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02/02/2023 12:58 PM 

the mutant

Sabina King Comic Verse Drabbles - Headcanons -  Age: 31 Birthplace:Salt Lake City, Utah Current Location: New York Pronouns: She/her Orientation: Lesbian Species: Mutant Occupation: Private Investigator Personality: Sabina is constantly exhausted, so she is quick to temper. She is almost always sarcastic, and can't take anyone or anything seriously. She will often make jokes, at especially inappropriate times. She is naturally very socially awkward but can fake normalcy well. She can be seen as selfish, or egotistical, in reality, she just has a lot on her mind. A big fan of the underdog, she will always defend those that can't defend themselves. Morally gray, she is willing to do almost anything to reach her goals, even if that means bribery, blackmail, or violence.   BIOGRAPHY Sabina King was born to a Kazakh mother and an American businessman. Three years after she was born, her mother acquired her citizenship and abandoned them. Her father, lonely and heartbroken, drunk himself into oblivion nightly to forget he had ever met her. It forced Sabina to grow up on her own, learning to become an adult at a young age. She always wished she could erase the memory of her mother, so they could be a normal family. Her father sent Sabina to a boarding school at 14, where she stayed till she was 16. Her father had notified her that he was dying of liver failure due to his alcoholism. She rushed to his bedside because, though he had been neglectful;, he was still her father. She hoped for a moment of normalness, but he could only curse Sabina’s mother for her abandonment. Sabina felt something inside her that day. Something more than rage, it built inside of her warm at first. Then as hot as fire. She could feel it fill her like smoke. As she held her dying father's hand she could see his thoughts. She could see how they met, a smile, a glance. They shook hands. Sabina could feel herself shaking. No more. She imagined the memory gone. She erased every memory of her mother, smothering it in the smoke that filled her soul. Then she couldn’t find it anymore. It was gone, and for the first time in her life, she saw her father truly happy. Soon the happiness was replaced with confusion. He remembered his daughter but had no idea who her mother was. No memory was there to fulfill it. He had a daughter with no notion of a mother. He racked his brain for anything. His face went blank. His mind was fried, a paradox that happened when she didn’t replace the memories she erased. That was the first time she had seen her power. She had used it, and she had broken her father beyond repair. Sabina started to look for her mother, luckily her name was unique. She was easy to find. She flew across the country to New York and knocked on her mother’s door.It was an awkward reunion. She looked different, older, more tired, and not nearly as lovely. They talked about life. She currently was a housewife, the mother Sab had always wanted but never had. Sabina asked her why her mother abandoned her. She left because she never loved their father and couldn’t stand being with him. After she got her citizenship, she wanted to start a new life and make enough money to take her back and live together with her new husband and twin siblings. Her mother came to the house one day when Sabina was six and asked to take her with them. Her father quickly denied it, and that was the last they heard of her. She couldn’t afford to go to court, so with a heavy heart, she relinquished all her custody. Sabina went to touch her mother’s hand, to verify her memories. Everything she said was true, and she assumed her father must have been drunk, as she didn’t see it in his memories before his death. Before she left, though, she decided to ease her mother’s weary mind. She added her own favorite memories. Giving her mother a glimpse of everything she missed as if she was there the whole time. They embraced for the first time. As a kid Sabina loved to read, it was her escape from the cold world. She was particularly fond of Detective Novels. She was also a nosy gossip. She honed those skills through adolescence. Sabina now owns her own private investigative agency. She uses her powers for a fee to find things people search for. She'll work for whoever pays her, so she often winds up doing work for opposing sides. Her most frequent clients are the city police department and a madame at the head of a high-class escort service.


