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velvet underground.

05/09/2021 01:54 PM 

the singing fish

may 11th. 2002 - while recording their album 'say you will', as well as the documentary 'destiny rules' a very high on mary jane stevie nicks came across a singing fish from the 90s, found some old batteries, and set it up. when the camera crew asked why she was doing it, stevie was quoted as saying 'alright, now we're gonna eject some humour into the recording of this record' before laughing about it and commenting 'come on, you gotta think that's funny, right?in a deleted scene, stevie takes the fish and sticks it on lindsey's soundboard while he's working on editing the song 'miranda' before pressing play and sitting down due to her not being able to stop laughing. lindsey remarked he'd never have one of them in any house he lived in ever this very day, she still has one in both of her houses in los angelas, as well as her main home in phoenix, just to tease her husband.

velvet underground.

05/09/2021 01:52 PM 

Happy Mother's Day, Mama.

May 9th, 2021 The sound of the gravel underneath Lindsey’s Dodge Charger was a sound that Stevie hadn’t heard in quite some time, a couple of years had passed since the last time she made this trip. It was easier to not exactly avoid but block out what today was, how soul-sucking it truly was to even go through this day with a smile on her face when she’s in LA or on tour, but it’s harder to do when she’s in Phoenix and literally fifteen minutes away. This year was different, and even though Stevie had reasons to feel blessed on this day instead of heartbroken it still doesn’t make the pain in the bottom of her heart go away or ease up at all. It still seems like yesterday Stevie watched the casket get dropped to the ground as the hands of the man who’s now her husband rested on her shoulders. Pulling the car into the shade, resting under a beautiful oak tree, Stevie turned it off before getting out and locking the car behind her. Looking around for a few moments, she slid the keyfob in her pocket before she walked down the stone path. Letting out a heavy sigh when she reached where she was going a few minutes later, Stevie extended her right hand to run her fingertips over the first tombstone she would walk by. “Your birthday is coming up, I’m gonna come visit you like I’ve been meaning to on your birthday. Mama loves you,” she whispered, her fingers tracing Sara’s name in the stone before she felt her hand fall off the tombstone. Taking a seat a few moments later, her back lightly resting against another tombstone, Stevie would remove the sunglasses on her face and place them on the top of her head. ”It’s been a while, mama, I know. A lot has changed, a lot you’d be jumping for joy for” Stevie sat there in silence, her thumb grazing over the bottom of her wedding ring a few times while trying to gather her thoughts together. There was so much to say, so much that was both good and bad and she didn’t know where to start. ”So, the biggest news is I finally got married, finally settled down and got married. Your daughter, who swore off this bullsh*t unless it was with one person got married - and that one person left that woman you loathed and came home. Lindsey showed up at my doorstep in the middle of this f***ing pandemic with divorce papers in his hand and told me he wanted to work on things, work on us, and you know I agreed because you know how much I love that man. We went to Aspen and got married and Mama it was so beautiful.” Stevie let a slight chuckle escape her lips while bringing her hands up to wipe the few tears that fell from her cheeks. ”His children are grown now, I officially adopted Stella because she’s my mini-me, you always said that, and I just asked Will if he wanted me to adopt him. Even though doing it with adults is a bit more difficult it’s possible and I’m willing because you know I love the kids more than anything, and I’m gonna ask Lee too. Fleetwood Mac kind’ve broken up for a bit due to this pandemic, which I am so grateful you and Daddy aren’t here to deal with because he would’ve cracked someone in the mouth for how people are acting towards each other” a small chuckle escaped her lips as she continued with her thoughts. ”But then these kids that Will listens to sometimes planned this tour and wanted acts so I jumped and did it and Mama it was beautiful, I hadn’t been on stage in a couple of years before that and as soon as my platform boots hit the stage it was like I was home. I called Mick and we talked to Chris and John, and you already know Lindsey will do it because I am, and we’re doing a one night only type deal in Baltimore the day after my birthday and to have us five back together after a few years is going to be magical -- and I hear you and Daddy in the back of my head now telling anyone around you that your daughter and son are up there on stage. ”Speaking of Will, he followed in Lindsey’s footsteps and got into the music business and Mama I think he even blew himself away with what he can do. He just dropped a new album and it’s so amazing, he’s won awards, he and I are planning something special. Lee has her own bar, she’s not really in the spotlight right now, but I feel like that’s gonna change someday. Stella is a model and she sometimes plays in Will’s band, and they are all so talented, Mama. All the years of jumping off planes and rushing to their events, their rehearsals, their shows made it all worthwhile and you’d be so proud of them.” Stevie leaned her head back against the tombstone, her blonde hair gently grazing the carved letters of her mother’s name. ”Oh, I got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame again as a solo artist, I guess that really proves I made it. Happened in 2019, had double pneumonia and was in the ICU the next day, but you know my ass was on stage at the event reminding these younger women exactly who the f*** I am” A slight laugh escaped Stevie’s lips as the lump in her throat remained pressing right on it. ”I felt you and Daddy there so much that night, I made sure I did Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around because I know you love that song, and even though I didn’t do it with Tom, Harry Styles was a good replacement. I have all of these famous young people calling me Mom and I’ve helped so many people, said the same words you said to me a lifetime ago so many times I can picture the conversations vividly in my head and hear your voice in the back of my head” Taking a deep breath, Stevie felt her phone vibrate in her side pocket as she pulled it out and opened the text she received. ”Baby, the kids are wondering where you are, they all came here looking for you. I told them you’d be back soon, just letting you know they’re here, and tell Barbra I said hello and I miss her dearly.” ”The kids are at the house, Mama, I’m going to see what they have planned because I know they do. I live in Phoenix again, I bought my old house back so Lee had a place to go after getting her out of a bad situation, so I’ll come to visit more and I mean that. Tell Jess I love him, and I did Landslide at my show just for him. Give Robin and Sara my love too, and your great grandbaby, Krissy and Will are so heartbroken but I told Krissy about Sara so she knows she’s not alone. Take care of them until I get there to help you, alright?” Sliding her phone back into her side pocket, Stevie would slowly climb up to her feet, brushing the dirt off her clothes before bringing her right hand up to her lips. Kissing it softly, she’d lower her arm and place it on the tombstone. ”I feel you around all the time, Mama, I’m really sorry you missed all the stuff you waited a lifetime for, but I feel like you being up there helped bring everything together. I’ll visit again soon, I promise - pinky like we always did. I love you” Quickly taking her sunglasses off her head and placing them on her face, Stevie would let herself have a moment before grabbing her phone out of her pocket. Dialing Lindsey’s number, Stevie turned around and would start walking towards the car. ”Hey, baby. Yeah, I’m on my way home, Mama says hello and she loves you”  

velvet underground.

