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Dr. Benjamin Thrace

10/11/2011 10: PM 

When She Shall Die...

"When she shall die, take her and cut her out in little stars and she will make the face of heaven so fine that the entire world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun."Ben awoke suddenly in his bed, and listened to the silence around him. The only sound to be heard was that of the wind whipping about the windows of his room, the third winter storm of the season in full go. He slowly sat up, pulled the blankets off, and slipped out of bed. The moment his feet touched the cold wooden floor, he cringed and slipped them into his dark green slippers. He always did that, missed them by inches, and always received a cold reminder. He grabbed his matching house robe from the bedpost, put it on, and made his way downstairs.The entire house seemed frozen. It was as if his own personal winter had sprung up inside his new home, the winter wind finding its way through the walls and chilling the entire house to a point of morose emptiness. Surely no life could ever exist in such a dreary place, and even Ben seemed to think of himself as an odd sort of innkeeper of a long forgotten English Manor. The heavy robe he wore could not protect him from the house winds, but he still vainly attempted to wrap the dense material about him to generate some warmth. He could not understand how the cold had become so trenchant, since he had made sure to turn on the heating unit before going to bed. The blasted thing is probably on the blink again, he thought, but when he approached the monitor he saw that it had automatically turned off. He considered turning it back on, but decided instead that he wanted a fire, so he turned away from it and headed for his library.The library was smaller than he would have liked, but it certainly served its purpose well. He had painstakingly placed all the books on the shelves just a few days previous, but had yet to place the pictures and paintings on the wall of the room. He smiled at the notion of how much work remained to do in this new house before it would become a home to him, but cringed inwardly at the thought of it. If only Rebecca were here, she would have this place already stocked full of our things, and feeling like a right proper place to call home. He shuddered at the thought of her, trying to drive her from his mind. It was no use, as this time of year often did that to him. How she had loved the winter, had loved the holidays. The only thing she had ever asked of him was to get the necessary decorations, whatever she requested no matter how outlandish, and she would take care of the rest. And take care of it she did. In a day's time, their home in France transformed from a seemingly simple flat in the city of LaBarre into a shrine for the holiday season. The house would exude the pungent fragrance of cloves and cinnamon spice as she cooked and baked and overwhelmed herself with seasonal foodstuffs. His favorite scent had been the fresh peppermint, which she would put in the water for the tea on the first day of her cooking. The living room would absorb the aroma, and it would linger for days, and it would welcome him home each time he sat in his favorite chair near the bay window. Now that smell and all the others were gone, this new place still reeking of moth balls, and wood, and totally grounded him in the very real sense that he was alone.He walked to the fireplace and began the process of starting it up. It didn't take long, since he had placed treated wood in the hearth the other morning and a lighter nearby. With a little patience, he soon had a nice fire going, and he walked over to the mini bar that was concealed in a panel not too far from the fireplace and poured himself a drink. It was then that he saw the time, and he scrunched up his face in disgust. The clock read three a.m., and he wished he felt tired. It would be a long day indeed for the doctor, and he was sure at some point he would long for sleep. He turned around and walked back to the sofa, and sat down. Once again his thoughts returned to Rebecca, and how she would always argue that he just needed to return to bed, and eventually sleep would come. She had always been right, but right now he could not bring himself to follow the advice he had heard so many times in his life with her. In fact, he wanted to be up, he wanted to think. Part of his problem was this sudden dwelling on all things Rebecca. What was the cause? Sure, he had always thought about her during this time of the year, for she had loved it so, but ten years had passed since her death, and now he found his thoughts returning to her almost as much as they had the day after she died.Ben rose from the sofa and crossed to the old mahogany desk in the library and took out an old picture of Rebecca from a hidden drawer panel. He had kept it hidden in his desk, the only picture he did not allow others to see. Her hair had been shorter then, the dark ringlets framing her face and making her smile all the more innocent. Her smile had always seemed so simple, and yet so magnificent because of its graceful simplicity. She smiled for any reason, at the slightest provocation, and Ben remembered the time he had first seen it. The smile that changed my life, he thought to himself as he gazed upon the picture. As enthralling as the smile was, her eyes truly had it. Deep, dark pools of vibrant warmth that had been so fascinating to look into. How he had fallen in love with those eyes, how they would become alight with fire when she was outraged, or how it seemed her love for him poured from those wondrous portals of her heart when he kissed her. Unexpectedly the picture seemed blurred, out of focus; and he blinked and rubbed his eyes only to discover that he was crying. He shook his head and sat down at his desk, and put his head down.His head had barely touched the desk when he suddenly felt a warm hand on his face, and felt a light breath on his neck. He knew who it was before they spoke, but he waited for the voice anyway."How did I know I would find you here?" Her soft voice made him smile, despite the slight sarcastic tone."I would imagine, you know where to find me because you have found me like this before," He inhaled deeply, and brought his head up from the desk. There sat Rebecca, on the edge of the desk looking down at him, eyes radiant and smile beguiling. He turned in his chair and stared up at her, taking in the sight of her after so long. She was just as he remembered, but all the more lovely. She wore the long white dress that had been her favorite for lounging about the house all those years ago. A simple, flowing dress that hugged her lithe frame expertly, and had always made Ben want to reach out take her into his arms."So, it's that time of year again I see," She moved over to him, and picked up the picture that he had been resting on only moments earlier."You know it, same as always," he remarked, watching her as she stared at herself. She breathed deeply, and looked back at him."I thought you were going to get rid of this picture. You know how much I hated my hair in it. It's too short." She ran her fingers around her face in the picture, as if she could magically make the hair grow."I think that is why I keep it, because you think its terrible but I cannot find a flaw." He took the picture from her, and set it upon the desk. Rebecca stood up then, and walked to the window. She wrapped her arms around herself, and he watched her for a moment before finally standing and walking to her side."I see you returned to England. I wondered if you would ever pull yourself out of LaBarre. I know how much you hated being there, what with my family coming and going in the house after I was gone." She didn't turn to face him, and he did not need to see