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01/31/2023 10:18 PM 

Tester blog

this is what your blog looks like

่ถ ๐Ÿฆ‹

01/31/2023 09:02 PM 

Judgment Day post two

  Final    Dusk til Dawn, Thor, attacking the Hulkbusters. This Batman had a death wish apparently. Psylocke used her katana to take a few more swipes at the mechanical humanoid things around them. The attacking mechanical humanoid would fall at her feet in a crumbling mess. This hero from another world made a request of her. He wanted a mental lock between them. She gave it to them with no trouble. Things are starting to– Her mental communication stopped as he snatched her up from her position interrupting her train of thought."I may not have your consent but hold onto anything that you can, and this may be a bumpy ride, Psylocke," Before she knew what had happened, this Batman had taken her with him into the sky toward the Celestial. Her own known senses of Precognition were going off at what some would call Def-Con 5. She had to get out of there and fast. This was not a place she needed to be. She used her telekinesis to get away from this Batman who was flying straight into hell. Psylocke had no desire to die this day. The psychic ninja had leapt free from the Batman using her telekinesis to springboard off Batman's armor. Run while you can! She warned with a telepathic message as her next stop was Thor's left shoulder. She severed the connection with Batman at that moment. The Celestial was right there and powering up once more. Psylocke's Precognition was going off yet again. She was on the move once more. She didn't have much time as the danger was closing in quickly. The slender ninja leapt from Thor's shoulder using her psychic abilities in a tremendous burst of magenta colored energy. The burst of energy radiated from her back creating a pair of butterfly wings that allowed her to fly away from Thor before the Celestial fired. She flew away with grace and power gliding back down toward the ground once more landing in the vicinity of other X-Men on the ground.Betsy turned her attention to the skies where the falling Hulkbusters were heading her way. In her hands the magenta psychic energy formed into a bow and arrow. She took careful aim at the nearest Hulkbusters and fired approximately three arrows powered by her psychic energy. If they found their marks, the Hulkbusters would be destroyed. She also extended her psychic shield to cover herself and anyone close by from any debris. Psylocke had another set of arrows notched and ready to go. Her eyes remained focused on the skies to keep things clear as needed.       subZERO


01/31/2023 07:57 PM 

Owes list.

Who I Owe:Who Owes Me:  


01/31/2023 04:58 PM 

Begrudging Goddess

Name: MuertaHuman Name: Delores SullivanName meaning: Lady of Sorrows/ Dark EyeAge: Immortal but looks in her thirties Sexual Oreientation: Pansexual Relationship Status: SingleGender: FluidDomain: Death, Nefilheim, River Styx, Heaven/ValhallaOrigin: Originally Muerta was simply a puddle of tears, a run off from Valhalla that slipped into Nephilheim mixing with those both good and evil. A crack between worlds. as Hel didn't want to be trapped at her duty forever she used this mixture of magic and stone to creat Muerta as a stand in for her. It worked for quite some time until Frigga found out, a trapped soul that shouldn't be bound to Nefilheim and was freed from her duty to become her own person. Odin granted her a title as she was created from the people he held dear and is now a goddess of death similar to Hel but under her, working around all universes to help and heal those in poor positions or take them where they need to go. Personality: Delores is soft, it's the best way to put her. As though a light rain has misted you or the sun is hitting you just right on a cool spring day. She's the less scary part of death and intends to keep it that way. Somewhat Naiive to her own power she's a danger to herself and others, it's far more connected to her emotions than most, and it could destroy her own body if unwilling to do her job. Agreeable, caring, creative, she simply does her best but having spent most her time amongst gods and the dead she has her awkward quirks, maybe someday they'll make their way out but for now it's what makes her loveable or hateable. Style of Worship: To make her most happy it's great to give her sweets, bones, lively music or sing to her.  


01/31/2023 04:43 PM 

Life Moves on for William Graham


01/31/2023 03:43 PM 

how do you want to die, caroline?

