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07/08/2020 05:39 PM 

concern. reply to the lion.

  As much as Markus didn't want to admit it, there was another version of himself standing right in front of him. Mismatched optics scanned around his face, showing an expression of half-concern and half-confusion as he tried to figure out the right words to use. He asked him who he was, but it was clear that he was... Markus. Everything about him screamed that. Each individual android had different names despite having the same face, yet this was not the same case, was it? Markus was alarmed. He knew if he still had his LED, then it would be flashing red just from this knowledge alone."My name is Markus." The other one spoke clearly, though it seemed he was simply testing himself out. Markus couldn't help but notice that he had the old colored eyes he used to have, while he had mismatched ones. It wasn't a surprise consdiering he was the one thrown in the junkyard after being shot by those cops the night Leo decided to take matters into his own hands. Would this Markus know anything about that? He couldn't help but wonder this, but the question never came to his lips.Instead, he waited for the other android to speak again and that didn't take very long because he seemed as distressed as he was. "Who... what are you?" The android asked him, which made him purse his lips. "You look like me..." The other Markus gently touched his coat, clearly concerned about this himself, but he wasn't sure what he thought would happen. Would he think this was just a mirror? A dream? Androids didn't dream, at least not in that way, but he wasn't entirely sure what was running through his mind. He was worried this was nothing but a trick. Despite Elijah creating Markus as a gift for Carl, he realized Cyberlife could do the same. Still... what would they hope to gain from something like this? To make the deviants look bad? If so, then they did a horrible job. This Markus looked confused and acted like he had no idea about the world around him.Markus wondered if they shared the same memories or if the only thing this android was aware of was his name. Did he know about the deviants? Jericho? Carl? Where did this Markus come from? Markus had so many questions, but knew he couldn't overload him with them otherwise that could end veyr bad for the both of them. He just had to be patient. He had to be calm."I'm Markus and I'm the same as you." He finally said, deciding the silence was probably enough. Markus didn't want to confus the poor android even more, but he wasn't sure how to be callous about this whole thing. It was difficult to stand there and stare at himself when he thought he was the only RK200 that ever existed. He felt a little unsettled, though he knew there wasn't much he could do in this moment. Perhaps they didn't need to stand out in the open where humans could stare at them and figure them out. Markus was the leader of the deviants after all.He looked around and was relieved to see that no one paid much attention to them. "I don't know what's going on, but we need to get out of here. The humans don't take too kindly to our kind." Markus was unsure if he would follow after him, but maybe he would trust... himself. For now, all he could do was get him and the other Markus to safety. But that gave him a questionable dilemma. Should he take this Markus back to Jericho or hide him somewhere else? He didn't need anyone else in Jericho having a panic attack because another one of him existed.Deciding it didn't matter, Markus gripped the android's arm to nudge him along. "Come on, we'll be safe in Jericho."


