where who you know is everything. Surviving in Night City is hard enough in a gang. To be able to survive, and even thrive as a Solo, means you have to be able to do the grunt work. Solos are usually bodyguards, hired assassins, or thieves.TECHIESTechies come in two forms; Hardware techs, who work on building and changing cybernetics and other tech outside of the body, and Med Techs, who handle the hard-wiring of cybernetics and flesh. They are the Engineers and Doctors of 2077. COMPANIES the mega-corps that have a presence in Night City TXETXE is a Chinese Cybernetic manufacturer. They create both personal and corporate Cybernetics, for cosmetic and weaponized use. They are the worlds largest producer of Cybernetics.ARASAKAArasaka is a Japanese company that took immediate advantage of Japan's opt out of the Weapons Agreement that was created after WWII. They are the largest provider of Military quality weapons and tech. They made the first pilot-less automatic monitoring drone. They also have a line of expensive cybernetics made for self defense, including built in connection to TraumaTeam.ILGOTIlgot is a Korean company that found a niche market after the invention of Cybernetics. They combined their already booming plastic surgery market with cosmetic cybernetics to create a massive bio-sculpting corporation. They are located everywhere, having 20 locations in Night City alone, including 5 IlgotExpress.Their US headquarters is located in Night City.CANOPYCanopy is an American android manufacturer. Canopy took over Japan's abandoned android factory, and started to develop androids of their own. These were personal use androids, for home use at reasonable prices. Since many of their androids live and work inside the homes of important people, Canopy mainly markets their droids as all American, without any risk of foreign influence. There were once other Android companies, but they were banned after it had been found out that China was using their manufactured droids as spies.TRAUMA TEAM INTERNATIONALTrauma Team is a private emergency medical service, providing care and support for those wealthy enough to afford it. Pressing a discreet implanted button on the inside of the patient's mouth, will call them to their location. They have a seven minute arrival money back guarantee! They also offer a dead man's switch that can detect sudden changes in someone's pulse and breathing, and will automatically send a team once they determine they are in danger. The billing starts as soon as the Trauma Team members set out for pickup.

Those Wayward Souls (MCRP)

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Samara Morgan: The Death of Rachel and Aidan!
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(Somewhat influenced by "The Ring" but I mostly just made this all up from scratch.)"They thought I was still trapped inside that terrible well, but little did they know I was set free months ago. The time for waiting is now over because this is what I have been planning to do for years!"Rachel turns on the television then sits down next to her son Aidan, while they both enjoy some family time together, relaxing on the couch like they usually did during weekend evenings. They watch in utter disbelief as the screen suddenly begins to turn black, then static appears as she tries to change channels. It continues even after she unplugs the television before once more sitting back down, while at the same time her thoughts wander back to certain events that happened to other.... rather unfortunate people who were in similar situations as this. She however, refuses to believe it could be me but yet this troubled woman is powerless to move right now. Aidan is also terrified and they both begin to scream as my ghastly form slowly manifests itself across the screen. Without more than a few moments of hesitation, I crawl through the television then stand up to look them both in the eyes. Suddenly I lunge at them with great speed and quickly overpower both Rachel and Aidan, knocking her off the couch in the process while he remains completely still, no doubt frozen in fear. I then violently grab Aidan's neck before viciously snapping it, easily breaking his bones while instantly killing him in the process. Then all of my undivided attention now turns to none other than Rachel, as she frantically crawls away from me in vain. I waste no time in grabbing her by the hair before more than once throwing this pathetic individual against the wall, then I slowly strangle the life from her before she can speak or even so much as cry out for help. As the final breath exits her dying body I say out loud, "You're not my f***ing mommy bitch!"I then throw her now limp corpse to the floor before crawling back through the television, departing with my long awaited revenge finally complete. My tortured spirit can at last rest in relative peace, because Rachel and Aidan have perished horribly after enjoying their last day alive together!

