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09/21/2020 08:49 PM 

That nobody could take your place.

serpent juliet Oh, oh my heart hurts so good I love you, babe, so bad And you need to know You're the only one alright message comment albums stream bulletins blog That nobody could take your place Betty shifted, taking a deep breath as she moved to sit up a little, suddenly all tiredness erased with the question hanging between them in the air. This was part of her road to recovery, forcing herself out of her level of comfort in the safety he provided her if it meant she was willing to talk about it. Therapy had helped her learn these tools to confront and address the feelings she might otherwise not understand or the lingering dark desires she might feel tempted to give into. Despite the nerves growing in her stomach, it was necessary for them. She leaned into him still, nestling against his side now and allowing him to secure his other arm around her side, though with the material of his t-shirt still firmly in place."I'm... okay." It was a cop-out answer, and she knew he was going to call her on it, but it wasn't for the sake of evading the root of the question; it was for her to take a second to better quantify and explain her answer. "Today at lunch with mom, I got the pasta primavera and even the slice of cheesecake for myself." She grinned, proud of herself, and her efforts to rebuild a much healthier relationship with food even as she worked towards gaining her weight back with carb-loading. There were still good days, and bad days, her therapist had warned them both they might come in varying shades and to be patient with not only themselves but each other. Sometimes it really was the little victories, and that was the most they could ask for.Eyes closed in both defeat and exasperation as a sigh escaped her lips. "Because honestly? You've been the only person willing to put up with me today." She admitted feebly, her head cocking to the side as her blonde ponytail swayed along with the motion, her features contorting to a look of contrition. "I'm tired, and we've been trying to figure out this for hours now without any leads." She tossed the notebook she had in hand down onto the trailer floor. "Not that any of that means you deserve it." she was seated on the floor and turned toward where he was sitting on the edge of the old worn couch. "Forgive me?


09/21/2020 03:30 PM 

MMM: Lost Weekend


Nicoló di Genova

09/21/2020 01:55 PM 

Rules - please read

Most important: is a mature role-play-account (18+) and I expect you to behave like this! No drama, no childish jealousy, no pissing me off cause of some unimportant nonsense. I am a writer for fun and I don't see roleplay as a platform for lonely hearts.I'm from Germany my mother-tongue is GERMAN, but I love to and feel good enough to write in proper English, even if it may take me longer than using my mother-tongue - so I expect you English-native-speaker to put the same effort into your writing and that you will not annoy me with lousy grammar, orthography or style, neither in German nor in English.Usually I'm a para-, multi-para- or novella-player, and my general lower limit are two paras/comment, but I'm not strictly against shorter replies; sometimes. It depends on the content of them – but NO one liners, please!Please, don't send me starters (except we talk about this before): usually they bore me and I seldom answer. Go in medias res! If you want to write with me, tell me. Inspire me, get my interest. Get in touch! Meaning, lets discuss at least the start of our SL and the rougher outlines via messages As for that: Messages are for messages, private stuff like discussions and the one or the other OT talk… please use comments or the group section for the RP – I will do the same Sex: I am not here for that. This character is not the type of guy who would open up or even jump into your bed easily, if at all – so, if you want a guy to sleep with, look somewhere else –You have to excuse, but I will not always be able to answer as fast as I would love to, so please show patience. Even me got a real life to deal with... (and sometimes... there's pretty a lot to deal... sigh.)


