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Mrs. Malfoy™

05/08/2021 11:01 PM 

Strictly for members of the Malfoy Family.

Under strict construction

Mrs. Malfoy™

05/08/2021 11:01 PM 

Mrs. Malfoy's rules

It is under strict construction.


05/08/2021 06:05 PM 


    “Baba*...?” ZENZI'S CALLING brought life into their home. It had become far too spacious given all who stayed there...and the one who didn't. Erik turned like a mountain before a pebble, harsh lighting cast his face with feature-erasing blackness. He wore a scowl, a feature fit for his namesake on the hunt. Silently, he waited for her to continue now having his full attention.“Can I ax' you a question?” She already did. His silence was reluctant compliance. “How come you ain't neva liked me?”There was a growl that escaped him. His lips were sealed, barring back the lethal reveal of the golden canines in his maw. It was deep, almost animalistic, it offered a low rumble, the likes of which one could assume a lowly god was unpleased with the errors of man. Zenzi shook in place. Weakness. Fear. Prey. She was so small, even for her age (6). His firstborn facing down her king? Right now, she was no different than any of his other subjects.“Liked you?” His voice matched his growl. Who was she to dare question her king? “Who in the hell said I got to ‘like you’? What law is there to say I got to ‘like you’? Tryna stand up in my face and ask a damn fool-ass question like that — tal’m’bout likin’ somebody.” He paused for a moment, nearly spitting out the side of his mouth in frustration. “Come here, girl, when I talk to you.”His order was met with hesitation. Looking up at him, she saw only the one eye that wasn’t shrouded in darkness. Though, to call it an ‘eye’, to her, was simply a lie. There was a hellish fire that burned in that golden-brown hue of his and she was scared to she may be burned. Still, slowly, she trudged her way to him, face parallel to the floor.“Nah, fuck all that — fix your face and tighten up!” He ordered. As if on a spring, she snapped straight up and looked up at him. Not only was his patience being tested, but she’d also already been disciplined on looking down.She knew better by now.“I asked you a question… What law is there to say I got to like you?”“n-none.” It was quiet, another attack on his character, but it was the only sign of strength — speaking at all — she had since addressing him. So, for that, she was excused.“Mothafuckin’ right!” Who was she to ever question her father? This kind of attitude why things didn’t work with her momma. “Don’t you eat every day?” Returning the favor, the question was brought on her and hung in suspense at her negligence to respond. This tree bore strange fruit of wisdom. “Huh?!” The added pressure paralyzed her spine. One way or another, she would stand before her king. “Answer me when I talk to you! Don’t you eat every day?”“y-yeah.”“What?” Her audacity to answer his question like he was any other nigga got him feeling all types of heated. It wasn’t what he wanted to say, but he was far too annoyed to correct her every mistake. He was her King and she would learn her play one way or another. “As long as you in my presence,” he said. “You put a ‘sir’ on the end of it when you talk to me!”“yes, sir!”“You eat everyday?”“yes, sir!”“Got a roof over your head?”“yes, sir!”“Clothes on your back?”“yes, sir!”“Why do you think that is?”“‘Cuz of you…” This answer was the first he’d been given that pleased him. She was young, but that wasn’t no excuse to be stupid. He was a King, born royalty and with his blood in her veins, she was, too. It was about damn she knew it. But knowing it, only, wasn’t enough. He’d given her everything she could ever want and she still had the nerve to question him.That’s a problem.“Hell, I know it’s ‘cause of me…” He paused still looking down upon her. The second of silence scared her. If she’d been answering him, what if she’d gotten it wrong? “Why do you think that is?”Zenzi paused for a moment as she collected her thoughts. She thought to all the other kids around her, even the ones in her momma’s neighborhood in Gotham. One was a shining utopia for Black folk and the other was lucky to scrape by. However, no matter how lucrative or broke, she knew the signs of family. Christmas came, she saw happiness everywhere. Birthdays? Happy families. If they had all those, even with no money, it must mean one thing, right?“…’Cuz you like me…?”Right?“Like you…” And there it was, hanging again like a decayed lie sent as a Messiah to masquerade as truth. One found value in being “liked”, but a slave was a slave no matter how much the Master “liked” them. Erik looked away for just a moment and was trapped in his memories of old. Flashes of his every moment that led to this revealed just how insulting it was she asked him that.Being “liked” didn’t save his daddy from being murdered. Being “liked” didn’t save their ancestors from being enslaved for hundreds of years. Being “liked” didn’t do a damn thing for Black folk and wasn’t about to start now.Especially not for his daughter.He’d been lenient before, remembering his life was not her life and how far that wedge between them had been. Now, he would not be so merciful.“I go out of here every morning…” He started as he returned his gaze to her. “Bust my ass puttin’ up with bullshit all day… ‘cause I like you? You must got me fucked up! It’s my JOB!” He said, practically roaring her, as afraid as she was, she was stricken with paralysis making running away a distant fantasy. “It’s my RESPONSIBILITY! You understand me!? A man has to provide for his family and a King protects his own.”Though he’d never admit it, there was a vulnerability in his honesty. His daddy was a prince and fought to keep him and his momma right. Even in death, every word said was to protect his son. Not even some punk-ass bitch in a Panther suit could shatter that loyalty instilled in him.“You live in my kingdom…” He said again. He’d gone to extreme lengths to have his protection shadow her, no matter where she was. To relegate his kingdom to a specified amount of square footage, rather than principle — inheritance by bloodright — would spit his very being. “You sleep yo’ ‘hind on my bed, fill your belly up with my food…because you are my daughter.”This…changed something in her. Before, she’d do anything to get away for fear her daddy would only get madder, but hearing this, even without the proper wisdom to grasp it fully, caused her chest to swell. Now, she would not only listen, but learn.“You my flesh and blood, my successor and my pride — NOT ‘CUZ I LIKE YOU! It’s my duty to take care of you. It is an honor to have a daughter and a privilege to have a father — I owe a responsibility to you!”Erik stopped. He looked into her eyes and began to see flickers of cinders dancing in them, mirroring his own. She still shook, cowering before her King, but unlike before, she would not shy away and look down in defeat. To look at him now, still standing before the brutality of honesty she was forced to endure…There was no greater sign of respect.He towered over her. There was a safe chance she would never grow to match his height nor rival his strength, but his Princess would grow to a Queen. She would find her own way to rule and rise above her challenges and strifes. Until that day, though, he would have to continue to provide. Small size was never a reason to no be revered; Wakanda used lesser means to look down upon their own people and he would correct that mistake.He could not make her grow, but he could make the world smaller.The King kneeled to the Princess.“Let’s set shit straight right now — I ain’t got to ‘like you’. Them niggas in Wakanda don’t gimme my shit ‘cuz they ‘like me’, they give it to me because they owe me. I could give a fuck less if they like me, I’m still their Prince…”She was never told the whole truth of Wakanda, nor her grandfather’s murder. Somehow, though, she knew this to be true.“Now, I done gave you everything I have to give you: your pride, your riches, your glory — the mere chance at being something more than another nigga shot in the streets. I gave you your life! Me and yo’ momma worked that out between us and ‘liking’ yo’ Black ass ain’t had shit to do with it and don’t you dare…go through life worryin’ ‘bout if somebody ‘like’ you.”A boulder of a hand was placed on her shoulder and slowly slithered to the back of her head, locking her eye a mutual, dancing flame of a stare. He could feel the strength muddled in with her feelings of fear. She still shook, but her father would show her otherwise.She found a strength she didn’t know she had. By merely being born, she was elevated to a position of power. By being born Black, she learned she was resistant to heat. His eyes would no longer burn her; she had that power, too.He placed his forehead to hers, crown to tiara, and brought his voice to the low rumbling as before.“You betta make sure…they put some respect on your name… Do you understand me?”This was a genuine question. Pride aside, anger in check — he needed to know. He found no thrill nor satisfaction in reprimanding her. She was a perfect reflection of him; to see a defenseless child bludgeoned by the reality of her father’s mortality reminded him of that fateful night all those years ago. He didn’t “like” doing this, forcing her to give up her feelings and emulate his struggles, but it was a necessary evil.It was the only chance she’d have at survival.“Yes, Baba…” she said, feeling secure enough to speak with pride. He felt that, too.He’d been denied his kingship by his own Wakandans, even stripped of the vibranium reserves, the very thing that gave The Black Panther his power. His own family denied him such a right, mocking him even as he towered over all of them. They would rather die and cling to their feelings. People have died for less; it made no difference to him.He survived. He always did. It was his from his past that lethal strength begged to be forged.  “You'll never be a true king.” But if he could spare her that pain… Well, it was as he said.A King protects his own.“Then, get the fuck on and remember who the fuck you are.” 