07/08/2020 04:49 PM 

Wish Two Response - 3W

RevolutionaryNo one knew the exact cause of the apocalyptic events that had unfolded over the last two years.  A proverbial nuclear meltdown had occurred and the catalyst had yet to be revealed.  Jackson Kenner had dedicated his entire leadership as the alpha of the Crescent Clan to making peace between all the factions: human, witch, vampire and werewolf.  He’d been so close to achieving his goal when the sh*t literally hit the fan, splattering human remains into the streets of New Orleans as Klaus emerged a ripper with his strumpet Caroline.  It wasn’t enough that everyone, regardless of species, had in some way been wronged by a Mikaelson.  For the most part, for all intents and purposes of achieving peace, everyone looked the other way and excused their behavior, but not anymore.  What Klaus and Caroline had managed to do was a declaration of war on everyone and everyone had enough of their sh*t.  It was f***ing time to fight back.  To say the alpha was pissed was an understatement.  The mission was a little more complicated than simply restoring the natural order of things.  For all Klaus knew, most of the Crescent pack had been eradicated, or so it appeared on the outskirts of the bayou with the remnants of the old shacks and bare bones of abandoned and neglected motor homes.  Prior to the civil unrest on a global scale, the Crescents were used to oppression.  They’d always lived a simple lifestyle with basic necessities, but one too many curses by witches and attacks by vampires gave Jackson the motivation to do better by his people.  Having taken them deeper into the bayou and off the beaten path, several upscale cabins stood beneath a canopy of treetops as a testament of survival.  This was not a community easily accessible by an average person… or vampire.  Knowledge of navigable waterways, four-wheel drive vehicles fitted with amphibious air intake and brave souls willing to face the harsh environment of wetlands by foot were the only ways to reach it.  Of those by foot, only ten percent made it out alive, if the gators didn’t get you, a far worse fate was waiting if you didn’t belong.   Living off the grid was something they’d been doing in the bayou since the Crescents settled there decades ago.  Jackson was able to lay infrastructure to modernize their amenities while still keeping them off the grid.  Solar panels provided energy to their cabins even in the night hours, eliminating the need for an anchored power source through cables.  Individual water wells fed by the bayou and cleaned by filtration provided running water, also powered by solar energy.  What they lacked were internet, cellular service and cable TV due to tower locations, but those amenities had been offline on a global scale for some time now and living off the grid literally meant living offline.  Outside communication was obtained by McGyvering an old single frequency ham radio and the use of 3-way long range VHF handheld radios.  The bayou provided food in the form of fish, shellfish and crustaceans and they’d been rotating various crops for years.  Not much had really changed for them in the wake of this Armageddon.  The wolves were content with their lifestyle.            As the leader of his people, Jackson was the one who they looked to for answers, the one they relied on for safety and survival.  Lives hung in the balance if he misjudged or underestimated their enemies.  And then there was Hope.  More than restoring order was the mission of her safety.  As long as Klaus was unaware of Hope’s existence, he had no reason to be poking around the bayou.  No reason at all to go up against the apex predator on a suicide mission.  For all Hope knew, Jackson was her father.  She’d known no different her entire life.  And so the mission was clear… The Crescents were a resistance against Klaus and his army of clowns; all lives regardless of species looking to fight back against the Klowns Army could find refuge through the Crescents; this fight was in effort to restore the natural balance and peace of the world they once knew; and Hope would remain unscathed through it all.             template credit.


07/08/2020 01:51 PM 


1. Chester was turned into a vampire fledgling by the infamous Jerry Dandrige. He hates his sire with the passion for this curse of immortality. He never asked for this life and now he has to deal with another manipulative person in his life. (Welcome to Freak Night) 2. Institution!Chester: In this verse Chester never left the institution and continues to receive treatment for his mental illness. He still suffers from clinical depression, but as for his other mental illnesses he’s doing a little better. (The Cuckoo’s Nest) 3. Detroitbecomehuman!Chester: Chester is an escaped android that turned deviant after his abuse at the Eden Club. (East of Eden) 4. Kid!Chester: This verse normally takes place two weeks before Chester’s 15 birthday and the school shooting. This is the verse where you can turn back time and have your muse befriend a very traumatize boy or adopt him. (Kid has got the Darkside) 5. Last of Us!Chester: In this verse Chester was part of the Washington Liberation Front, (WLF) but became a deserter once he saw how corrupt they were. He also had a boyfriend who ran off with him, but he had to put him down when he got bit while escaping a hoarde of runners. Now, he’s on his own, trying to survive and wondering if running away from the Washington Liberation Front was worth it after all. (Wolf without a Pack) 6. Chronicle!Chester: Chester Hayes is constantly picked on at school and abused at home. He has no where to hide from these horrors and desperately wants to fit in. One day he crashes a college party that he had over heard that some of the students were going to it. Maybe now would be his time to fit in, however, when he’s called out for checking out someone’s girlfriend which wasn’t true he was called out by the girl’s boyfriend and splashed in the face with liquor.  Knowing that he was going to be the laughing stock the next day he leaves the party and goes to sit and cry. Suddenly, two of his classmates approach him. They had seen what happened and attempted to comfort him. Chester was skeptical of their kind actions at first, but was polite about it. One of the kids talk about how they found a thing in the woods and invite Chester to come with them to check it out. When they get there there’s an strange hole in the ground that keeps emitting this weird sound. One of the classmates stupidly drops themself inside the hole to check it out followed by the othe. Chester didn’t want to seem like a chicken so he follows the two teenagers into the pit. Soon they discover a glowing rock or something inside… they started to mess with it and was honestly entranced by the glowing orb. Suddenly, the orb makes this ground quaking sound that causes the cavern to cave in on them. They were lucky to make it out of there alive. (Apex Punisher) The next day… they woke up with strange powers. The first couple of weeks they would meet with each other just to see what they could do with it. Mostly goofing off, but slowly as Chester endures more abuse at the hands of his mother and is bullied more at school… the power goes to his head and makes him mad with it. 7. Hazbin!Chester: Finally, his days of murder have caught up with him. At his apartment he was gunned down brutally by police and when he woke up. He was in hell, actual hell. His appearance has drastically changed in this verse. He has ram horns and long elf like ears along with tiny fangs. His height instead of 5′6 is 6′6 which is still tiny for most demons. He also has the ability to manipulate fire. He mostly spends his time in this verse at bars or doing drugs, but is currently trying to build his own bounty hunter business.   

