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10/07/2021 06:24 PM 

drabble; falling

falling Radio 1 Live Lounge. Sam had just performed his new single or at least, the acoustic version of it. He was just in that mood today. Now it came time to do his cover and there were many songs requested for him to do. Ironically, he ended up choosing one that really wasn't suggested by any of his fans. Well, maybe one or two but it was the words, it sang true to something that he was feeling. Something that he was going through even right now. Like many before him... Little Mix, Gabrielle, and the many hundreds of YouTubers, he had chosen a Harry Styles heartbreaker. Of course, he put his own twist on it. The drums, the saxophone but it was still aesthetic. He meant every word. Certain ones more than others, but every word.Forget what I said, It's not what I meant and I can't take it back. What if I'm someone you won't talk about? You said you care and you missed me too and I'm well aware I write too many songs about you and I get the feeling that you'll never need me again.  Obviously, they weren't in order but thank itself was an apology and an expression of emotions without using his own words. Perhaps it would even mean more and perhaps it wouldn't. It wasn't something that he needed validation on. It just needed to be expressed. In any way or the only way that it could be. 


🔪 κιиg οƒ ѕροοκγ 🔪

10/07/2021 04:22 PM 

King Of Spooky's Rules
Current mood:  accomplished


𝒫𝑒𝒶𝒸𝑒𝒻𝓊𝓁 𝒯𝓇𝒶𝓋

10/07/2021 04:11 PM 

Fun Times

Athens Greece One year prior.    Gaia sat in her small home on the edge of Athens, a book was held in her pale hands as she listened to her older brother as he tried to convince her that a trip to the US was not a good idea. Word had spread to their coven of supernatural hunters and Demetri was dead set on her not going. “Gaia you can’t go! They are hunting our kind; do you not understand how dangerous a trip over there is right now?” with a roll of her crimson hues Gaia shut her book before glancing at her brother as he paces across the floor. “Demi I’ll be fine; I’ll use my gift and change my appearance constantly and I’ll be careful who sees me. I need away from Greece and Italy for a few and I miss the US.”  Her music like voice came out soft as she stood up walking over to her brother placing her hands on his shoulders.     Nashville Tennessee.  A year had passed since Gaia left her homeland of Greece and made her way to the US; she had been taking her time visiting old friends in different states. As she had promised her brother, she did change her appearance constantly while staying clear of the hunters; managing to have no run ins with them yet. She had been listening to the word placed through the supernatural world on where the hunters had been recently; five states away which meant she could stay in Nashville for a few more days.    11:20pm June 15  The night air was warm against her pale ice-cold skin as she walked down the sideway, black ankle boots clicked against the concrete with each step she took as she walked more like a human keeping her pace slow like those she walked amongst. Her usual all black outfit had a bit of color that night as she had wrapped a red flannel around her slender waist. Her once long blonde hair was now short and styled in a cute bob. Looking up with blue hues a grin made its way to her dark painted lips as she saw a sign for a small bar; a drink did sound good at that time and she soon found herself stepping inside the small bar, the sound of newer country music was the first thing she heard.  The small hole in the wall bar barely had any patrons which made it easier for Gaia not to lose control of her thirst but also meant she would have to find a different place to find her next meal. Walking over to the bar she took a seat at a stool over to the side of the bar counter near the wall before she quickly ordered a whiskey on the rocks.  It didn’t take long before her drink was sat down on the counter in front of her and she sent the bartender a smile and wink before turning slightly in her seat to watch a few men that were playing pool.    An hour later and Gaia was on her third drink, she found herself playing pool with a few of the patrons as she flirted with one of them thinking he could be her next meal. A chime like laugh left her lips as she listened to the story being told; her attention though was on a man that had walked into the bar a few minutes prior. Downing her drink to give herself a reason to walk away from the game, winked at the man she had been flirting with before making her way back to the bar sitting down beside the newcomer. 