Those Wayward Souls (MCRP)

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Tae-yeon Mentally Torments Mi-ju
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(Heavily influenced by the Asian horror movie "Cello". However I did things differently from what happened in that particular film.)Part One: This is only the beginning."Mi-ju, aren't you getting a bit nervous right now? That horrid dream I bestowed upon you is just an indication of what is to come. How does it truly feel, knowing that I have total and complete control of the lives of every single person you've known, or will ever know for that matter? The unholy power is within me to destroy all which was once sacred and loved. These things will soon be manifested in the worst imaginable way, and as you crawl on your hands and knees whilst begging for mercy and forgiveness, realize that none shall be forthcoming. Remember this as I take away everything while at the same time, leaving you a completely broken and hopelessly beaten woman!"Part Two: Are you happy? You should be. "What's the matter Mi-ju? Where have all your beautiful family gone? Please by all means, do look around, and see the mutilated and disfigured bodies of everyone, including Jun-ki, Kyeong-ran, Yoon-jin, Yoon-hye, and finally Ji-sook. They are dead and I can now laugh at your most unpleasant misfortune. All you had to do was save me! The letting go of my hand, brought about this curse which has claimed the lives of your precious loved ones. Now there is only one thing left to do. Stab yourself in the chest, and end your miserable life! Death has claimed Mi-ju and I am at last pleased.""Waking up from this dream again Mi-ju? Isn't is a horrifying thought to know that I can make you suffer these wretched nightmares without end? Come on Mi-ju, open up the birthday gift which Kyeong-ran has given you. There's something inscribed inside a little note. Please read it." 

