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๐“ถ๐“ธ๐“ท ๐“ฌ๐“ฑ๐“ฎ๐“ป๐“ฒ,

10/29/2020 03:51 PM 

Haunt Me.

The ceilings harbored spiderwebs.That’s what her nightmares were made up of, spiderwebs and nightmares. She was used to this elegant obscurity, the way those nightmares melted into her dreamworld, canvassing her sleeping body into a world of darkness like never before. She actually anticipated them, especially lately, and with Halloween near, of course it showed in her head. The walls were painted orange and black and jack o lanterns with scary faces lined up along them. It was Halloween, alright, she could feel it. Something about that holiday seemed to just… make things seem darker.Fleur rose from the marbled black floor, her flowing red gown trailing behind her, smoothly fluttering along the surface. She could hear it, a ghost organ in the distance playing rather sinister music as she walked, almost as if timing her footsteps and going with the obscure atmosphere. She’d play along, though confusion was not entirely hidden upon her features. Her curls flowed along her shoulders, eyes set to the path ahead, surrounded by walls covered in vines, as her fingers trailed along that rough surface. Closer and closer to the end. Closer and closer to the silhouette standing there, waiting for her to arrive.And then she saw him…Lucy spun around, that familiar sinister grin on his features. He was wearing a tuxedo, hands behind his back, that vivid scar etched into his cheek. As she approached, he dropped his hands and held them before him. ”My bride,” He said, stepping closer, ”you look so beautiful.” Now the confusion was evident, her eyebrow quirking as she stepped back away from him. “Bride? I would never…” She stopped, gawking down at her attire, now changed to a pearly white wedding dress. Her hair was pinned up, a veil over her face, and she looked over her shoulder at the rows and rows of masked bunny men on the left side, and all of the people she loved on the right.. Only the right side was all dead.She shook her head, horrified, trying to step back, but Lucy gripped her wrist tight and pulled her forward. ”There’s no running away,” He said, his arms wrapping around her petite frame, hugging her tighter and tighter, crushing her, ”you can never run away anymore…” And then… the whole world went black.


10/29/2020 03:36 PM 

Optional Task 127

1.) Pennywise the clown — H 2.) Darth Vader — L 3.) Hannibal Lector — F 4.) Freddy Kruger — D 5.) Norman Bates — A 6.) Michael Meyers — O 7.) Jason Voorhees — J 8.) Jigsaw — B 9.) Maleficent — K 10.) Dr. Evil — N 11.) Scar — E 12.) Pinhead — M 13.) Ursula — I 14.) Lord Voldemort — G 15.) Headless Horseman — C


10/29/2020 02:21 PM 

Things to Know:

Letter from the Writer: The cold months are sneaking up. I have recently cut out all alcohol. If you knew me before I left this world, you would know I have struggled with this since I was 16. Along with alcohol, I am detoxing horrible social circles and keeping to myself. That explains why I am here again.As a writer, I miss this place as it kept my brain working like a well oiled engine. It allowed me to invest in world and character building, as well as the freedom to just absolutely suck for the sake of being creative. So I decided to give this place a shot for the next few months as I hibernate in my room like I did before as a kid -- minus the addictions.That being said, I have no intention of getting invested in the nuance of elaborate coding and picture editing. If that sort of shallow interaction is all I am good for, we may not work out as co-writers. I assure you, though, I hold a lot of passion for these characters, especially the one I chose to revive. I think investing more time in the replies and character suits my purpose here than trying to please the eye of everyone. I don't know, maybe I outgrew the popularity contest this place once used to be? Maybe it's not like that anymore? I guess I will have to find out. Simple, straightforward things to know about me as a writer.  I have been writing since '06.   I am twenty-six.   Smut isn't necessary in my opinion.Like, I'm a grow ass person and if I wanna get laid, I'll just go out and do it.  That being said, if you are of legal age in real life and that is something that advances the plot, then we can discuss aluding to the "act."  Otherwise, like I said... I don't need roleplay as an avenue for that -- but I'm also not afraid to write on those themes, if it makes sense.  I work full time and despite working on soberity, cutting people off and sh*t, I still have a social life.  I also have a lot of other creative projects that require time and effort. So, truly, this platform is used as an outlet to kind of stretch out my brain a bit.  Pronouns they/them.  Trauma's a major thing I try to make room for, especially as Argo is a character that has experienced some pretty sincere traumas.  A lot of them are based on my own life, but obviously, revised for storytelling.  The thing is, I never want to hurt or alarm anyone so please be aware that most anything involving Argo is a giant "trigger warning" and I will always try to give as much advanced notice on that as I can.  I just think for you, dear reader, and your safety, it would work best for both of us if you tell me up front what will bother you and what I should avoid.    It's all respect here.  Just want you to have fun and fell safe as much as I intend to have fun and feel safe. 


10/29/2020 01:07 PM 

๐—ฆ๐—ฒ๐˜ƒ๐—ฒ๐—ป ๐—ฝ๐—ถ๐—ฒ๐—ฐ๐—ฒ๐˜€ ๐—ผ๐—ณ ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฒ ๐—ฝ๐˜‚๐˜‡๐˜‡๐—น๐—ฒ: ๐™ฉ๐™๐™š ๐™จ๐™š๐™ง๐™ซ๐™–๐™ฃ๐™ฉ

