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EDHL Little Wolf (E&L)Cole J Turner

05/12/2021 04:54 PM 

My Loved Ones



05/12/2021 01:32 AM 

The Hero Shot

The Hero Shot, 1x1 with ArdentFeat: DayStarmention: Hex Girl Lionheart /1606290 Being back in Mystic Falls for a respite was unusual for him. He was glad that his sister allowed him to crash in his old room that she’d had restored when she rebuilt their family home. He would have normally just hit a safe house so that way he’d keep any antsy vamps or nasty monsters away from those whom he loved the most. Elena was trying to live a normal life even if Jeremy couldn’t. His calling as a Hunter put him in a position to protect those he loved as much as putting them in harm’s way. He bounded down the back stairs after Elena had left for the day leaving him home alone. He was ravaging in the refrigerator when he heard a knock not at the front door but the back. He closed the door slowly moving toward that back door.Jeremy pulled out a smaller gun that fired wooden bullets. It was something that Alaric had designed years ago and had passed it to Jeremy to use in his new found career as a member of the Five. Of course, Jeremy had improved on it as time went on, so it became quite a handy little tool for him in his war against the supernatural. With a gun in his hand, he opened the door rapidly. Standing there was the love of his life, Anna Zhu. Anns had been revived as a challenge to Jeremy by the goddess Artemis, goddess of the hunt. “BABE! You scared me!” He stepped outside the house and put away his gun. Yes, the Hunter was in love with a vampire.Anna’s smaller frame molded into his. She nuzzled into him happily smothering him with kisses. “There’s a problem Jer. You need to come. We can get to all this later, but you need to come now.” The young looking vampire who was actually well over five centuries old was pulling on the arm of her boyfriend. “I know you’re trying to take a break, but this can’t wait.”“Take it easy Anna.” He leaned in and kissed her on the lips lovingly. “Surely it can’t be that bad.” He had a look on his face that didn’t want to believe that anything bad was happening right about now. He was on vacation, but then again did he ever catch a break.While Anna loved to kiss him, this was something very serious that needed to be addressed right now. “Jeremy PLEASE, listen to me. There is a vampire killing teenagers and a hunter is about to take him out.” Her voice was pleading and urgent. She didn’t always pull at him like this, so he had a feeling of dread come over him. “Jeremy, please!”Jeremy felt his anxiety levels rise. “Why should I be concerned with a hunter taking out a vampire? It’s what we do after all, even those who aren’t a part of the Five.” He didn’t want to believe that anything bad was happening, but he was starting to believe that he was very very wrong. “What’s going on Babe?” He asked.“The vampire in the park is Enzo St. John. I know you don’t like him Jer, but you can’t let a hunter take him out because I know you don’t want to hurt Bonnie.” Anna was practically in tears right about now. Granted she never met Enzo while on this plane of existence before, but Jeremy did fill her in on what had happened in the time that she’d been gone.Jeremy’s expression changed immediately. He had no love lost for Enzo but he was everything to Bonnie. Bonnie was Bonnie. He wasn’t about to let anything happen to anyone that Bonnie loved. Damn him and his weaknesses. He was going to have to kill another hunter and he hated it. “Take me to him Anna.” He had that gun in his pocket and a few other tricks up his sleeve.Anna nodded when Jeremy gave her permission. She took Jeremy by the arm and zipped away into the heart of Mystic Falls.~*~The hunter had Enzo square in his sights. He was lowering his crossbow to take that shot that would end up wiping out another one of those damn bloodsuckers. It hurt him that he was too late to save the other kid, but this kid wasn’t going to die. This monster was about to be taken down. He started to pull the trigger on his crossbow.The action was stopped short when a bright red spot formed on the man’s chest. The angle of the shot had come from directly behind the hunter. The man’s eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed dead to the ground. Jeremy Gilbert stood there with a pistol aiming it straight ahead. The barrel was still smoking. “Enzo, you have exactly five seconds to start talking. What the HELL is going on and why are you killing kids in my town?”Jeremy was angry. His brow was furrowed and his jaw was twitching with the wrath bubbling below the surface. He hated to kill hunters to save monsters. The things that he did for people he cared about. “More importantly, does Bonnie know what the hell you’re doing?” He demanded.While Jeremy had Enzo’s attention, Anna swept in and saved the kid that Enzo was stalking. She’d even compelled the British Vampire’s potential dinner to forget everything that had just happened. She crept back toward where Jeremy was facing off against Enzo and stayed just off to Jeremy’s left.    None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive. credit: james kriet