05/09/2021 01:50 PM 

You're A Mother Now, Too.

This isn't how Stevie expected to spend today five months ago.She expected to be either getting ready to have a baby or have her daughter already right here with her, perhaps Lindsey running around like a crazed lunatic trying to figure everything about parenthood out, or maybe he'd be finishing up painting the nursery and doing a few last-minute things before little Sara was scheduled to arrive. Them joking and laughing, falling in love all over again while reminding themselves why they fell in love to start with so many years ago.Instead, she's laying in her master bedroom in between tour stops on her "Enchanted" tour, about three weeks away from her 50th birthday, a week away from Sara's due date and there's no laughter. There's no last-minute getting a nursery ready and there are no sounds of a baby crying in the middle of the night. Instead, it was just Stevie in an empty house, the only sounds are her dog, Sula, snoring beside her as she laid on the bed not wanting to get up. Wanting to just spend the day in bed and not do anything, cry if she wanted to, smoke a couple of blunts, and just get high to forget the pain for a little while. The sound of her cordless phone ringing made her realize she couldn't do that, especially today,  people have been suspicious about how she's been so distant when she's been home from tour, barely calling when she's actually on the road. For someone who calls her mother every night after she got checked into a hotel to not calling her but once a week, if that, Stevie knew she couldn't bail on today because she and her brother taking their mother out to lunch has been a thing for as long as Stevie remembered. Reaching over and grabbing the phone, she would click the answer button before letting a yawn escape her lips while she brought the phone up to her ear. "TeeDee?" Stevie let out a slight sigh, a nickname she's had since she was a toddler because she couldn't say Stephanie, TeeDee eventually turned into Stevie and she's ran with that since she was a little girl - but her mom always stuck with TeeDee. "Your brother called me, are you still coming with us to lunch this afternoon? I'd really hate for you not to come, we're all so worried about you" There it was, the way her mother always reminded Stevie how she was worried, and where Stevie thought she'd always worry too much - especially after she got clean - Stevie was a bit glad she was worried because, quite frankly, she was worried about herself."Mama, I wouldn't miss lunch with you for Mother's Day for the world, I planned my tour dates around it. And don't worry about me, I'm just feeling a bit burned out considering I had about four months between Mac's tour and my own, it's nothing a few days off won't fix." She wasn't exactly lying to her mother, she did feel burned out and things, but she's just leaving everything else out of it. Hearing her doorbell go off, it causing Sula to jump out of her sleep and start barking, Stevie raised an eyebrow before looking over at the clock. Seeing it was early, too early for it to be her brother, she was intrigued by who was at her door. "Mama, someone's here, I gotta go. I'll see you this afternoon, alright? I love you" Hanging up the phone and dropping it on her bed, Stevie would scoop Sula up into her right arm before climbing out of bed and walking out of the bedroom. Hearing the doorbell ring again as she jogged down her stairs, Stevie would place Sula down before walking over to the front door and opening it. Being taken back by a man standing there with two dozen black and red roses, he mumbled his words before clearing his throat and trying to speak."Miss...Miss Nicks..." obviously he knew who she was, Stevie putting on her best professional smile before a slight chuckle escaped her lips. "Hey, there's no reason to be nervous. Are they for me?" Stevie was still intrigued by who sent them to her, extending her arms after the delivery driver slowly shook his head yes. Grabbing them, she nodded her head to thank them before she'd back up and use her left foot to close the door in front of her. Turning so she could walk towards her kitchen as the fact that she truly couldn't figure out who these were from bothered her, and the fact not many people knew black and red roses were her favorite made the list small and that much more intriguing.Reaching the kitchen, she'd sit the vase on the islander while her eyes scanned to find a card or something saying who it was. Finding a small black teddy bear brought a small smile to Stevie's face, her eyes spotting the card beside it as she opened it. As soon as she read the 'dear Stephanie' she felt the punch to the gut, sitting down at a stool near the islander as she blinked her eyes a few times to gather her emotions together. The fact he even thought of her today meant the world, but as she read the card more the silent sobs started escaping her lips. It'd make it so much easier to hate him if he didn't act like he still loved her as he did so many years ago, and the fact he did something like this on a day like today? It meant more to her than he'll ever know.Dear Stephanie,I know we're not exactly on talking terms right now but I know you'd never be on tour today, your mom would kick your ass. I know today's rough and I'm really sorry I can't be there the way I want to be, I know in a twisted way you understand and I wish you didn't - I'm sure it'd make hating me easier to do. Even though what happened a few months ago still makes you a mother, and since you're a mother now, too - Happy Mother's Day. I love you - let's talk soon, yeah? I miss the sound of your voice.Lindsey

velvet underground.

05/09/2021 01:44 PM 

Déjà vu - Part Three.