It was funny how life could throw so many curveballs at a person that they could start to become grateful for the uneventful. It was the way tragedy could hold people by the throat, keeping them holding their breath for the next shoe to drop. That’s how Caroline felt as she found herself in the driver's seat of her pink Tesla, a birthday gift from her loving husband (even if it was gifted to her before she could even drive) with their most trusted security guard in the passenger seat. He’d been so kind to let her drive, joking that driving the bright pink “chick mobile” was embarrassing but she knew it was so that she could feel the tiniest bit independent since her ever growing stalker problem was looming over them. She was never alone, Abel had hired security for all hours of the day, their home was becoming a fortress and her office was right behind it. It was exhausting, and Caroline felt like a bother having so many people working towards one goal: keeping her alive.“I’m going to cook tonight, wanna eat with us?” Caroline asked the man sitting next to her, his eyes darting out of the window, always on guard. “I’ll take some food, but uh, I don’t trust y’all to keep your clothes on.” he joked, always poking fun at the couples sex life due to having to review security footage and erase some of the steamy parts that were captured on one of the many cameras that had been placed in every inch of the house aside from the bathroom. “That’s rude, Jordan. But I’ll make you a plate that you can disappear and do whatever it is you do during the day.” she said with a dismissive wave of her hand as they arrived at Abel and Caroline’s mansion.The gate was, of course, upgraded with even more security measures, a fingerprint had to be used to open it. It was acting up, so Jordan jumped out to see what was up. It seemed they were all on the learning curve of the ever changing and upgrading security. The gate started to open, and Jordan motioned for Caroline to go ahead and drive up. He’d meet her there after making sure there wasn’t anything wrong with the gate. She nodded, the rare moment that she was in the car alone, and it was a short drive even up the long driveway to park her pretty pink car. She’d barely put the car in park when she saw cars coming up the driveway, they were moving fast and from her rearview mirror, she could see that Jordan hadn’t been able to get the gate to close.Her mind couldn’t help but wander when she noticed Jordan constantly looking out of the side mirror on their way home from the office. She quieted her thoughts by assuming that maybe it was just people coming to work on something, deliveries, or some other perfectly reasonable conclusion that two large vans had made their way to the front of their house. The second that she stepped out of the house she was hounded by cameras, the people from the vans had jumped out of the car and the flashing lights were making her dizzy. She didn’t know how many people there were but she could hardly walk. They were all shouting her name, “Caroline! Over here!” “Give us a smile!” “What can you tell us about the stalker?” “Caroline! Is it true you’re going to die soon?” It was relentless as she tried to make her way to the door.Jordan had rushed towards her, he’d been at a full run, shoving his way through the crowd of people and trying to make a safe way for Caroline to get through. He was shouting for them to get back, but they weren’t listening. They somehow made it to the front door, and another member of the security team had opened the door, “Back the f*** up. Stay outside.” he says, but the mob of paparazzi or hired paparazzi was relentless, pushing back and making their way into the couple’s 70 million dollar home. Every alarm in the house was going off, every member of the security team was present, the chaos had resulted in Caroline pleading for them to leave her alone, to go away, that she was scared and that she didn’t know what to do. “Get her upstairs. Get Caroline safe.” Jordan orders, both his hands ready to fight, pushing back on the hoard of humans that were still screaming Caroline’s name.The dogs had started to bark, Caesar had made his way between the mob and Caroline, ready to protect his mom while the tank growled on the side, a normally very calm and sweet dog when danger wasn’t looming. She felt like they were going to ruin their house, that they were going to kill her, that every ounce of privacy and safety she should feel in their home was fleeting. They didn’t stop, she was rushed up the steps by two members of their team and they kept coming. “How do you want to die, Caroline?” one of the men asked as they snapped a photo of the very distraught woman.It wasn’t until they made it to the couple’s bedroom that they were able to shut Caroline in the bathroom and all she could do was listen to the chaos that had ensued in her home. The police were called, she didn’t have her phone or anything but she could hear clearly that sirens were being heard, “This is f***ing nuts. Someone get Abel on the phone and tell him he needs to get here f***ing now.” she could hear over the sound of what sounded like a fight, her shaky breath and sobs for all of this to be over. She wasn’t sure if she was going to live through this, they’d asked her how she wanted to die, and now, she wasn’t sure if she had a choice. This man was going to kill her, he could do whatever he wanted, she knew that this wasn’t tmz or hollywood fix, or any of the tabloids, this was another strike. This was another warning. This was just a game that he was playing and winning, she was a prize and her death was the only way for this to end….


01/31/2023 03:23 PM 

Former 2006-2010 RP'er has returned.

I'm a role-player from the old age of myspace looking to possibly rekindle some of the spark of role-playing back then with folks. I can't promise I will be active due to other prior commitments but I'm curious who may be interested.I only do para-based role-play and prefer interacting with cartoon canon (or generally cartoon-based role-play), so anything along the lines of strictly Disney characters, Don Bluth characters, Warner Bros., you get the idea. Please don't add me if you're RPing as someone from a CW show or Charmed or Harry Potter or anything along those lines; I'd like to keep my band of collaborators consistant, lol.Feel free to introduce yourself here, if you'd like.

