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07/10/2020 08:18 PM 


No one line roleplay para or bigger  If you sent the request I ask that you start  Erotic is ok but there must be build up in the roleplay  I do not give out any real life information 


07/10/2020 02:26 PM 

โ‹„ โ™กยธ.โ€ข* ๐„๐ฅ๐ฅ๐ข๐จ๐ญ๐ญ๐ž ๐‚๐š๐ง๐ญ๐จ๐ฌ๐ฌ๐š๐ง.

๐๐€๐’๐ˆ๐‚.legal name: elliotte cantossan        nicknames: ell, elliegender: female        pronouns: she/herhomeworld: listronus        career: harpist                   entertainer for the royal courtsexuality: unknown        relationship status: taken๐๐‡๐˜๐’๐ˆ๐‚๐€๐‹.hair color: blonde        eye color: blueheight: 5'4"        body shape: inverted trianglebody condition: a bit underweight        scars: presently noneclothing: typical listronian fashion        clothing examples: sparse freckles across the nose                  silver brace enveloping her right forearm                  blue or white flowers in the hair (following listronian custom)        outstanding abilities: nonedetailed appearance overview:        a youthful woman with kind eyes and a gentle smile.        she has not yet been influenced by extreme negativity,        and although she is no stranger to hardships, her actions        are influenced by generosity and thoughtfulness. she has        short blonde hair, made to look even shorter by the flowers        nearly constantly woven into her hair through the act of         artresmour(+). the color of the flowers tend to vary based on        her clothing for that day, but she takes a strong preference        for blue or white.         ๐๐„๐‘๐’๐Ž๐๐€๐‹๐ˆ๐“๐˜.positive traits: generous and sweet,                        with patience and                        determination to                        make a difference.                        intelligent.negative traits: bleeding heart;                        very rash in decision-                        making and incredibly                        stubborn. people-pleaser.personality overview:        although she has a very kind heart, elliotte        often loses sight of her own goals in favor of        pleasing those around her. she will offer food         and money to those in need at the expense of        her own well-being, which frequently leaves her        looking sickly and underweight. she has a difficult        time saying 'no' when asked for favors, and this         makes her a bit of a doormat. push her too far,         however, and one will be able to see just how         jaded and stubborn she can become.        she has made quite a few enemies for speaking        up or out of turn, which has placed a bit of a         target on her back. she can also come across        as a bit of a know-it-all, since she is well-versed        in the history of her people and planet.        ๐๐ˆ๐Ž.        When one first encounters Elliotte Cantossan, their first inclination may be to believe she is nobility. She dresses like one and associates with them on the daily as part of her career, and while one would not be entirely incorrect in that assumption, at the present time she is simply a harpist who plays for them. At one time, she was the lone princess of Listronus. She was raised within the court, learning daily about the history of her planet and people so that one day she would be prepared to assume the throne in the case of her parents' death.         The King was a vile and greedy man who sought only to ensure he stayed in power for as long as possible. He made cruel decisions that hurt the general population of the planet and issued orders to bottleneck the distribution of Listronian oil. This put Listronus in a dire fuel crisis, and many incoming crews were left stranded when the could no longer able to refuel.         The Queen and the then twenty-year-old Princess spoke out against the madness.        Soon after, the Queen was found dead in her room, suspected of being poisoned.         Elliotte had managed to escape a similar fate, but at the cost of her own freedom. The King punished her for her insolence, retracted her titled, and deemed her "married to the court" (a punishment deeming a future monarch unfit to rule, and demoting them to the service of the nobility). With the silver bracelet locked around her forearm to seal the deal, she no longer had claim to the throne. Elliotte became the harpist for the noblemen, forced to play idly while they discussed politics. She was no fool, however. And she had friends. One friend, in particular, named Rhythimi Archarine.She had been Elliotte's childhood best friend, and was a quiet activist in the fuel crisis. She had been harboring stranded crews and keeping them fed and safe until she could obtain fuel for their trip off-world. The waiting list was weeks long, and Rhythimi struggled financially as it was. Elliotte brought her earnings daily from her job and spread the talk of the politicians. It was beneficial having an ear to the ground. Together, they continue to work in silence, under the radar of the King's Guard to illegally obtain fuel for refugees.  + artresmour -- "godlike love". the listronian act of placing flowers in either one's own or someone else's hair to express love and devotion through act instead of spoken words. it can be seen as familial, platonic, or romantic based on the person you engage with.