05/12/2021 12:41 AM 

Hunter's Lament

Hunter's Lament, 1x1 with Honey Lionheart /1606290 Hiding in Alaric’s office was never easy. Dodging in and out through the kids was always like running an obstacle course. A lot of the kids already knew him, like Hope Mikaelson and Alaric’s own twins. He didn’t want anyone let alone those girls or his own niece to see him. No one needed to fuss over him because he’d gotten into a fight that was a bit tough for even him. He looked like he’d been put through the ringer and he knew it. When he heard the door to Alaric’s office fly open, he knew he was in some deep trouble.He turned in the direction of the door with his fists up ready to defend himself. He wasn’t in any shape to really fight anyone, so hopefully he wouldn’t have to do anything of the sort. It was an instinctive reaction to defend himself after he’d been a Hunter for so long. He’d left his weapons out of his arms reach or else someone coming through that door would have received a rude awakening. His fists lowered when he realized who it was. “Caroline?!?” He mumbled like he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.Caroline started in on him almost immediately. Of course the first thing she’d mention would be Elena. “I just got back and I came directly to see Alaric. I was hoping I could just get in and out without being seen.” He knew that his words would fall on deaf ears. Caroline was stubborn and would never take no for an answer. He could protest until he was deaf. He followed Caroline knowing that this would be good leverage for the blonde vampire to use against him to his sister. Last thing he wanted Elena to know was that he had his ass handed to him on this particular hunt.Once he’d arrived in Caroline’s office, he took a seat. He took the first aid kit from Caroline that she handed to him and started to clean himself up. Unfortunately being on the road as much as he had been, he’d stitched himself up a few hundred times so he’d become an old hand at it. He’d also learned to stifle any urge he had to stake vampires like Caroline who were on his side. The base instinct of a member of the Five was to in fact stake any vampire in their face and to ask questions later. Caroline and the kids of the Salvatore School were all off limits. Hell, he’d already taken out a hunter who was tracking down Rafael Waithe and Landon Kirby all because Alaric wanted him to trail the boys to make sure they stayed out of trouble. It was like watching him and Tyler Lockwood all those years ago. Of course they couldn’t stay out of trouble.Caroline and her probing questions made the hunter grin. “I wish I could stay in one place, Care, but I can’t. I got to keep moving.” He winced from the feel of the antiseptic on his cheek. He sucked in his breath and swore a few times. He finished up with fixing his wounds. He’s accentuated healing would kick in for the rest. Jeremy was quite resilient these days thanks to the Traveler’s Magic. “There’s something bigger though. Something going on that I actually need help with this time.”He packed away the remainder of the first aid kit which had been pretty wiped out thanks to the amount of the injuries all over the face and forehead of the Hunter. “Alaric had me tracking down a Black Magic Coven near here.” He knew he would tell Caroline what he’d been doing. A lot of his intel did come from Alaric especially on where to go and what to take out next. Jeremy was not the same punk kid he had been all those years ago when Alaric first came to town and his parents had just passed away. Through circumstance and his own bloodline Jeremy turned into a virtually unstoppable killing machine against the creatures created by Witch Magic. “This Coven was calling out monsters that were not under the control of Malivore to try and take him out before he found them.” He paused for a moment trying to gauge her reaction.It appeared to him like she was giving him the floor. That look he’d seen plenty of times from Elena especially when she was trying to mother him. “I was doing really well. I put down all the monsters, but something else was there.” Jeremy drank in a shaky breath. He could have surely used a shot of Alaric’s bourbon right about now. “There was something else there that was working against me. There was an older vampire. He was getting in some good shots at me. He even knocked my ass to the ground several times.” New vampires just couldn’t do that to him. It took older vampires that had more skill and experienced moves to be able to knock him out like this one had. He still couldn’t believe it.“I got a good look at the vampire. He stopped before he left to make sure I wasn’t coming after him.” He kept trying to delay what he was saying. He didn’t want to believe it himself. IF anyone deserved to know who he’d seen, it was Caroline. “Care, it was Stefan. I am sure of it. I don’t know how or why, but Stefan nearly killed me tonight and I don’t know why.” After having made his grand revelation, he slumped back into the chair. His aching muscles rested against the leather of the antique chair in the room. All he had to do now was wait for Caroline’s reaction.    None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive. credit: james kriet

velvet underground.

