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Dance with the Devil (T)

05/12/2021 11:07 PM 

Twin Chaos

It had been some years since Lucifer had caused some rukus. So to start, he heard from a minion that there is another with his name, one who also is the devil. Knowing this, he sighs, " Well I will just have to go by Thomas this time around. " he said to himself as he put on his old clothing. The clothing he wore as Thomas in the Victorian era. After he was ready, he said some words and a portal appeared and he steps through to be at his old home. The one him and his sister Lucille owned." Hello?" Thomas said as Lucille looks up from her paper and Smiles. " Lucifer! My dear brother. How are you? What are you up to? " she asked holding him tightly. She was aware his twin brother had been out of Hell, so she pulls out of the hug and looks him up and down. "You sensed your twin? Didn't you?" Lucille said shaking her head. " You two are going to cause chaos, father will have a fit " she finished as he spoke, "Lucille, no need to tell me, when doesn't he have a fit? And besides I promised my brother I will return so we can have some bonding time sort of speak." He said as flames erupted behind him. Lucille looks behind him to see who was coming now. " Oh no, please don't tell me.. It's.. " she began as the two of them wait to see who was coming through

Wizards Of The Knight

05/12/2021 10:33 PM 

Closed Roles

Male Roles   Harry Potter – ClosedRon Weasley – ClosedDraco Malfoy - Closed               Female Roles   Hermione Granger – ClosedPansy Parkinson - ClosedTracey Davis - Closed