09/21/2020 11:33 PM 


Drugs... Trauma caused people to do a number of things. Some sought professional help, others self-medicated. Bowie Zeppelin was a combination of the two… more so leaning towards the latter. She had turned to alcohol at a young age. Being gang raped, and then losing her parents, and sister really took a lot out of her. She didn’t want to feel a damn thing so drinking until she passed out helped block it all out. Of course there are other ways to clear the brain, to let the bad memories pass as a song on the radio one dislikes. To wait until there is enough space for the good stuff to grow like flowers blossoming in a flourishing garden. Bowie sometimes wished she had taken that route, steadying herself before the booze poisoned everything. She never had a sober day if she could help it. She did everything with alcohol in her system. Driving, working, socialising… everything! But since she had been drinking so long her body was kind of used to it now, so she was still able to function. Sometimes she didn’t even get drunk at all.Maybe this was why she had recently turned to drugs to take the edge off. Nothing hard core, just some weed from time to time, but of course whenever someone started on drugs it always started off small before getting out of control. It was just another secret Bowie had to keep, luckily for her she was good at keeping secrets.As she sat on the couch she saw her rose gold tin staring back at her from the table. In a way taunting her, letting her know she wasn’t strong. She was weak and needed the contents of the tin to carry on. Bowie grabbed the tin and opened it up and was greeted by nothing “f*ck” she exclaimed to an empty room. She grabbed her phone and texted Vincent Santero ‘are you at the shop today? I need a 4 tyre change’ she typed before hitting send. A 4 tyre change was their code for drugs, so if a text was ever read it would just look like a normal business inquiry. She soon received a text back ‘at the shop till 7, got what you need. Get the job done today’ the text read. A smile fell across Bowie’s lips. ‘Be their soon, thanks’ she typed back.She grabbed her bag and got into her car and drove to his auto shop. She saw him in his office and knocked before entering. “I take it you wanted the usual?” Vincent asked calmly, so nonchalant that it almost seemed normal. Bowie nodded her head and slid some money across the desk. “You know something stronger will take the edge off a lot better” Vincent said as he tried to push the harder stuff onto her. Bowie shook her head “no thank you, weed is fine. Weed is all I need. Can I just get it and then I can go?” she asked. Vincent started to chuckle, a sinister chuckle that every movie villain laughed. “They always say they don’t need more but it happens eventually” he said. He opened up his top drawer and took out a small bag. He then stood up and walked over to her, waving the bag in front of her. “When you put on your big girl pants I’ll be here. I can get you whatever you need. I know the weed won’t last long and you’ll soon be back here begging me for something more” he smirked. Bowie grabbed the bag from him and quickly exited the shop and returned home. She ground the weed before rolling a cigarette. She lit it up and took a long drag and sank back into the sofa, allowing the drugs to take effect. "Vincent had what she needed" sweetener


09/21/2020 07:50 PM 


There was a time Venus was happy, she had parents who loved her and a pack who watched over her along with the other children in the pack. They lived on the outskirts of New Orleans, she had a little brother and many cousins she would play with. Her Alpha was a friend of the family and she would always be watched by him or his mate, Venus loved the pack and grew up around them. She spent most of the time with the Alpha's son who became her best friend, but things change and everything turned into hell. A group of hunters attack the pack killing everyone except me and another of the pack, he used the rest of the strength to carry her away as she was wounded.A couple who lived deep in the woods found her and treated her, her last pack member did not make it and she was left in the world alone. She remembered being shot with a bullet that had wolfsbane in it, she was thankful for the couple who saved her and they did not ask any questions. She spent a month with the couple before taking off, she was a teenager and an omega werewolf. Venus kept to herself and kept away from other packs, she knew she needed a pack to be stable but she was afraid to let people in. She grew up on the streets doing odd jobs and earning money, she did not care what people thought of her.Venus kept away from packs as she was not looking for an Alpha, she wanted to be left alone. She spent her teenage years on the streets and just doing jobs for people, many do not ask her questions and she likes it that way. There were times where she has to fight off other wolves when she trespasses accidentally on their territory but she always comes out of it alive. She had to be strong living on the streets and survive, it is the only thing she knows how to and she would keep on surviving.


