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𝒔𝒐𝒍 π’Œπ’π’“π’π’π’†π’—π’‚

05/17/2021 08:48 PM 


PROMPT RESPONSES PART ONE FOR UPRISING, FALLEN ANGEL, WRAITH & HARD TO KILL “I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming.” & “Try not to fall this time.” UPRISING Ivan knocked on the door to her chambers thrice, poking his head into her room. The sun summoner was standing quietly by the window peering out onto the grounds of Little Palace, her palm pressed flat against the cool surface of glass. Mind was elsewhere, wandering, floating somewhere outside the confines of her room. She'd not even noticed his appearance until he had stepped behind her his hand placed smoothly on the apex of her shoulder, snapping her out of her dream-like trance. "Hell, Ivan!" she exclaimed, clutching her chest as she whirled around to face him."What's wrong?""Nothing," his face scrunched, then settled back into it's regularly stoic expression. "Your presence has been requested at the stables. General Kirigan said to come alone."Dumbfounded she could only assume he wanted to go for a ride, but at this time of night, why? "Let me,... gather myself and I'll be there as soon as I can.""Now, Alina. You know he doesn't appreciate waiting.""Maybe not for you," she mumbled inaudibly under her breath at him. Reaching for an overcoat she slipped it over her frame and made quick work of exiting the palace to make her way to the barn. It made no sense why he would be there, the General always sent the stablehands for the horses to bring them up to the palace for him.The closer she got to the barn the more wrong this all seemed. As if she'd fallen down the rabbit hole her entire world flipped on it's head. A rush of black shadows stormed toward her, swallowing her at frightening speed. No stars or moon were left twinkling overhead it was just herself and her thoughts. Panic bubbled in her stomach. Clapping her hands together as she ran backward from the ominous roll of black tide she tripped clumsily over her own feet, opening her arms wide a beam of light emanted from between them, holding back the shadows just before she came crashing to the ground."I can't believe I didn't see that coming," she groaned, dusting herself off as she sat herself upright, "is this your version of training?"The shadow walls dissolved and Aleksander emerged from behind a large oak tree, "panic,... worry,... these are the emotions that drive your power currently, Alina. We need to harness that, to train it out of you. Accept your powers instead of reacting with them." Approaching with an outstretched arm, palm face up, open for her to take he smirked darkly, "Up. Again. Try not to fall this time."“Stop pushing me away.” FALLEN ANGEL "Stop pushing me away," the night dweller begged. Alina reminded him so much of Cassandra. Her petite build and platinum locks, the resemblance to Cassandra, his love that was torn apart right in front of his eyes was so striking."Stop coming for me," Alina backed away from the vampire with urgency, attempting to put as much distance between them as possible in that small, near closet of a room. "How did you even get in here?" Little Palace was lined with guards even under the cover of darkness it was close to impossible to penetrate it's walls. The night dwellers were something that she had only read about in books before and didn't have a very firm grasp on, she didn't understand why he was so incessant about seeing her. It was the second appearance he had made, the first just in passing, like distant birds in the sky."Cassandra," the name fell from his lips before he could pull it back into his mouth. "No, my name is Alina. I don't know who Cassandra is but you need to leave. Now."Optics darted to the window that was set ajar, the low roll of a breeze coming through. "You scaled the walls to get in through here? You need to leave the way you came unless you want to die this night." Dark veins beneath his eyes formed quickly, his fangs extending out of hunger, his blood lust clear as day. "I don't want to hurt you but I know someone who might," she tried to keep her voice to a whisper, hearing those all too familiar boot clad footfalls in the hall just past the closed door.  “Have you lost your damn mind?!” WRAITH"Inej, no!"The Suli girl had vanished as quickly as she'd come, it wasn't often Inej would make appearances unannounced in Os Alta without at least sending a letter first. The young sun summoner knew that it was a dangerous friendship to keep and for that reason they had to be more than careful behind palace walls. "My letter must've gotten lost in transit."Alina rolled her eyes at the statement, brushing her hair back from her face as she looked up catching Inej hanging from a beam on the ceiling, quietly dropping back to her feet just after a pair of Corporalki passed by. "Have you lost your damn mind?!" "Sorry, I heard them coming, I can't make myself disappear. Had to do the next best thing," Inej said reassuringly. "Saints, just put this on." A blue and gold kefta was shoved at the girl in annoyance. It wasn't that she was unhappy to see her friend, but because it was unplanned Alina was on edge. A deep breath in was all she needed to settle, a smile brightening her complexion as she took her friend into her arms, embracing her in a hug. "You look fantastic, now let's get you something to eat! I'm sure the kitchen won't mind if I raid it a bit early."“That's a horrible idea,... let's do it.” HARD TO KILL "We have no skiff, we have no captain, we have a sun summoner and some crows." Kaz, pointing out the obvious, "We could always cut your hair and pass you off as an orphan."Her glare cut straight through the man, his pointed angular features less deadly than the look she was gleaming toward him. "I am an orphan,..."The dead silence that clung to the air was awkward at best, "right so, no cutting of the orphan girl's hair then. We can't just wait here until she decides to summon that sun of hers and hope for the best now can we?" The impatience from him was irritating, Alina didn't know how in the Saints she had come to be aligned with him and his crew. Inej was the only one of the three that she could see herself ever forming a bond with even though they had initially come to collect her, the nicest way of saying she was to be kidnapped."Or, we could you know,... gamble our odds. Summon that sun, walk through the fold on foot, we make it through Alina keeps her hair and earns her freedom. It'll take ages but we'll make it so long as Alina survives, yes?""That's a horrible idea,... let's do it," Alina knew she had to do something and sitting on her ass in a meadow concocting ideas that were never going to work wasn't how she was going to help.The distant crash of thunder cracked as lightning struck within the Unsea, daring the clan of misfits to enter.  template credit.