05/12/2021 12:40 PM 

doing the best that i can

May 11th, 1989 ”Stevie, open the f***ing door” She heard her father and Christine pounding on the door, the doorknob jerking to the left and right as if doing that was going to force the door open. Stevie’s brown orbs scanned the products laying in front of her - her bottle of Klonopin, a small bottle of brandy and the smallest bag of cocaine. Stevie’s hands were sweaty, her not taking the pills since last night and her not doing cocaine since she got out of rehab three years ago but she just needed something.. She was tired, she was tired of the constant war in the back of her mind whether she should just give up completely and let the drugs take over like they almost did, if she should keep fighting like she has been, but is she doing it for the right reasons? Her career and her fans mean the world to her, but is that the only reason to stay clean when, deep down, part of her doesn’t want to? Stevie needs to, she spent the last fifteen years building up a career that she didn’t think she’d ever have - both within Fleetwood Mac and solo - but at the same time she just wanted all the pain to stop. All the years of choosing her career over her well being, her sanity, choosing her career over relationships and chances at motherhood. Stevie looked at her career like a marriage that she wasn’t willing to divorce, but Stephanie wanted the husband and the kids and the older she got the worse the battle in her head over what she desired more. It wasn’t like she just wanted it with anyone, however, after all she wrote an entire song about a man who went from a lover to a friend for the same album that drops today and he doesn’t even want anything to do with her. ”Christine, try to get her the f*** out of there, I’m gonna make a phone call” ”Jess, it won’t make a difference he told me to piss off and hung up” Of course he did, Stevie knows exactly who they’re talking about and the fact they want to talk in code like she can’t hear them on the other side of the door was aggravating. Her heart tells her to stop, leave all three items on the table, get up, and walk away. Her mind is wanting the cocaine, it numbs everything and brings out her absolute best work - but the doctor’s words are echoing in her head. ”You do another line you might as well sign your death certificate because of that hole in your nose”. She wanted a way out, but did she want such a permanent way out? And frankly, did she even want a way out? The stage was her velvet underground, her absolute favorite place in the world, and how she feels on stage is something that can never be compared to any drug. But, when she’s not on stage? When she’s not on stage she sits up at night questioning everything, questioning if walking away is worth it, questions if just giving up would be easier. She remarks it’s hard to be Mister Stevie Nicks, but she never comments how hard it is just to be Stevie Nicks. Her father’s voice was haunting, she heard him on the phone and heard the desperation in his voice as he spoke and yet Stevie didn’t care. As close as she and her father were, he walked away for a bit during her recording ‘Rock a Little’, during the height of her cocaine binge before she went to rehab. Stephanie wanted to go and hug her father, apologize for everything and promise him she’ll quit everything. But Stevie? Stevie didn’t give a sh*t, she wanted to get whatever rush and high she could just to make all this pain stop. Extending her right arm, her fingernails grazing over the small bag of cocaine. She knew there were other ways to take the drugs, ways that wouldn’t have to be snorted, and she risks killing herself. But, was the hole in her nose the only reason she shouldn’t do it anymore? Her eyes went over to the bottle of prescribed pills that were supposed to assist with her not relapsing on cocaine again. The same pills that made her feel like a walking zombie, the same pills that kill any drive that she had to do literally anything. Letting her fingernails slide over to the bag and the left, her hand gripped the bottle of brandy that was sitting between her two vices. It is the clutch for both of them, how she always made sure she enjoyed every high a bit more. Taking her free hand and unscrewing the cap, Stevie angled her left index finger, pressing her nail on her thumb before flicking her index finger up to flip the lid off the bottle. Getting the familiar whiff of the liquor up her nose made Stevie let out a heavy sigh, her slowly bringing the bottle up until her lips wrapped around it. Leaning her head back as the liquid burned her throat going down, Stevie chugged what she assumed was at least four or five shots worth before pulling it from her lips, placing the bottle back down in front of her as a loud series of coughs escaped her lips from the burning in her throat. Letting her head rest back against the back of the chair she was sitting in, Stevie slowly felt the liquor go through her body, her eyes starting to become heavy before she pushed herself up off the back of the chair. Extending her arm to grab the bottle of Klonopin, her eyes briefly shifted to the small bag of cocaine that was on the table. She has no sense of time, no idea how long she’s been in this room. Her release party is in a few hours and she should be getting ready for that, not sitting here debating so much of her life. It’s not that she wants to die, because it’s far from that, she just wants to stop thinking about everything for a while. ”Stevie, please..” Christine’s pleas were heartbreaking, the pain in her voice as she still heard the woman trying to mess with the door. Chrstine was the only one who knew how bad Stevie was, and she was the only one who truly gave a sh*t when it came to her. Hearing a door faintly open, Stevie would start to unscrew the pill bottle before taking it off and chucking it to the side. Looking down into it, she knew if she took one now and took a nap that she’d be fine for the premiere tonight. But, what if she took one and took a nap just to not wake up? She’ll turn into yet another lost soul of the 80s drug pandemic, and someone like her? Someone like Stevie Nicks who already kicked cocaine dying from a pill addiction? How f***ed up is that? How much would that put her friends through? Her band? Her parents? Lindsey? Reaching into the bottle and grabbing a single pill between her index and thumb nails, Stevie leaned up to place the bottle back down on the table before