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Claire Lovegood (T&L Scorpius)

07/26/2021 06:56 PM 

About me

Name: Claire Marie LovegoodAge: 18Sex: FemaleSexual Orientation:BisexualMarital Status:Taken By ScorpiusSisters: Luna LovegoodBrothers: noneMother: Father:Kids: None yetFriends, Rigel,Harry,Vincent,Draco


07/26/2021 06:43 PM 

The Return post #2

Stiles sat down at the old kitchen table with his dad. Noah just pulled the pot of coffee out and started to pour a cup for himself and his son. “There’s been a lot happening, Stiles. You know I’m not the Sheriff anymore.” He insisted as he continued with the coffee.The younger Stilinski smirked as he took the cup of coffee from his father. “Yeah, but Parrish only has the job because of you.” He inhaled sharply and exhaled. A light hearted moment between the two of them was what they needed. He hadn’t told Lydia he was here. He already assumed she was likely here and catching up with Allison. He didn’t want to interrupt that. His entire career with the CIA to date had been an exercise in various forms of investigation. Sometimes it was best to just linger back and check things out from your sources first. No one was a more trusted source than his father. Lydia was a close second.“That may be so, but he’s still the sheriff.” He met his son’s gaze and started to smile after he sat down at the table. “I just play golf with Chris Argent from time to time.” He insisted knowing damned well Stiles was seeing through it.Stiles laughed as he stood up slowly. He walked toward the coffee table in the living room. There was a file spread all over the table with various graphic pictures. “Interesting hobby ya got there Dad.” He picked up a picture and started to study it.“And we couldn’t even get five minutes before we get down to business Stiles?” Noah had a half smirk on his face as he followed behind his son. “Yeah, okay. Ya got me. But come back in here for 20 minutes and catch up with your old man, alright?” Noah was insistent on Stiles turning off being a cop for at least 20 minutes. He knew it was like asking the sun not to shine, but he had to do it anyway. He’d been a cop for so long, he knew how it was. Stiles was showing the same signs he had during his son’s entire life.  The Return post #2 mention: Lydia, Melissa. mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728 Stiles had grown to be a young man that Noah could be proud of, not that he didn’t love his son in the first place. Stiles was just a flighty kid who couldn’t stay still for more than three minutes. Now here he was, a full fledged CIA operative with more missions under his belt that Noah even knew about. He wasn’t stupid. He knew that Stiles had made some powerful enemies. He stuck around with Argent and Melissa McCall to make sure that he was never really alone. He had a few close calls before but he didn’t want to even bother Stiles with any of that. “It’s getting there Stiles. It’s getting there. Have you asked Lydia to marry you yet?”Stiles had been drinking his cup of coffee when his dad asked him that question. He spit all over everything in front of him. He could hear his father laughing at him in the process. “I want to Dad. I know she’d say yes. I just want to do it at the right time ya know?”Noah smiled gently at his son. “Wait here a minute.” He told him. He headed down the hallway and into his bedroom. Stiles was curious as to what his father was up to by leaving him hanging like this. He grabbed a rag from the kitchen and cleaned up the coffee he’d spewed everywhere. He didn’t need to leave his Dad’s house a mess. Noah returned to hearing Stiles doing something he didn’t do all that often when he was a kid. Stiles was actually cleaning. “Wow. I guess I have Lydia to thank for teaching you how to clean up after yourself don’t I?”Stiles couldn’t help but laugh. “I suppose so. What did you do anyway?” He finished off the rest of his cup of coffee. He canted his head slightly to the right, curious as to what his father had been doing back there. Both men still had both of their handguns close by because it had been so ingrained in both of them. Stiles’ training was more recent than Noah’s but Noah was a a long time cop.Noah pulled out an old velvet box in the shape of a heart that looked as though it was a little dusty. It had been stuffed in a sock drawer away from the world. Noah knew it was time to pull it out. “You should have it Stiles. It was your mother’s.”He took the box and opened it slowly. It was a diamond ring that was in an emerald cut with a platinum band. “Dad… I don’t know what to say.” Stiles’ voice was etched with emotion. He reached for the box and closed it. He stood up to hug his father again. When the time was right, he was going to give this to Lydia. He was going to do right by her and by his dad. The time to get to be a grown up was long past. He knew that he’d wanted to marry Lydia from the time he was in the third grade. It was about time to see that dream finally come true.There was a loud sound outside the Silinski residence. The two men immediately went into law enforcement mode once more. They both had guns at the ready. It was time to go see who or WHAT was out there. Stiles pocketed the ring and headed out the back door first. Every muscle was tensed and at the ready. If this was a false alarm, it was better to be safe than sorry.    credit: james kriet


07/26/2021 04:20 PM 

Oliver Queen

"My name is Oliver Queen after five years in hell I return home with only one goal to save my city. I have to honor my father's dying wish and right his wrongs and making those who poisoned my city pay. In these five years, I forged myself into a weapon that makes me more than capable to avenge my father, and with his list, I can rid of the corruption that is poisoning my city.To do that and to protect the people that I love, I need to become someone else, I need to become something else..."Oliver Jonas Queen, 35 years old.Billionaire playboySon of Moira and Robert QueenBrother of Mia Queen.Best Friend is Tommy Merlyn.Bela's BoyfriendTeam Arrow:Felicity Smoak "Overwatch"Roy Harper "Arsenal"Jonh Diggle "Spartan"Laurel Lance "Black Canary"Thea Queen "Speedy"Greatest Enemies:Slade Wilson- DeathstrokeAdrian Chase- PrometheusRaa's al Ghul||Oliver never thought that he was worth it of love and joy because of his job as the vigilante of Star City, as Green Arrow but she proved to him that he was wrong and she brought him back from the darkness, making a better man and a better hero. Bela Talbot is extraordinary and a badass and an amazing girlfriend and Oliver is in love and guess what? It might be news for you but...he is happy! ❤ |