02/02/2023 12:49 PM 

the flowerchild

Honey Davis Fame/Slice of Life Drabbles - Headcanons -  Age: 25 Pronouns: She/her Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Orientation: Pansexual Occupation: Musician, Model Personality: Honey is the typical flowerchild. She is warm, kind, and an advocate for love overall. Due to her trauma though she is very self-conscious and has very low self-esteem. She can be hot-headed at times and can find herself in bouts of depression and/or rage. She still struggles with her addiction issues.  BIOGRAPHY Honey's father was Jerome Davis, one of the biggest musicians in the world. As soon as she was born there was a camera in her face, and a slimy journalist digging through trash bins. As a young child following her father around the world, she soon learned that the media was not to be trusted. He tried her best to keep her out of the spotlight. The world hadn’t had it’s first glimpse of her face until she was nearly six years old. Her father was doting, if not protective. He made sure she had what he never could, a childhood. She and her siblings were very close, knowing that they were all they had. When she was young she wanted to be a singer like her dad, she was lofty, whimsical and full of dreams. Then her father died. He passed away less than 100 feet away from her bedroom. She had to watch the paramedics wheel her father's corpse out to the ambulance. She and her brothers moved into her grandmother's home. Her father’s death changed her life. She spiraled downwards,life losing all meaning. It was like the sun had disappeared. To make matters worse, Honey found out her father had lied to her her entire life. He had told her when she was young that her mother had died, but less than three months after her father had passed a familiar looking woman showed up on the news. Her mother, Anne, was apparently alive, and wanted to meet her children. That was when Honey attempted suicide for the first time. It was very immature and childlike. She slit her wrist, but not deep enough to bleed out. She was found quickly and brought to the hospital. For a few years after she was in and out of rehab. It was her second stint in rehab when she started to drink. By 17 she was an alcoholic. It hit a new low after she broke her leg while caring for a horse. It was only a warning kick, but it broke her leg in almost two places. They gave her percocets for the pain, and from that moment on everything changed. Her life as she knew it was over. She would cling to the sweet release, the momentary lapse of nothingness she felt while on opioids. She overdosed, and her family managed to keep it quiet, saying she was going away for health reasons. She was forced back into rehab again. Then it happened again. Every time the cycle repeated itself the whole world knew, despite how hard her family had tried to keep it from the media. By 19 she had cleaned herself up to earn back the trust of her family. Her aunt helped her find an apartment. She learned to play guitar, started a band with her friend, and began modeling. There are still some of those learned harmful behaviors, but is trying her best to grow as a person, and live with her trauma.


02/02/2023 12:28 PM 

the huntress

Adina Aushev Harry Potter Drabbles - Headcanons -  Age: Dependent on storyline Pronouns: She/her Birthplace: Mongolia Hometown: Astana, Kazakhstan Ethnicity: Kazakh/Russian Citizenship: English Orientation: Lesbian Species: Witch House: Hufflepuff Wand: Vine wood with a dragon heartstring core, 10" and slightly yielding flexibility Personality: Adina is quiet and well mannered. She's accustomed to living alone so she is often found talking to herself. She prefers the company of animals to people.   BIOGRAPHY Adina’s father was an Russian-English wizard, and her mother a muggleborn Kazakh witch. Her father Eric, had traveled through Mongolia to research the Witches and Wizards of Kazakhstan, who managed to tame eagles and hawks. The number of these witches and wizards had dwindled, due to the modernization of society. During his travels in Inner Mongolia, he met a small Nomadic tribe. He met a woman named Yana, who had a particularly affinity with her eagle. During a moonlit hunt she confessed to him about her magic. She could see through the eyes of her eagles, and sometimes she thought things to fruition. The whole village had been keeping her a secret from prying eyes and other tribes her entire life. Eric then told her about the wizarding world where he was from. They talked for hours, and their shared secret brought them closer. They married less than a year later. Yana and Eric moved back to England, in a little cottage in the hills. It took a while for Yana to get used to modern appliances, and even longer to get used to the noise. Her eagle also accompanied them, living in the area and causing the locals quite the scare. He returned home nightly, and was sometimes sent all the way back home to carry messages. One such message was that of Yana’s pregnancy. Adina was born on a perfectly average rainy Sunday. Her mother had her at home, with her father Eric, and a midwife by her side. She was always a perfectly pleasant baby, preferring to coo and giggle than cry. As a toddler, she kept up with the sunny disposition, often times lost in her imagination, or trying to lead another group of children. As she grew up her friendly and adventurous nature lasted all throughout her childhood. Wherever she went, she attempted to create her own posse, as she couldn’t stand to be alone. When she was six, her mother and father took her back home to Kazakhstan, where her clan had been living. They migrated back to Mongolia. Yana had enough of all the noise, preferring the calm stability of home. Yana tutored her daughter in the skills she knew best, teaching the child how to master beginner potions. Her father prepped her with simple wand magic. There were no laws here regarding the use of underage magic. It was here, without other children around that Adina had befriended her first eagle. He had landed a few feet away at first, cautious to the eager youngster’s grabby hands. They thought that was the last of him when he flew away. He returned every day from then on, getting closer and closer. Adina offered him a rat, and from that day they were inseparable. During her afternoon nap she would have a recurring dream, in which she would fly high over the landscape, soaring through the plains. She told her parents about this dream, and they celebrated their daughters first signs of magic. When Adina turned 11 she received two letters. One from Hogwarts and one from Koldovstoretz Her parents debated on this for days. Her father fought with the idea that she could get a better education at Hogwarts, her mother wanted her to stay close to home. Eventually they decided that Adina would attend Hogwarts. She lacked a formal education and struggled to keep up with reading the text. The only class she found solace and comfort in was the study and care of magical creatures, where she shone and excelled. She could feel a connection to each and every animal that was inexplicable. The dreams kept coming. Every night she would inhabit the body of another creature. It was mainly her eagle Artemis at first. It then developed to other animals at the school. She considered it normal, her mother could do it, so couldn’t everyone? It was in class where this was brought to the professor's attention. They pulled her aside to examine her skill. Confused, Adina couldn’t understand why this was becomming such a commotion. To her it was simple. Like slipping on a glove, or falling into a dream. It just happened. She had private lessons scheduled, and her control over it began to increase. She could now do it during waking hours, and even control the body she inhabited. With the help of the professors and even a few of the students, she rose to the occasion. She had planned to attend school to become a professor when she was summoned. School overwhelmed her. She had always been mediocre at best. With all the other students possessing an incredible amount of talent, Adina felt like she could never measure up. There were whispers from the others, hushed voices in the corners of the common room, and walking through the hallway. The primitive girl who lived in a hut. She clung to the hope that one day she would best them all, and set to work to not only improve her primary skill but of all the other’s as well. She would often fall asleep in the library studying. When the other student’s saw the effort and drive she displayed they quieted. Except for the rowdier, more elitist bunch. Although she has worked hard to prove she was worthy, the thoughts still live in the deepest corners of her mind ‘Am I good enough? Do I truly belong here?”