05/08/2021 02:36 PM 

Owes list

I OWE Colson - Starter #18 - 5/7Nick - starter #12 - 5/7THEY OWEChandler -Reply -5/4UPDATED AS OF 5/8


05/07/2021 10:54 PM 

spring m o o d b o a r d.

"here comes the sun, and i say, it's all right." - the beatles

ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀᴘᴇᴅ ᴄʀᴜꜱᴀᴅᴇʀ

05/07/2021 04:49 PM 

Bat Cave Code. [Rules]

[Sign with a gif of your character or  A quote from your character / a quote you like [if you're playing an OC.]  Disclaimer:  I am not Bruce Wayne/Batman. He's a fictional character that was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger 82 years ago in 1939. I am not Ben Affleck who played Batman in "Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice," "Suicide Squad" and 'Justice League Snyder Cut" (let's pretend the Whedon one doesn't exist.) The character belongs to DC Comics & Warner Bros. I am just a writer who loves Batman.1. Time Online: Let me just get this out of the way right now. I will not, repeat will not be around 24/7. Yes Batman is my main page but I do have other accounts. Also keep in mind that I do have responsibilites away from the site. My job currently is a part time job at my local Amazon warehouse and I work 10 hour shifts every Tuesday-Thursday. There may be times I have to do mandatory extra shifts or I willingly volunteer to tak extra ones because you know, I like money. I also live with my parents who are both very ill and require my help. Lastly, I do like to be in the outside world, so there will be times I am simply away. If I go out of town/state for a long period of time or have to take a leave of absence from site I will make announcements known in statuses or bulletins.2. OOC Info: I don't like to reveal too much about my personal life as I'm here to write and they are only a select few who know my real name. I won't share too much about my real life unless I feel there is a level of trust there. However I am comfortable with sharing some facts. -- 1. I'm a dude. I know many female writers here like to write men, but I am a man in real life too. 2. I'm in my mid-late 30s. 3. I live on the East Coast of the United States 4. I've written for about 18 years give or take. 5. I've been on and off this site for ten years.3. Means of Contact: Now just because I won't rp everyday. Doesn't mean I'll disappear forever. You may message me at anytime I check messages daily and I do have a Discord which is on my page. Just keep in mind days I am working I won't be able to answer back until I'm home.4. Writing Style: I know it says para to novella but I mostly multi-para. I can novella when muse is inspired to do so. I write in comments and messages.  I primarily like to roleplay one on one. I can do groups but I am selective. As for other stuff, I do like to status play and leave IC picture comments at random. Let me also say I hate being god moded. I control my character.5. Patient But Don't Ignore Me: Listen I am pretty much a patient person. I can't write all the time so I don't expect you to be able to either.That being said, it doesn't mean you can ignore me for weeks or months on end if I attempt to reach out to you. Especially if I see you in stream repeatedly posting statuses or reposting random stuff. I will just assume I'm being ignored and I'll delete you. In fact I am enacting a two week rule to respond back if I reach out you. After two weeks and no word back, I am going to assume you're not interested and you will be removed from my page. All I ask if you're busy to let me know so I don't think I'm being ignored.6. Spelling & Grammar: I will say this much. I am not the grammar or spelling police. I have always had issues with my spelling and  grammar since I can remember. So I will give a lot  of rope to those who have the same problem, just try your best. Secondly, I know some on here are dyslexic or suffer from a similiar disorder and some on here do not use English as their primary language, those two groups of people I will give even more rope.7. My Take on Bruce Wayne/Batman: My Batman is a cross between the DCEU / Zack Snyder incarnation of Batman played by Ben Affleck, DC Comics & the Arkham video game series. What I am borrowing from the movies that he has been Batman for at least 20 years and is one of the co-leaders/sole financer of Justice League. As far as the comics go we can pull from any storyline in any era of the character from the comics. The games I can do storylines following the events of the game. Now I want to get this out of the way, I know Ben Affleck isn't beloved by all (I've gotten comments I should go back to Bale or upgrade to Pattinson) so let me say this now. I am not changing the face. If you don't like Ben Affleck as my face claim rp with someone else.8. Writing Content: There will be depictions of fighting/violence (see more on rule below), language, some drinking and gritty or macabre subject matter. I will not be writing with anyone under the age of 18. If I need to up this age to no one under 21 or 25 due to lack of maturity on your part I will.9. Fighting My Character: I've decided that I will once again allow fight scenes to go down in my writing rather then referencing it. However, I will say this much. I don't like one sided fights. Or fights were I feel like you're just going to make your character look he or she is this invincible bad ass. I like to keep the fights fair, my character can give and take hits. Keep it fair or don't engage in a fight with me. If I have to nix the fighting scenes I will.10. Openverse & OCs: So I am pretty much an openverse page and will crossover into most genres. Sticking to just comic can be restrictive and bland for me. I like putting Batman in situations out of the comic realm and I always have. He can be surviving in an undead apocalypse or time traveling in The Tardis, or being sent to a galaxy far, far away etc... As for OCs, you have a friend and supporter of OCs pages so don't be shy to add me. That being said, I will deny the following verses --- celebrity/WWE and erotic/smut verses.11. Connections: Connections are to be earned if you write with me in some form or fashion. I just won't give them away anymore. Be aware you may see more then one person playing your character on my connection page. I don't do mains or play favorites.12. Single Shipped & Taken: I didn't mention the fact I allow romance/adult themes  in my rps not because I don't do them. I do them but its only for one person, I'm taken by Kleptomaniac (aka Selina Kyle/Catwoman) - Also a good friend of mine OOC.Anything romantic will be done with her and her alone. Now in the event if I ever were to become single again. I will revise this rule but for right now at this point in time, Bruce is off the market.13. No OOC Drama/Toxicity: Last but not least. This page or any page I make for that matter is my happy creative safe zone. I don't put up with drama unless it's for the RP. I don't put up with bullying. I don't put up with petty crap. I don't put up with elitists. I don't put up with clique mob mentality. This is roleplaying. Not for you to relive your glory days of high school and if you are in your 20s or 30s in real life please for the love of God, act your age. Be here to write, be respectful and have fun or get the hell out.I look forward to writing with you.- The Caped Crusader's writer 


