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01/25/2023 11:49 PM 

CM Moodboard

ᴡᴏᴏᴅʟᴀɴᴅ ᴊᴇᴡᴇʟ

01/25/2023 10:21 PM 

Question of Faith

    Question of faith-     Lothlórien. For as few times as he had traveled to that land, Legolas couldalways seem to recall the beauty of it from pure imagination alone. Perhaps one could understand that doing such a thing was not hard; had they been there themselves. For he could think of no other land adorned with such vibrant colors and intricate structures crafted throughout the trees. True, each of the elven cities was a sight to behold -- for each had its own breathtaking elements to them. But Lothlórien had an aura to it that Legolas could not put into words. In the darkness of the night, the city seemed to glow with spiraling trees of silver and gold. It was a beauty that had to be experienced firsthand and explored under the blessing of Lady Galadriel.It was at times such as the one present that he wished he could have come to Lothlórien under less strain. It would seem, as the years continued to pass, that each time he found himself within the boundaries of the elven city; something was amiss. This time, it was because of a ring. The one ring. Legolas had no one else to blame but himself for getting into this situation. His father had sent him to Rivendell as a messenger to represent Mirkwood. Thranduil had not told him to pledge his allegiance to anyone. But the prince had offered his services to the Fellowship. In doing so he had given his loyalty to a hobbit and vowed to follow him until he was no longer needed.He had not expected it to lead him here. How he wished other reasons had led him to be here. To visit with Lady Galadriel under different circumstances would have been considered an honor. But instead, he and his companions were there for protection. They had suffered too many losses in the short time frame they had been on their journey. One of those losses had struck even the elf deep. But he did not let emotions hang so visibly on his features. Only when Lady Galadriel had dismissed them and bid them to rest had he finally commented on it. The lament for Gandalf had struck a chord in the prince's chest. Heartstrings felt as if they were being pulled taunt. His movements became more rigid while his iris' were restricted. Nails had scraped lightly along the sides of the silver vase in his grasp. "I have not the heart to repeat what they are saying." It had been the only thing said to the young hobbits around him as he peered up at the trees when they asked what the elves were singing. It was obvious that the grey wizard had meant a lot to many throughout the lands of Middle Earth. So much to the point that Legolas had chosen to vanish shortly after the lament had started.If there was one thing that many would come to know about the Sindarin elf it was that when he became troubled he would often wander. Sometimes he didn't go far, other times he would wander for miles. To Legolas, the miles traveled did not truly matter for he never grew tired from walking. But since he could not leave his company far behind he had settled for putting a simple mile between himself and them on that night. During his exploration through the woods, he'd find himself murmuring a message of farewell. Normally, it was one that the blonde would say when an animal had lost its life. But, for whatever reason, he echoed those words now as he ventured further and further."Rest well beyond the silver falls of life, with the rest of your ancestors. May your next life come easier, be happier, and carry less darkness. With this life, you may be done. But in the next, you are only just beginning."Did it feel right to be bidding Gandalf farewell? No. It did not feel proper. Something in his metaphysical being told the prince that the wizard was not gone for good. But, at the same time, he was uncertain if he should trust himself on that level. To trust the spiritual aspect of things seemed foolish sometimes. For as connected as Legolas could be to the land around him, or things of a more spiritual essence, he still did doubt that intuition at times. Right now something was telling him that Gandalf was not gone. But how could he not be? Legolas had watched him plummet and fall along with the Balrog. It was not to say that he did not harbor hope, or have faith, that Gandalf would return from his battle with the beast; but he had an easier time focusing on the more physical side of things.Physical. He had to ground himself in a physical manner to calm his mind and wash away the worry. If Gandalf was still out there, as his intuition told him, then he would return in time. But if he were not, then, there was no point questioning the possibility of it. Legolas had to find a way to ground himself and let the fates handle that part. His own part was still currently at play and may be for a long while to come. Such was why he had to find something to settle his mind as he continued to wander through the towering trees of shimmering silver.Fortunately, it would not take long for his efforts to lead him to a pond settled beneath an opening in the canopy bed overhead. Seemingly, his keen sense of hearing had been leading him toward a source of water without the elf consciously recognizing it. He had the fish splashing around in a far quadrant of the pond to thank for that. If he had been in unprotected lands then he may have scolded himself for getting lost in thought and abandoning most of his senses. But, in the land of Lothlórien, he did not have to worry over who was watching him from a far-off distance.Upon that thought, Legolas allowed himself to wander freely toward the edge of the water before kneeling down. Out beyond the borders of this land, he would not have let himself get so near to water without his guard up. If only because it was a surefire way to invite an attack upon oneself. Here, however, he was safe to draw near as eyes of cyan blue peered down at the water. His right hand would reach out to gently graze across the top of the crystal clear liquid before him. It had been a while since he had found water so clear and peaceful.Knowing that water was a source of grounding for himself, he had chosen to venture into it. Before doing so, the elf had removed most of his attire. The only thing left on his body were the pants he had come in. For he was not going to go so far as to reveal every inch of his being to the outside world. But Legolas did not mind stripping his quiver, sword, boots, and the tunic he often wore to free himself.Only after each item had been removed did Legolas make his way into the water. To do so he must step down off of a ledge. For the body of water appeared to be elven made into the land and not naturally formed. There was no meeting point between water and land at a shoreline. Instead, there were ledges all around the area that one must step down from and freely into the water itself. The first step had been the most unsteady as toes curled into the mud beneath the surface. His palms had taken purchase of the grass along the edge until he could steady his weight along the bottom and find a safe passage to venture deeper by foot alone. He'd continue like so until he was standing waist-deep with water all around himself. Fingers would tread through the crystal clear waters and cause small ripples before himself as he gazed up at the moon. The sensation of peace slowly began to drift over the prince and engulf his mind as he focused on the ebb and flow of the elements surrounding him. Even the fish that had been playing in the water would soon begin to swim around the prince's legs and between his ankles to soothe him further. Seemingly, enough time had passed since the elf had first ventured off up until now. For as Legolas stood within the water with his head tilted back so the moonlight could glisten across his face and toned abs he could also hear footsteps growing near. "You could have come sooner, you know?" Finally, he chose to speak for the first time since uttering the small message of farewell to Gandalf on his way here. "I would not have cast you away." He added while lowering his head so his chin became even with his shoulders as if to stretch the neck muscles fully. "Nor do I think you would have." Words left the elder silvan elf as he approached the edge of the lake. "But even you need time to mourn, Legolas." If anyone was going to understand that it was going to be Haldir. He was known for carrying emotions within himself and not sharing them. Some labeled him the stoic sort for