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hєllrαísєr αssαssín

05/11/2021 05:12 PM 

◇ Cole Austin Turner's Rules ◇
Current mood:  blissful


C&C ∂σє єуєѕ

05/11/2021 02:54 PM 

Starter for a new neighbor

Piper always wanted the best for her children and when Melinda turned 16 she was shipped off to Magic school.Melinda was what people called a late bloomer. She hadn't got her powers to work on command but she could heal like her father. Ever since she was born she could heal by touch. When she turned 4 and a bird broke it's wing that's when Piper saw her heal the bird and knew then she was like her father and some day would have charges of her own so she needed to learn magic.She told Paige to Melinda care for her teach her how to be a Halliwell so she could protect the innocent. So Paige agreed and orbed them both to magic school.Everyone there was so advanced. Melinda couldn't control hers like the others.In the first three months she accomplished setting the enchanted library a blaze , froze the pipes and bring back a curse, all of which Paige had to fix and repair.The school was very leaniant but the books were the last straw. Paige hugged Melinda and kissed her forehead orbing them back the the livingroom. Melinda frowned knowing her mother would be disappointed.Piper heard the orb from the kitchen thinking it was Leo and went to greet him with a smile but the smile soon faded to concern when she saw Paige and Melinda. She moved closer hugged her daughter and spoke softly. "Hunny why don't you go up stairs while the adults talk." Melinda nodded and sighed sulking upstairs till she heard music playing, it stopped her in her tracks it was faint but near by. She moved on opening her door."When did Dan start listening to Hind-" she blinked not able to finish her sentence. The vision of a male her age shirtless glistening from sweat kinda took her breath away. She quietly moved closer and opened her window hearing him sing as if he were singing to her. Lips of an angel wow, he knew the music she liked. Her frown no longer existed instead she smiled and widened her window more took off her silly uniform blouse revealing a white tank top leaving the skirt part on and took off her shoes and climbed out onto the tree limbs. "Great music. " He spoke so he would notice her.


05/11/2021 02:15 PM 

hurricane pt 5: apologies.

Sun beat down on the hood of the truck, reflecting into the cab through the windshield. Drake Wallen’s eyes squinted behind his dark aviators, and the beam of UV light directly into the retinas made the trip home that much less pleasant. Parking next to Leo’s truck, he looked at it again — but the sour taste was gone. Jen had really helped him garner a sort of understanding, one he’d have to put in the effort to grow. Leo needed him, she’d been right about that, and the more he thought about it, the more he could’ve kicked himself for the way he acted. Jen had been right, it didn’t matter what he thought, or felt, when it came to what Leo did with his life; Leo was a grown ass man and he was going to do whatever he did, and he needed to know that, if things did hit the fan, he’d have someone to turn to. He’d have him to turn to. Shutting the engine off, Drake slid out of the truck and chucked his shades onto the center console, slamming the door: a man on a mission. Long strides — though not as long as Leo’s, at a whopping six and a half feet tall — carried him across the dirt and gravel to the picnic table behind the barn. Leo was still there, but it was evident he’d made a trip into the house in the time since he’d left, because his coffee cup was steaming and he had his hat on. “Hey,” he approached, patting Leo’s shoulder and seating himself on the bench across from his elder brother. “We gotta talk.” The look of confusion on Leo’s features, that telltale little crinkle between his eyebrows, faded into a look of pure exhaustion. Dread, even. “I don’t—” “No, listen t’me,” Drake held his hand up, and Leo fell silent. “I—” “Where’d ya’ go?” “To the bar, to talk t’ Jen. Now shut up and lemme talk.” “Sorry,” defensive hands raised, gaze dropped to the table. “She put a lot of shit into perspective for me, Leo, and I wanna apologize.” Leo’s look of confusion returned, but he didn’t interrupt. “So I’m sorry… first an’ foremost. I acted like an ass, an’...” “It’s okay…” “No, it ain’t… look,” Drake heaved a sigh, mulling over the patterning of words in his head, a giant scrabble board on which he had to rearrange the tiles. Finding the right way to say something, especially under the pressure he’d just imposed on himself, was difficult. “Connor ain’t my favorite person in the world, ‘cause of what he did t’you. I watched you break, Leo. I don’ ever wanna see that again… I don’t ever wanna see ya’ hurt again. I been thinkin,” he pushed the hat back to wipe sweat from his forehead, “we went ring shoppin’... an’ I ain’t been thinkin’ very much about how you’re feelin’ or what’s goin’ through your head…” Leo’s hazel eyes were searching; they were flitting over Drake’s face, studying him, and the thought of Jen having had this much of an impact on the way he perceived the situation in the span of an hour or so amazed him. It also altered his own perspective, as he watched his little brother pour out his heart all over the picnic table. “You’re my brother, Leo, an’ I got’cha back. I’m here for ya’, no matter what. No matter what happens, we’re blood, an’ I’m gonna be there. If shit hits the fan, I’m there, if it don’t, I’m still there. I ain’t goin’ nowhere.” Leo felt the familiar sting of tears in his eyes but this time, instead of an anger swelling in him until breathing became difficult, it was love. Blinking back a drop or two, he rubbed his forehead and finally found his brother’s gaze. “I can’t tell ya’ what that means t’me… I know, I should’a… never left with him,” Leo sighed. “No, but ya’ did and it didn’t seem t’go too bad, from what ya’ told me…” “He could jus’ be bullshittin’ me, but I didn’t … it didn’t feel that way.” “Maybe he wasn’t.” “Y’really think so?” “I do, damn that woman to hell,” Drake spat with a laugh, “she’s always right. Whether Connor’s really in it this time or not, I s’pose only time’ll tell…” “I know I kinda jumped the gun on it…” Simultaneous laughter filled the air, “But I ain’t gonna let myself get too hopeful… s’hard, ‘cause… well, y’know.” “Y’love ‘im. I know. I ain’t stupid, just dense, as Jen says.” “Dense, right. She ain’t wrong,” Leo lifted his mug, taking a sip just as the toe of Drake’s boot connected with his shin beneath the table. Coffee dribbled down his chin and surprised colored his features. “Did you just kick me?” “Y’called me dense,” the grin on Drake’s face was a shit eating one. “I did, ‘cause ya’ are,” Leo stuck his tongue out. “In all seriousness though… you’re right — I do. Things jus’ feel different this time. It wasn’t just sex. It felt like more.” “I hope for ya’ sake it is ‘cause if he hurts you again I’m gonna rearrange his face.” “If he hurts me again, I might help ya’.” “You punchin’ Connor Redford? I’d pay to see ‘at.” “Shut up,” an eyeroll, a soft peal of laughter. “Should get ‘im over here one’a these days… we’ll barbecue.” “Really?” hand was halfway to his mouth with the mug again, but he paused — afraid to spit more coffee down the front of himself. “You just fuckin’ with me right now?” “No… I mean it, if ya’ want, we can make a thing out’a it. I’ll get Jen over here, and it’ll be a nice time. We could even go ridin’, we do have four horses.” “We do… how ‘bout that?”

