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๐ฎ๐ง๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ๐ ๐ข๐ฏ๐ž๐ง.

10/22/2020 09:24 PM 

โ€” r u l e s.

hello everyone. this is my attempt on rules, both ooc and ic. ooc.  — when it comes to time, please be patient, especially in messages, comments, or whatever. i also have school and a big family... and a life, but some of y'all cannot relate. but here and there, i reply pretty fast.— if you're not going to reply to a message or whatever, please let me know with a heads-up.— I can type like a literate human. but i like typing like "this" because i just do. regardless, grammar and proper spelling is a must for me.— i am lgbtq+ friendly, blm-friendly, and everything else. just sayin'.— if you want to discuss something or anything, just come to me! don't be shy. my discord is SKYLLISHYEMAN#2832. ic.  — demma is a very confusing character, let alone her storylines are confusing. so don't ask me "what is going?", because that's the point. she was reliving a cycle of abuse/trauamtic memory that shaped her childhood again and this time, it killed her.— i use music, gifs, and pictures from other sources as references of demma, both first and second storyline. so expect anime, k-pop, horror... all of that. :)— demma is pretty much an oc and quite custom. she can handle aus, crossovers, other verses.— this is both ooc and ic, but if you have a question for me, PLEASE ask. it can be about explaining some parts of the story or whatsonot.  


10/22/2020 08:27 PM 


Rules   ACTIVITY is a REQUIREMENT. In order for any group to succeed, its members must be involved. That being said, we will monitor your login dates. If you fail to login to your account within 7 DAYS, you will receive a warning. By DAY 14, your role will be reopened.   We will be having BI-WEEKLY ACTIVITY CHECKS. There will be two activity checks a month. Now, this may be something as simple as a mood board or a writing prompt with a three paragraph requirement. Completion of these are R E Q U I R E D in order to maintain your role. You are also required to have your owes updated and you are not allowed to owe anyone longer than a month. If we see that you are not actively participating (i.e. updating your owes list, posting IC status updates, etc.), you will be cut before the activity checks even occur. When accepted, you will have one week to have a completed layout (i.e. full biography, images, active navigation links, owes list, etc.). In addition, you are expected to have your required minimum connections by the conclusion of your third week. If you have read this far, please answer #3 from the audition form with your favorite Cheers character. You will be REQUIRED to have a minimum of 3 storylines at any given moment. However, we don’t want you to stop at just those 3. We want you to reach out to as many as you are able to keep up with. We also ask that if you are at your storyline cap that you have the courtesy to let others know instead of just ignoring them. Any and all OOC drama will NOT be tolerated. If it is deemed that any individual or multiple persons are creating, encouraging, and/or spreading OOC drama they will be dismissed immediately. Don't get us wrong, we want drama. However, it must be STRICTLY IC. Any and all accusations suggesting otherwise will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. In addition, do not, and we repeat, absolutely do not bring drama from another group into this one. Remember to have fun! This group is a CREATE YOUR OWN GROUP for a reason. Meaning, aside from the wanted connections that are created by our members, we do not have a single premade role to offer. We want to give you as much freedom as possible and we believe that allowing you to create your character from scratch is something that guarantees that. If you are still reading, give me a virtural high five. Then, sign below with your desired name as well as a a gif from Cheers. We do allow MARRIAGES & PREGNANCIES. However, they must be approved by us before they can be implemented. Potential members are allowed to join as married as long as both members join at the same time. Furthermore, once in the group, we will only grant your ENGAGEMENT request if you have been with your current LI within our group for a minimum of two months real life time. In addition, a five month requirement will be enforced for PREGNANCIES. That being said, requests may be denied if they are not foreseeable. However, that likelihood of being declined is limited. We would also like to mention that you are only allowed to have ONE page in our group at any given time. If we discover that you secretly auditioned and were accepted on another account, you will receive a warning and be asked to pick one over the other. If it happens and you refuse to choose we will have no choice but to remove both characters from the group. You will not get a second warning. If you get discovered more than once you will be removed from the group completely All forms of social media are up to you. LINE and Discord are recommended since they make discussing faster and easier for some but it is not required. When you are accepted and after you have done everything on the checklist, you can message the members only page with your LINE/DISCORD ID to be added to the chats. Most people have Discord over LINE so just keep that in mind when picking which account to have. We know that people love to change their playbys and get sick of who they have. Unfortunately, it is a lot of work to change those constantly when someone hasn't chosen the right playby for themselves. With that being said, we allow ONE face change bi-month. Please don't pick a playby for the sake of wanting to use them and then decide two days later that it's not the playby for you. We understand these things happen, but it does get out of hand and adds more work to the owners. There will be free face change days on occasion, but for now you are only permitted ONE bi-monthly, NO EXCEPTIONS.