05/07/2021 06:07 PM 

The Principle of Motion.

TTB May Drabble The Principle of Motion WindWalker; /1699344 Sam Wilson had always considered himself physically fit. That changed on one misty morning. Meeting a living legend like Steve Rogers had a profound effect on him. He'd follow that man anywhere. So far, Sam had done just that.He had been like any other kid growing up in America. The story of Captain America and the Howling Commandos had been required reading for everyone who wanted to actually get a high school diploma. Cap’s disappearance and the death of Sgt. Barnes were two of the greatest tragedies of history. There were still quite a few missions of theirs that had been deemed top secret so the people at large like a little Sam Wilson would never learn about that until someday he met not only Steve Rogers but he met Bucky Barnes.His grandpa Ray had been a part of that same generation that had given rise to both Rogers and Barnes. Loyalty was a concept that his grandpa had in common with Steve Rogers. The loyalty that Rogers had to Barnes was something that Sam was viewing first hand. Rogers was just such a commanding figure, he inspired loyalty from the younger man with the greatest of ease even if that meant that a lot of people on both sides of the fence were going to start shooting at both of them. This was something that Rogers had to do and Sam wasn’t going to let him go alone.Barnes had been turned into this mind controlled killing machine that was code-named Winter Soldier. Sam still carried a bunch of bruises all over his body from their last confrontation. First impressions of The Winter Soldier had not been favorable ones on the part of Sam Wilson. He wasn’t about to give up however because the fact that Rogers was hanging on was enough for Sam. Giving up just wasn’t in Sam’s nature either. After leaving Nick Fury behind at that phony grave, he and Steve were going after Barnes who was now considered armed and dangerous. Steve said Bucky needed a friend. Sam hoped to God that he was right.~*~On the run now for two years looking for Barnes had taught Sam a lot about Steve Rogers. To say that it was life changing was only putting it mildly. Sam and Steve had both started to really fight more like a combat unit anticipating one another’s moves and getting better with each time they faced Hydra. Hydra wanted their asset back so time was not on their side until one day that did change.It was an old shack with an industrial strength vice inside. That metal arm that Sam had faced close up two years prior had left him with a definite bad taste in his mouth. Barnes was unconscious when Sam and Steve had brought him here. They needed to talk to him to be sure that the guy that Steve grew up with was still in there somewhere.Steve twisted the last bit of the vice to hold the metal arm in place so that Barnes couldn’t break free. He lowered his hands and turned back to Sam. “Now we wait.” The man formerly known as Captain America spoke to his companion.Sam had his arms folded over one another leaning against the leftover furniture. He watched the limp form of The Winter Soldier for any sign of life from the Hydra Asset. The only thing he saw at the moment was the fact he was breathing so Sam knew that he wasn’t dead. “You sure this is all worth it Steve? I mean with the fact that he’s a world class assassin for the past seven decades hanging over him means that the good guys aren’t exactly going to be easily convinced he’s salvageable.”Steve glanced back at Sam over his shoulder. His back was to Bucky. “I can’t let what they did to him stand, Sam. He’s gotten away from Hydra and their goons for all this time now. He’s got to be clear headed now. Those monsters turned him to something that he never was Sam. I have to fight for him. He used to fight for me all the time.”“I hope you’re right Steve because you're one insult away from starting a war" Sam answered with a clarity of a man from the outside looking in when it came to The Winter Soldier. He didn’t know the Bucky that Steve knew from before the war. He only knew what he saw at this point.Steve turned around to face Bucky who was still unconscious with his arm caught in the vice. Bucky’s long hair covered his head blocking his eyes. “I have to be Sam. I’m the only one Bucky has left. I’ll fight for him no matter how long it takes.” Steve was still standing by Sam when he spoke.“I wish I had someone that would stand by me like that.” Sam answered with a slight smile. He knew he had his sister back home, but she was still upset over the fact he’s gone underground and felt like it was his duty to save the world.Steve smiled at his new friend and clapped him on the shoulder. “You do Sam.” The implication was there and was clear as a bell. Sam Wilson had proven his own loyalty to Steve by following him for two years looking for a man he didn’t really know, all on the off chance that Barnes was able to be saved. The older man in a young man’s body was the greatest hero that America had in modern history.This time that Sam had spent with Steve did mean something after all. Little did Sam realize that in the near future Steve would be out of not only his life, but Bucky’s life too. These two men brought together by Steve Rogers would mean so much to one another in a world that cried out for new heroes. Steve was a link in a chain. HIs example would be one that changed Sam Wilson forever. The future Captain America learned a lesson that he’d had to be reminded of later in life. Sam Wilson was never the same again. He was better.  credit: james kriet