oc, original character, info sheet,


07/10/2020 02:16 PM 

๐™Ž๐™ค๐™ฃ ๐™ค๐™› ๐™†๐™ง๐™ฎ๐™ฅ๐™ฉ๐™ค๐™ฃ

Fear is the kryptonite for success, change, and knowledge.    (Roni & Clark)

deity, chaos, void, pain, teenwolf, riverdale, supernatural, thevampirediaries,

๐”–๐”ฅ๐”ž๐”ก๐”ฌ๐”ด ๐”š๐”ฌ๐”ฉ๐”ฃ

07/10/2020 01:02 PM 

A little bit about me

About the writer: I work as an NYPD so my time is sometimes limited I am 26 years old I used to role play back on MySpace but I decided to return again I am a Male 

ะฒั”ฮฑฯ…ั‚ฮนฦ’ฯ…โ„“ โˆ‚ฮนzzัƒ (ะผฮฑััฮนั”โˆ‚)

07/10/2020 11:18 PM 


Disclaimer: I’m not Nina Dobrev nor to I clam to be. I have never met Nina and I know she doesn’t have time for role player. I’m just using her as my play by for Dizzy Lyssa-Mackenzie-Hook-Muio-ZenusDrama: No ooc drama ooc (out of Character) or hate or bullying. If you don’t likes something about me please have the guts to tell me. Bullied: I will not let anyone bully me like some people or persons did on Village and now again Discord, I get bullied because my writing isn’t Novella yet. I am nor perfect writing I don’t know who is. My grammar isn’t perfect either. And if you don’t like how I write please tell me.Discord: I will not being posting my discord because I’m not going to let anyone guy or girl bully me or complain about my writing. I am not be perfect with my writing I’m working on my writing.Character: Drizella *Dizzy* Lyssa-Mackenzie Hook-Muio is the daughter of Queen Elsa she is the baby sister to Harry Hook. She is best friends with Uma Dutchmen and Audrey Rose. Verses: Main verse is Descendants 3, Frozen 2 and Anime and i will crossover into Titanic and Once upon a time. Dizzy is a very Au character. No telling me to control my character.Lengths: Para to Multi. I have been working on my writing since Myspace days. So if you don’t like my writing or how i write don’t add me its the simple.Sex: I will rp sex with every single guy on this site because guys think I’m easy and will give them what they want well I’m not easy and i will not give any guys what they want only my husband and boyfriend so guys get a life and hobby.Real Life: I am now starting to walk and I do get busy and distracted so I do post what i am doing so people who care know about it. I am hoping to get back to normal but I still have to wait and see on that.Sign my rules with a gif of your favorite Descendants characterDizzy

