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10/08/2021 09:58 PM 

Runa Miyako

First Name: MiyakoLast Name: RunaAge: 400+Hair Color: Platinum blondeEye Color: GreenFavorite Food: Cheese, candied foodsHobbies: Cooking, paintingOccupation: Witch/fortune teller Background:"Are you crazy?!""*sigh* Like I said ma'am, if you stay with that man he will only make your life worse.""I don't believe you, I'm taking back my money!"The Wise Witch of Old is what Miyako was known as. No one knows exactly how old she is, but they knew that she was a powerful witch who told fortunes at a low price. People think that she is simply trying to earn a living, but Miyako is just trying to pass the time. In her lifetime she's fought in great wars and raised many kingdoms, but alas she has become tired... tired of all the problems that humans cause. Fortune telling is just a fun pastime for her because of all the gossip that comes and goes. Miyako is a mysterious being that many have tried to understand, but her actions are just so unpredictable that entire kingdoms and nations let her do as she pleases.


10/08/2021 09:57 PM 

Suzuki Elanor

First Name: ElanorLast Name: SuzukiAge: 20Hair Color: Light brownEye Color: GreyFavorite Food: Dried fruits, stewHobbies: Playing with children, wanderingOccupation: ChemistBackground:"Elanor onee-san! Is it ready yet?""Hehe~ Almost!""Okayyy!"Elanor was loved by all in her small village and the village kids would often come by to ask for small treats. She was part of an elven race that had gone into hiding from the rest of the world. They were small, but they realized that other nations were corrupted and decided to shut off the world in order to maintain peace for their people. Hardly anyone had known about them and their tales had been long gone. Elanor was a chemist who did various jobs around the village which included making medicines, producing new recipes, and caring for the sick. Although she was loved by her people and she loved them dearly, she wished to explore the outside world as she read tales of dragons and knights. The caring Elanor that everyone knew was actually a young girl who yearned for adventure!


10/08/2021 09:56 PM 

Oribe Mayu

First Name: MayuLast Name: OribeAge: 14Hair Color: BrownEye Color: BrownFavorite Food: Fried foods, breadHobbies: Baking, gardeningOccupation: High school studentBackground:"Mayu! You'll do the cleaning today, right?""Ah... I guess I will, have fun then!""Thanks, we owe you one! You're the best!"Mayu sighs and walks over to the broom. 'I should've told them I was busy!' she thought to herself. She was a very kind person who didn't mind helping others, and in fact enjoyed being useful. A group of classmates had plans to go to a mixer after school and they knew who exactly to ask to fulfill their cleaning duties. Mayu continued to clean the classroom as students trickled out and began to resent her passive nature. She wasn't in any clubs or sports, so staying behind to clean wasn't so hard, but she only wished that she could have someone who would help her. To the rest of the students, Mayu was a kind and generous person who was ready to help anyone in need. In reality, she was tired of putting up a front and wanted to be allowed to act childish and lazy sometimes.Throughout her high school years, she comes across a person who makes her feel warm and fuzzy inside. They make her feel safe and she's finally able to be her true self in front of them.


10/08/2021 09:55 PM 

Komori Sai

First Name: SaiLast Name: KomoriAge: 19Hair Color: SilverEye Color: BlueFavorite Food: Cookies, flower teasHobbies: Shopping, creative writingOccupation: MageBackground:"W-who are you?!""Someone you should fear, dear.""Wait! No-"Sai swings her blades, barely missing his neck. He runs off and she sighs. Komori Sai is part of the border patrol and is in charge of dealing with unwanted intruders, but today was just a boy. Her ice magic made her a valuable asset to her kingdom, but she refused to become a royal guard to care for her grandparents who lived near the border. She was known to be outspoken and make quick concise decisions whenever confronted with intruders, but the people closest to her knew she was kindhearted. Although she didn't show it the best, she made decisions purely based on how it would affect the people. Her cool act never got past her grandparents who raised her in a warm household. Sai was content with her life protecting the ones she cared for.