velvet underground.

05/11/2021 01:51 PM 

us against the world. [cs]

april 30th, 2021 - while starting to promote fleetwood mac's one night only show in baltimore on may 27th, stevie was asked a set of questions that had quite the detailed answer "why do you feel it's always been you and him against the entire world? is it why you never did your love affair with anyone else on stage besides lindsey?"as stevie answered the question, an old video of them singing 'landslide' played which showed them holding hands on stage - something that was quiet normal for the two to do. "because we always felt that, at the end of the day, we never had anyone else but each other. he knows what to say to calm me down and vice versa, and even through our numerous relationships with other people we always called each other when things got rough. we always called each other when we needed to be talked off a ledge, or had good news. it wasn't fair when someone was with one of us because we were still - in a weird way - with each other. it was always us against the world because we made it like that. even after everything we put each other through we never trusted anyone else like we did each other. hell, before we got back together we lived two minutes from each other.  as far as our love affair -- it was how we had each other when he was married and i was seeing other people, because we always knew we wanted it to come back down to him and i, we just needed things to fall in place the way we did. it's always been us against the world, and even when the world wanted us apart we always figured out ways to be together - that's what true love does to you, you do what you have to do so you can be the one you love most.

The Scarlet Jězě {FTG!}

05/11/2021 01:08 PM 

Just a cog in the wheel; 'In the shadows rpg'