09/21/2020 07:42 PM 


D𝒶𝓇k 𝒜𝓈𝑔𝒶𝓇𝒹𝒾𝒶n

09/21/2020 07:40 AM 

Consulting A God (Starter for Hexcellent

There were and are many legends surrounding the one known as the Norse god, Loki. The god of mischief, the trickster god, the god of lies and chaos. In reality, he belonged to the people of Asgard, the Aesir. The Nordic peoples of Midgard set legends and stories around the All-Father, Odin as well as Thor and Loki. They were powerful and had their own special abilities.    The Asgardians were the greatest warriors and the guardians and protectors of the Nine Realms. Loki was the younger brother and always living in the shadow of his brother, Thor. His brother was the ‘golden boy’. He could do no wrong. He was the great warrior and brought glory and pride to Asgard. Though Loki was quite capable with daggers in a fight, the raven-haired Prince preferred using magic. He was actually one of the most skilled sorcerers in the Nine Realms.    His entire life he had been lied to about who he truly was. The young Prince was brought up to believe that he was an Asgardian and that he was an heir to the throne just as much as Thor. Odin kept the truth hidden from him. Much later, he discovered that he was really a Frost Giant. Such anger and betrayal tore at his being, at his very soul. Nothing in his life was as it seemed.     The anger, the feelings consumed him. A need for revenge. Midgard became his haven, of sorts. Though he had other plans in mind. Plans for all of the Nine Realms. Loki had time and needed allies to set the plan in motion. The god of mischief and chaos was about to truly live up to his name as he ‘made a deal with the devil’ as humans would say. He was given the means to fully and finally see his ambitions realized.    The god came so close. Painfully close but his dreams remained just outside his grasp. Instead, he now found himself a prisoner of sorts and at the disposal of those who stopped him from achieving his goals. Thor decided the best way for his brother to make amends was to work as a consultant for the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. The blonde oaf wasn’t the brightest but it saved Loki’s neck from a literal chopping block and ruffled feathers of those he despised.   His help was always reluctant. His attitude is the usual smart ass demeanor. This day, Thor asked for his expertise with a magical issue. This immediately drew Loki's interest though the raven-haired god continued to feign indifference and boredom as his brother filled him in on the details of this young woman named Wanda. “Fine.” He drew the small word into multiple syllables and accompanied him to observe this phenomenon.  Loki had observed her before without being noticed by her. Anyone with her abilities would fascinate the god of mischief. He wondered if her magical abilities exceeded his own. Finally, his time was not being completely wasted. This time was different as he slowly approached the young woman. The hint of a smile slowly appeared. The trickster god could be very charming when he wanted to be. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Loki.” He bowed slightly toward her.


09/21/2020 04:02 AM 

The Pink Lady’s Code
Current mood:  working

Rule 1: Obey the Pink Lady Pledge: Act cool, look cool, be cool. Til' death do us part, think Pink!  Rule 2: At no time is a Pink Lady to become romantically involved with a non-T-Bird member. Restriction is rescinded only after graduation from school or expulsion. A Pink Lady will not date a: Jock, nerd, Preppie, anybody non-cool, or member of a rival school or gang. T-Birds, not Nerds!  Rule 3: The Pink Lady jacket symbolizes that the wearer is the girlfriend / consort of a T-Bird member. Upon leaving the Pink Ladies under duress (violation of rules 1 and 2, expulsion, illness, death, school transfer) or personal choice, wearer must return the jacket to the T-Birds to avoid damaging said T-Birds' reputations. `They got a Rep to protect'. Rep is everything.  Rule 4: A Pink Lady must present herself in appropriate attire at school at all times - Pink Lady jacket a must! Flashy, seductive costumes are not allowed, as they allow non-T-Bird students (and other males, staff included) to see what is for T-Bird eyes only. Seductive attire appropriate only to be worn at functions if accompanied by their T-Bird escort / boyfriend.  Rule 5: A Pink Lady is to have a cigarette and matches / lighter on her at all times, for herself - cigarette equals `cool' - plus her fellow Pink Ladies and T-Birds (and favored Rydell staff) who might perchance wish to bum a smoke.  Rule 6: No Pink Lady is allowed to interfere with other Pink Lady to T-Bird relationships. If the leader of the T-Birds is spoken for, unattached Pink Lady is not permitted to trespass on fellow Pink Lady relationship. If the leader of the T-Birds is available (Pink Lady girlfriend leaves - see rule #3), unattached Pink Lady may make advances on unclaimed T-Bird leader. See rule #4, apply it. The prettier the Pink Lady, the more interested the unattached T-Bird will be.  Rule 7: Returning to Rule #2, Fraternization outside of T-Birds, if all members of the T-Birds are accounted for - have Pink Lady girlfriends - unattached Pink Lady must remain single. Addendum: If unattached Pink Lady has interest in non-T-Bird student, and wishes to pursue relationship with said student, see rule #3.  Rule 8. Contrary to popular belief, (see Rydell school year 1958-1959 (Grease), Premarital `coupling' (Sliding into home base - thank you, Louis DiMucci) isn't a requirement for being a Pink Lady. Just don't die a virgin or die wearing your mother's underwear.  Rule 9: If you're a non-romantic friend of the Pink Ladies, you're a friend for life. Friendship (non-fraternizational) may include nerd/brainiac (good for assistance with essays), and jock. NOTallowed: Gossip Girls (Patty Simcox), or annoying cheerleaders (Stacie & Gracie).  ADDITIONAL - Added June 16, 1962 If unattached Pink Lady meets and falls for former-nerd-turned-badass-biker, who saved the butts of T-Birds and Rydell students, fraternization rules rescinded!! (Co-signed by Johnny, Goose, Louis, Davey, Stephanie, Sharon, Paulette, Rhonda, Dolores).