10/08/2021 09:54 PM 

Akamatsu Shiro

First Name: ShiroLast Name: AkamatsuAge: 15Hair Color: BlueEye Color: BlueFavorite Food: Cake, spicy foodHobbies: Hanging out with friends, sparringOccupation: Demon knightBackground:"I can never beat you, Shiro!""Keep working hard and you'll be able to one day, but that day is not today!""You always say that!"Despite her young age, Akamatsu Shiro is part of a renown group of demon knights who are the demon king's closest aides. Her devastatingly powerful use of dual blades shot her to the top of the ranks and she gained many admirers, most of which were younger demons striving to be in her position. Shiro knew she was powerful and used her talents to carry out whatever the demon king wished. She enjoyed sparring with others and uplifting the spirits of the discouraged.


10/08/2021 09:37 PM 

Kamisaki Fuumi

First Name: FuumiLast Name: KamisakiAge: 16Hair Color: Black with strands of pinkEye Color: PinkFavorite Food: Crepes, chocolateHobbies: Reading, taking napsOccupation: High school student/model/actressBackground:"Is that Fuumi? She's so much cuter in person!""...""Oh my gosh, she looked our way, let's go get her autograph!"Fuumi gave up on wearing disguises a long time ago and ended up taking pictures with her fans whenever they asked. It was part of her "sweet and relatable celebrity" persona that her manager told her to play. Fuumi was actually a rather quiet person with a cool head who enjoyed time alone. When she wasn't modeling or acting, she was reading her favorite books and playing video games. She didn't mind that the public saw her as this friendly person who loved all her fans, but her social battery often ran out during such events. At a young age, her mother auditioned her for a children's commercial and her career took off from there. She didn't regret becoming the face of teen magazines, and it did feel good to wear cute clothes and put on makeup, but she felt like it wasn't the real her.In reality, she fell in love with someone but could never get her feelings across because of her status as a model/actress. Fuumi was just a little girl in love, but had to oppress her feelings for the sake of her career. Will she be able to continue as a model and safely fall in love?


10/08/2021 09:05 PM 


Yes!-Spanking-Hair Pulling-Daddy Kink-Public Sex (not people watching - that's different imo)-Ehhhh-Pregnancy-AnalNo-Threesomes (don't know how to write that)ABSOLUTELY NOT!-r*pe/forced s*x rp-blood play-bathroom play-weapon play-breath play-captive-blood related family(will add to it)


10/08/2021 09:04 PM 

wanted connections

-gf/bf-her boyfriends brother/best friend/father-her best friends brother/father-her boss-exes-fwb(under construction)

(S.D.)-The Chautre Royal Family

10/08/2021 07:45 AM 

Current mood:  adventurous

Morning folks, I will be making a book base on this four family alliance will be linked to my website for those who wants to read it.

رأس الشيطان

10/07/2021 11:26 PM 

The Demon's Nightmare (TW: DEATH)