her face to know a smile was there. Instead she kept her eyes on the falling snow."That is not true, I loved France, and I loved LaBarre. But you are right; your family was beginning to make me a bit batty. Your mother wanted to come over each day and cook for me, and your brother absolutely refused to leave me alone on the weekends. He insisted on dragging me to every little night club he was familiar with." Ben crossed his arms at the memory, but he heard her begin to laugh."Find that funny do you?" He turned to her, arms still crossed. She faced him finally, the laughter still evident in her smile. She placed a hand on his chest, and moved closer to him."You must not be angry with Philippe, he was trying to do you a favor, and they love you." She kept laughing, and he smiled at her as he wrapped his arms around her."They are not the one I want. I want you, I miss you so much." The laughter was now gone, and she stared up at him. She didn't speak, but instead took his arm and pulled him over to the sofa. He sat down, and she curled up next to him, tucking the hem of her dress under her toes."Well, fill me in on all that has happened since we last spoke." She was smiling again, and though he didn't want to change the subject, he couldn't help but give in to her request."Well, I have returned to my research, finally attempting to cure all the universe's diseases like I said I would when we met. I am finally settling into the routine of this new life, and I now have things running pretty smoothly with the medical facility. Not to mention, I just bought this gargantuan place, and I still have my work cut out for me with renovations and unpacking everything. But I love it, and slowly but surely I am getting comfortable here." His sudden sprightly demeanor did not convince her, and she could tell he was not being completely forthcoming."Ben, I know there is more to it than that, and you know that your professional life is not what I wanted to hear about. You have always been able to work in spite of whatever personal things were going on with you, and you have learned to hide it well. But you can't hide it from me, you never could. Stop trying to evade me and just tell me what is going on." Her mellifluous French accent pierced him, and despite his love of it and her, he felt his anger rising."As if you don't know. You say you know me so well, and yet you want to go through all this. Why? Don't you see that I don't want to? I just want to sit here, and stare at you and think about you." He reached out for her hand, and interlaced his fingers with hers."Ben, you can't hold onto me forever, and I can tell that you grow tired of this. Every year you trudge out that old picture of me and stare at it, and reminisce on things that can never be. You persecute yourself, and now I can sense that you are close to a new happiness, and yet you chose to be hard on yourself. This year you have been harder on yourself than any other. Never have you sunk to the depths you have this year, and it is that more than anything else that tells me something is different. What is it? Have you met someone? Are you in love?" Her eyes were attempting to bore into him, as if she could search his heart herself and glean the answer."YES DAMMIT YES!" His outburst was so sudden, and it frightened him. "At least, I don't know. I have met someone, and she is....well, she is wonderful. Each and every time that we are together, I find myself longing to be closer to her, to hold her just as I once held you. But when we get close, I feel that I am hurting you, and not being honest with her. I just don't think that I am ready to be with someone else." He closed his eyes, his head suddenly throbbing and sweat beginning to form on his head. The realization of the feelings he had for someone else abruptly seemed to come crashing down upon him, and he felt as though he may break under their weight. He could not bring himself to look at her, but soon he felt her touch his face with her soft hands and bring his head down to rest on her shoulder."Ben, how long did you expect to mourn me before you finally began to let go? Honestly, this is natural, and thoroughly to be expected. You should not want to be alone, no one should. I would not wish that on anyone, especially not on the man I love." She stroked his hair, and continued talking. "Ben, I love you, and I always will you know that. But I am not here to be with you, I cannot be, and you cannot waste your life waiting for something that is never going to happen. You need to move on. This new person could be who you are looking for, who you need. Perhaps you can both be the rock the other needs in their lives.""But I don't want another rock! Rebecca, you were supposed to be it for me. All my life I wanted nothing to do with anyone. I was so proud of being able to do things on my own. But when I met you, and the way you helped me to attain my life goal, I just knew that I was supposed to be with you. I feel so guilty all the time about you, and I don't need another thing to feel guilty about. Already just thinking about someone else makes me feel as though I am betraying you. Do you know how much my heart hurts to think about you? To think of all the things we will never get to experience together?" He turned away from her once again, and crossed his arms and leaned against a nearby bookshelf. Once again she came to him, and wrapped her arms around his waste and leaned on his back."Do you remember the night you proposed to me? What you said? You said that no matter what, you would be there for me, that you would do all you could to make me happy. You also said that you did not believe that you were worthy to be with me, and that you would spend the rest of our lives together doing all you could to be worthy of my love. Well Ben, follow through with that. Just because I am not here anymore does not mean you cannot still be worthy of my love. I want you to be happy, just as happy as you had wanted me to be, and I want you to have that happiness with someone in your life. You want to be worthy of my love, to be worthy of the faith that I always had in you to be the honorable upstanding man I met all those years ago? Then let me go. Let me rest. Put those old pictures away, and don't take them out anymore." She walked around to face him, and he leaned down and touched his head to hers. She was crying softly, the tears beginning to fall down her face. He cupped her face in his hands, and lifted her head to look in her eyes."Ben, let me go. Don't do this to yourself, not anymore. You're slipping, and I am afraid you won't be able to come back again if you let go. I promise it is alright. I am fine, and you need to move on." She brought her mouth to his and kissed him, and he kissed her back gently, not applying much pressure but holding her lips to his. A tear began to roll down his face, and finally she pulled away, slowly freeing herself from him."I love much. I am so sorry for what happened, so sorry that I could not save you. It should have been me." Tears began to flow in earnest from him, and she outstretched her hand to wipe some of them away."I know you love me, so do this for me....please. Let me go Ben. Just let me go."Suddenly he awoke. He had fallen asleep at his desk in the library. He looked around quickly, almost expecting to see Rebecca there. The fire was beginning to die out, the room becoming colder and colder as each ember dimmed. He became aware of a hot wetness on his cheek, and realized he had been crying. He wiped his face and looked down, to find himself once again staring at the picture of Rebecca that he so cherished. He picked it up and wiped it off, then slipped it back inside the desk drawer. He rose slowly, his bones creaking from the cold and having sat in a position for so long, and made his way back upstairs.