dissociativehatred, ooc, fact "verses" fiction


07/08/2020 01:49 PM 


Wouldn’t you like to know? 1. Chester’s bathroom has no mirror, no toilet lid, soup dish or anything for his victims to hurt him with. He learned this during his stay at the mental institution. The bathrooms there were completely designed for safety for the patients and the staff.  2. Chester is addicted to Oxycontin because when he was a kid one of his abusers put his arm in a machine vice and broke it in three places. It was the first and only time he went to the hospital and his mom made sure he never told any of the doctors what really happened. He was put on heavy pain killers which his mom gave him more than he was supposed to take to keep him drugged up for her clients. 3. Chester never really got justice for what his teacher did to him. When English Teacher, Marko Clements was shot he was honored as hero and mistaken for dying protecting his students. They built a statue in his honor and to this day no one knows the truth as to the horrors he subjected some of his students to.  4. Chester keeps his sex life private. He doesn’t want anyone knowing he’s gay because he believes that it’s his own business. He has a lot of one night stands and can be considered hypersexual. He never gives his name, however, and always leaves in the early morning hours. If he runs into the person he’s been with the night before he will publicly deny every being with them.  5. Chester prefers to be bottom because he is insecure about how his performance will be considering he’s not very endowed. He has a twink body and prefers to bottom, but he is very capable of dominating in another way. In other words, he’s been known to power bottom if he feels confident in the situation he’s presented with.  Some of his kinks include calling his partner daddy and being praised. Though he also loves rough sex, knife play, blood play and boy is he down to be choked. He also loves dirty talk, but hates being called slut or whore.  Things that he hates during sex though is that he doesn’t like to be taken from behind. He prefers to see his partner the entire time during sex. If he doesn’t his head plays tricks on his and he’s more likely to dissociate. 

dissociativehatred, ooc, loose Cannon headcannon


07/08/2020 01:48 PM 

Chester Hayes Bio:

Chester Hayes is an escaped mental patient from Bolton House, a mental institution for the criminally insane. He suffers from antisocial personality disorder, CPTSD other wise known as complex post traumatic stress disorder. This stems from a long period of abuse at the hands of his mother and several others during childhood. He also has anxiety and depersonalization-derealization disorder.  During the time of his abuse he used to retreat to the comic book store and read comics to escape from the hell he lived in. His favorite was the Punisher series and it became like an obsession to him. When the comic book store moved to a different location he had no where to hide from the horrors that awaited him back at home. Eventually, on his fifteen birthday he snapped. He decided to take matters into his own hands and put on a Punisher shirt that he had stolen a few days prior from the local thrift store. He then grabbed the shot gun that belonged to his step father and shot his mother Jennifer Hayes and her husband Gary Wolff while they slept. He then proceeded to take the semi automatic to school where he took fire on all the classmates who belittled him and the teacher who sexually abused him.  He was soon arrested and tried as an adult, but his lawyer proved in court that he had dissociated during the incidents and had no recollection of the events that occurred. The jury was convinced that he had snapped due to the abuse he had suffered at home and at school and gave the verdict that he was not guilty on the count of insanity.  Chester was sentenced to a mental institution to try to help him with his mental illness, moreover he eventually escaped. He managed to elude the law and get a job as a pizza delivery man, but he was haunted by his memories and a building hatred for woman. Unable to compress his urges any longer he started abducting woman who resembled his mother and torturing them until he eventually deemed them as disposable. 