oliver queen, arrow, green arrow


07/26/2021 04:18 PM 

Am I too late? @Duckling Pirate drabble

Life has been terrible since Khan had awakened. When he and his companions had left earth in 1996, they had been promised a new life. A new world had awaited them and all the promise that brought with it. Willingly, he had allowed his people to slip into cryogenic suspension before joining them then on board the ship. What he had awoken to was so very far from those hollow words. A different face and ineffective memory suppressants had done little to curb his natural superiority, and as the days turned into weeks his resentment grew. An altercation between himself and Admiral Marcus had not gone as planned, and he had learned the truth about what he had feared. His people were being held ransom while he did what the Admiral wanted. One wrong move from Khan and they would be executed while they slept. And the Admiral claimed that humanity wasn’t savage enough. The irony was not lost on the superior intellect. The latest ask was proving to be the most troublesome of all. When the Great Khanate had been at its height, in 1994, he had been brought the formula for his ‘mother’s’ other project. A virulent, flesh-eating virus that had devastating effect on base humans. He recalled the gruesome effects of the Streptococcus vividly, and knew it for the mistake it was. Admiral Marcus has tasked him with making weapons, and it seemed that biological warfare was not beyond his reach. Khan was no true biologist, but he had a good memory and had reluctantly worked on something similar to what he’d had before. What he had wanted to work on was a new kind of torpedo, but the idea he had was a mere glimmer, rather than anything substantial.It was a hopeless situation he found himself in, but not one that would be permanent. One day in the not too distant future, he would get both himself and his people out and into the gulf of space. Maybe out there, they would be able to find somewhere to call theirs.What he truly needed, was assistance. He might be a superior being in every way, but there was no way he would be able to do this alone; not completely anyway. Cultivating friendships was not something Khan was particularly good at. He was a leader, he inspired people and knew he could be charismatic when he wanted to be, it was just that he was out of practice. Sleeping for three hundred years or so tended to do that to a person. There was one individual. One who had not been chased away by the powers that be. Khan knew a chance when he saw it, and there was no way he was going to let this one slip through his fingers. Hope was a friendly woman who seemed intent on making him take care of himself. She brought food, treats, coffee and conversation when he needed it, and ensured he got rest even if he didn’t want to. He knew very little about her, their conversations had been one sided so far. Khan was patient, he would give it time and gradually learn what he needed to know of her.He placed the instrument he had been using down on the table and ran a hand over his face. For once, he had not spent the last forty-eight hours working and he did not feel strained. He should resume what he had been doing, but a glance at the clock told him it was time to go. Hope had asked if he wanted to meet for coffee outside of Section 31 and he had agreed without hesitation. He should be there in five minutes…Ten minutes later, he pushed the door to the coffee house open and looked around. Hope waved and he strode straight over. “I’m not too late am I?” he asked.Hope shook her head. “Let me guess, you were working?”“Of course,” he said. She pressed her lips into a knowing smile, “Let me guess, you can’t talk about it?” He gave her a sheepish look, she knew the truth of that all too well. The smell of coffee finally got to him, and he acquired a large cup. It wasn’t quite as good as the stuff he’d had back in the mid ‘90’s but it beat whatever they passed for coffee in Section 31. “Come on, let me introduce you to the gang.”The gang turned out to be an Orion security guard named Lilli, an engineer named Julian and a bright woman who worked at the archives nicknamed Pepper on account of her red hair. He introduced himself using the alias he had been given – John Harrison – and engaged them in conversation. Who knew, one of them might have the key to his freedom, and he gained nothing by being awful. He could play the part of overworked Star Fleet employee for now! 