09/21/2020 01:37 PM 

Optional Task: Letter to younger self

Dear younger me,   I know this is weird, but let’s not focus on the fact that you are talking to an older version of us, okay? Let’s just focus on the fact that I have years more experience than you do and I can stop us from making some of the biggest mistakes of our life. Mistakes that even now, we haven’t fully gotten over. I know that you’re angry with our grandparents, I know that you hate them and blame them for making Amiee leave, but you need to listen to me. They will send you to Dr. Michael Ryan, but please don’t go. He will charm you and you will think he is helping you, but he isn’t. He will torture you in a way that you never thought was imaginable, but you need to run. You need to get out of town the very moment that our grandparents tell you that they are taking you to him and you need to go and find our sister. Don’t be stupid, don’t be angry with her. Go and find her in New York and ask her for help. You know that she will help us,  The biggest regret that we have is leaving without Avery. I know that she is just your friend right now, but you will fall head over heels in love with her. She will become your everything, so don’t do what I did and fxck that up. When you leave town, when you run away, don’t leave without saying goodbye. Don’t leave without her, or at least give her the chance to go with you. Don’t shut her out the way that I did. We are stronger with her in our lives and she will be there for you, know that. She loved us and we hurt her, so don’t do what I did, okay? And, if you do break her heart at some point, don’t wait years to try and fix it. Fix it right then and there and don’t let her getaway. She’s the one, she is the love of our life, so do everything that you can to make it work.  Now, New York. New York is your dream and we will make it there. We will make it to Broadway but you need to do things differently. Don’t be a diva. Our ego has always been our biggest flaw and it will ruin your life. When someone else is the center of attention or has the lead role, please please please be supportive. Don’t be a bitch like I was and don’t throw a tantrum in the middle of the show like I did. You are beautiful and you are talented, but so are other people. Let them shine. I wish I could do things over, but I can’t. You have the chance to not repeat my mistakes though so kick butt and show Hartsville how talented you are, without making yourself unhirable. You're a star, so act like one. Don’t act like a spoiled brat and love yourself without making others feel bad.  I guess that’s all the advice I have for you for now.   Love from, your older and somewhat wiser self.  


09/21/2020 01:31 PM 

Facts and stuff.

How I write Matthew Murdock, Daredevil.And other FAQ.  I.) How I write Daredevil: I normally just follow the route of the show from Netflix, the Daredevil MCU universe. I know about the comics, though very little and would rather stick to the way he was portrayed in that universe. I don't mind creating a storyline around the start of his career or later on being much more advanced. It's up to the storyline we end up plotting together. Make it unique.II.) Crossovers: I accept them. In almost any verse. Just come up with a good storyline & I'm sure we can come up with something epic.III.) Time: I work a full-time job during the week, so most of my free time comes on the weekend and a lot of waiting for my writing does as well. I hope that's okay with you, and you don't mind waiting. If you do not like waiting for replies, I'm not the best person to write with. Though I'll tell you this, I'll try my very best to get everything returned/sent out as quickly as possible, though sometimes that may or may not happen. I'll expect the same in return from you.IV.) Drama: There will be none oocV.) Mature Content: Adult themes, dark themes, violence, all the stuff that happens within the Netflix series will happen in my writing. Nothing is off limits.VI.) Romance: I have Matt as a multi-love interest account. If you have a problem with that, well, tell me before you want to be a love interest. Personally, I love Matt with both Elektra Natchios and Karen Page. But it doesn't have to be either of them, whatever storyline is most interesting. I’m not here just for romance, that could come later. I'm here for a creative storyline, something that will keep us both interested and enterained. Women only. VII.) Were I write: Comments, discord, banter. Once I make a discord, I'll add it here and you can all add me on it, if you so wish. VIII.) Multi-Para and up writer: Simple enough, I don't do anything less than a multi-para style comment, unless it's banter. My starters can range from 1600-word count to 2000 given on what I'm feeling at the moment. You don't have to match me, just be in the same range that I am in.IX.) Stealing: Will not be toleratedX.) Let's all have fun! That's what we're all here for, so please, be chill. Do you have rules? I will follow them. Post a gif or quote from your character below instead of; "read and understood," that's boring. Let's make things interesting. Something fun, sexy, hilarious, I do not care. Just not read and understood.      Thanks for reading!Let's talk story. 