A Jedi Shadow

07/10/2020 07:31 PM 

The Shire

  'God it was cold!'I'd heard the winter was going to be cold this year, but I'd never dreamed  it would be this cold!Involentary, I shivered again and thought about using the Force to keep myself warm as I made my way down the small and winding paths, which lead through the sprawling hills of the Shire. The only problem with that was that Farmer Maggot had seen me 'force jump fifty metres' over the lilly pond once after borrowing some of his mushrooms, and that well, that had taken a lot of explaining! In the end I'd sorta didnt say no when he and the other Hobbits that he'd told about the incident, agreed that I must be an Istari, one of the 'fabled blue wizards' that had faded from memory in Middle Earth years before.  To them it made the most sense, why I  could do the things i cound and would suddenly appear in the Shire and disapear; often just as quick.And any mischief I got up to after that....well, they've always just blamed it on my being a Wizard, which suited me just fine!Thinking about it, it somehow took away some of the cold and made me smile.I rembered holding my breath, so I wouldn't have to say no- or worse lie- about it; but I couldn't help myself, I had to come clean to the friends I'd made about the whole ordeal!It was a nice feeling - just being able to smile- laugh over something so simple and have people laugh alongside you.It felt good real good  to be back, and for the second time since I'd landed I was glad i'd come!The first had been remembering the first time I'd ever come to the Shire; and how Diamond had let me stay with her. This strange guy who struggled to trust anyone, or to let anyone get close. I'd thought at the time she was crazy for trusting me, but she'd insisted that she could tell i was a good guy. I hadnt felt like i was a good guy at the time... I hadn't felt much of anything!It was after I had left Chicago to travel behind the wall and I'd stumbled upon the portal here by accident, as i'd sat in the wastelands watching the sun set over a strange towering rock.I didnt know what was at work that day, why id been so lucky to discover it, i didnt even know -well - understand about the Force back then, but now, it all kinda made sense to me. If not a Jedi then who else would have been able to open the portal to this place and time?Eagerly I opened the front gate and cringed as it squeaked upon its hinges before making my way up to the window.The Shire was always so quiet at night unless of course there was a party- or worse my friends and I had conviced ourself some poor Hobbit or another was in need of a good prank- or miscevious deed!I wanted to check, to make sure I wasnt going to be interupting anything important before I knocked on the door. Hobbits, I'd come to find out were very friendly, almost all of the time. And the one percent they were not so friendly was if you barged in unannounced or uninvited on 'something of great Shire importance'  that they already had in motion but even then they wern't unfriendly.... they were just reserved!Nervously I peered in through the window of the Smial, and saw Diamond sitting quietly in her faverote armchair.  It made me frown. The smial looked just the same as it had the last time I was here, homely and welcoming, But she looked like she was deep in thought or possibly asleep.  Gently I tapped on the window, I didnt wanna scare her, but it was bloody cold!She stired long enough to reach for the blanket by her side, pulling it up over her shoulders, before falling back asleep.It made me smile. and I turned figuring i'd try the front door just in case she'd forgotton to lock it.Like a knife through butter it slid silently open and I shook my head, glad that I had thought to check.It wasn't that the Shire was a dangerous place, well not so far as dangerous places went, like Mustafar for instance...But it did get the occasional bandit or unsavory lurking around, to see what they could steal.And if Diamond was home alone, it was better to be safe then sorry!Closing the door behind me I quietly stepped into the living room of the smial. The fire in the heath was all but ashes, and soon the cold would start to creep into the small house.As quietly as I could I made my way across tot the firepace and carefully lifted a coupple of the logs from the wood bin to place upon the smouldering embers before turning to look at Diamond.She hadn't stired, not once since I'd walked in. It made me wonder just how tired she must have been and what had happened to make her so.....Silently I made my way over to her and gently wrapped my left arm around her shoulders, before bending down to carefully cup her legs behind the knees with my right arm and lift her gently from the chair.It was true, Hobbits had some of the most comfortable chairs you could wish to sit on.... but they were still not as comfortable as being able to stretch out in your bed!So slowly I edged my way out of the living room and down the hallway to her bedroom. I didnt want to wake her now  it would of scared the living daylight out of her! - Waking up to find out you're being carried down your own hallway! Especially if when you'd fallen asleep, you'd been home alone! Backing into her bedroom I slowly turned and gently laid her down upon her bed before quietly backing back out. Morning would be coming around soon enough... And if she was already so tired,  then she really didnt need me waking her. But as I glanced back at her lying so peacefully asleep, once again I was glad I had come...The Force it guides us, each and every day. It is within the choices we are presented with.... It is the decisions we make, and it is along the paths that we find ourselves taking. It is in the big things and the small we do to, and for others!... and for now, I was meant to be in the Shire!  Quietly I made my way back into the living room and picked up her cup and saucer.Tonight I would do her dishes and stoke her fire while she slept.....and tomorrow, well... that was an entirely new day!    


07/10/2020 05:07 PM 

New Ideas Into Poker Online Never Before Revealed

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07/10/2020 04:01 PM 

Runnin' thru the 6 with my Owes

I owe you: - Donatella- OdetteYou owe me:- idk u tell me


07/10/2020 02:32 PM 

Connections Blog

I am a slacker and do not have any yet.Sorry, not sorry.


07/10/2020 02:19 PM 

Dragon fire- crossover-

  The sunlight streamed in rays of gold down upon the living stone; and cast the corners of the great caverns into the warmth of a slowly fading sunset. While amidst the soft gurgling of flowing waters, the scattered notes of voices singing in lament, whispered through the Halls like an endless lullaby to sooth even the most troubled of minds. Yet this day it did not ease Legolas's thoughts. For seven days they had travelled forth from his Ada's Halls searching for any sign of the Dragon, and for seven days they had returned fruitless.Seven days the woman had laid upon the edge of death, and seven days his questions had gone unanswered...No Dragons travelled this far south from the Withered Heath. Smaug had been the last. The last real threat that any had seen since the War of Wraith and yet the shadow of the beast as it descended from the sky; to cast wide its wings in landing, within the overgrown forest had been unmistakeable. As had the scattering of the spiders and the broken limbs and branches of the trees which had held their nests of web.For seven days, Legolas had returned there, wondering if there was something they had missed, wondering if the Dragon would return and for seven days he had depressed his Ada's anger over it.    "She does not belong here!" 'But she will die if we do not care for her..' "And?" 'And when did we become so heartless, She needs our help!' "It is the way of the world. All mortal men, women die. Her fate is not our concern. It only aids to tempt the darkness that brought her forth closer to our borders!" 'But there is much we could learn....' "Learn? I have faced the great serpents of the North! Do not speak to me of Dragons. I know their wraith and ruin as do you! Or have you forgotten so easy? There is nothing more to learn!"------------------  Legolas closed his eyes and leaned back into the ledge of rock upon which he was sitting; glad he was finally alone. Perhaps his Ada was right. Perhaps he was tempting fate. But he could not let her die. Stretching out his fingers, he ran them across the warm smooth surface of the stone and let the vibrations of warmth; the heartbeat of the stone sooth his thoughts. "Anim raeg?" He whispered as the images of his Mother began to flutter like shadows through his thoughts.. The softness of a smile so sweet to melt even the coldest of ice and the gentlest of eyes lit by a endless sky of starlight.It was all he could remember of her, and yet it was to these memories he would turn, to seek the wisdom of compassion."Am I wrong?" He whispered again, answered only by the woman's smile as she faded from his thoughts with the approach of footsteps.  "My Lord, the woman. You said to bring word, the moment she awoke.." the Guard announced as Legolas opened his eyes. Nodding curtly he rose determined to talk to the woman before his Ada received the news; and made his way a long the winding lantern lit passageway to the central Cavern.She was smaller then he had remembered. Perhaps it was the lose fitting garment she had been dressed in, perhaps it was now that her hair fell free of braided knots or that she still looked weak. Yet he knew she was stronger then she looked. Very few were the mortal men whom could survive such a wound for so long, let alone wake from it. "Suilad!" Legolas announced fixing his gaze upon her eyes. "We were not sure you would wake 'Friend of Dragons!" He continue watching for any reaction from her eyes that his words would trigger."You are still weak. You should rest, or do you fear for your black scaled fiery friend?" He arched his brow inquisitively as he stepped fluently up beside her; and extended his arm indicating that she should return to the healing chamber from which she had wandered. "I will order water for you to bathe, food, and for your clothes to be returned to you.  Then we shall talk!" he concluded abruptly and dipped his head with respect, while waiting for her to return to the healing chambers-    ๏ฟฝ๏ฟฝ๏ฟฝ๏ฟฝ