it. But often times it would seem that he simply did not want to burden others with his own emotions. Such was why he did not follow so closely and make himself known sooner. He could understand why Legolas was wandering off. "I have done my fair share of it already." Words escaped him on a calm breath as he smiled faintly before turning to face the elder elf. "Do not tell me you came here to check on me?" For that did not seem right. Haldir did not often follow for no reason and Legolas knew that. So when the elder had given a simple 'no', Legolas laughed softly and made his way back towards the edge."Then why are you here? What makes your mind grow ill?" It was upon the moment that Legolas reached the edge of the water when Haldir would hold out his hand to the prince to help him up. "You chose to freely give your time to the one who bares the ring. Do you honestly believe this will be the journey to put an end to all of this suffering?" To anyone else, it may have been a question that would have stopped them in their tracts. But, Haldir knew that Legolas was the sort to think every situation over, and over, and over until he had pretty much considered every angle of a situation. While some around him found it to be an annoying trait, there were others like Haldir who valued it. That did not mean, however, that he would answer swiftly. Instead, Legolas chose to take Haldir's hand and climb up out of the lake. The wind that rushed around them drove a chill deep into his bones and made the prince shiver in place while he contemplated how to answer the question. It was only when he released his friend's hand that he would allow a sigh to escape his lips. "I have thought about it..." Legolas would muse while ringing out the ends of his hair to free it of the remaining water droplets that fell to his feet. Did he honestly think this would be the end of it? Did Legolas believe that Frodo would have enough internal strength to carry the ring to Mordor and drop it into the depths of the fire that had created it? No. He in fact did not think the hobbit had it in him; he knew so little about Frodo though that he realized he could also be wrong. After all, so many of the others believed in the boy. If they were willing to put their faith and trust into the hobbit, then Legolas felt he must as well.Taking the time to pause in his answer again he would shift his gaze to peer up at the moon. "There are only two ways this adventure can go. Either Frodo does have the strength, the courage, and the stamina to get to Mordor and destroy that ring. Or, the third age ends in great peril, and the world as we know it is doomed to exist under the reign of a tyrant for as long as it continues to exist." Even with these words, he knew he had not answered Haldir directly. This was one time, amongst a few times in his life that Legolas wished he could lie and tell Haldir what he wanted to hear. But, they both knew that Legolas did not possess the ability to lie. It was something that had never come easy to him. In fact, he had never told a single lie in his life. "I do not have as much faith in him as I should. His heart seems in the right place. But I have never known a hobbit to possess the quality and stamina needed for such an adventure." Admitting that seemed to weigh heavy on the younger of the two. More so he could tell it seemed to lessen the hope of the one before him as Haldir's shoulders seemed to drop at either side. "Then why have you offered service?" It was a fair question that Legolas again had to ponder. To offer one's service was not done lightly."Because--" Legolas would cut himself off to contemplate the question. Did he actually not have an answer so readily available? That was concerning even to the prince himself to the point he frowned. "Sometimes faith can be kindled when one least expects it. Perhaps I am hoping he will spark what little faith I do have. . . and turn it into something brighter. Gandalf would not have given his life if this was not the right path to take. Nor Lord Elrond have called the council." Legolas mused softly while peering down at the ground.In the time it had taken Legolas to give such an answer, he had felt Haldir pass by him to gather the prince's items from the forest floor. "Then you do have faith." It was not much faith, not as much as the elder had been hoping to hear, but it was a start. Though as Haldir went to speak again he had fallen silent when turning to face the prince. Seemingly something had caught his eye at that very moment. It was not often he had seen Legolas unsheathed like so. In fact, he could not think of the last time he had seen Legolas like this before himself without much clothing. While some may think he had fallen silent due to a moment of unexpected attraction, it was not that at all. In fact, it was far from that.Centuries ago, when Legolas had been but four hundred years old, an event had transpired. One of the Sindarin elves had chosen to try and assassinate the prince in his sleep. Clearly, the attempt had failed and Legolas was alive. But word had spread like wildfire through the elvish folk of how the young prince had been attacked. It was said that his body had been wounded to the point he had needed extensive surgery. Lord Elrond was believed to have been there during that time despite King Thranduil's disapproval. But while the healing process had been going on, there had been soft murmurs spreading of how he may never be able to use his arms again. Many believed he would never be able to wield a bow again, or tend to himself, or do many other things that gave the elves a sense of purpose and autonomy. It was said the attack had ripped through flesh, tendon, and muscle. For so many years Haldir had questioned the truth of those tails for he had never seen the aftermath present in how Legolas carried himself. The only known fact Haldir possessed in his mind was that it was the first time Legolas had exercised a certain right given to him by birth. The prince had exiled the elf responsible to live as an outcast from his people instead of demanding their head in death; perhaps as a form of mercy. For Legolas could be cruel but he did not want to kill one of his own kind regardless of their own actions. But now, as the elven prince stood before him with his back visible to the world around them, Haldir could see it. He knew the entirety of the stories spoken must now be true.As orbs of emerald traversed along the prince's back he couldn't help but feel a weight crash down over himself. Every muscle in his body felt like it had begun to ache in that moment. The stories had said the weapon that had landed the blows had been that of a blade crafted by their own kin. But, Haldir found himself questioning the validity of that story now. For the scars that marked Legolas' back looked gnarled and unsightly. They did not look like the wounds capable of coming from an elven blade. Especially not since despite the years that had passed the edges of each visible wound still looked swollen and slightly red in color. Normally an elven blade would've had a clean cut and healed properly over time if tended to with their own medicine. But these, these were half-hazard. They looked as if they belonged to an orc blade, or, perhaps one that had been crafted poorly without a true purpose. He could not fathom they probably did not ache still to this day if touched unexpectedly. But while he wanted to ask so many questions about the event, to find out the truth of that night from the prince himself, he couldn't bring himself to ask any questions. Instead, he pushed himself to move forward and rip his sight from those wounds as he offered the prince his tunic. "Here. Before you get any more cold than what the wind has already caused." With that, he would have walked past the prince and swallowed every other word he wanted to say over what he had just witnessed. Yet, while he wanted to bury the emotions swelling up inside of his chest, it would seem the younger blonde would not allow it. "I have some faith." He would say before following it up. "Also, I am able to carry a bow, and sword, and do many other things. Do not look so weary over old wounds." For Legolas had been able to feel that gaze transfixed on his backside. Only, instead of dwelling on the past, he chose to grin now and walk alongside his brethren as they made their way back to the others. It was during such a walk he would indulge Haldir's mind on the event of his near assassination while dressing to the point he was presentable once back at camp.