trigger warning - child loss : reply to Mαcнιиε HεαятThe silence in the room between Stevie and Christine was eerie, the two were usually so talkative but the silence meant they both had the same gut feeling and the silence remained until the door opened. Stevie's brown orbs didn't leave the dried blood that was caked on her hand, she didn't look at the doctor, she didn't look at Christine because if Stevie removed her eyes from her hand everyone would truly see how broken she was, how utterly destroyed she was, how she just wanted to go and jump off a bridge and be done. "Just say it.  Don't sugarcoat what I already know, doctor, just say it so whatever ounce of hope I have left is gone." Stevie knew she knew the moment the cramps got so bad she was almost in tears what was going on, and yet she finished the f***ing show. Fleetwood Mac has blessed her so many times in her life, but it's ruined so much at the same time, and honestly? She was wondering if it was even worth it anymore, she was wondering if anyone else would give up everything she did for the f***ing band. Even when she remarked publicly she was done being the frontwoman as they were recording Tango in the Night she came back and did some songs for the album. She put her relationship with Lindsey on the back burner, she paused wanting anything personally, ended tours early to come record albums - lost the first thing that made her feel fully alive in twenty years, and for what? Besides Christine, and maybe Lindsey, did anyone else give a sh*t?"There's no easy way to say this because there never is, but after we didn't hear the heartbeat we ran multiple tests..."  The doctor pausing finally made Stevie look over at them as her eyes spoke a million paragraphs of regret, self-hatred, heartbreak, and sorrow. "I'm so sorry for your loss, I really am." Stevie coldly chuckled, not knowing what else to do or say because nothing she would do or say would bring her daughter back. Nothing she could do or say would rewind time to where she found out she was having a baby girl and the doctor told her to stop touring and she'd listen. Nothing would change the time where she had told Lindsey and he was sitting there instead of Christine because she couldn't bring herself to show how heartbroken she was in front of Christine. Stevie was always the strong one, always the one to put everyone back together, but who in the f*** is going to put her back together after this?"Now what?" her voice was soft, barely above a whisper as she fought with the lump that felt stuck in the middle of her throat. The more the doctor talked about them having to wait and see if everything took care of itself naturally, talking about her baby like it was nothing Stevie felt a rage she's never felt before. A rage that she wanted to wrap her hands around the doctor's throat and just choke until they just stopped f***ing talking. "It is looking like the worst is already behind you.." "The worst is behind me?" Stevie felt Christine grab her hand as she jerked it away. "The worst is behind me? I have to live the rest of my life without my daughter and the worst is behind me. Get the f*** out" Stevie snarled, leaning up into a full sitting position the best she could. "I said get the f*** out!" she commanded again, this time her voice raising so loud it echoed in the exam room. "Do you want me to call Lindsey?" Stevie jerked her eyes over at Christine before shaking her head in disgust. "You can get the f*** out, too. alright? Just go, leave me alone" Watching Christine get up and walk out of the room, Stevie would fall back as she'd look at the ceiling, her blood-stained hand resting on her stomach before her red fingernails dragged across it. "I'm so sorry, baby. I'm sorry I let you down, I'm sorry I let the selfishness of my career get in the worst way possible. I'm sorry I'll never be able to hold you, introduce you to your grandparents, have your Daddy be able to show you how much he loves you because God, Sara, he'd worship the ground you'd walk on. Your Aunt Robin is up there though, and oh she's going to be so happy to see you, baby girl, and please know I love you more than I've ever loved anyone or anything in my entire life and I will until I die. I'm so sorry, baby, I hope by the time we see each other again you forgive me.Jerking up from where she was leaning on Lindsey, Stevie placed her hand on her chest before rubbing it a few times while looking around the waiting room. Seeing Lindsey beside her sound asleep, Stevie would lean back so the back of her head could rest on the wall behind them. She's had the dream a million times within the last 22 years, but it never made it to where she was talking to Sara once she got left alone. Taking her hands and rubbing them over her face, Stevie would lean up a bit to make sure Lindsey was sound asleep before she'd lean back in her seat. "I know it's been a bit, I've been trying to be on autopilot until your birthday. I miss you, everyday I think about the woman you'd be now, how you'd get along with your three siblings. I think about how much of your father or myself you'd be, who you'd be more like. I think about if you'd be like Will and follow in our footsteps, like Stella and do her own thing, or like Lee and not even really be in the spotlight. Most of all, I think about how your hugs would feel, how your voice would sound, would you love Hawaiian pizza like your dad and I do or would you think we were wrong. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it hurts to breathe and it's one of the hurts to breathe moments and I hate it. I hope, much like Robin welcomed you with open arms, you welcomed your niece or nephew with the same open arms. I love you and I miss you" Hearing the door open to Krissy's room made Stevie rush to wipe the tears out of her eyes so she could try to be a strong mother for her babies because they need her now more than ever. Hearing Krissy's voice made Stevie slowly sit up. "I'm right here, baby..." Stevie whispered as she got up so their talking wouldn't wake up Lindsey. "You should be resting, what are you doing?""Mama, I keep dreaming of them when I sleep..." Krissy's words ran right through Stevie, looking at her future daughter-in-law and listening to her talk was like talking to herself 22 years ago. "I know. And the more you do the more real it feels and the less you want to wake up" Stevie spoke softly, taking her arms and wrapping them around the younger woman in an embrace. Rubbing her back in a comforting way, the blonde would let out a heavy sigh. "You know, I wish I knew what to say or tell you what to do so the pain would stop. I worked almost three years straight between tours and albums and it didn't help. I wish I could take the pain from you so you didn't have to deal with this" Stevie turned her head before placing a soft kiss on Krissy's cheek. "I wish I could trade your baby spots so you'd still be pregnant" she truthfully remarked as she pulled away. "I will say this, you're such a strong woman and you have such a support system and I know you're going to get through this. Right now it seems like you won't, and right now you just want the pain to stop - that will never go away. But, you'll get out of bed everyday and live life because you know that's what your baby would want" Stevie felt her eyes start to water as she walked over to a set of chairs before sitting down and motioning Krissy to walk over to sit beside her"At least sit down" she all but begged as Krissy eventually walked over slowly and sat down beside Stevie. "This isn't your fault, and I will remind you of that anytime your head thinks it is, anytime you don't believe Will saying it, because it's easier to believe someone who's been through it. This wasn't your fault, baby. I promise you" Stevie wrapped her arm around Krissy before briefly letting her eyes fall on Lindsey as he slept. "At least you have Will to lean on, too, and I'm so grateful you do. Talk to me though, what's going through your mind? How are you feeling? If it's easier forget I'm your boyfriend's mother for a second, alright? From one grieving mother to another, talk to me" Stevie whispered while her eyes eventually shifted from Lindsey to look at Krissy. Remembering everything she wanted someone to do the night she lost Sara she was trying to do for Krissy. She needed to be the support system for Krissy that Stevie, besides Christine who didn't understand the feelings this brought on, never had. 

velvet underground.