𝒫𝑒𝒶𝒸𝑒𝒻𝓊𝓁 𝒯𝓇𝒶𝓋

10/07/2021 03:56 PM 

Lost Humanity Drabble

England, June of 1630    After six hundred and thirty years of living as a nomad, Gaia had found herself in England; a small home in the middle of a clearing surrounded by woods miles away from any village. She had been living there for almost three years, since the days she had found a small child clinging to the dead body of her mother. Soft whimpers and sobs had been what alerted Gaia that something was wrong before the smell of old drying blood was caught.  Over the three years she had taken care of the little human child as if she was her own child, teaching her everything she knew and giving her a good life while also keeping her true self hidden. Once a week they would make the journey to the nearest village to gather supplies as so the child wouldn’t starve of freeze to death. The days were happy and full of what could be a normal life.  July of 1633  Mid-summer had brought back memories to Gaia, her mortal life back in Greece with her older brother and Mother, and her time in Florence Italy where she had turned her first human; Saving the young man whom she knew would do great things. As the memories crossed her mind Gaia couldn’t help but let a soft sigh leave her lips as she sat watching Ingrid pick wild flowers from the clearing that their home sat in the middle of.  Blocking the memories from her mind she smiled softly watching the small blonde-haired child, Ingrid reminded her so much of herself when she was that age.  Humming softly, she looked back down at the dress she was sewing a small hole had been torn in it while she was out two nights before feeding. Her humming was cut short as a cry was heard from Ingrid before the smell of blood flooded Gaia’s nostrils. Before she could stop herself, she found herself in front of the child; the sight and smell of blood causing her to lose control over her thirst.  By the time Gaia came to her senses, Ingrid laid at her feet dead the child's blood covering Gaia’s mouth, chin, and the top part of her dress. Soon the vampire found herself on her knees clutching to the dead child as dry sobs left her throat. Hours passed before she let the body go, she stood to her feet before picking Ingrid’s lifeless body up taking her to the small home before quickly cleaning herself up and setting fire to the home and body.   Standing at the edge of the woods, one last sob left her lips before she took off running going back to her nomadic ways and losing touch with the little bit of humanity, she had left. Her next stop would be her home land of Greece where she hoped that she would finally find a way to end the monster she had truly become and be reunited with her brother, mother, and Ingrid. 

Wolf Leader and Grey Wolffe

10/06/2021 09:33 PM 


This profile is considered an AU.  While canon is greatly appreciated and will be considered the basis of storylines, some of the events will be altered for the sake of creativity.  Personal opinions and borrowing details from the Legends sidelines are also an element to this.  A mixture of all three (canon/Legends/headcanon) will be used.Having said such, discussion before the collaboration (and even during the course of if needed) is very important.

✞ ℓσяяαιиє ωαяяєи ✞

10/06/2021 09:09 PM 

"Don't make this harder than it already is." - For my Ed.

  The Draft   "Don't Make This Harder Than It Already Is."   Lorraine frowned looking at Ed, he had come over for dinner like he usually did. And now he and her parents were sitting in the living room having coffee and talking. The topic had turned to Ed and the draft. In just two weeks he'd go out for basic training and not soon after be sent off overseas to fight in the war. Her parents were impressed by this but Lorraine wasn't impressed, she was heartbroken. So many men and boys were dying after being sent over. She was terrified that Ed would be hurt or killed. "Did they give you a choice Ed? Which branch you'd like to choose?" Robert asked. Ed nodded explaining he'd be joining the Marines. Lorraine looked away and couldn't help but show how much she hated this. "You shouldn't have to go." She said quietly, Ed glanced at her. "Well... I have to. I can't say no. Plus... it'll be alright. Once I get back I'll have made enough for Mom and the twins... and you." Lorraine shook her head and looked down, tears filling her eyes. Robert her father was the next to speak. "Pumpkin... don't cry... Ed is young and strong... he'll be fine." He said trying to sound positive. Lorraine rolled her eyes and sighed, her mother then touched her hand. "Lorraine please.. try not to get so emotional?" Quickly Lorraine pulled her hand away from her mother, got up, and rushed out of the room. She rushed into the kitchen and stood at the table crying. Ed was the one to go after her. Walking over he gently sat Lorraine down at the table. "Lorraine... come on... don't make this harder than it already is. You think I wanna leave you? Leave my Mom and brothers? I don't have a choice hon. I gotta go. I gotta fight. You know all the terrible things happening in the world. Would you rather the country send older men? Like your Dad? Or worse all that terrible stuff come over here and start happening?" Lorraine sighed heavily "no... I know.. I just..." she looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. "I just don't want to lose you." She said softly. Ed nodded and gently cupped her cheek. "I know hon... and you won't. I'll do everything I can to come back home to you, okay?" Lorraine nodded sniffling back her tears. She still seemed to pout somewhat though until she saw that look in Ed's eyes. "... Ed you leave me alone.." she said softly.Smirking Ed scooped Lorraine up, playfully hitting her backside. "Ed!" She squealed playfully squirming as he carried her a little before setting her down. "Come apologize to your Mom and Dad.." he said taking her by the hand. Before stepping back into the living room she leaned up gently kissing Ed. "I love you.." she whispered before taking his hand, heading back into the living room where she apologized to her parents for getting so upset.           template credit.   