05/12/2021 10:13 PM 

Riley Finn Bio

AU AGENT RILEY FINN I portray an AU version of Riley Finn. He's an elite supersoldier, badass. Imagine The Punisher, Universal Soldier, Dean Winchester, and The Terminator mixed into one!   Biography Riley Finn is a covert operative for the United States government and an agent of the Initiative. He was raised a patriot and followed in his father's footsteps.Childhood: Riley was a great child who always respected his mother and father, especially in a military family. This mother was a SCIENTIST, and his father was a LIEUTENANT GENERAL. At the age of five, his parents were killed in a plane accident - the bodies were never found! He was orphaned at the age of seven.   THE ADAM PROJECT At age five, he was selected for the new highly classified military training program called the "Adam Project" they orphaned infants and kids to become highly disciplined soldiers dedicated to a wholly military routine. Riley was classified as 00-X5 (soldier unit ID).Adam Project: A military initiative created by the government to create a breed of supersoldiers designed to fight in hostile engagements and were superior to ordinary troopers.They are trained to be ruthless obedient killers without any moral code of conduct, and any deemed physically or mentally unworthy are executed. Survivors of the training program are turned into impassive, dedicated fighting machines with no exposure to or understanding the outside world until eighteen. He was also subjected to powerful psychological conditioning and cruel medical experiments for human pain tolerance. The Adam Project updated and turned into Universal Soldier also known as UniSol.Universal Soldier Program: A secret U.S. project to create a new kind of soldier using fresh deceased soldiers and reanimated them into super soldiers. Black Tower: The UniSol program originates from the Black Tower program, which is conceived by Dr. Christopher Gregor. A UniSol can be created by Hyper-Acceleration, which is divided into 3 steps: "Freeze" - cooling down the body with a nitrogen-based gas. "Repair" - speeding-up of the cellular activity on a genetic level. Obtained by electromagnetic field manipulation intercrossed with injection of a special serum providing enzyme stimulation. "Reheat" - triggering the physiological reactivation through thyroid and pituitary augmentation (via serum). Black Tower results with the creation of 2 kinds of UniSols:Series 2500: These soldiers are more powerful than the original UniSols. Also, Hyper-Acceleration was done through nano-technology and they are 'controlled' by S.E.T.H. They are created by Dr. Dylan Cotner.White Tower: The White Tower 'suspended' the Black Tower program. The White Tower program was led by Dr. Robert Colin under Dr. Porter's supervision. Using gene therapy techniques developed during Dr. Colin's research, a D.N.A. tune-up from the inside out provides UniSols with a responsive organism and superior physical capabilities.  MANTICORE His Colonel Sanders, the original project leader, introduces a new group of genetically engineered soldiers called Manticore. This is where he met Max Guevara. The Project Adam soldiers trained with the Manticore soldiers to become better elite soldiers for a couple of years.  Manticore: Another government organization that used feline DNA to enhance soldiers. They created the X5 series, X series', and transhumans, mission-specific transgenic soldiers that don't look entirely human.During his time in training, he also was involved with other secrets government organizations:Team X: A covert Black Ops military mutant team led by William Stryker, and was known to perform clandestine military operations in foreign countries on Stryker's request. Eventually, Stryker used the team to hunt down members of their own kind, for the purposes of his research into mutant abilities, this is where he met Logan aka Wolverine.The Division: A secret U.S government organization. During its time as an official government organization, Division was responsible for operations such as sabotage, espionage, and assassination. This is where he met Nikita is the only known agent to ever escape Division alive.The Umbrella Corporation: They were a major pharmaceutical company. Umbrella became one of the largest "commercial entities" in the United States and holds considerable clout within the political and business ring. As one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, the Umbrella Corporation also supplied viral weaponry to the United States Army. Unknown to Umbrella's employee's, profits are generated by sales of the virus and the illegal conduction of genetic research and modification. To the public, Umbrella is simply the leading provider in technology, medical and healthcare products. This is where he met Alice.Early Adulthood: At this point, Riley has fully become a super-soldier with a decade of advanced training in martial arts, close-quarters combat, sharpshooting, firearms, stealth maneuvers, infiltration, espionage, communications, languages, electronic hacking, and computer technology, Riley quickly grew into a mighty and astute soldier and fighter. He was also secretly fed a special performance-enhancing drug that enhanced his strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, and durability.Riley was recruited for special operations called the Initiative. This is a top-secret that not even the government knew about. His mission was to masquerade as a college student and worked with Processor Maggie Walsh.Their headquarters were underneath UC Sunnydale. About two years later, he met Buffy Summers.   THE INITIATIVE The Initiative: A secret government military organization located in Sunnydale to research the demons inhabited it because of its Hellmouth. Riley was immediately attracted to Buffy, she was different, but he didn't know how to socialize that well especially with a citizen woman since he was a soldier at age five. It wasn't until Buffy accidentally dropped her textbooks on his head. The two then on continued to share an unspoken attraction to each other. While Riley did his best to keep Buffy from finding out his secret life, Buffy also wrestled to keep her secret life as the Slayer. The truth eventually came out when a group of demons called the Gentlemen stole everyone's voices, leading Buffy and Riley to catch each other on the job. They quickly worked together to defeat them, killing several of the Gentlemen's footmen. Buffy had a strong attraction to Riley but she was hesitant since he had enhanced attributes that matched her level and the fact that he was in a secretive government program that made soldiers. However Buffy gave in to his soldier boy charms.  Buffy and Riley started their relationship and both fought demons together and continued saving each other's lives and the world. Buffy was Riley's first love especially since she showed him another side of life - compassion, and love, this was something that Riley never received from the government - for the first time ever he felt like a normal human being.Of course, that didn't last long when the Initiative found out about their relationship. They thought that Riley was getting soft and send him to Afghanistan to join the Cerberus Squad. Riley had no choice but to follow orders like a good soldier and leave the Slayer, it secretly broke his heart.  CERBERUS SQUAD Cerberus Squad: A former covert special operations task force under Operation Cerberus, which was formed as part of a scheme to smuggle heroin from Kandahar into the United States.After the start of an illegal CIA operation in Afghanistan, William Rawlins and Major Ray Schoonover founded a task force of elite soldiers from various subdivisions of the United States Armed Forces this is where he met Frank Castel and Billy Russo. Finn grew a brotherhood bond with Castel and Russo. Their mission was to capture, interrogate, and eliminate high-value targets. With Riley's background, he was there to interrogate and get intel no matter what! Riley had to torture humans to gather information - this was his breaking point. Being with Buffy did make him a bit soft or at least have a conscience, he was in fact only human. The Afghan insurgent groups caught on to Cerberus Squad's existence and tactics, so they leaked information that a high-ranking insurgent leader was in Kandahar in an isolated compound. Rawlins ordered Cerberus Squad to attack the compound, despite the risk of ambush and a terrain unsuited for helicopter evacuation. The battle proved to be a disaster, with Schoonover losing an arm and most of the squad dead or injured.The remaining squad members were saved due to Riley's and Castle's  actions, single-handedly fighting their way into the compound and killing the insurgents inside. When returning to base, Rawlins callously and repeatedly asked the surviving squad members if they eliminated their target, unconcerned with the heavy casualties taken. Angry, Castle punched Rawlins in the side of the head hard enough to puncture the orbital socket and blind him in the left eye. With the loss of confidence in Rawlins' leadership and Cerberus Squad's heavy losses, Operation Cerberus was soon shut down and Cerberus Squad was demobilized.Instead of going back to headquarters Riley went Rogue and made his own mission to kill demons! This is where he met The Winchesters (John, Dean, and Sam).   THE WINCHESTERS It had been almost a year that Riley was his own free agent and not taking any orders from any superior but himself - he was wanted by the government and always on the run. Even though he was lost and trying to find himself he devoted himself to kill every known creature that caused mayhem in the united states. This is a very important time frame for Riley since it gave him the freedom to be his own man since he was a trained elite soldier since the age of five! In one case he reunited with John Winchester who was a corporal in the US Marines. John also became a demon killer since the yellow-eyed demon killed his wife. Riley traveled with John for a while and agreed that if he had any intel on the yellow-eyed demon to inform him immediately. Riley met his son Dean.A month later John disappeared to find the demon that killed his wife. Riley agreed to partner up with Dean to help find his father. Dean and Riley became close partners and almost like another brother to Dean. For about a year they hunted the nastiest sons of bitches together - Saving people, hunting things, the family business. However, in a case, a man named Arthur Ketch found Riley and escorted him back to the  British Men of Letters headquarters.Dean had no choice but to continue his search for his father since the government was way over his head and his family came first, so Dean went to Stanford University to get his little brother Sam.  BRITISH MEN OF LETTERS The British Men of Letters wanted to recruit him and have him work for their agency, Riley agreed because of two reasons, One they agreed to keep him off the Iniviatives radar and Second Riley found out that his grandfather was a member of the Men of Letters in the 1950s.Riley was a hunter with the Men of Letters for quite some time until they had a top-secret mission for him, to be a double agent and spy on a law firm that protected demons, they were known as Wolfram & Hart.The Men of Letters (USA & UK): Are "preceptors, observers, beholders, chroniclers" of mysteries not easily explainable or known to men. They had knowledge of mysteries of the supernatural and many arcane arts like alchemy. They also considered hunters to be inferior to them. Thus, their order only shares its secrets to the most elite hunters they deem to be worthy.  WOLFRAM & HART Wolfram & Hart, Attorney at Law: A powerful international and interdimensional law firm. Wolfram & Hart, and its many incarnations in other dimensions, was actually a front organization for the Wolf, Ram, and Hart, an ancient cabal of demons known euphemistically as the "Senior Partners" who worked through their powerful principal agents—the Circle of the Black Thorn.Riley worked as a double agent and joined the W&H special operations team under the command of Agent Hauser. Riley had gathered a lot of confidential intel on Wolfram & Hart, most of it was illegal. It wasn't until Wolfram & Hart gave the firm to Buffy's ex-boyfriend Angel. Riley never liked Angel but for the greater good, he informed Angel about the senior partners, that's where Angel pretended to be evil again! If it wasn't for Riley he would have never had the upper hand!  THE APOCALYPSE With power comes consequences - The Umbrella Corporation, SkyNet, and OCP created an Apocalypse. Now the earth was ruled by the undead "zombies" and killer machines! It was a kill or be killed world and it was up to the chosen few (Supersoldiers, The Slayers, Vampire Souled Champions, The Winchesters, The Terminator, Sarah & John Connor, Alice, Jill, Claire, Robocop, X-men, and many more) to save it.    

Hermione Cyn Draculea-Jones

05/12/2021 10:14 PM 

Trio in the enchanted forrest

It was not like the Wizarding war coming wasn't bad enough, that the trio gets caught up in a curse. It was the last thing they needed. It turned out someone had cursed Hermione's time turner to not only go too far in the past, but to different realms too. This didn't set right with her. " Great! We are in another realm, not just in another time. " Hermione said as she gets to her feet and looks around. " Another what?" Ron asked. " Realm, Ron. Its like a different universe almost. " Harry explained. Ron sighs rubbing his head because he hit the ground head first. "Well where are we?" Ron asked as he walks over to join the other two looking down a hill. " I'm not sure, but I think that is Snow White...Oh I know we are in the Enchanted Forest. " Hermione said as she waits for young Snow to ride by. " Come on, let's get to the castle. We can't be seen in these clothes." She said as they quickly, but quietly made their way down the hill and into part of a castle.The Castle was decorated as if an event was going to be going on. Hermione hid behind a wall as she motions for the boys to come behind her. Harry and Ron nodded and quietly made their way behind her. After several guards and staff went by, they went low and headed to the first room they saw. Once inside, she told them to Change clothes and meet her in the Hall. She changed her clothes magically then went out of the room to hopefully blend in.Though has the boys came out Hermione glared at Ron. " What are you doing! You won't blend in looking like that! " she said angrily as a he sees food. With that he began to stuff his face as he did someone saw them and called for the guards. " Damn you Ron! Do you Ever stop eating." Hermione said crossing her arms as Her and Harry tried to run, because of Ron running into things and the two of them having to help him up, the three of them were eventually caught. " Your Majesty, we found these three roaming around the castle. " the guard said pushing the trio in the room.

velvet underground.