05/09/2021 01:41 PM 

Déjà Vu - Part Two

trigger warning; child loss                                                                                                                  reply to Mαcнιиε HεαятAs Stevie told her story, told Krissy about Sara to try to ease the woman's heartache and realize that she had an ally in this, Stevie's mind played through the few months where everything was perfect, where she finally was going to get the family she secretly always wanted with the man she's truly loved. How her plans went to absolute sh*t on his birthday because of Kristen wanting to be a selfish little cunt - even though technically they weren't together anymore. How she found out she was having a girl, how she was elated and Christine helped her adjust all of her outfits so she could hide her bump until the tour was over. How she still can't hear Lindsey singing "Big Love" without her mind going back to the night she lost the baby and the reason she hasn't been able to really sing it with him since Mac's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is that she feels her heart literally shatter in her chest everytime she hears it.Hearing Krissy apologize snapped her back into the present time, the blonde still slowly rocking Krissy in an attempt to ease her pain even in the slightest. "You cry, you morn, you realize you'll never get it over it and then you try to move on. I won't sit here and say that there's not a part of you that you'll never see again, because there is, it's with your baby, but take comfort..." Stevie paused for a few moments, closing her eyes as the last almost twenty-three years of bottling up so many emotions and feelings about Sara were starting to creep its way out of the locked box deep within Stevie's soul. "...take comfort in knowing that I'm sure her auntie welcomed her with open arms" Stevie felt herself gasp for air while taking a few seconds to silence her sobs, bottling things back up and pushing them deep within her soul. She couldn't handle them seeping their way out, not right now, not when she needs to be there for Krissy and Will."I asked Christine a thousand times since I lost Sara why. What had I done to finally get her and then have it taken away. I had gotten clean, I was really working on things within my life to be able to settle down and truly have a family, and at the end of the day, no one will ever know why. I told Lindsey once everything happens for a reason and sometimes you'll never know why, and I'm not going to say it's going to lead to something better because you'll wonder what would be better than having your own child. I love Will and the girls, you know I do, you were there when I asked Will and Lee if they wanted me to adopt them, but every f***ing day I wonder" Jerking her bloodshot eyes up when the door open and Will walked in, Stevie caught a brief glimpse of her husband as she just wanted to melt in his arms and sob. Slowly sliding Krissy out of her embrace, Stevie got up and the look on Will's face made her sob for a different reason. "I'm so sorry, baby boy.." Stevie whispered, walking over and hugging Will as he bent down and buried his face in her neck, and sobbed. Knowing her son had to go through this heartache that killed her, all Stevie could do was rub his back in the most comforting way she could. "Go be with Krissy, alright? You guys will get through this, trust me. I'm going to go talk to your father quickly and we'll be right outside if you need anything." Placing a soft kiss on his cheek as he pulled away, Stevie would take her thumbs and wipe the tears falling down his cheeks before walking past him and opening the door to see Lindsey.And finally, everything she had been bottling up since she realized what was going on just slammed into the forefront."Come here..." Stevie walked over into his open arms as she buried her head in his chest while sobs soaked the pec area of his shirt. "Why? Why them? I never wanted them to go through this. I would trade myself if their baby would be alright" Stevie felt Lindsey hug her tighter as he placed a soft kiss on the top of her head. "I wish I knew baby, I really do. I feel as if this is a dumb question, but how triggering is this for you?" As he spoke Stevie closed her eyes and suddenly it wasn't him asking how triggering it was, it was him asking if anyone had seen Stevie. It wasn't him trying to comfort her during a breakdown she's been trying to avoid for the last month, it was her alone in a bathroom in a random arena in the midwest with the fresh blood on her right hand. Pulling away from his embrace quickly as she let her chocolate brown orbs scan the area to realize she was in the hospital and not in the arena, Stevie's eyes went back to Lindsey. "I never wanted you to experience this either, I was willing to go through the rest of our lives without you knowing the pain of losing a child. If Kristen never would've said anything I don't think I ever would've told you - at least not for a long time" she truthfully spoke before pushing herself back into his embrace. as the sounds of Krissy's sobs could be heard from the other side of the door, Stevie pushed herself away from Lindsey and quickly shook her head. "I - I need to just go somewhere for a minute. Stay here just in case they need one of us I just - I'll be right back" Before Lindsey could say anything to her Stevie stormed off down the hallway, almost running, as she followed the same path the doctor took her a little bit ago until she almost smacked into the automatic doors.Walking outside as soon as they opened, the cloudy sky breaking away to let a drizzle started, Stevie let out a cold chuckle before spotting a bench and going to sit down. "What is this? Some f***ing joke, down to it raining now?" Stevie was speaking out loud to herself, or to whatever God was deciding to listen. "Why not me? I lived a hell of a life, my career was better than I ever imagined, I got to fully experience true love and had my babies. Why not just have taken me if someone had to go? Why put my kids through the same heartache when they could've had their healthy baby? Why couldn't their baby stay and you could've taken me so I could see Sara again? Just so I could hold her and tell her how I'm so sorry for not quitting the tour, for not telling her father sooner, for not doing everything I should've so she'd be here with Will and the girls" Stevie ran her hands over her face before sobbing into them almost uncontrollably. Feeling a breeze brush past her back, it sending chills down her spine, the blonde moved her head out of her hands and attempted to wipe her tears the best she could before getting up. "I love you too, babygirl, I have since the moment that pregnancy test said it was positive - and the five after" Stevie whispered to herself, her left thumb tracing over the bottom of her wedding ring before she took a deep breath and headed back into the hospital.Walking back down the hallway as she saw Lindsey sitting in a chair near Krissy's room, the blonde walked up and sat down beside him. "I told her about Sara, told her everything because I didn't want her to feel like she was alone like I did when I lost her" Stevie leaned her head on Lindsey's shoulder before he wrapped his arm around her and rocked her where they were sitting. Jerking her head over when she heard the door open and Will walked out, him slowly walking over to them before bending down and hugging Stevie tightly. "Oh mama, Krissy told me" Resting her forehead on her son's shoulder, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly, not being able to say a word without wanting to just sob. "Listen to me, okay? The pain it never goes away, you just learn to make room for it" she truthfully remarked as she pulled away from his embrace a few minutes later. "Go be with your girlfriend until they see if they need to do a D & C or if she'll be okay to leave here soon. I'll wait here all night, alright?" Will slowly shook his head before walking back into the room and closing the door behind him. Bringing her feet up in the chair she was sitting in, she'd bury her head in the bend of Lindsey's arm and silently sob until she eventually cried herself to sleep.

velvet underground.