The Demon's Nightmare TTB October Drabble; TW Death He was the Demon's Head. He was Ra's Al Ghul. For centuries the mere mention of his name would invoke fear in the uneducated masses. As time marched forward, even the wise would tremble in fear. This was bold because he began to think lofty thoughts. Dare he dream he was invulnerable to failure? He was at a power level no other had achieved in recent memory.The current age with the advent of the Bat into his life, there were some setbacks but nothing that could derail him permanently. The Lazarus Pits were always his added advantage. Even when he was battered, he rose to the occasion and lived just to trample his enemies underfoot. His thoughts dared venture into levels that had not gone unnoticed by those by those in the unseen realms. On this particular night, Ra's Al Ghul had laid his head down in blissful slumber unaware of the nightmare which was about to befall him.~*~The eyes of Ra's Al Ghul opened after the sudden jolt to his body. The pain that raced throughout his body was indescribable. He wrapped his arms around his body. He moved his hands to his vision. They were saturated in a rich vermillion which could only be one thing: his very own blood. His breath was labored as he felt his life leaving his body. "W-What is happening to me?" He managed to squeak out in a dead man's voice.His eyes wandered down his body to see his flesh falling freely around him in various states of decay. The stench of death of centuries past corrupted his nostrils. It was as if the Lazarus Pits had not revived him or renewed him at all in the past centuries. "It cannot be!" He wheezed as his strength waned.  رأس الشيطان / Ra's Al Ghul /1727085 As he lay there with his life leaving him, he saw the outline of another man approaching him. He attempted to narrow his vision to focus on the face of the one who would rise above him. The features that he observed were that of a ghost from his past. His son, Dusan stood there but something about him was different. Something was deeply sinister that he had not known when his son was alive. "Is it so hard to believe that you would be the sire of a Prince of the Djinn?" Dusan knelt to pick up a chunk of rotten flesh from his father's decaying form, sliding it into his mouth as if it were a Turkish delight.How had the Lazarus Pits failed him? He had seen his son die. He knew the boy was past the point of salvation. Nothing was real. He was defeated so soundly! His life had been a lie! Why was he "Nooo! Dusan please!"The son of Al Ghul, the Djinn Prince had just eaten another chunk of his father's rotten flesh. "You were meant to die centuries ago. The decay around you is justice *Father*. All the lives you've destroyed while extending yours has gone against the will of Allah. This is justice."The utter horror that gripped him continued as his decayed flesh was being devoured by his son. The evil at his hand, the countless numbers of kings and kingdoms that had fallen under his feet, the cause of the protection of the earth were all racing to the forefront of his memory. Even the image of his perfect killing machine Damian cast a harsh judgement upon him as his life began fading from view.~*~Ra's sat up in his bed, bare chested and drenched in sweat. Immediately Ubu raced to his side. "Master? Is there something wrong? Are you well?"He looked to his loyal manservant as he took in the status of his body once more. He was whole. He stumbled from his bed to look in the mirror. Nothing had happened. He looked like a man in his early 50s at the most. All was as it should be. "Nothing. All is as it should be." He inhaled sharply. No one needed to know the nightmare that he'd just experienced. No one needed to know that Ra's Al Ghul had something that actually terrified him.    credit: james kriet


10/07/2021 11:05 PM 

Drabble; Everlasting Trouble.

“Somebody tell me what this guy’s problem is. What does he need to make him interesting? A cup of coffee? Hell, somebody get me a cup of coffee!” April, the executive producer on Everlasting half shouted into her headset. “SABRINA! Bring this guy to life, or else we’ll owe the network an explanation for why we need another suitor. And they’re already not happy about having to replace the one who punched the COVID compliance officer.”Sabrina Thompson snickered, reaching for her walkie and paging April back. “I’m on it. And I’m still not so sure that contestant was a loss.”“Neither does the compliance officer,” April paged back with an equally as devious laugh.Making her way towards the suitor, the reality tv show producer tried to catch his eye. When she did, Sabrina offered him a sympathetic smile, gesturing to her ear piece and tapping on it.“Dragon Lady in your ear again?” Ugh—That accent. It could have melted the pants off of much more experienced producers than 27 year old Sabrina, and she would have been willing to place bets on it. But producers were not here to entangle themselves in the drama, only to produce it.“You know it. She thinks you’re boring, can you believe that?” Honestly; The guy was tabloid fodder for days, she didn’t know what April was trying to say other than that she didn’t like that by day four at the Everlasting Enchanted mansion, things weren’t moving fast enough in terms of storylines.He chuckled, amused by this. He was confident enough not to even bother taking offense to it, but rather take it as helpful critique. “Maybe you should take my place. That would liven up the place.”“Oh it would without a doubt,” Sabrina said, unable to help herself from flirting back. Besides, as long as everything led to something good for the show, and they weren’t sleeping together—Where was the harm? “But then that would make this all way less fun for you.”“You’re wrong about that, but I’ll take your word for it for the sake of business,” He quipped in return.“Exactly. You and me, we’re business partners. And I’m going to make America love you—But first, you need to go over there and talk to Olivia. You know, the one who’s already smitten by that accent of yours.”The suitor raised his eyebrows, as if he’d heard a secret she hadn’t meant to tell. “Is she the only one?”“Let’s hope not, or this will make for one terrible season of television.” Sabrina said, managing to stand her ground—Just barely. “Now, go make tv magic, hm?”She then made her way towards the crafty station, making small talk with one of the crew members as she ate. Feeling another pair of eyes on her, she glanced up, making eye contact with the suitor as he was speaking to the contestant. It was almost as if she couldn’t help herself—Her finger was already between her lips, sucking it clean as the suitor’s eyes widened, and he ducked his head to get back to speaking with his contestant.This could be trouble… Something told Sabrina it already was.