wish to catch up first?    Narcissa squeezed her eyes shut, panting. The effort of pushing herself slowly painfully to her feet almost prompted her insides back up her throat. She swayed and plunged an arm out, seeking refuge from her own body as it betrayed her, both legs quivering violently.“Get up.” Something should’ve told Kai that that part would be too much for a woman that had seen so much dark and yet remained sheltered. It was written all over Cissa’s face that she didn’t have the guts to rip someone apart. “Breathe! It’s almost over, and you’re wasting time.” How wrong she was. "I left her to die!" The words erupted in an explosive yelp. A face branded within her mind, frosted in the haze of a stormy night, illuminated only by sporadic flashes of lightning. Kai’s face twisted into ugliness."So be it!" —She spat with poisonous intent, pulling the petite blonde inside the sanctuary she built for them, where fire sprang Narcissa back to life, its tendrils flaming brilliantly against the ebony of night for a single moment. Its heat nipped feminine fingers, a welcomed relief to the chill darkness thrusting in from all sides. She wasn’t sure what the voodoo priestess had done, or what she had given her, but it was a comfort that swayed her in and out of dizzy dream sequences.The dark skinned priestess ran caring fingers in a descent way down the slope of her jaw, resting with added pressure against her neck where veins pulsed against her fingertips, then moved back up, to remove the wet blonde tresses from her forehead. Narcissa never had felt such a maternal touch, and never had she known how much she craved it.She turned to her side, the image of Amelia branded within her mind, only for her eyes to come across a picture Kai had found in her things and decided to frame it; of two girls with contrasting hair color, both holding babies of almost the same age. It was enough to erase all the feelings of guilt, and slowly dissipate the tiredness gnawing at her. She sat up, slowly stretching her legs as she stood and reached out for her garments. Regret and physical strain could wait for a few more hours, now it was important to take the final steps. Kai was there to arm her with a herbal brew to take away the bone rattling cold that took permanent residence within her.Fumes and towers of smoke filled the small spaces, like ghostly grey fingers reaching out through every crevice. They guided Narcissa towards a door that remained locked, and upon turning the rusty doorknob, hands from the other side pulled the creaking piece of termite-eaten wood panel. But Narcissa was quick, and her wand moved on its own accord, as if protecting her; long tendrils reached out to the victim, wrapping her in a snug hug of vine-like snakes.Early that day, using the veritaserum, the naive girl had told all the truth, and Narcissa had to sit through the minutes filled with anger, listening to how this woman had witnessed atrocities committed against the woman she loved as a third sister. How they took her away. How she died alone. Narcissa succumbed to this newfound hatred within her small frame. A woman that has experienced incandescent love, and unbearable sadness, was, for the first time feeling suffocating and all encompassing anger. The kind that makes one wish to burn the entire world around her. She could not wait another minute to put her hands around the throat, bash her head open against the ground, and watch her lose the voice as the seconds passed. Murder was never a fantasy of hers, no matter how romanticized by Bellatrix it had been, yet now she understood the deep hatred that fed the monster her sister was, with that beautiful face, and unstoppable hunger running in her veins, as if she was one of the harpies. In that moment, Narcissa wanted to be an agent of punishment as well.“Cissy.”A shiver passed over her. She felt a cold slap across her face, even behind closed doors. Kai placed a firm hand on her shoulder, forcing her to turn around, to face her armed with bags filled with candles, herbs, and a clean set of clothes among other things. Then she walked towards the hostage, and with a clean blade freed her from her strains. “Come on.” She said, holding her hand, with a calm that was unfamiliar, and which made Narcissa doubt the minutes.The three women crossed the streets of New Orleans that were packed by tourists. The happiness and color of the city seemed to lament Narcissa’s indifference as her eyes were now jaded by the macabre side of it. They took a taxi to St Louis Number 1. The trip was short, but it felt like a life time to all three of the women huddled together in the backseat.Saint Louis Cemetery number one is protected by the governor. No one can enter the sacred ground unless they pay, but money was no concern, so their entry was the easiest part of this entire mission.There was a different type of calmness that surrounded her the moment she set a foot in that place. So many old bones, so many souls unwilling to rest, seemed to want to join her in her ravaging grief. It was as if they wished someone had fought for them the same way Cissy was fighting to get her sister back.She heard Kai’s voice ordering Theo’s sitter around. Heard her move, and chanting, creating glass and metallic noises that were lost in the eerie wind of the night, then suddenly a bone-chilling procession of dark clouds whirled above their heads.Kai had completed the pentagram where she intended to crucify the sacrifice to even out the the balance between the living and the dead. A life for one life.Hear me out, ancestors!Je prépare mon piège ô Bon DieuJe prépare mon piège quoi qu’il arrive ôBon Dieu Je mangerai ta chair et ton âmePour faire un collier d'osHear me out father!Kai entered a trance that Narcissa knew would come, and she did her part by walking inside the circle illuminated by five candles placed on the five corners of the star. The other woman’s hands, and legs were tied and pinned against the ground with old rusty coffin nails, her mouth was tied with a red cloth, but her eyes expressed her terror. This gave Narcissa devilish pleasure as she stood above her. Her feet on either side of the woman’s torso, until she lowered her body and straddled her, following the rhythm of Kai’s song.“Oh God I am waiting for my trap!I am waiting for my trap however it comes Oh God!The meat is for me to eat,The bones are for me to make a necklaceThe blood to rewrite historyThe meat is for me to eat,The bones are for me to make a necklace!”The blood to rewrite historyThe small cauldron that bubbled bright red, expelled a dark purple smoke, a signal that the potion was ready. Cissy dipped her finger in the hot concoction, and drew with it a rune on the woman’s forehead. She was entering her own trance. This was something she never felt before, but was somehow familiar... there was calm in her movements, as she reached for the knife that had the dried out layer of Amelia’s blood, she dropped it inside the cauldron, as well as Adonis Fawley’s skull.The liquid stopped boiling and became still, with a crimson red that smelled like wilted flowers. Then she reached for the knife, holding it with both hands she raised her hands against the blackness of the sky.The bone of the fatherThe blood of the enemyThe flesh of the servant...Then the blade dropped, aimed at a chest convulsing with terror. Narcisa felt a set of hands holding and bruising her wrists, and she screamed with frustration. The woman broke free from her ties and was fighting.Narcissa turned to look at a Kai still chanting, a Kai that looked extremely small and weak, and suffering a nosebleed.“Kai!”