Symphony of Destruction

01/25/2023 10:18 PM 

Four of the Apocalypse (Part Two)
Current mood:  intense

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Symphony of Destruction

01/25/2023 10:16 PM 

Four of the Apocalypse (Part One)
Current mood:  worried

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01/25/2023 08:51 PM 

Dimples Prompt

"You're not leaving, are you?" - Dealer's choiceNever in one hundred years did Talon think that he would feel for anyone the way that he had begun to feel for Eliana Martinez. After one whirlwind of a day together, he knew she was someone special. Many years ago, he had lost his smile - it began to fade when his mother died, and even more so when his big sister 'died' as well. It took just a few hours for Eliana to bring that smile back, even if it wasn't in full force yet. They stole a car and then blew up the house; raced; went to the fair, where they threw darts at balloons and Talon won her a giant bear, they rode the ferris wheel, Eliana dunked him in the dunk tank; they skinny dipped in a river by a waterfall; and held each other while watching Batman Begins. All in one day, and not even halfway through that, he knew he was falling hard for the human. He hadn't allowed himself to feel in so long, that when the emotions began to show, he wanted to fight them. Something about her prevented that, though. In her presence, Talon melted. He would do anything for her, a woman he had just met. At first, he wasn't sure how Eliana was feeling toward him. Sure, they shared several kisses and swam in the river nude, but that didn't mean she felt anything remotely close to what he was feeling. It wasn't until he slid out of bed that he realized she wanted him as much as he wanted her. On his feet, heading towards the kitchen to get a glass of water and snacks, her quiet voice held so much emotion that he turned to look at her. "You're not leaving, are you?" Her brow was furrowed, and her large eyes locked onto his figure with a pleading look.His heart felt like it was going to shatter. His features softened, and his red eyes widened as he sat on the edge of the bed. His hand cupped her cheek as he smiled, a genuine smile, and shook his head. "I'd never leave you, Eliana. I love you." His deep voice came out in a whisper as his thumb softly rubbed her cheek. 

Dᴀʀᴋ Aᴍʙɪᴛɪᴏɴs

01/25/2023 07:20 PM 

Learn about my Character

1. How do they celebrate their birthday?Special dinner with her mother and a day of shopping.  2. Who is the most important person in her life?Her mother and her best friends 3. What does she wear just hanging out at home?oversized t-shirt and shorty-shorts.4. What is her house like?Her bedroom is full of rich and glamourous things. Mostly a deep green and silver. She was a Slytherin before she was placed in Slytherin.  5. Any pets?No.6. What will always make her smile?Books, Writing and Shopping. Though she does love being in front of a camera with a huge selection of clothes.7. What will always make her cry?She never cries. She buryes everything down deep.8. What's her favourite movie?From Hell9. Favourite book?Erotic Romance but don't tell the other Slytherins.10. Does she get along with her parents?She's super close with her mother. She never really knew her father. 11. If you could put them into a different fictional universe, where would they go?Outlander12. Favourite Holiday?Halloween. Love dressing up. 13. Tattoos?No. Though the death eaters are trying to get her to get her tattoo. 14. What was her first kiss like?Sweet and Gentle15. Has he ever lost someone he loved?Her father and all of her family. She loses her mother before Year 7.16. 3 wishes from a genie?-For the Death Eaters to leave her alone-To be whatever she wants to be and not follow her father's footsteps because of her last name-To fall in love.17. 4 items and one companion to be stranded on an island with?Items: Brush, tinted lip gloss, notebook, bookCompanion. Theodore Nott (Her BFF)18. Whats a quote that you associate her with?"People fear what they don't understand, and lash out against it." 19. Any romantic interests?Theodore "Teddy" Nott20. What kind of accent does she have?She tries to hide any accent but sometimes she has a bit of a French accent.21. What is her most prize possession?A necklace given to her by her mother when she got her Hogwarts Letter.22. Have they ever stolen anything?No- she's never had a reason to steal.   1. Height? 5'3"2. Virgin? wouldn't you like to know3. Shoe size? 74. Sexual orientation? Straight5. Do you smoke? No6. Do you drink? Love a glass of wine or two.7. Do you take drugs? No8. Age you get mistaken for: younger, a child.9. Have any tattoos? No... not yet but the Death Eaters are pushing it. 10. Do you want any tattoos? No11. Got any piercings? Ears and navel12. Do you want any piercings? Nope, I'm good. 13. Best friend? My roommate and modeling BFF (Kristen Stewart playby I'm searching for) & Theodore Nott14. Relationship status? Single (Since I haven't found my Teddy yet)15. Biggest turn ons? Nope16. Biggest turn offs? Nope17. Favorite movie? From Hell18. I’ll love you if: get to know the real me under my Slytherin masks19. Someone you miss: I miss my mom20. Most life changing experience? My mom's murder and I chose to side with Harry Potter21. A fact about your personality? She acts like she hates everyone but it's all fake. 22. What I hate most about myself? That I can't just be how I want to be... that everyone always assume that I'm evil. 23. What I love most about myself? Being smart; not that many notice much past my green robes.24. What I want to be when I get older? I want to model fulltime and write novels. 25. My relationship with my sibling(s): I'm an only child. 26. My relationship with my parents? My father died when I was little. I'm super close with my mother. 27. My idea of a perfect date? Something fun and spontaneous28. My biggest pet peeve(s)? People assuming things29. A description of a boy / girl I like: No comment. :) 30. A description of the person I dislike most: Cocky 