When Worlds Collide Roleplay

10/22/2020 07:57 PM 

When Worlds Collide - The Arc

JOIN OUR CHAT SERVER!The Story:WWC I - In The BeginningAU Sound of Drums Era. Many elements of X Men and BBC Sherlock.Harry Saxon is the Prime Minister of the UK. Jim Moriarty is currently terrorizing London with his deadly Network, while Mycroft Holmes, the current Defence Minister, is working to control the issue. Harry has recently found that his brother, Darke, has survived the Time War. He is making his plans for the coming Take over, but the time is not yet. Not quite yet. He will be patient, and move everything into position. But he is not realizing that Jack Harkness and Torchwood are well aware that something is not right with the Prime Minster. This will not be as easy as he hopes....Meanwhile ...Alpha Seti the gem of the Salta sector or at least that what they advertised. A casino planet on the surface that glitter and gleamed with the razzle dazzle of high stakes games of chance and scantily clad girls in sequences and feathers. Beneath its shiny veneer was a seedy underworld of mob bosses, slave trade, and money laundering. One of the smaller establishments known as the Ruby Royal was run by particular influential and wealthy human mob boss known in most circles as The Collector. Named for his prepotency to collect rare and nearly extinct aliens. Putting them in his private zoo to view whenever the mood strikes.In the universe humans are an abundant type creature you could not sneeze without offending one. However, rumors had begun to circle that there was little blue and green orb on the outer arm of the milky way where there are humans that had begun developing superhuman and unique mutations. Giving them powers and changing their outward appearance. These rumors had reached the ears of The Collector.The Ruby Royal not only having the store front of a casino and a rare alien zoo hidden in it depths, it is also a space cruiser. Leaving it indentation on Alpha Seti the Ruby Royal is now on it way to collect the heroes of Earth, for its twisted Noah’s Ark Zoo. Who will disappear next? Who will save us when the heroes are all gone?WWC II - New Time Lord EmpireAU Last of The Time Lords.We're three months in.The Master has taken over the Earth, and rules with an iron hand. He resides aboard the Valiant, many thousands of feet above the world, and there are many staff and prisoners on board. Life can be heaven or hell there, depending on if you piss him off that day.The Earth is in terrible shape, he has ravaged it.On Earth, there are the two Resistance Bases, one in New York, and one in London. The survivors who are fighting the Master's reign are there, deep underground. The Toclafane are everywhere above ground, patrolling and controlling. The main order of the day is to complete the many Missiles that the Master is demanding, and that means Toclafane work alongside humans, in the great factories that adorn the landscape now.Harry plans a Great War. That War will be against the rest of the Universe, and it's certain to bring the end of the Earth, and the Master himself. But he will not listen to the Doctor, now kept as a fragile dwarf, aged past all reason and right. Helpless .. or is he?And to people his Army, Harry is likewise creating a new race, a hybrid race of Gallifreyan DNA and the best and brightest from the Universes. He has a Portal that he is using to bring them in, to be used, abused, and misused.Who can really stop him now?...WWC III - Dark NationThe Necromongers of Ridd*ck are the evil now, making the now captured and defeated Master's threats seem like child's play.The Doctor has rescued a group of refugees from different Universes who have survived the attacks of the Necromonger Darkling Nation.They have been brought here to Earth- the 'Source' or original Earth - by the Doctor in the TARDIS, which took on the outward appearance of a great Spacecraft till they landed- and it's now gone back to the old blue phonebox. There are many different races in this group, and most do not understand the other's language.Now, they must deal with their arrival on a planet already leery of aliens as it is, thanks to the Master in the past.How will they all make this work?WWCWWC InfoNecromongers (The Chronicles of Ridd*ck Explored) 


10/22/2020 06:16 PM 

Brian Wong

Brian Wong - Brian Wong is the 28-year-old co-founder and CEO of Kiip. Kiip was acquired in 2019. Kiip (pronounced “keep”) was a mobile consumer engagement platform that advertises in “moments” in 10,000 apps.