05/12/2021 10:07 PM 


I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heartBut you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the startYou put your arms around meAnd I believe that it's easier for you to let me goYou put your arms around me and I'm home I tried my best to never let you in to see the truthAnd I've never opened upI've never truly loved 'til you put your arms around meAnd I believe that it's easier for you to let me goI hope that you see right through my wallsI hope that you catch me cause I'm already fallingI'll never let our love get so closeYou put your arms around me and I'm home

ɾɛɗ vɛℓvɛŧ

05/12/2021 08:55 PM 

Part 3: The Miscarriage

    After a year of planning and dealing with in-laws that had quite obviously forgotten that it was my wedding and not theirs, Chase and I married; His parents annoyed me every chance they got. The ceremony turned out to be everything I had dreamed of and so much more. I had never liked the idea of a honeymoon when we could use our money more wisely to start our lives together; Amid all the excitement, we bought a house. We were happy. It was my perfect fairy tale, but fairytales are just stories. If only I knew that this would be the beginning of the end of our story.My dreams became nightmares ——He was my husband. There was no me without him and no him without me, just like it should be; Inseparable, in love, and foolish. We talked of having children, though I wasn’t ready for them yet. My career was finally starting to take off, and I had just met my half-sister and wanted time with her before getting buried in creating a family. There was so much I still wanted to accomplish before bringing a baby into the world; I thought he understood that, that we had an understanding that it would be best to be patient and wait, he would have no part of that. I didn’t know what to do so, of course, I went to my dad, who told me exactly what I didn’t want to hear. My father’s the misogynistic type who believed, very strongly, that if “he wants a child, a child I was going to give him.” Not even six months into a marriage and I could already see that my life was no longer mine anymore. I felt defeated, but what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t please my husband and bear his children?Caffeine. I wanted caffeine so bad but, with trying to get pregnant, I was not allowed. I bought myself decaf to trick myself into thinking it was the real stuff. I sat up in the bed, back pressed against the headboard with a cup of fake coffee in hand and my laptop on the bed next to me. My head lay back against the wood of the headboard with my eyes closed, the aroma of the coffee giving me a calming sensation as the smell filled the room. A few sips in and, I started to feel nauseous and lightheaded. “That’s weird,” I said to myself; I wasn’t one to get sick often so, this was unusual for me. I set the mug down on the table beside my bed, hurling my legs over the mattress to sprint for the bathroom. There I was, knees to the floor and violently vomiting into the toilet bowl. It was like a lightbulb went off; I shot up, collapsing against the wall behind me, and clutched my stomach instinctively. I was pregnant; I had to be.I took a test; positive. I saw my doctor; positive. I tried my best not to panic, especially since the news would excite Chase more than anything, but what about how I felt? Did that even matter? Regardless, I waited patiently for my husband to come home so I could tell him our good news.When he walked through the door, all I could think to do is stand there waiting for him with the test in my hands. He saw me and, he saw the test and quickly snatched the stick from my grasp. “We’re...we’re pregnant!?” He shouted excitedly, but all I could do was smile and nod. I lived for these moments; he was so happy. Maybe having a baby wouldn’t be such a horrible thing after all.He wasted no time telling our families of our new addition to the William’s; everyone was excited for us. I started to grow attached to the idea of having the little bean growing inside me; I started admiring the belly I was growing. I felt so blessed until something happened that I never even took a second to prepare for.It was a night like any other night; we were sound asleep upstairs in our bed. I remember Chase shaking me roughly, and when I opened my eyes, I could see the sheer terror in his face. Quickly, he pulled the blankets back to reveal blood covering the bedsheets and the lower half of my body. I screamed; I didn’t know another way to react. “Oh my god...what is going on?” I kept repeating, looking at my husband for some sort of reassurance but, he was too focused on what needed to be done. He wrapped me in a blanket and rushed us to the hospital. The whole ride there, he held my hand though he didn’t look at all worried; He looked angry if anything, and it terrified me. I’d never seen that look before that day.Just as I feared, I lost the baby. We got to enjoy the thought of a baby for ten weeks, totaling only an eighteen-week pregnancy. For someone who did not want a baby, the news hit me pretty hard. How was I supposed to tell my husband? But as he walked into the room, I averted my eyes because I could already feel his energy. It was not a pleasant feeling. I wanted comfort instead I got;“So? What did the doctors say?” He asked me; his voice was callous as he stood next to my bed.My hands started to tremble as I opened my mouth to tell him the news, “We lost the baby. I am so sorry, Hunny.” I said as tears streamed down my face.Before I could say anything else, he raised his hand and collided his palm into my cheek. The burning from the smack seared through my skin. He dove in his face only inches from mine, his finger pointing at me aggressively. “You did this on purpose. You didn’t want a baby, and now you’re trying to punish me. Kennedy, you will do as I ask. Do you understand me? I’ll deal with you later. Better get some rest; you won’t be getting much of that when we get home.” A chuckle left his lips before pressing them against my forehead. My skin started to crawl at his touch, and he walked out of the room. What was going to happen when we got home? Who was this man? He was no longer the man I married.I sat in my hospital bed whilst holding my cheek that still burned with the anger he left behind. I’ve never known fear like this.  