😈 dŅ”mĪƒníc cĪƒwвĪƒŅ‡ 😈

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☆ Demonic Cowboy Cole Xavier Turner's Rules ☆
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    “Everybody dies… It’s just life around here…” THE EARTH shaking beneath Erik was seldom a feeling he feared; a life spent dodging bullets in and off the literal battlefields, he’d been soothed to sleep from the sounds of lands no less familiar than home having bodies riddling the streets with final hymns in dying gasps. As a child, he once found it frightening, only to jettison the thought away after cradling his deceased father in his arms.He learned many things that night. Suddenly, the gunshots and gang wars meant nothing; the end was in his hands. He had that power and it was the greatest piece of wisdom his father had ever imparted departed upon him. No matter how great a man was, they all had to clock out. All lights would dim. The sun would always set. It was a truth he’d buried deep in his heart ever since. It was the antithesis of the mantra he would go on to siege Wakanda with:  “The sun will never set on the Wakandan Empire…” As King, he could enact such rulings. It was his birthright to. The ground beneath him would only shake from the outcries of reverence for his greatness; he would reign and his people would never succumb to the oppression of others ever again.Not even his own kind…But, what of Zenzi?She was his daughter, his firstborn and heir to the empire he’d forged in Harlem. She was every bit of royalty he was, his blood ran through her veins. She was his greatest treasure...and also his biggest failure.The slightest pull on his jeans alerted him to her cowering behind him. He saw her for only a second, but it was one second too long. She was afraid. She was weak.And he only had himself to blame.Zenzi hadn’t had a life like he had. She’d never known the cold of living in a house where you wore your coats inside because the heater broke or to check your shoes for roaches before you put them on. In Erik’s father’s death, he’d forfeited any chance of showing him the kingdom he inherited. He lost any chance of properly ruling with his father by his side. Erik refused to put his own through this loss...And, in turn, this strength.Death, control — power — these were all things he seized by defying to breathe while his enemies couldn’t. He made sure of it. From such a fragile age, no older than she was, he’d forged himself to reign from the scraps his inheritance pitied him. Every death, every triumph, every breath was proof of his accomplishments. It was proof his ancestors’ suffering would lead to greatness. To remove such pride from her only served to taint the very same greatness he’d bred into her.She couldn’t be a princess and weak. It was an insult to his strife and he refused to slowly poison her pool for excellence.It was not her fault, she was only a child. Rather than growth from strife — strife for greatness, if you will — he’d shown her care. He showed her love. A f***ing death sentence as life had taught him. It was his failings as a father an Emperor he needed to correct.He refused to lose. Ashara. Baba. Not again. Not her.  “The world took everything away from me... Everything I ever LOVED…” Zenzi held into his leg and cowered at the danger. He had to grit his teeth to restrain from attacking her outright.  “Fuck you looking down for? You know what shoes you put on this morning.” He yelled over the rising commotion. The tone snapped her to look at him before she inevitably looked back down. This time, though, was because her father was mad at her. This childish sh*t wasn’t about to fly; she would look at him when he was talking to her. She was a Princess, yes, but he was a KING.He demanded respect.“What Daddy say about looking down?” The question lingered long enough for her to raise her head to look him in the eye.“only when…your enemies are under you…” She finally said, regaining some composure from the far-off rumblings.“Are you weak?” The question was firm, like a light jab amongst sparring partners. It was a more abrasive approach to questioning, one she wasn’t used to but he was already determined to correct his latent parenting. The jab caused her to look down, but looking down upon her own royalty and responding would not happen.Kneeling, he’d lift her head and ask again, “Are. You. Weak?”“no.” It was small, but he would take it. She answered him with her head up.“That’s right. You’re a Princess, Zenzi. You were born better than them out there…” The glare he shared with her steeled them that no rumblings would falter. She stood her ground with him. “Never, ever look down at yourself. Ain’t nothin’ down there that’s worth your time, anyway — do you understand me?”“y-Yes, sir.” Now with more strength, Zenzi nodded at him. As if to respond with a “good” of his own, he’d nod and cross his arms over his chest with Zenzi following the gesture. Left-over-right. While few versed in Wakandan culture may see this as a sign of respect, a salute from commoners to royals, they would be mistaken.In Wakanda, their salute was over their chests — right-over-left. His was the opposite, a direct front to the same kingdom that denied him and his father. Erik refused to have any part of their customs taint his daughter. Left-over-right, while serving as a taunt to a crooked kingdom, was a bigger, solemn display. In ASL, it’s known as the sign for “love”.As he learned firsthand, Wakanda doesn’t “love” anyone. Not even their own kind.  “What Daddy tell you to say when sh*t starts poppin’ off? You remember?” Erik nodded at her as she took a step to his left to stand amongst the panicking people.“yibambe.”Silence. Worse. Nothing. The commotion around everyone continued and she was ignored entirely.“That’s it?” He scoffed. “You think anyone’s gonna hear you?”“Yibambe.”“Louder.”“YIBAMBE!” The princess addressed her court and immediately was responded to by many agents-in-hiding subservient to her call with a mutual chant. Surprised at the reaction, she snapped to look at her father before seeing his stern look and returned to summon the others. Again and again, she’d chant until their back and forth came across more as gospel than a rally cry. From these Erik’s agents finally took to the crowds, summoned as diligently as The Black Panther’s Dora Milaje.From the most mundane attendee to the deepest SHIELD security agent, all chanters bowed before their reigning leaders and removed their disguises. COVID masks had been pulled down to reveal all bowed with removed bottom lips.In Wakanda, war dog tattoos were branded with vibranium to allow entry back into the kingdom after being overseas. Erik’s reign, though short, was more than enough to make enough waves. Their loyalty was to him and the slain former prince, his father, N’Jobu. Removing their bottom lips was the proof of their ties to Wakanda being severed forever.“GET MY DAUGHTER OUT OF HERE!” He needn’t look. It was voice-activated; both the “ship” the kids were brought in on and the vibranium suit formed from a necklace around her neck to become a suit in the vein of a Panther’s.It was an exit strategy, “Save the Queen”.It was one thing for anything to be strong enough to impact a Wakandan charter freight, but even so, she would still be protected. From hexagonal shapes forming around her person to make a bright amethyst-lined, black suit she was covered head-to-sole as she was brought aboard.“But—DADDY—!”“Don’t worry about me, baby,” he said over the ship’s thrusters. “Daddy will see you soon…”  The ship took off with her and the other children on board. From the dust and debris it kicked up, Erik N’Jadaka took on a new form. From his every pore, he bled blackness; a sludge so thick, blood itself flowed like water. It clawed its way out of his system and scathed away at his skin until it became his skin.Looseness was gripped taut, lips were stretched to nothingness leaving only his knives-for-teeth to be seen. It felt like he was being torn at the seams and salt was used to stitch him back together. Every second increased his agony 10x, but the strength he stole overruled any inklings of mercy on his body. His muscles grew bigger, his presence even more so. Had he been anyone else, he would’ve cried to any heavens that would listen to free him from his suffering, but N’Jadaka had given up on gods long ago.Since Bast never protected him, he learned to stand on his own. He forfeited his vibranium suit over a year ago. Nothing from Wakanda could be connected to his path. Since coming across a Klyntar — better known as a “symbiote” — he was forged anew with only himself for survival.What once was seen as a man couldn’t be mistaken by even a blind man. To call him a nightmare would be inaccurate as those who lurked in the darkness cowered before him. He was stronger than any Panther Wakanda could produce and more dangerous than Earth’s greatest threats. With eyes glossed over to make room for golden, piercing slots, N’Jadaka had become:THE KING PANTHER.Still kneeling before him, this small militia awaited for their king to address him. It was a small flex, but “sibling” rivalry prompted his suit to reveal his face again and N’Jadaka to smirk at Sam. He can keep his little shield; N’Jadaka had everything else.His people were more equipped than the highest of SHIELD security officers. In lieu of a heart-shaped herb, N’Jadaka filled there systems with Nightshade, an herb native to Jamaican Islands with capabilities to enhance the body.Normally used to treat severe wounds, Nightshade (with the proper dosages) gave those who ingested it superhuman strength, speed and durability. It was the closest thing one could have to the heart-shaped herb. To the rest of the world, they were in the best physical shape of their lives.To N’Jadaka, they were lesser Black Panthers.  “Get everyone around the fuck outta here,” he ordered. “Anybody tryna be a hero, let they asses get hit, then. Everybody else, get them out — get them to cover! Move out!”In a gust, his men dispersed into the wilds in aid of those seeking to live. Scoffing, Erik said,“Ey, nigga, bet money they find some way to blame us for this shit. Well, — nah — not us, just you. Do all this hero saving sh*t for the Avengers just to be blamed for it?” He spat and took a moment to look back at Sam and laugh, reforming the helmet on his suit. “Couldn’a been me.” 