The Cartoonist.

10/21/2020 08:52 PM 

Owes and Connections

Blank, for now.

รฮฑโˆ‚โˆ‚y's Hฮฑunั‚ฮตโˆ‚.

10/21/2020 05:26 PM 


These are the most frequently asked questions in my messages so far here. A quick Q&A if you will.Please read them and sign below with something other than "read and understood."Thank you.♦ Writing: This is Billy Butcher from the Amazon series, the Boys. I don't know much about the comics. If you want create a storyline, just ask. Will crossover with most verses within reason. If the story is good enough, we can do it. ♦  The Boys is a mature audience only show, as will be my rating. You can't make a tame version of Billy anyway, that be boring. Expect anything that happens in that series to happen here. So nothing here will be censored, including language.♦ Billy is single and mostly staying that for the foreseeable future unless I feel the need to change that. He's interested in only women. If the story is creative enough, it may happen, otherwise it may not. Who knows. ♦ Where I write: Comments, are preferred for all forms of writing. I don't mind banter in messages or on discord but other to that I prefer to stick to comment section when it comes to writing. Messages are for ooc talk only and banter. ♦ Time: Being a person who is usually pretty in real life, please allow me time to return replies, send out starters, ect. I'm not the fastest person at returning things on here so please bare with me while you wait. I will understand the same from you. ♦ Drama: Any out of character drama will have you deleted. Stealing will not be tolerated. Controlling my characters actions will not be tolerated. In character drama is fine though and welcome.Please include your favorite gif of your character. 


10/21/2020 05:13 PM 

Just a story now

Valkery had been lost. Even with the help of Lilith and her people it still wasn’t enough to stop Lucy. Over half the town had been destroyed and they had no other choice but to move on. Fleur made the official call, they all would part ways in order to keep each other safe. Tesla was quickly plummeting into a depression that there wouldn’t be anyway out of. This place had been her home and the people she’s met became her family.    She sat in her room, alone, staring at the bags she’d packed. The brunette took a note from Heath and handed out burner phones to be used in a emergency before everyone parted ways. Not knowing where the others were was the safest thing, she knew that but it still hurt to see them go.  “Tes we gotta go. It’s time.” GRay said trying to comfort the femme. Tesla stood up and grabbed her bags and the guitar Moon had painted, then dowsed the rooms with gasoline as she headed for the door.    Now what would she do? Where would she go? Music would follow her wherever she ended up but without her friends... it wouldn’t be the same. All she knew was she couldn’t stay here. As she exited the house, Tesla picked up the Molotov from the porch. If she had a place to return to then it would be to easy to come back. Tesla walked into the driveway and lite the joint hanging from her mouth as she gave the house one last look.   The smell of death and ash had already polluted the air in town. Her house would be a welcomed addition to it. The femme took a few long drags, the air was still and the smoke lingered as she exhaled. The sound of the car door opening snapped her out of her trace. Claire casually leaned into the driver side door with a smile. “Are you coming Bakedcake?” The women called out as she popped the trunk. The car packed with everything Noah and herself would need to move on for Valkery. Tesla took another drag and flicked the roach. “Yeah I’m definitely coming!” She said as happy as she could. She lite the rag sticking out of the bottle and gave it a throw, turning as the porch and house was engulfed in flames. She threw her things into the trunk and slammed it closed. “Ready! Lets make trees.” Tesla hummed and moved to the passenger seat, waving to Noah through the window as she entered the vehicle.    A year had past without incident. Tesla and Claire opened a small diner in up state Michigan. Life had been pretty peaceful and Noah was going to start school the following year. Another Sunday past, the typical Sunday dinner rush had the women at the diner late cleaning up when the door opened. GRay took to Tesla side almost immediately.  “He’s got a gun, left side tucked into his belt.”  Tesla gave the alter a nod and leaned on the mop handle, giving Claire a look but she had already noticed GRay and took to the back. The air was still for moment before Tesla spoke. “Sorry but we are closed, we open again at seven in the morning for breakfast. I hope to see you then.” Tesla chimed not breaking line of sight as he moved further into the diner. She thought she would at least give the man a chance to leave. “Yeah, but I was hopping you could help me anyway.” The man said quickly and pulled the gun, pointing at her a few feet from were she stood. Tesla calmly leaned the mop into the bucket. “Right! It’s been a little while but I can definitely help you out.” Tesla said playfully as the adrenaline took hold. Dakota took to Teslas side and gave both GRay and Tesla a happy smile, the training from Lilith had given her full control over both alters. “Are we going to play?” The childlike alter singsonged. “This is going to be so fun!” She continued as the serpent like figures with wolf heads poked out from under Kotas dress, growling at the man. “It’s definitely going to be fun!” Tesla smiled. The brunette dashed at the man and Bang!, the gun fired.   When the would be robber came to, the police had shown up and was lifting the man to his feet in the parking lot. He was confused and talking like a drunk that had seen a ufo, rambling about how fast and abnormally strong the brown haired girl was, claiming that she had literally dodged a bullet. It didn’t help him that Tesla had made it point to become friends with the police offering free coffee and food when they opened the diner. Tesla giggled when she overheard the officer say “Tesla would never hurt a fly.” Before she gave them her statement.  “He came in and I told him we were closed. I think he was one some kinda drug because he freaked out and started rambling on then ran into the parking lot. It looked like he had a seizure, that’s when I called 911.” 