05/12/2021 07:48 PM 

arriviste blog post — Esmeralda and Ezra

Good afternoon, subscribers. I’m feeling quite cheeky, particularly about my recent subject. I won’t waste any more time. Let’s get right to it. Remember Esmeralda Phoenix, the singer/actress that helped cover up the murder her own mother committed? She’s back, and the story deepens in a way we all should have predicted, but likely missed. The big, blood covered murder cover-up story shielded us from what might have loomed just beneath the crimson surface. I told you not to trust a woman who could blatantly lie, deny and cover up something as disgusting and vicious as a murder. It seems someone listened even if you didn’t. Ezra Phoenix. That’s right. Esmeralda’s stunning singer/songwriter husband. When the two of them wed they quickly become one of America’s most cherished couples, and fans quickly coined them under the ship name Ezme. Cute, right? If only the trending ship name could have saved them from the inevitable end. It seems that even Ezra, a man who has his own mysteries about him, could not turn his cheek to Esmeralda’s dishonesty. But this isn’t another infidelity or lack of trust, this is murder. The divorce has been filed. TMZ broke the story at the beginning of this week and naturally, I had to know more. I have to be frank, it was quite cathartic digging into Esmeralda’s life again. She’s become something of an old friend after my previous work uncovering her dastardly deed, but I was quickly reminded what a sore she really is. Money and notoriety will, and has, lead many of our biggest heroes to their downfall, perhaps divorce will be hers. Maybe I’m to blame, I mean after all, I did break the story about the murder cover up and here we are several weeks later talking about the end to what I could only gather was a lovely marriage. But exposing someone who is capable of hiding the murder of another human being has not and will not affect my ability to sleep at night. In truth, I could end the story right here and wash my hands of this woman entirely. She is a near perfect example of why celebrities are a toxic breed of human beings. Calculating, manipulative and selfish. She went above and beyond to ensure her mother’s capital crime disappeared, all while keeping everyone she loved in the dark. But there’s more. I have receipts. Don’t ask me how I got them. I’ll never tell, but a glimpse into a personal conversation between Esmeralda and her soon to be ex husband, Ezra shows just how icy cold this relationship has become. I dissected the exchange to get a better understanding of the emotional structure between the pair. The use of their first names as opposed to a pet name, speaks volumes. It’s business-like, a far cry from the personal and intimate conversations we are used to having with our loved ones. She’s desperate and his responses are shorter and far more cold. The conversation lacks an argumentative tone which tells me this isn’t the first time they’ve had this exact argument. This is something much like the after shock from a terrible earthquake. The emotions have died down leaving only the after effects. There’s resentment and bitterness, and Ezra has absolutely no more energy left where the conversation is concerned. YOU’VE ALWAYS PUT YOURSELF FIRST certainly a nod back to the beginning of their relationship when Esmeralda’s ability to lie began to blossom into a pungent, sickeningly bright flower. PLEASE. I LOVE YOU again with the desperation. The begging, the reminders of love, and then to top it all off, she calls him by a pet name. Likely one she uses often, but it doesn’t bring anything to fruition. The deed is done and we only later find out that the separation is happening, and it’s unlikely that anything will amend this unfortunate dismantlement of America’s favorite couple. Don’t weep just yet. This can only bring good news. Ezra Phoenix is on the market! Until next time, Arriviste


05/12/2021 07:48 PM 

arriviste blog post — Kat and Tiff

Any RuPaul’s Drag Race fans out there? I’ve admittedly caught a few seasons, finding myself easily entertained by the drama and showmanship of the contenders that compete on the reality television show. There’s a certain colorful, unmistakable flair that each and every contestant brings, something that most of us lack in ourselves. And for those of you who happen to keep up with the entertainment program, the host or it’s past and present opponents, you might find these two dazzling queens familiar: Kat and Tiff — contestants of RPDR, have found themselves the topic of this week’s blog post, and you might find this piece a little different than those that precede it. This isn’t a story of murder, death, or heavily guarded secrets. This is the story of friendship, betrayal and the aching, sick to your stomach loss that comes from the loss of a companion.Let’s start from the beginning.Kat, also known as Daniel McAdams is a thirty-eight year old Boston native. A typical and deeply catholic, upper class family in a bustling metropolis unfortunately exposed her to drugs at a young age. In a city that almost promotes drug use on every street and alleyway, it was impossible for her to keep away. As you might expect, Kat’s family didn’t parse well with her sexual orientation; she identifies as gay, nor were they accepting of the drug abuseClose circles would know our other subject under an endearing nickname , the other Daniel, Daniel Stone, also known as, Tiff had a completely opposite upbringing much to the contrary of her sparkling counterpart. She was exposed to the harder side of life, growing up with little in the way of money, or a promising future. Tackling adolescence as a struggling homosexual child in a trailer in Wisconsin, she was brought up as best as one could be under the tireless work of a single mother, who by all accounts, was far more accepting of her son’s lifestyle..RuPaul’s Drag Race undoubtedly brought Kat and Tiff together, but the ground they covered and hurdles that tackled following the show is entirely theirs. Based in Los Angeles, both Kat and Tiff are well known figures in the Comedy circles; sell out shows at local comedy clubs, or duo events that bring in gatherings in the hundreds from their drag obsessed fans. It’s no secret that these two know how to turn a crowd, both together and apart. They’re absolute stars by my standards.World Tours, meet and greets, Shady Sundays, Look Books to an actual podcast; the ladies have no shortage of royalties. So, where did it all go wrong? The entirety of this story falls back to one of America’s biggest problems: drugs. According to the American Addiction Centers, 19.7 million Americans were reportedly battling substance abuse in 2017. It’s safe to say the number has only grown in the last four years, likely bringing us up to the 20 million mark. Kat Atonic, much to the misfortune of her friends and family, is a part of those statistics.While it’s unclear just how close Kat and Tiff became after their shared run in RPDR, the majority of their peers would consider them closer than close. The only thing capable of coming between something so intimate and so personal — prescription drugs. Tiff is, of course, well aware of her best friend's drug habits, particularly after a former meth addiction threatened the young drag queens life. Any and all attempts to rally around the performer has turned out fruitless. Addiction is a tough wall to break down, no matter how many strikes the mallet makes.But according to research, enough is enough. Tiff is putting her foot down, six inch heels and all. An ultimatum comes into play, not out of irritation, or exhaustion, but out of fear and love. There are times when health must come before companionship, no matter how deeply rooted it may be.Imagine the choice: A dependency, whether it be alcohol, drugs, or your instagram feed, or your person. Not just a person, but the other half of you. The person you’ve devoted time, care and patience to. A person who shares a decade or more of experiences with you. There’s love there, even intimacy possibly. Which would you choose?The decision is ultimately made in the form of ghosting. Kat goes entirely silent, but it can’t just end there. They have a duty to continue providing their fans with entertainment, and while the people want Tiff, they want Kat, too. You can’t have one without the other and the freeze out is threatening to completely destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to create.But thanks to Tiff and her inability to watch her best friend crumble, she steps back in and continues to push until Kat eventually caves. There’s an offer for rehabilitation, all expenses paid; whatever she needs in order to get clean and get her old self back. Much like an episode of Intervention, Tiff waits with bated breath for the ultimate decision: will she go, or will she return to a life without Tiff in it?Kat agrees to go, in what must have been a shocking, but relieving moment.Drug abuse is one of America's most prevalent epidemics, and the pain it causes goes beyond health risk and deaths, it touches the lives of everyone around it. Family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. To see someone you care for struggle with a deteriorating illness, it has to be one of the hardest things to go through. Luckily for Kat, she had a fiercely protective friend that refused to give up. It’s persistence and strength that ultimately pushes abusers to seek help; it’s not always effective, but when it is, it has the ability to restore faith in society.Given Kat continues on this rough road to the ever anticipated recovery, is there hope that she and Tiff will rekindle their lost relationship? There has to be some sort of hope that Kat will see the pain she put Tiff through.One can only hope.Until next time.ArrivisteIf you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, please contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services administration for more information. [ 1-800-662-4357 ] Help is available.