05/07/2021 05:39 PM 

Angel of Dance - A Meg Giry Bio
Current mood:  accomplished

Meg Giry is the daughter of Madame Giry, and is noted to be beautiful. She is blonde and is one of the ballerinas. She is often seen with Christine, and when the backdrop falls on la Carlotta, Meg is the one to first whisper that it was the Phantom of the Opera.  Meg first appears with Christine, the two girls hurrying to rehearsal. They are ballerinas in the show that night. When the new managers arrive, the remark that Meg is a "blonde angel" while watching her dance. When Raoul enters, Christine tells Meg about how the two of them had been childhood sweethearts. Meg comments that Raoul was handsome, and when he didn't see Christine, Meg comforts her. She watches Christine demonstrate her skill at singing, and after the performance is seen searching for her good friend. She finds her friend in the chapel, and congratulates her. She inquires as to who Christine's tutor was, and Christine explains that her father sent an angel of music. Meg shakes her head and says that stories like that can't come true. She expresses concern for Christine, worrying that her friend was afraid or upset. She leads Christine away from the chapel. Meg is the one to get the keys and enter Christine's room after Christine had vanished. She finds the door in the mirror, and begins to follow the passageway, but was stopped by her mother and lead away. Meg informs the managers and Raul that Christine needed rest after they were asking to see her when she returned. Meg plays a silent role in the next opera, like Christine. Meg often appears backstage with her mother during portions of the operas that are performed. Meg tries to follow her mother and Raoul after Christine is kidnapped, but her mother tells her to remain in the above world. Meg obeys for a time, and tries to convince the rest of the cast to obey as well, but in the end she is seen in the catacombs with the rest of the cast. She finds the monkey music box playing and the white half mask beside it.  

Meg Giry Bio about

ᵗʰᵉ𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘤𝘩 ᴊᴜɴᴋɪᴇ

05/07/2021 04:39 PM 

☆ The first Mother's Day.

TW: miscarriage.     It was the first Mother's Day since Krissy had miscarried with their little peanut. They were still numb over loosing their baby; they hadn't even found out if they had been having a boy or a girl. They still lovingly referred to Baby Buckingham as their peanut. Krissy would always have it harder. She got to carry their child something a father could never understand. Something Will watched her beat herself up over, because Peanut wasn't here with them to celebrate days like today. She blamed herself. It was something he never had; he went through a period of blaming God and being angry with him. Never at Krissy though He wanted to help wash away her pain.Will crept out of bed careful not to wake the sleeping beauty next to him. It had been one of the few nights she'd slept soundly since. Between loosing Peanut and the drama brought on from a lie of another; they had shared a lot of restless nights over the last several months. He wanted to surprise her with breakfast in bed, flowers, and her first Mother's Day gift. She was still a mother after all. A mother to a angel, too beautiful for Earth.She'd awake to blueberry pancakes, eggs, fresh fruit, and bacon; it was the same breakfast the two ordered their first time ordering room service. When they were just two naive kids on tour. Flowers and a card on the tray.Krissy, Happy Mother's Day, sweetheart. I know today is going to be rough, because our peanut should be here with us celebrating what a wonderful mother you are. Heaven may separate us from peanut, but nothing will ever change that he/she made you a mother. You were an amazing mother from the moment we found out there was a peanut. You amaze me with your strength every single day. I wish everyday I could see you holding our baby. I imagine what she or he would look like. If they'd have your bright green eyes and your smile that melts me every time. The smile I miss. Our angel is always with you, sweetheart. You may have carried her only for a short time, but we'll carry her around forever in our hearts. I love you. Always, Will Will caught Krissy looking at the sonograms often alone in what was meant to be the nursery, so he had the one he had carried in his wallet framed for her from a seller on Etsy. Where he also found a bracelet that would allow her to carry it on her wrist with her - everywhere. Even though peanut stayed in their hearts - always.

