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07/29/2021 06:54 PM 

Originally Bewitched

Originally Bewitched A drabble Machiavellian/Kol Mikaelson /1718864 Summer 1901Mexico City, MexicoHe hated the heat. The bloody heat was horrible for a human, but it was far worse for an Original. Kol Mikaelson had a plain cotton shirt on with his sleeves unbuttoned. His trousers were cotton as well but darker in color. He was walking into the heart of this city with disgust sneering his upper lip. He was here to meet someone. It certainly wasn’t any of these peasants. He huffed when one walked up to him holding a rotten fruit that once looked like a watermelon. He glared at the older mortal man and spoke simple words. “Take that bloody thing and shove it up your arse mate.” The man had a blank look on his face as he walked away from Kol. The youngest living male Original was strolling away with a smirk on his features that only seemed to intensify when the sounds of that same man screaming decorated the air behind him. He had compelled the man to do just what he’d said resulting in iit bringing him a most brutal death. Kol frankly didn’t care.There were certain advantages to being an Original especially when he was far away from his brothers and Rebekah. No one tended to even hold a candle to him in terms of power, yet his brothers had decided to not pursue the heritage that actually lay in their blood from their darling mother. Witchcraft, especially the dark arts were perfected by Esther all those years ago. Finn had taken a bit of a fancy to the magical side of their heritage, but he’d slipped up and gotten daggered by the Five some eight hundred years prior. Finn was the one bound to get them caught sooner rather than later. Kol himself had been brought in his coffin beside that damned bastard Finn into New Orleans back some 200 years prior. Nik had missed his company and let him out roughly 100 years prior to meet up with the family and what had been done settling in the quaint little Hellhole of New Orleans. Elijah’s jealousy ended up driving Kol away, but at least he wasn’t at the end of another one of Nik’s daggers. Now here he was walking through this sh!t encrusted street looking for a powerful witch.Up ahead on the right was a cantina. The noises that came from the cantina gave him a glimmer of hope. Fortunately an Original didn’t need an invitation to come into a public place after all. He opened the doors and set foot inside. He had to chuckle to himself at the name. Bar San Miguel meant that this was a bar belonging to Saint Michael. Too bad the devil himself was just inside the doors. Kol stepped up to the bar and held up a finger. The bartender was getting him a beer as the young looking man turned around to behold the king in his court.The man sitting there was practically bald. He had an overcoat on that was soon taken by one of the young ladies and placed on the back of another chair. He was laughing rather boisterously. One young lady was sitting in his lap while two others were hanging on his every word. Kol thought the smarmy git was repulsive to look at, but considering the fact that the witch he was looking for fit him to a tee, who was he to complain? “...And you see ladies, you don’t need to understand to know what I’m saying to be taken in by my complete and utter charm.” He was smiling from ear to ear as he reached his right hand to take a handful of the breast of the woman sitting there. Kol’s nostrils flared. She’d certainly orgasmed right then and there. It was bloody amusing. This wanker was someone Kol needed to know.The Brit sitting at the table was fully aware of being watched by the young man at the bar. His sources told him that there was only one who would dare to travel down to Mexico City to find him in the midst of all this debauchery. That was Kol Mikaelson the Witchy Original himself. “Don’t just stand there with your knickers in a knot boy! Bring your pretty little bottom over here and be hospitable. Why don’t you? Or did you lose your manners over the last two centuries?” He bellowed out knowing full well that Kol heard him.Kol took the beer handed to him and casually sauntered over to the bar. “Well, it’s good to know that my reputation precedes me.” He was an arrogant little sh*te and he knew it. It came with being nearly a millennia old. He took a seat. “Aliester Crowley I assume?”The Brit’s resplendent smile curled up broadly and parted to reveal beautiful white teeth. “You correctly assume Kol Mikaelson. I was informed by certain connections that you’d be seeking me out here. You have something particular in mind that you need from me.” He turned his attention to Kol not listening to the girls who were getting jealous that his attention wasn’t on them.“Certain acquaintances in New Orleans told me that you know of something called the Paragon Diamond. I am looking for it because of certain reasons.” He brought the beer to his lips and started to drink from it. The Paragon Diamond was believed to be able to enchant whatever was bound to it. He wanted to use it on a dagger to finally put his brother Nik in a coffin like he’d done all of the siblings at one time or another.Crowley purred, touching his fingertip to his lip. “And the Paragon Diamond would be able to actually stop the Hybrid once and for all wouldn’t it? Why should I give you this information? You’ll turn around and report to your half brother that I was the instrument in his betrayal.” He was hesitant to trust the youngest male Mikaelson. Others who trusted Kol usually wound up dead.Kol’s answer was simple enough. “Because you fat little sot, I’ll rip out your heart and feed it to you if you don’t.” He was overly confident in his abilities and showed it. He didn’t even bother to show any sort of fear toward Crowley or any respect. He didn’t frankly /care/.The witch raised a free hand and curled his fingers over one another making a circle. “What was that Mr. Mikaelson?” Crowley’s smug expression glanced toward the Original.The bottle of beer fell down upon the ground as Kol was wracked with the most intense pain he’d ever experienced in his life. It wasn’t unlike that first pain that he’d experienced years ago when his mother had first turned them all into vampires. He was screaming in absolute agony until Crowley lowered his hand. Kol soon sat up in the middle of the floor knowing that he’d soiled himself for Crowley’s amusement. “You’ve made your point. Allow me to make mine.” Kol zipped over behind the woman who had put the witch’s overcoat on a chair. He bit his wrist and allowed the blood to flow free. He shoved it in the woman’s mouth as she was screaming. Mere moments later, he snapped her neck with a simple twist of his wrist. “Never let an Original see who your favorite whores are.” She would resurrect but not until later as a baby vampire.Crowley burst out into uproarious laughter. “I like you Kol. You’re a little arrogant d!ck just like they say about you.” He kissed the woman in his lap softly on the lips and led her to sit beside the girl that was due to arise any moment as a baby vampire. He rather fancied having a vampire guard at his side, so Kol had done him a service. The girl in his lap was going to be food for the new baby vampire. Crowley didn’t care. “Seek out the Claire Witches in New Orleans. They have the Paragon Diamond stashed away. I know. I gave it to them two years ago.”Kol smirked back at the witch. He knew what Crowley was doing with the girl sitting on the floor. He decided to help him out. He looked at the girl. “Be a good little girl and stay right there won’t you? Your mate is going to be quite famished when she wakes up.” Kol brushed off his clothes and nodded toward Crowley. “Stop by New Orleans sometime. We’ll grab a pint and laugh over my brother’s corpse.” Kol saluted him as he walked out of the cantina. He had a brother to put down.  "I'm itching to kill something. what are we waiting for?" - Kol Mikaelson credit: james kriet