ᴏᴍᴇɒᴀ ᴑᴏʟꜰ

05/17/2021 10:42 PM 


Name: Venus LaheyAge: 18Species: Omega WerewolfOccupation: Bar WaitressFamily: Issac Lahey(Little Brother), Camden Lahey(Older Brother, Deceased)

Rider 7

05/17/2021 08:46 PM 

Kamen rider Rider 7: Season 6 Chapter 2 Dogfight.

16 hours earlier.Seattle washington.The sound of a drill filled the small garage as Mark worked on an old car his arm transforming in a drill while holding out his other hand "K I need a wrench." he said as a pitbull came up dropping it in his hand as he petted the dog "good boy Diego" He said as the dogs tail wagged and barked watching his owner work on the car. A door opened as an old man with a pony tail wearing the same denim jacket as mark came in. "Hey the fire bird done yet?" He asked as Mark looked up "yeah almost Jake just tell the guy dont take his car to the damn beach so much sand in here i had to use the drill." he said as the old man chuckled "sure you dont wanna move back south?" as Mark shook his head "its Rox's and Nick's sector, I got here so does allen georgia has Ace midwest is Jesse's and the gulf is Joes. we broke up the state so we have all our area's covered." as Jake sighed "I know but you seem annoyed at times kid." as Mark finished closing the hood. "Hey its not the city or the area just people. I either get hounded by tabloid junkies or some hipset doesnt know how to treat a car." He said as Jake chuckled "You did break that one fru fru boys arm when he kept snooping around the shop. as Mark pointed "Hey he had it coming!" as Diego barked "See he agrees."Mark and jake walked out side the shop as Jake lit a cigar looking at the sky "sure is quiet around here latley." he said as Mark nodded "this is the peace we strived for." he said while unhooking his arm and placing it on the table. "Plus the others say SHOCKER should be gone." as he said that Jake looked over "So been meaning to ask, hows it feel?" as Mark looked over "What do you mean?"  as Jake took a puff letting the smoke leave his lips "You and the others killing your daddy." Mark looked away "He wasnt my father, all he was was a monster." as Jake patted his arm "Hey dont be to down you got a real family now." as Mark nodded "Yeah guess your right."the sky filled with the sounds of jets as Jake and Mark looked up "air show?" as Jake as Mark looked confused "Didnt know there was one today." before seeing the jets fly down before dropping something on the city. soon the city was filled with explosions and smoke as Mark watched his eyes wide "What the hell!" Jake turned throwing him his arm "get out there!" as Mark nodded before reaching for his belt and jumping on his bike and reattaching his arm with an audible click. "Im on it!" Driving through the streets Mark looked around seeing civilians running in panic others begging for help before seeing one of the jets come in low, the jet seemed older with a propeller in the front of is as he noticed a mother and child injured screaming for help as the jet began to open fire "f***!" running over he through on the belt as a gust of wind blew over him as his now gloved hand began to change the sound of mechanical clicking and gears turning as it changed into a large shield blocking the shots as the woman looked up seeing Mark as Kamen Rider Riderman. Mark turned to look at them as the Jet flew away but turned for another pass "go run now!" he said helping them up and to somewhere safe before being his by the wing of the jet. Grunting he latched on his arm changing into a large hook as he grabbed onto the jet pulling himself up seeing the mark of SHOCKER but with 2 planes on the logo. "SHOCKER has an airforce?!" He thought before seeing inside the jet was a combatman with a jump suit on and a fighter jet mask. the combatman turned looking at him before doing a barell roll trying to throw Mark off. The combatman looked seeing nothing as it shrugged before going back to the assault. the sound of tapping filled the canopy before looking up seeing Mark smirking the combatman paniced before the canopy was ripped open "Sorry need this!" He said grabbing him and throwing him out screaming. Mark took the seat looking at the controls before grabbing the stick and pulled up "K you got this Riderman!" he said to him self flying the jet towards two more as he pressed the red button 2 missles launched hitting one jet exploding it in the sky as he went for a pass on the other. "K how bout this button!" he said pressing a green button as the wings shot off. looking shocked he slapped his head against the back of the seat "K this is a stupid choice and design!" he yelled before 2 jets came close before attatching to Marks jet. "K never mind" He said noticing 2 combatmen come out of the 2 jets. "Oh great more of you guys." He said jumping out before seeing the one he threw out gliding back onto the jet. "OH YOU GUYS CAN FLY NOW TOO" He said seeing them pull out there machette's as he chuckled. "Really boys?" as he got into his fight pose his arm transforming into a mace and chain.Mark ran at them as ones weapon clashed against his armor sparks flying before bending backwards to dodge the other as he slammed the mace into the attack combatman throwing it off the jet into anothers propellers causing it to burst into flames and crash into the side of a  building. Marks arm changed into a buzzsaw as he turned to the one behind him seeing it rushing as he ducked before slicing it in half and kicking it back the 2 slices flying off. The last one stood its ground before throwing its weapon as Mark dodged it before turning seeing it in the console of the main jet. "Oh f*** me..." he said as he turned seeing the combatman running at him before kicking him off the plane as it panicked before opening its wing suit. "Not this time!" Marks arm changed into a gatling gun before opening fire on the combatmans wing suit ripped as it began to fall to the city below. Mark sighed before turning to the cockpit as sparks flew out of it. "crap ok what to do..." he thought before running to the others finding one not locked he jumped in taking the stick and pulling up before seeing another jet. "K last one!" he thought before opening fire on the front engine as it burst into flames and going down. "F*** YEAH!" He yelled before noticing flames coming off the main one. "Oh christ." He said under his breath as its engine burst in flames with the other 2 not to far behind as it began to spin to the ground. Mark tried pulling up before the jets started to his the ground hard and ramming into the side of a building. Panting Mark got out and threw up from the spin down as Jake ran over with Diego barking "Mark! good god boy you ok?!" He asked as Mark gave a thumbs up before removing his mask "Yeah, just a little airsick." He said as Diego came over licking Marks face "Hey hey down boy im ok." he said petting him as Jakes eyes went wide. "Mark..." as Mark coughed "Yeah what?" as he pointed at the plane "thats a zero...a SHOCKER zero." He said as Mark came over "wait a zero as in Japanese world war 2 plane zero?" He asked as Jake nodded "Yeah but....Shockers, I recognized this model." he said touching it. "Meaning..." as Mark went over "Jake what is it?" He asked before Jake looked at him "they activated code DARK and the last 2 rider killers." Mark looked shocked "Wait 2 more Rider killers? Jake what do you mean man?" Jake sighed "Let me get the tow truck and we will discuss it back at the shop ok?" as Mark shrugged "alright, just dont keep me hanging." he said watching Jake run to get the truck.End of Chapter 2