The Real Hawkeye

01/31/2023 02:30 PM 

January TTB Drabble

“Well this is new,” Clint said as laser blast rained down around him. He vaulted over a fallen wall, firing a single arrow behind him before he slid into cover. He paused a moment to catch his breath before peeking his head over the crumbling brick. Another laser blast whizzed close to his ear and he smelled the brief stench of singed hair.“This is bullsh*t,” he said, trying to calm his panicked huffing. There was a roar as something large and green flew over his head and came to a crashing thud nearby. The ground shook as it landed, and another roar announced that Banner was on the ground and was most definitely mad.  “Barton, I need you back in the fight,” Nick Fury’s voice crackled in Clint’s earpiece.“Do you? Do you really need me out there?” Clint yelled back, trying to keep his voice from cracking. “Because I’m seeing a couple mutants, a monster and a god fighting a bunch of aliens, and last time I took stock I’m just a human guy with a prehistoric weapon.”“You’re ready for this, Barton, it’s why I pulled you up,” Fury said calmly and sternly.“With all due respect sir,” Barton shouted back over the roar of combat, “You sound insane.”Barton had served SHIELD well as a field operative for years. Stealth was kind of his specialty, especially since he was adept with a weapon that made almost no noise. His bow was perfect when infiltrating a HYDRA base without letting anyone know you were there, but this was his first time called up to serve with the Avengers, and he wasn’t sure exactly where his arrows helped in a fight against aliens with lasers.“Every soldier has his part to serve,” Fury replied. “You’re here for a reason.”Clint forced a couple deep breaths to steady himself and nocked three arrows. “You can do this Hawkeye,” he said to himself. Finally peeking back over the wall, he fired off the arrows, instantly dropping three aliens off of Hulk’s back.“And that’s why you’re here, Barton,” Fury said in his ear, “Even the Hulk needs support.”“I guess I’ll take it,” Clint answered, “as long as I’m not just here to be the bait.” 


01/31/2023 01:21 PM 

Mad World.

@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet โ™” betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra Mad World All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhereTheir tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head, I want to drown my sorrow No tomorrow, no tomorrow I find it hard to tell you. As she worked on undoing and retying the knot she had created in the front of her light denim blue shirt, her eyes darted between the diamanté jewels that adorned the collar and the top two buttons. She'd wasted much too much time mulling over whether or not she should show some flesh by tying the scarf in a knot or tucking it inside her skirt instead. In the end, she decided to go with the second choice. She studied her evening attire, which she was aware was supposed to make her feel courageous and confident, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't quite right. She cocked her head to the side. As she gazed at herself in the full-length mirror once again, this time focusing on her pink skirt that was shorter than normal, her attention was immediately pulled to her hair. The worst aspect has had to be the ponytail situation.Her hand reached up and grabbed the blonde hairband, which she then yanked off of her head. Betty Cooper was ready with only the hint of a grin, an upward movement of her lips, and the glide of her fingers through her hair.After completing the last and final coat of mascara, Betty made her way downstairs. While checking that all of her personal belongings could fit in the little handbag, she became aware of a change in the room's atmosphere. It was dark and foreboding, nothing at all like the bright and cheery Cooper home.Betty gave a timid nod as she fidgeted anxiously with the hems of her little skirt and top, well aware that her brand-new black underwear was on display for everyone to see (although it was only meant for one pair of eyes). The Cooper ladies, with the exception of Polly, made their big entrance. When they entered, it was almost as though everyone in the room immediately fell into complete silence. They were the focus of everyone's attention. Betty couldn't recall how long it had been since Alice had been in this bar, but it seemed like a significant chunk of time had passed during that absence. Betty turned her attention to the one and only person who was significant to her at that moment in time.As the song quickly came to an end, Betty had no clue what was going on, and she watched as Veronica and Archie ran off the stage in opposite directions. During the time that she was performing, she was on stage. It seemed as if she was always going at a slower rate through the whole situation. Betty The fact that she wasn't only dancing for him but also for other reasons was what made the dance such a unique experience. She was starting to get more interested in herself as time went on. She was establishing her independence by making decisions for herself and choosing not to care what other people thought or said about her choices. She found herself thinking about how much she cared about the serpents, which fueled her desire to help them in some way. Her family history might be traced back to the Jughead Serpents. She grabbed the pole and began making slow, controlled rotations around it until she was completely encircled by it. She was just lightly dancing when she reached up to her face, caressed her cheek, and then continued dancing. The time during which she had the feeling that she was living in her own world.Betty calmly made her way over to the microphone and sang the last word of "mad world." she couldn't help but notice something off in the distance in one of the room's corners. Her attention then moved to focus on Jughead and FP. As the song quickly came to an end, Betty had no clue what was going on. Betty was going through the whole throes of a panic attack. She was taken aback when she became aware that Jughead wasn't happy with her. If he had any inkling that she was planning on carrying this through, he would never let it. He had to come to the realization that he did not need to guard her at all times. They worked as a team, and she is more than capable of taking care of herself.She had already begun to make her way off the stage by the time FP could even begin to get a grasp on what was going on. It seemed as if he was wearing his Serpent jacket at the time, and he gave it to her so that Betty might wrap herself in it. The focus of Betty's attention shifted to Jughead. Even the dim lighting of the bar was not enough to hide his nervousness and anger. FP's booming voice suddenly encompassed the whole bar in an instant. Everyone came to an abrupt halt and stared in amazement.๐ŸŽตAnd I find it kinda funny I find it kinda sadThe dreams in which I'm dyingAre the best I've ever hadI find it hard to tell youI find it hard to takeWhen people run in circlesIt's a very, veryChildren waiting for the day they feel goodHappy birthday, happy birthdayAnd I feel the way that every child shouldSit and listen, sit and listen ๐ŸŽต I find it hard to take,