07/29/2021 06:45 PM 


Breakdown  Journal entry 101'How do you know when something is completely over.Is it when they are distant. When you are distant.Or is it a hope and a pray that it's not.Even when you know deep down that it is.That loving you could be fatal.Is it when you feel completely hopeless inside. Like nothing you do or say will make a differenceIs it when you feel like your world is crashing down,and there's nothing you can do to stop it.Everything's not okay.This is not okay. We are not okay. And pretending doesn't make this any easier. Pretending that loving you wasn't going to be fatal.Guess she's holding onto nothing. You gave her just enough.Just enough to make it better.Why'd you have to be that guy. Loving you was fatal.You wanted another piece.And foolishly she give it to you. Just take a piece and go.It won't be different this time around.She knows she meant nothing. Loving you was always going to be fatal.And she was just to blind to see it.'Lightning flashed through the sky followed by the low rumble. It had to be tonight of all nights that it decided to storm. Perfect setting for a break down. Everything that she had done up to this point to keep herself together had now failed. Collapsing to the ground her fingers wrapped around the pendant that hung around her neck. The first thing he ever gave her. Her whole world felt like it was crashing around her and there was nothing she could do to stop it. It wasn't his fault. It wasn't her fault. It was just the way things went. Sometimes people grow apart, even when they love each other. Sometimes things happen and you have no control over it. You just have to feel it and let it happen. You have to come to terms with the fact that it's not always all love, sunshine, rainbows and butterflies. There was always a dark side of things. It took all her strength to pull herself from the ball on the floor that she had gotten herself into. Tears still streaming down her face she picked the journal up from where she had dropped it earlier. Even if it didn't make sense or there were spelling mistakes, writing out how she felt or a little letter or whatever sometimes made everything a little better. At least that was something she convinced herself of. Journal entry 102'Before you go could you just tell me that I actually meant something to you. Tell me that this meant something.That at some point you loved me. Was there something I could have said to make it better' Dropping the journal back beside her, she let out the breath she didn't know she had been holding in. Was loving him actually fatal. No it couldn't be. He had been the better part of her for so long now. They fought, but that's what couples do. They fight then love on each other just as hard. Everything was just a confusing mess at this point. What do you do when the only one you want won't speak to you. When the only one who can make all your fears and your doubts wash away can't even give you what you need to make everything better. Just tell me you love me and everything will be okay. As desperate as that sounds, that's all she needs to be okay. So just tell her you love her, that isn't asking for to much.