“No!”Gnashing teeth punctured the delicate flesh of a tongue; felt the corrosive touch of blood within her mouth, its taste overwhelmed by the dense fog of anger and determination.Liquid dribbled down her chin, unhampered as it traversed the slope of her jaw. Dimly she heard it patter to the cold floor covered with dried leaves, and then the world flashed crimson before her body arching in another violent spasm... hands harshly free-falling, piecing through flesh and bones.Je mangerai ta chair et ton âmePour faire un collier d'osThere was the echo of a scream. It was difficult to tell if it was one of pain, or victory. Then everything went silent the moment the priestess collapsed, and Narcissa remained frozen in that moment, to see herself above someone she had taken out of this world, blood staining everywhere she could see. The gore, the macabre... she was the bone chilling portrait of the stories used to frighten the muggles, and even wizards and witches.Kai crawled towards her, gently pulling her off the corpse, and to her side. She opened her mouth, but no sound came, just a sudden expelling of dark liquid that looked and smelled the same way as the potion Narcissa used to bless the murder victim.That did not stop her. Nails digging at the dirt around them, she begun to cover the body with it. Narcissa twinned her actions, moving mechanically, as if she had no other function. Then the dark clouds released a hellish rain that rattled the old city; cold and numbing. Clapping of thunder and lightning illuminated the landscape, they moved towards the Mississippi. Dirt turned to mud painted red with blood. Nature was claiming the gift as both women interred the girl. They held hands, throwing back their heads to face the precipitation and both said a prayer that was charged with Narcissa’s intention. bring me back my sister! Hours passed, and the silence was difficult to ignore. For a moment she thought they had been trapped in the other side of the veil, but no. She was still with the living, succumbing to mental and physical exhaustion.The atmosphere started to change. She felt her skin dimple with shivers, but before she could question it. Kai was pulling at her.“Cissy. They knew I used magic. They are coming for us!”“But...”“It’s been hours!”Three words that broke her resolve and her spirit in one angry breath of air. She shook her head as it dawned on her, and lucidity returned to her mind. She felt every inch of her hurt, felt her blood boil and her chest burn as she looked over the corpse that was covered in mud. Realizing what she had done, and what couldn’t be accomplished.“No...”“Cissy let’s go!”Narcissa wept for having lost Dea a second time.She felt Kai wrap her arms around her as voices and lights of wands loomed around them. The voudou girl consoled her with the sweet creole sound of her voice, rocking back and forth until Narcissa disapparated with her away from that place, until their feet touched the riverbank, and both ran towards a small boat that waited for them at the darkest spot.Gore painted ominous shapes along the fabric of her dress, traversing and trembling fingertips, both knees gave in two spastic jerks. She felt the slick of bile rise to glaze her throat, thrusting against tightly compressed lips, a burning sickness roiling within disturbed stomach fluids. The surroundings rippled before her, solidity suddenly blurring as long lashes eclipsed intense azure hues for a single moment. She knew she had been running for a while, and it was this moment when she gave up and collapsed, trying to count the breaths she took, trying to focus in anything but what she had done just minutes before. She thrust a hand against the ground, clutching the ragged pain in her gut with the other as she tried to rise.“Get up.” —Kai reaches down, wrapped arms around her, tried to pull her up, from the floor, from her trance, but Cissy was still in shock, shaking like a new born animal that’s still too bloody and confused to understand what’s happening. And to her the image of Dea danced before her, startlingly clear in a carmine-painted world of agony and hurt.“It was all for NOTHING!”She screamed with fury, and guilt to the heavens, but no one would listen, and no one would feel sorry for her selling her soul this way, knowing that her pretty small hands would forever be stained with blood. Blood that she smeared over her face in her desperation to wipe down the tears that insolently flowed, blood that stained her blonde white hair. Anger that she gave half her soul and got nothing in return. Nothing                   Nothing                                   Nothing The hit wizards were getting close just as they reached the edge of the river, and together they pushed the boat into the water. It was heavier than it looked, and just as Narcissa pulled her wand to move it onward, Kai pushed her into it. “You can’t use magic. They will track you! I told you!” In what world, what life is a witch forbidden to use her magic? In kai's unfair world. Narcissa knit her eyebrows together with concern, extended a hand for Kai to take. “Okay. Come on then.” —But Kai rejected her and instead continued to push the boat away.“Kai get on the boat!” —her almost plea went ignored as the river current started to take her away.“If they catch us both, all will be lost. Better me with you out to find a way to...”The blonde witch shook her head, succumbing to immeasurable sadness; a new kind, for losing the stranger that had been willing to risk it all, and move earth because she was capricious and wanted to play god.“I will comeback for you! I promise!”—her chin quivered as tears streamed freely now.The wind and the rain returned just as lights of wands reached the river, and she saw Kai run towards the woods. She was followed by hounds, and men hungry to prove themselves, to tell a story of how they had stopped, once more, a derailed witch using ancient magic that was her birthright, but too dark, too dangerous to go without restraints.Narcissa’s boat swayed violently, and she saw her life flash before her, as her biggest fear was drowning. She laid at the bottom of it, hugging herself, and regretting everything she had done, to have put so many in danger due to her unwillingness to let go. Fear, and the emotions whirring within her were so strong she felt her lights leave her, until suddenly she didn’t feel alone and helpless. There was a new weight filling the boat, and when she looked up, she could only see the figure of a woman: long dark tresses undulating in the wind, rising an arm that was marred by the tattoo of a serpent. “MORSMORDRE!” And in a flash, Narcissa was gone.  *************** Soft light forced her eyes open, and she found herself in the unmistakable comfort of her bed, adorned with light ruffled covers, vanilla candles, perfume bottles on the nightstand, a bouquet of roses, white furniture carved with ornate stars and flowers.She took a deep intake of air, as the ones taken by new borns, but she didn’t cry like they do. It took her a moment to realize that she was really there. All the events she endured for months felt so distant, and like a tender bruise on her skin; almost thinking she dreamed it all. It would have been a relief to be able to say that sometimes nightmares are more vivid than real life. Then every time she felt happy, she would not have to wonder: am I dreaming? Do I have only to pronounce a certain name, so that everything will come together, and I will be drawn further and further away from the enchantments of the moon? Should the stars sing in a high whirring sound to wake me up? Will menial things begin to happen, familiar faces start to materialize for me to realize i am living in the real world again? I wouldn’t have to convince myself about anything that doesn’t seem real anymore.These thoughts reigned over her mind as her driver took her back to Nott’s mansion. Lady Malfoy was back to looking like a collectible doll made of porcelain and dressed in immaculate garments, cold blue eyes to match her frozen expression.Nott welcomed her with strange warmth, inviting her further inside his home. The sweet little giggle of a small boy filled the cold and long corridors, followed by the gracious steps of a woman wearing a crown of long dark hair.“It’s good to see you again Mrs Malfoy. Theo has been waiting all morning.” —the baby sitter offered her the curling of lips, a gesture she could describe as very Dea’s since she was just a little girl, a gesture to reveal how got away with mischief.To think that just a week before, she felt nothing but contempt and hatred for the woman standing before her. It was only been a vessel now. The soul living inside of her is what mattered.Narcissa smiled.“I’m sad to hear Kai left.”“I’m not. She’ll be happy working at Borgin and Burkes.” —The dark beauty whispered, reaching out to hold Narcissa’s hand. 