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Drabble: Why so dismissive?

Ciaran gave Airi, their new but apparently rather long-time ally a long look, her frustration about the repellent behavior of the resistance´s leader, Iorweth towards her visibly marking her face. And indeed his best friend, brother even and also her formerly good friend had shown nothing but his cold, dismissive side when dealing with her. Remaining all professional in terms of handling her request to find her brother but not allowing her one tiny emotional step close.Ciaran was one of the few who knew about the mutual liking the former Elite-Platoon commander and the young healer took in each other during their time when the elven Command was part of the official human troops. - They never really allowed it to happen, Iorweth never allowed it to happen mostly, always making sure to keep his personal feelings and emotions out of any professional relationship, even though that meant denying himself the most desired.Iorweth´s most adamant principle was to treat all men and woman serving under his command with the same respect and care, yet made sure to keep everyone on an arms length in terms of emotional closeness. Firstly to avoid the idea that there were possibly favored and secondly to protect himself from grief upon loss, and loss was looming over every assignment they took. Ciaran, the younger of the two elven warriors probably was the closest friend of the rather withdrawn Commander, an exception based on a deep friendship founded in a shared childhood and youth, in growing up together like brothers.Therefore Ciaran probably was one of the few who knew about Iorweth´s deep affection towards the female healer… and also how deep the hurt went once the betrayal of the humans became obvious – and also what looked like her betrayal.“Give him some time – he´ll open up eventually, I am sure. - Look, back then when against all odds after almost two months of recovering – of which he spent one week in a proper coma – he was back on his feet and found out that you were with the human corporation… he, how to put it... well, he didn´t take it very well...”Silence spread for rather some time, filled the enclosed space of the underground safe room until Ciaran spoke up again, answering unasked questions which yet hung between them almost touchable. “I don´t know if you remember… but we were sent on another mission… - officially”, a snort and a gesture implying fake inverted commas accompanied the last word dripping with bitter sarcasm, “It was a trap.. a trap to terminate the whole platoon of elves. Well, as we all know with human technology advancing we are now considered obsolete, a nuisance at best… fighters like us a threat… and thus the idea was to get rid of all of us before being able to organize ourselves as a resistance movement. - It almost worked – and if it had not been for Iorweth we would be even less in numbers. - Once we noticed the ambush we were walking into he sent all of us to retreat… tried to hold the line so that the rest of us could get away… - needless to say not all of us followed his orders so very precisely… guess that´s why we got him out – yet almost too late and more dead than alive; torn apart by bullets and at least two grenades which went off too close to him… - the result, ...- well, it´s obvious… .” Ciaran shrugged, and shuddered, remembering the terrible state Iorweth had been in when they managed to pull him out and get him to safety – almost too late though. - “When we arrived at a safe-place he was almost gone. - We did what we could for him under those circumstances, yet we were severely under-equipped and understaffed,” a brief glance was cast over to her, holding the unspoken question but also reproach`Where were you?! - We needed you… HE needed you!`` Another shrug followed before Ciaran went on, his head hanging back between his shoulders, his glance pinned to a point on the floor between his feet. “Actually none of us held huge hopes that he´d make it… but yeah, guess he indeed is too stubborn to just back down and die…. - It was almost like a miracle come true when he opened his eyes… eye… - However….like I said, he didn´t handle the news about how the world had changed… and how… well, how you… that you.. that you were siding with the humans now very well… especially not latter… - just give him time, ok? It´s a lot to process, actually also for me, needle girl.”A crooked grin accompanied the old moniker, a sign of Ciaran´s desperate attempt to get on the better side of his emotions for her again – and he had been just one of many comrades, in contrary to Iorweth who as ususal did not show his internal struggle, which did not mean that there was not some severe emotional turmoil going on though. 

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