Retired: Archival Page Only

07/29/2021 04:22 PM 

Arrowverse Crossover Sample - Searching for mains

All Grown Up Looking for all Arrowverse mains. S TRIKE. STRIKE. STRIKE. STRIKE. Unpredictable movements were barely seen in the moonless night as bodies clad in black hit the ground one after the other. The swarm of hostiles was slowly diminishing, but they did not slow even for a moment. The swish of carbonite arrows accompanied the sounds of physical strikes, further eliminating targets besides the woman. Chocolate orbs broke focus for a moment, as a break in attacks came, now gazing over to the warehouse that bore flames touching up to the heavens. Time was quickly running out for those trapped, the faint echoes of screams carried from the blaze and out along the whisps of the breeze.”Cover me!” The womans voice cried out, knowing she had to move quickly if they were to rescue those the hostiles attempted to burn. Her movements were quick, one foot in front of the other as she closed the distance between the warehouse and herself. Another arrow sounded behind her as it met it's target, the thud of a pursuer hitting the ground lifelessly. Without hesitation, the woman kicked forward as she reached one of the doors, knocking it down and into the flames within. Arms raised to shield from the heat, eyes blinking away at the brightness of the angry flames. Focus was crucial, time was critical. Movements forward were made with haste yet caution knowing her death would mean the deaths of those trapped, and that was not something neither of them could accept.Brown hues landed upon frightened eyes, those of a young boy cowering behind a table. Three others were crowded up next to him and another lying on the ground already burned. "I've got 4. A fifth wounded. We are out of time!" The woman said, the com in her ear trasmitting her concern to the hooded man beyond the doors. "I've got them!" Another voice echoed suddenly in her ear, one belonging to her daughter. The womans gaze caught site of the young meta, and was both angry and grateful for her arrival. "You were supposed to stay outside and help Oliver!" The girl shook her head, moving towards the group of terrified people. "You can't get them all out by yourself! I've got them, finish the search! GO!"The girl replied sternly, knowing this was no time to be arguing with her mother.The woman nodded and vanished back into the flames, searching for others. The young meta turned and took only a second to focus her mind and errect a telekinetic barrier that would protect the victims from the flames. She motioned two towards the door while she has instructed the other two to carry the injured man. They were only a dozen steps from the exit when a large support beam above suddenly broke, sending chunks of wood hurtling downwards on top of them. The loud crash caused the woman, who had another injured victim in her arms, to look towards where she had seen her daughter."ARIA!!" A panicked cry sounded out, and movements became more quickened. Even with the barrier, her mother knew extended that amount of her abilities around those she was escorting out was already stretching it. "Aria!" Another voice sounded in her ear, Oliver, who had seen the front of the building cave in and heard the panicked cries of her mother. The hooded man rushed for the building, stopping short when he saw a thin hand sticking out from under from rubble. Avaren got the man in her arms free of the building before following Oliver back inside. They worked together to move the large beam free from those it had trapped underneath, managing to get it adjusted just enough for three of them to slip out and towards the door.The young meta and two other bodies did not move, and crimson liquid stained the ground next to them. Oliver dropped down next to the Aria, a look of worry glazed sharply across emerald hues. He carefully cradled the young girl in his arms, quickly moving her out of the building while Avaren moved the final victims out. A final footfall outside the door and an explosion sent them tumbling forward as the warehouse finally collapsed in on itself. Avaren lie there for a moment before raising her head, glancing back at the scene behind them. Sirens grew louder as they neared, the duo now moving to get those they had retrieved the help they needed. Olivers focus remained on the girl, placing her on the stretcher for the medics to tend to. Avaren could see pain fill his eyes as he stepped back, rubbing a frustrated hand across the back of his head."This wasn't your fault Oliver... She knew the risks." Avaren said quietly, knowing he would blame himself for letting her daughter fight with them. He saw her as someone he needed to protect, just as he needed to protect his city. The three of them had become close over the years, bonding together like family. Oliver was never a fan of Aria suiting up with them, but she wasn’t a little girl anymore, and they both had to come to terms with that.“She has 2 broken ribs, and her shoulder is dislocated, but she will be fine. We are taking her to Starling General.” The medic said, loading Aria into the ambulance. Oliver gave a short glance to Avaren, features serious and stern. “I don’t accept that. We shouldn’t have let her come. She’s too young, too green.”“She is more powerful than both of us combined Oli. She isn’t a little kid anymore, and it’s time we both realize that. You and I have been through hell together, and we have survived far worse than a few broken ribs. You can’t put this on yourself, we both promised her that, that we would let her fight, let her grow, not hold her back.”“And look what happened!” Emerald hues flickered with frustration, boiled words exploding over the surface as a hand motioned towards the injured girl. The womans gaze softened, a light hand placed upon his arm. “Oliver.. you know better than anyone, no battle is ever simple. There will always be risks, and that is something we have learned to live with. Aria is a survivor, same as you, and that makes her strong. We can’t hold her back anymore.”Gloved digits covered the womans hand upon his arm, a sigh and softened gaze now matching her own. “You’re right, I’m sorry. I just don’t want to see her hurt, either of you. I’ve watched her grow up Avaren, since she was a little girl. That’s who I see when I look at her, that little girl I rescued from Damien Darhk all those years ago."“And now she is a beautiful powerful young woman, who is more than capable of holding her own.” Avaren reached up, a gentle thumb wiping away blood from a fresh gash on his cheek. “You’re not invincible either Oli, but that doesn't mean you are going to stop fighting. Now come on, we should follow them to the hospital. There’s nothing more we can do here.” Created by Patriot