ᴠᴀʟᴋʏʀɪᴇ ʀᴇʙᴏʀɴ

07/26/2021 12:23 PM 

School Days and Dances ~ Drabble

It was an late afternoon on a hot Tuesday, the kids all gathered into the classroom, Stephanie having taken her seat in between Bucky and Steve as per usual. "10 more minutes and we're Scott free!" She whispered to Bucky who simply smiled. "Right? I'm pretty sure we've went over this same thing about a half a dozen times." He whispered back though in truth Bucky already knew the Material. Steve looked over at them. "You're both trouble." He said his voice low, the three of them turning their attention to the teacher when she mentioned she had an announcement. "Now remember everyone. There's a dance happening tomorrow night. Mr.Howard Stark is sponsoring the event so please remember to have fun but stay safe. No sneaking in unauthorized alcohol either...are we clear Mr.Hodge?" The teacher asked and Stephanie noticed Hodge was looking over at her. "Yes ma'am." He said.Stephanie just scoffed. "Oh hell no." She mumbled as she quickly got up and left the room ahead of everyone. She had just made it off of school grounds when Hodge caught up to her. "I know what you're going to say Gilmore and I am not interested. The answer is no." She said. Hodge just looked at her. "Don't be that way sweetheart I even went out of the way to get you roses." He said holding out the bouquet to her. Stephanie looked back noticing the small flower vendor before taking a deep breath. "I hate Roses." She said. "If you're going to woo a girl try knowing a few things about her first. Even then however I still wouldn't be interested in you." She said.By this time both Bucky and Steve had managed to catch up with her. "Hey Steph everything alright? You shot outta the classroom pretty quick." Steve said and looked at the Roses in Hodges hands. "Are you trying to court my sister?" Steve asked and Hodge just shoved him to the ground. "Get lost." He mumbled. Stephanie however felt something inside her snap as she as she turned and punched Hodge in the face knocking him to the ground. "Keep in mind Hodge not to disrespect my brother ever again! I can assure. You the next one will be much harder!" She said as she helped her brother up. "You okay?" She asked Steve and Steve just chuckled. "Nothing I'm not use to." He said brushing himself off. People had gathered around, amused at the fact Hodge just got put on his back by a girl. However Hodge, not willing to be humiliated, stood up. "You know you may dress like a guy but you're still a woman!" He said picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder. Stephanie started kicking, and hitting him on the back as Hodge started walking away from the others. "Put me down you egotistical prick! You oversized gorilla put me down!" She said however Hodge ignored her and kept walking. That was until Stephanie noticed a familiar hand grabbing Hodges free arm. "She said to put her down, Hodge...don't make her ask again." "Barnes you really need to learn not to get mixed up in other people's affairs." He said dropping Stephanie in which Bucky caught her, helping her stay balanced. Bucky just looked at him. "Her favorite flower is a Daffodil....the yellow ones to be exact. She prefers them hand picked instead of bought. I should know. I've given her flowers more then once..." Bucky said. "You really should get to know the girl better. Cause I can assure you this one here is way to much for you to handle." Bucky smirked. Stephanie just looked at him surprised. She had only mentioned one time that yellow Daffodils were her favorite flower. Not really something worth remembering at least she didn't think so. After Hodge stormed off Stephanie turned to look back at Bucky for a moment. She could see the look in his eyes and knew he was going to ask her the same question Hodge had just asked. However before he could she turned looking at Steve. "Um...I'll see you at home. Let Mama know that I'm just making a quick stop somewhere." She said quickly before quickly running off. Bucky stared after her. "Where'd she have to go to in such a hurry?" He asked looking down at Steve who just smiled. "I think she knew you was going to ask her to the dance Buck. She might be stubborn but she's just as awkward when it comes to anything otherly romantic." Steve said. Stephanie, having managed to get a fair distance from both her brother and Bucky, finally managed to slow down as she walked the busy streets of Brooklyn. It's not that she wouldn't have accepted his invitation but rather the issue she had no decent dresses to wear. With that thought in mind Stephanie decided to take a detour and go by the tailors at the other end of town. When she reached the store she noticed a yellow gown, the color of Daffodils resting in the store front window on display. Something she couldnt afford but it didn't hurt her to imagine it. Sighing she went into the store and noticed the old man who owned the store behind the counter messing with the cash register. "Everything alright sir?" She asked. The old man jumped with a start but smiled when he seen her. "It seems I'm in the Lord's good graces today. Miss Rogers, just the person I was hoping to see." He said. Stephanie just smiled. "It's good to see you to sir. Is something wrong with the cash register?" She asked and the store owner just shrugged. "The damn things stuck again." He said. Stephanie just smiled. "Let me see if I can fix it." She said. ​​​​​​After a while, Stephanie managed to remove the back. "There's your problem." She said removing a bent spring. "The spring that opens it is all bent and rusted." She said sitting her bag on the counter, digging through the various things she had inside. "Here we go!" She said pulling out a new spring that she had salvaged from another project. After replacing the spring and securely placing the back, back in place she looked at the store owner with a smile. "It should work now. A simple enough fix." She said. The store owner just smiled. "You're a lifesaver Miss Rogers. Thank you." He said. ​​​​​"You're welcome sir." She said as she looked outside noticing Steve was waiting on her. "Anyway I'll see you again sometime. Let me know if the cash register needs fixing again." She said. Before she left she took one more glance at the dress in the stores window, the shop owner having took notice. After Stephanie left he took the dress off of the display and boxed it up. When his assistant returned he held out the box. "Last delivery of the day. I need you to deliver it to the Rogers house for me." He said. The young boy just nodded. "Yes sir!" He said and quickly left to the Rogers address.Meanwhile Stephanie and Steve were both walking, taking a detour to their home. "Why'd you run? Buck was gonna ask you to be his date to the dance tomorrow night." He said and Stephanie looked at him. "You've got dad's suits that mama can tailor. Me on the other hand....I have no good dresses and I sure as hell can't afford one." She sighed. "And I'm not showing up looking like I just got done wrestling with Buck in the hay. No offense." She said, smiling.Steve just shook his head, smiling. "When are you just gonna admit that you like him? Honestly I think Bucky knows even more about you then what I do and you're my twin sister!" Steve said and Stephanie looked at him. "Like never! Bucky is Bucky....he's sweet, kind....caring. He's strong... and funny to." She said looking at her brother. "Then there's me." She chuckled. Steve was silent for a moment. "And you're a kind and sweet girl who goes out of her way to help people and ask for nothing in return. Even when she doesnt know them. The clothes dont make the person, Steph." Steve said. "Thanks for standing up for me by the way...but don't do that to often. Hodge is a loose Cannon....I don't want you getting hurt." Steve said. Stephanie just smiled softly. Her brother was always so optimistic, even when the world was against him. By time they got home, Steve and Stephanie noticed their mother sitting outside with Bucky. "You're not going to let this go are you?" She asked. Bucky just shook his head. "Nope but before I get to askin you got a package. It looks like it's from the tailors." He said.Stephanie looked at him confused. "I didn't....I didn't buy anything from there." She said confused as she walked into the house, the three of them following after her. She noticed the large box wrapped, sitting on the table. A note was attached to it. "A thank you for always helping others when they need it matter how small the problem is. Sincerely, Mr.Dawson." she read the note before removing the lid to the box after carefully undoing the bow.Inside she noticed the dress she had been staring at earlier and her eyes widened. "I..." She said rather shocked. Bucky just grinned. "So Miss Rogers...." He said as Stephanie turned to face him, Steve and their mother Sarah watching the entire exchange. "Would you accompany me to the dance tomorrow?" He asked handing her a single yellow daffodil. Stephanie was hesitant at first, Steve's words running through her mind. After a moment she slowly reached out accepting the Daffodil. "I'll go with you...but I'm not promising that you'll recognize me." She said. Bucky had seen her in dresses before but he had never actually seen her dressed up which in turn made Stephanie nervous. More so because she was going to be in front of everyone all dressed up. Later that night Bucky had dinner with them before heading home, Stephanie standing out on the front porch as she watched Bucky leave, Steve standing beside her. "You could've told him just now." Steve said and Stephanie looked at him. "I can't bring myself to do it. It's embarrassing at least for me." She said. "I'll try and tell him tomorrow night....I promise." She said before heading back inside. "You know his siblings adore you. His parents to." Steve called after her. "Goodnight, brother!" She said in return as Steve laughed. However what he said wasn't a lie. Steve couldn't begin to count how many times Bucky's siblings, especially Rebecca, had been excited to see her. The night passed by quietly and went well into the next day. By time they were all ready to go, Steve and their mother were both waiting out front. "Is Bucky meeting you here or at the school?" Their mother asked and Steve looked over at her. "He's meeting us here I think." He said. Just then there was a knock on the door and Bucky quietly walked in. "Sorry I'm late." He said and Steve looked back at his best friend. "No problem, Buck. We're just waiting on Steph." He said. Moments later however, finally working up the courage, Stephanie walked out wearing the dress that the store keeper had sent her, her hair which was usually in a braid now hung loosely over her shoulder and a flower pin was placed in her hair as she she smiled a bit awkwardly. "Ta-da." She said not sure exactly what to say or do. Steve just smiled and Bucky stared at her. "Now who might you be and what have you done with Stephanie Rogers...?" He asked though Stephanie could hear the teasing tone in his voice. "Honestly I've been asking myself that for over the past hour." She laughed and looked down, nervously clutching the small bag in her hand.After kissing her mother on the cheek, Stephanie bealked to the door where she joined Bucky and her brother. "I swear you two do not disappear from my sight...." She said and both of them laughed. "Deal." They said and Stephanie smiled. "Let's get this over with. Also don't mind me if I happen to kick the heels off. Their rather annoying." She whispered and Steve smiled, amused. "Like I said...the clothes dont make the person." He said, repeating his words from last night as the three of them made their way towards the school, the result of Howard Starks sponsorship of the party seemingly shaving reached news reporters from all around. "This is gonna be a hell of a night..." Stephanie said as the three of them made their way inside, music resounding off the walls and throughout bthe whole night Stephanie couldn't seem to shake her nervousness away. 