TheBritchDoc. (T)

05/07/2021 02:16 PM 

My Rules
Current mood:  accomplished

1. Keep Drama To Yourself PERIOD.2. Don't Invite yourself In My Stream UnLess Asked.3. Don't God Mode Me. Do Not Trash anyone And I mean anyone On Stream, I will Report you.4. My Sex is with My Man No one else And its Graphic, I DO NOT CHEAT5. I TRUST NO ONE, That means trust has to be gained when dealing with me..6. Do NOT ASK Whom I rp with Ooc None of your Fckn Business If They want to tell you then that there choice7. DO NOT BITCH IN  MESSAGE SAYING HOW COME THEY RPING WITH YOU AND IGNORING YOU,.  I don't GAF why there ignoring you.. I sure and the HELL not gonna move to the side for you to F***ING get your way with it I will REPORT YOU. YEAH IM A BItch.8. All You need to Know is In RL I'm Over 18+   9. I will Rp in Message and Stream but not in comments caus I know people that can hack comment to read them  Trust me you be reading them when you all acting stupid and that leads me to know your reading my comments Soo Don't waist  your time reading them and Gettng block cause that's what will happen.10. I rp Many other pro's as well Soo that means This isn't my top priority to get to that means be patient, Don't be all sending me messages over and over or coment over and over asking why I not reply to you. That WILL F***ING Piss me off Don't do it.11. DO NOT Control My Character I think I can do that myself.12. I DO NOT DO INSEST,   Or Erotic Sh*t that Nasty so don't do it.. (BLOCK) That what you'll get.I3. I make my own Gifs YEP  I don't need to steal other people sh*t, when I can make them myselfs All My Gifs are tagged with My #Number/ Name.14. I make General Hospital Screenshots as well I've made them over 15yrs if you want the link just ask, but You have to credit me for them if you do... if Not I'll Hide them and only use them for myself wich will piss people of cause you ruined for one that's crediting me. 


05/07/2021 11:51 PM 

Vaal Lux Encounter *Open Response*

Characters:Felix ArcosTamara BlakeSong:            Traitors deserved death all who turned their backs on the Vaal Lux were killed but this was a special case. Felix had defected from the cult many years ago and had gone through therapy to rehabilitate him the traumatic experiences that he had encountered. In a car outside of Felix’s townhouse sat Tamara. A Cherokee woman with long black hair down her back which flowed like a water, sun kissed skin, and dark brown eyes. Her goal was to make Felix remember where he’d come from so that he would come home, should she be unsuccessful in that then she would force him home.            Moonlight peering through blinds as Felix sat looking out the window from his dark room. ‘Ugh.’ “Alright let’s just get something to eat.” He said to himself throwing on a black t-shirt and a random pair of grey joggers. Stepping out of his place he’d lock his door behind him and proceed down to the sidewalk not making it far before Tamara came jogging by and fake tripping.            “Oh my gosh!” She yelled grabbing onto him. “Wow thank you for not letting me fall I could have broken my arm or something.” She said with a chuckle taking a look at his face. “Hey I know you.” She said with enthusiasm in her tone. “Felix?”            A smile grew upon his face when she said his name, but he was honestly weirded out that this woman called him by his first name, and she didn’t seem at all familiar. “Do I know you?” He chuckled out helping her back onto her own feet. “It’s me Tamara from high school! She said trying to see if he would remember that part of his life.“I can’t say that I remember you from high school, you went to SAS? Which class were you in?” He asked her as she responded. “2014, I know you were in 13 but I had the hugest crush on you. When you sung at the talent show in your senior year I was blown away. I just knew you were going into the entertainment industry but as one would expect I was too shy to say anything to you at the time, I doubt you even noticed me… That seems to be the usual thing that happened when I run into our old schoolmates. Anyways though what happened afterwards?”            Sad part was that Felix didn’t remember her, but he also didn’t want her to feel bad since she said not a lot of people actually do remember her. “Maybe if we were in the same class, I would have interacted with you more. What’s your name again?” He looked to the left away from her when she asked him about what happened after high school but then her questions started flowing in. “Well I-“            “Are you heading somewhere now? I was just running back to my car if you want to grab a bite to eat. We can catchup that is unless you were going somewhere special with those grey sweatpants on. Any lucky lady in your life?” Truth be told Fee was still stuck on what happened after high school bit. “You know it’s one thing not to remember me from school but to not remember my name at all you player… That hurts, check this out.” Pulling out her phone she’d show him a picture of Luxio, Felix, and herself at his 22nd birthday party.Frowning he looked at the phone as she smiled. “N-no I spent my 22nd birthday with my family.” It was clearly him in the photo with her and some random guy.“So, you think that I photoshopped this?” Intertwining her fingers of her free hand with his he’d pull away gently not wanting to be rude. “You seriously don’t remember this? Wow, now I thought I had a selective memory, but you are taking the cake on this one.” Scrolling through the gallery of photos she’d then stop on one in particular that brought a pink tint to his face. “Vaal Lux for life, right?” Tamara smirked thinking she had been jogging memories in his head.            “Look I have to go. I would say it was nice running into you, but you actually ran into me. Be careful and try to get some more supportive shoes it would help with the falling and tripping a lot.” Turning away from her he’d hear her say. “Not so fast Pantera, or should I say Ghost Panther?” Uncapping a canister of water on her left hip she pull the liquid out to whip towards him wrapping around his throat forming a water bubble around his head. Had he expected that he would have held his breath but the water was going up his nose and down his throat drowning him. Looking around before dragging the man back to the door of his townhouse she’d form an ice block shoving it in through the keyhole making a fake key which she turned to unlock the door.            Once inside she’d slam the door only releasing the water control once she figured he had enough water in his lungs. “Tell me who the Vaal Lux are Felix.” She said aggressively listening to him coughing up water. “I don’t know what you’re talking about lady!” He choked out which made her shrug. “Then I guess we are going to be here a while.” Attempting to punch him in the phase only to hit the hard wood floor because he phased, she Yelled out. “Son of a bitch!”            Washing Felix across the decorated floors knocking over tables and soaking the living room rug. “Can’t scream and yell if you’re waterlogged I’d like to see you phase through liquid!” Her initial sneak attack set the tone for the night as she pretty much had him beat after hours of torture and even her own form of waterboarding him in his own house Felix’s attempts at counters relied on physical hits but she seemed to liquify upon contact. Faucets running, bathtub overflowing Felix felt his body moving on its own and the feeling was an excruciating pain. Blood on fire he’d hear his bones cracking as he twitched under her control of blood bending, slowly lifting up off of his feet coming face to face with her. “Say his name.” It was to her surprise when spit had hit her cheek. He spat on her! “You spat on me!?” Going overboard she’d clench her hands into fists as blood began to trail from his ears and mouth.            “You f***er! You always thought you were better then everyone else and now look at you bloody with amnesia. I would say you got what you deserve but you don’t deserve happiness you traitorous piece of sh*t!” Throwing him into a wall she didn’t let go of her blood bending grasp knocking him around. His body couldn’t take anymore of the abuse it reached the point where there was too much internal damage. Getting bold with her victory she didn’t even bother covering his body up as she dragged Felix out of the house soaked footsteps and his drenched clothes leaving a trail of water in her path before tossing her missions objective into the trunk of her cheap little escort car that would blend going under the radar as just another broke person driving a lemon.