01/31/2023 11:08 PM 


"Luz, Jimmy, and John; We're all incredibly thankful y'all could make it tonight. Between dodging jail and running a cult--- I mean empire, I'm sure your schedule is tighter than Caroline's --- clears throat Nevermind... I'm just thinkin', thinkin' out louuudddd casually singing to the tune of Watermelon Sugar High"   .container { position: relative; width: 75%; } .image { display: block; width: 100%; height: auto; } .overlay { position: absolute; top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; height: 100%; width: 100%; opacity: 0; transition: .5s ease; background-color: #AB280C; } .container:hover .overlay { opacity: 1; } .text { color: white; font-size: 20px; position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; -webkit-transform: translate(-50%, -50%); -ms-transform: translate(-50%, -50%); transform: translate(-50%, -50%); text-align: center; } Oh, Harry, I adore you. Please don't disown my friendship, but sometimes it looks like you got dressed in the dark. My blind-folded toddler could probably be a better stylist. I'll give you her number. And the hair!! my goodness, it always looks like it's been through a tornado - maybe you're just using it to cover the receding hairline? I don't know and like the rest of us who are huge fans of "what makes you beautiful" you must be your own biggest admier because you sure do look at yourself in the mirror a lot. But in all seriousness, Harry, you are a gifted human with extraordinary talent. We adore you endlessly. Happy Birthday! Harry Styles, where do I even begin? You're the only person I know who can make a simple haircut look like a revolutionary act. Your fashion sense is so bold, it's almost as if you're trying to distract us from your mediocre music. You're so talented, you could probably even make a subpar song sound good... oh wait, you already did that with "Watermelon Sugar." And let's not forget about your acting career. "Dunkirk" was a real cinematic masterpiece. Oh wait, that was someone else. My mistake. Keep doing you, Harry. We'll always be here to support you and happiest of birthdays, brother. I met Harry when I was with my first wife. I took her to his show and I walked out thinking watermelon sugar was a drink. After giving Harry the eye as he and my ex wife talked about nail polish, he whispered to me the true meaning...I learned two things..despite the ruffles on his shirt and nail polish..Harry is not gay. Congratulations Birdie, if you didn't know...the second thing I learned was Harry Styles is the man. We've bonded over shots and countless nights out. Truly man, I'm proud of you and happy birthday! Now there is someone out there for everyone. For you Harry, it's a therapist, Enjoy your night. i think we can all agree the possibilities are endless when it comes to roasting mr. styles. from this outfits, to his dad dance moves, hell, even the way he says the most drunk uncle jokes ever. i'm playing. i will go easy. let's go back to the fashion area of this man. i've never met another person that is the human embodiment of a claire's store in my life. covered in glitter and should have a cheap tiara taped to his head. i mean, y'all see it as well, right?to go along with the glitter thing, we could never lose this man in a crowd. just shine a light and he'll be dazzling from miles away. it's kind of a genius tactic. i know birdie would find it hand, isn't that right, ms birdie? you're welcome for the new technique of never losing him again.should end this off by saying me and him are the same, i have horrendous knee and back problems like i'm pushing 30 as ya, king. you can make fun of me once this year. i will allow it. but only one. because i'm nice like that. What’s Hannin y’all. I know everybody gon be creative in how dey roast my boy Harry, but you know me, ima just keep it gangsta and simple. I smoked a blunt wit my boy Harry for the first time a few months ago. He told me he was gon be able to hang. That is, until Snoop walked in with 7 blunts rolled. Harry was sweatin like a kid about to get whooped for not taking out the dinner before his moms got home by the second blunt. But he was a good sport about it. By the 5th blunt, he thought he was 2pac. I won’t tell the rest, look at him blushin ““My boy Harry got a soft side doe. I’ve come to learn that he happens to The Notebook. I would’ve never guessed that. Give my man’s some tequila and out that movie on and I’m sure he gets to expressing the depth of his love, words slurred in his best Peter Griffin voice. “Who hurt you…..who hurt you……”“Aight aight, dats enough from me. To my Gucci wearin, Hell’s Kitchen cookin, finger twistin weed smokin homeboy, Happy birthday my guy. I love you brother, and I’m proud of how far you’ve come and where you’re headed. Also, Harry is certified blacc now, so make sure y’all acknowledge him dis Blacc History Month. Hussle out, NaybaH60d! So, a deck of cards shows up to an award show...wait that was Harry...don't get me wrong, I love him as much as everyone else in this room, but apparently Harold loves Alice in Wonderland more than us all...Now, the response to this will probably be, "But, Roger, do you have a yacht?" The answer is no, but I also don' t have any men's depends to wear around on said yacht either. Peeing is for the poor, I guess...He's from London...been to*t, which one of you cheeky blokes introduced Harold to OnlyFans? Look at em, he's like a pilgrim in a Pilates suit...c'om, y'all protect our mans. Lets give it up for Abel, yall. He's wearing his tall shoes tonight! Look at that. Wow. Hi babies! Its truly an honor to be here and be apart of the celebration of Harry Styles. Admittedly, when Birdie reached out, I wasn't too sure how useful I'd be. After all, I'm a singer, not a comedian.... but now that I see this lineup, what do I really have to lose?Lets see here. We have the Hoffas! Soooo glad yall could make it here from prison! I was sincerely worried about how this would work. Like would yall be tuning in to roast via zoom meeting? Would you call in from your contraband flip phone? Inmates are surprisingly resourceful, ya know. Thank god Jimmy got out quick. Between all the kids and carrying the weight of keeping you all relevant, I'm sure Luz is tired. #FreeLuzSpeaking of tired... Nipsey Hussle! Or as I like to call him, America's Favorite Crip! Nipsey is known for his undying loyalty to the Hoffas and his community engagement. And by engagement, I mean he's slung more d*ck through the '[email protected]' than Reagan slung crack.Who else..? We got recovered cocaine imp The Weeknd and his wife Caroline. To this day, I still don't know how he pulled her. But someone has to care for the needy, I suppose. We got Rory and Roger. Or better known as Billie Eillish & who?But lets not forget our man of the hour. Harry motherf***in' Styles. Harry, you're an icon, an innovator, and the poor man's David Bowie. Its been amazing seeing you grow from only being played at Forever 21 to Grammy award winning and comfortably spitting on your colleagues. Talk about power! From One Direction to both swinging both directions, wearing crazy outfits, and having a sound that cannot be matched. Happy birthday Harry. I wish you many more and much success