07/26/2021 02:28 PM 

Copy Cat

"How the f.uck does she wear this?" Nox studies herself in her bathroom mirror. Noxy dipped into a sumo squat, hoping to adjust the uncomfortably tight lycra bodysuit. She did another two squats, complete with lifting each leg in her best effort to find a more comfortable position of the bodysuit. Grabbing the seat of her pants, she pulled. It was probably futile, Nox expected she'd have the mother of all wedgies by the time this night was over. Standing upright, she twisted left and right. This was for two reasons: More fabric adjustment and just to see if her breast fell out (Thank you, spirit gum!). Does it count as a neckline if you could almost see your naval?Content that the constricting outfit was positioned as comfortably as it was going to get, the white-haired wolf placed the stylized domino mask on her face (Thank you, spirit gum!) before slipping on the fancy footwear and claw-tipped gloves, completing the ensemble. Behold! A wolf in cat's clothing! Giving herself a scrutinizing once over in the mirror, Adelphe decided she could certainly pass for the infamous cat burglar, maybe even better. (Yes, she said it! Fight me!) Nox applied the vibrant red lipstick, blew a kiss, and left the bathroom of her small apartment. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Nox was going to end up starting a fire before she could get anything done. Sunset was coming, it was time for the She-Wolf to play. Nox would be lying if she said she wasn't just a little bit excited about this little caper. Playing dress-up, a daring heist, what was not exciting about that?7:45PM. By now, the sun had already slipped below the horizon, but its fading light turned the sky a spectacular array of colors. Nox leaped from rooftop to rooftop to reach her target. Even in her human form, the She-Wolf was faster and stronger than the average human. But, in a world full of above average, she was still probably street level, maybe a smidge above. Still, it was incredibly exhilarating to push her body so openly. Who knows, maybe there's something to this costumed crusader stuff. Maybe she should adopt a persona all her own. You know, instead of trying to frame someone and stuff.Coiling muscles, unleashing their strength, propelling herself through the air. Nox flipped over city streets with effortless aerobatics. Hitting the rooftop, she would run full speed, only to dive off the other end of the expanse. Why had she not done this before? It was exhilarating! So much of being a werewolf was fearing exposure and possibly exposing others. Why not pretend to be some sort of superhuman? A mutant? Something other than the monsters of old movies. With great disappointment, Nox found herself at her destination so quickly. The museum was closed to the public. The main lights were off, security lights on. Maintenance staff and security were the only occupants. For now, that is. There was a special delivery coming tonight.Something exquisite.Something the required armed guards.Something a buyer was willing to pay big bucks for.Perching on the roof of an adjacent building, the She-Wolf watched the museum from the shadows. Dressing like someone a little more…infamous…also made her a bit of a target. Holy balls, did this outfit ride up. All she had to do at the moment was wait, so there was time to notice the uncomfortably clingy outfit once more. Movement in front of the museum caught her attention. Finally. A caravan of armored vehicles rolled past before looping back to park behind the stately building. Smiling a far more vulpine than feline smile, Nox backed up a few paces before launching herself across the expanse between her building and her intended target. This was, let's be honest, a feat no human--even the 'Olympic-level' costumed sorts--could achieve. Admittedly, the skintight outfit did cut down on air resistance, even with the dorky fur features.Landing and rolling, the She-Wolf crept to the back of the building. Peering over the edge, the cat-eye goggles cast a wicked shadow on her alabaster face. But it was the smile that did little to dispel the sinister visual. Bellow, the scene was set like any heist-themed movie. Armed guards came and went, their primary objective to protect that which waited within an armored vehicle. The van backed into the museum's loading dock. Wait for it. Guards flanked the van. Wait for it. The van stopped. A guard banged on the back door and the doors swung open. Three more guards stirred within the van. Nox waited tensely. She suddenly realized she had been holding her breath. Anticipation hammered within her chest. The timing was everything. One man carried a large bulletproof suitcase. He passed it carefully down to the waiting hands of another guard. And that's when she sprang into action.