10/29/2020 12:19 PM 

Optional Task 121

1.) What is one thing you hope not to hear go bump in the night? A.) Jake the Rippers ghost.   2.) Favorite scary movie?  A.) Pet Cemetery    3.) One thing you hope you see on Halloween night? A.) A black cat.   4.) One thing that a witch might carry? A.) A deadman’s toe.   5.) One thing you wear on Halloween? A.) A mask.   6.) Something you give to trick or treaters? A.) Candy.   7.) What costume are you wearing this year? A.) Spider-Man.   8.) Favorite Halloween candy? A.) Twix.   9.) Possible tricks you can hand out? A.) Does a toothbrush count as a trick?   10.) What do you not want to see in a haunted house? A.) Clowns.   11.) What two things kill a vampire? A.) A stake to the heart and daylight.   12.) What is the name of the motel in the movie Psycho?  A.) The Bates Motel   13.) Who played Edward Scissorhands? A.) Johnny Depp   14.) What movie does the line "I see dead people" come from? A.) The Sixth Sense   15.) If you were trapped in a scary movie which one would you want to be in? A.) Halloween... he’s after Laurie.   16.) If you had to fight Mike, Jason, or Freddy which one would you pick? A.) Mikey Mike... I’m comin’ for you.   17.) If you were being chased by a scary-looking doll what would you do? A.) I’d set the little sh*t on fire.   18.) Would you be friends with Pennywise in order to save your life? A.) Maybe if he wasn’t a clown.   19.) On Halloween, Charlie Brown helps Linus wait for what character to appear? A.) The Great Pumpkin  20.) If Zach came trick or treating at your door what would you give him? A.) All the treats he could stomach for being such a good Admin.

๐šƒ๐šŽ๐šŽ๐š— ๐™ธ๐š๐š•๐šŽ.

10/29/2020 12:10 PM 


BREAKDOWNSTRANGER THINGS // DRABBLE No one had ever tried to stop her before. NO ONE. When Nancy Wheeler decided to run away, no matter what or why she always got to go. Maybe it was the aura she gave off, or that she was too little and fast to be caught anyways. Perhaps that she was so frustrating that no one even wanted to talk to her until her roiling boil of anger had at least cooled to a simmer. But for whatever reason, the people in her life always watched her go. Even if deep down, she'd wished they would follow her. Steve had let her stomp off furiously when he'd been more concerned about his parents discovering the party than he'd been about her best friend. Her mother had allowed her to rush off to her bedroom last fall with only a half-hearted shout of her name just hours later, not pursuing her to understand how upset her daughter had been that Barb was missing. Jonathan himself had let her go once at the hospital, not even turning (that Nancy had seen) when she slipped out of the room and temporarily out of his life. Hell, even the DEMOGORGON had let her go; it had allowed her to escape the Upside Down back into their world without chasing her through the opening. In fact, she'd needed to summon it herself with blood to get it to find her again. No one had ever tried to stop her. The LAST thing she'd been expecting was for Jonathan Byers to break that tradition.Nancy jumped slightly when he grabbed her out of surprise, the muscles in her arm tensing automatically as a reflex. Like she might tug her way out of his grip at any second, poised to fight for her escape. But she DIDN'T; at least, not yet. Because then he was talking, and he was looking at her with those eyes. Standing so tall and sure in front of her that she was forced to tilt her head up slightly to look at him. And Nancy found herself unable to move at all. Her legs were cinderblocks underneath her, mooring her to the same spot in the dirt. Her arms hung limp at her sides, somehow still managing to hold onto the bottle and cups despite having no strength to do so. It was suddenly hard to draw in deep breaths, all the oxygen in the air having been sucked out the minute Jonathan's hand grabbed her sleeve. Her mouth was dry, her lips feeling chapped, and she struggled to hold his gaze when he was LOOKING at her like that. She couldn't honestly say she'd seen anything like it before, not even that night.And suddenly, to Nancy's ultimate HORROR? A single teardrop escaped in the chaos of her surprise, sneaking past her ironclad defenses and down her cheek. She'd been given the warning by her body and ignored it, becoming the architect of her own demise. With one arm being held by Jonathan and the other holding their drinks, she was powerless to stop or hide its slow descent across her face. She was half tempted to turn her head but immediately discarded the idea. He'd SEEN it; it would be impossible for him not to have seen it. No sense in trying to hide it, no matter how much she wished she could. God, did she want to she could? Because honestly, this night couldn't get much worse for the petite monster hunter. She'd shared more about Barb than she'd shared since her disappearance, opening the flood gates of vulnerability that she now couldn't seem to close. She made an ASS out of herself by snapping at him about not understanding her feelings, knowing full well how difficult even hinting at those sorts of things was for him. Now she was crying in front of him (ok, it was just one tear but still), feeling exposed in a way she never had before.F*** it, she thought to herself. It was already too late to try and save her dignity, might as well just thoroughly eviscerate herself and get it all out there. "... If I wanted someone like Steve, I'd be with Steve," Nancy said slowly, testing out her voice. A little quiet, but otherwise back to normal. At least the shakiness was gone. "And trust me, I wish I DID still want to be with him. Because you ... are so frustrating. And distant. A-and closed off. And HARSH, sometimes, even when people don't deserve it." she listed, shaking her head. "But you're also ... selfless. And passionate. And loyal. And a million other things I'd love to learn if you'd just let me."  