แด›สœแด‡ สŸแด€แดแด˜สŸษชษขสœแด›แด‡ส€.

10/21/2020 04:49 PM 


BASIC INFORMATION.Full Name: ???Alias: The LamplighterGender: MalePronouns: He/Him & They/ThemSpecies: Supes (Superhuman)Occupation: Former member of The Seven, ‘Orderly’. POWERS.Pyrokinesis — Lamplighter has the ability to control fire. When in The Seven he carried around a staff. After he left The Seven he carries a lighter with him. It is shown that nearby fire can grow in size if he is angered. If he is reckless and gives in to his emotions this can have dangerous effects. PERSONALITY.When he was in The Seven, Lamplighter was very egotistical, only caring about himself and how many people he could sleep with. After leaving he still has an air of egotism and smugness, but it’s mostly used as a front to hide all of the guilt he has, however this is debatable as he also uses tears to try to get his own way. PHYSICAL TRAITSFaceclaim: Shawn AshmoreHair: BrownEyes: BlueHeight: 6'0’‘Facial Hair: StubbleNoticeable Features: The colour of his eyes. BIOGRAPHY [TV show based with comic influences & headcanons. Subject to have canon divergence.] Lamplighter was a member of The Seven, a group of superheroes who use their powers to earn fame and glory. He got attention and fame that went to his head and everything was going great, that was until he got blackmailed by The Boys. In return he was supposed to tell them everything that happened in Vought Tower. This angered Lamplighter so much that he ended up going to Grace Mallory’s house and burned it only to find out that she wasn’t there but her grandchildren were. Lamplighter stayed in The Seven for years after The Boys disbanded due to his actions, but eventually he couldn’t take the guilt anymore and retired from The Seven with Starlight taking his place. Stan Edgar approached him soon after he left and presumably got him working as an orderly at Sage Grove Center. While he worked there his job was to burn the evidence of Vought working on mass producing Supes. This included burning Supes who weren't worth it.After Mother's Milk, Frenchie and The Female broke into Sage Grove, Lamplighter surrended himself to Mallory due to the immense guilt he felt for accidentally killing her grandchildren.(CANON DIVERGENCE STARTS HERE)While in the 'care' of The Boys, Lamplighter was supposed to testify against Vought. To avoid this however, he goes with Hughie to Vought Tower to save Starlight, only in secret he was going there to kill himself in front of his statue. Despite his statue being removed, he kills himself which inadvertanly sets the fire alarm off, freeing Starlight. Hughie ended up cutting Lamplighter's hand off as he needed it to get through the door locks.Vought found a way to bring back Lamplighter with minimal burn scars and eventually he is given a replacement arm that is in the form of a cybernetic with the ability to shoot out flames. Now Lamplighter is more depressed than ever and doesn't even want to try to die again as he's sure that Vought will bring him back again.


Head Prat

10/21/2020 04:43 PM 

Percy HC's

1993: In Percy's final year, between the escape of Sirius Black and the attack of Dementors on the Quidditch Pitch, Percy and the Head Girl were trained to know how to fight off dementors in the same manner Harry was being taught by Remus Lupin. While Percy could create an incorporeal Patronus, he couldn't defeat the boggart used to train on because it altered forms and into his worst fear every time. 