05/09/2021 01:41 PM 

Déjà Vu

trigger warnings for baby loss. Stevie has had plenty of times in her life where she felt Déjà vu, and usually, it was something simple and she would just shrug it off. But this time? This time the same feeling she had on that fateful October night in 1997 was the same feeling she was having as she sped through downtown Phoenix towards the hospital. The same emotions she figured Christine was feeling the night she rushed Stevie to the hospital, the same emotions of hopelessness and wanting to just shield Stevie from the pain she knew she was going to experience was exactly how she was feeling with Krissy. The eerie of everything, how she and Will got together and everything seemed perfect and then they announced the pregnancy to the family just for this? Stevie had to hold it together, she had to for Krissy's sake, and even though her mind keeps flipping back to that night where the dried blood on her hand already told her before the doctor could she knew she had to keep her head above water for Krissy's sake. Stevie was always the one in the family who kept her cool, who was able to keep everyone level-headed when crisis' would pop their heads and she was always the one who knew what to say to anyone in every situation. Stevie knew Krissy would panic more if Stevie panicked, but this was her grandbaby Krissy was carrying - she didn't want Krissy going through the same pain she did. F***, she didn't want her son going through the same heartache she and his father did.Nodding her head when Krissy begged her to call Will, Stevie flicked on her turning single before quickly turning the Charger down a back road, avoiding most of the busy traffic downtown towards the hospital. Perks of moving back to Phoenix is she knows every single back way anywhere in this city. "Siri, call Will" Stevie spoke towards her phone as Will's number popped up on the screen on the car. Drumming on the steering wheel as the call eventually went to voicemail, Stevie slamming her right index finger on the screen on the dash to hang up the call before letting out a soft sigh. "Siri, call Lindsey" Making sure the phone dialed as she made one final turn before flooring it, it eventually going to voicemail as Stevie once again hung up the phone. "F***" punching the steering wheel as she drove, she wiggled her right hand before letting out another sigh. "Siri, call Chase Field" Stevie didn't use who she was to her advantage often, but everytime she ever has it's been for a damn good reason and today was going to be full of the reasons.Before whoever answered the phone could finish their speech, Stevie was already yelling. "Hi, please don't think this is a prank call, I tried calling my son and husband and neither one of them answered. My name is Stephanie Bucki -- Stevie Nicks. My husband Lindsey and son Will are there somewhere for the Diamondback or whatever the f*** the team is. I need you to find them and tell them to meet me at Oasis Hospital NOW. Thank you" Pulling into the hospital parking lot, Stevie pulled into the first parking spot that she sees before turning the car off. "I'll be right back" Stevie briefly locked eyes with Krissy as her heart shattered in her chest, the same look Krissy was giving her was the same look Stevie gave herself in the bathroom mirror before looking down at the blood on her hand. Not wanting to waste even a second longer, Stevie jumped out of the car and ran across the parking lot as quick as her bad knees would take her, grateful she didn't pick today to wear platform boots, as she ran through the automatic doors and right up to the counter. "Hi, I need a nurse or a doctor or you and a wheelchair out to my car right now, my daughter-in-law might be having a miscarriage" It was when Stevie actually said it did she really realize what was going on, the blonde feeling the punch in the gut as she caught herself gasping for air for a moment. Before she knew it she saw a wheelchair going outside and towards the car as Stevie was just frozen where she was standing. The sounds of the sirens outside, the smell of a hospital made her close her eyes as she had to silently remind herself that she wasn't going through this again, she couldn't let herself process the pent up emotions this was all undigging - she couldn't handle this so close to Sara's birthday; already it was hard enough to just breathe"Mama"Hearing Krissy snapped Stevie out of her thoughts as the blonde would start to follow the wheelchair just to have a nurse stop her. "I'm sorry, ma'am, I know it's hard but with everything going on right now we're required to keep you out here until we can let you back. I'm so sorry, I'll make sure to keep you updated as frequently as I can" Stevie took a deep breath knowing damn well it didn't matter who she was in the world, nothing was going to change that she couldn't be back there when Krissy needed her. Slowly nodding her head, Stevie realized she left her phone in the car as she would quickly jog out of the automatic doors and towards the Charger. As she opened the door she heard Landslide playing before leaning in to grab it. "Lindsey? Did they find you?" Stevie sat down in the driver's seat as she heard him remark that they didn't and he just saw she called. "You guys need to come to Oasis, uh - Krissy was having cramps and Lindsey..." pausing, she tried to keep it together until he asked the one question she hoped he didn't. "Oh, Stephanie baby, are you okay?" "No..." her voice cracked, tears starting to roll down her face before she sniffled a few timed to try to get her emotions together. "Just get Will, leave, and get down here, alright? I love you" Before he could say anything else Stevie hung up the phone before letting out a blood-curdling scream as she got out of the car and closed the door behind her. Slipping her phone in her back pocket, Stevie would slowly walk back towards the hospital as her gut feeling was telling her the worst - and her gut usually isn't wrong."Mrs. Buckingham?" Stevie jerked out of the chair, her realizing she only been waiting about a half hour. Looking at the doctor, the look on his face said everything as she just shook her head. " I know that look, can I go see her. please?" Following the doctor down a couple of hallways, Stevie inhaled a few deep breaths before reaching Krissy's door. Slowly turning the door knob, the sounds of Krissy's sobs ran through Stevie as the blonde instantly felt her hands become sweaty, her eyes starting to fill up with tears as she slowly opened the door. "Oh, baby..." Stevie walked in and shut the door behind her. "Mama.." "I know, baby. The boys are on their way..." Stevie whispered softly as she slid her shoes off and climbed onto the examing table beside Krissy. Pulling her into her embrace as the woman sobbed, Stevie rested her chin on the top of her head as she rubbed her back. "No one gets this pain un..." "Unless you've been through it. No one gets the pain of feeling like you've had the entire world, the family, the life, the man - the baby, and it all gets taken away and you feel like you could just jump in front of a train" Stevie finished Krissy's statement, not sure if that's where she was going with it, but she needed Krissy to know she wasn't alone."Stella is the only one in the family who knows anything about this, and that's because of how I feel about her, but uh...Lindsey and I were together when he met Kristen back in 97" Stevie paused as she felt Krissy grab onto her sweatshirt harder, the blonde knowing she wasn't going to be able to tell this story without breaking down herself, but she needed Krissy to know she wasn't alone in this. "The world knows about our up and down romance, he and I actually got back together before The Dance special and was together during the start of the tour. About a month or so in I found out I was pregnant, and given the fact I was pushing 50 at the time, I've had abortions and Lord knows my issues with drugs I knew it was an uphill battle and it was highly recommended to me to stop touring right then and there. But, I couldn't let my band down  and I couldn't let my fans down so I kept going." Stevie paused, the lump in her throat almost choking her as she was sobbing by the time she went to finish her thought. "Her name would've been Sara, and her birthday is in a couple of weeks. It's why I've been everywhere lately, she would've been a few months older than Will. So, baby, I understand more than you can ever realize, and God I f***ing wish you weren't feeling this pain. I wish I could switch with them so they'd still be here. I'm so sorry, baby."