07/26/2021 02:25 PM 

Hunter's Moon

How does one follow a werewolf? And on a full moon, no less!  Carefully.  Very carefully!His name was Marcus, so named after Marcus Aurelius. His father was Julius, leader of the North American chapter of the Order, a shadow society of supernatural hunters. And, yes, there was a serious Roman Emperor theme playing out in Julius' head. Like his father, Marcus was quite a successful businessman. Unlike his father, Marcus wasn't all that fond of hunting supernatural beings. He still did it, of course, it was a legacy going back literally hundreds of years. And, admittedly, the hunt itself was fun. But the sentient, sometimes intelligent beings on the receiving end of his blade…that was where the moral dilemma arose. Marcus was the golden child of Julius' three sons, and as such he was afforded a less scrutinizing eye from his sire, but every so often he was handed a task he had no choice but to follow through with. Luckily, this case was just recon.These wolves were in the city, the Order had been watching them for weeks. Tonight was the full moon and Marcus had every intention of following the creatures to their changing spot. It was unnatural for wolves to live in the city. Too many people close together, the chances of exposure were too high. Based on the data, the wolves were young, and only five of them. Maybe some breakaway young adults who wanted to set up their own pack? Their abnormal behavior caught the wrong sort of attention. Now Marcus needed to confirm it was just them and that the Order wasn't missing anything. Three males, two females; one mated pair, two were siblings. Not much of a start-up pack. Sitting on his Confederate X132 Hellcat, Marcus watched the shabby little apartment complex and waited.Clad in a heavy leather jacket and jeans, the hunter had to balance discretion with clothes durable enough to face a moon-crazed werewolf. Having weapons strapped to one's back, for example, was not discrete. No sense in tipping off the wolves! Helmet on--he was attempting to conceal himself, after all--Marcus checked his phone. It was getting late, were these wolves that irresponsible? It was downright crazy to still be in their home so close to sunset. They were just begging for trouble. Letting out an irritated sigh, he again set his focus on the building. It was shabby place. Probably still insanely overpriced. Then again, that was the cost of living in New York City. They lived on the third story with a fire escape.One by one, a group of five 20-somethings came pouring out of the apartment with bookbags slung over their shoulders. They climbed into a beat-up Honda and drove off. Finally. Starting up his motorcycle, the blonde hunter carefully followed at a distance. The old car puttered along, making a beeline out of the city. Based on their late departure, Marcus expected they'd do something ridiculous like go to Central Park. The fact that they headed out of the city surprised him. Traffic was a nightmare. Everyone was fleeing the city for the evening. He maneuvered through the herd, managing to keep pace with his quarry. Damn his father. Did that conniving bastard know where the wolves changed? Maybe seeking to make his son do *actual* hunter's work? Scowling beneath his helmet, Marcus knew he'd better nail this assignment.Ahead of him, Marcus could see the wolves in their car. They never looked back, never indicated that they were aware of him. Instead, they carried on like one might expect a couple of friends on a road trip might act. They appeared to be singing and swaying to the music. Had he not known any better, he might have thought nothing was amiss with this group. Were the operatives sure these were wolves? Marcus had enough time to consider this and more as he kept pace with the car. Sometimes following closer, sometimes falling back, he never lost sight of the car. Traffic thinned out, urban became suburban, then it became rural as they headed upstate. Where the hell were they going?For two hours they were driving! Marcus reflected on what he knew about the little pack. The leader, more or less, was a wolf named Adelphe, her brother Raphael, then there was Robin, Dwight, and Brent. Having not trusted the intel he was given--as a shrewd businessman and hunter ought to--Marcus began investigating for himself. At twenty-seven, he was already the up and coming face of his father's firm. Those who were in the know would know him as the heir apparent. It was not surprising if he were recognized on the street (again, hence the helmet), and as his public persona, Marcus began frequenting the area where the wolves lived and work. At no time did he see any distinctly wolf-like qualities.Of the five, their 'alpha' seemed the most sociable. She worked at a coffee shop and seemed generally pleasant in her demeanor. Humanizing the werewolves. God damn, he was a terrible hunter. He even engaged her in friendly conversation. Her co-workers, a gaggle of young girls, were convinced he had "a thing" for her. They were not very discrete in their gossip. The brother was a different story completely. Abrasive, protective, and every bit the gruff personality you would expect from a wolf. He worked as a mechanic. The mated pair blended in well enough, both worked in the medical field. Another odd choice considering the infectious nature of the werewolf. And the last seemed quite shy, a homebody who worked from home and Marcus was never able to get much information on him. He took to lurking on rooftops just to get that much information! And no solid evidence that they were, indeed, werewolves. Then again, until he saw fur and fang, Marcus would remain skeptical.At last, the car of wolves pulled off of the highway. The sun had set by now, but moonrise wasn't for another hour. Cutting it a bit close, aren't you, Adelphe? Marcus hung back just enough to keep out of sight. They might notice a motorcycle pulling off at the same exit, which might make them wonder how often a motorcycle was near them this whole trip.As he was getting off the highway, they were turning down a side road to the state park. Clever wolves. No native wolf pack, nor (known) werewolf packs, lots of space. As they parked their Honda a bit off the beaten path, being discrete became even more difficult for Marcus. He parked the Hellcat, deciding going by foot was the only option at this point. He'd find them soon enough. But, first, some precautions.Anticipating that he would be tracking a creature with a powerful sense of smell, Marcus took every precaution a normal hunter might. Scent-free laundry and shampoo, plus brushing his teeth with baking soda instead of minty-flavored toothpaste. Then he basted himself in a scent-masking spray. Now that he smelled like a damn Christmas tree, Marcus dawned a balaclava to limit skin exposure, further limited scent, and recognition (wolves, after all, retain some higher intelligence even when their feral nature was influenced by the full moon).Wandering into the forest, Marcus also carries a set of silver knives. Yeah, he was old-school like that. Guns were too easy, lazy even. If he was going to face off with a creature equally determined to live, he at least wanted it to be a fair fight. It wasn't long before he came upon the Honda, minus all its occupants. With the (ironically) Wolf Moon rising above the horizon, Marcus was on edge. Five wolves under the full moon, that was like skinny dipping with very hungry piranhas whilst wearing a steak around your neck. Worse still, the wolves were just as likely to be hunting him. And they were masters of their domain. Coming across their discarded clothes, Marcus was assured that he was on the right path. Continuing, the hunter could not shake the feeling that he was being watched. Try as he may, however, he could not spot any spectators.Then he saw it, a white wolf lurking through the underbrush. Then another and another until he counted all five wolves. They watched him, he watched them; neither side sure just what to make of the other. Following the lead of the white wolf, the others slipped back into the shadows of the forest. Now they were aware of him, not good. Now especially alert, Marcus kept trailing the wolves until the trail vanished. Crap. A snapping twig told him he was not alone in the immediate area. The white wolf was right behind him, her teal colored eyes glowing in the moonlight. She drew back her lips to expose her teeth, growling a warning. Putting up his hands, Marcus talked calmly."Hey there, Adelphe. It is Adelphe, isn't it?"Adelphe did not look amused. However, even as she looked ready to strike, she hesitated. Did she recognize his voice? Smell him? Taking the opportunity, Marcus jumped at a low hanging branch and pulled himself up to safety. The wolves remained in the area, lurking perchance the stranger climbed back down. This went on until dawn when the moon released its hold on them. They gathered close, making a nest in the high grasses to sleep off the night's effects. Changing, whether by choice or not, took a lot of energy. Wolves were tired and tended to take a quick nap. Taking the opportunity, Marcus climbed down from his perch. Creeping close to the now naked humans, Marcus confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt that these were his targets. They were so vulnerable in this state. Anyone else from the Order would slit their throats while they slept. Lucky for them, he was the exception.Huh, a white wolf became a white-haired woman. It wasn't often he had seen one of those. Turning to leave, Marcus noticed the one named Adelphe stir. For a brief moment, he locked eyes with her. Then he vanished into the forest, back to his bike before the others began to stir. If only she knew how close to extinction she and her kin had come. 