dissociativehatred, ooc, bio


07/08/2020 01:46 PM 


I am the authority! 1. No godmodding.  2. No minors allowed. This blog is NSFW. You follow my blog I will hard block you without question that goes for personal blogs too unless you are of aged and have a side rp blog.  3. Don’t constantly remind me about replies. I am a 24 year old woman with a life, a job and I also have autism so there may be times where I won’t be as responsive. 4. Please be patient with me, if I do or say something that makes you uncomfortable. If I come off as too clingy or whatever reason let me know so I can correct myself. My autism makes it hard for me to filter myself sometimes. Do not just block me because I will most likely have no clue why you did it. 5. This blog is extremely trigger heavy. There are themes in my character’s backstory such as child abuse, rape and self harm. I will be tagging my posts with trigger warnings: tw: child abuse, tw: rape mention, tw: self harm, tw: suicide… etc. 6. Mun is not the muse. I do not get off on what my character says or does. I do not get off on his back story. I am also a victim of sexual harassment which can be counted as indirect sexual assault.  7. Tell me if you have any triggers before hand of roleplaying and I’ll be mindful of them. Just as you should know my triggers: Pedophilia, clowns, realistic images of eyes and ice cream trucks. I know some of them sound silly, but they will cause me to have a panic attack especially clowns. 8. If you feel uncomfortable by the themes on this blog. Don’t follow. Simply as that.  9. My oc is extremely mentally ill. He has a hard time with ships due to his trauma. Most likely shipping with him will turn out toxic. Please do not beg me to force my character to love yours. It will not work. If he does fall for your character that is extremely rare.  10. Please do not force ship. I will only ship with someone by building chemistry between our characters first. Do not be upset if my muse ends up killing yours we can always do other threads. Also I should probably mention Chester is homosexual. He is in denial of his sexuality so be patient with him. 11. I do not rp rape! Do NOT force yourself on my muse. To avoid that from happening, sexual anons will only be on Sundays. I will not answer any sexual asks unless its on a Sunday.  12. This blog is anon accepting, but anon hate will not be allowed. If I get any hate I will shut down my inbox for a week which isn’t fair to others.  13. Have fun! I don’t bite, but I can’t say the same thing for my muse.

dissociativehatred, ooc, rules

starry eyed,

07/08/2020 01:13 PM 


major inspirations ; cassie ainsworth, satin ribbons, the soft spoken and gentle natured, blonde hair with a desire to fit in, anxiety riddled & tongue tied, the heroine that you're rooting for, sweet like honey, the smell of fresh pastries in a gentle breeze, soft blues, the happiness you felt as a child.things she is inspired by ; children laughing, the taste of a cookie made with love, poetry , waitress the musical, hidden bookstores that house hidden books, the feeling of mixing flour, sugar, and butter, a crisp glass of wine, healing hands , intense conversations , butterflies in your stomach , simplicity , shopping , all nighters , sharing a pizza , the kindness of humans , any and all animals.things she dislikes ; liars , cursing , finishing a good book, screeching tires , cloudy days, long instructions , cold tea , being put into new situations , being unsure of herself , exercising , oversized clothing , screaming fights that end in tears , white chocolate , slamming doors small bites ; name marlene dubois age twenty nine gender female relationship status single & awkwardcountry ; born in france , current us (verse dependent) scooling bsn to rn profession registered nurse ailments anxiety disorder , slight ocd , a stammer when in high pressure environments family the middle daughter between two sisters (both alive) father (alive) , mother (alive)bio ; coming soon. 