Dr. Benjamin Thrace

10/11/2011 10: PM 

Personal Log, Doctor Benjamin Thrace, Stardate 62900.5

I think my stay at the Fleet Admiral's house is at an end.  I have come to realize that despite my feelings about her....for her, I cannot stay here.  I suppose it is my own fault, really.  I feel I have crossed the line, allowed my professionalism to be compromised.  I really thought that she was beginning to feel.......well something for me, but it seems all I arouse in her is anger and trepidity.  This is simply something that I am not used to.  I have never really been good at putting myself out there, at being close to someone, and for the first time in a long time I finally felt that I could be close to someone.  So many times we shared moments, great times with one another, but we whenever we seemed close to any kind of fundamental breakthrough, we would revert to arguing and criticizing eachother.  It has gotten to a point where I cannot see a need for us to continue to be in the same place anymore.  I know that she has been depending on my medical expertise to cure her current illness, and I will do just that.  My work will not be impeeded in any way, and I can continue my work from either my new home or at Starbase 231 where I still hold my position as lead researcher.  Perhaps a break from each other would be just what we both need in order to really achieve our respective jobs.   But it is more than just my want to continue my work unhindered that makes me seek this......separation.  I have never met a woman like her, so strong and yet so fragile.  She puts so much stock in her her job, how she is viewed, that sometimes her professional objectivity overshadows her personal one.  She has grown so accustomed to things being a certain way in her life that she cannot imagine a change, in which she may actually have come to depend on someone.  Not that I can blame her.  My own issues with relationships is probably more at fault, for I continue to hold back.  There is so much about me that she simply does not know, and yet I cannot seem to break that barrier in order to really connect to her, to let her in.  I want to, gods know I want to, but for some reason I cannot.  You know, if Rebecca were here she would say I was just being too pig-headed to open up, that I am allowing my past to influence too much of my future.   She messes me about in a way that I would never have imagined.  There are nights when I cannot seem to sleep without dreaming of her, or that my day is simply not complete without seeing her and that wonderful smile at least once.  But she seems to have thought other thoughts about me.  The last of my things are being moved as I make this entry, although I am leaving a fully stocked medical carrier for her personal use. There may be times when I am unable to get back to her to get her the medicine she needs, so in this manner she can make up the proper dosages.  I have shown her how to do it on several occasions, and I have left explicit instructions as well. I am confident she will acquit herself of this task well, but should she need my, personal touch, she knows how to reach me. I have just been informed that my final belongings have been transferred to my home in England.  I am now officially.....moved out.

Dr. Benjamin Thrace

10/11/2011 10: PM 

OOC: Something I was thinking about one night...

You know, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that what I battle everyday is loneliness.  I spend countless hours each day running about attempting to find things to occupy the hours, from work to group functions, to sports teams, and I as rapidly approach the day when I will lose one of those forever, I realize that loneliness is creeping up on me once again.  I don't think I am the only one.  It is quite possibly the one thing that we all have in common. We get older, we make friends, we have intimate relationships, and it is all so that in the end, we have someone with us during the good and bad times.  There are those people who say they are proud to be alone, and find many ways to justify this notion.  They find clever words to hide the loneliness, find ways to express a sense supposed sense of independence that are supposed to make those that have someone feel jealous.  I know, because I was one of these people.  I used to (and still do on occasion) make fun of my friends who were in these long and involved relationships, their constant battles, and their drama.  I always told them their relationships were far too much trouble then they were worth, and I was so glad that I depended on no one.   But then the other night, I awoke at about three a.m., and when I rolled over in my bed I was once again greeted by a wall.  There was no other person, no young woman that I was fervently in love with; no soft breathing to remind me that someone loved me back.  There was just a wall.  I stared at it for quite a while, the faint lines from the paint brush still quite evident in the moonlight.  It was in that moment that I realized how hollow those words of independence and self-reliance were, and how lonely I really was.  Sure, I have friends and a great family, people around me who would do anything for me and vice versa, but at three a.m., when I wanted nothing more than to hold someone and tell her I love her, I had a wall.   So, what is all this about?  You know, I am not sure. I am getting older, and while I know many would fervently remind me of how young I am and how much time I still have to find that one person that I am meant for, I cannot help but look at the way my life is now, take stock all that I have and all that I have experienced, and not recognize the possibility that I may end up, alone.  How can one even begin to prepare for a life like that?  Sure there are women around me that I talk to, that I am interested in, even one that knows of my feelings for her and returns them.  But as much as I care for her, and as much as I know that she wants to be with me, still I cannot shake the feelings of loneliness.  She is quite far away now, and we do not talk that often anymore.  I had expected this to happen, that as time passed that distance would be too great for us to conquer.  Perhaps it was that initial defeatist attitude that sabotaged any advancement for us, and once again it only serves to reinforce my thoughts of how I shall end up.   Of course, I can always lose myself in my friends.  I have a great many of them, and I am quite social.  I love meeting people, talking, interacting, and experiencing new things with them.  I have many friends now that are as close to me as any family member, and some I have known for so long they are practically family.  Will they be there, all of my life, ready to stand by me and help me whenever I need them?  Of course they are.  We have forged relationships that could never be challenged or broken, and for that I am grateful.  And I have met new people who, while months ago our relationship started as nothing more than a simple diversion to help me ease a little college stress, who now I cannot wait to talk to each night.  It's great, meeting new people and experiencing all this with them, and I look forward to each new minute.   But at the end of every night, at the end of every dinner, every conversation, I return to my wall.  It is solid, it is bare, it is beige, and it reminds me every night that I am alone.  I fall asleep, wake up, and again am greeted by this wall.  For the longest time I knew I hated that wall, but I could never figure out why.  It has done nothing more than shield me from the outside elements, warm me when I was at my coldest, and provide me with a place to think and reflect. But the hate came on anyway, and it is only now that I am realizing that the wall is not my problem.....the loneliness is.

Dr. Benjamin Thrace

10/11/2011 10: PM 

Medical Officer's Log, Stardate 62818.6

My continued research into the disease that plagues Fleet Admiral Janeway does not go well.  While I have isolated the illness, I have yet to determine its cause or a way to cure it with any definition.  While I cannot name specifically what it is she suffers from, it can best be described as a type of white blood cell overload.  All the white blood cells of her body seem to be in a state of hyperdrive, their production level way above normal.  At a first glance, one would think this increase indicative of a bacterial or parasitic infection, but at this point I believe there to be more to it than that.  I believe, that after the initial infection, the bacteriophage responsible for that inital stage may have altered the nuclear DNA of her WBC's sending them to this hyperactive state.  Normally they would have returned to baseline levels, but this disease seems to thrive in the mass numbers.  There are a few things that concern me: One is her eosinophil count.  Eosinophils are responsible for responding in the event of a parasitic invasion, so they would naturally be the first ones infected.  This of course would explain their high numbers, but now the percentage of Eosinophils in her blood have risen to dangerous levels, and I cannot stop it.  The average human eosinophil count is about five percent, but hers is currently fourteen percent.  This high percentage is troublesome, simply for the fact that upon degranulation of eosinophils, they release an array of cytotoxic cationic proteins that damage the surrounding tissues.  Too many of these could lead to her death.  Another thing that bothers me is her NK or Natural Killer cell count.  These cells are normally the regulators, making sure to control cell production by killing the cell before it becomes a problem.  Unfortunately, I can find no NK cells in the Admiral's body, and this lack of cells is extremely troubling.  Somehow, I must find a way to stimulate NK cell production without continuing to stimulate the production of her other WBC's, and I must isolate the bacteriophage or parasite responsible for the original infection or else my work would be for nothing.