01/25/2023 06:25 PM 

SoulBound {Starter for Broken Shield}

.The Soul Stone Brings Back Lincoln The Soulstone, The strange stone of the many infinite stones that had to be collected by Thanots and chased by many avengers seeking the avenge those that the snap had taken away. The soulstone was a stone that was not well known at to what it could do, it was a stone that traveled many distances and had been on earth during the year of 1800s when it found a mortal who seemed to radiate the same energy as it did. Abraham Lincoln was a man that the soul stone managed to cross paths with and actually linked itself with the man.It was almost never used and if it was ever used by Lincoln it was to raise the determination of Americans to see the union through this hard war. The soul stone became very fond of Lincoln. so fond that it was said it would often find wherever the man had gone and be there. But it all changed when Lincoln murdered the soul stone vanished from earth because its friend had died and no longer did it see anyone else fit to use it.Abraham Lincoln while he was dead, was watching over America and how it was going throughout the years, the supersoldiers made and avengers created the man who stayed in heaven and watched over the country he loved so dearly. It was not till after the last Blip was made to bring back those killed by Thanos. With that blip, the soul stone was used mostly to bring back the dead, but because the powers ranged so wisely, the stone thought it knew better brought back Abraham as well as it knew somewhere, another civil war would bring itself to life, something the man could fix, if not itself.With the Blip finished, the stones scattered across the cosmos, but the soul stone actually returned to Washington where it would settle down in the grant archives, under Lincoln's name and there it would remain knowing the man would come back to Washington, unaware evil forces would pick on it and would try and find it before the avengers could.The soulstone then brought him back, as Abvraham's soul which was relaxed in heaven suddenly felt a sharp pull and yank before suddenly it felt like it was ripped out of heaven and flung back at earth at a turbulent force slamming into a coffin and a gasp from the man's mouth as the stone had worked it magic to bring him back but it also teleported the man sharply into the woods slamming him into a river.It took Lincoln a moment to struggle and grasp what was going on, his head was throbbing in pain and he felt his bones and muscles and organs snap back into living condition, the river swept the man sharply under the water and slammed him around in horrid cold waters before he finally managed to snag a broken log and hang onto it and gasped."Mary?" he called out sharply as if his wife would help him "Help, Help" he grunted before finally his strength came back to him before managed to pull himself to shore using the log and lay there gasping and panting his suit and dress pants covered in water and smelled like the death he had came from.Lincoln would then gather himself up and look around as his eyes and everything was still adjusting, but he felt alive, he felt grand he felt like a young man again, but how? he did not know the answer to these questions, and nor did he know how he would understand what was going on. He felt like he knew the way as if he had a built-in compass as he would travel and walk through the forest stumbling and over coming larger hurtles before he finally at the break of the evening hours finally stumbled across what looked to be a farm.He came from the forest line and winced as his body was still very sore and everything hurt he huffed gently, looking around before he noticed a young girl playing as he called out to her and seemed to startle her slight;y but she could tell by he walked and stumbled and collapsed sharply to his knees as his body finally would not will itself to move that he was injured and in bad shape.The young girl raced back into the house yelling for Barton "Dad, Dad someone is hurt in our yard, he collapsed" she shouted running in eventually she got them outside as Abraham could hear footsteps and the young girl looked at him."Mister, are you alright? we can help" she assured him as Lincoln finally wobbled to his feet yet again though greatly swaying as he was not used to this feeling of being alive."I just need to rest is all " Abraham said in a hushed tone as if he did not believe it himself. barton had a hand on his gun in case the stranger pulled something."Who are you and where do you come from stranger?" he asked as Lincoln finally looked up his face glinting in the moonlight slightly before he spoke."I am Abraham Lincoln, I come from Springfield Illinois, President of America," he said slowly his tall height was shown finally, as Barton's eyes widen slightly as if he did not want to believe this man was such a person. He finally looked over at Steve who was coming over."Captain, I do belive we might have an issue"