her hand slid to the right to grab the bottle of brandy. Do you have a goddamn death wish?! the small voice in the back of her mind was practically screaming but it was as if Stevie already decided. She heard a door on the other side of the door open and paid no attention. She hears her father and Christine whispering amongst themselves, perhaps they’re giving up on trying to open the door, perhaps they finally see it’s a losing battle. As she was bringing the pill up to her lips, the bottle quickly behind it, she heard a man clear his throat on the other side of the door. ”Stephanie, come on open the door” Quickly leaning up, getting dizzy for a few moments after she did so, she’d sit the bottle and the pill down on the table before slowly talking herself into getting up out of the chair. Placing her hands on the table to assist her with climbing to her feet, she would exhale a deep breath as she didn’t realize how much the liquor had already affected her until she stood up. Letting go of the table with her left hand, she’d turn her body slightly so she could grab the chair as she’d stumble over towards the door. Leaning against the wall so she could stand up, she’d slowly take her right hand and undo the lock before grabbing the door and swinging it open. Giggling because she almost hit herself in the face, she remained leaning against the wall as she peeked her head out slightly. Seeing her father’s disappointment ate at her, but it was locking her eyes with his blue green’s that made the air escape her lungs before her eyes quickly fell to the floor between them. “Oh Stephanie, baby, what did you do?” He was so gentle and sweet, far from the last time the two were in a room and she lunged at him when he commented he wanted to quit Fleetwood Mac a couple of years ago. She felt like he was abandoning her, the way they promised each other they would never fully walk away from each other if they made it big so many years ago just for him to do the same thing. His comment was she did the same thing eight years earlier when she went to record Bella Donna, but she cut her tour short to record Mirage, she cut her Rock a Little tour short to go help with Tango In The Night. Stevie never forgot where she came from, but it seems like he did. ”I just took a couple of shots, maybe like four? Go in there and get the bag of cocaine though” she held her breath as he walked past her and grabbed the bag before turning her head and looking at her with a mixed look of fear, disappointment, and perhaps even regret. Her eyes briefly shifted down to look at the bag before he’d open it and walk out of the room and towards the bathroom. Parting her lips to say something about him taking it, she quickly decided on not saying a word, closing her mouth as her eyes looked at her father and Christine until she heard the toilet flush and him walk out of the bathroom. Shoving the empty baggy into his blazer pocket, Stevie watched him walk back over towards where she was leaning. ”You guys go, I got it from here, I’ll make sure she gets to the release party tonight” Christine and Jess both nodded, Christine, walking up and hugging him in a tight embrace as Jess’s hand rested on his right shoulder briefly. ”You’re a good man, I hope she eventually sees what we all see in you” Stevie let out a slight sigh as Christine and her father walked out of the small apartment, Stevie’s eyes shifting back up to him as he walked towards her just to wrap his arm around her shoulder. ”Come on, let’s go lay you down so you can be sober for tonight” Letting him guide her towards the couch, Stevie would sit down before he sat down beside her. ”I’m really doing the best I can, it’s just after everything with Tango and this album...why? Last time we spoke I leaped over a table at you and yet you’re still here?” Stevie would bring her hand up and rub her head, shaking it a few times before looking over to her left and seeing him still sitting beside her. ”Because it’s always us against the world, remember? Because you’d do the same for me if I was in a situation like you are. Because I made a promise, and he called the one person who’d talk some f***in’ sense into you. You’re better than this, Stephanie, better than the bullsh*t pills that doctor gave you. You’re better than debating doing another line knowing damn well you wouldn’t survive it. You’re better than all of this sh*t, Stephanie” ”I just feel like I’m playing a part anymore..” Stevie truthfully remarked, her pausing as she watched him wrap his legs around her waist before pulling her into his embrace. Slowly bringing her feet up on the couch, curling her legs underneath her, Stevie would rest her head on his chest and let the familiar sound of his heartbeat relax her. ”It’s like I forgot a difference between Stevie and Stephanie and I don’t know where the line is anymore, I need something to give me the boost to go out there, to be able to handle if this album does terrible. I needed something, Lindsey.” She felt his hand running through her permed hair, her blinking a few times to attempt to stay up so she could talk to him. ”I’m doing the best that I can, and I feel it’s not enough, baby.” ”Oh, my dear Stephanie, it’s more than enough. This album is going to be great because you wrote it, you’re going to find out that Stephanie is still deep within your soul, that the small girl from Phoenix is still right in there. When I look into your eyes, even when you’re high, I still see her when I look into your gorgeous brown eyes.” Stevie felt a few tears forming in her eyes before she quickly shut them so he wouldn’t see her crying. ”Sleep, alright? I’ll go to your release party tonight, and I’ll even stay the night if you want me to. But, you and I need to sit down and truly discuss why you feel you need to do this. Why you feel you need to be high on something to be able to function when you’re so much better than these drugs make you act like yo --” Feeling her body instantly relax before the slightest readjustment of her breathing made Lindsey look down as he realized she already fell asleep. Bending down to place a soft kiss on her head, he’d grab the blanket and put it over them before snuggling down into the couch, making sure his arms were wrapped around her in a protective way. ”Oh Stephanie, if you only could see how you’re so much better than you give yourself credit for. I’m going to make it my goal to do the very best that I can to show you whether we’re together or not.”