Hail Sithis!

07/10/2020 01:56 PM 


For Skyrim: My character’s name is Sylvath. He is a Nord that was raised by Wood Elves. His parents were murdered by bandits who miraculously left him alive. When he was old enough he left Valenwood in route to Skyrim. He was just crossing the border when he was captured alongside Ulfric and his Stormcloaks. He almost lost his head if not for the dragon attack on Helgen. He joined Hadvar in the escape and ended up joining the Imperial Legion. He learns later that he is what people of Skyrim call Dragonborn or Dovahkiin. He also runs into a boy, Aventus Aretino in his adventure which puts him on the fast track of running into the Dark Brotherhood: where he would become the Listener to the Night Mother and be the one who assassinates the Emperor of Tamriel. During that time, the leader of The Dark Brotherhood betrays him which ends up resulting in her death. –Hail Sithis!For Dragon Age Origin: Sylvath Cousland is the son of the Teyrn of Highever. His family was betrayed by Arl Howe and the only survivors were Sylvath and his brother (who before the betrayal was sent to join King Cailan at Ostagar) Thanks to Duncan of the Grey Wardens Sylvath was able to escape and tell King Cailan of Arl Howe’s betrayal before the battle of Ostagar. Sylvath survives the ritual to become a Grey Warden and with Alistair he is sent to light the tower fire that would signal Loghain’s men to join the battle. They are betrayed by Loghain and Sylvath was almost killed at the Battle of Ostagar. They were rescued by a dragon that later turned out to be an apostate mage named Flemeth who sends her daughter Morrigan with the only two survivors (Alistair and Sylvath). They have many adventures and gather many friends along the way to gather all the support that they can get to stop the Blight from ravishing the world and kill the Archdemon. (He picks the werewolves over the elves, chooses to destroy the anvil, and have Bhelen become King or Orzammar, and chooses against the templars calling for the Right of Annulment). When it comes down to the Landsmeet and killing Loghain or making him join the Wardens he ends up pissing off Alistair and choosing for Loghain to join the Grey Wardens and fight alongside him: he decides that a quick death wouldn’t do anything for those that died, instead he was going to become something that he hated enough to commit treason at the cost of the King’s life. Sylvath sleeps with Morrigan who came to him the night before with a proposition that wouldn’t result in Sylvath dying when he killed the Archdemon. The battle begins the next day and the Blight was stopped.For Dragon Age Awakening: Six months after killing the Archdemon and ending the blight Sylvath is named Warden Commander and is sent to Virgil’s Keep assuming command of the Grey Wardens there while also having to deal with political matters as the Arl of Amaranthine. He arrives at the keep to it under attack from darkspawn, but something is amiss. There was no archdemon to command the darkspawn forces. He meets an old companion (Oghren) and a new one (Anders) and they save Seneschal Varel from a talking darkspawn. He learns of the Mother and the Architect (two darkspawn who can speak and were commanding their own army of darkspawn against each other) during his travels while saving many companions who end up becoming Grey Wardens. The war finally peaks and Sylvath is forced to choose between staying at Virgil’s keep protecting it from the darkspawn or travel to Amaranthine to protect the people and city. Sylvath made a difficult choice and choose to protect Amaranthine and it’s people over his own slowly growing numbers of Grey Wardens. He takes his companions Nathaniel Howe (son of Arl Rendon Howe), Oghren (his dwarven friend and companion from during the blight) and Velanna (a dalish elf whose sister was taken by the darkspawn and works alongside the Architect), and heads into Amaranthine to fight off the darkspawn. Once the darkspawn are taken care of Sylvath took his companions to Drake’s Fall where they would take care of the ‘Mother’ they run into the Architect who despite being a darkspawn Sylvath allows to live and they take care of the Mother together.I am a multi-paragraph to novella writer. Another below a couple of paragraphs is frowned upon but I will accept it every once in a while. If you cannot do more then a couple of paragraphs, do let me know ahead of time. I am also multi-LI which I know some people frown upon so if it is not your thing then I am sorry. Also, that does not mean I will be trying to get in everyone’s pants. There has to be chemistry and consent after all from both parties. 