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Nikolas - Bachelor Loft (Downtown LA)Will's - Bachelor Apartment (Brooklyn, NYC)Nikolas & Will's - Home (Beverly Hills) 


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Nikolas Returns to Hollywood for Doctor ShowMeet the Cast of Medicine & Heartbreak


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Hello all, I am new here (Well, not really new the account is)  and I am in need of friends to spark up interesting storylines with my characters. I am an MCRP page. I am seeking for some females to rp with my characters. In need of females rping as characters around the age 17-28 because half of my characters are teens and the others are adults in their early 20's and mid 20's and one male character in late 20's. No you don't have to strike up a romantic connection to my characters if you don't want to, I wouldn't mind any of you to just strike up a friendship, I'm super cool with that.But you all have to be open to a verse that deals with supernatural beings and be okay with it, if not well then I did what I could. But if you're totally okay with that, then feel free to send me a request. But please understand that heavily erotica smut like storylines is a no no! Especially towards one of my specific character. This is not a p•rn hub! I will only allow decent romance if a connection grows between yours and my characters. But like I said, friendship is fine by me.  That's all I got to put. Thank you for reading. :)But no I don't do discord unfortunately.  ​​​​​​But I promise you that all my characters have really interesting background stories. 


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Abby's Love People That She Trust With Her Life

A̾b̾s̾o̾l̾u̾t̾e̾-Z̾e̾r̾o̾ - Daddy Lenore - Her best friend/ SisterRaven - Bestie ♥ Cobra Kai A.K.A  Johnny -  Her Karate Teacter 

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Part II: No More Tears

Mentions: Demented Queen, @Morningstar @infernal SovereignPART TWO Once they had picked up the laughing woman off the highway and bundled her into Julian’s sports car they sped towards Lux. The nightclub wasn’t open yet and Lucifer barked orders as Julian carried a limp Jade in. She had no idea where she even was and even he could feel pity for her. His eyes went down to that damned collar around her neck. “How do we get that f***ing thing off?” He asked Lucifer.   “In time, my boy. Chill.” A knowing look crossed Lucifer’s face and he smiled to himself as he motioned for Julian to follow him. Up the stairs to Lucifer’s private apartment they went and he had Julian carry a passed out Jade the whole time. He chuckled to himself knowing what was happening and looked upwards. Love doesn’t always come from you, father. Thought the devil as he let the two into his home. “Take her into my chambers, she’ll be comfortable there.”   Julian did as he was told slowly putting the passed out young woman on the black and red bed. Maybe this is where he got his love for his favorite colors. He studied her for a moment, seeing various bruises on her pale skin and then quickly covered her with a blanket. Then he went to find Lucifer.   *** When she woke up it was dark. Jade shot up expecting to get hit but then relaxed. She swung her legs over a different bed and recalled what happened. Her fingers shot out and she found a nightstand and a lamp. Yellow light made the room glow and her eyes adjusted. A nice room, decidedly male. All in black and red. At the foot of the bed was a silk package with her name on it. She took it quickly and unwrapped it. Pajamas. She held them up to her face to inhale the sweet scent and noticed a note falling from it describing a master bedroom and all she could want. Hesitantly Jade found her way to that said bathroom but once nobody jumped out at her, grabbed her, she relaxed. She filled the tub with vanilla bubble bath and sat in it for hours.   Finally, as her skin pruned there was a knock on the door. Jade steeled herself. “Yes?” She called out.   “It’s me.” Came a voice. “Julian. From the bus stop. Um. I wanted to...make sure you didn’t drown or anything.”   Oh. Jade recalled what happened. “No. I’m alive. I guess. Hold on.” She finished up quickly and drief off, putting on the bath robe. Already she felt better. It’d been a few weeks since a bath or a shower. And just feeling the softness of the robe made her feel better. Not knowing she did it Jade held behind her hands a bottle of shampoo in case Julian tried anything.   “Lucifer wanted you to get dressed and eat something.” The demon in front of her said. “Join us in the kitchen. Dinnertime.” The bottle of soap in her hand went lax, and Jade kicked it behind her.   Lucifer’s kitchen was posh. Jade had vauge memories of it, seeing a little version of herself handing Lucifer something and him patting her head. Why was that? Her eyebrows knitted together as she walked in. Julian and Lucifer were relaxed, both with glasses of wine and laughing at each other. She could sense the ease they each had. Jade stood there awkwardly until Lucifer turned, bright smile on his face.   “How are you feeling, Jade?” He acted as if he knew her already and she struggled for a memory. Her eyes closed and she could see a smaller version of herself chasing after him, him turning around and pretending to be a scary monster then chasing it away. She also saw birthday parties...and then a door slamming shut, her memories being chased away. Her answer took so long both men looked concerned and Jade glanced up.   “Fine.” She said curtly. She still hadn’t brushed her hair, or done anything to it. She’d showered, put on deodorant and used the face powder Lucifer had left for her. That was it. Right now, Jade wasn’t concerned with looking pretty especially with two men around. She sat apart as far as she could from them, her eyes narrowed.   “We’re having dinner.” Lucifer said. “I believe it used to be your favorite. Chicken Marsala.” Lucifer nodded to the dish. Julian had already helped himself to some and a side cesar salad, and Jade felt her stomach grumble. Italian foods….Segreti...the wine they were drinking...everything was becoming so much at once. Jade swallowed quickly as Lucifer poured her a glass of Sprite. “Drink this. He urged, watching her with careful lowered eyelashes.   The food did smell good and Jade couldn’t help it as she wolfed down two dishes to each their one. The food was delicious but she wouldn’t touch the wine instead opting for the Sprite she was offered. Finally full, Jade sighed out almost happily. “Dessert?” Lucifer asked as he brought out a New York style cheesecake. The girl found herself nodding eagerly as Lucifer got her a piece. He added strawberries and chocolate pieces, somehow knowing just what she wanted. She darted a glance to Julian who was sipping his wine and forking the last pieces of salad. For some reason she wanted to yell at him and he hadn’t done a damn thing. Jade drew in a deep breath and let it out. She was so...angry.   “I have someone I want you to meet.” Lucifer said to her. “You’ll like her. She and you will have many experiences, and I think you can help each other.”   Jade let out a laughing bark. “How can I help anyone? I’m broken goods.” At this even Julian looked up the shadow of pity on his face. Jade hated the look and turned from him.   “You are not. You are a Segreti and you’ll survive. Her name is Eve, and she is a friend of mine.” Lucifer continued.   “You’ll meet her tomorrow. Trust me the two of you will have much to discuss. And hopefully become friends. As I know she knows your mother.”   At the mention of her mother, Jade felt herself shiver. Her mother. How could she ever look her mother in the eyes again? Her lower lip trembled and the sweetness of the dessert didn’t help. But Jade swallowed quickly and managed a smile. “That’d be lovely.” She told Lucifer, not believing a word of it.   She was damaged, dirty a thing that nobody would ever want again. And yet when she looked up Julian Osbourne was studying her with such intensity...she blushed. She hadn’t done that in a long time. And when their gazes met he looked away first making Julian step back to do something else. That was the power of being a pretty female. For once, Jade wished she had lipgloss on.   Wait. What was happening to her?   This was scary, scary...and new. Was she becoming part of society again?