01/31/2023 10:09 PM 

Current mood:  awake

1) Be respectful the world is already full of enough hate let's not drag it here as well2) Lengthwise what you give out is what you will get back though if I'm having an off day I will let you know3) Just because my character may look hot doesn't mean she's easy 4) NO GODMODDING automatic ban NQA5) Keep OOC drama off my dash/inbox I have my own life and my own issues thanks 6) I will try and get an actual bio up in the meantime anything you want to know feel free to ask7) This is a regular human acct so superheroes, supernatural etc accts will be deleted8) Let's just have fun it's what we are here for after all

rules, guidelines


01/31/2023 08:56 PM 

The Funeral ~ Part One

Kat stared down at his phone at what he'd just typed but not yet sent: 'Emiri passed away…' Shaking his head he frowned. He couldn’t send that. He would get back some variation of who was Emiri? Sighing he pressed the backspace key and started again coming up with: 'My ex-girlfriend Emiri passed away and today is her funeral. I'm about to go now.' Again he frowned and stared at the message. Likely that would put tremendous doubt in the other's head. What if he still loved her and couldn't get past it? He didn't love her. Her passing didn't make him sad because it meant they could never reunite. That was never going to happen anyway. No, he was sad for his friend who lost his sister. Sad because he'd viewed her as a friend even now. Sad because she was gone and there was nothing he could do to help her anymore. Sighing he looked up as he heard a sound across the room. The door slid open and a young boy stood there looking at him but just as quickly as their eyes met his friend blocked the boy from his view. He looked down again at his phone then erased what he wrote. The new message read:  'An old friend passed away and I have to go to her funeral today. And I have a son.'  Immediately he erased the message glancing up to where he could see the boy now sitting on the couch with his friend Masahiko talking quietly. His words had been he might be your son but Kat already knew. He remembered his sister Rei at that age. He could see his baby sister in that boy. The child was his, Hikaru. He couldn’t be more certain, that was the name they’d agreed to name their first born, male or female. Again he couldn’t break this revelation that way. With another sigh and a shake of his head he typed something short, from the heart and to the point: 'I miss you.' With a nod he pressed send then locked the screen and slid the phone into his pocket just as he heard a sound in the doorway as the last two members of their little party emerged from their room. He smiled as little Isabella, not so little anymore, waved with a big smile from her mother’s side. He waved back and slid the chair back from the table before standing.  He’d gotten in late last night. The moments before he met up with Hiko he was happy to see his friend. Happy to be in Japan even for a short while but there wasn’t that big welcoming smile on his friend’s face. Yes there was that friendly smile but it was half-hearted and he looked sad and worn like a battered old trunk. He hadn't noticed in New Orleans if he’d been so tired. Was he really so self-involved to not see this man was in, well it was another moment before learning what, but he was clearly going through something? It was possible. Things could be going great in life only to fall apart in the next second. Men were such selfish creatures and he was no exception.  He slid the chair back and paused before standing. It was almost time to go. All morning, ever since he heard the news he was remembering everything. Flashes of the past. Not the bad ones, the bad feelings, they came but he repressed them. He wanted to ignore those, wanted to live in the happy moments while he could. Now he couldn’t deny it as memories flashed through his mind. Stronger and then stronger still. Some of them were too strong.  Emiri smiling at him… Emiri crying, begging him to indulge her final wish. That look on her face as he said goodbye, her expression as he looked back at her as he walked away and out of her life. Maybe once or twice he saw her after before she left their college. Always that same look of utter devastation, abandonment. Lost in thought as always he hadn’t heard the boy approach. Not until he took his hand did he realize. Looking down he gently gripped the small hand taking his and offered him a smile.  'My son, this is my son.' He couldn't help thinking it, and though he had so many thoughts and feelings surrounding this he tried not to let it show. Whatever he felt , it wasn't this child's fault and now he was alone in the world. Hikaru smiled, giving his hand a squeeze. With a nod Katsurล looked up, catching his friends watching them but remained silent. Gesturing to the door Masahiko joined them as Wren advanced to his side before placing her hand on the raven-haired man's shoulder, comforting. "We uh… we should go."   