01/25/2023 06:24 PM 

The Train Ride{Drabble In Time}

. It was February 11th 1861, The clouds were low and blocking the sun for most of the morning, The Lincoln hotel where they had stayed while getting ready to move to Washington was all up in a stir, Mary and Robert trying to wrangle the young boys William and Tad into being helpful instead of running around and playing with their toys. Mary was all kinds of flustered because it was such a large task to have all the family ready to move, it did not help that Abraham had gone oiff and left her alone to deal with that chaos.Tad and William eventually came to the town courtroom where Lincoln was saying his final farewells to his fellow friends with great sadness in his eyes  He was saddened to leave this place so it was his home for so long amongst his friends."Pa there you are," tad said running over happily and hugging his father's leg as William came over as well smiling that dazzling smile."Ma wants you back at the hotel please Pa she will give you a good ear pop if you are not there soon enough," William said as Abraham chuckled gently and nodded his head."Very well my boys very well, I shall see you one day my friend Joshua," he said with a great smile and patted his friend's shoulder and turned before scooping up Tad onto his shoulders and walking out of the courthouse and smiled as they walked back to the hotel where Mary sure did give him such a scolding as Abraham smiled with a leisurely calmness to his wife's frantic nature."My dear the train has yet to pull into the station, calm down we shall make it just on time" He assured her as he and the boys helped get everything ready on the wagon and would soon see themselves off. He smiled sweetly as they arrived at the station and would be helped to get their stuff moved to the train as Lincoln made sure the kids would sit down and not get in the way of the help or movers.He would eventually when all was said and done and would go to the back of the train and would say his final;y farewell to that the people of Springfield. "My friends, no one, not in my situation, can appreciate my feeling of sadness at this parting. To this place, and the kindness of these people, I owe everything. Here I have lived a quarter of a century, and have passed from a young to an old man. Here my children have been born, and one is buried. I now leave, not knowing when, or whether ever, I may return, with a task before me greater than that which rested upon Washington. Without the assistance of that Divine Being who ever attended him, I cannot succeed. With that assistance, I cannot fail. Trusting in Him who can go with me, remain with you, and be everywhere for good, let us confidently hope that all will yet be well. To His care commending you, as I hope in your prayers you will commend me, I bid you an affectionate farewell."He finished off with the last words before the train would start to move, he smiled as people chased after the train wishing their friend a fond farewell. He felt a tug on his leg and saw Tad there and picked him up and held him in his arms and waved to the people of Springfield as they eventually would retire to the main part of the train where they stayed and smiled as Mary and Robert were fussing over silly things and how Robert hated the fact he needed to accompany them to the Washington DC."President Lincoln we do have a matter which is that of a concern," said a young military man, as Abraham looked over from his paper it had gotten dark out and they had been traveling for several hours now."We have threats Lincoln, real death threats against you, we wish that we can get you into the white house into the back and away from prying eyes," He said with a firm look as Abraham chuckled gently at the idea of taking it seriously but Mary huffed at Lincoln that they should not take such threats lightly, their children also in danger too though by now William and tad had fallen asleep."very well Mother we shall have it your way then, we shall take it seriously. What shall we do though that would let us sneak past uncaught?" he asked Mary and the young man that nodded as they would discuss possible options and ideas. He smiled as it was settled on their next stop they would switch the train and go on a different train that would arrive at a different station than the normal train station he would be coming in."Father I worry" mary eventually spoke as Abraham looked over as she was sitting across from him with a worry-filled eye as he smiled assuringly at her."We will be fine Mother do not worry about such small things. We shall make it safe and then the work begins" said with a calm smile  He walked over to her and sat down beside her as the children were now where asleep he sat beside her and held her hand in his."Worry not Mother, I shall keep us safe" he promised and kissed her hand and smiled at her with a comforting look in his eyes and put an arm around her, and held her close."I hope so Father"


01/25/2023 06:22 PM 

A Lincoln White House {Drabble in time}

. Lincoln, The son of poor farmers, the man that became a lawyer by himself, was the one that raised the platform of the republicans to new heights during his run for the presidency.  Now the man stood there, in the grandest home in America, the White House. His wife always found something to tell him needed to be done or nagged him for more money on repairs even when they did not have the funds to keep it all going. Abraham Lincoln was a man that the entire north did love dearly and hated just as much. He was a calm man a man that was not rattled by the sheer volume of anger and hate from those that wish to oppose him.Abraham's cabinet members were made of the smartest people he knew, some that did not agree with him and many that would try and control him The cabinet would bicker and mutter amongst themselves and would try and dishearten Lincoln into giving in to the south's demands. Surprised and shocked always seem to be their response when Lincoln would ignore their pleas to surrender and have a peaceful end to the conflict. Lincoln would always remind them."I seek no other end to this but the union as a whole, free for all before I would take to the souths demands" He reminded them that he would not relent to the demands of traitors and those that wished to ruffle his feathers had no way of doing so. The people in the white house, the staff dearly loved Abraham, even the nannies and maids were very fond of the older man because of his great calmness or that whenever his boys got out of hand their father would come and make sure they would stop their mischievous ways and would even help around when the time was granted.Mary Todd's seamstress was also very fond of Abraham due to how kind he could treat his wife even when the darkest hours were before them. When they lost William, Lincoln would try and console his wife the best he could and would take a day off a week to try and be there as much as possible for Mary in her terrible time. Mary, while was quiet and did not offer too much advice as she had her own duties and problems to worry about, would always have her husband's attention when the time called forThe White House during Lincoln's time was a place where everyone could voice anything with concerns or a burst of good laughter to the president and was welcome just as easily as family. Abraham often allowed for an air of laughter and humor even when there was little to laughter or anything o be joyful about. He would tell stories, jokes, or wistful comments to anyone to earn a laugh or a raise out of those that seemed to be glum or saddened by anything. Abraham Lincoln was also known to have cooked a few times or thrown lavished events with Mary to help see and make friends with Generals and or other important figures. Abraham while knew nothing much of high society knew how to make friends with many people even those that did not agree with him. Abraham would speak with everyone that attended with great interest to their words or concerns or advice. His children William, Tad, and Robert were often the source of mischief or nagging from his wife to him.Robert wished to join the Military, he wanted to do something more than sit at home and be a sheltered man. Abraham was reluctant to allow his child to do so, Mary was all against it and it took Lincoln careful steps to get Robert into the Military. He made sure Robert would not be in harm's way or his wife would have lost her will to live any future should Robert die in war right after William had died.Tad his youngest son was the mischief maker, the one that wanted to understand everything and asked questions. He would interrupt meetings and ask many skillful questions or ask his father to play with him or ask for help with things he did not understand. If Abraham could not entertain his youngest child his son would find whatever he could to get into trouble if to seek out his father's attention. There were a lot of fun and bad things his sons had managed to do to cause their man to laugh or become frustrated, but as his secretary would reply to many people."It broke the man's heart to ever scold or use his parental authority to correct his children's behavior but he would do so with great firmness and calmness that they should understand his words"Abraham Lincoln, was the calmest President in a time of war, he never seemed to get angry or shout or yell at anyone no matter what was going wrong. he kept a level head and kept moving forward no matter what failures awaited him. He would always look to the future, he would smile and understand critics and would answer with such mastery that everyone's doubts seem to melt away. He was the calmest man that ever took office in a time of war and horrors that awaited him during his presidency, he loved it, he loved the entire experience. Till the day of his murder, the country would forever raise him to the rank of the GREATEST PRESIDENT, an all too modest Lincoln would refuse.