"If I must, I will do so with love in my heart."In the Shadows RPG; "In my time of need." ●Just a cog in the wheel Westview, a pleasant town that Wanda had completely just freed from her grief-stricken grip, as well as, left behind after only being there for the past week right after the vicious snap was completely reversed. Ever since this moral transgression; Wanda undoubtedly had Hayward on her sore back. He had eagerly tried eliminating her more times than she could accurately count. He also had turned her beloved Vis into a fierce monster who eagerly tried to assassinate her. For those memorable weeks, Wanda had traditionally spent her time in crappy motels and got her meals from a local food bank and mobile kitchens. It was necessary sustenance, that really was all that mattered to the redhead. Paranoia had set in like a cold, skeletal finger pulsing in her complex, emotional brain so that she could not think, genuinely feel, or realistically be, without profound doubt, fierce pain, rage, and fear overtaking her. Having promptly lost Vision as she assuredly had to fight the fierce war with Thanos; twice. One of her own making and one from the Mad Titan and it seemed like no one conveyed a fig of sincere, acute grief about his apparent death since he traditionally represents nothing more than a Synthazoid. He wasn't the embodiment of an authentic person with crimson blood circulating through their visible veins but a conscious being made of wired networking. He did not possess a real heart but a precious stone of such great power that it assuredly made him live and unconditionally love with as much abandon as any genuine person would typically do. Vision and Wanda, additionally, had a few of their own outings; true. The Civil War in Berlin where they found themselves on opposite sides of the political fence. His specific words persistently haunted her, "they will always be afraid of you." Oh, Vision, were you, perchance a prophet as well? Wanda had lost so much since joining with the Avengers. Her understandable anger with Tony Stark that had carefully steered her and Pietro to a prominent, dreadful place of private vengeance which almost took out the habitable planet to some rogue A.I. Said A.I. seemed to faithfully represent the solitary being who keenly appreciated her, other than Pietro and her new powers. For all one accurately knows was that why she and Vision had become as close as they invariably had? She would never know; his brilliant mind was carefully wiped and now he was promptly issued a direct order to annihilate her at the behest of Hayward. Wanda's only mission, now, was precisely to take out that responsible man at all costs. Due to her understandable anger with Stark Industries and what it typically cost her in the long run; her dear parents and almost her dear life. It forsook her and Pietro to a prominent place that was so desolate, mind-breaking, and full of desperation that they naturally lost their meaningful way. This was precisely the prime time that Wanda's mental disabilities naturally began to abundantly show the most. Easily manipulated; that really was all she had been to Ultron. A clever manipulation to progressively introduce his new, alternative reality. Once she had found out what his operational plan was and she quickly switched sides to help the Avengers. Scarcely did she accurately know she would, next, undoubtedly lose her Ancestral home as well as her beloved twin. No one sufficiently understood their direct link, their psychic bond, and how she had powerfully aided him with his considerable powers while in HYDRA control. The unique experiments they carefully conducted on them while they were there also took away from her a profound sense of being. Next, she would naturally come to powerfully aid the Avengers at Lagos where she, accidentally, flung a bomb into a prominent building that promptly brought about the Sokovia Accords and took away her freedom. Subsequently, Tony and the responsible others had instantly made her Vis her chief jailer. The chosen ones who adamantly disagreed with the Accords had voluntarily gone to take up arms to gain back the fundamental rights of notable people like herself. Dutifully and gratefully she willingly chose to fight alongside Clint and the familiar others against Stark which promptly removed her freedom even further by instantly setting her into the Raft in a straight jacket. In closing, it finally took away her Vis. Sure, it wasn't them directly, but it was in allegiance to stop the Mad Titan and when the direct snap happened and she was instantly transported to the Soul Gem. Wanda legitimately had to live with that gaping hole where her beloved husband had formerly been to have to continually regard her gentle hands where the 'precious blood' of her devoted lover would perpetually remain. It was no wonder why she took over Westview the meaningful way she had willingly done in a concerted effort to properly mourn all that she had undoubtedly lost. Gaining children and a peaceful life that she had always desired. Then, Agatha came into play to reveal to her the significant pain that Wanda had locked away so deeply into her mind that Agatha could purely remain the unique key to unlock it all. Taking away her happy delusions of a blissful life akin to the old-time sitcoms she typically used to watch with her family after dinner before they died. In doing so, she revealed what Wanda had actually done and how far from a genuine hero to an antihero that she had undoubtedly become. The one worthy thing that came out of it was that she fully gained all the considerable powers of the Scarlet Witch and the Darkhold. The Darkhold coursed through her prominent veins with its icy embrace. With its monstrous and even darker intentions that now rolled thickly through her body akin to the sweet embrace of Heroin. Dirty, ragged, and unthought-of...This was her life now. It is how she lived. In the damp and soiled places that smelled of unsavory odors, no one should be constantly exposed to. The unmistakable scents of commingling foods, body odor, dead things, sickly-sweet blood, vomit, sweat, tears, and other fluids that Wanda never dared to think upon. She fiercely devoted her typical days; when she wasn't gathering necessary sustenance, to voluntarily spending every waking moment with the rare book. It unlocked wicked horrors, villainous and insidious spells, and living, breathing beasts that not even Wanda wished to be reminded of. With little cash, Wanda typically occupied her days in the same clothing that had become ragged and torn. Brilliant grass-green and amber flecked eyes were presently sunken deep into