02/02/2023 12:18 PM 

the haunted

Gemma Wills Supernatural/suspense Drabbles - Headcanons -  Age: 28 Pronouns: She/her Orientation: Heterosexual Occupation: Writer Family: A younger sister, unknown mother, deceased father Personality: Gemma is calm, cool and collected. She is very motherly towards her friends and family, especially her younger sister. She is extremely protective, and despite her usual calm and calculating demeanor, will throw caution to the wind when it comes to her sister. She describes herself as a lioness, the leader of the pack. She’s a stickler for rules and hates the idea of chaos. She loves being tidy and orderly.  BIOGRAPHY Gemma was named after gemstones. She was light of her mother's Lilly’s life. Gemma’s father Tom, was a functioning alcoholic. His days consisted of work, and drink. Some days were better than others. He would get drunk and throw his wife over his shoulder, or slow dance in the kitchen. Sometimes he would sit and stare mindlessly at the TV for hours. Sometimes he didn’t come home at all. When she was 8 her father came home with a newborn baby girl. He didn’t tell them how it happened, just that she was his and they were family. Gemma’s mother left them shortly after. Gemma however took a liking to the wrinkly infant and became a de facto mother to her. As they grew up, they relied on each other, having no one else. Gemma's mother's calls back fewer and farther between. Eventually one day they just stopped. Gemma vowed never to abandon the only remaining family she had. She found out later that her mother had married and had another child. Gemma found solace in books, where she could escape from the real world, if only for a brief time. Six-year-old Winter wiped away her tears and comforted her the best a small child was able too. They remained close till Winter became a teenager. It seemed like age was no longer the only gap between them. She changed, from a bubbly little girl to a dark and brooding young woman. She wouldn't even look in her direction. Gemma began to work. Alcoholism had taken its toll on her father, and he had fallen ill. Unable to work, he pleaded for a favor from his eldest daughter. Her first job was in a gas station, where she would work the overnight shift. While she was there she would write. Just a little bit a day. She made enough money to supplement her father's disability payments and they lived. It wasn't lavish or even comfortable, but they had food, clean clothes, and each other. After two years of night shift writing Gemma had finished her first novel. She carted it from publisher to publisher with no takers. She tweaked it, constantly worked on getting it out there. It was her baby, the brainchild of all her sleepless nights. After another year it was published by a small publishing house. It was a children's fantasy novel. It had done well, not well enough to live off, but they didn't worry about groceries for two whole months. It was a surprise when it suddenly picked up speed a few years later. The publisher commissioned her for a series. It seemed like they were drowning in money now. Gemma bought her family a home in New York closer to her publisher.   GROUP LORE River Kessler was six years old when she went missing. It was worldwide news. Her very public adduction shocked the world. The police had more than enough information to find the perp, but the days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into years. River’s parents die, leaving her brother as the only surviving member of her immediate family. He gives up on his search, until eight years later. River’s skeletonized body is found buried in a shallow grave by a woman on her way to work. That was not the only thing in that shallow grave. Buried underneath River was an older female corpse. Police attempt to identify her, but her DNA does not match any of the missing females in the NAMUS database. Their discovery makes the news again. The homicide detective is personally attached to this case. He's new to Homicide and the area but is drawn to this case. He thinks it may be career-making. The case makes news nationwide. Descriptions of the Jane Doe are plastered everywhere in an attempt to identify her. A podcaster covers all the case updates, but starts receiving threatening warnings against it. River Kesslers remains are returned to her family. Her brother is the only remaining member of her immediate family. He immediately searched for ways to identify the doe, in hopes it will lead him to their murderer. Across the country a woman and her sister come across a picture of someone who looks Jane Doe in a family album. Their father doesn’t seem to remember the woman, but they can't shake the feeling of dishonesty from him, so they make their way back to their hometown of Tacoma Washington. A local librarian can't stop the dreams that haunt her every night. She has no idea how to explain it, but she confesses to a penpal that she is seeing memories that don't belong to her. She's not the only one. These strangers are intrinsically linked to each other. At times they can feel each other's strong emotions, or witness a vision of their memories. What is it that brings them together and how dangerous is it?