reality tv, dramedy, Unreal,


10/07/2021 10:05 PM 

i can still play, 1.

ft. jacob brooks cw :: serious injury, blood mention The stage went completely silent, and with it, the crowd — reduced to nothing more than a low hum from a collective gasp when everything came to a halt. The last thing he heard was the sickening crack of bone against metal; he’d seen a bright flash of light, then blackness that lasted what felt like hours, and when it finally let up, his head was still too scrambled to fit the pieces together. His head lulled off to the side, then was abruptly brought back to place and not by his own doing. He could hear his name somewhere behind the ringing in his ears; he could make out shadows crowding around him, but not faces. Just enough to recognize it had not, in fact, been hours and he was sprawled out on his back on stage. “Is he okay?” “How did that happen?” “Do we call someone?” “Here, help him up.” “No, don’t move him!” All he could think of was how his face felt huge compared to the rest of his body, intense pressure the only thing he could really make much sense of, then ultimately a spark of pain when he reached up to feel the bridge of his nose. The spark set the rest of the world in motion again. He was able to recognize Jacob and Isaiah trying to haul him off the ground, at least to a sitting position. “Case, c’mon, dude,” Jacob urged, patting him on the shoulder. “You good, can you hear me?” “Yeah, yeah, man, I hear you…” He finally got a look around at the frenzy he’d caused — the anxious crowd, techs scurrying around the stage, Isaiah and Byron having some argument in the background before they noticed he was coherent and came running over. Byron knelt down in front of him. “Are you okay?” “What was that?” Was all he could think to ask, the words spilling out sloppier than intended, but they were all he had the strength for. “Well, you see that drum kit over there?” Jacob pointed behind him. “You sorta fell and smashed your face on it.” “Nice,” was all he could say. He didn’t even want to imagine what he must have looked like. If Byron wasn’t holding him, he was sure he’d fall over again, and he wanted to. “We need to get you to a hospital, kid,” Byron insisted, causing another unexpected spark, a different kind than before. Disoriented and bloody-faced or not, he couldn’t ditch a show halfway through. “No, we don’t have to go, I can still play.” “Casey, you can’t —.” “No, man, I’m serious.” Casey started trying to get himself up, a failed effort. “I’m serious, just — help me get to the bench, I can finish the show.”