Town of Elias.

05/12/2021 04:10 PM 

ToE - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions More questions will be posted as time goes on, as new things will come up from time to time. If you have a question that is not answered here, please message us and we will get back to you with an answer asap! Are supernatural creatures common knowledge in this world, prior to zombies? Yes! Picture something similar to True Blood in how it happened. Vampires and werewolves would likely have been the most known first, for about five years before the virus hit.  It was mentioned that we can take on a second role eventually. What are the restrictions for that?  So! A member must be in the group and able to maintain storylines/writing requirements for two months before they can be considered for a second role. This means that you need to be actively writing with multiple people and interacting with people the entire time. In addition to this, another requirement will be that you can only write as one of the pre-made roles from each batch of them. If you initially auditioned for a premade role from batch #1 and you want to take on a second, you’re not allowed to fill a second premade role from batch #1. Instead, you’ll need to either create your own character or wait until the next batch is available.  How often will premade role batches be posted? I don’t know! Right now, this is not something that will be the majority of the group roles. These are simply to help people get an idea of what we’re looking for here and to help people if they are struggling to figure out what role they want to write. I will say that we will 100% post a new batch of premade roles everytime we move forward in the story and start a new chapter, as each new chapter will open up role options.  

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f r a n k i e

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Adri-     To spite her boss, Frankie heavily tips Adri's OnlyFans account in the Pub's name, writing the funds off as expense when she handles the monthly book-keeping. Alejandro- discussing    Armani-    Two familiar with one another from living in the same area became closer after Armani finds Frankie struggling to get home one night. Anxious about her currenttate Frankie shares with Armani that she's lost custody of her daughter before, the two bonding over the similar event happening in each others lives.Armani often tries to recruit Frankie to work for him at his own establishment. Asher    discussing    Atarah     discussing    Ava    discussing    Beau    With crime being a large part of his life, who would've thought seeing an innocent child could keep him from doing what he's best at. One morning Beau went to rob Frankie's apartment, finding Tate home wasn't not only not part of the plan, but it also detoured him from carrying out the action. Dillan    Dillan is one of the few female friends that Frankie has that she allows around Tatum, Dillan taking on an 'auntie' role for the young girl. Dillan's sweet, innocent nature is found to be very compelling to Frankie making her very protective over the close friend. Eliose    Frankie being an avid listener to Eloise's podcast, it was only natural she had a 'fan girl' moment the moment she met the woman out in public. Eloise can often be found at the Pub while Frankie is working, Eloise using the pub as a spot to 'pick' victims of her sex trafficking ringEden    One of the only people Frankie has ties to with her past life, Eden and Frankie spent several summers together as children, reconnecting once she moved to Seattle. He's one person she holds dearest. Ivy    Though Frankies childhood isn't full of the fondest of memories, Ivy holds a special piece of the fond memories Frankie does have. The pairs families going on routine family vacations with one another year upon year. The two reuniting in Seattle though unexpected, was a breathe of fresh air for Frankie, missing the females companionship over the years. Kane    A regular at the pub, Frankie immedietly found the males quick temper amusing, she often pokes fun at him creating a friendship between the two. Aside Eden, he is one of the few males she would trust around Tatum, leading her to also trust him while she herself is more vulnerable. Laine    A growing relationship that is only getting stronger over Laine's soft spot for Frankie's daughter Tate Lennox    discussing    Levi    Upon arriving to Sanctum, Frankie was mandated to attend Better Hearts - where Levi became her sponser. Even after the program the two remained connected, Frankie heavily leaning on Levi whenever she felt the urge to use. All of that coming to a screeching hault one night when she randomly shows up at Levi's home, finding him using himself. After an explosive temper tantrum from Frankie, the two ended the night by using together. Lily    After Frankie hires Lily to take photos of Magnolia Pub for a marketing campaign it takes no time for her to see the true talent the woman has. Frankie hires her to photograph her daughter, and the two hit if off that day being a bit of a 'hot mess' pair sense. Luther    discussing    Madeline    The suicide of Frankie's childhood friend weights heavy on her heart still to this day, one of the main reasons Frankie often volunteers at the local institution as a mentor of sorts. Meeting Madeline, it was impossible to not fall in love with the girls sweet nature, Frankie taking a liking to the girl shes become very protective over her the more she's gotten to know her. Marcus    On a busy Friday night Frankie comes into enjoy a few drinks on her night off witnessing one of Marcus’s bartenders quit, leaving the service less than desirable. Without hesitation, Frankie throws herself behind the bar trying to help pick up the slack. By the end of the night, Frankie gives all the tips she made to the the other bartender who actually belonged to Pluvial and meets Marcus is on her way out - the two end up drinking together far past the bars hours of operation Frankie impressed with Marcus’s obvious charm and Marcus intrigued by Frankie’s impulsive and vibrant personality the two hit it off forming a small friendship after that night. Maude    building relationship through writing. Nadia    discussing    Olive    discussing    Reed    discussing    Roman    A ghost from a previous time, Frankie and her daughters father took a trip to Las Vegas in the midst of their addiction. Befriending Roman one night, the three spent hours using and drinking only to ultimatley end up with Frankie and Roman hooking up. Theo    discussing    I Owe    Madeline - Starter    Eden-     Starter    Lily     Starter    They Owe-Dillan- ReplyBeau- StarterDiscord Writing    Kane    Maude     Eden     


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1963 (drabble, prior group starter)