07/10/2020 01:14 PM 

Scandal Illness | Jungle Task.

THE PHOTOSHOOT OF A SCANDAL ILLNESS  Never in a million years did she think she would end up here: a scandal. In all of her waking life she had been known to be the girl who would do about anything to get what she wanted. Now people look at her in a different light after she came out with the truth. She didn't want it to be this way and she feared what the people might have thought about her in ways she coudln't understand. She tried to grasp her mind around what she thought she could handle, but it turned out she was dead wrong. She knew when this was going to get out that people would treat her differently. That she alone would have to prove to them that she was anything but crazy. How she would wonder to herself from day in and night exactly how she was going to be able to prove to them that she was sane. Holding up her sexy magazine onto her chest in the middle of the photoshoot made her feel valanuable and out of place and she wanted to be anywhere but here right now. All she could think about while the guy flashed his lights at her pupils was how in the world is she going to get herself out of this mess. Her mother was going to be was pissed off and dissapointed in the young girl for coming out to the public like she did about her mental illness status and what the doctors had said about her. She needed sometime to think about how she was going to handle such a press after this darn photoshoot that she never wanted to be apart of in the first place. This photoshot she was doing was an ad comapny that reached out to her about having a mentally ill girl pose sexy to prove that there is more to people with mentall illness than meets the eye. She didn't want to do this photoshoot at first, but she knew that it paid good money and she was dead broke at the time. She knew in the back of her mind that her mother was going to be pissed about this photoshoot, and she had no idea how she was going to break the news to her about this. Dani hoped within her heart that her mother was never going to find out about this, but she knew that wouldn't be the case. The photoshoot lasted for about an hour and after everything was said and done she brushed herself off from the set and onto her feet. Coming up to the photographer's she thanked them and shook their hands. She didn't know what else to do in a moment like this, because the photoshoot all in all had made her feel sick to her stomach. Making her way out towards the set of the shoot she walked up to her car, and the second she was about to set herself within her seat she couldn't believe who she had witness behind her vison. "Crap." She said. While making eye contact towards the figure of a woman walking up to Dani in such a crude sense. She wasn't sure what to make of the outcome, and she knew that her mother was going to be really pissed off. It totally caught Dani off gaurd when she watched her mother walk all the way up to her own transportation. "What the hell Dani i've been worried sick about you." She said. Dani looked straight down at the sidewalk not wanting to answer her mother's cry. After a few short seconds of breif silence from Dani she finally had the nerve to open up her damn mouth and speak to her own mother. "It's not what you think. I had to do this photoshoot." She said. Her mother looked down upon the ground with a fierce glow upon her cheekbones. "I'm not mad about the photoshoot, but I am pissed that you laid to me about where you were going." She said. Dani couldn't believe what she was hearing from her mother right now. She thought for sure that she would be totally mad about this photoshoot that she ended up doing for money. "Wait you're not mad?" She said. The mother looked up to her daughter in the eyes and replied with, "More confused and upset to why you thought you had to do this shoot." She said. Dani couldn't believe how her mother was being right now towards her after everything! The girl could start to feel her skin crawl with nervous engery as she looked her mother in the eyes. "I'm sorry I lied to you I just didn't know how you would take this photoshoot and I needed the monety." She said. Dani didn't know what other way she could expresss herself to her own mother right now. While the mother touched Dani on the shoulder she made a pass of a gratitude look twoards her daughter. "Well we'll talk more about this when we get home i'm just happy that you're okay." She said. Dani couldn't been more grateful right now that her mother wasn't going to yell at her, and that she could drive home in a good frame of mind, because after the shoot all she wanted ot do was rest up for the night. 