10/29/2020 11:56 PM 

Optional Task 120

1.) Halloween party or Scary movieA.) I’d rather get my grove on at a Halloween Party hands down.2.) Reese's or Hershey'sA.) I’m definitely a Reese’s kinda guy.3.) Fog machine or Spooky music/soundsA.) Fog machine..4.) Trick-or-treating or Handing out candyA.) I’d rather hand out candy then trick or treat.5.)Homemade costume or Store-bought costumeA.) I want to say homemade cause everything is often better that way but I haven’t got a single creative bone in my body so store-bought.6.) Haunted hayride or Haunted houseA.) Haunted hayride.7.) Chocolate or GummiesA.) Depends on what sort of mood I’m in I suppose.8.) Friday the 13th or 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie BrownA.) Is it even Halloween without It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?9.) Warm Halloween night or Chilly (not cold) Halloween nightA.) Chilly hands down no contest.10.) Candy or Popcorn ballA.) Popcorn Ball all the way.11.) Believe in ghosts or Don't believe in ghostsA.) Definitely a believer.12.) Give out candy or turn off your lightsA.) We pass candy out at our place.13.) Werewolf or VampireA.) Werewolf.14.) Dracula or FrankensteinA.) Dracula.15.) Freddy or JasonA.) Ummm. Neither to be honest.16.) Scary costume or Funny costumeA.) Funny.17.) Big pumpkin or Small pumpkinA.) Big Pumpkin.18.) Orange or BlackA.) Black.19.) Scary stories or Ouiji boardA.) Scary Stories we don’t mess with Ouiji Boards.20.) Skeletons or ZombiesA.) Skeltons.21.) Pumpkin seeds or Pumpkin pieA.) Pumpkin Seeds.22.) Bottle feed a baby zombie or Walk alone through a dark forestA.) I’m gonna walk the dark forest alone.... nothing personal baby zombie but I like my face just as it is.23.) Ghost or MummyA.) Ghost.24.) Gory films or thrillersA.) Thrillers.25.) Take two or Take the whole bowlA.) Take two...26.) Sleep in a cemetery or Sleep in an abandoned houseA.) Sleep in an abandoned house.27.) Go all out on your costume or Go basicA.) Basic.28.) Simple & cute Halloween decorations or Crazy & scary decorationsA.) I’m a simple kinda guy.29.) Trick or TreatA.) Treat always Treat.30.) Creepy dolls or Creepy clownA.) Creepy Dolls.31.) Last one alive or First one to dieA.) Last one alive.32.) Witches or DemonsA.) I’m feeling Witchy Vibes.33.) Heros or VillainsA.) Villains have the most fun... but Hero’s get the girl so... Hero it is.34.) Abducted by aliens or Turned into a zombieA.) Abducted by Aliens...35.) Have dinner with Hannibal Lector or Have dinner with Norman BatesA.) Norman Bates... he’s less likely to have me for dinner.


10/29/2020 11:47 PM 



10/29/2020 11:42 PM 


_ 1.) Pennywise the clown    - H. It___ 2.) Darth Vader   - L. Star Wars___ 3.) Hannibal Lector     - F. Silence of the Lambs___ 4.) Freddy Kruger   - D. Nightmare on Elm Street___ 5.) Norman Bates      - A. American Psycho___ 6.) Michael Meyers    - O. Halloween___ 7.) Jason Voorhees    - J. Friday the 13th___ 8.) Jigsaw     - B. Saw___ 9.) Maleficent  - K. Sleeping Beauty___ 10.) Dr. Evil      - N. Austin Powers___ 11.) Scar - E. The Lion King___ 12.) Pinhead    - M. Hellraiser___ 13.) Ursula   - I. The Little Mermaid___ 14.) Lord Voldemort   - G. Harry Potter___ 15.) Headless Horseman     - C. Sleepy Hollow


10/29/2020 09:58 PM 

Character Details.