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Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow, mentions: Celtic Fire, Veni Vidi, Vici,features: Luvenis PlenaMay TTB Drabble Scoundrel /1694031 The golden halls of Olympus were rumbling with the absolute fury of The Messenger. Hermes was crackling with the unbridled rage that manifested itself with sparks of his godly power. "FATHER!" His voice made the very ground shake.She was gone. His beloved Brigid had vanished. Hermes came to Róisín Dubh. The goddess who had so enraptured his heart had borne him a son. Little Cian Patrick was laying in his crib of Shamrocks when Hermes found him. Two Connemara Ponies were standing watch over the godling--his child. They parted to allow him to approach the little prince. He scooped up his son in his arms holding him near his heart.Hermes had left his infant son in the care of his sister Hebe. He knew his son was in safety with the youngest of Hera and Zeus. He also adored his baby sister. Right now the wrath of The Messenger was fully palpable. "FATHER!" His voice kept echoing through the halls."HERMES!" The voice of Zeus sounded like a roaring wind. The King of Heaven stepped forward with his lightning bolt in hand. Optics were ablaze with lightning. He would not abide by defiance from any of his children least of all his very own messenger. "Be wary of your words BOY!" Zeus boomed as Hermes approached him."Where is she Father?" Hermes and his rage could not be contained. "You in your self-righteous glory can tell me who to love and who can bear my children? Where is the Justice in this Father?" The winged helmet that he wore began to radiate with divine power. Hermes did in fact have his father's temper but not his wandering eye. He was so enraptured of Brigid that he'd stolen away with her to the brightest emerald hill in Ireland and claimed her for his wife. It was a feeling the flame haired goddess had reciprocated. They had the blessing of the Dagda. Zeus had been kept out of the loop for good reason.The King of the Gods clenched his teeth. The elevated wrath on his part was quite literally electric. "You're one insult away from starting a war. Is that what you want Hermes?""You have taken MY WIFE Father. You've taken her from our son, your grandson from his mother." Hermes didn't want to invoke a full on rage attack from his father, because that would do Hermes, Brigid, nor their son any good. His instincts as a Trickster God were starting to engage.Zeus felt his rage starting to quell at this point. He was still determined that Hermes would be punished for his open defiance of settling with a Celt. The notion was preposterous. What had been done was done. "Because you defied me, I have hidden her away from you. You married this Celt without my consent and it was witnessed by my wife and our daughter, and has brought me great shame.""Shame? SHAME?" Hermes' temper was percolating again. "I had my wife stolen because you are offended?" Hermes gripped the base of his Caduceus tighter. The snakes hissed and twisted around showing the agitation of The Messenger. "The folly of my youth taking other gods, goddesses and even mortals to my bed met with your approval?"Zeus's nostrils flared. "Hera has already interceded on your behalf. You will raise your son here in Olympus. Your wife is no longer your concern Hermes. Be content with what I am permitting you to keep." Lightning danced along his brow as eyes turned a brilliant golden with the power of the unspent energy.Hermes stood in silence for a moment. Darkness creased his brow as his chin pressed downward. The top of his winged helmet hid his eyes from his father. The Trickster knew that to best his father, he couldn't do it in a battle of strength. Zeus had felled the Titans. All he wanted was Brigid and Cian. Ultimate power and authority in Olympus could remain his father's. "As you wish my King." The low tones of the Trickster gave the sign of acquiescence for now. The key words were for now."Then take your son and find a sufficient temple in which to dwell My Son. Pray I do not regret my decision." Zeus spoke again before he turned to leave the chamber not allowing anything further from Hermes.The Trickster returned to his sister to retrieve his son. "What happened, Brother?" She asked."Mother intervened for me to keep my son. Zeus is permitting me to raise him. So I will raise him." He smiled knowingly to his sister. Hermes left Olympus to return to Róisín Dubh with the Child of His Heart. It would be there that the Celtic Greek Godling would be raised with a full tie to his mother's people and a relationship with his maternal grandfather. Hera and Hebe would also be frequent visitors here watching Cian Patrick grow in grace and stature through the coming centuries.Hermes allowed Zeus to feel his victory and his decree were being obeyed. The Trickster God had his methods and means of accomplishing his goals. He would search for Brigid for as long as it took. Eternity was nothing to the gods.    “I am looking for the one I can’t fool.” ― Kamand Kojouri. credit: james kriet

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☆ Heaven Right Now.