⚡Angel ©

07/07/2020 08:50 PM 

The Stupid Prince & The Stubborn Princess AU :The Gift

    It had been 3 weeks she sat at the dining room table and looked at the food in front of her she felt nauseous, she glanced at her brother who looked at her and switched plates with her. she had been doing this for 3 weeks now. Damien had been eating her food to give her mother the illusion she was eating. Truth was she was not. She swallowed some water that was in front of her and pushed off the chair and walked back into her room and crawled into bed looking at Rad who nuzzled next to her. she closed her eyes and could feel the pain inside her heart throb. She ran, she did what she was told. when things got bad that was Ds rules for her. it had gotten bad she fell for this man hard. and now she was dying inside she refused to speak to her mother because D liked to pry. She was trying to get information out of her daughter that Angel was not ready to give. The only one she spoke to was her brother Damien. He knew parts of the story but not the whole part. This was just week 3 and she was hoping she would die by the end of it. it was so hard for her not to pick up the phone and try to call him but she knew what she did that night there was no chance in hell hed give her the time of day. She however did call the FBI and asked for a reevaluation and to be put in a different department saying the stress of the job was getting to her and her doctor requested she take some time off. It was partially true. It wasnt the job though it was him. She also hadnt slept in a week that her mother knew and got her a prescription of tranquilizers she reached over and took one looking at the bottle thinking to herself she could just take them all and then when they found her she would finally be over this, it wouldnt hurt anymore he could have a chance at a real life. The only name she uttered to her brother was William. she never said anything else about him . Damien sat at the table eating his sisters meal when his mother looked at him."Where did she go? Back to bed?" D raised her eyebrow and sat beside Damien. He nodded and took another bite and was getting full."Mom, can David help her?" He asked curiously. D looked at her son and smiled sipping her coffee."I hope so, but if we dont know what happened we cant help her.. she just wanted out said it was an emergency, wouldnt tell me anything but that." She sighed and looked out the window. She knew something happened to her daughter something that had scared the sh*t out of her and now all she did was come to the table then go lay in bed. D upped her prescription so at least shed be able to sleep some. she glanced at the clock and closed her eyes."David is coming Friday next week hes going to draw her blood and see if its something that perhaps made her ill? I just wish she would tell me what could be so bad?" D said as she got up from the table . Damien mumbled to himself."A broken heart. cant fix that .." He finished off his plate and put it in the sink and got up he saw the new phone his mom got Angel and picked it up turning it on he saw that there was a sh*t load of voice mails and text messages unread. he put it on silent and slipped it into his pocket. He figured if she wasnt going to tell them what happened he was going to figre it out on his own .it was 3am and she had the overwhelming urdge to vomit again. she got out of bed and ran to the bathroom and heaved there was nothing in her stomach to come up so she sat on the floor and cried. it hurt so bad..everything hurt.. her heart hurt the most ..she opened her eyes and put her hand on her abdomen and rubbed it the instant she did that she felt a shock and a burning sensation she looked down and raised her eyebrows she moved her hand and started breathing heavy when she did the lights started to flicker in the bathroom she closed her eyes and thats when the voices started coming into her mind she opened her eyes and looked around she was alone in the bathroom so who was talking. she pushed her self up and felt another wave hit her and she held the wall . she didnt know what the hell was going on but something serious was.It had been 3 weeks since that night and she was sitting in Davids office he was someone her mother trusted since she was a baby he knew her condition and always treated her. She truthfully hated being here. But Damien caught her in the bathroom that night last week and made her go. So here she was he was going to run tests on her she didnt care at this point the only good news he could give her was that she was dying and there was nothing to do to save her. She bit her lip and looked up when he walked in and smiled. He reached over and grabbed the blood pressure cuff and put it on her turning it on he smiled at her again and pulled out his chart."Well well well little Angel its been some time hasnt it..your mother said you havent been feeling well...depressed something happened? Wanna tell me?"Angel shrugged and he looked over the fading bruises and lifted her shirt looking at the small wound. He turned Angels head seeing the mark that was still clearly visible and looked at her eyes."Come on kid you tell me everything well you used"She blinked at him and didnt answer. He gave her a look and grabbed the paper and jotted down some numbers. He then reached for a syringe and drew some blood."Okay so been eating you look pale...and like youve lost weight.."She looked at him and shrugged."Okay, have you been throwing up?"She nodded slowly and looked away. He raised his eyebrow and watched her reaction."When was your last menstrual cycle.?"He paused looking at her she turned and looked at him and started thinking. She was trying to add dates together and count she looked up at him and spoke softly."About a month and half ago?"She shook her head. He put down his pen and sighed. He picked up the vial and turned putting some dropplets on a slide and some on a small test and snapped it."So have you been with anyone? Angel intimately?"He asked slowly. She looked out the window and took a deep breath."One..but it was only one time..that was it.."She could feel herself want to cry she swallowed and closed her eyes. He watched her and nodded picking up the snap test and popping it into the machine to read."Well thats good I mean. Most girls your age have multiple know I remember when you were little you told me that one day youd find your prince..and when you did that would be the happiest day of your life….am I right to guess that he wasnt. It?" She looked up at him and gave him a look. He smiled and the machine printed out a piece of paper and he took it he sighed and looked at her."Well I know whats wrong...that is if you want to know of ill just tell your mother. Angel got up and ripped the paper out of his hands and read it she fell looked confused and fell back into the chair she couldnt speak..just at that moment her mother walked in smiling she glanced from David to Angel and looked confused. Angel swallowed and looked at her mother and spoke softly not believing it." pregnant"D looked at her and dropped her coffee on the floor grabbing the paper. She raised her eyebrow and looked at Angel. And almost died."Angel...what happened?"