10/21/2020 03:57 PM 

๐“Ÿ๐“ธ๐”€๐“ฎ๐“ป๐“ผ ๐“ž๐“ฏ ๐“›๐“ฒ๐“ธ๐“ท๐“ฎ๐“ต ๐“’๐“ธ๐“ป๐“ต๐“ฎ๐“ธ๐“ท๐“ฎ

POWERS:Enhanced SpeedEnhanced StrengthEnhanced Heightened SensesEnhanced EnduranceEnhanced AgilityEnhanced StaminaTelekenesisTelepathyTeleportationVenomous FangsPosionous ClawsPyrokenesisImmoratalityImmunityABILITIES:Hand to Hand Combat MasterMMA (Mixed Martial Arts) ExpertWeaponry ExpertNegoatitorManipulativeCompulsionDefensive/Offensive DrivingHighly IntelligentMental ShieldLinguistAccelerated HealingHealing Ability


10/21/2020 02:52 PM 

๐“‘๐“ช๐“ผ๐“ฒ๐“ฌ๐“ผ ๐“ž๐“ฏ ๐“ฃ๐“ฑ๐“ฎ ๐“”๐“ต๐“ญ๐“ฎ๐“ผ๐“ฝ

STATISTICS:Full Name: Lionel Antonio CorleoneNicknam(s): RazorDOB: 1928Species: Vampire (turned by sister)Parents: DeceasedSiblings: Gabriella (youngest and only sister), Henry (second eldest brother), David (youngest brother)Family Members: Alexander (brother-in-law), Deborah (sister-in-law), Lilian (sister-in-law)Hair Color: Short & black (human form), Spiked and Blondish-Brown (vampire form)Eye Color: Blue (human form), Red (vampire form)Build: Muscular/AthleticSkin Tone: Slightly PaleTattoos/Scars: Come closer to find outWeapon Of Choice: Hands, Brain, Fangs, SarcasmMode Of Transportation: 2020 Black Goliath----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lionel Antonio Corleone was the first son to be born Jonathan "Joe" Corleone, he was the first to be in line of being the leader of the Corleone Family. It was acutally something he wasn't looking forward to. He preferred to do work, not to lead. He wanted to be on the ground, fighting and working for the Mafia than to rule it. However he was pleased to be passed over, when a woman named Gabriella came into his family. She was the child of an affair, and was welcomed into the family. His father adopted her legally; giving her the last name of Corleone. Lionel was happy to show Gabriella the ways of the Mafia Lifestyle, which his father, his brothers; Henry and David, as well as himself helped Gabriella know the trade, and understand of what it meant to truly be a Corleone. Because of how ruthless she became, she truly had the heart of being a leader, and before his father's death, he made Gabriella leader of the Corleone Family.Lionel was not upset that Gabriella was now the leader, he was acutally happy. because he ended up becoming the Consigliere of the family, which made him the second in command of the family, meaning he made sure that whatever Gabriella needed done, he organized it and made it happen. He also was there for when his sister needed advice.  However soon enough Gabriella got married to a man named Alexander Lopez; who changed his last name to Corleone; and he then became second in command, which made Lionel now third in command. He didn't mind that, because his sister was happy. Lionel was happy with just working for and with the family; he worked better than having to rule. The first job of 'Blood In' of the Corleone family; Alexander had to kill Lionel's wife, because she became rude and disrespected his sister, and Lionel asked for a 'Divorce'; which meant she'd only leave by death. This didn't bother Lionel; because she was an arranged marriage, and he didn't love her. Once she was gone, Lionel felt more free than before. Soon things became more complicated.During a surprise attack on the family, Lionel and the rest of the family found out that their sister Gabriella was not even close to being human. He accepted his sister, even if she wasn't his blood sister, he respected and loved her as if she was. Because she was half vampire, he asked to be turned; and his sister accepted the request, and soon he was turned.Lionel became stronger than he ever thought could happen. The rest of the family wished to become vampires as well, and Gabriella made that happen. Since then their lives have become better, more dangerous yes; but it was better. After Lionel's wife was killed, he decided to live his life as a single man, having many different women. That was until he once again saw a family friend named 'Isabella Wolfe'; whom is a Lieutenant in the New Orleans Police Department, and she was brought into the family, since she helped his father, and now helped his sister. When he found out that Isabella as well wasn't human, the attraction he had for Isabella became stronger. He just didn't know if she felt the same way.Lionel didn't want to mess up their friendship, but was very happy to know that Isabella felt the same way, he could NOW live with someone to love and return his love for all of eternity. He hasn't told his sister that he had married Isabella as of yet, just Isabella and her brother 'Dominic Lupine' were aware of the wedding. Before the actual wedding, Dominic asked to join the family, and was happily accepted. Lionel doesn't know how Gabriella would react to the fact that he eloped with Isabella; but he can only hope that she will accept it. He doesn't know what the future holds, but hopes it'll be as amazing as his recent immortal life has become. 