07/26/2021 02:23 PM 

White Wolf Run

The full moon was coming. Cliché, right? Such was the life of a werewolf. A real werewolf, not some sh*tty werewolf knock-off that co-existed with sparkling vampires. (What was the crap about? Seriously!) Full moons were especially complicated for the urban residential werewolf, such as herself. Only herself? Noxy really didn't know any others within the city limit, but she didn't exactly know too many werewolves, period, end of sentence.To answer the call of her lunar cycle took extensive planning. Work, school, traffic and travel time all needed to be taken into account. Any social engagements had to be canceled, lies needed to be told, so on and so forth for a two day absence every month. Why two days? Well, she had to get out of the city and travel far enough to hit forests. Getting out of the city was like escaping the Twilight Zone in of itself. But then reaching far enough for rural, forested area? A lifetime of driving…at least, that's what it felt like. (Actually, it was about a two hour drive--to a state park.) And that also meant a return trip of equal time.Locking up her shabby apartment, the white haired werewolf shouldered a black, unassuming backpack with a set of new clothes, some bottles of water, and a snack. Mornings after a full moon weren't too much different from nursing a hangover--which was pretty hard for Nox to fathom, seeing as how she'd had never encountered the amount of alcohol that could affect her like that. But people had explained it enough for her to gather it was much the same.Dusk was rapidly approaching when Adelphe Nox parked her car off the beaten path, away from the roads so not to be spotted, but not so far that she'd be stuck. Undressing began the second she walked away from the car. Pulling loose the messy bun of silvery white hair, the tresses spilled down her back. Next came her shoes, cast aside in the high grasses with hardly a backwards glace. Grass between her toes sent a shudder up her spin, the anticipation for the change growing by the second. Movies painted lycanthropy as a curse, but Nox relished the change. It was beautiful and as natural to her as breathing.Far enough into the woods, the white wolf finished removing her clothes. Dropped them in a heap at the base of an old pine tree, they would remain there with her book bag until morning. Liberating herself of clothing was symbolic to her. She was casting of the burden of humanity! The night belonged to her lupine side; animal instincts ruled, humanity buried beneath eons of animal evolution. There was no wrong or right, morals and responsibility. There was only survival…and a celebration of that freedom in the wilderness. She kept walking, trailing her hands through the high grasses, until she could no longer hear any traces of human activity. No cars, music, voices. Just raw, unspoiled nature. By this time, night had settled in. The moon still wouldn't rise for another hour, but she could feel it calling her to change. Imagine the old cartoons when a character smells something like pie and smoke form a hand beckoning them to float over to the tasty treat. That's about how Nox felt the moon's summonses.Sure, she had considered maybe trying Central Park for the full moon. But even in a city as big as New York, a white wolf running around the park miiiiight just be noticed. No, Harriman (Heh, Hairy Man? Shut up, don't judge me!) State Park was a much safer bet. At 47,527 acres, it was insanely unlikely that Nox would encounter any hapless human on the hiking trails in the middle of the night. And, to her knowledge, there weren't any residential packs--werewolf or wolf--in the area. Solid plan, right? She's only had a few years (All her life, in fact.) to work out all the kinks.Standing at the tree line, looking out to a clearing, Nox strained her ears to make sure no human activity could be heard. Nothing. Sucking in a lungful of air, her delicate olfactory senses processed the scents on the air. In in human form, her sense of smell was superb! Unfortunately, living in the city, that was a constant sinus-oriented headache. Humans, cars, garbage, all dulled her senses to the point that she questioned why she even lived there at all. With the assurance that there was not a human in sight--nor had there been in hours--the silver haired rougarou surrendered herself to the change.Transforming from human to wolf was an agonizing process, even for the seasoned wolf as Nox. You could either cry about it or embrace it. Maybe that's why werewolves all had a little bit of masochist in them. Snow white fur sprouted from the skin on her arms, spreading with all the veracity of a wildfire overtaking a dry brush. This was probably the easiest part of the change. Then the sweet agony of her bones twisting from one shape to another began. The grinding sound echoed in her skull--which was also moving around!--invoking a low, garbled growl from her morphing vocal cords. Her features distorted, rearranging themselves into familiar new positions as woman became wolf. And when Nox couldn't grit her teeth any harder against the pain, it abruptly stopped. She was fully wolf with miles and miles of open space…all for her!The night was spent about how you would expect it. Running, hunting, rolling in the grass like a puppy out of the den for the first time. And by the morning, Nox had made of nest of grass to snooze. When the first golden ray of sun fell upon the sleeping woman, the fog from a long night set in. There was some indigestion, probably a deer or something dead. Caked in mud with brambles in her hair, the white wolf staggered back the way she had just come the night before. Her head was aching and her reactions slow. Would someone get the plates on the truck that hit her? Fuuuuck! She put on fresh clothes from her book bag, combed her hair as well as she could, wet wiped the visible muddy spots. Look a little presentable, right? Relatively clean, relatively tidy, Nox climbed into her car and off she went…to find coffee.