05/17/2021 09:06 PM 

Character Study

PERSONALITY:Good personality traits:She would like to think she's a positive person that tries to love everyone, because everyone deserves to know what love feels like. She always try to be there for everyone, and try to be a bubbly, fun person because the world is such a dark place.Bad personality traits:She is so hard on herself all the time, always wondering if she's doing good for herself and others. She doesn't like to be confrontational and she tends to put others a LOT before herself which can be damaging.Mood character is most often in:She is always in a happy mood! She has a lot to be thankful and positive for! Why dwell on the sadness when you have a wonderful world right in front of you?!Sense of humor:Oh, she wouldn't say she was hilarious, but she's more sassy. She does love to laugh and joke around!Character’s greatest joy in life:Her familia, her friends, Luca, her dog Chewie. There's so much great joy in her life. Being able to have a home in Sicily, a home in New York, a family that, may not be blood but acts like family is definitely a joy to her.Character’s greatest fear: It's either losing some she loves or dying aloneWhy?She loves her people, and loving with all her heart brings sacrifices to her lifestyle that she grew up with. So the thought of losing her father or Luca or any others that she considers family will literally pull her into a panic attack. Also, the dying alone because she just is scared to be by herself.What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?Losing her father or Luca. The brain tumor is something that scares her but again, Sicilian people are very family oriented. Her father and Luca are all that she has and if she loses that she will definitely lose herself.Character is most at ease when:She's at home, away from people and the hustle and bustle of the city. When she's dancing, doing her aerial silk, writing, being with her puppy, anything to keep her mind calm.Most ill at ease when:Being around a lot of people, doing chemo treatments, when someone she loves is hurting. So much sets her off.Enraged when:Someone she loves gets hurt or anyone in general. She believes the world needs more love.Depressed or sad when:She can't dance, she can't see her father or Luca, when they've been hurt, when she can't do anything on her own.Priorities:Dancing. Her Aerial silk is her life and that's all she wants to do. Sure the family business is there being mafia and all, but Anabel couldn't hurt a fly.Life philosophy:Life is tough, my darling, but so are you. Meaning nothing is ever thrown your way that you can't handle. And even though you're going through a tough time? It's okay, just don't let it destroy who you are.If granted one wish, it would be:To not be sick anymore.Why?It's probably the main reason why she hadn't persued Luca. The boy had been there for her since they were little and yes she has deep feelings for him but the thought of getting that close in that way and losing it all scares her.Character’s soft spot:Her dog. Chewie is her baby, don't mess with her baby. And Luca. Is this soft spot obvious to others?Probably hahah most likely, yeah.Greatest strength:To love when the world doesn't want to love back.Greatest vulnerability or weakness:She wears her heart on her sleeve and let's people take advantage of her.Biggest regret:Everything happens for a reason. She has no big regret.Minor regret:She didn't buy that cute top back in Sicily hahaBiggest accomplishment:Being able to live is an accomplishment. She's dancing, which at a strip club might not be considered an accomplishment but it is, she gets to do her aerial silkMinor accomplishment:Got her driver's license finally!Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about:Didn't get her high school diploma until about four years ago.Why?Because everyone thinks you have to have a set time to do things and she got her diploma at twenty and not seventeen or whatever.Character’s darkest secret:She has a brain tumor that she's taking chemo for that causes seizures.Does anyone else know?Her Patri, the mafia family, Luca. Only because the seizures.PAST:Hometown: Palermo, SicilyType of childhood:It was ana amazing childhood from a mafia family. She was happy, her father loves her and when he wasn't working was taking her places and such. Yeah she was spoiled but she was always level headed about it.Pets:Just adopted a dog and his name is Chewie!Most important childhood memory:Her dad took her to a Christmas village in Sweden.Why:It was just her and her dad. She loves Christmas and to be able to spend a weekend with her dad just enjoying their time together was special.Childhood hero:Her dad? Haha Dream job:To be an aerial silk artist.Education:High scho diploma at twentyFinances:Very well off.PRESENT:Current location: New York but goes back to Sicily on occasion.Currently living with:Luca! Because he also gets paid to protect her from other mafia boss'sPets:Her dog, ChewieOccupation:Stripper at Cloud Nine.Finances:Again, VERY well off but tries to do her own thing instead of relying on daddy


05/17/2021 08:08 PM 

[MMM: A Freed Woman]