02/02/2023 12:10 PM 

the teacher

Gabriel Washington Zombie Verse Drabbles - Headcanons -  Age: 32 Pronouns: He/Him Orientation: Heterosexual Occupation: Third Grade Teacher Hometown: Augusta Georgia Personality: Patient with kids, from the years of teaching children. Good-natured, kind, a little bit sarcastic. He is the kind of person who will divide a conversation to listen to someone who is being spoken over. He does have a short temper with adults but is quick to regret and apologize for anything that happens when he lashes out.   BIOGRAPHY Gabe grew up on the border of Georgia and South Carolina. As a child he was quite lucky, having the privilege of having well-off parents. His father was a chemist, and his mother worked for a company that later was absorbed by Atari. When he was younger, his mother would come home with the first Atari gaming console, the Atari Jaguar. He was hooked. His mother eventually lost her job when the company shut down, but their shared love of video games connected them. They would bond after school while playing Donkey Kong. As he grew up he was a polite, and well-adjusted young man, but would still prefer his time at home with his Playstation 2. He fell in love with the survival horror genre. The Silent Hill games left a permanent impact in his life story. He would save up his money for the next big release, working part-time by tutoring younger kids. His parents had begun to foster other children, and so he often spent time with them. He was a good brother and had a way with kids his parents couldn’t understand. He went off to college after taking a gap year. At the time he majored in education, it was a more realistic option than game development. He began to teach third grade and was a quick favorite of all his students, who came back to visit him after they had moved on. He was kind, and patient. He did his best to provide individual attention to all his students. He met Dasia, another teacher in a neighboring school, and they fell in love. He had his first child, a daughter named Kayla. and he was smitten. There was nothing that could separate him from his child. His love for his daughter was endless, but the marriage didn’t last. They divorced amicably and were very successful at co-parenting. They both found places within 3 miles from each other, and would often come to visit even when the other had Kayla for the week, It was one of the weeks that Dasia had Kayla when the dead rose. He was taken by surprise. He always assumed if a zombie apocalypse ever happened he would be the first to notice, but life isn’t always what you expect. He didn’t know what was going on till they showed up at his door. He called Dasia and told them to stay home for as long as they could. When things calmed down he would find them. That was the last time he ever spoke to them. After two weeks, when he had run out of food, and the dead in his neighborhood were dispatched, he found Dasia’s home empty. She left a note “I got hurt. Needed to go to the hospital. The road to your place was trashed. Left Kayla with my parents. I’m sorry. I love you.” Then he heard the moan. It came from the half bathroom near the kitchen. Too scared to check, he left. It would have broken his heart to see her like that. He didn’t think he could continue to find his daughter. He made the decision to continue on with looking for Kayla. He wouldn’t rest until he found he