07/07/2020 08:06 PM 

Rules and regulations

Disclaimer: I write not only both genders but even canon and original characters. This is a original character and please understand that I am selective when it comes to writing. Plus I have other muses to attend to as well.1: Do not claim my muse; and if there is an interest in a ship bring it up. I am not a mindreader that can interpret the signs of interest. And I might have plans to ship my muse so it is proper to ask. 2. Even if the muse is intended for someone friends and enemies are always welcome. A good connection will work wonders for the future too. The grass is seldom greener somewhere else. So don't let go if you enjoy writing.2: Please no friend collectors. I do not know how many times that you get added by people, mostly in a ship, that say nada. Will clean list of those once in a while that do not introduce their muse to me. You add, you make first contact.3: Remember patience is a virtue. I have other muses and I will get around to reply as soon as I am able. And I will not let anyone wait for months without a word why. And I expect the same thing in return.4: Communication is key. If I message you and there is no response whatsoever I will put any ongoing rp on hold. Since silence just give me bad vibes and I suffer from bad experience from this sort of behaviour.5: Every muses of mine is shippable and with a bit of imagination it should work out. When it comes to this it should be discussed. Do not put my muse in a ship with yours without informing me. Ask first if it is okay and if the muse is available.6: Banter is good foundation for a future rp, where you try one another out before starting an actual rp storyline.7: Settings for banter should be unique places and not using bars, coffee shops and such as a starting point.8: I have the right to be part of any group without being assumed that I write erotica. Yes, I can and will do that with the one my muse will be shipped with.9: I am willing to write with any muse from any genre. I find such things as crossovers very enjoyable.10: Do not godmod or try to make any changes to my muses. I will lose interest in writing with anyone that do.11: The admin behind Lilith is shy and due to previous letdowns it had me overly cautious when it comes to making contact.Admin Disclaimer: My native language ain’t English, so any mistakes when it comes to grammar you have an explanation why. I have learned by reading and writing in English and also by translating stuff which was a hobby a few years back.


07/07/2020 03:09 PM 


"Grief is like the ocean. It comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm and sometimes it's overwhelming. All we can learn to do is swim."There was sand clinging to her legs and in her hair. The long strands had long since dried but were sticking up in a wild disarray, giving the girl an almost wild, exotic look. Her skin had turned a soft golden brown during the hours she had spent lounging under the warmth of the Greek sun. It was rare for Arabella to take an entire day for herself. The young female inherited her father's need to work and spent the majority of her time doing exactly that. Between running the bar and acting as a liaison for her parents in New York and the rest of the cartel here in Greece she had very little time for herself. Others used to tease her that she was all work and no play. But she was happiest when she was busy. Things with the bar were running smoothly and business with the cartel couldn't have been better. She had really stepped up, proven herself to be a real player and not the little princess she had been while growing up.A lazy smile curved her lips as she stepped through the doors Day Of The Dead, the name a call out to her father's favorite holiday from back in Mexico. It was packed with people and all of them instantly recognizable to her. She had been a permanent fixture in the place while her father had been working to get established. Her easy going nature and charming smile drew people in. Her father used to tell her she was responsible for half of the people that came in. On nights when she was singing there wasn't any room available. Cool air kissed her sun warmed skin as she swung into the back and jogged up the stairs to their managers office. Her hand was closing over the knob just as the phone rang. She pushed the door open and tugged her phone free from the pocket of her jean skirt, a smile lighting up her face when she saw her father's name on the display. "Hola papá. Estarás orgulloso de mi. Pasé todo el día en la playa, solo siendo una chica normal."The voice that greeted her wasn't familiar. It wasn't the deep baritone voice of her father. Instead it was someone she didn't know and without knowing why, sliver of fear raced up her spine. "Ms.Costas? Arabella Costas?" She swallowed hard, frozen in the doorway of the manager's office. Marcel was staring at her, concern etched into the wrinkles in his face. He had been with them since her father had opened the doors. He was a kind man, one that was as fond of her parents as everyone else. When they had made the choice to move to New York, he had promised her father that he would keep an eye on her. Though she was a full grown woman capable of taking care of herself she knew that it gave her parents peace of mind knowing that someone was looking out for her. She cleared her throat and forced words out in a voice that was suddenly shaking. "Yes, this is she. Can I help you?" There was a pause on the other end of the line, followed by a slow exhale. Whatever was coming wasn't good.She gripped the wooden edge of the doorway, her nails digging in roughly. "This is Detective Curtis Shepard with the NYPD. I...f*** I hate this part." The last part was mumbled but Arabella heard him loud and clear. Her legs buckled and only her sheer force of will kept her on her feet. "I'm sorry to inform you Ms.Costas that your parents died this morning." Silence. Complete and total silence. Then suddenly a strange wheezing, gasping noise filled the air. It took her several long seconds to realize the noise was coming from her. Marcel was on his feet and across the office but it was too late. Force of will wasn't keeping her up anymore. Her legs folded beneath her and she hit the ground hard, her gasping sobs getting louder. Distantly she heard the voice on the other end of the phone, calling her name at the same time Marcel was. Her grip on the phone tightened, and she was sure she heard a crack. "Are you...are you sure? This isn't… I can't… I don't…. I don't understand."The voice went on and with every word that came out of his mouth another part of the ground beneath her feet shattered and broke away. Her parents were dead. Gone. Shot, according to the detective. Forcing herself to think clearly, for just a moment, she mumbled a thank you for the information and promised she would be in touch in a few hours. Then she hit the end button and slumped against the wall. The silky material of her tank top slid along the wall and her along with it until she was laying in a heap, a tangle of arms and legs. There were three beats of silence and then the sobs burst out. Large, gulping sobs that shook her petite frame. Marcel's gentle voice barely cut through the fog of grief that was suddenly clouding her brain. He called her name and she blinked, finally raising her eyes to meet his concerned gaze. "Bella...what is it?" She blinked once, twice, a third time. And then finally… "They're gone."