MMM: A Freed Woman How many times would they have to go through this? How many times would she need to explain herself and her whereabouts to a man who pointed dirty fingers in her face and raised his voice at her? Svan was growing increasingly tired of the man she called ‘Husband.’Galin had never been kind to her. It was a trait that he didn’t seem to possess and most of their community was well aware of such. If anything, he brought her great shame. She knew that so many looked upon her as a strong and powerful woman, but where Galin was concerned, she felt weak. So many times behind closed doors had she been banished from their bed and condemned to sleep on the cold floor for actions he assumed were true, but were not. Her words made no difference to him. The more she denied the relations between her and her childhood friend, the angrier he became. Though she had always loved Ranvir, the two hadn’t acted on impulse since before her arranged marriage to Galin.It was something that her father had set up before his death. As just a girl, Hermundr had promised his daughter’s hand to a friend’s son, dashing her hopes of being able to choose her own suitor in her future. Though disappointed with the arrangement, Svan respected her father’s wishes and when he did not return home, she knew it was the last thing she could do to honor him. It was only unfortunate for her that his friend’s son grew into the hate-filled man she came to know as Galin, her husband. He’d turned her otherwise cheerful and pleasant demeanor into a sour one.After a long day of training, Svan returned home to find her husband waiting for her. The fair and freckled skin of his face had turned beet red when she walked in the door, her eyes taking in his obviously defensive stance. Her absence had brought on his rage yet again, Galin’s imagination running wild of all the things he believed she’d been doing while out training with the other warriors and shield maidens. She didn’t dare remove the belt where her weapons hung, keeping her distance as her eyes followed the oversized man approaching her.“Where were you?”His words bellowed across their hut in a deep bassy voice. She refused to flinch despite knowing the blow would be inevitable.“Training, as I said I would be.”Galin lifted his hand, striking Svan across the face with his open palm. Her head ricocheted off his slap, her skin stinging and turning a bright red, the imprint of his hand slowly rising to the surface of her pale skin. Enough was enough. She curled her hand into a fist, launching herself and her weight at the male to deliver a barrage of punches at his face, neck, and stomach. It was enough to send him reeling backwards to catch his breath to which she pulled the axe from her belt and brought it up to strike him again. The downward blow was interrupted by Galin’s swift punch to Svan’s chest, knocking the wind out of her lungs before prying the axe from her fingers. The next few hits were a blur to her as her husband proceeded to use his fists to bloody her face. Surely no man would want to bed a battered woman and that had been his goal, after all.Later that night, once Galin had tired himself out, Svan escaped their hut and fled to the one place she always knew she would be safe and her secrets kept from the rest of the community. Silently creeping to Ranvir’s door, she let herself inside to find him seated at the table enjoying a meal. She knew instantly she shouldn’t have come, shouldn’t have interrupted his meal and burdened him with her problems again. He’d seen her enter though, and it was too late to turn back. Slowly stepping forward into the dim light of his hut, the flicker of candles illuminated her face and revealed the deep purple bruises and blood that still coated her lips. She didn’t want to discuss it, she just wanted the distraction of his company.“Did he…”“I’m here to help plan for England.”The rage that crossed his face as he began to pace the hut was obvious. This hadn’t been her intention. She’d never come to a man to help solve her problems. She felt herself capable on her own and though Ranvir was a dear friend, she didn’t want him involved in her marital problems. Truth be told, she was concerned about how he’d fare if he were to go after Galin. Her husband was a large and vicious man.“England is not my worry right now. I’m ending this right now.”Without thinking, Svan’s hand shot out to grab Ranvir’s forearm tightly, holding her grip as her piercing blue eyes stared into his. She couldn’t let him run off and fight her battles for her and surely it would only result in further beatings if he were to intervene.“He believes what he wants to believe. I cannot change that. I’ve already taken care of it and he did not come out of our fight unscathed. If you strike him, things will only be worse, I’m afraid. Swear to me that you won’t challenge him. Swear it.”Though he did promise her, Svan knew better than to believe a man with such a look in his eye. It was better if she took her leave now rather than make anything worse for either of them. Galin could kill her, sure, but if something were to happen to Ranvir because of her foolishness, surely a punishment from the Gods would not be enough for what she believed she deserved.She’d returned to her hut only to find that Galin had awoken from his slumber angry of her absence again. His wrath knew no bounds, striking her across the face and sending her to the floor. With her head bowed and prepared for another blow, she hadn’t seen Ranvir burst in, only heard the scuffle of the two and his voice. Finally lifting her head, she caught sight of the two men on their way out the door in a flurry of punches and blades. Clamoring to her feet, Svan took off outside after them, her eyes frantically following their motions in utter chaos. To separate them would surely be suicide, though she wasn’t sure who she would be helping if she did. Initially she’d thought that Ranvir would be in grave danger to challenge Galin, but she’d clearly underestimated his strength and endurance.When he stood victorious from the water’s edge, she couldn’t resist the smile that began to stretch over her lips, her legs moving toward him before she even knew she’d taken a step.“He’s dead. I killed him for you.”The words only made her smile grow wider as she closed the distance between them, her mouth opening to speak and express her relief when she saw Galin emerging from the water behind Ranvir. Lifting her hand to point at the oncoming charging brute, she didn’t even need to say a word to signal Ranvir to duck. Svan proceeded to watch with a stoic expression as her husband was bloodied to death, her hands remaining still and clasped together in front of her. Not a single part of her felt remorse for her fallen husband. She’d never loved him and had only remained with him as it was her father’s wish. To say she was relieved to be rid of him was an understatement.Reaching out to take Ranvir by the hand, she turned and led him back inside her hut so she could sit him down and tend to his wounds. Though she was certainly not a healer by any means, she’d seen her fair share of battle wounds and knew how to care for them. Fetching a bucket of clean water, Svan dipped her cloth into the water before gently dabbing it along the male’s face to remove the streaks of blood and dirt. Once she was satisfied that the cuts he’d acquired during their fight were properly cleaned, she draped the cloth over the side of the bucket and turned back to face him, her hands coming out to cup his cheeks on either side before leaning in to plant a kiss on his forehead.“Thank you.”Her voice escaped in a hushed whisper as she looked down into his big blue eyes, her heart swelling with the love she’d been harboring for years. Without another word, Svan reached for Ranvir’s hands, pulling him along as she walked backwards toward the small room where she’d shared a bed with Galin.


05/17/2021 07:36 PM 

drabble: am i ready?