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Japanese Wand Cores: The Art of Wand-making in Japan

    โŒ˜โŒ˜โŒ˜โŒ˜ japanese wand Cores โŒ˜โŒ˜โŒ˜โŒ˜    The art of wandmaking in japan   ****Note: Since there is no formal definition of Asiatic magic in the Harry Potter lore, I am creating my own lore on this topic. Please keep in mind that this is not canon and I am by no means an expert on the topic, nor do I speak Japanese. This is all entirely research I am doing on my own time that will be expanded upon as I gain a better understanding. I have also changed a few things to suit the world of Harry Potter as there are certain pre-established canons that magic needs to abide by. If there is something here that is linguistically or factually incorrect (or perhaps culturally offensive), please contact me and I will make the correct revisions. My desire is to represent Japanese culture in a respectful way in the world of Harry Potter and I recognize that there may be a few mistakes along the way. Thank you, and I would appreciate any feedback!.     EXCERPTS FROM: SEIREN MATSUMOTO AND THE ART OF WAND-MAKING IN JAPANINTRODUCTION  To what purpose does a wand core serve? It is a question I am often asked by those bright-eyed witches and wizards who enter my store in the hopes of finding their first wand. It is a question I am always happy to answer, for truly, one of the delights in my occupation is finding a core of high quality that other wandmakers may have overlooked.The core of a wand is akin to the heart that beats in the chest of all living creatures--a vital organ that must be treated with as much respect as the exterior--yet instead of blood pumping through arteries and valves, it is magic that filters through wood with the core acting as a conductor. Without the core, the bond between the magic user and their wand would be subdued. The wood gives a wand their unique “personality” and I would say the core acts as the power source.There are various components that determine the quality of a wand and the magic it will produce, of course---the wood type, the core, and the wizard or witch who bears it. One cannot ever truly predict the capabilities of any wand until it has found its home in the hands of a talented witch or wizard. While I would not speak on behalf of my fellow wand makers, in my humble experience, I find the years I have spent honing my skills have only ever left me with more questions that would take several lifetimes to explore. COMMON WAND CORES  In the most recent decades, spellcasting in Japan has leaned towards a unique blend of Eastern and Western style of magic with a focus on casting hexes for dueling. Thus, my most common wand cores are best suited to the art of onmyodo, powerful yet stubborn wand cores from creatures with similar dispositions.I tend to be more flexible in my choice of wand cores than Ollivander, thus I have quite an array of resources to choose from. I mean no disrespect, of course---Garrick has found three wand cores that produce magic brilliantly and uphold the level of quality associated with his family name, and for that the world of magic has flourished. Yet in my opinion a core that may be difficult to subdue may not necessarily be a weak one. It simply requires a different approach and an acknowledgement that the magic it will produce may be unique in both its strengths and weaknesses.  Scales of a wani  Wani are serpents who are the rulers of the ocean and the sea. They live in splendid coral palaces deep in the ocean floor. Legend has it that they are able to shapeshift into human form and live amongst us, some even taking human lovers. While I have never seen these beautiful creatures shapeshift into our likeness, Wani scales have always served as a potent and effective wand core, as natural as the bond between land and sea. The wani scale wand will wish to dominate in whatever field of magic their witch or wizard takes them, making it a popular wand amongst noble families.  Hair from the mane of an Otoroshi  Otoroshi appear as hairy, hunched, four-legged beasts with fierce claws and tusks. Otoroshi act as guardians of holy places such as temples and shrines. Otoroshi attack humans only rarely: when they spot a wicked or imprudent person near a holy place—or when one tries to enter through the gateway they are guarding. Despite their ferocious appearance, an otoroshi is only a threat to those of a wicked disposition. Similar to unicorn hair, this wand core is the most difficult to turn to darker arts and is a common wand for Aurors to seek out and expose the use of dark magic.  Fur of a kawauso   A kawauso is a river otter who, upon reaching old age, attains magical powers. They are particularly skilled at shape-changing and accurately copying sounds. Kawauso are playful yลkai, well known for their tricks and mischief, but rarely dangerous. This wand core is particularly suitable for quick spellcasting, making it a favorite amongst competitive duelists. While perhaps not as formidable of a wand core as others, this may be balanced well enough with a strong wood or magic wielder. This core is also known to be hard to control unless the witch or wizard who uses it learns to adapt easily to unpredictable magic.  Kitsunebi Flame  Kitsunebi, or foxfire, is named for the magical kitsune who are said to create it. Kitsunebi appears as a mass of floating orbs of light when fox yokai (demon) breath a ball of fire out from their mouths and use it to light their way at night. They are often used for lighting yลkai events such as the night parade of one hundred demons, yลkai wedding ceremonies, and other processions or meetings. Those wands with a kitsunebi core are the quickest to learn new and challenging spells, often with a dramatic and flamboyant flair. Truly a wand of jovial nature.  RARE WAND CORES  With the decline of shinto and kotodama witches and wizards over the past few decades, I have found that these wand cores have become rarer to obtain or remain on my shelves far longer than their counterparts. It is heartbreaking to know that so much of our traditions have been forgotten or looked down upon due to the impact of foreign influence, however, there seems to be a growing interest in these dying arts with each new generation wishing to defy the past and write a new future. My hope is that one day these wand cores become as commonplace as the ones listed above, however, for now, I hold these cores in high esteem and am always overjoyed when a wand from my rare collection makes its way into the hands of a young witch or wizard.  