Dr. Benjamin Thrace

10/11/2011 10: PM 

Medical Officer's Log, Stardate 57921.4

Recently I have begun research into the mysterious illnes that currently plagues Fleet Admiral Kathryn Janeway.  I became acquatined with her ailment only a few weeks previous and the following log entries will document my attempts to save her life. The patient's inital symptoms are: joint and muscle pain, lack of apetite, fatigue, sensitivity to light and touch, and an increasing sensitivity to heat.  As far as can be determined at this point, no physical representations of advanced disease have occured (hair loss, tumors, leisons, sores, etc...) but as the patient is now absent it is hard to acertain if these manifestations have not begun. Before the patient left, I was able to obtain several blood samples from the Admiral, and though they are now several weeks old, they still provide the best information.  I am convinced that the answers to all this lie in the blood, and I am attempting a full histiological workup at this time.  I can only hope that the disease does not mutate or rapidly increase in productivity while the Admiral is gone, and that the cure I develop for her will still be viable. Preliminary testing shows that the Admiral's leucocyte production is quite low, with Eosinophils and basophils showing the least in production in her body. Her neutrophilic count however, is alarmingly high, and I can only hope this is not the end result of some anastomosing tumor that has now branched to her lymphatic and endocrine system.  Systemic linkage on this magnitude could lead to a more severe form of disase that would be near impossible to treat.  Wherever the Admiral is, I hope she takes good care of herself.  At last report, she was using B-12 vitamin injections to supplement her energy loss, but the virility of the disease has probably made this stop gap measure futile by now.  My first series of tests should be completed in the morning, and I shall make a full report of findings after the analysis.