07/26/2021 02:21 PM 

Halloween Trickery

It was October, Halloween was looming on the horizon nearly as brightly as the approaching full moon. Decorations were appearing early this year. Maybe those fat cats in the corporate offices finally figured out that consumers didn’t like f***ing Santa Clause being crammed down their throats from September to December 25 and that there were, in fact, two other holidays that needed observing. (Sorry, that's totally a pet peeve! Moving on.) It was nice seeing pumpkins, ghouls, and witches fighting for their time to shine. The air had grown crisp with the latest half hearted cool front that moved in over the city. (Unfortunately, it wouldn’t actually get cold until much later.) Leaves were changing colors; displaying bright hues of yellow, orange, and red. An appropriate swan song if you asked Nox. Maybe it was all the orange--her favorite color--or the return of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes (total guilty pleasure!), but there was something she just loved about the Autumn. There was something downright magical about the whole season.Despite living among humans, Adelphe Nox…She-Wolf…did not totally understand human holidays, but she’d be lying out her ass if she said she did not enjoy them. Halloween stood out above the rest. It was just all the symbolism and forgotten meaning behind the things children just take in as ‘part of the holiday.’ Like the jack-o-lantern. It was originally associated with All Saints Day and the carved turnips, squash, and eventually pumpkins represented the souls in purgatory. Now it’s just a cool art form that shows up once a year. And then there was the fact that Nox had expanded her social circle to include people who did some pretty unnatural things and some supernatural beings, many of whom heralded this season as a special phase in the Earth‘s cycle.Evening had settled, the sun already bellow the horizon. The only thing left was the dying colors across the sky. Pinks faded to purple before dissolving seamlessly into blue as the first star of evening winked into view. Was it Venus or Mercury? Nox could never seem to remember. Her walk back to her apartment was a short one, motivated by the realization that time was growing short and she’d better scoot her fine ass up the stairs to get in costume. The party was hosted by a friend of friend…of a friend, of a friend?…in other words, she had no idea who was throwing this shindig. But invites seemed everywhere, like, literally, all over town. Billboards, fliers, word of mouth, social media, celebrity endorsement. The party itself was in Central Park--can’t imagine how much that alone cost--and it ran…well, there was no end time, actually. There were some high profile bands even signed on to perform, a haunted house, this thing was more like a festival than a party. It seemed like a massive undertaking.Bursting into her apartment, Nox found Marie, her roommate and the most annoying human thing on the face of this planet, predictably prancing around half naked, “dressed” like a black cat (In other words, wearing black lingerie with cat ears and whiskers drawn on her face). “Ree-ow!” Marie’s voice hit an ear-splitting pitch as she clawed at the air in Nox’s general direction. Nox only lifted an eyebrow before shaking her head and rushing past her. “Gotta get ready.” Now, it would have been downright ironic for Nox to dress like Red Riding Hood., right? So she didn’t. Instead, Adelphe Nox opted for Tinkerbell. Yes, go ahead, laugh it up. Noxy dressed up like a froofy fairy with all the girly glitter and glamour…and a pair of wings. She even had a drawstring purse with ’fairy dust’ (incandescent glitter) in it. Well, this was something different for her and Halloween was all about trying out a different persona, right? Stepping out of the bathroom with her hair in curls, rather loud green, sparkly eye shadow on her face; this was more horrifying than any costume she could image. “Look how cuuuuuute!” Marie prance up, looping her arm with Nox. “Let’s go!”The party was already hopping by the time Nox and Marie arrived. No sooner among the crowd and Marie was gone, right into the arms of the sleaziest looking ‘hottie’ in sight. Skank. Grateful and half tempted to leave, Nox wandered into the crowd. To say Nox was not exactly…comfortable…among the crowd would be an understatement. Large groups of humans crowded into a tight space and alcohol? Oh yeah, what's the worst that could happen? Grabbing a cup of apple cider, she sniffed it once cautiously before tentatively taking a sip. Spiked, but nothing more. Draining the drink, the She-Wolf ventured deeper into the crowd. People swayed to the music that blared at an obnoxiously high pitch. 'Forget this.' She thought with a scoff, turning to leave the crowds. She'd much rather grab some beer and eat pizza.Weaving through the crowds, nearing the edge, Nox suddenly…felt different. She paused, feeling overwhelmed with dizziness. Her head was spinning, like she was riding a roller coaster. Looking around, it seemed the feeling was not limited to herself. Party goers weren't dancing anymore. They were standing dazed, some doubling over in pain. And they were changing…a process with which she was all too familiar. But what of her? The roller coaster sensation wasn't vertigo. Instead, the ground came zooming up at her, or she was falling---rapidly. Nox clenched her eyes tightly shut, throwing her arms up defensively protecting her head. And then…it stopped as abruptly as it began. Lower her arms, Nox was not remotely ready for what she saw. She was surrounded by a forest. A forest of grass! She, the She-Wolf, stood a scant six inches tall, wearing a green dress made of leaves and shoes with…oh for f*** sake…little pom-poms on the top of the toes. No no no. She twisted around. Awh f***. There were wings. There were f***ing wings! Shiny, gossamer f***ing fairy wings.No sooner had the revelation set in, but those damnable things began to move on their own accord! They pulled her aloft, though Nox had no idea how she was doing it. Flailing around, Nox flew--or rather, found herself being dragged by her wings--high enough to see the chaos that had befallen the party. Where once revelers in various costumes stood, there were all manners of creatures. Zombies, ghosts, pirates, and the such had replaced… No, not replaced, they were the party goers transformed! Just as she! Screams filled the air. All those 'sexy nurses/maids/etc.' were being chased by zombies. (Good luck finding any brains, guys.) A yowling black cat slinked against the leg of a Frankenstein monster…oh Marie… Twisting around, still more suspended by her wings rather than controlled flight, Nox tried to go higher, above the chaos. Though she felt like she was ten stories in the air, the reality was that at three feet off the ground she was quite vulnerable. Her idiot roommate could eat her! How insane was that?! That's when something moved behind her. Oh pixie dust!Behind the miniscule wolf, something monstrous came to her attention. Something REALLY monstrous, not 'oh my god, everything looks huge' monstrous. A massive wedged shaped head regarded her with large yellow eyes as flames flickered from its angular muzzle, mere inches from the wee fairy. Talon tipped feet scored the earth with each step of the green dragon as it turned its full attention on Nox. Massive pinions filled the night sky as the beast positioned itself, poised to pounce. All she could do was watch, slack jawed and frozen, at the giant lizard with a combination of fear and disbelieve taking a firm hold. As the tooth-filled maw parted, Nox regained her wits. Fly, girl! Fly! Stupid wings, go! Teeth clicked over a trail of pixie dust. Nox managed to hit the gas. However, much to her dismay, speed and steering were two very different things.Launching through the air like a tiny, glittery rocket, the She-Wolf lacked the experience to even consider how to dodge. WHAM! Right into the back of someone's head. Falling to the ground, dazed, a startling new revelation dawned on Nox. On the sidewalk just beyond the limits of Central Park, it quickly became apparent that whatever enchanted occurred at the party, it was limited to the party. The rest of the city seemed unchanged. Something else quickly dawned on Nox: There was a thirty foot tall dragon descending from the sky, still hungry for fairy. Yikes! 'Wings, do your thing!' Nox silently prayed, willing the new appendages to do as she commanded. Taking to the air, she hurtle down the street with a dragon hot on her glitter-covered green tail. What would happen when the other "creatures" wandered out of the park? 