her skull with prominent black and deepening blue bruising that surrounded brilliant but shrewd eyes. Not having a decent food source at all times had invariably caused the petite, diminutive woman to have shed more weight than was good for anyone. Dainty fingers were always coated in the ink of the sacred book like a lamp black. Showering had become intermittent as well. It was glaringly apparent that Wanda was in thrall with the book. As a result, as she sat there with her dainty nose diligently pressed in between the pages of the darkest magicks; she was genuinely shocked out of her profound reverie when she undoubtedly heard the "ting-aling-aling" of a mobile device that she had willingly forgotten was even in her direct possession. With dry and parched lips; her throat was raspy with its need for a drink; Wanda carefully dug through her meager backpack to retrieve the modern device. A few kind words were scrawled on a white label on the top of the flip phone that said: "In case of emergencies...Or if you ever need to talk to a friend." Wanda scowled at the device as it broke her out of her studies; she picked it up angrily. Snapping it open with a satisfying little click as she instantly pressed the mobile phone up to her dainty ear and said quickly, "What?" In a thicker than usual Slovakian lilt as she choked out the operative word. Said word oozed her annoyance, her tired voice breaking the specific word up oddly in her parched throat. "Wanda? It’s Nat; I know what has happened in the past few weeks since the snap and I know what you have been through. I would not have called unless I really needed your help? Can you meet us at the Avengers compound?" Wanda barely had answered the other redhead save for a grunt in the affirmative before she snapped the phone promptly shut; hard. Looking around the familiar room; Wanda thoughtfully examined the strewn paper plates and cups that littered the entire room with apparent disgust. How far had she fallen? And, yet, how far has her power come? The bed was still made since she had been spending her time asleep while sitting snugly in the one ragged and dirty chair that the room provided. It was stained with fluids that Wanda never even wanted to grasp what they even were. Looking toward the sacred book, she flapped it, resolutely, shut, and slammed it into her loaded backpack as she stood in order to carefully gather what little items she fortunately possessed and to also stretch out her aching back. A jaw-cracking yawn was promptly given as her compressed spine made an extensive series of satisfying pops and key clicks as it realigned itself. Naturally taking a moment to intentionally hit the head so that she could; at the bare minimum, brush her pearly teeth, her lush hair and make use of the facilities before she flew the reasonable distance back to New York State. Wanda typically experienced a love/hate relationship with her team sans Clint. He had consistently been a dear friend to the young witch. The rest? She had assuredly had various outs with more than she assuredly had good. A considerable part of herself longed for some reconnection with them all. A deep yearning that she tried not to think about but in those silent moments when she took a break. That was when she found herself thinking about it and felt the fresh sting of salty tears clinging doggedly to her lower lashes before she would angrily swipe at her face; sneering at herself, then, in disgust for being so weak. It was predictable, though, because a substantial part of herself would always be drawn back to the Avengers. Just a wretched girl who was given unnatural powers even though she had inevitably possessed a latent X gene that she never identified or understood but was used, ultimately, in times of tremendous stress even if she never registered it. A kind person who humbly craved the genuine love and camaraderie that she used to have when Pietro was still alive. Deeply needing and dearly wanting a stable family or some genuine connection. The Mind Stone had only unlocked that gene further and generously assisted her to undoubtedly gain all the divine powers of all of the Infinity Stones. Therefore, where did she fit? Not with the Mutants and certainly not the Avengers but with her lovely legs straddled in both places. A tremendous part of her absolutely needed belonging. Also, being on her own just felt so alien but so needed at this prime time in her wretched life. Trust was no longer a genuine feeling that she could willingly sacrifice any credence to because it consistently led to considerable disappointment. Yet, here she was. Without a distinct notion as to why she was genuinely needed but with every apparent intention of putting herself out there even as her body and mind was screaming hysterically at her, ‘TRAITOR!' Once she established her way outside the local motel, the blazing sunshine burned fiercely into sleep-deprived eyes and instantly caused a migraine to manifest as it drilled holes into her brain. Fragrant coffee would be a welcome relief, but she had no time for such rare luxuries. She gently placed a delicate hand before her sore eyes as she stealthily moved down the broken concrete stairs to find the nearest, empty alleyway. Mission achieved. As she tentatively reached her telepathic mind out to see if there was anyone around that to worry about? Nothing came up and so she turned completely into her Scarlet counterpart. A metal tiara graced a mop of crimson waves. A bodice and flowing skirt made of leather armor graced her form and a magnificent pair of oxblood, tactical boots graced her small feet. Once in her full glory; Wanda never felt more like herself. An unpleasant smile graced her lips as the Darkhold was now hidden in a special place to keep it safe, glyphed to the seven veritable hells so that no one could rip the dark prize from her possession. With the profound change in countenance; it was as if the witch inside desired nothing more than to explode into the Universe to unlock all of its dark and terrible secrets. Electric, the divine power began to emanate in the balls of her feet like being bitten by a million little fire ants when you inadvertently step into their humble home. The harmonic vibrations rocked through her bones, muscles, and sinew like fierce bursts of lightning intentionally hitting the same spot over and over and over again. Instantly closing her fierce eyes for a brief moment; optics opened to stare into the empty alleyway before her aglow like the distinctive color of a stop sign. They blazed fiercely in sunken sockets like wildfire. Her body started to stealthily move in a sinuous, delicate dance like