Fleet Admiral Janeway

10/11/2011 04: PM 

General Orders and the Omega Directive

General OrdersGeneral Order #1 (PRIME DIRECTIVE)As the right of each sentient being to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Starfleet personnel may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes: introducing superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Starfleet personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ships, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation. General Order #2 No Starfleet personnel shall unnecessarily use force, either collectively or individually, against members of the United Federation of Planets, their duly authorized representatives, spokespersons, or designated leaders, or members of any sentient non-member race, for any reason whatsoever. General Order #3 The sovereignty of each Federation members being respected in all things, Starfleet personnel shall observe any and all statutes, laws, ordinances, and rules of governance currently in effect within the jurisdiction of a member planet. Violators of such ordinances will be subject to such punishments or corrections as shall be determined by local governmental bodies. General Order #4 If contact is made with hitherto undiscovered intelligent life forms, under no circumstances shall Starfleet personnel, either by word or deed, inform said life forms that worlds other than their own exists outside the confines of their own space. General Order #5 In cases of extreme emergency, Federation special representatives are empowered to assume emergency powers to deal with a condition or circumstance that is deemed hazardous to the welfare of Federation citizenry. Within the scope of these emergency powers, duly authorized civilian personnel may assume temporary command of Starfleet vessels and/or personnel to deal with the emergency. Starfleet personnel must submit to their authority for the duration of the crisis. General Order #6 The request for emergency assistance from Federation citizenry demands unconditional priority from Starfleet personnel. Such personnel shall immediately respond to said request, postponing all other activities. General Order #7 No Starfleet vessel shall visit the planet Talos IV under any circumstances, emergency or otherwise. This order supersedes General Order 6. Any transgression of this general order shall be punishable by death. General Order #8 Upon sighting a warship within Federation space and identifying it as belonging to a foreign power, the commander of the Starfleet vessel shall determine the reason(s) for that craft's presence in the vicinity. If there is conclusive evidence that the vessel has a hostile intention, the Federation vessel may take appropriate action to safeguard the lives and property of Federation members. In such cases, the commander may use his discretion in deciding whether to use force to disable the hostile vessel. However, care should be taken to avoid unnecessary loss of sentient life. General Order #9 No commander of a Starfleet vessel, military or auxiliary, may grant political asylum to any individual without first being given express permission to do so by a representative of the Federation government. General Order #10 If there exists eyewitness testimony by senior officers or similar verifiable evidence that an individual has violated the Prime Directive, said individual may be relieved of duty by a duly sworn representative of the Federation government and placed under immediate arrest. The governmental representative shall then take such action as he deems necessary to minimize the results of the violation. General Order #11 Starfleet officers with the rank of captain or higher are granted full authority to negotiate conditions of agreement and/or treaties with legal representatives of non-Federation planets. In such circumstances, the acting officer carries de factor powers of a Federation special ambassador. Any and all agreements arranged in this manner are subject to approval by the Commander in Chief of Starfleet Command and the Secretary of Starfleet. General Order #12 Federation officers may violate Neutral Zone areas as designated by treaty only if such action is required to save the lives of Federation citizens under conditions of extreme emergency. General Order #13 Except when orders state to the contrary, Starfleet personnel will respect the territorial integrity of independent planetary systems and governments, and will not violate territorial space belonging to such worlds. General Order #14 Starfleet personnel may intervene in local planetary affairs to restore general order and to secure the lives and property of Federation citizens only upon receiving a direct order to do so from a civilian official with the title of governor or higher. General Order #15 No officer of flag rank may travel into a potentially hazardous area without suitable armed escort. General Order #16 Starfleet personnel may extend technological, medical, or other scientific assistance to a member of a previously unrecognized sentient species only if such assistance in no way compromises the Prime Directive of the security of the Federation or Starfleet. General Order #17 Starfleet vessel captains are to consider the lives of their crew members as sacred. In any potentially hostile situation, the captain will place the lives of his crew above the fate of his ship. General Order #18 Upon being accused of treason against the Federation, Starfleet personnel may demand a trial conducted by the Federation judiciary. If the individual is acquitted, Starfleet Command shall have no further legal recourse against the accused in said manner. General Order #19 Except in times of declared emergency, Starfleet personnel may under no circumstances convey personnel or material between planets or planetary systems when there is reason to believe that said personnel or material may be used to conduct aggression. This order applies to independent worlds within the Federation as well as to Federation members. General Order #20 Officers and personnel of Starfleet Command may employ whatever means necessary to prevent the possession, transportation, sale, or commercial exchange of sentient beings being held against their wishes within the boundaries of Federation space. General Order #21 No Starfleet personnel, either officer or enlisted, may offer his services to an independent foreign government without the express authorization of the Federation Assembly. General Order #22 As the rights of individual expression and free discourse are considered sacred, Starfleet personnel may debate the policies and decisions of their governmental representatives privately at any time, to the extent that such discussions do not violate their command oath or specific duties to the Federation per these General Orders or Starfleet regulations. General Order #23 When verifiable proof is presented to the senior commanding officer of a Starfleet vessel or post that a Federation representative may currently be acting or has acted in the past to violate the Prime Directive, the officer may relieve said representative of office, and then assume the full powers of that office pending a full investigation by government officials. General Order #24 If a commanding officer deems that an individual or group of individuals pose a threat to Starfleet personnel or Federation civilians, he may take any action deemed necessary (including the use of force) to secure the safety of those threatened. General Order #25 Civilian and military personnel taken into custody by Starfleet personnel during times of extreme emergency shall be accorded proper treatment consistent with rank or station, insofar as such treatment does not compromise the security of the Federation or Starfleet. General Order #26 No member of a ship's complement or other ground-based installation can be held directly accountable for the actions of their superiors. Similarly, no member of a ship's company or other Starfleet personnel will share in disciplinary measures taken against the commanding officer(s) if said individuals were not directly involved in the actions leading to disciplinary measures. This order extends to conditions involving proven violations of the Prime Directive; where proof of such violations exist. General Order #27 No member of Starfleet shall be required by the assignment of standard duties and responsibilities to undergo extended separation from his family if family members can be reasonably provided for aboard ship or as a part of an existing Starfleet installation. General Order #28 No officer of command rank shall be removed from command status unless such action has the complete and unqualified agreement of at least three senior officers present. Whenever possible, such officers shall include the ship's First Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Counselor, and one junior officer of command station. General Order #29 The primary responsibility of the commander of any Starfleet vessel or installation is the welfare and safety of his crew, including any civilian members. No action may be taken that creates an unwarranted threat to the safety of those individuals under the officer's charge, except in the line of duty and when otherwise unavoidable. General Order #30 Starfleet Command recognizes the right of each ship commander to interpret the specifications of the Prime Directive as he sees fit, consistent with the conditions of other existing general orders in effect, and based upon circumstances that may arise in dealing with newly discovered sentient races. General Order #31 The conditions and specifications of the Prime Directive shall henceforth apply to all sentient life forms discovered, whether they are of natural or artificial origin. General Order #32Except in the case of an extreme emergency, no Starfleet commander is authorized to order his ship to travel faster than Warp Factor Five without express permission from Starfleet Command. The Omega Directive Briefing The Omega Directive was created to deal with a threat not only to the Federation, but to the entire Alpha Quadrant; and indeed the whole Galaxy. Starfleet named the hazard the Omega molecule/particle phenomenon. It was first synthesized over 100 years ago (during the mid-22nd century) by a Starfleet physicist named Ketteract. The molecule created was the most powerful substance known to exist. A single Omega molecule contains the same energy as a warp core. It has been suggested that in theory, a small chain could sustain a civilization. It is not known whether Ketteract was searching for an inexhaustible power source, or a weapon. He created a single molecule particle of Omega, which lasted for only a fraction of a second before it destabilized. His work was done on a classified research center in the Lantaru Sector. Ketteract and 126 of the Federation's leading scientists were lost in the accident. Rescue teams attempting to reach the site, discovered an unexpected secondary effect. There were subspace ruptures extending out several light years. To this day, it is impossible to create a stable warp field in that sector. It can only be traversed under sublight power. This is the danger of the Omega molecule. Omega destroys subspace. A chain reaction could devastate subspace throughout the quadrant. Space-faring civilization would no longer exist, and many lives would be lost in space. When Starfleet learned of this impending danger, it suppressed all knowledge of the Omega phenomenon. Only Starfleet Captains and Federation Flag Officers may view this document· Article 1 Starfleet Captains and Federation Flag Officers must ensure the safety of the quadrant from the Omega threat. To this end, whenever sensors positively determine the presence of Omega in a ship's vicinity it will enter "Omega Protocol." Doing so locks all navigation, sensor, tactical and propulsion systems. Only the ship's Captain, or a Federation Flag Officer can release the Omega lockout. Access to sensor data retrieved on the Omega effect is limited to Clearance Level 10. When Omega has been verified, the ship's captain will contact Starfleet Command immediately. No information may be relayed to the ship's crew. All other priorities are rescinded until the threat is neutralized. The prime directive may be compromised during such a mission, if necessary. Blatant abuse of this power will be prosecuted to the fullest extent using all other Starfleet Directives. If violation of the prime directive is even minimally anticipated, it is authorized and advised. If Starfleet Command cannot be contacted for any reason, the primary priority is the destruction of all Omega molecules detected. There will be no computer record of the sensor logs, and Captain's/Captains' Personal Logs must be either encrypted or deleted.Article 2If Starfleet cannot be contacted the Captain may share information of the Omega Molecule. Only the senior officers of the ship and/or Starbase may help in the destruction of the dangerous molecule.