07/29/2021 01:39 PM 

Frank | A Few Words |Drabble

picnic casket


07/29/2021 01:09 PM 

Love race (pt 1)

Location: Glass House corporation's, New York City, New York, Friday, Feburary 5th, 2021 Leaning back in the computer chair, his back followed suit with it as it bent backwards willingly. The blonde couldn't help but take a deep breath as he sat up right, and adjusted the A-Tank that fit snug on his slender frame. Blue hues shifted over as Brittany began to speak to him, his eyes adverting down to the table top before him as she spoke, "Tons of fans, want to know your outlook on relationships, and why you have been so against them in the past.. Like why you haven't fully commited to any of the girls you have been photographed with, and such. Do you care to share? Or?" Bottom lip shifted between his teeth as he couldn't help but gnaw at it, leaning forward, he placed both elbows on the table top allowing his slender hands to craddle just below his chin. "I never actually found a girl that I felt something for. Like I never got with someone immediately and knew that I wanted a future with them. I didn't feel on top of the world, yanno. They all felt forced. I had to put up this false sense of security just to have someone to call the next day. I was just present at the time like, cool, we are gonna do this. Oh, you wanna hold my hand? Alright. You want me to take you to lunch? Bet. Whatever. None of them mattered to me because I felt like a shell of who I was suppose to be." The words fell from his lips smoothly, eyes flickered over to Brittany who was leaning forward towards her mic. "So what you're saying is you didn't feel comfortable enough to let them inside.." As Brittany began to speak, Cason couldn't help but allow his lips to part, and cut her off, "It was a life style for me. I knew I would be with someone, was it someone different every few weeks, or even months, absolutely. Every single girl that I messed with was into the way I lived, they loved it. The nights where we would just get sh*t faced, or high as f*** off vic's. From the pap's being in our face, or the expensive resturants. I let them see what they wanted, they didn't know I was genuinely falling apart inside." Sitting back in the chair, he shifted his hands down to his lap allowing his fingertips to play with the hem of his shirt. "Okay, so tell me. We have seen the pictures.. the social media posts.. let's pull one up right now.." She stumbled, shifting her hand to grab a hold of the small remote, shifting it to the tv behind them. As the tv lit up, it revealed a picture of Cason and his new girlfriend. "Care to tell us about her?" A smile tugged at the rapper's lips as he managed to shift forward in his chair, leaning on the table top once more as he glanced over at the picture displayed for them. "Yeah, that's my girl.. We have known each other for quite some time.. she actually hated me, but ugh. She makes me insanely happy, and I'm grateful for where we are now.. like present time." Allowing the tip of his tongue to shift between his parted lips, he couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. "She clearly makes you glow.. so what sets her apart from all the other girls?" Manuerving his hand to the side of his face, he allowed his short clean cut nails to begin to pick at the stubble that lined his jawline. "She, ugh, she definitely took the time to get to know me. She didn't care of the reputation I had under my belt. She didn't allow others to influence her opinion. She took me for what I was worth and chose to dive in head first." The words flowed easily as he spoke, the same cheesy smile plastered upon his lips, showing off his pearly whites. "Could you see yourself falling in love for a change?" The question caught him off guard causing him to laugh nervously, shoulders rising and falling as he glanced down at his lap. "I would be lying if I told you guys I didn't already bust the L word out." A low gasp escaped her lips from across the room, hands shifting to clutch her chest dramatically. "Cason Ecolano, you said you loved her??" Shaking his head, he couldn't help but smile, blue pools peering over at Brittany, her jaw nearly to the floor in surprise. "Yeah, she's actually the first girl I've ever genuinely felt this way with. It's definitely a new experience for me, and I can't wait to take it day by day. It's exhilarating."


07/29/2021 12:37 PM 

Guilt. [writing piece]

[I haven't written anything worth posting in awhile, so it's kinda garbage. This is me trying to get my muse back on track and get over this annoying writer's block...]G u i l t I never thought something that brought me so much joy.. so much excitement could also make me feel so.. guilty. As tiny hands press against my bloated stomach; two sets of lips pressing against it with expressions of exitement for their new sibling; I somehow cannot shake the guilt in my soul. It's crazy right? I shouldn't feel this way. They're excited and they'll be amazing big sisters. I know that; I know they'll love their new brother or sister so much, but...What if when the baby is here they aren't excited anymore? What if they resent him or her because their father abandoned them? What if they're jealous of the attention the new baby will get? Maybe the guilt is normal.. maybe this is how every momma feels when a new baby is welcomed into the family, but for the last two years, it's been just me and them and now their entire world is changing. They have a step father who treats them like they are his, gives them the world. The way he looks at them.. the way they look at him, it brightens my world. Gives me comfort in knowing this is the family we were always meant to be. But I also realize it's a big adjustment for them. And now the new baby. I realize it all happened so fast, but you can't choose when or where you fall in love. When the universe decides it's your time. I don't expect them to understand that, I don't expect anyone to get it.I guess I just don't want them to think I love them any less. Or that they are any less a part of this family. While my heart is so full of love and excitement, it also aches for them during this time of adjustment. I just don't want them to feel like I'm leaving them behind like their father so easily did. 