Eye from a hakutaku   The hakutaku is a wise chimerical beast that resembles a white ox. It has nine eyes — three on its head, and three on each of its broad sides — and six horns. The Hakutaku are believed to be all-knowing. Talismans and paintings of these creatures are used to ward off evil yokai, bad omens, and plagues. Due to the healing and omniscient nature of these creatures, wands with this core are especially cherished by those witches and wizards who specialize in shinto magic. These wand cores further enhance the fortune-telling skills of a shinto user, though these cores paired with the right wood make excellent dueling companions against dark magic.  Water from the head of a kappa  Kappa are aquatic, reptilian humanoids who inhabit the rivers and streams and feed off cucumbers and human entrails. Their most distinguishing characteristic is a dish-like depression that lies on top of their skulls. This dish is the source of a kappa’s power and must be kept filled with water at all times. If a kappa is bested on land it will be obliged to bow. If water spills out, kappa have been made to swear loyalty and friendship to their victor for the rest of their lives. A wand with this core will test their new master in much the same way. If the magic user outwits it, you will have a wand that will remain loyal for life and will provide consistent powerful magic.  Tusk of a Baku  The Baku is a strange, holy beast that has the body of a bear, the head of an elephant, the eyes of a rhinoceros, the tail of an ox, and the legs of a tiger. Baku watch over humans and act as guardian spirits. They feed on the dreams of humans—specifically bad dreams. The tusk of a Baku is rare to acquire and only ever taken when a baku is at the end of its life. I would say the magic a baku wand produces grows stronger with time and experience--as if it is consuming whatever spells have been fired at its owner and increasing its magic. The wand core is very protective of its owner, and at times will act of its own accord to protect its wielder if they are in danger.Feather from a DaitenguDaitengu resemble large birds of prey with human-like characteristics. They are large creatures usually dressed in the robes of an ascetic monk with a red face and an incredibly long nose. Large, feathered wings sprout from their backs. Their lives are spent in thoughtful meditation, intent on perfecting themselves. Occasionally Daitengu will teach secrets and impart magical knowledge to the worthiest of witches and wizards. When a Daitengu feather is used as a wand core, it will push the boundaries of magic, making it a core popular amongst inventive spellcasters. A formidable core in the hands of whoever it deems worthy.  DARK WAND CORES A taboo topic, I find, amongst my fellow wandmakers. It certainly does not make for pleasant conversation, but one I feel is necessary to include. Every wand has the capability of turning to the dark arts, after all. We cannot control who comes into possession of one of our creations, we can only hope they follow a better path---and to ignore the power that legendary monsters possess would simply be an insult to my work. In my younger years I experimented with a few wand cores from wicked sources and, while I do not recommend it (as I had to put myself in various dangerous situations to acquire such cores), I learned a great deal from that period of my life. Nowadays these wand cores are almost nonexistent, destroyed by the Japanese Ministry long ago. You might perhaps find an illegally constructed wand in the dark markets of our wizarding communities if one were inclined to look, however...  Root of a Jobukko Tree   On the fields of war and sites of vicious massacres, where the blood of thousands of warriors has saturated the soil, a strange kind of tree can be found. In fact, they were once normal trees; but the vast amounts of human blood absorbed through their roots transformed them into yลkai. Thereafter, the trees thirst only for human blood. The root of a Jobukko Tree provides a magic that is extremely well suited for casting hexes and curses. It is a hungry core that seems to delight in spilling blood and is best matched with a wand wood and wielder that can meet its demands. It is only a matter of time before the wand will betray its master, however, in its quest for more.  Icy Breath of a Yuki Onna   Yuki Onna prey on travelers lost in the heavy snowstorms that blanket the Japanese Alps in winter. They have an otherworldly beauty, with long black hair and dark, piercing eyes. They feed on life force, sucking it from human’s mouths with an icy breath that freezes their victims solid. Yuki Onna spend their lives hunting humans in the snow. A wand with the core made from the breath of a Yuki Onna is suitable for spellcasting that can deceive others and lure them into traps. On the rare occasion, I have seen these wands work well for Obliviators when wiping memories from non-magic civilians and erasing traces of magic.  Beak of Itsumade   Itsumade are large birds with the face of a human, a pointed beak, and the body of a snake with wings, and terrible claws. Itsumade appear in the night sky during times of trouble—such as plagues and disasters, or flying over battlegrounds where many have died. It is thought that the spirits of the dead and suffering form into onryล which take the shape of these birds, demanding recognition of their suffering and torment. A wand made with an itsumade beak core will be drawn to those who have faced tragedy and demand retribution. This quest for justice will almost always lead down a wicked path, however, for the magic produced will be tainted with a need for revenge.  Horn from an Oni   Oni are born when wicked humans die and end up in one of the many Buddhist hells. Transformed into oni, they become the ogreish and brutal servants of Great Lord Enma, ruler of hell. Wielding great iron clubs, they crush and destroy humans solely for enjoyment. An oni’s job is to mete out horrible punishments such as peeling off skins, crushing bones, and rendering other torments too horrible to describe. A horn of an Oni will wield the strongest dark magic, inclined to not only defeat whoever stands in their way but to give their opponent an agonizing end. Sometimes I wonder if these wands corrupt a witch or wizard, driving them to such evil acts...   More Information:   Magic in Japan: General Information A closer look at shinto magic (research in progress) A closer look at onmyลdล magic (research in progress) A closer look at kotodama magic (research in progress) Talismans used in Japanese magic (research in progress) Japanese Wand Woods History of magic in Japan (research in progress) World War II and the magic community of Japan (research in Progress) International Magic Law (research in progress)  Marauder Era  • HP Verse • WWW.ROLEPLAYER.ME/Michiotenose         Sources:

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Picture is a Million Words.
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“Momma, someone is waiting for you at the front. He asked for you saying, and he gave me these amazing crayons. I am gonna go color in the back at my little desk.” Natalie literally ran around her as she felt like it was a literally tornado that came through she kind of just brushed her off. Many people that were regulars came in to the coffee shop, and for them to give Natlie something that was special for her was something that happened with the older customers. To really think other wise, Jill was thinking too much into it. Not seeing anyone in the coffee shop, Jill called out to Natalie to kind of yell at her for the fib that she just told her. There was not a single person in the shop, and if she was going to at least fib about something make it where she does not have a heart attack over the fact that some stranger was giving her daughter gifts. Turning slowly with a few of her other belongings she left on the coffee counter top by the register; the door bell rang again as if someone was coming in. WIth her hands full, Jill was about to walk into the back by the swinging door when she sighed knowing then she forgot to lock the door. “I am sorry, we are closed for the evening and will be reopening tomorrow morning at 5am.” Pushing the door open, Jill did not see the figure moving to reopen the door or even say a word to apologize to her but stood there silent until she was about to turn around when she heard a small chuckle. “Jillynn. It’s been too long. Do you know how long it took me to finally pin your location down. Then again, I am sure you knew all that with how hard it was to find you. But yet, here you are……” Her eyes almost glazed over as she had not turned around to see the person at the front door. Whoever it was not used to coming into her coffee shop, and as she kind of took the moment in the voice alone was not someone that she had put in her memory bank. “What no heart felt hello, or hug saying you missed me. Your mother will be so hurt as to the fact you can’t even give your step-dad a nice hello.” The feeling that she had years ago came up into her throat as she turned around seeing Robert standing in front of her with the smirk on his face as if he was pleased with her reaction. He always was one that liked to see her reactions to see if he was under her skin. Fight or flight was immediately taking over as she wanted nothing more than to walk to the back and grab the gun that she had in a top locked cabinet for moments that she felt in danger. Whether he was there to just get a reaction or if he was actually there for a reason; Jill was not taking any chances. If she ran he would just get what he wanted, and as she was taught in New York you never start a fight you can’t finish. As much as Jill wanted to shoot him with a gun, Natalie was in the room over and the last thing any one needed was her life to be put in danger. The cycle had to start and end with Jill. “Trust me, the nice hello would be to shoot you in the penis and watch you bleed on the floor as I drank a nice red wine hearing you slowly die from the lose of blood. Get the hell off my property or I am calling the police to escort you out of here.”


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A ๐““๐“ž๐“ก๐“š A B L E

A ๐““๐“ž๐“ก๐“š A B L E ๐Ÿ’–(UH - DAWRK - UH - BUHL) - adjectiveUNDENIABLY เชกแญ™๊ซ€๊ซ€๐•ฅ OR ๊ซ€๊ช€แฆ”๊ซ€๊ช–๐•ฃโ…ˆ๊ช€แง WHILE DISPLAYING EXTREME แฆ”๊ชฎ๐•ฃ๐•œโ…ˆเชก๊ซ๊ช€๊ซ€เชกเชก.(SEE ALSO: NERDALICIOUS: DORKITUDE)****

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