05/11/2021 11:43 PM 

Seven Names Not To Call Me

1. Cross Dresser Sascha2. Gangster Cracker Sascha3. Gang Banger Sascha4. Prostitution Pimp Sascha5. Drug Seller Sascha6. Trailer Trash Sascha7. Mob Traitor Sascha


05/11/2021 09:33 PM 

Dear, You..

There was exhaustion within her body, from the moment she got home. Anyone could tell, even her father and it was a scary thought after this seizure attack that the next could be her last. The brown circles under her eyes, the lack of appetite it was all there every time such a thing happened and it got worse with every occurrence. Her father wished she would come back to the main house but if she didn't want to, least he had Luca there being her roommate. Vincent owed Luca a lot more than he ever could pay him, from being his right hand man after his father to protecting Anabel; there just wasn't enough money in the world. And when her father left for the night, it wasn't willingly.Anabel stirred in her bed, her breathing become quicker as she stirred from the sleep. Chewie, her dog, resting his head against her leg watching her as though he knew something was wrong. She stirred awake, opening her eyes to glance around the room. She spotted Luca sitting on the edge of the bed and she raised a brow, "Luca.." she saw his attention turn to her and he smirked, "Just making sure I can text your father that you're okay.. Now sleep, Little Bird." He got up, Anabel grabbing his hand for a moment, "Luca, I.." she stopped, not even understanding why she couldn't speak any further.She felt the gentle squeeze with his hand and he headed out, shutting the door behind him. Anabel sighed softly, why couldn't she tell him? Anabel glanced over at Chewie and smiled faintly before grabbing her journal and opening it up. If she couldn't tell him, she needed to write it.Dear Luca, I don't even know where to start on this, because, let's face it; me saying something to someone about how I feel towards them never works. I guess I could start by simply saying thank you. From the day your Patri started working for mine we were friends. You protected me even when we were children, and to this day you still continue to protect me like it would be your last thing you would ever do. I hate that, mainly because you deserve to live your life the way you wish, not protect me from the dangers of my father's.. Business. I guess being a mafia princess comes with a price. But it shouldn't have to be your burden to bare.I wish I could free you, you could be a model or something? Haha. But alas, your commitment to family overpowers anything and that has to be the most inspiring thing, I guess that's why my Patri loves you like a son. I just wish you could promise me you'd find something to make you happy, or someone. Honestly, I wish it would be me but what am I thinking? You don't deserve a sick girl that can't even protect herself from a man that has had too many to drink and wants a simple lap dance. A weak girl is not what you deserve; you deserve the world. I feel like I'm writing to let you go, but I don't think my selfish heart could ever do that. You keep me safe, you make me feel like I'm the most important go in the world even when you don't even have to.Remember that time when we were kids and I fell and scraped my knee? You stopped following our Patti's and helped me up when everyone else continued on. I wish I could give you the world, like you've already done for me. At least if tonight were my last night I would be content in feeling that slight squeeze of my hand, that subtle quiet way of telling me everything would be okay. In a dark world, you give me hope and a feeling I'd never dream I'd ever find. You understand me, you listen to me, and for that I could never repay you; because there isn't enough money in the world to do so.Well, I'm going to go now. I'm surprised you haven't barged in and tell me to go to bed or else. Haven't figured the 'or else's part out yet, probably wouldn't want to. Luca.. My dear Luca. You are going to make a woman very happy one day. I hope she is everything you dream of, because she'll never be good for you in my eyes. I love you, always. To the moon and back.  Anabel stared at the letter for the longest time before sighing. What was she thinking? She closed the journal and set it on her night stand, sliding down under the covers a tad bit more to be able to curl up underneath them. She stared out the window towards the moon as her head swam with thoughts. If she could give that man the moon, it would be the closest thing that she could give him that he deserved. Smiling softly to herself, her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.


05/11/2021 07:19 PM 


In Talks: AsheStorylines:Kace ( Met during a meeting for kids with sick parentsRaine ( Hockey FriendsTegan ( Childhood Best FriendsUpdated: 05-11-21 

Evelyn Hale

05/11/2021 05:29 PM 

Resident Evil

My name is Evelyn Hale and I am just one of the survivors in the apocalyptic world. I was also the wife of Chris Redfield who took on the alias name of Trey. If you wish to know more read my bio or just ask me questions. All mains are welcomed and so are crossovers 