Queen of Heaven

07/26/2021 02:20 PM 

Yahweh's Conquest

Thunder rumbled in the distance. Something so uninteresting should not have stirred ʾElat from her sleep.But it did.Eyes greener than the deepest emeralds peered into the darkness from under the veil of thick lashes. Nothing seemed amiss. The patter of rain on the roof of the tent and her husband's steady breathing beside her was assurance that there was, indeed, nothing to be upset about. The beast about them slept, not so much as an ear twitch. Still, something was wrong, something was not right. Brief flickers of lightning illuminated the colorful fabrics of their dwelling. Rich patterns of golden stars and stylized bulls against azure fields almost appeared to move against the flashing lights. Heavy peels of thunder followed closer behind each bolt, the storm drew near.Discontent, she moved closer to her sleeping beloved. The light outlined his sleeping form. Nude, the rolling field of muscle, iron-hard from a lifetime of battle, draped in skin forever kissed by the sun; he was ʾil mlk. The image of vitality despite the gray that had long overtaken his ebon locks. In her mind, he had not changed a bit since the dawning of the first sunrise when he approached her on the beach. Fresh from the slaughter of Yamm, oh he was truly a sight behold. If he, the great warrior, was unbothered by a little rain, why was she? Closing her eyes, she tried taking solace in the sounds of his steady breath. He was her rock, the only constant.Thunder boomed overhead, the storm had arrived. An uneasy sleep had finally taken Asherah, just deep enough that she did not sense an unwelcomed arrival. Drawing back the heavy fabric of the door, the dark figure stepped past the lioness and bull, the sacred totems to the lord of the cosmos and his queen. He did not come with an army, nor adorn himself in armor. Rather, under the cover of the thunder, Yahweh crept towards the sleeping couple. Gripping the hilt of his divine blade, he knelt down. The queen, he cared not for. No, it was the king he sought. At long last, El would fall. To claim his life would cement the pretentious war god's standing as king of kings; no others would challenge his claim. A flash of lightning, the roar of thunder, he struck. His blade kissed the throat of the old king."No!"Waking up, Asherah came face to face with her husband's killer, his knife dripping with El's essence. She knew his face right away: Yahweh! A short, trimmed beard and close-cropped brown hair; he was a young pup compared to El, the creator of the world. Rolling away, she spat a curse. Damn the pretender! Damn this usurper! With the ferocity of a lioness, the Queen of Heaven grabbed the dagger at the bedside. No warrior worth his salt would be without a weapon at arm's length, even at night. And She Who Treads On Water was no stranger to its use, El saw to that. Lashing out at the murderer, his blade easily blocked her blow. Yahweh pushed back, forcing her off balance. Before she could right herself, he drew back his hand and struck her. Dazzled from the blow, she could only be glad to not completely remember what happened next. For what came next cemented Yahweh's power over the region.With his blade, the pretentious invader from the east, began to slice off bits of the body. Yahweh began consuming her husband, absorbing him into his being. Yahweh was a national god, protectorate of Samaria. A war and storm god who controlled a heavenly army. His precious angels. It was only a matter of time before Yahweh turned his focus on the Canaanite pantheon. But what was he against so many?! El was unconcerned. Asherah never would have expected the usurper to attack them as he did. Instead of marching his army of believers across their border, the godling attacked the royal couple directly! Now she watched helplessly as Yahweh assumed the full power of El.With golden ichor dribbling down his face, Yahweh shuddered with this newfound power welling up inside of him. Possibly not since the dawn of time had so much cosmic power been consolidated into one single being. Asherah took a hesitant step back as the godling radiated divine energy. Golden light filled the tent, growing in a brightness to the point of unbearableness. With tears in her eyes, Asherah had to advert her gaze. Would he survive housing so much power? Would he explode? And, should he do such, would she survive the blast? Emerald eyes flickered towards the tent's opening. Dare she run? Or would such a maneuver only draw Yahweh's attention? Did he mean to kill her as well? This and more ran through the goddess's mind as she grappled with this new reality.She took another step back. Yahweh was far too busy trying to digest El's power, her movement went unnoticed. Holding her breath, the Creatrix took another step. Yahweh made no move to stop her. Silently, she took another step. Then another. And another. Until she brushed against the heavy fabric of the tent. The usurper never seemed to notice the widow of El making her escape. It was still raining. Heavy drops quickly soaked ebone locks, plastering to her nude form. Asherah needed to reach her children. Their might combined might possibly stand against Yahweh. Might. That wasn't a lot to worth with, but she would avenge her husband. Looking back at her home, Asherah saw no sign of Yahweh. Turning to leave, the Queen of Heaven came face to the would be God-King."Going somewhere, good lady?" Yahweh raised an eyebrow, a pretentious smirk on his face. 

Shy Ones(MCRP)

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Claire Lovegood

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Shy Ones(MCRP)

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Williow Evans

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Shy Ones(MCRP)

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Willie granger

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Luna Lovegood

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Shy Ones(MCRP)

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Pansy Parkinson

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