The guys had just returned from a friend’s birthday party in uptown New York and all they wanted to do the rest of the day is lounge around Lucas’ apartment. Typically lounging around for the guys meant a few glasses of wine and Dom picking out a Netflix thing to watch, but today there was no wine and Dom was not so eager to put on something on the tv. Instead, they sat in the bed and talked about how happy they were for their friend, it was in that moment when Lucas picked up his guitar and began to run his finger through the cords. He had a melody in his head, and he did not want to forget it. Lucas was not one to let everyone in when it came to his love for music. He loved to sing, write, and play, but his nervous kept him from sharing that talent with the world.There was something about Dom, that Lucas felt extremely comfortable about. It might be because they were going out, but Dom really open his heart and ears when Lucas talked about music. “Okay, you have to tell me if this melody is good.” Lucas looked at Dom and began to play it for him. In silly Dom form he began to bob his head back and forth, causing them both to start laughing. “Babe, stop.” Lucas could not help but chuckle. “I’m being serious, you literally are the only one I play and show my stuff for. Come on serious.” He began to play the cords again, as he did that, he also hummed the melody and threw in some random lyrics that were coming to him.  Lucas was so into it that that he closed his eyes, the finished playing the melody for Dom and then opened his eyes. “Thoughts? Is it good? Or should I trash that, like I normally do.” He half smiled. Dom took Lucas’ hand and locked their fingers together. He then began to tell Lucas he needed to be comfortable in his craft. “That was amazing, and you need to owe that you have that hidden talent. I have been telling you to play for our friends. I can’t be the only one witnessing this.”“I know, I know, you’ve told me plenty of times. I just do not think I am ready for that. My stuff needs a lot of work, but every knows me as an actor, not a musician. Maybe one day I’ll have the confidence to show my work.” Lucas continued to randomly play some cords. “But thank you so much for those words of encouragement.” Lucas smiled. “So, are we not watching anything on Netflix tonight?” He smiled and set his guitar down. “I’m going to go grab us some wine.” Lucas got up from the bed and began to head toward the kitchen, before he paused and turned to look at Dom. Lucas felt grateful to have someone so encouraging as Dom in his life, he was trying to break Lucas out of his fear and me might us done the trick.sincerely, lucasj 

Sincerelylucasj, music, my person, encouragement, nervous


05/17/2021 05:54 PM 

Smuggler's Blue

1x1 with The Hellfire Smuggler's Blues WindWalker; /1699344 There was a first time for everything. For Sam Wilson, the whole world of being Captain America was a brand new experience. The flashy new suit with the new gear that came straight from Wakanda were definite upgrades from what he’d had before. Stepping up and taking on the mantle that Steve wanted him to take was a lot of responsibility. Somebody had to do it and that somebody definitely wasn’t John Walker.He’d not seen Walker in some time and he was not complaining in the least. He knew that if he needed Bucky, the former Winter Soldier was just a phone call away. He knew that Bucky had his Six and for that, he was glad. This particular mission had Joaquin Torres serving as his backup. Sam liked Torres. The kid had potential and he was good at what he did. Right now, Sam was high in the sky gliding on those new wings that came from the same laboratory that had built Bucky’s arm.He was so high in the sky that all he saw below him was the Atlantic Ocean. For about a week, Torres had been tracing a slow boat from Madripoor that was trying to evade detection. The signature was that of a cargo freighter, but this particular cargo freighter had come from the same lot where Sam, Bucky and Zemo had all confronted the operatives of the Power Broker. If the Power Broker was making a move, Sam wanted to be there to shut him down. “You see anything Torres?” Sam asked over the comm link to his buddy.Torres was monitoring the cargo ship’s particular trajectory from inside the Lockheed LC-130 as Sam was flying up several feet higher. “The target is projected to arrive at Gotham Harbor in approximately 30 minutes, Cap. It still looks just like a regular ship. The Port Authority in Gotham has assured us we’d have full cooperation on their end.”The idea of a ship from Madripoor heading for the US didn’t set well with the new Captain America. The top secret cargo was no real secret to Sam or to Torres. Spies within the populace of Madripoor had reported that there was a new scientist on the Power Broker’s payroll that was running successful tests on a new Super Soldier Formula. The Scientist’s identity was a secret, but the fact that several vials of the new formula were on its way to the US was on the radar of the new Captain America. This needed to be stopped and now. “What about the locals in Gotham City? Isn’t there a Bat-Dude or something like that there?”Torres chuckled. “The Batman operates out of Gotham City. He’s got his own squad that operates under his umbrella. We’ve not had any contact with him, but it’s safe to assume that The Batman and his group will be on the ground. Nothing gets past him.”Sam dropped down in a downward clockwise spiral to get a bit closer to the ship itself without being detected. “Batman, got it.” He laughed to himself as he started to engage Redwing. “Let’s see what we can see.” Redwing left his port on Sam’s gear and started to get closer to the ship. The feed was going directly to Sam’s goggles. The new and improved Redwing whistled silently through the boat’s fixtures and inner workings. All he was picking up thus far was the warm bodies of the men and women who were on the crew moving about doing their assigned duties, at least for now. “Redwing’s not picking anything up out of the ordinary yet. Uhhhh maybe not.” The crew spotted Sam’s drone and started shooting at him. Sam immediately started down for the ship.It didn’t make sense to him. They didn’t seem to be surprised when they spotted Redwing. The shots that were taken were deliberately missing his drone which given the type of criminal element inhabited Madripoor made that particularly unusual for them to miss. Redwing returned to Sam unscathed and slid back into port on Sam’s rear wing assembly. He immediately started to pull up and back into the cloud covering he’d been surrounding himself with earlier. “Torres, get back. It’s a trap. They want us to get closer.”The cargo plane on which Torres was based took on a higher elevation as well. He answered Sam’s call. “Roger Cap. Going higher.” Another member of the crew sent a message to Torres. “Cap, it looks like there is a plant in the Port Authority that tipped off the crew that we were out here. The Power Broker apparently has deep pockets.”Sam started swearing under his breath. “Are we sure that Batman has someone out there on our side?” He hated feeling like a sitting duck. “I’m going to need to get some help if I want to get closer to the operations on the ground.”“It’s safe to say that nothing happens in Gotham City that neither Batman nor the Oracle isn’t aware of, so what’s the call?” Torres asked. It was Sam’s operation. He was just serving as support.Sam got on a coded frequency that he was sure that the heroes of Gotham could actually interpret. After all, the Batcomputer was something that made Torres have nerdgasms over while the stories of the Oracle put her on the level of Shuri in Wakanda. “This is Captain America. There is a ship coming into port at Gotham City that is harboring dangerous material and it needs to be stopped. I’m in the air and I can’t get close enough to the ship to do anything. ETA to Gotham is 25 minutes. Do you copy?” Sam inhaled sharply. He needed help on the ground or this was going to all implode before he could get closer to it. All he had to do now was wait.  credit: james kriet