05/11/2021 01:15 PM 

Mother's Day Survey/Task04

  MOM'S FULL NAME: Samanthe Lea Wagner   MOM'S MAIDEN NAME (IF APPLICABLE):  Charleston  WHAT YOU CALL(ED) HER: Mom, Mommy, Mother. It really depends more so mom, always.  HER AGE: She is forty-eight years old but she looks like in her early 30's. That is for sure.  HER JOB: An art curator working at the Arts Museum in LA. FOUR ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE HER: Loving, fun, caring, strict.  TALLER OR SHORTER THAN YOU?:   She is shorter than me by an inch or two. *HOW SHE MET YOUR DAD/FATHER FIGURE: From what I was told when I was younger, they met in college.They were both in the same art history classes and had other classes together. After a few conversations, my dad asked her out and the rest is history.    *WHAT YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS/WAS LIKE:    We have a very loving relationship. My mother is like my best friend and has always suported anything I want to do with my career or life. She has always been on my corner and I always tell me everything. I know that I can count on her regardless, I love her. HER FAVORITE FOOD:    Chicken primavera with a glass of sauvignon blanc on the side. Always. HER FAVORITE DRINK:    Cognac, sometimes burbon but most of the time Cognac.  *THE BEST THING SHE COOKS/COOKED:    She does an amazing chicken alfredo pasta, she is an amazing baker too. She does a wonderful peach cobbler that is for sure, which is actually my favorite.  *SOMETHING SHE LOVES/LOVED: She loves spending time with us, her kids. But she also loves working on her sculptures. For my father it was the oil paintings but for my mother it has always been sculptures from clay. She also likes doing pottery too but sculpture is her love.  *HER FAVORITE PLACE:    That is a very easy one, the beach. Anything that has to do with the beach, bonfires at the beach were always the best growing up. I have many memories of  HER FAVORITE COLOR:   Teal, she loves teal. Her art room was painted in teal as it is her favorite color. *HOW SHE DRESSES/DRESSED:    She dresses casual, my mother loves to be fashionable but still comfortable. If she attends an event, she may go with something more elegant. Honestly, I get my fashion tips and taste from her.  *HER HABITS OR HOBBIES:    I would say her art projects. She loves scupting and pottery and painting at times. She loves spending time outside too, she loves going for hikes or bike rides with my father or as a family.  *A MOVIE, SHOW, OR BOOK SHE LIKES/LIKED:    Hmm, its hard because there are so many but if I had to choose I would say "Grease". She loves Grease, I still have memories of watching "Grease"  as a little girl and knowing all the songs. Singalong of musicals has always something we both have enjoyed together.  *SOMETHING SHE TAUGHT YOU:    My mother has taught me so many things, she has taught me that its okay to fail but know that you tried. She has taught me to be confident even when things doesn't seem right. She has taught me how to work on clay and make a sculpture and how to cook and bake. She is a great baker, and she has a great taste in fashion as well.  *SOMETHING SHE IS/WAS GOOD AT:  She is good at many things, one of them being a great mother. She is a great listener, she listens without judging, provides guidance and assistance. She is a great friend, I couldn't ask for a better mom.   *SOMETHING SHE ALWAYS SAYS/SAID:    "Don't say that I didn't tell you so" a phrase that I heard in my household almost every day. They say that mothers have a sixth sense, I believe it. They are the only ones who know where things are and when they tell you something they are more than likely right. Of course like any child, I questioned my mother and my mother's decisions but she would always say that phrase and still does, sometimes I wonder, how does she know. *SOMETHING YOU DO/DID TOGETHER: When I was younger, we would spend hours watching movies and musicals. Now that I am older, we spend it doing other things like having Spa days, going wine tasting, or even still doing pottery. Its great to spend time with my mother specially with her living in LA and I'm in New York.   *SOMETHING SHE LOVES/LOVED ABOUT YOU:  Growing up, my mother would always tell me that she loved me so much and that she loves how organized I am, and how I am very vocal and risk-taking. I believe she used to call me her little risk taker, because I was much different than my little sister.   *SOMETHING YOU LOVE ABOUT HER:   There are so many things I love about my mother, I love how confident she is. I love how amazing she is and care-free personality she has. She has taught me many lessons and has taught me many things. She has molded the woman I am today.  *A MEMORY OF HER THAT YOU HOLD DEAR: I still remember when we started to bake together. I remember that I was six years old, and we started to bake cookies, and brownies. We would do it every other week depending on her work schedule but she would always make sure we would have some Mommy and Me time. Sometimes we wouldn't bake and we would crafts along with my sister. I love that even though I am the oldest of the two, she loved us both equally. 


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Once Upon a Dream

Once Upon a Dream, 1x1 w Celtic Firemention: Veni Vidi Vici Scoundrel /1694031 The world of a god was so far above that of a mere mortal. If mortals could see the unseen then they would truly realize how weak they were. The constant battle between good and evil had been waged since the days of the Earth's infancy. Hermes was one of the gods that had seen these battles from the days of Earth's innocence.The gods often had their favorites among the mortals as the years passed. Some gods would appear in other forms to those mortals to speak to those they wanted to communicate with, while others used a little less hands on methods. One of those methods was the vehicle of the dream world. A god would simply just will themselves into the dreams to the humans that were worthy of their communication. The images and the message itself were usually done in such a way that if the human did not understand the message, they would seek appropriate counsel from sages or prophets. What happened when a god received a message in the form of a dream? In all these years, it had never happened to Hermes; until now.It was the greenest hill that he'd ever seen in his immortal life. He knew he'd been here before. There was nothing on Earth that was new to him. He was fully aware of his location. This was where he'd hidden his son Cian Patrick so he could grow in the grace and knowledge of his mother's people. The Christians would later call his son St. Patrick, hero of Ireland. Hermes would always call him the child of his heart. Why had Hermes come here when he knew he was dreaming?He could feel the warmth of his brother Apollo's sun chariot upon his body as he stood there. The breeze ruffled the dark curls that covered his head and framed his handsome features. Optics closed slowly with eyelashes curled over one another. Slowly he pulled a breath into his lungs.He felt a gentle touch upon his cheek. Light fingertips brushed against his body sending a familiar kiss of electricity through every square inch of his body. His breath hitched in his throat. He knew her touch anywhere. Velvet lips pressed softly to his. It was the touch he'd longed for all these years. He kissed her back feeling pressure upon his lips for the first time in ages. Eyes thrust open as he lay there in the darkness. Hermes lay there alone as he had for countless nights. For ages since his father had cast his wife from him, Hermes was acutely aware of the depth of his father's wrath against him. Even though his bed had not always been empty physically, his heart was with his beloved. The gods needed adoration and love. Hermes was no exception. Hermes however needed something more. Hermes was incomplete without her.He pushed himself to a sitting position. The softest blanket draped across his open lap as the darkness enveloped ehim. He would have fully stood to his feet had this dream been like countless others before. This one was so different. He could have sworn she was actually there with him. His dreams of her had always been so fruitless and empty in the past. It was almost as though Zeus was trying to punish him for his love and devotion to one goddess by reminding him of what he didn't have. Fortunately for Hermes, Hera bestowed her favor on him. Hera was more of a mother to him than his actual one was. Hera also doted on Cian being a very loving Grandmother to him. Maia was very cold to Cian which made Hermes furious.The longing for his lost wife was eating through his soul particularly hard this morning. He had not kissed his wife in centuries but yet he had never forgotten what it felt like to hold her, to touch her, or to make love to her. Sighing, defeated he moved his hand back down to his king sized bed. His fingers brushed against something that caught his attention. He wrapped his fingers around it pulling it forward for his view.It was a large sprig of Shamrocks. He examined it closely feeling his heart start to race. Shamrocks were beloved by his wife. Brigid was always constantly surrounded by Shamrocks. She'd even placed their infant son in a Shamrock Cradle before Zeus stole her away from them. "Cian!"The son of Hermes and Brigid appeared in the doorway of his father's bedroom. He seemed dazed himself pholding a matching sprig of Shamrocks in his hand. "Something is happening." His gazed at the sprig in his father's hand. The two held the sprigs of Shamrocks closer. "Identical." Cian observed.Hermes was in shock. Could it be? After all this time, this glimmer of hope was enough. Brigid was reaching out for him… and he needed to reach back before she was gone again.    “I am looking for the one I can’t fool.” ― Kamand Kojouri. credit: james kriet