Queen of Heaven

07/29/2021 08:44 PM 

Fill This Role...please?

I need God!No, really.  I need someone to fill the role of God.  Yahweh.  Storm and warrior would-be lord of the cosmos, leader of the holy host. Literacy is a must. Multi-para minimum. Sort of love interest, sort of adversarialPlay by is writer's choice, though I have a few suggestions.

Queen of Heaven

07/29/2021 07:55 PM 

Knowing God.

Yes, the title of this blog is a dig at the mods with their 'Knowing God' under the 'more' dropdown.  I caution you, dear reader, if you are of a strong religious background, perhaps this account and content are not for you. I base my character depictions and events interpretations on archeological evidence.  Accounts in the bible are usually based on older myths.----------Yahweh (YHWH) was the national god of Ancient Israel during the late Iron Age to early Bronze Age. He is a storm-and-warrior deity who leads the heavenly army against Israel's enemies. At that time the Israelites worshipped him alongside a variety of Canaanite gods and goddesses, including El, Asherah, and Baal, but in later centuries El and Yahweh became conflated and El-linked epithets such as El Shaddai came to be applied to Yahweh alone, and other gods and goddesses such as Baal and Asherah were absorbed into the Yahwistic religion.More to come.  There is A LOT to unpack with the history of God including Egyptian moon gods, metallurgy, something about volcanoes--though I've never actually seen anything on it--and brutal usurping! 


07/29/2021 05:11 PM 

Character Study Questions

Khan C/s stuffWhat seemingly insignificant memories have stuck with you?“The scent of vanilla always brings back the first time I saw my mother. Sarina Kaur was a surrogate of course, she brought me into the world but I only share trace genetics with her. I was brought up in a facility underground with the other children of the Chrysalis Project. We were educated and indoctrinated from birth. We all know what we were and why we had been created and they had no qualms about telling us how superior we were. “Before she arrived, I could smell the flowery spray she wore. I remember seeing her enter the room, and thinking that she was not beautiful. She was not overly tall, had typically Indian features and had a curt manner of speaking. There was no love in the facility, we were beyond that, but there was pride. I remember seeing how proud she was of my development, and that was as good. She had a tattoo of a butterfly on her wrist and I recall that it was blue with a green pattern on it. I was two at the time.”What do you do when you wake up?“Shower first, then procure sustenance. I am not keen on eating vast amounts in the morning, but I make sure I do. I check messages on the PADD, create a list of what I plan on achieving that day. It’s not that exciting.”A memory you wish you could erase?“When I was fourteen years of age, I attended University in Chandigahr. I have good memories of my time spent studying there, and subsequently made one of the nearby Sikh fortresses my base when I was older. What I want to erase is the event that caused the death of my innocence. I had been on a mission with Gary Seven. I still to this day do not what he truly is. At the time, he worked to protect humanity from itself. Steered their learning away from the destructive and towards the productive instead. “I remember returned to an alley in Chandigahr, several streets away from where I was staying to find the chemical plant had exploded. It had been allowed to deteriorate to the point of danger and beyond, and of course, the inevitable happened. I remember seeing the damage the chemicals had done the people, their skin and their faces. Many were disfigured for life. It was in those moments that I realised that Seven’s subtle methods did not work. That the minds of humanity were selfish and corrupt, unable to see past their own ambitions. Those in charge of the factory had not been brought to account sooner and the workers were the ones to suffer for it. I would erase the memory of their faces, and the knowledge I learned that day.Best thing in your life?“My family, though they are not in it as such. Currently, they are still in their sleeper pods being used against me as leverage. Not forever though. I have plans. I have a few friends who make the day to day less of a drudge, and for that I am grateful.” 