02/02/2023 12:01 PM 


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Let's be normal, see bad movies Sneak a beer and watch TV We'll bake brownies, or go bowling Don't you want a life with me?People hurt us Or they vanish And you're right, that really blows But we let go Take a deep breath Then go buy some summer clothes We'll go camping Play some poker And we'll eat some chilli fries Maybe prom night, maybe dancing Fine, we're damaged, really damaged. When Betty finally comes upon Jughead and the Jones trailer in the junkyard, she is under no illusions as to the nature of the situation she is about to step into.She flings open the door with a loud smash and glances around the room. There is laboratory equipment in every room. The odor of the chemical is pungent when she first breaths it in, and then it settles into her nose with a sharpness that is uncomfortable. To her right, Jughead has slid down deep into the sofa and is holding his head in his hands.The painful awareness of what all of this entails is accompanied by a deafening quiet that itself is deafening. Betty is in a state of shock and is trying to figure out what she should do at this point. She had the need to go up to him, wrap her arms around him, and reassure him that they have made it through more terrible times together than this. But she isn't so confident this time around.After that, Betty overhears him remark in a low voice, "It's not fair. It's not right, considering that we're just seventeen years old."She is not taken aback by the contents of his speech; it is true that none of this is fair, and none of this is something they should be dealing with. She is not surprised. The fact that Jughead says anything at all is what takes her by surprise. Although no one admits it or even has the courage to declare it, Jughead has been dealt the worst hand of everyone in the game. It's possible that they're on similarly rough ground right now, but he's always had that instability.Jughead stands up and starts pacing in the middle of the living room, which is fairly recognizable for its original use but now crowded with boxes and piles of bent folding chairs. "I spent my childhood in this house. It was trashed by my mother."As she moves closer to him, she grabs hold of his trembling hands and brings them to her waist where she holds them there until he stops shaking. Before coming to rest, his fingers flex across the ribbed hem of her sweater and the exposed strip of flesh below it. The vibrations from his heartbeat travel through his hands and into her flesh, eventually fusing their hearts together into a single rhythm. Betty hears his sigh of relief at the same fraction of a time as she feels them come into rhythm. This is one of those little small things that seems difficult to detect and is unimportant in the grand scheme of things.It is quite important to her. It serves as a constant reminder that Jughead is her co-conspirator in all of this; in fact, their bodies' most fundamental processes are even aware of this fact. She is aware that he feels it as well, albeit perhaps to a lesser extent in their day-to-day life together, but more so now, in the more difficult and perplexing situations in which he need anchoring. She can see the tears gathering in his eyes, and she is aware that she is experiencing the same thing herself. These days, it seems like someone is constantly sobbing over something. Or, if they aren't really sobbing, they feel the want to do so.“Juggie?” His gaze is intently directed someplace beyond her head. His eyes are locked there. When she follows his gaze, she notices the exact location of the site where his "Rebel Without a Cause" poster used to be hung."What the hell are the chances of it happening? When did our lives go from being concerned about who would seat next to us on the bus to being concerned about the moms of drug lords?"Betty scoffs at the idea and adds, "And serial killer dads. And unstoppable cults."Jughead lets out a chuckle, but his inhalation is unsteady even as he does so. "God, what are we going to do?"When she hears the words, Betty's heart begins to swell as she recalls the gentle look in his eyes from so many months ago, when they stood on this very same location and put words to the love that they had already felt for such a long time. She is aware that his pain over lost memories is more for ones like that than the ones of his boyhood that he has only ever recounted with a sour taste in his mouth. She knows this because she has seen him. When she informed him that she believed in him, he finally let out a breath of relief;"Let's be normal, see bad moviesSneak a beer and watch TV" But that does not make us wise,