Character DetailsIn this section will be character details in relation to Koda. This is stuff I couldn't fit on his actual profile that you may, or may not, want to know.โ€” basics;Full Name: Koda Hunter Havok.Birth Name: Unknown.Age: 27.Birthday: March 17, 1993 - Pisces.Sexual Orientation: Homosexual/Gay.Position: Versatile.Relationship Status: Single.Religion: Undecided.Occupation: Weed Dispensary Owner, Amateur Skateboarder, Social Media star, Model.Nationality: Canadian, German, Irish, Native American.โ€” background;ย Place of Birth: Vancouver BC, Canada.Hometown: Vancouver.Current Residence: Calabasas, California, USA.Education: High School Diploma, Masters in Psychology.Mental Health: Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorder-NOS, PTSD, Hypersexuality.Disability: Asperger's Syndrome.โ€” physical;Eye Color: Ranges from Blue to Hazel.Hair Color: Brown but dyes it a lot.Height: 6'1".Weight: 154pds.Body Type: Athletic.Tattoos: He has a full sleeve, including his hand on his right arm of various tattoos, A huge chest piece, X-files tattoo on his left leg.Piercings: Nose.Defining Features: Jawline, Eyes.D*ck Size: 10 inches long, 1.5 inches thick, 5.5 inches around - Cut.Pubic Region: Trimmed.Body Hair: Smooth, some facial hair at times, Very little underarm hair, Leg Hair.โ€” relatives;ย Fatherโ€™s Full Name: Hunter Alexander Brooks.Fatherโ€™s Status: Dead/Murdered by Koda.Motherโ€™s Full Name: Kristen Elizabeth Wyndell-Brooks.Motherโ€™s Status: Dead/Murdered by Koda.โ€” relationships;Important Ex-Significant Other(s): [Jeffree Star], Matthew Shadows, Jester Jamison, Zombie Boy.Reason for Separation: Koda and Shadows broke up after 2 years because of Koda's jealousy. It became too much for either partner and they parted ways. Koda and Jester broke up after a year long fling because the two realized they were just too toxic for each other. Koda and [Star] broke up after 5 years of being together when Koda realized that [Star] was controlling him and manipulating him on top of many other things. Koda and Rick (Zombie Boy) were together for a few years.They were extremely happy and engaged. The only reason they split was because Rick died of questionable reasons.q Current Significant Other: No One.What They Look For In Others: Personality, Sex drive.โ€” personality;Positive Traits: Loyalty, Empathic, Compassionate, Chill/Laid-Back, Open-Minded/Non-Judemental, Confident, Charming.Negative Traits: Hypersexuality, Low Self-Esteem, Clingy, Manipulative; at times, Vindictive; at times, Sociopathic; at times, Rage issues, Awkward.Neutral Traits: Beta personality, Feeds off emotions of others, Blunt, Falls in love easily, Falls out of love easily, Shuts off emotions.โ€” misc.;Talents: Skateboarding, Guitar, Modeling.Pets: Grey and White Tabby Cat.โ€” more coming soon as I can think of them;


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Role play anyone?
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hey Everybody I was wondering if anyone wanna Role play with me? Have to be 18 - 16, no 18+.  I don't have any Original character yet but I can do canon characters from Supernatural, Harry Potter and more.  

Fallen One

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All that is left inside of me is pain and anger. Two feelings that the soon the galaxy will share with me. The alarms within the Rebel Star Cruiser wailed as the ship shook, pieces breaking off as explosion's rocked the large vessel. Rebel soldiers scurried through the corridors as they struggled to make their way to any available escape pods, most of which had either already departed or been destroyed. As a pair of rebel soldiers approached the hangar, the blast door slid open and instead of running inside, both men froze with fear. The face of a ghost stood tall in front of them, surrounded by storm troopers. His hand gripped the hilt at his side, his finger tracing along the switch. Without word, He ignited his saber and let his red blade slice through the men. Turning his head slightly to the side, all Troopers turned their attention to him. "Find him.." The only words he needed to say before the Storm Troopers rushed into the ship. Anakin Skywalker had spent many years of his life on a ship just like the one that was falling apart at this moment. His entire Childhood consisted of nothing but politics and war. Always fighting for the good. The innocent. The Senate. The Jedi. If only he knew then what he does now. It only took the death of Padme and their unborn child for him to realize the truth. The Jedi were the ones who needed to be stopped and The Emperor was the one who could make that happen. When Padme died, So did Anakin Skywalker. Though the shell of the young Jedi still existed, what was left inside was a scarred, angry born again Sith now known simply as Vader. For weeks now the rumors of the Sith Warrior had made its way from one end of the galaxy and back. He was evil. Powerful. Ruthless. He destroyed anything he touched and never left survivors. His biggest accomplishment, according to The Empire, was killing Anakin Skywalker inside of the Jedi Temple the night of Order 66 while the young General fought to protect the younglings. Vader once asked his master why he told the Galaxy of Anakin's failed attempt to save the young Jedi and the answer was simple. "Anakin Skywalker was the best of The Jedi. The one they believed to be the savior. And now that Savior was gone. And the Jedi will soon all but be extinct..""Sir, We found someone on the bridge. He took out most of our men, but we got him subdued.." A trooper spoke as he stood in front of Vader. "Is it him...?" The Hooded Sith asked, anger in his voice. "No's not him. But it is a Jedi.." The Trooper Spoke before stepping to the side. Pushing by him, Vader made his way through the corridor before getting to the lift and taking it up to the bridge. As the doors slid open, Vader stepped inside the large room. He stepped over bodies as he made his way over to a group of Troopers. Seeing the young male kneeling in front of them, Vader stopped. Dropping slowly to one knee himself, Vader looked the other male over and finally exhaled. "Do you know who I am..?" Vader asked in a low voice, almost a whisper for only the other male to hear. "'re Vader." The voice coming from the male sounded younger than he looked. A small smirk came over Vader's lips. "My reputation proceeds me." He spoke. "Tell me, Where is your master..?" He asked, knowing this was no Jedi, but an Apprentice. "Dead." The boy spoke. Hearing this, Vader reached up and grabbed his hood, letting it fall back over his shoulders, away from his head before standing up. "You could share his fate, or choose another path.." As Vader spoke, the young male looked up at him. 'A Familiar face' The boy thought to himself as he listened to Vader speak. Extending his arm, he held his hand out to the boy."The Darkside is strong. You can be strong too. Join me. Learn the ways of the Sith.." Standing Tall, Vader kept his hand out and it didn't take long for the young male to reach out and take it. Pulling him to his feet, Vader locked eyes with him. "Good. You chose well. You'll make a fine Inquisitor.." Vader spoke before turning his back to the male. As they began walking to the lift, The young male lifted his hand and his lightsaber shot across the room and into his hand. Before he could even ignite the blade, Vader had turned around ran his own saber through the boys arm, cutting it off. The boy dropped to his knees in pure agony as he looked down at his severed arm, the hilt of his lightsaber still gripped in it's hand. "You disappoint me. This could have been easy." Vader spoke as he tightened his hand into a fist and raised his arm slightly. As he did, the boy rose up off the ground."You're not the first apprentice I have found. You won't be the last. One day, every single Jedi, Apprentice and Youngling that still has breath in their lungs will either join me or die. You rejected my offer. So now, your fate will be the same as theirs.." Vader added before flicking his wrist. As he did, the sound of the boys neck cracked as his head jolted to the side. As his body went limp, Vader tossed him to the side like a broken doll before once again turning and finally entering the lift. As the door's closed, He pulled the hood back over his head and began his descent back to the Hangar.