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Part One: No More Tears AU

Disclaimer: Mentions of captivity, rape. If this bothers you please read no further. A/N: This is a complete AU verse type story that will be continued because I wanted a darker look at Jade and the people she knows. Please, please comment because it tells me if you like it. Thanks all! Mentions: Demonic Soul, Demented Queen, Morningstar, Dark of the Moon, Starlight, Ungoldly Fiend, Demented Prince. Summary: When Alissa Segreti is "announced" dead her children are left at the hands of the magical underworld. Will they all survive, and how? Part 1 of...? Title: No More TearsTRIGGER WARNING: Rape mentioned. When the briefest of a touch fell upon her bare skin, the strange feeling of pads of rough calloused fingers, sixteen year old Jade Segreti bolted awake. “Who’s there?” She called into the darkness. She felt herself tremble as she knew instantly she wasn’t alone. Around her neck was a thick silver collar embedded with crystals to keep her powers on low. She couldn’t protect herself. She didn’t have her brothers or sister’s for help and her mother was presumed dead. Jade felt her heart thud madly in her chest. “What a pretty little thing.” Came a gritty voice in the dark and the girl could make out a strange shape with horns. “Little witch.” Except the way he said it he trailed the “h” off to make her skin crawl. Jade backed up against the fashionable sunburst headboard. The only good thing about this place was the luxury it held. Even now, as ridiculous as it seemed silk sheets on her skin was a reminder of good times, happy times. Times she might never get back again. Her eyes closed then flew open as recalled the thing in front of her. Even in the dark she could tell he was old; ancient. He might even be a wish demon from the look of the horns on his head. She watched as he placed a huge claw like hand on the bed. If she called out for help, who would come running? Jade pressed her back into the sunburst design. “Go away!” She commanded, making the creature laugh. In the dark she could see it’s yellow eyes glow with intensity. “Go away or else!” The young witch-goddess hesitated in naming her mother, already news was spreading around the magical community that the slayer of Gods was dead. Her children had been kidnapped, broken up and spread about. Jade only hoped Avery had managed to get away. She knew Caden had helped Bayleigh and Luna escape into Hell. Jareth was already there, but she couldn’t even call to him or Lucifer. Caden, bless him had been with them all but it had been overwhelming for him. She didn’t blame him for that. He had tried. “Or else what, witch trash? Your precious mother is dead, and your powers are...” he laughed and placed a knee on the bed, making a dip. Jade let out a little yelp. She watched as this creature crawled towards her. “You’re up for grabs don’t you know it? You’re the hottest accommodation on the magical circuit. Everyone wants to place a bid on the Segreti bitch...and I did.” Jade closed her eyes. She wanted to pray but would it do any good? The Christian God didn’t even answer the prayers of his own people, he wouldn’t bother with witch trash like herself. Besides that she wasn’t able to even walk inside a church anymore. She felt her lower lip tremble. “Where am I? Who are you?” “Does it matter to you?” The wish demon asked. He laughed once and placed both knees on the bed his weight causing Jade to fall back onto it. She wished she could shield herself from him but couldn’t. He drank her in. “You’re outside of San Francisco. I have a beach house. I’m rather wealthy, so you’re welcome for the lodgings. You look like expensive trash.” She could see his grin in the dark. “I’ve made sure to have you checked. Your health is good, your magic was strong before I cuffed you and you were, best of all...untouched.”   The way he said it sent shivers down her body. All the emotional turmoil she’d experienced briefly had not processed yet. She’d been taken from her family and placed in a van. She’d held Avery’s hand until they had been forcibly taken away. Then to that awful magical medical place where a needle with something had been injected in her body leaving her feeling weak and drained for days until she had brief memories of some kind of exam, then being placed on a long block the item up for sale. Jade had felt hands on her, prying open her mouth, lights flashing in her eyes and had blacked out. She woke up here on this bed. She could faintly hear many demonic voices all eager to place a bid and then “Sold!” Her arms wrapped around herself and she shook. “You really should thank me.” The demon in front of her continued. “I used magic so you wouldn’t be so traumatized.” She could see his feral grin even now. “I would like to hear that. Tell me thank you witch trash.” She was in complete darkness and this f***ing thing wanted her thanks? “Go to hell!” Jade hissed out. That was when the talons on his claw dug into her ankle sending fiery ropes of pain up her body. She screamed out when he dug in harder. “Tell me thank you!” Pain was all she felt and the tearing skin of her ankle bone as he dug in. She refused once more and the pain was unbearable. Jade felt her own blood drip down onto the silk sheets and screamed out. “I’m sorry. Thank you!” The claw was instantly released and she heard a chuckle. “Good girl. Now. To get what I paid for.” “Please. Don’t. I’m only sixteen. This isn’t my life.” Jade whispered. She felt his claws on her again but they were softer. “Age doesn’t matter little witch. As you should know.” He yanked her down and she felt her body slide towards him. Her eyes closed and in that moment Jade wished they would close forever.   *** The wish demon wasn’t the first, nor the last. She bounced around until age twenty one when the urge to have a Segreti witch faded and she was able to escape. Jade recalled the day with clarity. She took her chance as her new captive owner, a magical drug user tried to get her hooked. She refused and earned a black eye but managed to pretend to take what he was doing. When he was passed out she pushed him away, took what money he had which would be enough for a hotel and a warm meal. Looking down at the mortal who had magical drugs through him Jade picked up his blade. It was a simple hunting knife with serrated edges. She held the knife up and a candle’s flickering flame bounced off it. Jade raised the blade high. Just as she started to slam it into the pathetic mortal’s back she hesitated. She dropped the knife and instead picked up his leather jacket. It was an old fashioned motorcycle jacket and she liked it. Jade slipped it around her worn tee shirt and slipped her faded jeans back on. She didn’t have a purse and slipped his five hundred into her new jacket pocket. She took his lighter and pack of smokes, a bottle of full Jack and headed out. It was the first time since she was sixteen she had freedom. She knew she looked a mess and she kept her face down. Her hair was shoulder length and wild now. She tried not to care for it or herself to make herself as undesirable as possible. Eating once in a blue moon had helped that, her figure was nothing but skin and bones now. Finding a bus station Jade bought a ticket and went to wait for her ride. She kept glancing over her shoulder but the drug addict might have if she was lucky overdosed. She felt her stomach grumble and headed to a vending machine looking at all the choices. Fresh food. Her eyes closed and she got change for a twenty, then went back with a hopeful look. Jade found a chicken salad sandwich not as good as her mother’s, but it was something filling. A coke was added to that. Jade hadn’t had a coke in years. It was then she saw the figure watching her. Jade looked over and moved her hair out of her face. She knew her skin was horribly pale now and with the black eye she flashed a smile. The figure didn’t move. Jade watched hoping. She sat back down to munch on her meal. When she looked up the figure had pushed his hood back to reveal a boyish cut and a smooth face with accented cheekbones and bright blue eyes. The figure wore black jeans and a chain on one side of his hip and the black hood. Jade watched him as he neared, smoking a cigarette. He seemed to be watching her too. Part of her wished she suddenly looked a little bit better, and had at least taken a shower. She felt something, some weird tug and ignored it as she washed down her Coke and sandwich. “Name your price.” He said as he finally neared, walking behind her. Jade stiffened as she realized he thought she was a prostitute. “I saw you checking me out.” “I was not!” Jade declared huffily. “I’m not a hooker.” He scornfully gazed over her. “And I’m not a hunter.” He said with a laugh. “Do you want something more filling than that sh*t you’re eating or not? Consider it my good deed for the day.” “Asking for a blow job in a bus station is considered a good deed?” Jade shot back at him. She saw him grin. “If it looks like a duck it must be a duck.” “Are you calling me a duck?” “Would you rather me call you a prostitute?” he had his hands on the back of the seat she was on now and leaned forward. Jade could smell his aftershave. She found herself holding the empty sandwich box now. “I’m neither of those things. I just...” She needed to be careful. He might be working for her captors. “I need to get home. I need to find my mother, I’m sure she’s worried about me.” “I know who you are.” Said the young man. But as she turned to meet his gaze she saw softer features in all his hardness and her eyebrow corked a bit. He looked like a man but there was a soft look as well. “I’m here to take you home.” “And so you want a blowjob first? Get your piece of the Segreti trash?” Jade asked as she rose. He backed off and she threw her trash away. From her pocket Jade pulled out the stolen cash. “I don’t need your help.” His hand shot out to touch her neck yanking her close. Jade yipped. “Yes you do if you want that off of you.” he touched the silver belt around her. “You can’t even call for your brothers for help. I know who you are, Jade Alexandria.” The girl felt a breath draw in and catch. “How do you know?” Their eyes met and a strange little chill raced through her. Jade was the first to break eye contact as he let go of her neck and she stumbled backwards a little. “How do you know who I am?” “If you’ll trust me, I’ll tell you.” He turned to her fully. “I’m here to take you home to your mother.”   ***He was wanting to feed her but insisted they go to his place so she could shower. “You smell worse than I did when I had to go down into the sewers to retrieve my last hunt.” Julian Jayne Osbourne commented as he turned on the radio. “Where the hell were you last time? I had sights on you then a drug dealer bought you and I lost you.” Feeling a little wounded from the fact she smelled, Jade stiffened. “I almost killed him. I had a chance to do it. I had his hunting knife and I started to plunge it into his back. But then I realized, if I did that I’d be like him. And...” She felt a tear slip out. “I’ve seen enough bad things happen to me that I didn’t want to loose I have left. I’m sure you don’t understand this.” Jade was curled up against the door of Julian’s powder blue sports car, just in case he tried anything. She was ready to bolt. Every vibe in her was on edge but Julian made no move to touch her. When she glanced at him she saw a shimmer of pity in his eyes. The fact her mother was alive was another thing. Why had she said to the world she was dead? Jade didn’t understand it but Alissa Violet Segreti didn’t do anything unless there was a reason. “Please don’t take me home yet.” Jade said to Julian. She couldn’t face her mother after what she’d been through. Her mother had a normal teenage daughter, and now she was...she was damaged goods. “Where do you want me to take you?” Julian asked. “There’s a hotel I know.” “If I pay you can I stay with you?” The words tumbled out before she could stop them. She didn’t want to be alone as she hadn’t been really alone for a long time. “Please? I’ll clean or something for you if you want.” Her hand shot out then in a nervy mood to touch Julian’s knee. She felt him stiffen. “What? Earlier you were offering me money to suck you off.” His hand slipped down to push hers off. “That was my cover up. I knew it was you but I wanted to be sure.” Julian replied back. She smirked. “And now you know it is you’d rather have a hooker do it hmm?” “You don’t want to play this game with me.” Julian said curtly. “You can stay with me until you feel comfortable enough to go home. You don’t need to do anything other than clean up after yourself. Keep your money.” From her pocket Jade pulled it out. She flipped a thumb over the crisp bills and let out a strange little laugh. It was brittle, sharp. She flung the money in the car so it almost blinded them both and couldn’t stop laughing. It caused Julian to swerve, cussing as he did so to stop and pull over. By then Jade had opened the passenger door and tumbled out, still laughing. She laugh on pavement, rolling and laughing. Julian Osbourne didn’t know what to do as he had his hands full. He stood there, watching the scene and called the one person he could think of to help: Lucifer Morningstar.

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