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Name: SorrowAlias(s): NoneSex: MaleRace/Species: Fallen angelAge: UnknownBirthday: UnknownSign: UnknownFamily: NoneBirthplace: ParadisoOccupation: NoneHeight: 5'10"Weight: 161lbsEye Color: BrownHair: BlackWeapons/Equipment: NoneAttributes: UnknownBio: Sorrow was once a beautiful angel. Blessed with holy power, he was tasked as a guardian to humanity. Over time, Sorrow grew to hate mortals for their weakness and frailty. He became arrogant and shirked his duties. His negligence caused the deaths of hundreds of mortals that needed his protection and received none. Ashamed and disgusted by what he had done, the Lord bestowed upon the maximum punishment. He was stripped of his station, his powers were taken from him, his wings were forcibly removed, he was forced to bath in the blood of all those that had lost their lives because of him, and finally, he was cast out of heaven and made mortal. Shamed and disgraced, Sorrow now walks the Earth as weak and feeble as the humans he had come to hate, never allowed to return to his holy land.Theme Song: The Bird and the Worm by The Used

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Gabriel Wolfheart

Name: Gabriel WolfheartAlias(s): NoneSex: MaleRace/Species: Flame LycanAge: 24Birthday: Doesn't rememberSign: Doesn't rememberFamily: Doesn't remember.Birthplace: Doesn't rememberOccupation: Jack-of-all-trades workerHeight: 5'10", 10'(in wolf form)Weight: 174lbs, 586lbs(in wolf form)Eye Color: AmberHair: AuburnWeapons/Equipment: Two revolvers and a chain whip.Attributes: Werewolf, pyrokinesis, marksman, hand to hand fighter, tracking expert, enhanced strength, agility and senses, free runner.Bio: Gabriel's past is a mystery to him. His first memory is of waking up naked in the middle of the forest with claw and bite marks on his body. When he wandered into the nearest town for help, he was shunned and abused. That same night was the night of the full moon. The next morning Gabriel woke up in the town square covered in blood and with bodies of the townspeople strewn about the streets. Shortly after Gabriel discovered two things: he was a werewolf and he had pyrokinesis. He had no idea what the connection to the two was until he researched the history of lycanthropy. Turns out, there were more to werewolves than getting hairy and howling at the moon; some had special abilities. Gabriel discovered that he had been bitten by a Flame Lycan, a race of werewolves that were said to have total control over fire. Knowing what he was and fearing what might happen, he set out to try and control his new powers. In time he opened up a jack-of-all trades shop and did odd jobs for a living. He does his best to lead a peaceful life, but every so often, trouble finds him and when the full moon shines, Gabriel makes sure he is nowhere to be found.Theme Song: Monster by Skillet

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Name: ZanmatoAlias(s): The Demon Warlord Sex: MaleRace/Species: Greater Demon Age: As oId as time Birthday: None Sign: None Family: NoneBirthplace: JapanOccupation: Warlord Height: 10'11" Weight: Unknown Eye Color: None Hair: None Weapons/Equipment: Cursed katana and wakizashi. Attributes: Master of Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Batojutsu, Summoning, Shape-shifting, master strategist and tactician, master swordsman. Bio: An age old demon spirit of war and destruction, Zanmato has become a name all who wage war fear. As the daimyo of his own village in the mountains, the village of Kurotsuchi, he raised his own army for one purpose: to unite Japan under his banner. Now, in the age of warring states, Zanmato and his army marches against the armies of Tokugawa, Toyotomi, and Nobunaga.Theme Song~ Signal To Noise by Peter Gabriel

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Name: NightAlias(s): NoneSex: MaleRace/Species: SpiritAge: Over 600(looks to be around 20)Birthday: October 11thSign: VirgoFamily: Master(deceased), adoptive brother(now his enemy)Birthplace: UnknownOccupation: ShinigamiHeight: 5'9"Weight: 165lbsEye Color: SilverHair: WhiteWeapons/Equipment: Scythe, crucifixAttributes: Combat expertise, intense spiritual power, master of light magic, expert in all other forms of magic, ability to ferry souls of the dead.Bio: People always wondered where they went when they died. Truth be told: they didn't really go anywhere...not right away. The souls of the dead need a guide to help them to the other side. The living call them angels, and that would be pretty close, but they prefer to be called Shinigami. Since the dawn of time, the Shinigami have led the souls of the dead to their respective places of eternal rest. For the last six hundred years, Night has carried on this same duty. Trained in the Shinigami arts by his now-dead master, Yojimbo, Night is considered one of the greatest Shinigami in Paradiso. His only equal would be his adoptive brother, Kane, who some time ago, betrayed his brother and left Paradiso to spread chaos. To this day, Night still ferries souls from the world of the living while still trying to stop his brother's reign of destruction...and hopefully save him from himself.Theme Song: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins

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C.G.D. #6

Name: C.G.D. #6, Alexander Sauer Alias(s): None Sex: MaleRace/Species: Human/Machine Age: 36 before assimilation into mechanical body.Birthday: December 22nd Sign: Capricorn Family: DeceasedBirthplace: Pheonix, ArizonaOccupation: Law Enforcement Officer Height: 7'2" Weight: Approx. 2,000lbs Eye Color: None Hair: None Weapons/Equipment: Missile launcher, grenade launcher, photon cannon, electric dynamo, GPS transponder, jet booster, grapples, cryptographic sequencer. Attributes: Former U.S. Marine, body made of steel, infiltration, hacking, master marksman, expert combatant Bio: Alexander Sauer, was once a well known, respected, loyal, and greatly admired U.S. Marine. That was before the accident. In the year 2214, Alexander was reported dead when the base of operations he was posted at was blown up by a radical terrorist group. The real truth is, Alexander managed to survive the explosion but barely and was taken to a secret hospital owned by the C.I.A. His body was severely burned and even if he was able to continue living he would need to be in intensive care for the rest of his life. One day the C.I.A. came to his room and made him an offer. Alexander would be able to continue serving his country and be given the tools to do so. Alexander, being a valiant U.S. patriot, eagerly accepted. The next day Alexander was signed onto the C.I.A.'s new project to create the ultimate peace keepers, the unit known as the C.G.D., Cybernetic Guard Dogs. They removed Alexander's brain and heart and integrated them into a mechanical body that would act as his peace-keeping weapon, and life support system. Alexander was the sixth subject of the project and now, in the year 2224, serves his country as C.G.D. #6.Theme Song: Iron Man by Ozzy Osbourne

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Rules & Guidelines{Please read if you intend to rp with me}