๐‘ด๐‘น๐‘บ. ๐‘ญ๐‘ณ๐‘จ๐‘บ๐‘ฏโ™ก๏ธŽ

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80s drabble
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template credit stranger things vibes“Stranger things have happened here believe me.” Iris had replied to Allegra as she had taken off her coat and hung it in the coak rack. “Missing children over the past few nights is the least of it but of course we will look up into it because that’s what we do here, right?” she said while motioning to her the sign behind her desk on the wall that read ‘the central city citizen” the news paper company that has been Iris creation since the moment she realised what she wanted to do for a career. Her father and boyfriend disapprove. Only sometimes as they worried for her safety. The 80s wasn’t only known for their straight up racism but for the utmost crimes and corruption. How many reporters before had disappeared before wanting to go after Harrison Wells. The owner of STAR LABS. There were too many speculations about the man being up to no good and that his intentions couldn’t be about bettering humanity. Iris had her own suspicions. But she never had gone after the man personally. She did of course keep tabs on him but not too high key as she didn’t want to put herself under his radar if she ever had to go after him. She was smart until tonight. One of her best employees had come forward to her. Telling her that she had noticed a pattern where kids had gone missing and it was weird that a STAR LABS van always seemed in the area when it happened. Apparently enough witnesses had seen it to help them out with the case and just not one that she’d had to ignore for the lack of evidence. She had to let Barry know so he could help her out and give her all the records she needed about Harrison and STAR LABS at first he hesitated but eventually gave in knowing that Iris can take care of herself.“We will check it out. Tonight. I’ll give a call to Kamilla so she can come along.” her other best employee who was her camera woman was definitely going to be needed in this. Allegra nodded, sighing in relief that this investigation was a go. Once at night; Iris left in the middle of it leaving a letter to her husband. Saying she had forgotten her wallet back at the office and that she’d be back soon. Perhaps it was bad to lie but she didn’t want to depend on him and his safety not unless she had to. She drove to the labs with Kamilla and Allegra and the girls wouldn’t lie that they were a little bit nervous. Who knows what they will find there. Who knows if tonight they could get caught and kill. Iris shook her head trying to not be so much of a pessimist. They’ll be okay. Her good friend Cisco had been cautious about his own boss and left her any kind of access key doors to go wherever she’d like in the lab. Carefully and silently the three girls had sneak into the labs. It was empty. Which it was good besides if they got caught wandering around the halls they could always tell them they were sent by Cisco Ramon. First few upper floors seemed normal. Nothing out of the ordinary until Iris pressed the basement button as if he had something to hide. It must be under the lab. A man with a secret would choose that. She took a breath in as the doors opened and she looked at her friends who looked nervous. They’ve never done something as reckless as this before so it was obvious why Iris’ hand palms were sweaty. “Ready?” she whispered and stepped out once they nodded. They were met with fluorescent lights in the long and empty hallway. Iris couldn’t help but immediately get chills once she took more steps in. “I got a bad feeling about this.” she whispered and looked over at the girls who looked as worried. They walked around and Kamilla took pictures of things she found eerily. Like scratches or blood spats on the walls. Eventually they found a secret door. Hesitantly Iris opened the door finding a secret empty hallway but except for it being sort of illuminated with fluorescent lights they were found with dimmed red ones. Didn’t take enough good visuals from them though. They could still clearly see everything. Especially about 7 doors across another with small rectangular windows you could look at which Iris of course took a careful look and her eyes widened at what she saw. Kids hook into some weird machinery and whatever kind of substance was being injected into their system. “What the hell???” she looked over at Kamilla to motion her to take pictures but she was already on it. Iris smirked to herself. “We finally got you, doctor Wells.” Once all pictures were taken Iris nodded. “Okay, let’s go. I most certainly don’t wanna get caught here.” she said with a low tone and they all sprinted to the elevators but slid into a stop as once they went open. Quickly them scurrying into some empty office and watch as Harrison Wells walked with a colleague Iris assumed talking about this and Iris would’ve gone to her escape but they had blocked the doors to chit chat. “So… these kids…. They’re gonna become meta-humans and are only gonna be created to help you to stop who exactly and why kids?” “Because kids can be persuaded into doing things more easily than growns up can and they will be my potential little trops for an army to stop the future greatest hero. The Flash. Mister Barry Allen.” Iris frowned big time. The Flash? Barry? What the hell was that supposed to mean? Did she just step into something that was more greater than it was meant to? She was sure and she certainly wished she could tell Barry what this man just said but it’d just confuse him just like it has her. All she knew it was never going to leave her mind most definitely but right now she had to focus on getting out of this level. Once the two gentlemen had walked away, they quickly got out of their hiding and ran to the elevator. There they caught their breaths and looked at one and another confused as to what was said. Iris just shrugged. “We’ll figure out what that means for now. We shall start getting to work to expose him before there’s any harm he can do to others.” With that they stepped off from the elevator and headed into the night to begin their mission to stop Harrison Wells.