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Charles Pulisic

β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € β €β €β € β €β €β € β €β €β €··––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––··β € β €β €β € β €β €[ Part I ]Full NameCharles PulisicNickNameCharleyAge25 Years OldBirthdateJanuary 24, 1996Sexual OrientationBisexualRelationship StatusSingle and not lookingProfessionCivil Aviation and part-time fitness modelβ € β €β €β € β €β €[ Part II ]Height6’1”Weight186 lbsHair ColorBlackEyes ColorDark Brownβ € β €β €β € β €β €[ Part III ]In his early years, Charles was a swimmer and soccer player. He played these sports throughout primary and high school, before embarking on a whole new journey in the British Royal armed forces. He lost his mother and his girlfriend during a road trip when a large truck drifted towards them and he was the only one who survived. His father forced him to join the air forces.After his two-year service, Charles moved back to the US and returned stronger than ever. With an improved mindset and even better physique, he set out on a whole new journey of becoming a personal trainer and fitness icon. One thing led to another, and Charley soon became interested in the idea of becoming a personal fitness model. After several months, he turned his goals into a reality; becoming a model.β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € β €β €β € β €β €β € β €β €β €··––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––··β € β €β €

Head Prat

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Halley's Comet

March 1986 “It’s not going to happen again, not for ages!”  Percy followed after his father, the book pressed tightly to his chest in awkward attempts to push his glasses back up his nose. Everything he needed to make his case was with him, if not already well-rehearsed in his mind, it was all in the pages of the book carefully bookmarked with spare parchment. There was no way they could refuse him, he was certain of it. “It may seem like ages to you, but Perce you’re nine, and that is far too late -” “Seventy-five years,” Percy replied. He threw his arms out in an act of dramatics, exasperation deep in his voice that offset the beseeching stare. With an attempt to mimic his father’s stance, Percy stood a fraction taller, his chest puffed out in a way he had watched his father do before when he had a point to make. His father would see him like this. He would hear him. “Do you have any idea of how old I’ll be?” A smile thinned on Arthur’s lips, a look that Percy recognized as an attempt not to laugh. “That is old,” he mused. “Still, three in the morning is far too late for you to stay up on your own to see some stars.” Blue eyes narrowed behind the round glasses that were too big for his face. “It’s a comet, not some stars!” A comet that had dated back thousands of years, eyes of the past, great minds that helped create and shape the world they knew, that watched the comet he himself could be witness to. “And I was hoping you’d come with me.”Heat flushed his small face, crimson blotches that grew in size as his father stared at him. In the silence, he hugged the book closer to him, clung to it with the burning shame of tears he felt rise as his father searched for an escape.He wouldn’t cry, refused to. With a long sigh, Arthur relented under the orbed stare. “We’ll see, alright.” The smile didn’t reach Percy's eyes, though it did the job needed when his father's focus shifted to the paper. He knew what his father’s words meant, knew he wasn’t going to see Halley’s Comet. It was the same thing Arthur had told him in June when they could see shooting stars, only it was work things to blame over a vague ‘we’ll see'. Chin on the edge of the book, Percy retreated quietly as the tightness in his chest swelled, a sadness that crept in and fell over like a blanket. He always found time for the others. Percy watched as his father played chess with Bill until the late hours of the night, taught Charlie how to fly. He was always there to join the twins with a joke or a prank they needed help setting up. Crawled around on the ground with Ron and Ginny. But for him it was different, there was always someone else who needed Arthur’s attention more. When it came to him, it was always the same. Always a ‘we’ll see.”   2:30 am Darkness was the only thing he could see, a rapid thundering in Percy’s chest as he scrambled for his glasses. Ears strained, he waited for the faint snores of the twins from the room beside his to reach him, a small sense of safety at the obnoxious grunts from people so small. He knew he had heard it though, the creak of his door that was always kept shut, only opened when his mum did rounds before she went to bed but it was routine, a noise he knew at the same time every night and panic bloomed at the loss of routine. Steps shuffled outside his door, slivers of light under his door as it pushed open full. The scream for his mother was lost in his chest, paralyzed in fright that someone was in their house. Percy knew the stories even if he wasn’t supposed to, heard the adults talking about death eaters and murder. Even if the war had ended, people were still monsters; his dad said so. Small arms trembled against the stuffed toy owl, eyes darting in search of something he could use to protect himself with until he found his voice. In a small act of courage, Percy reached for the book tucked under his pillow, heart so high in his throat he wasn’t sure he was breathing.  “Put the book down, darling.” The fear drained from him, the breath he had been holding freed as Molly’s beaming face became illuminated by the light at the end of her wand. Her head tilted, a nod of encouragement to hurry as cold stung his feet. Owl tucked under his arm, Percy hurried from his room, a foot barely out before the thick coat was wrapped around him and Molly pressed a finger to her lips.  “Mum?” he asked in a whisper as she slipped her own coat on. “Don’t want to wake your brother’s.” Dutifully, Percy nodded. He matched her every step on the stairs, careful not to cause the worn floorboards to groan or creak. Not a word was said between them as her hand found his, gentle guidance through the darkened house and into the garden.  Crisp air hit his face, an instant shiver that took over his entire body nothing compared to the rush of excitement through him. The blanket sat in the middle of the yard, two cups with faint steam rising over the rims lost to the night sky. Percy’s face broke into a broad toothy smile, his arms wrapped around his mother’s tightly in giddy excitement. There was a small jump in his step as he pulled her enthusiastically forward, hugged into her the moment they sat.  “Now, tell me about this comet . . .” Hot chocolate warmed the body, Percy’s face turned up in wait as Molly held him close, her fingers combing through his hair as he rambled through everything he knew about Haley’s Comet and space itself. It was only when Molly pointed up towards the sky with as much enthusiasm as Percy that he finally fell silent.  “You’re the best mum,” Percy whispered, hugging tightly into his mother as they watched it streak through the dark blanket above. “I love you.” Ft. π¦πšπ¦πšπ›πžπšπ«.