I welcome any and all that would like to rp. I ask only that you follow my rules and guidelines while doing so.~Make sure your spelling is correct. I won't rp with you if you type like a grade schooler. I don't care so much about grammar since I sometimes struggle with it as well, but if your spelling and sentence structure is bad then don't expect me to rp with you.~I like rps that have a sense of fantasy to them. This means elves, ghosts, angels, vampires, lycans, etc.. I'll do a real world rp, but I tend to do a little better with fantasy ones because it increases the amount of story devices I can use.~No god-modding. This one should be pretty obvious. Don't go making your character invincible if we fight in our rps. It isn't fun and I will not bother with someone who can't play fairly. I've had an experience with an rper who did this. I axed him from my friends list and blocked his ass.~I will do a sexual roleplay as long as it's tasteful, no overly vulgar language is used, and as long as it's not the only thing we do. If there's no plot than I won't bother. I'm not here to sex chat with anyone.~Do not try to control my characters. For example, one rp I was in: our characters were fighting and he has the nerve to say that he completely cut off my character's arm and that I ran away in fear. Don't do this. No one likes it.~Do not try to completely dominate the rp. The rp is meant to be shared by two people. Each one should have an equal amount of control over what happens. If you try to take complete control over the rp and leave nothing for me to do but simply respond to only your rules, I will end the roleplay, delete you, and block you.~I do not do homosexual romance rps. I am not homophobic, I'm actually an avid supporter of gay rights. I say this specifically because I'm not gay and in the past some of my gay rp friends have gotten the wrong idea.~No one-liners. They are a sign of the rp going stale. I want at least 3-4 sentences in every reply I receive while role playing.~I will do a roleplay that takes place in any universe. I may have a character I tailored to a specific universe, but I am more than willing to use them outside that universe.~I will reply to you when I can. Do not hound me for replies. If you see that I am online and I am not replying to you, I am probably away from the computer and forgot to sign out.~If you get bored with the rp and want to drop it, please tell me so. Do not just stop replying and ignore it; I find that to be very rude.~ If you add me, then my expectation is that you did it to rp with me. If not, then whatever. If you want to be just another number, then that's what you will be, I have no problem with that. Just expect me to do some subtraction at some point.Follow these rules and we'll get along just fine and I promise to make rping with me an enjoyable experience.


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.The Rules.

I. I do not claim to be Cobie Smulders or Jan Ors. So do not ask me if I am. I am NOT her, so get it through your thick skull.II. In the beginning, I responded to one liner roleplays but I will not anymore. You must have at least one paragraph and make it interesting. Oh and make is sound good, as it the right grammar and flow. I hate choppy sentences, so please spare me if you cannot write in at least decent english. The only exception to this will be if I feel lazy and just want to mess around and say funny stuff.III. Steal anything from my page and you WILL FEEL MY WRATH! I find all of my own stuff so please be respectful and not steal them claiming them to be your own. That is pure laziness and I will not tolerate that. Your RP days will be over if you do such a thing. I must admit that I got my about me from Wookipedia, but that was the only thing not created by me. So please, DO NOT STEAL!V. RP Sex, I have done this in the past but it is not something I am willing to do anymore. It does not thrill me or anything. There may be an exception to this but it will not be very likely. So do not get your hopes up, guys.VI. Thank you for the add comments. I do not really mind them but if that is how you touch base with me to expect a RP you are sadly mistaken. But there may come a time when I will respond, it is just a matter of what mood I am in. But I will never thank you for the add.VII. Do not kill my character. Storylines are different and they should remain separate unless I want to combine some. We can get into this storyline only if it needs to, but this must be discussed before hand and agreed upon. If you come in a say something stupid and then says "Kills you" then I will simply delete your comment.VIII. NO DRAMA. I will not tolerate it. This place is for fun not for getting attention. I will not give into it so if your name has your emotions in it, do not expect me to be entirely sympathetic. Call me a bitch but I do not really care.IX. I will talk OOC with people but I do not entirely want to know about your personal problems. Like I said before, this is for fun not for dumping your problems on others. I might be sympathetic if we have been talking for a while and have become friends but if we just met, do not expect me to care. But if you want to talk to me OOC you may do it in comments or messages.


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 The SSK-7 Heavy Blaster Pistol, manufactured by the SoroSuub Corporation, was designed in the early days of Palpatine's New Order. The Rebel Alliance managed to acquire large quantities of these weapons just before Imperial edicts came about, making the purchase of such weapons illegal. The A280 was a blaster rifle produced by BlasTech Industries, and was considered to be one of the best armor-piercing blasters produced during the Galactic Civil War.Though much heavier than Imperial-issue rifles such as the E-11, the A280 was a sturdy weapon and was reputed to be able to cut a fully-armored stormtrooper in half at medium range. This weapon, along with its predecessor, the DLT-20A, were marketed as Longblasters. The A280 was different from the DLT-20A in that its galven circuits were clustered near the focusing crystal, giving the weapon a slight bulge at the midsection. This also provided the A280 with more power over a longer range.Several of these rifles were stolen by Janse for the Alliance to Restore the Republic when he left BlasTech shortly before the Battle of Endor. The Alliance had already been using these weapons prior to this battle; Rebel soldiers wielded them during the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY.      "The hum of the vibroblade gives it away. That's the only reason I still have my face."     -Captain Nym, after a bounty hunter attack on Lok.A Merr-Sonn Treppus-2 vibroblade.Vibroblades were a type of bladed melee weapon that used ultrasonic vibrations to increase cutting effectiveness. Swords, pikes, knives, and axes all consisted of the same basic design: the weapon's hilt or handle usually contained a compact ultrasonic generator, causing the blade to vibrate at an incredible speed, making even the slightest glancing blow become a gaping wound. It could be fitted with cortosis weave, allowing it to parry the blows of lightsabers and energy swords.The cortosis weave became less common when the probability of fighting a lightsaber-wielding opponent decreased. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, knowledge of cortosis weave, as well as the mineral itself, was extremely rare.Vibro-bladed weaponry was more common on isolated, less civilized worlds such as Tatooine. Jabba Desilijic Tiure's personal Gamorrean guards were known to use vibro-axes, and his skiff crew also used pikes with vibro-bladed cutting edges. During his infiltration into Jabba's palace, Lando Calrissian used a SoroSuub BD-1 Cutter vibro-ax as his primary weapon. Vibroblades were popular among criminals, resulting in them being banned on many worlds.Clone Commandos had retractable Knuckle plate vibro blades. Vibroweapons were common during the Jedi Civil War and the surrounding times.Jagged vibroblade The Jagged vibroblade was a variation on the standard vibroblade, but it worked on the same principles. The only difference was that it had a jagged/serrated edge to it, therefore resulting in a less clean cut. The jagged lines may also be found on the flat side of the blade; again, to cause more damage when it rips through flesh. Jan Dodonna once handed one of these weapons to a new Rebel Alliance recruit.  Lightfoils were small and elegant energy swords based upon lightsaber design. They were popular among certain nobles of the Tapani Sector, especially those that called themselves "saber rakes". Lightfoils were weaker than authentic lightsabers due to the poor quality focusing crystals used in their manufacture and the relatively low level of craftsmanship compared to Jedi artisans. On the plus side, though, they apparently did not require any connection to the Force to create, and were fully usable by non-Force sensitives. The Merr-Sonn Munitions Class-A thermal detonator was highly illegal for anyone other than military personnel to possess. A Class-A thermal detonator had blast radius of twenty meters, making it the most powerful commercially manufactured detonator in the galaxy- however, some custom-made thermal detonators were even more powerful. A single Class-A thermal detonator was sufficient to cause the collapse of Xizor's Palace, a huge 102-story building on Coruscant, when Lando Calrissian dropped it down the palace's garbage chute into its basement level. Another Class-A detonator was used by Leia Organa, in her guise as the bounty hunter Boushh, to threaten Jabba the Hutt in her attempt to rescue Han Solo.