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Drinks With Johnny- ft Ava Max

Date: Friday, January 20,2023Location: Los Angeles, CaliforniaVenue: The Nova-Event: Diamonds and Dancefloors album partyDWJ= Drinks With Johnny A= Amethyst(Ava)  Hey and welcome to a special edition of Drinks With Johnny I am Johnny Christ. Tonight we are live on location at The Nova in Los Angeles California, where I am joined by my best friend and pop star Amethyst Faye Fischbach better known by her stage name Ava Max.  With her second album Diamonds and Dancefloors releasing on the 27th we sat down to answer a few questions.. DWJ: How long have you been in the music scene?A: I started singing at a young age and was already active in competitions by the time I reached high school. After moving to Los Angeles I pursued music full-time. So, professionally, I've been doing this since 2013 but didn't get signed to Atlantic Records until 2016 and the rest is history. DWJ: What provoked you to start a music career?A: My determination. This was all I wanted to do. There was no plan B. I struggled a lot at the beginning of my career to the point with the demos I recorded at the time that were rejected and not returned by producers and songwriters. I also faced several incidents of sexual harassment. I wanted to quit. But then I met Cirkut, my record producer, he changed my life as I was considering leaving the music industry after being creatively stifled. We wrote hundreds of songs together and he worked with me on my debut album, Heaven & Hell, and now on this one, Diamonds & Dancefloors. DWJ: What are your musical influences?A: I grew up listening to artists such as Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Fugees, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. Beyonce, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Lady Gaga are some of my influences. However, Mariah Carey, I grew up listening to her music non-stop, and my parents are my biggest influences. DWJ: Any exciting news you want to share? Upcoming tours, perhaps?A: I'm working on a project with my husband. He's filming a movie, so it'll be a bit different from the ones that he produced that I was featured in. More singles will be announced and I am planning to go on tour. Dates will be announced soon. Other than that, y'all are gonna have to wait and see. I can't spill all the secrets. -laughs softly;


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"She's Crazy." A Zimmy Collaboration Drabble

Writer's note:  Been wanting to do some kind of collaboration drabble with these three for awhile, and this seemed like a good idea since Willow can be unpredictable at times. In this scenario Zacky and Jimmy were married as well.  #13 idea off of the Sarcasm Prompt list.Day 1 meeting Zacky and Jimmy Coming from Sunnydale California life was full of the spookiest things you could ever dream of, even then the nightmares became real but for two particular males things had gone a little differently, at first it started out like any old introduction with hellos, food and entertainment but by the middle of the day something had snapped inside the usually adorkable red head. The tall lanky male and his partner were only mere inches away before the chaos unleashed, at first they were a little confused having not known she was anything but this bubbly chick with a rather bold fashion sense but it appeared to be that the red head was arguing with something in the distance, to the males eyes it was nothing but open air.  "I told you for the last time f*** off I am done being your doormat. If you think I am joking watch me."  Just then Willows eyes changed to demonic black and her tone was far from friendly, whatever was out there had soon ended with a quick flame and then it was gone the red head now having an extra pep in her step at this point.(Huntington Beach) Both hands on the wheel of her Jeep Wrangler; she began bobbing her head along to the latest top 40 song on the radio while the never ending traffic of Los Angeles soon followed.  It had been a couple years now since that extremely embarassing outburst that unfortunately the rhythmn guitarist and drummer had to witness, luckily they were able to see past it and continued a long friendship so far. Today she was going to surprise the two males with gifts and of course hugs but the biggest surprise she had been keeping from them is the fact she was now a single mother of a six year old daughter, and due to her expanding fur family she had ended up getting a house with a little patio and garden out back.  Finally after what felt like hours Willow had arrived in Orange County for the day more specifically Huntington, making her way down to the pier it didn't take long before she spotted Zacky and Jimmy, Ella staying back a bit until instructed to join.  "Oh hey guys whats up?"  Hearing the familiar voice both males turned their head a puzzled but happy look on their faces now at seeing their red headed friend. "Not much just having some chill time what brings you out our way though?" The red head paused for a brief minute wondering how much she should tell them right then and there.  "Well first off I wanted to surprise you both since it has been awhile and secondly I come baring gifts hope you like them."  Just then the younger red head came down the steps and stood close to Willow at this point Zacky  could not help but to speak up. "Run while you still can..I am telling you this one over here She's crazy. Just when you think you've reached the bottom of her craziness, there's a crazy underground garage." Now the two red heads had bursted out in fits of laughter and giggles as if it was the funniest thing on planet earth. "My mama is not crazy maybe hungry a lot of the times but never crazy."  Ella had now begun to wrap her arms around the male known as Jimmy. "Whoa small fry why are you hugging me? Wills ugh why is this thing calling you mama also." Biting her lip Willow took a deep breath and then started the long winded speech about who Ella was and why they had really left Sunnydale and everything. "Damn well good on you for never giving up, and sorry we gave your kiddo a hard time she definetely has the sass just like you Wills. Just try not to turn anyone green or flamb'e anyone again thanks."