07/29/2021 02:17 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

Age: 18Height: 5'3''Weight: 111 poundsSkin Color : MixedEye color: HazelHair Color: Dark brownCharacteristics: One leg, uses Crutches until she's able to make a makeshift prosthetic. She has numerous scars, one on her arm, the other on her now 'stump'...Personality: Untrusting...She does whatever it takes to survive..She's a survivor. Small, but strong, and fair but tough. While doing whatever it takes to survive, Clementine also has a set of morals and a good heart, despite seeing the worst people had to offerShe'll kill, only when her or those she considers her friends, are threatened. Aside from that, Clementine has a caring heart. After raising AJ, and growing up in the apocalypse herself, she has a fondness towards Children. She also, has a fear of dogs...Clementine is careful, cautious, slow to trust others, but quick to take charge in situations and lead others towards their own betterment. She is a leader, yet, at the same time she prefers to be alone sometimes..Keeping others out of arms reach when she can, mostly due to the trauma associated with losing people she cared many times.Clementine is very good at reading the characters of others, and gauging whether or not they can be trusted, even if it takes a little while.Clementine, during the beginning of the apocalypse, was a small girl of 9 years. She hid from the monsters in the treehouse within the backyard of her home, until a man named Lee came along.Lee took care of Clementine, taking her with him as he fought to not only survive, but protect the small girl he was now responsible for..Eventually, Lee died, the same way everyone else did. He got bitten, and Clementine had to shoot him..When she was alone, she would find herself, moving from one group to the next.. First with a couple, by the names of Omid and Christa, then a band of survivors that were essentially family. A woman in that group gave birth to a child, and ended up dying. Clementine along with a woman named Jane, took care of the baby..However, Jane ended up committing suicide, leaving Clementine to take care of AJ alone. Clementine was only 11...One by one Clementine lost nearly everyone close to her, but one..AJ. Alvin JR, the baby she was responsible for.She moved on, struggling to survive, and keep AJ fed, until she ran out of options. She joined a more callous group called "The New Frontier"However, Clementine was banished from the group after attempting to steal medical supplies to take better care of AJ. She was separated from AJ.Clementine would seek revenge, and to get AJ back, Eventually, after months of surviving on her own, and meeting the likes of other groups, yet never really staying with them..she found AJ.She killed her way through the group that had AJ. They thought she was someone else, and opened fire. Yet, she had to get AJ...She defended herself, killing those in her way, until she came across the small, one year old Alvin Jr.She took him, and now aims to bring the two of them, someplace safe.


07/29/2021 12:23 PM 

Current mood:  animated

Welcome! If you want to know a bit about me beyond my character read further! If not then look away!My name is Nicole, I'm 27. I'm been writing since the good olf Myspace days. I like baking and spooky things! 

Retired: Archival Page Only

07/28/2021 11:11 PM 

Into the Cold: Open Starter to All

      Into the Cold Phoenix Down Resources/1234567 Driving into New York city had a different feel tonight, the normal hustle and bustle of the busy streets seeming almost a blur. Exhaustion plagued the agent as she made her way from her small place near Mount Ivy into the city. The forest hidden one-story was a nice hideaway from the endless craziness of the world, and the time she spent there was always in peace. The drive wasn't too long, just over an hour, though with New York traffic, that could always mean three. Regardless she didn't mind it, as the quiet gave her time to think and get her head back into the zone for any missions she was heading into. Tonight her destination was Stark Tower, long since rebuilt since the Chitauri invasion so many years ago. Avaren had been having some issues with her internal com device and Tony wanted her to come in to run diagnostics, and of course catch up. They had not seen each other in nearly a month as Avaren had been overseas on an assignment. While hoping for a few extra days away, she knew she couldn't hide out as much as she would like.As the agent made her way down the interstate on the Jersey side of the Hudson, she noticed a vehicle behind her driving a bit too close for comfort. A soft sigh exhaled out as the woman tapped on the breaks to ward off the other driver. The warning was received, as the other driver tapped on their breaks, giving a few extra feet between their vehicles. As she merged east onto the George Washington Bridge, she noticed the vehicle again riding a bit too close. A furrow in her gaze indicated her annoyance, and she again tapped lightly on the breaks.Without warning, the driver behind her hit the gas, slamming into the back of her SUV.* "Damn it!" The word slipping from her lips as her head nearly smacked the steering wheel. "What the hell...?"  She questioned aloud, even though there was no one else with her. The headlights grew brighter as the driver backed off a few feet before ramming her again, this time harder. Avaren now became defensive, first studying the bridge lanes around her. Thankfully being late at night, traffic was minimal, which meant less targets on the road should this escalate. Avaren hit the gas and changed over into the second lane over on the 4 lane interstate. The primary focus was to make it off the bridge before her pursuer decided to push her off it. With only half a mile left to the other side, she just had to buy time.The fates did not agree, as a second vehicle, a large SUV, pulled up next to her on the left, while the first pulled up on the right. They quickly boxed her in, the sound of grinding metal piercing the quiet night as they crashed in on either side of her. Avaren struggled to keep control, knowing it only took a single second for it to end badly. Others on the road began to hit the brakes, given plenty of space to the situation unfolding before them. A third vehicle was approaching at high speed from behind, and Avaren did not have much time to react. She jerked the wheel to the right, smashing the car in the lane closest to the guardrail. This gave her room to hit the brakes and dodge the car behind her, at least partially. He clipped her left tail end, and right tail end of the car to her left, sending them into the dividing wall. Both cars now backed off, giving her some distance, but it was by no means a stand down. She could see them planning before they even made their move but she had nowhere to go, as there was 3 civilian vehicles just ahead of her.Avaren felt the hit on the back left side, forcing her car to turn sideways. She felt the other side of the car hit one of the three vehicles that was in front of her. The agent heard a sickening sound of twisting metal and shattering glass as a chain reaction started. There was no time to react, and her vehicle smashed into the guardrail to the bridge, and over the side into the Hudson. The airbags deployed keeping her head from smashing into the steering wheel. A feeling of weightlessness washed over her as the vehicle tumbled 200 feet down into the icy cold waters below. Crimson liquid broke free of her skin as her head slammed into the window upon impact. A groan of pain escaped her pale lips before she heard screeching tires above her. Headlights floated through the air as a second and third vehicle splashed into the water.Avarens heart sank and she fought to stay conscious, the nasty blow to her head making everything around her spin. Water started to fill the car quickly and she knew she only had a couple minutes before she would be pulled down into the depths of the river. A hand raised up in front of her gaze to reveal blood, indicating she was injured beyond the blow to the head. Chocolate colored orbs glanced downwards to see a baseball size hunk of metal sticking out from her abdomen. An attempt at movement was made, only to find her left leg pinned under the dashboard. The water was up to her waist now, and she started to shiver, the water during winter being exceptionally cold. If she didn't die from the chunk of metal in her gut, she would die of hypothermia, or at this rate, drowning. A bloody hand reached up behind her right ear, a thin digit pressing against the com device just under her skin three times. This would activate a distress signal to SHIELD, but it would probably come to late, as the water now reached her chest.Another attempt at freeing her leg was futile, and the movement only aggravated the bleeding from her injury. Of all things she could die of, drowning was certainly not one she expected. Working for SHIELD was always a high risk job, any mission always having the possibility of going wrong. She had come close before, a sniper round to the shoulder, a dangerously close call with a Super Solider that nearly killed her, even a undercover with Steve that landed her in the hospital for a week. Yet this felt different, colder, both literally and figuratively. As the water flooded into the car, it now licked against her chin. Avaren closed her eyes, and took a deep breathe, the icy water washing over her face and head. Created by Patriot