a fluid mixture of a ballet dancer and a belly dancer. Dainty fingers would splay, then roll inward as her flexible wrist curled around in soft circles. Shapely legs splayed softly to naturally keep her balance as the scarlet light sprung forth from between delicate fingers. The rosy light grew organically and crackled merrily akin to the unmistakable sound of a taser being ignited. Graceful palms instantly burst open like they were being ignited by rocket fuel and instantly produced a dazzling light like the combustion of a pyrotechnic. The brick walls and metal fire escapes shook with the direct manifestation of her considerable powers and, like the glorious sun, it ruptured from her slight frame like a solar flare. Suddenly, the alleyway was aglow with crimson light so bright that it permeated the minimal space with its distinct presence and in the direct center of it was one Wanda Maximoff. Looking upward into the luminous sky, Wanda shot up like a rocket. Knowing full well that both SHIELD and SWORD would be capable of picking up her power signature and, thus, properly obtain a current idea of her last whereabouts. Flying felt like a fond dream, most of the brisk air was filtered out by the sultry heat of her powers sheltering her from windburn. She was liberated. Wanda wonderfully felt like the adolescent girl she undoubtedly lost a long time ago. Keenly enjoying the concerted rush of air rustling her long, luscious locks of flowing hair as she thoughtfully watched the clouds shooting past her like white, fluffy planes. --Half an Hour Later-- Wanda arrived at the specific compound with considerable fanfare from the Homo Sapiens as she landed gracefully on tiptoe. The unique place was hustling and bustling with people loading helicarriers, private helicopters, and so on. Suddenly, various eyes glanced toward her key arrival and she could overhear a cacophony of private thoughts as they erupted in unison to the traitor's arrival. The asphalt squelched underneath her jackbooted heels as the visible sun was blazing down upon it which made the lampblack tarmac boiling hot and softer to the touch; something only she could sense. The soft, hypnotic pitter-patter of her solid heels was like a drum tattoo that announced the auspicious beginning of a historic battle. How on the nose it was. Wanda instantly reached out her telepathic mind to listen eagerly for Nat's private thoughts, so she could typically acquire a practical sense of where she might be located at the moment. As she walked up behind Steve and Bucky she was appreciative that they had not yet recognized her entrance. She stood comfortably there, wordless, as she ultimately reeled in the line of sight with her loyal friend who was wrapped up in a hearty hug by Steve. Wanda bore some affection for the kind man who was called Cap. He was the only one who reached out to her with kind words after Lagos. It instantly made her lips uptick in a small, barely-there smile before it melted away. Wanda took note of Bucky off to the side but she did not announce her presence. The sole thing she willingly did was to read Nat's current thoughts. "Oliver,, he needs help,"it was a nagging thread that kept wiggling through her thoughts like a tapeworm. Wanda could also sense they were faithful lovers and as a romantic herself? Wanda would not let Nat undoubtedly go without her invaluable aid nor would she knowingly allow someone else's ultimate happiness and love to be snatched away from them as hers had woefully been. Putting out mental feelers to just Nat, Wanda thought to the attractive woman. "I am with you, Nat. Whatever you need." That was when she naturally began to walk soberly to their active transport as her former comrades, however, did not seem to note her imminent arrival and she liked it that way. Natasha instantly broke Wanda out of her reverie when she spoke up, "The files will be under your seats." Wanda overheard the more senior woman say. It was then that Wanda's training kicked in. All the harsh and soft lessons that were taught to herself, Warmachine, Vis, and others by Clint and Nat; two of the most formidable spies and elite assassins that one could invariably meet. And then there was all the tactical training that was traditionally taught to her by Steve. That was all like muscle memory or how to ride a bike. It never left. Looking about, Wanda accurately noted where everyone took a seat and then moved to her own place in the motorized transport without a word. The unmistakable sound of her jackboots on durable metal faithfully represents the unique sound of her chief entrance. Promptly capturing her elected seat, Wanda picked up her file and naturally began to memorize it. All the while she picked up on the tender moments between Cap and Maria and the incessant thoughts of profound loneliness of being the lone wolf and the craving of being left alone to willingly undertake his own thing that oozed off of Bucky like sludge. --Current-- The local nightclub was noisy and annoying. The raucous music was messing with her extraordinary ability to concentrate or for her to use her telepathy that she routinely used to search out pertinent thoughts from those that mattered in this specific situation. Wanda stood back to wisely let Nat do her gruff and stoic spy thing. Her prevailing mood is more dour and desperate than anything Wanda's ever seen from the intelligent woman before. Wanda did not denounce her in the slightest. Once Nat assuredly had gleaned the necessary information she would typically need, to search diligently for the other people she would dearly need to efficiently utilize. Wanda faithfully followed Nat's private thoughts to two notable people in the active club. They were, respectively, Constantine and Zantana, two beings that she had heard about by reputation only. Her gorgeous face placidly scrutinized over the two as she was stoic in attitude and remote for a specific reason. Wanda followed along with the rag-tag group of likely people into a private elevator that promptly led to a sparkling silver lair. Full of the necessary gear, massive computer tech, specialized workout equipment, and notable people that she did not know but could sense were immensely important to this Oliver person. Standing in the back of the elite group; Wanda did her best to merely take in what everyone invariably had to state or eagerly desired to willingly undertake. Like the key cogs of an intricate machine, Wanda listened to the operative words and independent thoughts of each capable person with passionate determination. Permitting it all to carefully wash over her until it became cohesive with its apparent intention.  