I wonder what you're doing in heaven right now, "Wake up! Will, baby! Wake up, it's just a dream..." A bad dream. Krissy's hands were firmly placed on his shoulder blades trying to shake him awake and pull him out of his dream state. He had tossed and turned a majority of the night, but his mumbling of the word "no" worried the sleeping beauty next to him. Enough she couldn't sleep through his nightmare.Sweat drenched his t-shirt and his eyes dampened with tears. Even in his state of sleep. This was too much.It played out in his unconsciousness, just as it had in real time. It wasn't just a dream. It was vivid memory. That would live inside his head forever, but he wished he could erase. The one thing if he had a time machine, he would go back to and change the outcome. It was his living nightmare.I can't escape the pain. It's constant. I just want it to stop. It was just three sentences, thirteen words, one text. It was a cry for help. He should have called 9-1-1 the moment that text came through instead of thinking he could be a hero. Thinking like a naive seventeen year old does that he could handle this on his own.The drive was a fast haze. He didn't remember seeing the color of the lights in front of him. He didn't remember turning on the street or walking up to the door. All he knew was Ben wasn't answering his phone now. Ben who always answered no matter the time of the day. He had been the person you turned to when you needed someone, something, anything, or nothing.When no one answered the door, Will tried turning the handle to see if it had been unlocked. It had been. "Ben.. Miss Wilkins.." he yelled, as he slowly pushed it open to enter the house. There was no answer. Ben's truck sat in the driveway. He had to be home. "Ben, it's Will, this isn't funny. Answer me. You scared the sh*t out of me with that text.""Are you okay. dude.." Will kept chattering along, trying to get an response from his friend. As he crept up the stairs, turning left down the hall to Ben's room, as he had a couple dozen hundred times before. The door was shut, so he knocked. No answer. He wiggles the handle, but the door was locked. So he banged his fist against the door, repeatedly. "Ben. Come on. BEN."It took much longer than it should have to dawn on him. He knocked on Brittany's bedroom door, but of course no answer. He wiggled her door handle. It was unlocked, so he made quick through the room and the shared bathroom between rooms."Will, you shouldn't have came here," the voice was weak, it was barely audible. Warm tears flooded his eyes. The sight of fresh blood trailing down his arms, a opened pill bottle laid crashed onto the floor next to his almost lifeless body. "I didn't come quick enough."He made quick work of retrieving his phone. "I need an ambulance now." He fed the dispatcher all he knew, who, where, the text, and what he could see laying in front of him. It was all he could do to speak clearly. To not sob right there on the phone. He needed to be strong enough to get the help he should have called a half hour ago.Sinking to his knees next to Ben, Will wrapped his arms around him. "No. Noo. Noooo. Ben, you can't.. you have to," he couldn't hold it together. He just sobbed, holding Ben in his arms. Blood stained his shirt, as Ben attempted to return the hug. He wasn't strong enough too. He had already lost too much blood. "Please. I'm sorry. I should have gotten help sooner.. I should have gotten here faster. Ben, you have to live. I can't.. no.. noo."What the hell was taking the ambulance so long? The twelve minutes among finding Ben and their arrival felt like an eternity. A silent prayer to God to please protect, heal, and help his friend. To take care of him. To save him. It wouldn't be unanswered prayer. It was one spoken not soon enough."I'm sorry, son," the paramedic's voice, pulled him out of his trance. He had been sitting in the back of a cop car, waiting to tell them everything he knew. "Your friend has been pronounced dead on the scene." His fist balled up and hit against the steel of the cage separating the back of the cop car from the front seat. "He can't be. He just can't... this is my fault. I should have called you sooner."Being pulled back into the present, his arms wrapped around Krissy. He buried his head into the nook of her neck. "I wish it was just a dream," he whispered, breathlessly. "I'm going to get a drink of water, you get some sleep. I'll be okay, I promise." He kissed her on the forehead tenderly, before sliding out of bed.The clock in the kitchen read 1:03. "Happy Birthday, Ben," he whispered to himself. Taking a glass down from the cabinet, he filled it up at the tap and chugged it before filling it again. He sunk onto one of the bar stools that sat around the islander. He sat there and begun to talk aloud, as if he was talking to Ben. Telling him about Krissy, about his career, his family, their friends, seeing his mama time to time, what he felt heaven must be like, and everything under the moon.  

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☆ She's more of a mother than you.