10/21/2020 02:10 PM 


If you are here for ero/smut/sex, you are in the wrong place. You will never get it here. This character is pansexual and a swinger. This means you will never be his one and only.  This character actually doesn't like Zues, seeming to view certain actions of his as abusive. If this is a trigger for you, please be aware it is there. Will beat you to death with a gold-plaited ukelele if pressed. Ok, probably not, but he'll give a good Home Run worthy swing at you if your character touches him in a perverted manner. Will flirt. Shamelessly. With anyone and everyone. Somewhat of a sh*tposter in and out of character 

Kiana M&L Draco ~Bellatrix Horcrux~

10/21/2020 01:50 PM 

(Past and Present) Family Reunion
Current mood:  bummed

Growing up, Kiana and her family lived in a community of witches and wizards of pure blood decent and she learned different spells and potions as well as her family lineage from them. Kiana had grown up around magic all her life so it was no wonder she desired to know everything she could about it. In her studies however, she learned of dark wizards and witches who wished to harm muggles and set out to recruit whoever they could as long as they were pureblooded. They wished to continue the agenda of someone she had never heard of from years before she was born and soon, she would come to face them herself.   Outside the community lived the MacManus family who became close friends to her family even before she had been born. They were men of God from what she remembered and rid the world of evils. Kiana couldn’t remember never having them around, she was always going to their house and spending time with them, calling them her uncles as they called her their niece being at least 10 years older than her. One of the best memories she had was going over to dinner at their home, Auntie Megan making a pie that Kiana became obsessed with and would ask for all the time because she loved it so much. She would spend time with Auntie Megan, lying flat on the floor, kicking her legs as they watched tv or sitting in her lap with her thumb in her mouth, slowly falling asleep to the show that was on. She would also play games with them, running around the house as she was only three, she remembered those being the best years of her life.  After she had started studying and practicing her transformation into a small white fox around the age of 4, the other kids unable to do something like it began to bully her, throwing rocks at her and chasing her into the woods. One day a rock split her forehead open as Connor and Murphy where coming to visit. She had her knees to her chest and was crying, then they raised her head to see the gash and blood running down her face. They immediately went door to door, banging on them until finally they found the one responsible. They threatened the parents that they needed to handle their son or they would. Kiana sniffled and held their hands but Connor picked her up to carry her and Murphy followed behind, taking her hand and rubbed the back of it with his thumb, as they took her home where her parents cast a spell to heal the bleeding cut. Ever since then they were her protectors.  By the time she was six, her uncles had moved to Boston due to a calling there and she felt a sadness in her that she may never see them again and as though she lost her protectors. She still visited Megan and got updates from her and how they were doing God’s work. She then went home and it was a few weeks later when the community that she lived near with the other pureblooded witches and wizards as well as her manor was burned to the ground as the people who lived there were massacred and she was taken by Bellatrix. She didn’t even think her beloved uncles would care about her, her insecurities getting the best of her. Once Auntie Megan saw the smoke and the bodies lining the street, she went to the remains of the Craven Manor and saw the ash and skeletal remains of the beams. She remembered Kiana loving the forest and when she checked there, she found the bodies of her parents but no sign of her.   She got ahold of the brothers and told them how everything was ash and that there were the bodies of Kiana’s parents meanwhile Kiana was with the most twisted and sadistic woman possibly in the world who tortured her and tormented her every day since she captured the girl. She also set someone to watch her and work with her in massacring hundreds. After that time six-year-old Kiana was never found as she was taken from Ireland to the UK and the brothers nor auntie Megan heard anything to lead to Kiana. They gave up hope that she was alive, but 11 years later Kiana used her assassin skills and killed a man of the church as that was the only way to see if her Uncles showed up. They being the only family she had as her entire bloodline was wiped out except for her.  