𝒔𝒐𝒍 𝒌𝒐𝒓𝒐𝒍𝒆𝒗𝒂

10/06/2021 02:55 PM 

cave in

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It pounces, summer waning limp between its teeth, and for a moment, the sun dangles above the equator, stretching day and night to equal lengths. A balance.Long for it though she might, Alina will find no such balance in Aleksander Morozova, the man called Darkling by some and King by all. Back when winter melted under spring’s caress, she fancied herself strong enough to light the kingdom, to push back The Fold. By the time summer burned away spring, Aleksander had dismantled the notion and with it, the last of the colonies once led by Alexander III.“Fools,” he used to call them before his revolution, loud enough only for Alina to hear over the clatter of china and crystal. The Grand Palace’s ballroom sparkled under the weight of enough gold to feed Os Kervo and Os Alta combined, and Aleksander sneered at the spectacle. “They feast and chatter and dance themselves drunk. Outside, Ravka starves.”Alina had lingered on the brush of his whisper against her ear, the weight of his arm against hers. The true fool. Could she spool time again, collect the strings splaying far beyond her reach, she’d listen to the seeds of rebellion stitched into his every whispered word. Aleksander took pains to conceal it from the Grisha under his command, but for Alina, he bared it all.With time, so did she.It’s quite a fantastical story, like something out of the Istorii Sankt’ya. The first and only sun summoner seduced by the master of darkness. The dynasty of Alexander III overthrown by the Second Army. The Darkling ascending the throne, extending to Alina a hand in lieu of an invitation to join him on their gilded thrones build on the hope of the Grisha.She didn’t take it. Not until after his nichevo’ya subdued her in the Fold and demolished the ragged forces fighting in her name. In Ravka’s name. Aleksander’s name used to taste like freedom on her tongue. Now it curdles into something spoiled under the hazy summer heat. She longs to divert their path again, to evaporate his darkness which coils around the kingdom from shore to border, even while the Ravkan peasants cheer as the Darkling’s banners unfurl from the palace towers.But even a sun summoner cannot rend the cosmos and divert the sun’s pathway, so Alina contents herself with shredding sheets and skin beneath her teeth as the shadows swallow the light and Aleksander swallows her.When they devolved into this, a heap of bare limbs and broken promises, Alina can’t remember. Maybe there was battle involved, some light sparring on the lawn by the lake past the courtyard. Or too much wine, a rare indulgence for the Second Army but one she welcomed anyway. If she squints in the twilight, pretends it’s too dark to see, she won’t have to confront the loneliness at the heart of the making of the world, their new world.“You’re not alone,” he used to murmur into her hair as he pulled it free from the double french braids pinned up at either side of her skull, carefully grooming them out into silken curls over her shoulders while combing them through his calloused fingers as if he were grooming her beliefs in synchrony.“You’re not alone,” she used to echo as she pulled open his kefta to trace the planes of his chest with longing, lithe digits. Masquerading as his moon only lasts so long, for true darkness like Aleksander’s doesn’t give off light for her to reflect for more time than he allows.“You’re not alone,” he now tells Grisha across the continent, throwing the threat of his armies at Fjerda and Shu Han, countries that have hunted his kind for generations. He urges the foreign Grisha to make their way to Ravka, guaranteeing their safe passage with the threats of war against any country who intervenes.To Alina, the words sound different as Aleksander kills the past to forge a new future. But she’s bound too inextricably to his side to run from him. And where would she go? A Grisha, an otkazat’sya, like her has nowhere else to run. Nowhere she could hide that the Darkling could not follow. She sees his outstretched hand in every dream. Would he extend it again, she might take it in the hopes of obtaining that balance the equinox cannot deliver. Light and dark teetering on a snowy precipice so frozen it's slicked with ice.Aleksander senses her turmoil before she can properly name it to herself, his low voice cutting through the ebony silk covers shielding them both from the new autumn chill. “You think I’m a monster.”“A child in a kefta,” she spits, amused. Then she waits. In the space it takes him to respond, the sun drops out of alignment with the equator, and autumn settles around the palace hungrily. She waits for Alek to brood or rage or stare holes through her body, the kind that set her aflame.She doesn’t expect the raw chuckle that rips from his throat unbidden. It stings more than his anger or indifference, a reminder of the Alek who spun her fairytales of equality and freedom, gilded robes and bright blue irises, a diminishing Fold and a rising sun.“You know I can take anything I want.” From another man, it might sound like a threat. From her lover, it’s a promise. “But I’ve given everything to you.”Even though the whole kingdom calls her the king’s consort, his queen, Alina knows pushing her luck isn’t wise, not as the equinox bonfires smolder bright outside their windows, not as their skin sparks when they touch. But she has always been meant to burn, made for it. “I only wanted you.”When Aleksander speaks again, it’s hard and fast like he’s scared of stumbling over the words if he slows. “This is the only way for Ravka to become what it was meant to be.”“How do you know what’s best for Ravka? Who put you in charge?”“The rule of Aleksander III, the old king, squandered claim to the throne through generations of waste. Is he fit to rule in my stead?”She hesitates a beat too long.“You can’t lie, Alina. Not to me.”Alina is painfully aware that he has a point.On long nights at the orphanage in Keramzin, Alina imagined shadows to be soft, all billowing smoke and airy, insubstantial curves. A few seasons by Aleksander’s side and now she spots the razored edges and steel corners that darkness conceals. His voice grows hard and sharp, desperation honing it to a sharpened blade.“Fight against me all you want. I never lied to you. We agreed to build a better Ravka--”“A Ravka free of darkness!”“A Ravka free of pain.” He trails a finger down her naked spine. She jumps at the unexpected caress, execrating the way her body curves toward his touch. “By now you know that darkness brings not just pain but pleasure.”She moves to protest but he silences her with kisses that seal her mouth and pay homage to Sankta Alina, the sun summoner, the people’s deliverer. A beacon of hope and now, furthermore, a bastion of hypocrisy. An otkazat’sya wrapping her legs around the Darkling’s shoulders and writhing under his generous mouth, biting into such a bitter apple never tasted so sweet. She'd sworn there and then she'd die without the taste of him. On the horizon, the equinox takes down the sun, but in the Darkling’s private chambers, against Alina's eyelids, the kingdom explodes into one dizzying burst of light; a spiraling kaleidoscope.Eventually, it fades as light always does. Then, amongst the sea of silks and furs, it’s just two Grisha curled together against the encroaching night.