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300 word- Coffee Surprise

Waking up extra early Willow rolled over to see several missed alerts on her phone, one being her co worker and friend Milo saying that he would pick up Gizmo from the groomers after to allow wills more time with her father. Running a hand through her hair she now got up and shuffled her way to the kitchen, opening the pantry she let out a large sigh at once again finding her jar of Nutella to be empty  "Aww dang it is too early to be out of chocolate anything, I sure hope the bagel shop is at least open." With that statement she went back to her bedroom and slipped on a pair of her black jeans and a coloured t shirt, fluffing up her hair and a quick touch of lip gloss Willow was out of the house with her french bull dog. Today she was planning to stop by the police station for a surprise visit with her pops; as he always liked to have a coffee and something sugary first thing especially with knowing most of his receptionist and detectives could not make a decent cup from what  she was told. After dropping her fur son off it was on to the next location which was for some food, pulling into the empty stall outside of the bagel shop she turned off the ignition. Grabbing her bag off the passengers seat Willow walked into the store and read the food displays and board before quickly going for her usual, which was a blueberry bagel with extra nutella on it, two extra large black coffees and a box of assorted pasteries because just like the red head Hoppers tastes were a bit different than her own.  Paying for the food and drinks she said her thank yous and left  she was doing really good until  Willow was near the station and some jerk cut in front of her causing her to jump and knock half of the coffees onto her shirt and shoes."Excuse me I was wondering is Jim Hopper here? I have an important message to send him in person."  Before the receptionist could answer there came a loud and familiar voice, despite all the bad things that had just happened to her there was always a smile on her face when she was around her adoptive father.  "Morning dad. I wanted to surprise you with these but unfortunately some ass hat made me spill it all over my shirt, so I am not sure how much coffee is left in these to go cups."  Reaching into the box Hopper grabbed the heavily glazed one and shoved it in his mouth, while Willow now had traces of nutella on the corners of her mouth too.. "Strawberry you know just showing up here is more than enough for me, but since you are here I was wondering if you could help me with something?"  Sliding a file folder across the desk that had the words confidential in big red letters, she gave a look that said more of a are you insane then a okay I will help you, but she opened the corner anyways and began skimming through the contents.  "Whoa I thought you caught that rat bastard the last time I came to visit you and mama, even El said we were okay." Listening to his daughter Jim could not help but to run his hand over his beard a few more times, before he began rambling  his most common phrase. "Mornings are for coffee and contemplation. But also thank you for these I love you so much." 


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13 years- Jimmy "The Rev" Memorial

Writer's Note: Typically I write third person when it comes to any kind of Drabble or banter, but for this I wanted to give Johnnys point of view and emotions.  I decided to keep this fairly short to as I am still learning more in depth about this situation and the band as I go along. As I sit on the patio watching the sunset I look back on that day in 1989. As a cheeky five year old never would I have imagined from that day we would gain a long time bond, you not only became my best friend but you also led me to keeping a twenty year career with our band. Regardless of all this you are my brother none the less. I still cannot believe you are gone you left us way too early dude, to this day I keep looking to the front door expecting you to come crashing through in your usual fashion. Thirteen long years without you and the ache still weighs on me. The guys and I never forget to joke around during late nights and ask ourselves  "What would Jimmy think of this sh*t." Thanks for some of the best years of my life, even if we both had our serious differences and you picked on me daily I still would never trade anything.  I know my son Franklin would have loved to of known you, he occasionally overhears me rambling on about you and I cannot help but chuckle and tell him. "Yup that's your uncle Jimmy the hard working goofball."  You really were a legend and kicked some serious ass here's to you brother see you on the flip side. Love you Jimbo- Always your pain in the ass Short Stack  "JC" 💙😎🍹