๐Ÿ”ฅ แด€สŸสŸ า“แดส€ สแดแดœ ๐Ÿ”ฅ

01/31/2023 08:14 PM 

๐Ÿ”ฅ All For You's Rules ๐Ÿ”ฅ
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01/31/2023 05:46 PM 

Senior Year Part One

Senior Year. Do you remember you’re senior year? Excitement and hope buzzed through the entire student body, like an electric current that hummed louder and louder the closer to graduation it got. Landyn Martin was no exception, after four incredibly long years she would finally be able to get her diploma and get out of Beacon Hills as she had always planned. Like her sister Lydia, Landyn had some of the best marks in her class and had already been accepted to both Harvard and Yale. Though the crimson-haired beauty had yet to decide which school she would attend because she truly did not know what she wanted to do with her future. Senior year had come so quickly that Landyn had never really given herself time to think about what she wanted for the future. One thing was for sure, she absolutely wanted to get out of Beacon Hills, away from the craziness the town attracted and away from small-town life. Could you blame her? It seemed like every other week her sister and her friends were always stopping what seemed like the end of the world. As hard as Lydia tried to keep Landyn out of the craziness, like any good self-respecting younger sibling, Landyn was always around the corner or listening in on Lydia’s phone calls to keep herself in the loop with the happenings of Beacon Hills. Senior year was a reminder that soon Landyn didn't have to worry about any of it, she could finally put some distance between herself and this town…Or so she thought.  “Whoa whoa whoa, I don’t think so slick... You drank half the party, there is no way I am letting you get behind the wheel of a car” Landyn said snatching the keys from one of her best friends' hands. There wasn’t a party in Beacon Hill that Landyn hadn’t attended and though everyone else had decided to drink their weight in booze, drowning herself in cheap spirits wasn’t how Landyn wanted to celebrate their graduation. She had to admit she was a little impressed with how much her friends had drank, she had seen grown men slumped over with the amount of alcohol in their systems. The sound of glass shattering behind her caught her attention as she looked over at her other two friends who began giggling uncontrollably as they stumbled against one another trying to make it to the car. “New rule, if you bitches are going to drink around me, you’re taking an uber from now on,” Landyn said with an unamused smirk as she got the last of her girls loaded into the car. “Wait, where’s Aimee?” Landyn looked around the driveway of the cute little country house the party had been thrown at furrowing her brow “you guys stay here I’ll be right back” She said closing and then locking the doors to the car to keep the girls inside, the sound of drunken laughter filling the air as the girls attempted to get out of the car. “Aimee? Come on this isn't funny, we have to go… my mom is going to kill me if we miss curfew” Landy said as she rounded the side of the country house which opened up into a big backyard that connected directly to the tree line of the woods. “You can't catch me!” Aimee, a short brunette with questionable taste in fashion, exclaimed as she disappeared behind the tree line. “F*** me” Landyn grumbled as she quickly tried to catch up to Aimee’s slow-disappearing figure. “Seriously! I am not wearing the right shoes for this Aims, come on!” Landy said with a frustrated sigh as she narrowly tripped over fallen tree limbs that lay scattered on the forest floor. Looking down to pay attention to her footing, Landy looked back up and groaned. Aimee was nowhere to be found, faintly Landyn could hear twigs breaking and without hesitation began to move a little deeper into the woods. “Aimee I swear to god if I ruin these shoes chasing your ass, I am going to make you pay for new ones!” She called brushing her crimson curls out of her face as she continued down the little broken path that she thought Aimee had gone down. “Aimee?” Landy called as she stopped and stood in a small grove of trees. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end as if she had touched one of those mirror balls that had electrical current’s going through them. It was so intensely quiet she could hear the sound of her own heartbeat. “Run,” she thought to herself, turning in a slow circle as she squinted her eyes. Chocolate hues trying their best to see in the pitch-black abyss. *Snap* went a twig to her right and Landyn whipped around in that direction a small gasp leaving her. “Aimee comes on this isn't funny anymore!” Landyn said as she gritted her teeth. “Alright you chicken sh*t, you’re the captain of the cheer squad, HBIC, you cliff jumped for crying out loud, pull yourself together,” She said in a small whisper giving herself a little pep talk. It probably wouldn't have been so terrifying if it wasn't for the fact that she couldn't see anything. What she lacked in sight, she made up for with her hearing, another twig snapped in the opposite direction behind her this time. “Aimee I swear to-” Her words were cut off by the sharp, chilling feeling of claws ripping through her pretty little throat. Immediately clutching at the neck Landyn let out a small gurgled scream as she hit her knees. Blood began to quickly pour from her cherry-glossed lips and delicate fingers were now covered in her own blood as the cut on her neck began to burn, like the flames of hellfire the tighter she gripped the wound the more intense the burning sensation became. Like the time she had accidentally stepped in a fire ant colony. Adrenaline coursed through her and she did the only thing her body was telling her to do at that moment…she ran. Leaving Aimee to fend for herself, Landyn stumbled aimlessly in the direction she prayed was back to the car.Knees scraping every fallen tree limb and stump as if they were attracted to it like moths to a flame. Time seemed to stop, and Landyn began to feel as though she was moving through quicksand, Her legs got heavier with each step she took. The world slowly began to spin, the loss of her own blood becoming too great Dropping mere inches from the tree line, Landyn fell on the soft grass, her crimson curls cascading out behind her as she lay in the yard the last thing in her vision was the terrified looks of her friends as they scrambled from the car to her side. Her eyes lids felt as though they had paper weights slowly dragging them down, unable to keep them open anymore, Landyn gave in to the darkness that seemed to welcome her with open arms. It was funny how the celebration that was meant to signal the start of her life, would turn into the very thing that almost killed her. 