๐Ÿ’ฎฦ’ฯƒัะฒฮนโˆ‚โˆ‚ั”ฮท ฦ’โ„“ฯƒฯ‰ั”ั๐Ÿ’ฎ

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Disclaimer: I'm not Dove Cameron. I have never meet Dove Cameron. I'm using her as the play by for Drizella December Teller. 1. No Out of Character drama allowed on my page. I get that enough as it is. No Justin Biebers or Cartoons and Wrestlers.  In Character drama is fine it make for a good story. 2. I am not going to be a whore for every single guy on this site. I will not rp sex of any kind with every single guy on this site. I will only write sex with my man once I finally win him back. And only I mean this only write sex with guys if he is watching me because I am not a cheater.3. I have discord like everyone does not I will not let all guys add me because most of them add me for sex because they want me to cheat or leave my man for them and I won't do it. He has done nothing wrong just put up with me and my craziness and be being a b*tch. So only ask for my discord if you wanna chat and be my friend nothing more. 4. Real Life\Real Love I have found my real love and I lost him because I made a bad choose. And when I do and I will win him back that will mean no asking me to be with you when I won't I am going to change everything about me and be a whole different and I do get busy with things like watching my niece Monday-Thursday. And at Nap time on Tuesdays because I go to Bible Study. I watch my niece from 7:30am to about 4:30pm. So I am always around. 5. Being active. I will be working on being active more but that means with more writing and no more sex read rule 2 why. So once I get things up and better my friend list will be very selcetive meaning i will not add people who haven't filled out their role play details.  Because that tells me there page is a sex page and they say they can turn into a whore for the world which I won't be. 6. Starters and Replies. I will be putting my heart and soul into my writing again no sex. I write in Sons of Anarchy seasons 1-7 Once upon a time seasons 1-7 and Descendants 1-3 and High Fidelity Season 1. I write Para to Multi Para and soon I hope to make it up to Novella but its not that easy for me. 7. Character. Drizella December Teller is the only daughter of Jax Teller and the second daughter to Killan Jones or Papa Hook, Papa Beast (Adam) and goddaughter to Hades. She is singing and recording and learning all there is to learn about Magic with her god dad Papa Hades. She is a sword fighter and loves her sword that Papa Hook gave her at the age of 15. Sign my rules with your favorite song and character from descendants movies.Dizzy

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My Introduction

Hello there everyoneMy name is Brianna Monique Fitzgerald,You are more than welcome to call me Brie or BriBrianna is Twenty-Seven-Year-OldBrianna is hailing from Carmel-by-the-Sea, CaliforniaBrianna was born on October 31st Brianna is currently the Owner of Breezy Brie Bar. S I M P L E F A C T S: 1. Brianna Monique Fitzgerald is the oldest child out of two girls that were born and raised in Carmel City, California to the parents of Bentley and Brittany Fitzgerald on a cold fall afternoon on October 31st, 1992. Brianna has a baby sister name Bethany Rose Fitzgerald that was born on December 23rd,1994.2. Brianna’s favorite season of all time is Fall, she loves to decorate her home and the outside of her house for all starting in August. Brianna loves everything about fall, she loves the smell of the cool crispy of the leaves, She loves the colors of the leaves changing, She loves going to the pumpkin patches.3. When Brianna was 24, years old she wanted to open up her own bar so she decided to go back to school and got her degree in business and got her liquor license and she found a cute little bar and she opened it and called it Breezy Brie’s Bar.4. Brianna loves the outdoors and can often be found hiking or gardening. She often walks around barefoot in her garden, loving the feel of the earth underneath her feet. She is like a modern-day earth-loving hippy, just without the drug use and protesting.TR I G G E R W A R N I N G: People who know Brianna say she is Adventurous, Compassionate, and Individualistic, but what they don’t always say that she is also Blunt, Jealous, and Stubborn.When Brianna is not busy running around Carmel City you can always find her jamming out too “Bad Liar” by Imagine Dragons or you can find her chilling at home watching Grey’s Anatomy.B L A C K M A I L:Not every secret stays hidden forever.QUOTE:“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”


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