07/07/2020 02:01 PM 

Proper Code for Hiding Your Headline

When hiding your headline it is important to type out your style code correctly and be sure that you end them with either a double quote or ending tag.You will lose everything beneath the tag If you type it out like this, this is not the proper formatting and this tag will no longer work.<font style="display:none;Type it out this way instead.<font style="display:none;">


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Selene appreciates the position of Elder, of course, but she doesn't know what to do with the newfound "fame" and "respect" after spending her entire life as a death dealer and then recent time on the run. She will quite literally rip the head off of any male who makes any form of advance toward her. She's uninterested. Don't push your luck. Eve is and always will be her main focus. The covens are important, but her daughter is all she, personally, has left. She's not going to lose that or mess that up. She does miss her death dealing days quite often and makes up for it by helping train new recruits.

Angelic Demon Princess

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I Don't Understand

  I Don't Understand;Great. Let’s just hope we aren’t dissecting anything today;   It was the end of summer, and the Wicklens had completed their move to Beacon Hill, California. According to maps, it was located in Northern California, one of the hot spots for supernaturals. Charissa and her family sat at the dining room table, having dinner with Menaki, the only human married into their crazy family. She didn’t understand why they all had to eat with him, but it was something her father, Lord Damien, had insisted on. “Why did we have to move here, Pops?” Charissa asked bluntly through a mouthful of food. Silence fell over the dining room as Damien slowly glared at his daughter. Damien was the Prince of Darkness, and as far as he was concerned the head demon. He wasn’t the most subtle when it came to handling his kids, a mix of demi-gods, fallen angels and demons alike. Menaki sighed as he could feel the temperature go from a gentle warm to fiery hot in seconds. The human placed a gentle hand on Damien’s leg and squeezed it affectionately, and gave the Prince a stern look. “We moved here, Charissa, because the Agency requested that your father and I help the other hunters here in Beacon Hill. It appears as if there has been more supernatural activity than usual. There’s a rumor that a Hell Mouth has opened and we’ve been asked to investigate while the other hunters handle other things,” Menaki calmly explained. “Now, finish up your breakfast before you’re late for school,” Damien added. Not satisfied with the answer, Charissa rolled her eyes and took the last bite. “Fine. Whatever,” she simply stated like a typical human teenager would. Except for the fact she wasn’t human at all. She never was, and she didn’t quite care for them either. “Come on Sapphire,” Charissa stated as she stood and cleared her plate. “We don’t want to be tardy on the first day.” Charissa spoke in mocking tone of voice. Damien and Menaki both glared at their daughter and rolled their own eyes. “Have a good first day of school. Remember, don’t reveal what you are to anyone,” Damien reminded them. “Duh!” both Charissa and her half-sister, Sapphire and brother Jasper spoke in unison. Jasper grabbed the keys to their father’s Jaguar and hopped in. “You ladies coming or what?” He asked. “Aren’t we supposed be, you know, inconspicuous,” Sapphire asked while shaking her head. “Father’s gonna kill us.” “Come on, sis, live a little,” Charissa replied as she jumped into the passenger seat. “What’s the point in being the new kids if we can’t show off a little?” Sapphire rolled her eyes. “Fine, but don’t say I didn’t tell you so when we get busted,” she replied as she jumped into the backseat. Jasper sped to school, enjoying the feeling of the wind blowing around them with the roof of the car down. When they finally pulled into the parking lot of the school, the scent of human assaulted their noses. Charissa wasn’t as used to it as the others were. She tended to stay away from them as much as possible due to bad experiences with them in her childhood. “What fresh Hell is this?” Charissa muttered to no one in particular as she hopped out of the car. “Welcome to high school,” Sapphire stated as she pulled out their schedules. “Come on!” Sapphire led the way to their lockers. “I guess this is where we part ways,” Charissa stated solemnly as she looked at where their lockers were located. “Hey, you’ll be fine. If I can survive being around Carson, and you know how much I love human blood, you’ll be fine. If you need anything, just text us,” Jasper assured her which was not normal for him. “Thanks,” Charissa muttered and headed for her locker alone. When she arrived at her locker, Charissa looked around her. The school was huge and there were so many humans. It was almost too much for the hybrid to bear. Taking a deep breath, she opened her locker and sorted through her books and schedule. Her first class of the day; Biology 101. “Great. Let’s just hope we aren’t dissecting anything today,” she muttered. Charissa studied each of the classroom numbers before finally finding hers. Charissa walked in, handed a note to the teacher and found an empty seat. She was among one of the first few students in the class at that moment, and Charissa couldn’t help but relish in the moment. She used it to try to ground herself and prepare to deal with the humans for the day.