☆ a starter for: Velvet Underground. Exploring Will's relationship with his "mother." ☆  Will: I want to talk to you and I don't think I should tell you this via text. Can we please have lunch soon?Kristen: How about tomorrow?   It was quite brunch, small chit-chat, but mostly silence filled the space at the table between mother and son. Their food was still plated only a few bites taken, mostly being used as distraction as they pushed it around their plates with their forks. Kristen knew Will had some news that he didn't feel appropriate to share via text, but that had been the only line of communication between the pair over the last year or even two. Their phones."What couldn't you tell me over the phone?" She finally asked, breaking the ice."I guess, I can't just say I wanted to spend some time with my mother. I did tell you we needed to talk," Will shrugged his shoulders. He knew she deserved to know that Stevie was adopting him; the same way she had Stella already. She deserved to know that her child was going to be someone else's son. Officially. Even though in a weird way, always had been. Even before she was mama; she'd been Aunt Stevie and always been in their corner. No matter what Kristen thought of it; she was there.Taking a deep breath, inhaling a mouthful of crisp fresh air. Will closed his eyes briefly, gathering his words and thoughts. He wanted to say this as delicately as possible and try to avoid a scene. "Stevie is going to go through the trouble of adopting me too.""That seems pointless, you're twenty two years old. A full grown adult, living across the country on his own, and doing your own thing," she dragged out the word thing like it was disgusting. She couldn't say the words "music career;" she never could support his music. "It isn't pointless that she wants to be my mother legally." "She isn't your mother legally or biologically. I'm your mother, William. It is pointless to adopt a "grown up," who had a mother." "Yeah, you're my mother." Will rolled his eyes, his facial express said more than his words did. The part that really jabbed at him, because he was the one that struggled the most accepting Stevie as anything more than Aunt Stevie. He spent a lot of wasted time angry at his father, at Stevie, He resented the hurt their relationship had put Kristen through. It took seeing Kristen through another light; seeing her resentment rain on his sisters, on him. Her harsh words that cut like glass. Accepting the happiness he finally saw in his father's eyes every day; the way Stevie fought to make everything okay even through the storm."Stevies been more of a mother to me in the last.." Kristen pushed her chair back from the table, she stood up. Will wasn't sure if she was just storming out or going to cause a scene. He just sat in complete silence. Waiting. His heart sat in the pit of his stomach. "That's f***ing bullsh*t and you all know it. I don't remember Stevie giving birth to you kids. Yeah, didn't think so. I'm your mother. ME. Not her. Just because she has your father, it doesn't mean she should get you too." "Could you sit down and lower your voice, you're making a scene." Lord knew, Will shouldn't have taken her out in public. He should have taken lunch to her house or invited her to his own. He should have known she would take this badly. She would lash out. Kristen sat back down, but there was hesitation. "You know there is a lot more to being a mother than birthing a child. Something that Stevie gives the three of us that you stopped giving a long time ago. Endless love, support, and faith." "If you don't think I love and support my children - you can just go to hell." There wasn't a warning to what was going to happen next. Will wiped the water from his face, that she'd flung out of her glass across the table at him. Before she stormed out of the restaurant. Will left the money to cover the tab on the table before he ran out after his mother.A chuckle escaped his lips. "If that's how you show that you love your children, mother of the year." Will stood there by her car, he clapped his hands honestly impressed by her actions; proving herself as a loving mother. Not."What do you want me to say, William?"What do I want you to say? It's what I want you to do. I want you be our mother again. I want you to love us. I want you to support us. You didn't have to stop that when you stopped being Lindsey Buckingham's wife. You were still the mother of his children.""And now you want her as your mother.""That doesn't take my love for you away, my heart is big enough to have room for two mothers. Face it, mom. Stevie has always been our bonus mother. She's never missed a milestone in our lives. If you want the truth, she is a better mother than you have been." The anger radiating off him, his hands were trembling."How?" How!?! How was Stevie Nicks a better mother than Kristen? How wasn't she at this point of life. "I'm not going to speak on the behalf of Lee Lee or Stella, but just my own. Did you know my new album comes out this week? No? Did you know it's my sixth. That I get to headline my own tour this summer? You didn't even congratulate me on being Male Artist of The Year at the ACMs, but f*** you didn't even acknowledge that I shared the title of Entertainer of The Year with Carrie f***ing Underwood the year before. You've never even been to a show and you probably never listened to a song. Have you?""Do you know who's been at more shows than anyone even dad? Stevie. I've watched her fly from her own shows across the country to be at mine and right back. She's spent hours in the studio next to me until I was happy with the final mix. She's spent hours crying with me and celebrating with me over the highs and lows of this crazy life I'm getting to live. She's been there for me during my dream and my mother hasn't." "You want her to be your mother, because of music and that lifestyle. The one that helped break your father..." "What broke you up is dad finally deserved happiness." The pair stood there in the parking lot of some small town restaurant. Sharing snarky remarks back and fourth; fighting over the divorce between his parents, the music career, Stevie, and everything else they could. They were making a scene and at this point. Will couldn't care less. It felt good to get it off his chest."You can't support your own child, because you resent dad so f***ing much. You just look at me holding a guitar and playing shows every night and all you see is Lindsey Buckingham not your son living his own dreams."  - - - - - - - - - - Standing in the hallway of the house now, Will was drying his still damped hair from the restaurant. He felt better about going through with the adoption. He never had his doubts that is was what he wanted. He just never wanted it to be something he was hiding from Kristen. She deserved to know from him.Except he felt worse than he ever had about hopes for his relationship with his biological mother. It was never going to be what it was. When he had been a small clueless boy. That wanted nothing more than be like his daddy. When his mother could look at both of them without resentment. 

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☆ a short headcanon.

☆ I enjoyed writing this moment in Stella's starter, so I decided to share it as a headcanon.*also lets ignore the gif is two girls, because it's just fitting to the story.*Will had a special bond with his youngest sister in particular. Stella had been his "munchkin" and he'd been her "bubbe" since childhood. There was a brief period of time in which Will didn't want another sister. He didn't want to share his time any more with his parents or his aunts or uncles. Lee had already taken too much time and attention away from him. So of course, when Kristen and Lindsey brought home another baby, another little girl. He was jealous and upset; having refused to accept he was going to be a big brother again until it happened.Phone books had still been a thing, but he couldn't read. He remembered seeing someone dial zero to get an operator from watching some old tv show with his parents. "I need to talk to the hospital.. yes." The operator put him through to the hospital's main line. "Hello, I'd like to return a baby my mommy and daddy brought home from there please and thank you." His little voice cracked. "What you mean you don't take returns on babies?" The little curly headed brunette boy burst out into tears. He sobbed harder than he ever could remember doing so. "Let. Me. Get. Da-da-daddy." The little boy stumbled through the house holding onto the phone and pushed it towards his father, as he found him. Holding the baby, of course.It was the first time the little boy got grounded, but of course it hadn't been without a heartfelt talk from his father. Reassuring the little boy just how loved he was and would always be. Reminding him he had his own advantages being the only boy to a family of girls.

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