05/11/2021 12:47 PM 

( NSFW Questions. )

Tie me, Bite me: Name a kink - Dirty talk. Biting. Neck kisses. The nuzzling of my neck. I mean the list could go on.That's Naughty: Name something you would want to try in bed, but won't. - Adding another person.That's Nice: Name something you want to try in bed and will. - Something my partner is also comfortable with - but I think Bondage. but like actual bondage...Self Torture: What do you like to masturbate to? - The sight of him touching himself...Wine and Dine: Is it important to have a nice prelude before having relations? - Depends for the most part. I suppose unless it's a quickie.Sweet Kisses: Are you a good kisser? - No one has complained yet - to my knowledge.Tasty: Chocolate? Whipped cream? Do you use food with sex? - I have. Ice cream, popsicles are a favorite. watermelon ones. makes blowjobs quite fun.Two's a crowd and three's a party!: Have you participated in a threesome? Any more than three? Would you be interested in inviting more people? - Nope. I am too needy and jealous for a threesomeSwinger: Ever traded partners before? - Nope. See aboveBlowjob: Swallow or spit? What do you prefer? - Swallow or share. and honestly, both are sexy.Vibrator: Use any toys? Have a favorite? - Yes. I got him beads that vibrate. Very fun to watch him squirm as I play with the buttons.Tempo: Sweet and slow or hard and fast? - Why not both? Hard and slow, sweet and fast. a mix of everything.Secret Lover: Describe someone you lust after. No names! - Words don't do him justice, but he's got a smile that happens to melt away all of my worries. eyes the color of oceans, and I am terrified of diving in too deep, and not being able to find my way back to reality. I feel completely at peace and at home when he is with me.Washing Machine: Ever do it in a weird place before? - Public play is where it's at - a tiny little diner once.Sheets: Are silk sheets sexy? - Absolutely not. I can manage to take us to the floor without them. It's too hot and slick for that.Thong Song: Do you like sexy lingerie? - I don't wear it, but I do rather enjoy seeing him in little outfits. no shame.Flavor: What's your orientation? - I'm entirely gay for one man.Turn-Off: Name a turn-off. - A lot of questioning. believe me... if I didn't like it - I will let you know. Arrogance, ignorance, being overly cocky about things.Frequency: How many times do you have relations in a week? - Not as often as I'd like lately. But, patience is a virtue?Heart and Soul: Is love important when you have sex? - Definitely for me, if we don't have a connection that's soul-deep then I don't think I could do it.Good Morning: Do you partake in morning sex? - One of my favorites. Sex and then a shower.French Maid: Do you roleplay in bed? - I don't think I ever have, but I wouldn't mind trying it.Mood: How do you create the mood? Favorite atmosphere? - I think it depends. When we're at the gym and he's eyeballing me or when we are in bed, cuddling and just having an endearing talk. We constantly tease one another so, it's not really difficult.Trouser Snake: Does size matter? Is it big? - Size doesn't matter and I've never had any complaints about it.Meow: Shaved or natural? - I don't genuinely have a preference as long as it's groomed somewhat.Gossip: Do you sleep and tell? - I have, but I've learned it's best to keep quiet.First Time: Who was your first time with? - my ex from some time ago.Keep it Down!: Are you loud when you make love? - I can be. But, I try not to be. I have a sister that lives with me.


05/10/2021 11:29 PM 


The group had gathered around the game section of the carnival to spark some creative competition between the bunch. A game of bean bag toss caught Noah’s attention. Everyone else seemed occupied with either darts or target practice and Gael had been dragged once again by Indigo to the slide for what seemed like her 500th trip. Noah nudged Hexley looking to make a little friendly wager “I challenge you to a bean bag toss, first person to win get the giant plushie for indigo and 300$ “He smirked. The menacing look from the small femme gave Noah a fit of chill’s but he took it as a yes as he stepped forward to pay for the games. He pulled a few bills from his pockets and handed them to the teen behind the counter explaining the game. He eyed Hexley for a moment, Noah then shrugged watching the male piling a few bags in front of the both of them before walking to other guests to collect their cash.Noah picked the far spot and Hexley chose the spot next to him. Maybe in a strategic manner? He glared for a moment watching as she tossed the bag knocking off two bottles. The little look of defeat on her face had Noah chuckling. He followed suit and tossed the bag knocking two off the podium. The teen reset the bottles and the two spent a few good throws either missing or knocking off two. Hexley had thrown her last bean bag missing and Noah had thrown his finally accomplishing the goal knocking the three bottles straight off the podium. Hexley gave Noah a look that could kill and his eye widened when the small femme’s knee connected with his lower region dropping him to the floor. She turned to grab the attendant’s attention acting as if she had just won tossing on a smile “I won!” The male looked at the knocked over bottles then Noah on the floor groaning Hexley waved it off "he's a cry baby you should have heard him when a spider touched him." The male laughed and provided her with the cash and the plushies. She stepped over Noah without a care “do better.” She celebrated heading off towards Gael who was returning along with everyone else.Fallon walked over to Noah and knelt “why are you always on the floor?” Noah grumbled as she helped him up off the floor. He adjusted his stance and took a deep breath watching as the devious little pink haired troll handed her little the plushie and mentioned to Gael the wager “not only did I get 300$ Mr lawyer over here also offered to pay for our next supply shipment as a result of the loss.” Noah wanted to interject but the pain in his groin kept him from otherwise speaking. Gael gave him a solid pat on the shoulder “Just when I begin to give you a small benefit of the doubt that you have brains, you never fail to prove me wrong.” Noah flipped him off and watched as the happy family walked off together. 