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favorite color.

a little play off this and this.  “I’m not handing out freebies on those ones,” Wanda calls out from the front counter. “Unless you’re thinking of jetting outta here again.” She’s fixing her mascara in her little mirror while there’s no customers, but she’s had her eye on him the entire time he’s been there; no surprise given the toothbrush incident, the memory of which has him red in the face as soon as she brings it up. “It’s not that.” Casey doesn’t look at her. Instead, he keeps his focus on a half-empty rack of roses, eyebrows furrowed, nose scrunched, arms folded over his chest. It’s not how he intends to pay that has him perplexed. Wanda closes her compact with a deliberate smacking sound, as if to garner his attention. “There’s no one in here to distract me, so I guess I can trust you for now,” she teases. “I’m not trying to steal them.” Casey snaps, though the flames behind his eyes are extinguished almost before ignition. He simmers down, slumps his shoulders a little, then plucks one of the roses off the rack - a blue one. “Well, forgive me for being a little nervous, kiddo,” Wanda remarks. She’s smiling, teasing, but Casey pays it little mind other than a slow shake of the head. “Hey, you talk to my mom a lot right?” Wanda raises an eyebrow at him. “Every night when she gets off work, why?” Finally, Casey looks at her. “Do you know her favorite color?”


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challenge | creator I can’t explain what pulled me to it. Why, in the midst of whatever breakdown I’m having, I hopped on the ferry with zero questions about where it’s going, who’s running it, anything. I just want to leave. I don’t care where I’m going, I just need to leave. There’s a part of me that doesn’t feel like it’s real, anyway; it could be a dream, a product of relapse. My fourth one, but I don’t have it in me to ask for help. In fact, my undying refusal to admit anything is wrong - ever - just cost me everything. Everyone. They all knew. As much as I try, I can’t hide a thing from the people who know me best, and in the end, I always end up alone - not because they leave, but because I do. Because I can’t stand it when people know too much - feel too much. I don’t know why I ever thought it’d be different. Too proud to admit I’m struggling, but what the hell am I doing now? I hadn’t meant it when I said I didn’t need them or their help, but the burning sensation remains on my tongue. How long ago had I said it? How long have I been on this boat? There’s a heavy fog, blocking a view of anything surrounding me, but it’s oddly smoothing, the nothingness. The not knowing, not caring. If this is a dream, I’ll just sit back and appreciate the break. Not having to do anything or talk to anyone. Not having to say I messed up. Not having to beg for help. How many stupid pills did I take? I next find myself on the side of a dusty road with a splitting headache. The weird boat must have been a dream, I decide, but that doesn’t really answer where I am or how I ended up here. I don’t even know what city this is - I don’t even have a guess. All the touring and traveling I’ve done, and nothing looks at all familiar except the overwhelming amount of dust that vaguely reminds me of Pahrump. The heat is otherworldly, even with the sun setting. Maybe I finally did take it too far. Maybe my relapse finally did me in. Maybe I deserve this? Maybe it’s a dream too. People walk past, seemingly unfazed by me, making me wonder how long I’ve been there that it doesn’t even seem weird to them; long enough to be drenched in sweat is all I know. I find myself looking around for Jacob and Isaiah in a fit of panic, but if I called them right now, I’m sure they wouldn’t come for me. I’m sure they’d just tell me to figure it out, and I can’t blame them - that’s what I always wanted, after all. To figure it out on my own. No help. No one to worry about me. Not my band. Not my family. Not even strangers on the street. I push myself off the curb, rubbing my head. There’s no bruise even though it hurts like hell. I’m not bleeding. I don’t hurt anywhere else. I had to have zoned out. This has to be a dream too, and if it is, I’ll enjoy the nothingness for awhile before I have to go back to the real world and face everyone again. I have to find out where I am still; I don’t see a sign, so I turn into the first building I come across, a restaurant. It’s trying to mimic a 50’s style diner, but the dim lighting ruins the illusion of it. Even though there’s still some daylight outside, as soon as I step in, it feels like a place you stumble into at 3 AM after a night of partying, when you’re too drunk to care much about the aesthetic value. Everyone just ignores the constant flickering overhead, so I do too. No one looks up when the bell chimes, not even the woman at the host stand. There’s a distant sizzling sound coming from the back and no music, just the idle chiming of silverware against plates. “Are you lost, honey?” The host asks me, finally lifting her eyes but not her head. I don’t want to admit I am. Maybe I’m not? I just shake my head. “No, I just -.” “Then have a seat.” “Sure…” I find a seat near the window on the left side of the building. It looks dark, darker than it had been when I was outside. I decide to accept it, let it be what it is - confusing, weird, but not really my problem. Not my concern. The cooks start laughing in the back, the only sign of life in the whole place. Everyone else looks dead or dying. It dawns on me I probably look like that too - no sleep, wandering in off the street hungover. I feel oddly at peace; oddly accepted. “You look new - what brings you?” The host asks me. I hadn’t realized she was at my table and I don’t know how long she has been. I shake my head. “I don’t really know.” “Thought you said you weren’t lost,” she remarks, putting a menu down in front of me. “I’m not.” “Mmm.” She doesn’t seem convinced, but ultimately shrugs me off. “You look new, but you definitely belong.” I’m not sure what she means by that, but for some reason, it’s reassuring. Maybe I do. Maybe I’m not lost. Maybe this isn’t a dream, but a beginning? Or maybe I just desperately need some sleep. Desperately need help but that’s a problem for a later time. “You know what you want?” I don’t register the question at first. I can tell she’s been waiting for a minute by the way she’s staring at me, eyebrow arched. She looks dead in the eyes too… I can’t even think of eating. “Uh - can I just get coffee for now?” Her laugh echoes throughout the entire restaurant as she shakes her head at me like I’ve ordered something totally ridiculous. “You’re out of luck, honey. Fresh out of coffee.”