“Good morning, everyone, thank you all for braving the chill and coming so bright and early! Please note the purchasing guidelines posted when you enter, and feel free to ask any of the organizers here today if you require assistance.”The balding fellow whose suit lapel pin disclosed his position as a representative for Open Door Estate Sales and Liquidations, greeted those who had gathered outside with a smile. Following clearly marked signs, a crowd of people had lined up in orderly single file in front of the stately two story residence in the Germantown neighborhood of Annapolis. Estate sales were always an attraction for collectors and treasure seekers, and like most others around the Baltimore area and elsewhere, items available for purchase during the weekend sale on Sycamore Hollow Lane had been advertised online ahead of the event. A bearded gentleman arrived early enough to be first in line, unassuming in his three piece brown herringbone suit and paisley burgundy tie, thanking the representative at the door before stepping over the threshold. A frequent bargain hunter at estate sales in the region, John Fitzgerald Byers had traveled solo to Annapolis, his two associates and housemates, Richard Langly and Melvin Frohike, deciding to stay behind at their warehouse headquarters thirty miles west. Most of the online descriptions of the items for this sale did not spark enough interest for Langly and Frohike, who frequently hunted for estate deals along with Byers. Even the primary reason Byers insisted on attending - a large collection of JFK memorabilia - did not appear to be worthy of the energy required for an early rise from bed. “C’mon, Byers, newspapers, magazines, a stack of funeral prayer cards and some framed prints? Not worth all that much even if we bought it all to sell on eBay for cash, and even then, there are stacks of this same kind of memorabilia already listed with the online sellers. The smoking gun literally isn’t in that collection, much as we’d all like it to be.” Frohike was greatly unimpressed two days earlier, when they had all reviewed the sale together online. Byers’ lifelong connection to the 35th American president didn’t justify the amount of interest in the estate’s offering, and the Holy Grail for the Lone Gunmen - confirmation of how and by whom Kennedy was actually assassinated- simply was not described on the website.   Langly had sided with Frohike on the matter, and not just because of how early they’d need to start the day due to Byers’ insistence on being first in line at the sale.  “Yeah, sorry, man, even if they’re first editions, most of that’s gotta be stuff your old man had, right? And even if he tossed it or gave it away instead of giving it to you just to be a jerk, what’s the point of buying it now? It’s not like those old papers are gonna tell us who really shot JFK, or like they’re selling some rogue version of the Warren Commission Report.”  “Besides,” Langly added, “you’re the one who keeps saying we need to be more responsible with how we’re spending, especially since Jimmy the Cash Cow is running low on milk these days.” “Wait...when did we get a cow?” Jimmy Bond, the more recent addition to the band of counterculture patriots, interrupted in his eternally perplexed manner. The question earned him a glare and exaggerated eye rolls from both Langly and Frohike. Jimmy’s rapidly dwindling life savings had helped, by a surprise intervention of Fate, to fund the continued printing and distribution of The Lone Gunman newspaper, formerly known as The Magic Bullet. “And I thought Byers was lactose intolerant?” “Not the point, Jimmy!” Byers snapped impatiently, still staring at the computer screen. “Look, I know it’s mostly stuff we’ve seen countless times before, none of it valuable for our purposes here, and I would actually agree with you on most occasions. Why I don’t agree on this particular occasion, I can’t explain, exactly. But it’s just a half an hour away, two mornings from now, and unlike you two,” he glanced quickly at Langly and Frohike. “I’ve already completed my submissions for the next edition of the paper. So I’m going to treat myself to an outing, alone,” Byers looked pointedly at Jimmy, before fixing his fiery blue eyes back upon Langly, then Frohike, “while you, I hope, are both catching up for Monday’s deadline.” “That was subtle,” Frohike muttered, before turning away with a shrug. “So we’re done here?”  Langly was more creative with his demand, both in that moment and in the note he left for Byers to find in the van early Saturday morning: “Bring back muffins, Narc!” Free to indulge curiosity at his own pace once he arrived at the estate, Byers still had little interest in viewing every item for sale on both floors.  Stopping in the foyer to ask for directions to his targeted exhibit, Byers carved a brisk but respectful path through the living room along rows of fragile home accessories and strategically placed antique tables, sofas and chairs.  Turning a corner into another room and making a beeline toward what resembled a long conference table, he found the section that had lured him to Annapolis. Crowded near crates and shelves lined with smaller, tagged items was a single box filled with the JFK memorabilia as seen on the website. Newspapers from November 22, 1963 - the day of Kennedy’s murder, and the day on which Byers himself was born - were yellowed and housed in protective plastic sleeves. Still more newspapers were found from the weekend of the assassination and the late president’s funeral nothing that Byers had not already seen countless times in his father’s personal collection, library archives, FOIA requests, eBay and other estate sales around the country. He sifted through funeral mass prayer cards and assorted books about JFK’s presidency and assassination, two of which, Best Evidence and High Treason, were personal favorites he already possessed.  A cheaply framed but aged print of Kennedy’s first and only inaugural address, two heavy brass busts of the young president scarcely larger than Byers’ fists, and a handful of speech highlights and memorial materials on 45 rpm vinyl records completed the box’s interesting contents.  Regrettably, all of it was hardly a spectacular find for the Lone Gunmen, or even for Byers individually. Disappointed there had not been at least one surprise, one little gem to justify his stubborn insistence on even showing up, Byers decided at least the 8x10 framed inaugural address might look fine on his bedroom wall. Holding it up in his hands to better inspect its condition, he casually glanced up at the shelf mounted just above eye level. A number of 4-inch, 8mm film reels, recognizable by their thin vented boxes, were lined up, each one labeled with benign descriptions like “Davidson Christening, 1948”, “Millie and Arthur Wedding, 1959”, “Easter in Rome, 1954” and “D.C. Tour, 1960”. A sign taped to the shelf read, “Misc 8mm Home Movies, $10.00 per reel.” Byers returned his attention to the framed print in his hands before suddenly doing a double-take. One of the film reels had caught his eye, and he’d very nearly turned his back on it. Peering more closely, he saw it, right in the middle, stored in a vented metal archival film case rather than vented cardboard like the other nine reels. The label along the metal case did not include a simple title about someone’s graduation or European holiday, no wholesome description like “Richmond Easter Egg Hunt”. Setting the framed print aside and pulling the metal film case from the shelf for closer study, Byers simultaneously felt a chill to his bones and a buzz of excitement as he breathlessly mouthed the title to himself.  “1963.” Could this be something that…What if it’s nothing? What if it’s just some school field trip, or just a day in Washington Square Park, or even The Pulling of Aunt Edna’s Last Wisdom Tooth?But what if it’s something else? What if your stubbornness finally paid off?What if it’s the Holy Grail and the pendulum is finally swinging toward justice? By the time Byers left the house on Sycamore Hollow Lane, he was $300 lighter and would have a great deal of explaining to do. A sealed box filled with newspapers, books and magazines, one brass bust that was heavier than its size would indicate, the framed print of JFK’s inaugural speech and three 8mm movie reels rattled in the seat beside him. Just out of curiosity or perhaps to satisfy his raging excitement, Byers had purchased two other films, ““D.C. Tour, 1960” and “Family Times, 1966” in addition to “1963.”  Testing both the VW Transporter’s old engine and the mercy of Baltimore traffic cops, Byers challenged his own views on obeying city speed limits by urging the van home faster than was his preferred pace. Langly might actually have been proud of him, for a change, had Byers not forgotten to pick up the requested muffins.