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The Barracks

It was a quiet night, up to the point where Pick opened the doors to the new Barracks, an old, heavily modified former military barracks building with 22 bunkhouse-style bedrooms that slept eight apiece, a large parking garage, an armory, and several common areas, consisting of a bar, large kitchens, a movie theater, and a bowling alley, to name a few. It even had a small pool hall with four tables. Pick had invested a lot of time, money, and sweat into setting the place up just right, even up to a large basket by the doors for car keys, just in case people came just to drink, and he greeted everyone at the door to his new "haven for Hunters", and he was surprised to see such a crowd on opening night, since he hadn't advertised through standard channels...


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Crashing of the ship of dreams

Everything within those two hours seemed like a blur which seemed to go on for days in the mind of many of that sonking dammed ship.Who knew it would sink to the bottom of the Atlantic?,white star Line did.Annie took the job simply to be able to support her daughter in ways her family would never of done,to protect her and give her things that she never was able to get.It seemed like such a dream come true,the ship was indeed a ship of dreams but more to a point where certain passengers had different ideas of the majestic steam ship.She had sat and listened to passengers complain for hours about how the ship lacked heating on the 3rd class passengers deck, how coffee wouldn't be served until lunch or the fast that most Decks wouldn't ever be able to communicate.Disappointed by all the very immature people that spat these words to her, she hurried with the life belts in her hand and pushed them onto all in her way, many disapproved and didn't want to wear as it never went with their fashion sense.'How can these idiots be so disheartening?' She thought as she opened  doors to each as she passed the higher corridor and threw in the belts, she passed a few younher first class children who seemed terrified, telling Annie they could not swim and didn't want to drown.Feeling emotional by this, she bent down to the level of the small children infront and placed the jacket over their little bodies leaving a smile behind as she got to her feet and continued. It was a hard job to do, one not many could ever seem fit to do, of course this would value them well and if she survived this then she needed an award for her efforts.Clearing her throat as she passed a door that seemed locked from the inside,she knocked and got no answer, repeating her knocks she had been greeted with an oldish man who looked to be in his fifties who had a brandy in his hand and a smirk on his face."Sir, I advise you and your wife place your life belts on, the ship is sinking and you need to get to a boat."Annie looked to the man after she demanded her request and she knew he wasn't interested at all by what she had said, it seemed as though the couple had already decided to drown with the majestic steam ship and she knew she had nothing she cod say that would make them want to try and survive. He Chuckled to her words and shook his head before sipping at his brandy,he looked behind him to his wife who jad been sat on the bed the whole time and sighed,his eyes met Annie again once more, he wasn't amused."Dear girl, we are not leaving this room, try as you may but your scheming ways will not work my dear, we will go down like heroes, brandy in hand and locked lips."Raising her eyebrow to the man infront, she sighed and bodded her head before walking off into the oppisit direction to try and request more people to save themselves by putting on jackets and getting into boats.It of course began to become rushed in this hall and she had to leave,going up the stairwell to the higher deck where the boats were being towed to the icy waters.Screaming from terrifed children,women hysterical from having to leave their hands and sons behind, she sighed, knowing she would be pushed into a boat herself with her own little daughter, as it was the rules.  

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