02/02/2023 10:32 PM 

the displaced

Florence Welch Urban Fantasy Verse Drabbles - Headcanons-  Age: 81 Age Appearance: 25 Pronouns: She/her Orientation: Bi-Sexual with a male lean Species: Witch Occupation: Potion brewing, time traveling journalist. Personality: Florence is outgoing and talkative. She goes out of her way to make everyone around her feel comfortable but it is only a facade. Deep down she is very lonely. Since the portal sometimes moves her unexpectedly, her whole life becomes unrooted. She covers up her loneliness through humor and lies. BIOGRAPHY What Florence could tell you about her early life would be dull at best. She always said her life really began when she found the portal. Unfortunately that is not where her life really began. She was born in 1901 two sorcerers in Staffordshire. Her parents both worked menial jobs as healers in the local coven. They brewed droughts and potions, and their clothing always smelled of burnt sage and vinegar. Since she was young she knew she did not want the life of a brewer. She ached for adventure and a chance to use her growing magical skills. She apprenticed under the coven's beast master. It was less eventful work than she had anticipated, but it kept her from her parent's dim dungeon. She helped find animals with the potential to become familiars, which consisted of her chasing cats around town. At least till she found the portal. She had just cornered a particularly ornery cat, who hissed and swiped each time she inched closer. The sun was dipping under the horizon, and casting everything surrounding her in its orange glow. It was in a clearing underneath a thorny hedge where she spotted it. A faint glow that hovered in midair. It was like it had noticed her as well, as it throbbed brightly. It looked as if the air was a cloth, with a deep tear. As she walked towards it whispered to her, unintelligible at first . It got louder as she reached for it. She could finally understand as it begged for her touch. When she reached the tear, it rippled through her entire being. It felt like every piece of her was being pulled apart and reassembled. The air was knocked out of her lungs, and she blacked out shortly afterwards. When she woke up, she was surrounded by people in a crowded park. They were dressed strangely and although they spoke English they used many words she couldn't understand. There was a set of hands that lifted her up and soothed her quietly. They welcomed her to the year 2019, and she nearly blacked out again. Since then Florence hops around in time. She can control it to a point using her magic, but the portal still has its own secretive whims. Traveling through the portal exhausts her and after traveling she often has to sleep for a full day straight. Wherever she goes, finding a way to sleep and eat in a new place is always difficult but she has managed a system to make it work. Wherever she ends up, she poses as a journalist. She found that no matter where and when she ends up there are always journalists. Eventually, she grew to even enjoy it. ADDITIONAL LORE 6000 years into the past, lived three magical races in harmony. The Vaemora, and Elewin, two elven clans, and an assortment of human mages. The King of the Vaemora’s son, the crown prince Ilyr, had just married the mage elder’s daughter Lynd. The whole city was celebrating their union. There was a parade being held in their honor. The night was full of joy and glee, till a group of rogue elves attacked. They unleashed a deadly plague on the city, killing thousands. Ilyr and Lynd managed to escape with their lives. Despite being holed up within the Elven castle walls, Lynd falls ill to the virus. Ilyr and Lynd use the last of their magic to create the portal. They intend to go back in time to stop the attack, but as the portal is created Lynd dies. Her magic is sucked through the portal and she is reborn into a new body, with no memory, or recollection of any of these events.


02/02/2023 08:57 PM 

Individual Character.

Florence Welch Urban Fantasy Verse Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Risus nullam eget felis eget nunc lobortis mattis aliquam faucibus. Posuere ac ut consequat semper. Tincidunt ornare massa eget egestas purus. Viverra nam libero justo laoreet sit. Adipiscing vitae proin sagittis nisl rhoncus. Penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes. Tortor consequat id porta nibh venenatis cras. Velit sed ullamcorper morbi tincidunt ornare massa eget egestas purus. Posuere sollicitudin aliquam ultrices sagittis orci. Faucibus in ornare quam viverra orci sagittis eu volutpat.Nec ullamcorper sit amet risus nullam eget felis eget nunc. Porta lorem mollis aliquam ut porttitor leo a. Elit ullamcorper dignissim cras tincidunt lobortis feugiat vivamus at augue. Etiam tempor orci eu lobortis elementum nibh tellus molestie. Velit dignissim sodales ut eu. Purus gravida quis blandit turpis cursus. Malesuada fames ac turpis egestas integer eget aliquet nibh praesent. Mauris rhoncus aenean vel elit scelerisque mauris pellentesque. Turpis massa tincidunt dui ut ornare. Sed blandit libero volutpat sed cras ornare arcu dui. Enim nunc faucibus a pellentesque sit amet porttitor. Leo vel orci porta non. Lacinia at quis risus sed vulputate odio ut enim blandit. Mi bibendum neque egestas congue quisque egestas diam in arcu.