Hou Xin

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Drabble: Street Signs

I just recently picked a random setting promt for modern fantasy as my muse source for another drabble (to get back into writing shape and character and explore some modern setting ideas besides all the tradition Wuxai and LotR settings Hou Xin is part of)So here is the prompt and the result:Setting-Prompt, Modern Fantasy:Street Signs: After a young man is killed as an innocent bystander in the cross-fires of gang violence, a mysterious symbol appears on the side of a building.   The rhythmical, constant tapping of rain against the high windows accompanied by the frequent noises of clicking and typing of someone working at a PC filled the room. – This very someone came in shape of a rather juvenile looking Asian male, sitting behind an ancient looking wooden desk, shoulder-length, ebony, slightly ruffled hair tugged loosely behind his ears which were covered by headphones, his angular features faintly strained with focus.On first glance his whole appearance tended to invoke the impression of him being one of the current disciples at the Agency, yet indeed the sign outside, next to the door announced him as one of the most renowned Agents. As a matter of fact, he was one of the leading authorities when it came to practical fieldwork and disciple training in martial arts and the mastery of Qi-Powers. Remarkable achievements considering his young age and yet another fact, noticeable by his unfocused glance that was not directed towards the screen in front of him, but him taking in the information displayed there by headphones and his fingers running quickly across a constantly changing Braille-display connected to the PC-set.In his function as ambassador of their Chinese/Asian branch Hou Xin, as this was the name the young Qi-Warrior and Warden of the Jade Court, the Agency´s official title in his homeland, had been sent to temporarily aid the North American section. Besides assisting in the training of new disciples the main reason for his presence was to investigate the recently growing numbers of reports of strange occurrences in the proximity of China town NY and a few rich Chinese families. This demanded subtle and in terms of cultural habits appropriate handling and thus was calling for an insider in order to avoid a social and political faux pas among the “no-mag” but also the magical society.Hesitant knocking eventually dragged him away from his studies, made him pause his lecture and remove the headset and directed his attention towards the open door.“Shí? (Yes?)”, while he was well able to determine that someone, someone human at that, was lingering within the doorframe, there was not much more information for him to utilize in order to identify the person – there was nothing familiar to him about the person lingering there. So he only could assume that it was one of the newly admitted students.“Sir, are you Master Hou Xin, Sir?”, an unknown, young, male voice hardened this assumption, and the insecurity and slight discomfort resounding in the words made him get up with a, as he hoped, reassuring smile. Also remembering that the other probably was not able to understand any Chinese he promptly switched back to English, noticeably lined with a foreign accent though.“Yes, I am Hou Xin…. forget about the Master or the Sir…  –  Hǎo ba (Well), who are you and how can I help you?”, he confirmed his own identity and beckoned the disciple to enter and take a seat.Settling back into his own chair Hou Xin silently waited a few moments with tilted head, taking in his very own impression of the student and also allowing the obviously rather nervous youngster a moment to collect himself, and maybe even state his matter.“Thank you, Si… - uhm, I am David Caster – the Agency recruited me only last week… uhm…”.So his assumption was confirmed. Hou Xin nodded slightly, “Huānyíng (Welcome), David. That explains why we have not met yet – Suǒyǐ (so), how can I help you?”“Here, I was told you might be the one to be able to help me with this?” faint scraping across the desk announce that something was slid in Hou Xin´s direction – a something that felt like some sort of smartphone to him, upon briefly running his fingers across the flat surface.Once he´d finished his examination Hou Xin´s unfocused glance went back towards his visitor, “I might need your help with this, David – Whatever is on this screen, I need you to describe it to me, hǎo ma (please).”A slight gasp gave away David´s surprise upon finally recognizing what was the reason behind this unusual request.“I… uhm.. of course, Mas… Sir, uhm Hou Xin, Sir…”, his uneasiness about the whole situation was almost tangible and made Hou Xin get up and come round his desk.Placing himself next to the young man and one reassuring hand on his shoulder he pulled the device closer towards the two of them.“It´s alright, David – nothing to feel anxious about – so, what is it you are trying to show me on there?”“Ok… ok…. – I…well, I recorded something with my phone this morning… I will explain it while playing the video, would that be ok for you, Sir?”“Of course it would, David – go ahead, and, again, hǎo ma (please), no Sir.” Hou Xin tried to sound as reassuring and calming as possible. Indeed, this was not the first time he´d experienced a reaction like this once people realized his… situation. Especially students and new fellow agents tended to feel somewhat uneasy regarding how to deal with him – probably as their idea of a field-agent and even training instructor did not include sightlessness.After a few seconds of David fumbling with the mobile phone a video started to play – initially, without context nothing Hou Xin heard really made sense: the screaming of people, sirens, and suddenly some of the people part of whatever scene was going down seemed to be surprised by something….“Ok, what you see here... uhm... I mean… I… anyway, what I recorded on my way to the Agency early this morning is the aftermath what seems to be the cruel, accidental death of a young man, apparently in way of a sudden gang shootout – it was more like a drive by, or so it looked like in the beginning – however as terrible as the whole incident was, what happened after the goons were gone and the guy was dead, is what I wanted to show you – you still can hear the people call out in shock and the first sirens approaching, yet the moment when among the shocked screams the expressions of astonishment and surprise erupted, that is when at the wall behind the shootout victim, rather high up a strange, glowing sign appeared – nothing I have ever seen, and when I showed it to Agent Booker he told me to show it to you… it looks kinda Asian?”The implied question in the end made Hou Xin shrug slightly, “Well, on first glance there is not much I could tell you about it,” he deadpanned, once again in an attempt to break the ice – this time it seemed to work as a suppresses chuckle came as response… finally! “Dànshì (However), …”, he went on, again back to being serious, “… if you describe it to me the best you can, I am sure the two of us will be able to solve this puzzle. – Suǒyǐ (so), tell me every detail you are able to remember and you can make out on this video of yours.” 


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Welcome to Fatherhood- A JC Drabble

Writers note: Topic taken from a prompt list I found awhile back and decided to roll with it. Before we dive into the joys of family life, lets go back to the begining of when the bassist first started dating Lacey Seward (Franklin) 2004 to be exact. Having been part of Avenged Sevenfold for a year now, as well as his second official Warped Tour well under way Johnny had found himself caught up in the realms of dating with a beautiful brunette. As the life of a musician followed him so did the relationship having been together for a total of eight years now,Johnny had ended up proposing to Lacey Franklin on the exact same beach that they did junior life guarding at. Within a year of the proposal Lacey and Johnny had officially married on September 14th,2012 in Napa California. A year later came another fully mastered album (Hail to the King) in which the bassist was ready to go world wide again with his band. Touring and married life had treated them well for the most part, but yet again the studio time had come full circle with their seventh album (The Stage)  in those two years Lacey and Johnny had found out they were expecting their first child. The pregnancy had actually come as a bit of a surprise as Lacey was not one to have any real desire for children but sure enough it happened. The bassist had always wanted at least two kids whether they came naturally or adopting, at this point Johnny had now spent every minute with Lacey as she went through the ups and downs of pregnancy.February 2017Having been on a European tour with Disturbed and Chevelle,Johnny had unfortunately missed several shows due to the fact his son legally born Franklin James Seward "Frankie" came into the world on the seventh day, at a healthy six pounds six ounces. Even after all the ultra sounds and birth Johnny still could not believe their son was actually here in the flesh and the spitting image of Lacey. 2018-PresentWith the new born son in the picture it was a whole other routine; but luckily the two of them plus their families were able to balance this new life until unfortunately everything came to a stand still. The reasoning was Matt had announced that they would not be continuing with the next chapter of tour due to vocal issues. Call it a weird mircale but in Johnny and Laceys case this had proven to be a blessing in disguise, he was able to see Frankie go through the most important stages of life that most traveling parents miss. At first it was hard adjusting to being permanently home especially when Covid 19 had hit the world hard, but he was able to build a podcast and merch store to go with it. One sport in particular that Johnny got to share with his son Frankie was surfing and luckily they had camps for kids. 

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