That Other Stilinski

09/21/2020 12:47 PM 


  Length- For roleplay, I will write anything above a paragraph. That means 5+ sentences at least. However if you write me less I will still reply with a paragraph. However no matter what length I write, know that you never need to write the same amount. I am all about quality over quantity. Activities- With COVID happening, work being crazy and fires in my area, I am a bit slow. I apologize but I will reply to you. However I am wanting to be replying from now on within a week so if after a week I have not sent a starter or reply, feel free to remind me just in case. Storylines- I am still taking storylines and always will be. I do not have a max amount and will always write with any member in the group regardless of who they are. We can find something to do no matter what. So never worry about asking if I am accepting a storyline.However when you write to me, please don't just say "hey. Have any ideas?". Tell me about your character because chances are I don't know much about them. I also will not generally come up with an idea by myself. I prefer brainstorming where we throw out ideas and come up with it together which is the point of a discussion Relationships- This is not just for Li type relationships. It is for friendship ones and well basically any kind. I will not have Skylar instantly become friends with someone or decide before we roleplay. It is about chemistry between characters. Skylar is a bitch and doesn't really like most people. She will be a sarcastic, a**holeish, smartass and likely won't like most people. She doesn't trust easily and has no reason to trust strangers to her. When it comes to LIs she will not likely date someone when they first join because again it is about chemistry but also as a writer everytime she ends up with someone they leave so I just have to erase it from my storyline or alter it and man am I tired of it. Will she flirt? Possibly. Will she kiss someone? Maybe but in most cases, no. Will she straight out date you? Hell no. Dating is something that developes over time. It isn't me trying to be bitchy as a writer but I'm not here for a LI and am here for just awesome storylines Drama- I LOVE in character drama like no other. The more in character drama the better. Yes I love tormenting my character and giving her angsty crap to deal with. I mean how many people literally have killed their character on their "brothers" birthday? (granted not sure that was intentional). However I will not tolerate out of character drama. Being an owner it will be dealt with but in general no one should be causing it in this group and if someone sees OOC drama, fel free to send a screenshot to the MOP. Banter- I love banter since it helps build relationships between characters and is just fun. If I ever post a status, never hesitate bantering with me on it. I will always respond to you. Plus it is an easy way to earn monthly points. OOC- While I do talk OOC sometimes, I tend to prefer to be in character aside from when discussing. RL me is fairly shy and social awkward so I find trying to have conversations OOC hard. But if you want to OOC talk on site please use messages. I use comments for mostly IC whether it be banter or roleplay. However if you like I do most my writing now in a forum on this site. It is easier to keep track of points that way for not just me but the people I'm writing with. Plus if you write with me in the forum you don't need to send it in to the MOp for it to be counted. I will happily add it in myself each month. Although in some cases if you're writing with me I will likely add in your points. Deleting comments- I hate it when comments get deleted after I reply. I know seems kind of silly but I have a reason and I have tried to solve it without saying anything. I have a head injury that causes my memory to basically suck. So I like to go back and look at comments I said when replying to people and if they aren't there I generally won't remember what I had said before and not kjnow what to really say. If you do delete comments be aware that sometimes I may end up repeating something due to not knowing what I said before. It is not intentional. That is all for now! Thanks and I'm looking forward to writing with you all!


09/20/2020 09:58 PM 

Guard - Skin to bon reply


𝚜𝚔𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚘𝚗𝚎.

09/20/2020 08:49 PM 

Warmth Prompt

𝚜𝚔𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚘𝚗𝚎.

09/20/2020 08:18 PM 

Touch Prompt


09/20/2020 08:03 PM 

Owes and Owed

MULTIPARA WRITINGI owe: Name      date      discord/site Name      date      discord/site You owe: Name      date      discord/site Name      date      discord/site PARA WRITINGI owe: Name      4/4      date Name      4/4      date You owe: Name      4/4      dateName      4/4      dateOWES LIST UPDATED ON: ##/##/####


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