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Cruel Game - Drabble

  Talon's slender frame stood at the foot of the blood-stained bed, his crimson hues staring blankly at the lifeless body before him. A manicured hand slid over his shoulder, the other across his chest, smearing the blood dripping from his chin onto his porcelain chest. "Very good, my darling." The woman's silky voice mused as her fingers traced lines in the crimson fluid on his torso. His head turned slowly to look at her, her blood-red eyes matching his own. Then, not understanding the power blood held over her, his brow furrowed, and his head tilted to the side.  "I... don't get the obsession." He stated quietly, his gaze shifting from the brunette to the lifeless redhead. Her body sprawled across the king-sized bed, and the scent of her blood filled the room. The brunette trailed her index finger along his jaw; her gaze fixated on him. Right then, she knew something was different about him.  "Mmm, perhaps you need something more." Stepping back to the dresser, she pulled out a jar half-filled with a white powdery substance, scooped a thick, long line out onto the redhead's abdomen, and slid a rolled hundred-dollar bill into his slender digits. Then, leading him over to the ivory line, she sat on the bed and tapped the woman's skin. "Come on, darling. It'll change how you feel, trust me." Sitting on the opposite side of the redhead, he raised the rolled bill to his nose and leaned down. Then, closing the other nostril, he inhaled, sliding the end of the paper along the powder trail. Finally, he squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed his nose with the back of his hand. "Sh*t." He mumbled, eyes blinking as he sat up straight and took a deep breath through his mouth. The amount he snorted was three times that a human could handle without going into cardiac arrest.  His eyes widened as a smile spread across his lips. "I feel great!" His body felt electric; the slightest breeze sent a shiver down his spine, and Danielle's quiet breath echoed in his ears. He hadn't felt this alive and energized since he first turned, and even then, his senses weren't this heightened. This was the start of Talon's drug addiction.  -------------------- Talon and Danielle remained together for over a decade - they drank, snorted, injected, and inhaled anything they could. Danielle provided the drugs - she had connections in nearly every town they went to. He provided the food - whether by force or by charming them; Danielle's preferred entree was redheads. Then, as she got her fix by sinking her fangs into the woman Talon lured in, he got his by doing any drug she could procure.  Officers discovered the bodies hours after rigor mortise had set in. By then, Talon and Danielle were cities away, onto their next party destination. A few years into their adventure was when the torture began. Having become bored with merely enticing the women to drain them, Talon began with shallow cuts along their skin, nothing too deep. Watching the blood drip while he was high was fascinating. The scent of blood began to make his mouth water due to the drugs that coursed through Talon's veins - though it took a lot. A mix of copious amounts of cocaine and weed dulled Talon's gift, causing his vampiric nature to peek through.  Once the high took effect, Talon's bloodlust became yet another addiction. As Danielle and he drained body after body, Talon's torture grew worse. He went from shallow, superficial cuts to binding, biting, stabbing, and scratching them. Instead of ending their lives quickly, he did it slowly, enjoying how they begged and pleaded for him to stop.  It wasn't until many years later that a young girl walked in on Talon slicing her father's throat as he hung upside down from the rafters in their barn. Under him was a Danielle, jaw open, catching his crimson blood. Seeing the look on the little girl's face and how terrified she was made him freeze - his mind seemed to sober up. She reminded him of his little sister Cynthia. Her blonde locks a mess on her head after waking from a nap. Her big blue eyes wide with fear. He dropped the knife and looked down at his bloodied hands.  Can you believe the outcome? Now I'm asking you God how come?  Danielle knew she had lost Talon at that moment, but she wouldn't go down without a fight. Her red hues locked onto the little girl, and the look on her face was rage-filled. She would end the child for interrupting her and Talon's fun, and that's precisely what she did. Danielle knelt behind the girl and snapped her neck. As her small body fell to the ground, Talon fell to his knees. Cupping his face, she tilted his head back so their eyes could meet. "My darling, don't let that child distract you from our fun." Her words were soft, seductive.  Talon shook his head, his dark, disheveled locks falling to frame his slender face. "No... This is wrong." He whispered, his gaze falling back down to his hands.  