𝘽𝙧𝙤𝙠𝙚𝙣 𝙎𝙤𝙡𝙙𝙞𝙚

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The Facts About The Writer.

I was requested - more like dared to do this, so here we go. The information behind the screen.* I am a Scottish woman, not French or anything like that. I do my research the best I can when it comes to other places, accents, and so on.* I know you see a bunch of music that I use for my girl. I don't have a love for a genre, if I had to pick then maybe rock? To me, rock is realistic and speaks the truth of actual life. Pop is for those that prefer the dreamland and I adore country for the bouncy music it is.* Hey, I'm Scottish. Is it a shocker I turn out to curse a lot? Ever love it or take a f***ing hike.* I have two sides to me, well, three I guess. The first side is the shy and awkward side of me and the second one would be the friendly, open girl, but if you push my f***ing button, I can be a bitch.* I've learned that what I say may come off rude? Sometimes I will be very blunt. But would you rather have someone two-faced or honest?* I am very awkward on here. It took me some time before I could even... Get to the stage of writing and doing things on stream. I have taken a step from how I was previously, but it will take me some time for replying to you and - I have absolutely no confidence in my writing and I am a perfectionist. * We are more on stream than writing to each other, aren't we? I don't mind that but if you leave my reply for six months then.. I might have some problems there. Just keep in mind there should always be a limit and if the time will delete the message since the time is six months or the message will be deleted.* I have a life so please if you can't wait longer than a week or few days, just don't bother with talking to me. I need time to work and this isn't a job.*Angst. I love it, but let's kind of balance that with every other genre. I don't enjoy killing off anyone either, so I rarely go for those that... Take on the killer role I guess, why be a killer when you can make a ton of extra killers yourself? But again I do agree that angst and drama is the way to work between chemistry and so on.* I also have over one account so do NOT rush me, just wait. Otherwise, we will have trouble and I will remove you.* Not every role should be for a relationship, besides it shouldn't just be gaining that chemistry, we should try to see if they truly can be together - For one mine is f***ed up so I don't even know if that is possible. So no. I'm not intentionally looking for that love role, if we get there then we get there but she can flirt without it going into anything serious.* As the writer I am terrible with stress, so I will split my time being here and offline.


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RULES : 18+ players/admins only (that means the person behind the character). OOC character approaches only. I prefer to discuss before we jump in. Ethan is a HP 'verse character ONLY. Do not ask me to RP him in another 'verse. My writing POV is third only. If you add me first, you approach first, and you start first. I will do the same. Anything else is open to discussion.


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Ethan's Main Setting & Other Settings.

SETTING :Hogwarts 1991 to 1997.In other words, Harry's school years.I would like to start the RP with Ethan and your character being 11 years old.Just beginning their schooling at Hogwarts.Ethan is a Slytherin.Everything else can be discussed if you choose to start an RP with me based in this setting.OTHER SETTINGS :Another setting can be discussed, as long as it's in the HP 'verse.

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