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♡Stats♡●Name● Kira Marie Ackerman●Age● 35●Height● 5'10"●Weight● 135 lbs●Scars● Lower abdomen left side from a bullet.●Tattoos● Angel wings that cover her back.●Build● Athletic.●Sexual preference● Males●Eyes● Bright blue.●Martial status● Depends on the RP.Kira grew up in a small country town. On a ranch called Ackerman Acres. Sure you're probably thinking who cares. Well, she does. The town might be boring, but there was never a dull moment. Kira has 5 brothers and a Non-identical twin sister (Sis is an NPC that's all). It made things fun never a dull moment. Work was never fun but having horses was. Her parents came to America from hungry before any of the children were born. Her mother was a doctor, her father a former Judge, now he spends his retirement, herding his cattle. All 7 of the Ackerman children had chores. All the chores were done before school. As well as before bed. The farm made good money selling its black Angus cattle.When the children got older they all went to live their own lives. Kira's a very skilled Auto mechanic. Owns and runs Maximum Fury her body shop. As well as 4 adult clubs. She is fluent in Hungarian, Spanish, and French. Kira had been married once before the marriage itself lasted about a year. Drinking and abuse played a huge part in why the marriage ended. As did her ex going to prison for battery and attempted murder. Moving on hasn't been easy but it takes time.Another part of her past she doesn't like to talk about is the Navy. Being part of the Special Warfare Operator. This means she performed a multitude of duties in support of special operations missions and operate on, under, and from the sea, in the air, and on land. Kira and her team were good at what they did. After 13 years she asked to be discharged. Who knew that one mission would change everything. Bad intel and the death of an innocent girl would cause mild PTSD, being home and working again makes things easier.Their last mission was a bad one. The team stopped for a quick rest. A mistake that will haunt her forever. They were fired upon. Upon returning fire Kira noticed a child, a small girl ducking behind an old broken down wall. Letting her team know to cover her she ran out. Hid with the girl for a minute and returned fire. Once the child was scooped up she ran back. Once she was back with her team the girl was put down. A child no more than 7 was shot. It had gone through the child. Killing her instantly. It managed to slip through the crack between Kira's waistband of her pants and her vest. It ripped through her and out her back.

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The profound sensation is hard to adequately explain. Your prominent belly is broad and fruitful as you bear its considerable weight with savage glee. Next, the extraordinary thing you affectionately feel acutely is the first odd set of powerful little kicks.The considerable excitement promptly extends to your every waking moment as you realize keenly your beloved family is undoubtedly coming to a broad circle.Little flutters instantly fill your fruitful belly like you're being tickled from within.All the memorable moments when you huffed and puffed contentedly with each halting step because of how rotund you constantly feel naturally gets pushed to the far back of your unconscious mind as the excitement establishes itself inside of your whole, entire being.The prevailing notion that you are powerfully conveying a living, breathing being suddenly turns into sheer elation.All the slight subdued murmurs of unconditional love and radiant happiness finally get an answer in a remarkable turn.Tiny, little flutterbies instantly fill your womb as if they are pouring forth all the hasty kisses your beloved has gently pressed to your tender skin; ever since that emotional moment, they affectionately knew that life had inevitably taken hold. Your innocent babes, allegedly overhearing your gentle voices every delightful day, ultimately, deliver an eager answer in a memorable turn.The delightful days get counted down with childlike glee because you, now, know absolutely how eager your innocent babes are genuinely wanting to behold you as well.Yearning naturally comes from an expectant mother and a dear child to genuinely feel their heft and pleasant warmth in your eager hands.You count the days until they can be typically born into this dynamic world but in those pleasant moments; you fondly cherish those tiny flutterbies.  