Danielle rolled her eyes and shook her head. "It's what we are made to do, Talon. You know this." Helping him to his feet, Danielle turned him to face the man. Blood dripped slowly from his neck to his hair, soaking it and puddling beneath him on the wooden floor. Her finger trailed along the gash on his neck that Talon had caused just moments ago. "You love this, and you know it." She mused, touching her finger to his lips. His eyelids fluttered at the taste, and the venom flooded his mouth, wanting more of the crimson drug. Clenching his jaw, he turned from her, though he did not move. Danielle smirked, knowing he was still addicted. "Come, my darling." -------------------- You always change right behind my back. Once the drugs were out of his system and he was thinking clearly, Talon left Danielle. Knowing she likely wouldn't follow him to New Orleans, being she had several enemies there, he found himself struggling to keep in control. His body craved the drugs - withdrawal for vampires was just as bad as it was for humans. The headaches, the tremors, the sweats, Talon went through it all. Once he began to feel like himself again, he went out for a night on the town. It was a test, to see how he would do. New Orleans had become ripe with criminal activity. On nearly every street someone was offering drugs or sex.  The night had been successful so he returned to his apartment. Stopping at the scent of blood, his eyes widened. The door to his apartment was ajar, the scent beckoning him to investigate. His hand slowly pushed the door open further, his crimson hues scanned the small area, soon landing on a redhead on the couch, her wrists slit and a pile of cocaine and weed in her lap. His jaw clenched and his slender frame froze in the foyer. When we're face to face, I'm always the one who cracks. Sauntering toward him from the hallway, Danielle wore crimson lingerie and black heels, and her hair fell in dark waves to her shoulders. She had a devious grin on her ruby lips as she slowly moved toward Talon. His glare said a million words, but his jaw was clenched shut. Placing her palm on his chest, she chuckled, her head turning to look at the female on the couch. "Not breathing won't help. You see it, you want it. Take it. It's all ready for you." Her voice was low, teasing. Her hand slid down his arm, her digits wrapped around his wrist as she led him over to the couch.  He followed slowly, his gaze flicking between the drugs and Danielle. Once they reached the couch, she pushed him down next to the redhead and placed a joint between his lips. His eyes were pleading, begging her not to do this, yet he didn't say a word. He didn't fight back. Striking a match and lighting the end the joint, she chuckled and leaned in. "You have to breathe to smoke it, my dear." After a few moments, Talon did just that. Breathing in the scent of the weed, the blood, and Danielle, Talon's eyes closed and his head tilted back, resting it on the top of the couch. As the smoke filled his lungs, Danielle held a plate of cocaine up, and a small straw angled towards him. "Time for your favorite part." He eyed the white powder and plucked the joint from his lips as he leaned down, inhaling the drug through the straw.  "Fvck." He mumbled, the familiar feeling igniting his nerves once more. Glancing over to the redhead, Talon licked his lips. He was about to sink his teeth into her neck when his ears caught the faint sound of her heartbeat. Danielle had brought him a meal that was practically dead already. His brow furrowed as he turned to eye the brunette, the joint finding its way back to her lips. "You get me high and don't even have the proper amount of food...?"  She chuckled and playfully shrugged her shoulders. "I couldn't resist her! She just looks so tasty." Her tone was laced with venom, this wasn't a means to get him back; it was simply to fvck with his mind. If misery loves company, get the hell out of my house. Talon's expression went dark, causing Danielle to back up a few steps. Rolling her eyes, she crossed her arms over her chest. "Oh, don't pout! You can feed from me like you used to." Her hand flipped her dark tresses over her shoulder as she tilted her head. Her fingers ran along her neck, teasing him.  Talon rose to his feet, grabbed a fistful of her locks in his hand, and pulled her head back. His lips brushed her ear as he spoke in a growl. "Get the fvck out." His hand released her as he turned his back to her. "If I see you again, I will kill you." Slowly, he began gathering up the drugs and paraphernalia to dispose of them along with the now-deceased woman on his couch. Won't you please just look at me!? Danielle's brow furrowed as her lips pouted. "Oh, come on, my darling! You know you miss this..." She mused, moving to catch his attention with her exposed figure. He turned away again, refusing to give her the attention she so clearly desired. After several more attempts and his blatantly denying her, she finally left.  Talon expected her to throw more of a tantrum than she did, but he was also relieved she didn't. He was going to have to start his sobriety journey all over again. He refused to go back to being the monster he was with her.  Why'd I let you under my blouse? Once his apartment was cleaned of the drugs and body, he sat on the couch, glancing down at the blood stain. Hanging his head in his hands, he sighed heavily and cursed himself. You fvcking idiot. Why did you cave? You were doing so well. You should've killed her! ll of his wrongdoings and regretful decisions were linked to Danielle. In another life, he could've been happy - in love. Things he now feared he would never experience.

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