10/06/2021 01:49 PM 

October 6th

October 6thAs Eli starts to put out the spooky decoratoins her favorite scene is the pumpkin patch. Nestled just between the vineyard and her house she has to pass throug it each time she makes her way over. She catches herself often stopping in the middle, especially during sunset to bask in its glowing glory. It would create the perfect atmosphere for the tasting next week. This year she kept all her decorations natrual. Using pumpkins from her garden and hay from the feilds dipped in black dye to give the feel of a real autumn season. Except for the ligts in the pumpkins of course, they are on solar who would walk around every night lighting all those candles!?

Satine S&L

10/06/2021 01:47 PM 


brother https://Demigod and Witchbf/loversistersmotherfather 

Anne Boleyn♛M&l Matthew & family

10/06/2021 09:55 PM 

the tudors roles open

https://Jonathan Rhys Meyers Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII 38 episodes • 2007–2010 Henry Cavill Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon 38 episodes • 2007–2010 Anthony Brophy Anthony Brophy as Ambassador Bishop Chapuys… 25 episodes • 2007–2010 James Frain James Frain as Thomas Cromwell 25 episodes • 2007–2010 Sarah Bolger Sarah Bolger as Mary Tudor 23 episodes • 2008–2010 Guy Carleton Guy Carleton as Chamberlain 23 episodes • 2007–2010 Natalie Dormer Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn taken~ 21 episodes • 2007–2010 Max Brown Max Brown as Edward Seymour 21 episodes • 2008–2010 Nick Dunning Nick Dunning as Thomas Boleyn 20 episodes • 2007–2008 Rod Hallett Rod Hallett as Richard Rich… 19 episodes • 2008–2010 Maria Doyle Kennedy Maria Doyle Kennedy as Queen Catherine of Aragon 18 episodes • 2007–2010 Simon Ward Simon Ward as Bishop Gardiner 17 episodes • 2009–2010 Pádraic Delaney Pádraic Delaney as George Boleyn 16 episodes • 2007–2008 Jeremy Northam Jeremy Northam as Sir Thomas More 16 episodes • 2007–2010 Emma Hamilton Emma Hamilton as Anne Stanhope 15 episodes • 2009–2010 Jane Brennan Jane Brennan as Lady Margaret Bryan… 15 episodes • 2008–2010 Jamie Thomas King Jamie Thomas King as Thomas Wyatt 14 episodes • 2007–2008 Joanne King as Lady Rochford…

𝓶ᴏᴏɴ ᴘʀɪᴅᴇ ☪

10/06/2021 09:34 PM 

Taken Male Roles

Taken Males

(S.D.)Rodolphe Chautre-King Advisor

10/06/2021 09:30 AM 

4 Family Alliance, 3 Crest Story
Current mood:  amused

𝓶ᴏᴏɴ ᴘʀɪᴅᴇ ☪

10/06/2021 09:20 PM 

Taken Female Roles

Inner Senshi  

Heir of Slytherin 🐍

10/05/2021 11:32 PM 

my Draco (the way i play him)

i play my Draco as a Veela on his father's side i ship with Hermoine (already taken) and with Harry (Looking) only people who know about Draco's Veela side is Luna and Blasie my Draco can be kind My Draco drinks and gets high (if you don't like it f*** off) my Draco is beaten by his father  


10/05/2021 11:26 PM 

The Thoughts she thinks 01

Here's to growth dear one, and the people you've attracted because of it.

The thoughts she thinks.

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