𝒔𝒐𝒍 π’Œπ’π’“π’π’π’†π’—π’‚

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“Don’t forget this.I don’t need a memento.""I don't think so." Tossed like a flimsy rag doll back into his room she took a defensive stance in attempt to catch herself while tripping backward over the leg of a chair she had knocked about previously on her path of destruction, unbridled emotions having got the best of her. With panic-stricken eyes as wide as tea saucers she reached for the nearest object to grab hold of and prevent her fall but it was too late. Tumbling backward the side of her head caught the corner of his elaborate sand table, sanguine fluid pooling at the burning laceration site. A dull enough pain to ignore as she scurried back onto her feet, gaze darting around the room as she took several steps back in retreat. All she could do was watch as his own emotions took hold.The room buzzed with anticipation. Baby hairs along the back of her neck stood erect, the direct result of an icy chill rolling across delicate ivory flesh.  The growing darkness. The silence,... the silence, it could feel oh so deadly. All the verbiage he held back was shadowed just behind those darkening grey optics that bore straight through her kaleidescope windows, piercing into the pit of her soul. The shadow king hadn't uttered a single syllable since denying her of her leave. That was until his mother's name was distastefully spat from his tongue. "She's your mother," she wanted to say more but there was no place for it now, the General's eyes had fallen shut and his shadows completely engulfed the room, encasing her within these walls with him. Ominous silence, the only sound that could be heard was that of their breathing. Each boot clad step over the marbled floors sent her heart erupting against the confines of her chest, a cage of gilded bones. Straightened posture, chin tilted upright with confidence as he approached though that hitch in her breath might say she was frightened. Aleksander was on the hunt, a panther with the deepest silken ebony coat on the prowl toward her. She made no mistake of it even as he knelt before her, a sign of submission. Clutching her hands with delicate purpose. His touch, even when gentle left a searing path of heat in it's wake, knuckles burning at his caress. A gentle squeeze in return gave him an opening, and she automatically regretted giving him that much.Internally she screamed for him, it was undeniable how much she truly burned for him and the level at which she needed him during her time at Little Palace. It horrified her to even think of what sorts of trouble she'd be in with her newly found Grisha powers had it not been for him, even with his incomplete truths and the revelation of his intentions. Head and heart were left to tear one another apart. Consumed by his promises yet again."Maybe so, maybe I cannot do this without you but I don't believe in the impossible," now she was being careful with her words too. "If I am your queen then you wouldn't have kept me at arms length to be bound behind the shadow of your truths. You, the great General Kirigan, could not even allow your queen to hear the full story, a story that your queen can no longer be part of." "Π― Π½Π΅ ΠΌΠΎΠ³Ρƒ ΠΎΡΡ‚Π°Π²Π°Ρ‚ΡŒΡΡ рядом с Ρ‚ΠΎΠ±ΠΎΠΉ Π² Ρ‚Π°ΠΊΠΈΡ… ΠΎΠ±ΡΡ‚ΠΎΡΡ‚Π΅Π»ΡŒΡΡ‚Π²Π°Ρ…."Her hands slipped from his grasp, the tips twitching as they hung at her sides, longing for him again. "Now you will never get to know because I won't be made a fool of, I refuse to be used by anyone, even by you,..." her gaze followed his movements even as he rose to his feet, towering over her in intimidating fashion. "Will you ever let anyone in?"Clutching her hands together, slowly they parted creating a small glow between them, one much like candlelight to lead her through the void which was now his room. "Even on the darkest of nights the existence of twinkling stars still rings true, Aleksander. Even as they're burning out they last lightyears before we are able to bare witness to their deaths. I, Sankta Alina, have not lost a war. Not today. Not for many lightyears to come. I've lost you."Floating across the floor toward the exit again the space between her hands became greater, the floating ball of light growing larger in size began to burn a hole through the walls he built for himself. Walls that he would continue to build between himself and everyone that entered his life, even a sun summoner like herself couldn't break that cycle. Heavy heart sank into her chest, through a final breath she released the last of her emotions."You were not alone."i took a sip from my devil's cup. i'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic? template credit.


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1.) What is one thing you would change about your writing? Honestly, nothing! I feel like I am always putting in a lot of effort into my writing and making them gramatically correct (for me anyway since I write UK English and not American English)2.) Do you have any people you look up to?  I look up to Zach, because he is always going above and beyond for the group and I feel like he doesn't get the recognition he deserves. 3.) What inspires your writing? Other writers who put in the effort.4.) Are there any rules you find difficult, grammatically speaking? None at all.5.) Do you prefer long or short sentences? Why? Either, it does not matter to me. I personally mix up my writing with long and short, so don't mind others doing the same.6.) Do you enjoy your own writing, why or why not? Yes, as I work hard on it.7.) What is your biggest insecurity in writing? I worry that I'm not good enough.8.) What is the one thing you’re the proudest of in your writing? That I constantly work hard to get my writing out to everyone in a timely manner.9.) Are you someone who prefers a lot of paragraphs, or a few? 3+ so I guess a mixture.10.) Novella, yay or nay, and why? No, I feel like novella writing puts pressure on other writers to try and match the length, and then they feel defeated when they can't.11.) How do you feel about one on one para? Hate one para.12.) If you had the chance to meet a fictional character IRL, who and why? Hanna because she seems freaking cool, and like the type of person I would want to hang with.13.) Are there any characters that make you uncomfortable? No.14.) What are your preferences in characters? I don't have any preferences.15.) Do you prefer troubled or mundane characters, why? Both, as each offers a different dynamic and can change the way your character is.16.) Do you believe that characters can be redeemed? Yes.17.) What are the biggest turn-offs in characters, what do you not like? Any racist or homophobic behaviour of any kind. Being too much of an a**holes, as that can be off putting.18.) What is the biggest turn-on in characters, what do you like?  Respect! 19.) What kind of character would you have been, if you were a piece of fiction? The smart-aleck that doesn't fit into one friendship group so kind of floats around but they are still a bit of a loner.20.) Who is your favorite character and why? Dr. Janice Stewart and Dr. Michael Ryan because both add an interesting element to other characters storylines. 