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Stay out of the woods

Tesla had been training her abilities all week, since Ryoko had awoken what was dormant it had been her main goal. Get control of herself before something happened and she wished she had. The days were long, often ending with her exhausted by the time she reached her bed but GRay and Dakota were encouraging her the whole way. New ideas and techniques to try, one in particular, Dakotas favorite... the railgun. A last resort, it would use all the energy she had built up and releasing it all on something small, like a ball baring or a quarter. It would propel the object at a unbelievable fast rate and devastated whatever it hit. Tesla tried the technique but it took everything she had, the ball baring bored its way through two and a half trees before getting lodged in the third. Tesla passed out shortly after.   The brunette woke up hours later and it was dark. She hadn’t been in the woods at night since the bonfire, especially alone, she wouldn’t taunt whatever was out there. Tesla rolled over and buried her face into the palm of her hand. “Freakin dang, you guys just let me sleep this whole time.” Tesla said as she stood to her feet. “Well it’s not like we can carry you out of the woods you know.” GRay was the first to speak up. “Yeah! Besides you got knocked out cold.” Dakota laughed. “It’s ok, you’ll get the hang of it and will stop over exerting.” The child continued and started off toward home.    They walked for what seemed like forever. Tesla lost in thought trying to comprehend the science behind her abilities. Molecular manipulation is what Dakota called it. Ionization, oxidation, magnetize, protons and electrons, the science was there but the limits of her abilities were unknown until she knew how it worked. They were words that had her puzzled but she needed to know.. That’s when GRay stopped her dead in her tracks. “What’s up?” Tesla asked. “We are being followed, but it’s not human. At least not anymore.” GRay whispered. A low and stomach turning growl came from... everywhere. All at once it was like the dark woods lite up, eyes reflecting the light from the moon but not enough to see what they were. “Oh crap, wolves?” Tesla said lowering herself to the ground. “They aren’t wolves but are definitely animalistic.”    Tesla knelt there, eyeing the creatures as they eyed her back. She moved slowly though the woods but the creatures were always surrounding her. Suddenly one pounced from the darkness. Pinning her to the ground, it’s jaw was split on the bottom and opened horizontal as the mouth open. She starred into a razor sharp like mouth and let out a scream. She was exhausted but had now choice, training wasn’t over yet for today. She grabbed the beast by the throat and gave it a devastating shock. One that sent it flying off of her and she scurried to her feet. “Well help me ya a**holes!” Tesla demanded from the alters and they both nodded. “You sure you can do this?” GRay asked. “She doesn’t have a choice!” Dakota answered and the serpent like creatures formed around Dakota.    Another pounced but gray called it out. It only took a second for her to focus and a streak for plasma connected her and the creature. It growled as it ran back into the darkness. “We can’t stay here run!” GRay suggested and she took off towards home. She was running as fast as her legs could propel her, each step left tiny microburst. It was the fastest she’s ever ran and still those things were right behind her. She could hear then nashing their teeth at her, they were close. Finally she could see the lites from the town. Those things didn’t care, they kept chasing. Tesla bit the inside her her cheek and ducked into an ally way, dragging a finger along a dumpster before hiding behind it. “GRay how many?” Tesla whispered as she tried to normalize her breathing. “Three, the are like mutated dogs, did they test on animals or is Lucy just getting bored.” She replied. “Tes, it’s time! Railgun!” Dakota said excitedly. Tesla shook her head. “What if I miss? I’ll be done for.” Tesla said nervously, peaking around the dumpster to see the creatures. “You won’t!” GRay smirked. Tesla nodded and pulled the last ball baring from her pocket. The horrific creatures let out a low howl, it was something from a horror movie and she dropped the ball baring. It rolled out into the alley and under an adjacent dumpster. “Can I not just catch a break.” She whispered and the animals growled as the drew closer.    “Tes, what about that!” GRay pointed out a nickel and she started planning her route to it. She took a deep breath and dove for it, picking it up between her thumb and index finger she aligned the shot. She slide across the ground until they were lined up. “There! Do it!” GRay called out. The small area behind the nickel started to spark as she focused. She flicked her thumb, releasing the energy. “Railgun!” Tesla said at the same time as Dakota. The nickel found it mark and burned straight through the tree creature, they collapsed to the pavement and started to wither away... just like Manuel. Only the sound of the nickel bouncing off the building across the street broke the silence. “Freaking hell, what was that all about?” Tesla whined, clearly that had hurt in a way she wasn’t ready for.  GRay picked up the now unconscious Dakota on her back and motioned towards home. “Nice short but let’s get the f*** out of here before more show up.”

Freya Clarkson

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My worries/problems with working with the verse.

I can't stress this enough. I happen to be very bad at recalling things, I can't recall after a day sometimes and would wish to not be reminded of it. I'm saying this before you even go near me -- The account isn't on private after all. I cannot go through the supernatural verse for you for one I stopped at season four. Things were getting too much in the verse, personally, if you add me I might ask if we could do a whole new take on the supernatural verse and maybe start from the very beginning. Sam and Dean are generally an interest. I wouldn't change them for the world, but others might want to think about what they would do upon coming to me.Sorry if you delete me after this. I'm trying, I do love the verse and genre. I can't do more than I'm capable of after all.


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