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My headline explains my character in different verses and I want to post this to explain mainly how I will roleplay my character.Listed below are the types of verses there are around here and how I will roleplay my character. I am open to any verse so if I don't add it below, I either  forgot to mention it or it didn't come to mind. The only types of roleplayers I will NOT add are Anime or cartoons. That is just too awkward to me.The only  things that will be the same in ANY roleplay is the fact that Kaye was raised by only her father since her mother passed away when she was 7 years old. If she is a normal verse though her father will still be Bobby Singer, but he will only be a mechanic and not a hunter.I thought I would throw that out there.Any verse will also have the option of Kaye having a son. She has a son named Hunter McCall, but he’ll be portrayed as an infant or toddler to not make this profile a multi-character account. Hunter does have his own page as a teenager. Kaye does not have to have a son in the storyline if that’s what you want or how you feel. SupernaturalKaye was raised a hunter since she was seven years old like her bio states.I would like to point out that I have seen every episode from season one to what's on now so I am up to date on everything. She is still a mechanic's daughter and grew up learning about cars, being raised by only Bobby. She is not a girly girl, but more of a tomboy so there is barley an ounce of girl in her. I will roleplay any season and fight any creature (I will let you know my least favorite seasons are season 4 and season seven). If you have any questions feel free to ask.Side note: I am not looking for a Bobby Singer to portray her father. If one comes around; awesome, but if not I am not going to be broken over it. I will play it out as her father died by a Leviathan like what happened in season seven. Harry PotterThis is my favorite verse along with Supernatural so I am very open to this verse. Kaye will be a Gryffindor and I will roleplay any year and era you would like her to be in or that your character plays. She will fit in there one way or another.It can start at any location from Kings Crossing to Hogsmeade or even on the train. Feel free to let our imaginations run wild with this verse, or really any verse.I did have an original bio that was SPN mixed HP, where Kaye was a hunter and found out she was a witch, but I won't use that unless you want to for the creativity and originality. Teen WolfI have seen every episode of Teen Wolf  so I know everything from Scott's bite up to the very end of the show. Kaye will be portrayed as a normal person in this verse. I have the idea that she is a new kid at Beacon Hills and will go to school at Beacon Hills High School. Please, do not just change my character just because you feel like it. We can discuss the idea of it, but I don't want an Alpha or werewolf biting her out of nowhere. I am open to any ideas for this verse that anyone might have.Also, if you want to put in a Supernatural verse where Kaye is a hunter, feel free to ask about that. I am open to discussing anything. She will not go after a werewolf just for kicks. She does have a soft spot of giving creatures the benefit of the doubt unless there’s a means to kill. Twilight/True Blood/ The Vampire Diaries/ The OriginalsI have to admit that I have NEVER read any of the book series and I have only seen the first three Twilight movies. I have never seen an episode of True Blood or TVD, but I will do my research about the characters. I will NOT watch any episodes just to keep up to a roleplay though. If I have questions about your character I hope you will be kind enough to answer them. Kaye will be a normal person or a hunter, whatever you want her to be in the roleplay. Also to let you know if she roleplays a hunter she is not going to charge after you and slice your head off (or for wolves use a silver bullet). Kaye will still be an open minded hunter. I am more partial towards The Originals. I have seen every episodes and enjoy the Mikaelson storyline. Hollywood/Normal/Musician/WrestlingKaye will be a normal person and will stick with her love for music and playing drum. To make things clear, Kaye will not be a raging fan girl towards anyone in Hollywood, Musician, or Wrestling verses. She will not jump all over someone and ask them to marry her like a raging idiot. She will treat everyone like a human being since that is how she would like to be treated if she was ever famous. As for normal verse; anything goes pretty much. I am open to anything and everything.Same for Musician, Hollywood and Wrestling verses. If you want her to be a hunter in a roleplay let me know and we can work out a storyline for it.   Wrestling Verse is fairly new to me. I am always willing to place myself into the verse. I am more familiar with AEW wrestlers since it’s been so long since I’ve seen WWE and RAW. I’ll still play my character as a normal verse person, but open to any ideas any wrestlers have. This is all I have for now and if anything comes up I will post it on here. If you have any questions feel free to post a blog comment or send a message my way. I will comment or message you in return to answer any questions.-KASP.S. If you want to discuss a possible love interest, we can talk about it. The relationship would have to develop through roleplay though. I don't want to discuss it then they are together two minutes later. I like things to build up so it seems more real between the characters.Keep in mind that once Kaye is taken, she will be faithful. Don't mistake this account as a multi-verse where every verse has a different love interest. Kaye is a one person girl and that is how she would like a relationship; faithful and just her and that person.Personal Love Interests: I am not picky about who people use for their Muses. All that matters is if there is a connection between the characters that is all that matters. Yes, there are certain people I find attractive, but I’m open to being friends with anyone. Also; If anything heated or sexual comes up between our characters, you HAVE TO be 18+ in RL as I am 21+ in RL.

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