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Code Of Conduct
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          I am a mature Roleplayer. 1.  I like having the ability to challenge myself. In simpler words, I enjoy having the opportunity to bring my ability to the fullest. Therefore, I will not allow any Auto-Roleplaying or God-Modding. 2.  Do not steal my pictures or accuse me of stealing pictures. I will eventually become upset and report you or blacklist you. 3. I consider myself a Multi-Paragraph roleplayer, I will not tolerate one-liners or just crappy Paragraphs. DO NOT REPLY to me with [ Bumps into him, let's have some coffee}  or [ looks up and says hi]  Not only will I ignore you but delete your ass off my profile.4. I will not tolerate any idiots that try to act the fool. I will eventually block them, and if you choose to block me that that is your opinion and I stand by that 100%. I doubt I needed you as a friend anyway.5. I do have a life outside RP, if I do not respond right away don't message me about it I will get to you when I can.6. If you do not receive a reply to your starter then it can be one of two reasons:     1. I am behind on comments and I will eventually catch up.     2. I just don't like your style or how you started off so I refuse to reply7.  A-I am here to RolePlay Story lines, and that is all -This Isn't  "Date Me .com " Don't mistake Fantasy for reality7. B- I do not have any messaging apps, no Discord, LINE none of that, don't want them, so don't ask.8.  MESSAGES are for OOC and setting up a Storyline.     COMMENTS are for RP 9.  RELATIONSHIPS -  Single LI - Straight man here, chemistry nothing else.  10. Feel free to add yourself to the group page. Storylines are always open for discussions.         The Group Page is called The UnderGround , Nick's Bar/Club scene   


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How a heart breaks

Aurora sighed softly as her car pulled into the driveway of the house. Dean’s impala still wasn’t in the driveway. She got out of the car and headed inside the kids came running down the stairs and rushed up to her hugging her. Aidan pulled back and looked at her. “Dad came home earlier. “Aurora looked a little surprised that he hadn’t texted or called her to let her know. Maybe he wanted to surprise her. ‘Oh, where is he now?” Aidan looked at Caden who looked at Nadia. Nadia sighed a little and she shook her head. “I don’t know. He packed a suitcase and told us he left something for you in your room.”     Nodding, feeling a strange pit in the bottom of her stomach. “Why don’t you guys look at the takeout menus and order something for dinner, Mommy doesn’t feel like cooking tonight.” She kissed the tops of the boy's head and she hugged Nadia. She walked slowly upstairs to the bedroom on the bed she saw a letter and an envelope.  She sat on the bed and opened the letter. It was short and simple and yet it broke her heart. All that it said was that he couldn’t do this anymore and that he was sorry. She put the letter down her hands shaking as she tried so desperately to not fall apart. She picked up the envelope and inside of it was divorce papers already drawn up with his signature at the bottom.     Downstairs the children were looking at the menus that Aurora kept in the kitchen drawer. They were sprawled out on the floor.  “Ew no I don’t want mushrooms on the pizza!!” Aidan said wrinkling his nose. Then he turned to Caden feeling the change in his brother.  “Something’s wrong with mommy.” Nadia looked over him. “What do you mean?” Nadia jumped up from the living room floor and rushed up the stairs to her mother's room.  She knocked softly on the door, but Aurora didn’t answer.  “Mom?” She whispered softly as she slowly opened the door.     Sitting on the bed was Aurora her eyes staring down at the paperwork that was in her hand.  She couldn’t cry she couldn’t scream she was just sitting there. Every bit of her was breaking inside. Nadia slowly walked over to her and sat next to her mother. “Mom, are you okay?” Aurora just blinked and slowly turned to look at her daughter. ‘I need you to pack some things and help your brothers pack too. I am going to send you to grandpas for a little bit.” Nadia looked down at the papers that were in her mother's hands. She couldn’t read them but she recognized her father's handwriting and the way her mother was reacting she knew this wasn’t good at all.  “No, Mom. We aren’t leaving you. “ Even though she had been just a baby, Nadia remembered what happened when her father had died, and her mother had found out.      Aurora didn’t respond to her daughter, she just called out to the boys. ‘Boys?? I need you to pack up some of your things you and your sister are going to grandpa’s for a while. “ Aidan jumped up excited about the prospect of visiting Lucifer, he didn’t even think about what might have been going on. But Caden could feel the pain that his mother was in and he slowly got up off the ground walking slowly to their room. He slowly started packing.  He couldn’t quite understand what was happening, but he knew it was bad.     Nadia knew it was no use to talk sense into her mother right now so she got up and she went to her own room and she started to pack.   Once Nadia left the room,  Aurora pulled out her phone and she texted her father to let him know she was sending the kids over as soon as they were finished packing. She didn’t tell him why or what happened. She felt that if she actually spoke the words, she would fall apart and she couldn’t fall apart now, not until she had the kids safe with their Grandfather.     A few minutes later, Nadia came out and she knocked softly on her mother’s door again. “Mom? We’re all packed.” Aurora slowly got up from the bed putting the paperwork down. She took Nadia’s hand and walked with her into the boy's room. They each had their suitcases in one hand. She kissed each of their foreheads and then turned and kissed her daughter’s cheek. ‘I love you three so damn much don’t ever forget that.”  She quickly ported the three of them to her father's just as the tears started to fall from her eyes.     She walked back into the bedroom and she took the letter and the papers and she went downstairs and she turned the fireplace on. She put the letters down on the end table and went to the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of wine and then went and she sat on the bearskin rug she had bought months ago with the wine in one hand and the papers in the other. One by one she tossed the papers into the fire the letter the last thing to go in. He wouldn’t need the divorce papers to be rid of her.  Once her wine was done she stood up from the floor and went to where she kept the first blade locked up.  She took a hold of it feeling it burning in her hand and the mark that she had stolen from Dean seared the flesh on her arm glowing brightly.  She took it and she plunged the blade into her heart. Her body flashing as light sored through her and then she fell to the ground.     Back at Lucifers, they were all sitting around eating the pizza that he had ordered because they hadn’t gotten to eat before they left the house. Caden dropped the piece he was eating and he looked at Lucifer. “I...I can’t feel Mommy anymore.”  