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Disney Moodboard and Playlist. Spirit Week Task.

Isabella's Disney Playlist:1."Belle" from Beauty and the Beast (One)2. "Part of your world" from The Little Mermaid (Two)3. "Everybody Wants To Be a Cat" from the Arisocats (Three)4. "A Whole New World" from Aladdin (Four)5. "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan (FIve)6. "Bring Honor To Us All" from Mulan (Six)7. "Why Should I Worry" from Oliver And Company (Seven)8. "Once Upon A Dream" from Sleeping Beauty (Eight)9. "The Dwarf's Yodel Song" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Nine)10. "Baby Mine" from Dumbo (Ten) 11. "Bella Notte" from The Lady and The Tramp (Eleven)12. "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King (Twelve)


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Task 193

  Questionnaire!1.) What is one thing you would change about your writing? I'd like to expand my vocabulary honestly.2.) Do you have any people you look up to? My parents3.) What inspires your writing? Usually the person I am writing with. Each person and scenerio become my muse.4.) Are there any rules you find difficult, grammatically speaking? Not particularly. I am always learning, though, so I am sure I am missing something.5.) Do you prefer long or short sentences? Why? I don't have a preference. I am open to whatever feels best in that moment for myself or for the person writing with me. It's all about where the flow is taking you.6.) Do you enjoy your own writing, why or why not? No. I think it's horrid and childish.7.) What is your biggest insecurity in writing? That it's childish in the way it's being presented lol8.) What is the one thing you’re the proudest of in your writing? That I can typically run with whatever is handed to me. Sometimes you get replies or starters where there is just no where to go. I can say I usuallly still make a way.9.) Are you someone who prefers a lot of paragraphs, or a few? Honestly I prefer a few, 3 to 4, oppose to 7 or 8.10.) Novella, yay or nay, and why? I can't hang with the Novella crew. I just haven't reached that peek. I am not good enough to consistantly do it. Sometimes I am inspired enough and other times I am not.11.) How do you feel about one on one para? I think it helps to build a relationship in addition to a storyline.12.) If you had the chance to meet a fictional character IRL, who and why? I'd probably meet Dobby from Harry Potter. He was one of a kind.13.) Are there any characters that make you uncomfortable? Not that I have run into so far. Unless we go to non-fiction and then I was recently disturbed by a character in The Tattooist of Ashuwitz14.) What are your preferences in characters? Good over bad, for sure.15.) Do you prefer troubled or mundane characters, why? I want a mixture because in reality none of us are just one or the other16.) Do you believe that characters can be redeemed? Absolutely.17.) What are the biggest turn-offs in characters, what do you not like? I cannot stand smug or arrogant characters18.) What is the biggest turn-on in characters, what do you like? Down to earth personalities19.) What kind of character would you have been, if you were a piece of fiction? Hopefully one of the roles that helps to propel someone or something forward in the best of ways20.) Who is your favorite character and why? I honestly do not have an answer to this because a ton of different characters come to mind and I can't put them above the others. They are all equal.


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A phantasm of sophistication perfumed the air blended with a rich redolence of rose, amaryllis, sea salt and bergamot; a peculiar bouquet left to infiltrate the muzzles of those within a few mile radius. Flawlessly warranting the initial seizure of her prey - a carnivorous Venus' trap frolicking with vermin. She suspects his perception of where he resides on the pecking order is satirically distorted - but his reputation precedes him and she greets his statement with a sudden covert intrusion, nonetheless. “You must be the one and only - Mr. Vance.” Her invasion escalates to facing him. Emerald hues exploring high doses of melanin in his shade; deep mahogany brown. Her favorite for tonight. Porcelain fingertips wrap around vermilion tie, loosely detaching a clip or perhaps an act of emasculation at its more subtle extent - proceeding to tuck it into the forefront of his exceptionally pressed ensemble. Digits tease over meat; smooth and slick - a .45 caliber perhaps? She wonders if he knows she's sizing him up; a lioness providing for her pride - hoping arsenal will fit cozy in her trophy case or become fit for a crimson gloved homicidal monarch. Ophelia likes to show minuscule respect by mounting heads near the same weapons they've attempted to assassinate her with. She hopes his intellect is as impressive as his resume; but if he's trigger-happy, at least she’ll acquire someone finely sourced on a plaque. “Don't undersell yourself in my building. I have high expectations of you and a business clip shows me your insecurity and excessive display of grandeur where your name alone should do the trick.” Her cultivated charm strikes with a slingshot tongue; serrated to leave an egotistical and paranoiac scar. Distance ensues now, a vitality if he aspires to toss a chess piece into the diversion of vernacular wits she evidently wants to play. She-devil encapsulated in Louboutin heels. Toying with a corporate male of his prestige would be detrimental if maneuvered incorrectly; but there was a reason her reputation struck a nerve in men of similar industries. She knew from the moment she met Owen; they were one in the same, undiluted sadism, phlegmatic under pressure - what else would he be willing to offer her if she should undertake his current proposition? Her index digit bends and entices him into a private redirection for two; she desires to hear his unfiltered offer with the absence of curious ears, and she intends to discuss her needs accompanied with crystal glass served Sauvignon Blanc - people talk ineptly when they’re unsteady and secrets disperse. Will his fall be as sharp as his bite? Steadying her frame atop a wooden desk; this isn’t her royal office and it shows in the décor. Limbs fold and domineering digit points to a leather position centimeters in front; his pupils will be a tell if he’s trying to shortchange her. “Now that we’re acquainted. I suspect you have a preliminary agreement of what’s to be executed on the premise, with a few of my own tweaks of course — before we secure our signatures on a final contract?” Crystal slithers closer, her voice now putting him on trial. “You’ve seen the blueprints and examined the building thoroughly beforehand, I assume?”


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