“Wow, he’s got a big box of  somethin’ heavy, looks like!” Jimmy marveled at the image of Byers projected through the surveillance monitor just inside the front door. Byers was huddled just under the security camera, struggling to hold the box in his arms as Jimmy unbolted the locks to allow Byers entry. “A big box is good, right on, Byers!” Langly cheered from behind his computer screen. “Step away from the blueberry muffins, both of you! I got dibs!” Langly’s hopes, already too high, were about to crash and burn in a cloud of disappointment. Unable to hold the box any longer without considerable discomfort, Byers tumbled through the doorway and hit the floor with box in tow once Jimmy swung the door open. Jimmy came to his aid and hoisted the box without a hint of trouble, demonstrating proper box-lifting posture with an encouraging, “you gotta lift with your legs!” Pulling himself up to stand, Byers dusted off his suit jacket as Jimmy happily set the box onto the work table with a thud, soon joined by Frohike.  “Pretty stale muffins.” Langly eyed the box, and the decidedly un-muffin sound it made hitting the table, with increasing annoyance from his station. “Hey, yeah, the muffins! You got muffins, right, Byers?” Jimmy missed the meaning of Langly’s sarcasm completely.  “Did your mother have any kids who lived?” Frohike inquired, staring up as Jimmy towered over him.  “I know you can read, Byers. That note I left you to pick up muffins?” Langly made no attempt to hide his disgust. “Total blowoff, man. What’s up with that? See if I ever do you any favors again!” Jimmy’s expression resembled that of a child - a very large child - who discovered Santa Claus had left him a pair of socks instead of a shiny new bike on Christmas morning. “So, these aren’t muffins, Byers?” Deliberately ignoring Langly’s protest about his stomach and forgotten promises, Byers saddled up to the box and cut open the strings securing it shut. “Even better, Jimmy. Hey, Frohike? We’re gonna need that old Vintage Keystone Model K-68 8mm Projector.” Opening the box, Byers explained its contents and shared his excitement about the “1963” film reel. “It may not be anything, but, then again, maybe it’s something?” After Frohike searched through shelves cluttered with their lesser-used equipment and located the projector they had used on a few occasions to view other 8mm reels, they gathered together once the film was carefully loaded and in place. Still sulking about the muffins, even Langly was somewhat interested to see what was on the film, while looking forward to giving Byers nonstop grief for spending money on useless memorabilia instead of snacks. There, in the dimmed light before a small homemade movie screen, the three Lone Gunmen, plus one who would need the film’s significance explained to him afterward, were stunned by what appeared before them. The grainy color content of the aged 8mm, well protected for decades in its vented metal case, might have been difficult to understand by anyone unfamiliar with its subject matter. The images were, however, more easily identified by the likes of Byers, Langly and Frohike. But this was not the well known Zapruder film, nor was it even shot from the location where Abraham Zapruder was standing when his home movie camera unintentionally documented the horrific images of an American president’s execution in Dallas, TX, on November 22, 1963. “Guys…”“Is that what I think it is?” "That looks like Dealey Plaza, looking east a distance toward Houston Street.""Filmed from the lawn on the south side of Elm Street?" "Yeah, but it sure doesn't look like the Orville Nix footage, or even the few seconds Marie Muchmore captured right after the shooting. You ever read anything about additional film from that side of the street, besides those?""Nothing that I can remember. Just still photography from that angle, but no other moving film other than Nix and Muchmore. Maybe there were others that ended up being much ado about nothing so they weren't given much attention, but this one sure shows a lot more than Muchmore.”"This is from a position closer to the street than Muchmore's. And Nix was on the Main Street lawn behind the one off Elm. So this film's totally different.""Damn, it is Dealey. There's the police escort coming down now, ahead of the motorcade.""Guys, the film's still running. This is incredible. It's following the motorcade all the way from Houston to..oh c'mon, get out of the way...""Damn witnesses in front of the camera there. Whoever filmed it sure wasn't assertive about staking out a good position.""My god. It's still running. They just kept rolling instead of stopping to resume when the motorcade was in front of the camera.""Why waste all that film on the motor jockeys?""There, when the car practially stops just before the fatal head shot? We've seen that a million times, but from this angle. Nix would've been behind and off to the left from whoever filmed this one.""Pretty decent view of the witnesses and police offers running from the south toward the grassy knoll after the motorcade was leaving the scene.”“Right, witnesses ducking down into the grass, then up and running in the same direction toward the terrace, some near the location of the storm drain. Like Nix and all the still photos showed."“Play it again. Rewinding the projector before it runs out might damage the film.”The three Lone Gunmen, accompanied by an uncharacteristically silent Jimmy Bond, rewatched the film more than once, its running time slightly longer than what the famous Zapruder and lesser known Nix footage offered. While finer details could not be discerned from the original film looped from Frohike’s old projector, one thing was certain: the Lone Gunmen, whose mutual obsession with Kennedy’s assassination had birthed not only how they referred to themselves but also the name of their underground newspaper, had never heard of a this particular film documenting the late president’s death. “If we digitize the 8mm film, at least then we could run enhancements, see what else might show up,” Langly suggested. He had by then forgotten all about his beloved muffins or punishing Byers for the perceived slight. “What else do you know about where the film came from?” Frohike asked, rising from his seat with a newfound curiosity about the other items in the box Byers had brought. The amount of money Byers had spent on all the memorabilia no longer seemed like a waste.“Just what was in the estate sale’s website for the moment,” Byers sighed. “Of course, I hadn’t seen the film before I left, so there was no reason to ask any of the company reps at the time. But we at least have a starting point, the address for starters, to find out more about the decedent, any surviving family, and who knew what about the film.” “On it!” Langly was already halfway back to his computer to search all records he could get into about the former residents of the house on Sycamore Hollow Lane in Annapolis, Maryland. “Wait, I don’t get it,” Jimmy murmured. “Why would anyone have a home movie of the day this guy Kennedy was killed that even you guys didn’t know about? I mean, I hear you all the time talking about the people who shot JR..”“JFK…”“Yeah, whatever. You guys talk about it all the time, so wouldn’t this be kinda important? Like, important enough to send it to the news or a museum, or even to someone like you guys?” Byers, Langly and Frohike all exchanged glances, a silent acknowledgement that Jimmy did have moments where he asked what they were already thinking.“That’s an excellent question, Jimmy,” Byers conceded. “And one we need to find the answer to, besides the vital process of actually authenticating the film itself. There may be some clues in the other films I bought at the estate this morning, besides property title and other records Langly’s checking now. But if this reel is legitimate, and somebody was filming on the south side of Elm Street in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, even with all the witness intimidation we’ve read about from that day over the years, why not come forward with this evidence at least? Or did nobody else ever bother to watch it and it just got lost with all the other home movies until it wound up with us?” “And when we digitize the 8mm, we’ll see what else we can magnify,” Frohike reminded them. “Since the Zapruder film’s been edited by questionable media influences for each new public release for decades, each edit obscuring more evidence from the masses, at least this one is under our control and likely hasn’t been working the circuit since it was shelved in 1963.” Byers smiled, still dazed from what they had all just witnessed. Glancing in Langly’s direction, he couldn’t resist.  “Sorry about the muffins, Langly. Slipped my mind.”“Yeah, yeah,” Langly muttered as he worked his way through a handful of online DMV records. “You owe two boxes of muffins and counting, Byers.” Unbeknownst to the Lone Gunmen, another individual who had been surveilling the eccentric, investigative journalists for some time believed they all owed him, as well. Sitting alone in the dark, he listened to the rather enlightening conversation taking place through his headphones so he could hang on every word. The glowing butt of a cigarette provided his only source of light, his only company in an agonizing solitude.  He would continue to listen.And he would wait.