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Strangers ft Morningstar

                                                                                                  She stood in the elevator with a smile on her face as she rode the lift up to meet her best friend. They were supposed to have a series marathon of Bones. He insisted that she watch it. Apparently it mirrored their friendship pretty well. She wasn’t a movie watching type unless it was Disney and Barbie movies with her little girl. But this time it was with Lucifer instead of Trixie. The doors opened and she stepped in. She didn’t call his name. She should have though because the moment she turned her head towards his bedroom, she saw someone she recognized as Lucifer. But something was different. He was fighting with someone she didn’t know, however. “Lucifer?” She asked, his head turning immediately. That’s when she saw his eyes. They were bright red. Something else ran across her eyes and it was more like a flash of a scary face. This wasn’t something that she was used to. This was real. He.. he hadn’t lied to her. He was the devil!   She immediately turned, ignoring his pleas as she rushed to the elevator. The doors opened immediately and she got inside, pressing the button to go down frantically as she saw the lift shutting. She was so afraid right now. Was she in danger? Just as the doors were about to close completely, a hand stuck in, preventing the elevator from moving. “Detective! Wait!” She tensed up, as he got into the tight corners, as well as shutting down the elevator to prevent her from running away.  “I didn’t mean to scare you.” He reached out and she shrunk back away from him. “Don’t… don’t touch me.” She whispered in a timid tone. His face fell, although she couldn’t see it because she was looking down at the floor, his shoes to be exact. Anywhere but his face. “Detective, I would never harm you.” She didn’t speak, her body starting to shake because of how terrified she was.    His hands moved to his sides, obviously this reaction was not one he had wanted. “Please… just let me go..” She begged, reaching for the stop button and he didn’t stop her. The elevator descended and soon the doors opened and she brushed past him to leave, moving through the crowd of people drinking and dancing to get to the exit. She made it to her car before she broke down. Tears filled her eyes as she fumbled for her keys, unlocking her car and getting into the safety of her vehicle. That’s when she stopped and laid her head against the steering wheel, tears attaching to the leather. She was fearful for herself, for her daughter. What was his game? His plan? She knew the stories about the devil. How he tempted you to sin and how he was a dangerous being. While she hadn’t believed in God before, she did now. If the Devil was real, so was God. She pushed herself back up and stared into the dark night. Two people once best friends, so quickly became strangers.  


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Short poem

Overpoweringfalling fastlost allnot much leftfading fastjust another freakshow for the world to laughand point at some more


Lirio de los Valles

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Random Prompt Time!

// You know the drill. Pick a prompt, and please specify who it is from. You are welcome to pick as many as you want. Just don't go crazy with them.“Well that went better than I thought it would.”“Can you leave now?”“I thought you’d be gone by now?”“… We didn’t, did we?!”“Yikes, this is awkward.”“Morning.”“What time is it?”“Don’t you have work?”“Don’t you have class?”“Hungry?”“What the f*** is that?”“Don’t you have somewhere to be? That isn’t here?”“Who are you?”“Is now a bad time to ask your name?”“Did we at least use a condom?”“That’s kind of something you’re suppose to tell someone before you have sex with them.”“Can you uncuff me?”“I think we’re snowed in.”“That’s not usually how this goes.”“You talk a lot in your sleep.”“Is that chocolate?”“I didn’t snore, did I?”“Don’t forget this. I don’t need a memento.”“So… I have something to tell you.”“Round two?”

Into the Night Tales

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Innsmouth Subversion

This is the second blog post in the Innsmouth Calling story.  The tale concludes here and reads from top to bottom. 

𝒎𝒊𝒅𝒏𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝒅𝒐𝒗𝒆

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——— firstly, this version of Elena Gilbert I'll be writing is merely an independent portrayal based around the tv/book series of The Vampire Diaries. There will be my own elements added in here and there. If you do not like my depiction of Elena, please just remove me from your friend list or simply ignore my stream posts. You aren't obligated to write with me at all. ——— secondly, I'll be opting for multi-ship and chemistry-based connections for any love interests. I love writing ships, they are fun. But please know that I will not force a ship on you and I ask for the same in return.——— thirdly, I'm flexible with my writing length, so I'm not really fussed if you want to semi para, para, multi-para etc. Just throw whatever my way and I'll work with it. 

Into the Night Tales

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Innsmouth Calling

Mysterious packages and old friends call Lenore Lovecraft to the town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. However, it seems that she can't do this one alone.  Strangeness fills this little port town, hostile to outsiders.Can you make it out in one piece?(This story is reposted from 2019 and reads from top to bottom. It starts here but later some characters move back and forth to Innsmouth Subversion.) 

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