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The Return (intro post)

The Return   attn: AJ, Lydia When the call came in, he couldn’t believe it. Jordan Parrish, sheriff of Beacon Hills had climbed into his car and started the engine of his cruiser. Ritualistic murders in this area had been steadily on the rise for the past ten years. Nobody thought twice of it at first, but there was just something that didn’t set right with the hellhound inside of him. He’d learned to live with this silent beast in his soul knowing that this was the way it was going to have to be for a while. Technically, he himself was dead. The only thing keeping him alive was an ancient monster that the myths called Cerberus. He inhaled sharply and exhaled slowly. He had to head over to the hospital. The morgue had the report for him on the last victim.Arriving at the hospital moments later, he was greeted in passing by the many citizens of Beacon Hills who didn’t know who or what he was down below the surface. They knew him as the young successor to Noah Stilinski who kept them all safe at night. They slept at night knowing he was the current Sheriff of Beacon Hills. He wished that he had that much faith in himself. He passed into the threshold of the hospital and toward the elevator. He was going down and that chilled the Hellhound down to the bone.Stepping off the elevator, the morgue was just ahead. He stopped just long enough to feel a chill race down his spine. Something was wrong. It was an ominous moment that put him on full alert. Fingertips of his shooting hand ran across the stop of his gun as it rested in his holster. He also had the Hellhound inside of him starting to churn. It was like the fur bristling on the back of a pitbull ready to attack. He didn’t know what lay ahead, but something told him that Cerberus did. He raised a hand to push open the doors to the morgue slowly. “There you are, Sheriff!” The new corner was a man that was as tall as Jordan was but was definitely older. He was more full than Jordan was. Where Parrish was slender and muscular, Doctor Hansen was one who’d seen a few pot roast dinners in his day. “You’re not going to believe what I’ve seen. I’m not sure I believe it either…”Evan Hansen was a man who had embraced being 50 with a warm smile and a bottle of bourbon in his right hand. He was still a bit boyish in his appearance despite being the father of a set of twin daughters who were both enrolled at Beacon Hills High that gave him more ulcers than anything else imaginable. Dr. Hansen led Jordan to the back of the room. “You’d be surprised at what I’ve seen in my life, Doctor.” The younger man did his best to try and relax even though the tension levels were still sending his blood pressure shooting through the roof. He was doing all he could in order to keep Cerberus at bay. He had worked mainly with AJ Finistock lately trying to keep watch on everything in town. The daughter of the Former LaCross Coach was one of the few who was privy to his secret double life. Somebody had to hold down the fort since most everyone else had left town. Stiles had actually made him promise to keep his dad out of anything too overly supernatural if possible. Might as well as the sun to stop shining… Noah Stilinksi, Melissa McCall and Chris Argent were still around. Argent was always in and out of town however. Parrish knew he couldn't do this on his own.Hansen smirked as he strolled up to the appropriate drawer. “You know that body that you and Dr. Finstock brought to me? Well. I found deep lacerations unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” He pulled out the drawer and unzipped the body bag. What had once looked like your ordinary soccer mom was vastly cleaned up from the mess that she’d been just the night before when the crime scene had been cleaned up. “The lacerations to her upper torso weren’t inflicted by anything that I’ve ever come across. This was not a brutal murder or crime of passion. This looks like a sacrifice to me. But there aren’t any sort of occult groups operating in the area are there?”Parrish examined the wounds carefully himself. He knew why Cerberus was bristling now. This was exactly what they’d seen when Parrish had first come to town more than a decade ago. “You never know what’s in the Preserve these days, Doc. Thanks.” Parrish turned his heels and started back toward the door. Cerberus was unsettled inside of him and needed to go on a hunt. He couldn’t get out of the hospital fast enough. On his way out the door, he sent a text to AJ Finstock.You were right. Can’t stop it. Going to go look in the Preserve. Can’t stop it this time.~*~20 minutes laterBeacon Hills PreserveOnce he arrived in the Preserve, Parrish left his car parked. He burst from the vehicle letting out a growl that rattled the entire wooded area. Clothing burned from his body as flames leapt from his body turning his uniform shirt to ash and leaving behind his bare feet. Fangs exposed and eyes were the color of the hottest flame. He left behind the vehicle and went running. He was heading in the direction of the Nemeton.The Hellhound was on the hunt again and it would take an effort to stop him before it was too late.  Jordan Parrish; gehennam / 1712879 credit: james kriet

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