02/02/2023 08:36 PM 

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02/01/2023 11:15 PM 

This or That: Valentines Day

Night out or Night in Valentines or GalentinesRosé or ChampagneBox of chocolate or Chocolate covered strawberriesBrunch or DinnerRed or Pink Hooks ups or RelationshipsThe Notebook or A Walk to Remember How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days or 10 Things I Hate About You Roses or SunflowersTeddy Bear or Love NoteConversation hearts or Heart shaped lollipopLove or Money Machine Gun Kelly or Travis BarkerMegan Fox or Kourtney Kardashian Red Roses or Red Wine"I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston or "At Last" by Etta James "All of Me" by John Legend or "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran Surprise me or No surprises Date Night or Alone Time Candle Light or Moon Light

Fire of the Desire.

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three is a crowd.

     fdfdfdfddfdfdfdfdfkjfhaelhfakwjefhskjfasdhfdfdfmvvsdmdmdmdfdff;   February 1st, 2023.Interview with Ryan Satin on "Out Of Character".  Sonya thought it would be a good idea to crash Charlotte's interview that she was having with Ryan Satin. His show and podcast called Out Of Character was a pretty big deal to the WWE community, considering it held a lot of information from the Superstars exclusively and wasn't another rumor mill like most of the tabloid blogs were.If Charlotte didn't want to pay attention to her, then Sonya was going to make her. The blonde seemed pretty comfortable in her pink matching suit, and Sonya loving nothing more than knowing she was going to be thorn in her side right now.She could see how visibly uncomfortable she had just made Charlotte as she strolled right into the room and disrupted their interview. Sonya took next to Ryan and started clapping her hands in the most condescending way; pretending that what Charlotte had to say was something of relevance when she couldn't care less."Well, you know I was on Raw and she was there with her Smackdown championship. And now she's here, so it looks like Charlotte Flair goes wherever she wants." her hand was on the back of Ryan's chair and she used it to support her body as she crossed her legs at her ankles and presumed a more natural, relaxed stance. Almost like Charlotte's presence didn't affect her one bit. She was actually enjoying herself. It wasn't often that people were able to get the Queen to drop her pristine exterior.Sonya didn't get to stay long, though. Security caught on and interrupted her from causing anymore commotion than she already was. Charlotte hadn't said one word to her; but she didn't have to. Sonya knew that she had gotten under her skin. She came here and did what she needed to do.She put her hands up in the air in a surrendering position and backed herself out of the room, signaling that she was done raining on the Queen's parade... for now. 


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Prompt - Lobo Fantasma pt2

"You don't see me" & "You could have died" - Dealer's choice. Large blue irises looked up at him, her face holding a blank expression. Her skin was pale, nearly rivaling his lack of pigment. His jaw clenched as he tossed the heart onto the man's corpse and sighed at his bloodied hand. "I never think to bring a towel or anything..." he muttered before lowering himself into a squatting position and using the man's shirt to clean most of the blood from his hand. Then, glancing over his shoulder at her, he took a deep breath. Wolf. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You could have died." He hissed at her, knowing damn well he could've attacked her without realizing she wasn't one of the three men. "You're lucky I didn't rip your heart out too." The petite brunette shrugged her shoulders softly. "The blood caught my attention." She said as she looked around at the bodies. "I wasn't expecting to find a vampire." She backed away several steps, her eyes locked on his. "But, you don't see me... I was never here. I saw nothing." Talon could tell she was nervous, making a devious smirk appear on his lips.  "Oh, calm down. I just had a bone to pick with this guy." He said, kicking the lifeless body with the toe of his boot. His eyes looked back to her, the evil smirk fading from his lips. "If I didn't see you, you didn't see me." He shrugged as he turned on his heels to leave the crime scene. 


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Additional Task 133

Daphne Grace KIncaide Other names: Rodgers, Franco Children: Oaklea Mae, Aaliyah Penelope, Landon Brantly, Juliette Rose Bi-Polar,Depression, Schizophrenia Blames herself for her parenparent'sh is 2 oldest of her family Twin sister to Teagan AUntie to several kiddos is an closet alcoholic Ran from Hartsville and married a man after a few Months Had 2 children with him  Dated her husband before leaving Hartsville and got preg with Oaklea Mae before she left, didn't know she was till a few months after getting to LA Loves to read Loves to spend time with her kids and family loves to crochet Loves the outdoors


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CS 133

Sawyer's Rock Mood PlaylistDarkside - NeoniFor The Glory - All Good ThingsConcrete Jungle - Bad OmensLegends Are Made - Sam TinneszAnother Life - Motionless In WhiteBlank Space - I PrevailLike A Villain - Bad Omens


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Additional task 133

Bowie’s favourite flowers of love.

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