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Broken Memory

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The Chronicles of Morgan Stark: WRITER WARNING

May 12th, 2021This will be very long. There is still more and more snapshots being collected of further issues. This blog will be updated with dates on any new accounts she creates. Updates will take place in comments so those who comment here will be notified of it. She is making new pages extremely fast, up to three a day.Trigger Warning: Brief mentions of Rape. Part of MOOver the last few days, numorous writers, and even more accounts with those who have several, have been experiancing a multitude of problems with a writer. This writer has been headhunting every Bucky and Cap on the site looking for love interests for her Morgan Stark. There is no dicussion, no asking, no planning. She simply messages them and often times pressures them into an LI storyline, particularly one where she has a relationship with Steve and a jealous Bucky who also turns into a relationship (yes a love triangle). She claims for her character she and Bucky have been best friends since they were kids and he tells her everything, down to the deepest darkest secrets. She has extremely limited character knowledge for wanting to ship with Bucky or Cap, having only seen one Cap America and Avengers, and is clearly just after plabys/faceclaims. There is also VERY blurred lines (RP/RL) on a rape claim by a Thor, one she claims was traumatizing but keeps mentioning it in character like she purposely added it to her SL instead of just blocking the guy. I could go on and on but I will end it here and let the countless snapshots below speak for themselves. All receiving parties names and photos will be blocked out (unless otherwise requested) to protect the writers, especially with some having very personally details in them. This is also not the first time she has done this, with reports of the same activity two years ago.Break Out the Popcorn and Enjoy the ShowCURRENT KNOWN PROFILESWriter #1Writer #2Attempt #1++Writer #2Attempt #2Writer #3Writer #4Attempt #1Writer #4Attempt #2Writer #5Attempt #1  Writer #5Attempt #2Status Posts and Other Notable Messages​​​​​​​ 


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kalia's baby shower.


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Activity Check! Journal Entry

Journal entry  12 MAy 2021 Dear Diary,I always found it weird having to write that at the start of any journal entry, but if that's what tradition dictates, who am I to stop it? It has a bit of a nice ring to it too, making me feel like a real life Bridget Jones. In fact, maybe I have turned into my spirit animal... though as much as I love Bridget, I think I dress better than she did. My life is wholly a mess, just like her's. Still trying to work it out but so much has changed since the last time I wrote in you. I guess then I should probably start at the beginning. A few months ago I found out that I got accepted into NYU to continue with my studies. Can you believe it? I did it, got into NYU on my own accord for my masters!? I was surprised to be honest. Though dad said that he wasn't surprised given that I had gone to Slade School of Art and graduated with a first class degree... maybe he has a point, but I did work my a$$ off to get to this point. He didn't want me coming to New York. We got into a huge fight about it. He said that it was too big and too dangerous... to which I conveniently reminded him that we're living in London and it's just as big and dangerous. It feels like he's hiding something from me, though. His parents live on the Upper East side so it's not like I'll be coming across the pond to nothing. Anyway, he's not really been talking to me much at the moment. We've been communicating through mum. It's been tiring to say the least. I just wish he was more supportive. I wanted to be here and I worked hard enough on my own to get to this point. I love London and I miss it every day, but there's just something about being in New York that makes me feel like I belong. Forget the fact that everyone drinks coffee here and for some reason practically worship the Bagel... which has nothing on a british crumpet. The energy is just different. Maybe it's because the arts scene is more different... people seem a little edgier... I don't really know how to describe it. I went to the Frieze Art Festival and it was like nothing I've ever been to before. To tell you that I had the most fun in my life would probably be an understatement. I made so many new friends and contacts... someone actually contacted me the other day to see if I could help out with the upcoming exhibit!! Settling in has been hard. I've met some shady people trying to find a place to live. University accommodation looked horrible and it was already fully booked out. I answered an ad on Craiglist and found a flat that had decent people in it... They were looking for one more person and after doing a couple of interviews i've finally moved in. Bushwick is pretty cool, so I'm glad that I did that. But to be honest, I miss my privacy of being able to live on my own. Of being back in London. I think I've been feeling really homesick. As much as I'm enjoying my time here, the time difference is slowly killing me. I'm constantly surrounded by people and I'm exploring as much as I can but then.. when I get home.. and the night comes.. I feel so lonely. I guess I took being around my family for granted. I'd go see grandmere and grandpapa, but dad's being weird about it. They don't actually know I'm here and it makes me feel bad and guilty that I've not told them. Just so conflicted. My head feels like it's going to combust.I should probably head off now. Just checked the time and I'm running late to meeting Eloise. Oh yeah, she's the lady I've been working for. She's been wanting someone to come and digitalise her journals and old tapes and all... I came across this really weird entry actually. In fact, she's probably the reason I've taken up writing in you again. I've been feeling 'inspired'. Anyway, in this entry, nothing seemed to be matching up. Sentences weren't being completed and it was like there was a trail of thought that would run off, as if she was being interrupted. Whenever I asked her a question about it, she's never given me a straight answer. An excuse. Oh, I must've been interrupted by my sister... but I don't think so. I think something happened that day of the journal entry... I think it has to do with Edward too. Right, right. I'll keep you posted. But I'm going to be super late and Eloise always tells me off about being tardy. Till next time, Alexis 

ɾɛɗ vɛℓvɛŧ

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fear is sabotage | poem

She feels broken and scarredNothing feels rightThough...she triesA simple gaze into the depths of her beingHer body submitting to his unspoken commandsSubmission of a promise she may not keepThat she may behave...A submission too steepA voice dominates over her, stern and strongShe talks back and disobeys, but he remains patientHe wants to steer but she switches gearsAnd there they stay as she works through her painBack and forth she goesAfraid to let a man take the reigns once moreShe wants to trust the will that runs in her veinsBut fear has already dominatedHer past trauma clinging to the cloth of her life like stains to a shirtDon't fault her for she knows not that she is sabotageConvinced that happiness is not in reach  Because fear has already dominated

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