10/07/2021 10:01 PM 

A Look Back
Current mood:  nostalgic

  Chapter 1 A new beginning   My first stop after leaving New Orleans was in Idabel  at the lawyer's to get a limited power of attorney drawn up, giving him the right to handle all the legal stuff to sell my acreage that I inherited from my parents.  It was pointless for me to hang on to it, and frankly, I needed the money.  Mr. Thornton was a family friend and actually advanced me twenty grand on the sale.  He knew a few people that were looking for more land and he guaranteed me that I would get top dollar for it.   My second stop was the bank to deposit the check.  My third and final stop was here, to say my goodbyes.  " I won't be back for a while.  A long while."  A cold wind kicked up and sent a shiver through my body.   "I love you both and will miss you more than words could ever say."  I laid a bunch of wildflowers on the ground in front of the stone.    I gathered my thoughts for a few minutes, trying to recall one more memory of them before placing my hand on the tombstone.  "Mom...Dad.  I guess I'm on my way to Seattle... Head of the big cat conservation program.  It's a huge promotion...I couldn't say no, especially since I have a feeling Mal wasn't being honest with me.  I was stupid, so so stupid.  I thought he was THE one.  I just can't find someone to love me for me and not want to change me, or treat me like I will break.  I don't need a protector, I just want what you guys had."   I tok a deep breath, knowing I was rambling and not quite knowing how to stop.  I wiped a tear before continuing.  "Anyway, so, here I am, driving to the west coast, in the fall...with a snowstorm hitting the mountains any day now.  I know...I know.  I've done smarter things, but I couldn't leave without letting you know."  I paused and swallowed with great difficulty, I've never been as far away from home as I will be in Seattle.   I've gotten in the habit of coming here to talk things out when life got to be too much.  "Please keep watching over me.  It's not going to be easy and I need you both so much still.  I'm not ready to let you go yet."   Sniffling, I turned and got into my jeep.  I leaned my head against the steering wheel for a few minutes.  Nix meowed at me,  hopped in my lap and nudged my chin with her nose.  The first few hundred miles from NOLA, she was in her carrier, but I let her out a few hours ago and she's been curled up in the passenger seat, sleeping the miles away.  "Hey purr baby.  I'm okay, I promise."  With one final meow, she jumped off me and curled up in her seat and closed her eyes.  The jeep behaved and started on the first try.  I lovingly tapped the dashboard.  "Good girl."    The scenery flew by and the highway mile markers ticked down.  I occasionally stopped to fuel up and grab something from the gas station to eat or drink until I had to make a decision.  Do I go north or south?  I have more than enough time, and I'm not in any hurry to drive in snow, so the southern route it would be.  Through  the Texas panhandle, into New Mexico, across Arizona and up the western coast.  Decision made, I kept on US 40 and began the long scenic trip.  _Maybe I'll make a stop in Flagstaff?  I've heard it's gorgeous there._   I hated driving by myself and this was the longest I ever had.  The panhandle seemed so much longer than it really was.  It seemed like I had been driving forever and making no progress, until suddenly I saw the rest stop, right before I crossed the state line.  As if a switch was flipped, my bladder decided to send the message that I needed to stop and soon, so I pulled into the almost empty facility.   I kept in mind those safety measures that every female was taught.  I walked quickly and with a purpose,  _well, yeah, kinda have to do that, cause 100 miles is a long time to hold it._  I watched my surroundings and avoided the shadowed places.  Grabbing a cola from the vending machine,  I got back in the jeep and merged back onto 40, prepared to drive another almost eight hours to Flagstaff, totally unaware of the van that followed me onto the interstate.   It was almost eleven when I pulled into the pet friendly hotel I booked when I had stopped for dinner hours ago.  I checked in, grabbed Nix and tossed her in the bathroom, making sure the door was closed before going and getting my few pieces of luggage out of the car.  I was making one last trip with her disposable litter pan from the back seat when someone grabbed me and placed a grimy hand across my mouth,  Before I even knew what's happening, I felt a razor sharp blade at my throat, encouraging my silence even before the raspy voice told me if I screamed, he’d kill me.  He pointed me toward a cargo van.   _Oh hell no...not gonna happen buddy!_   I started to struggle, only to  have a second man come out of the van right before we got there.  I relaxed all my weight into the man with his hands on me, only to have him fall on top of me, effectively pinning me to the ground.  A few heartbeats later, the pinch of a needle and a sting as whatever drug was in the syringe was injected.  My hands roughly zip tied together, then my feet and then a toss in the van before my world went black.  

(S.D.)-Queen Aimee Bacque

10/07/2021 03:55 PM 

Tara Grace Knowles
Current mood:  adventurous

<p>Name: Tara Grace Knowles<p>Birthday: June 21, 1980<p>Gender: Female<p>Status: Alive<p>Career: Doctor<p>Status: Single


10/07/2021 03:32 PM 

RP preferences, do read.

◂〢 Psychological 〢▸ Of, affecting, or arising in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person. I only play as males with the exception of female NPCs. And MxF pairing only. (However I will accept male accounts, I might consider a brother connection.) I don't like writing with overly submissive women. Have some dominance to her. Character suit is most important to me. I'd rather have a cliché story with a thrilling character suit/depth, than a complex intriguing story line where our characters don't pair well. It's no one's fault, that is simply the way real life connections work as well. We can fix up a cliché. Banter is my absolute favorite. I love bickering IC and OOC. My characters can often be explosive at times, charming, slightly toxic, flirty, mildly l*wd, generous, loving, reckless, witty, sarcastic, battling addictions, somewhat rude, playful, and full of flaws. They make mistakes. I hope yours do as well. Please, no 'perfect' characters, it's boring. With the above stated, if there is anything that I say that you don't like or offends you -whether in the story or ooc- please tell me. I mean no disrespect. The plot. We build it together. I don't want to drive the story all by myself. If you can't add your own creativity it'll never work. It doesn't matter who had the 'main' idea, we should both insert our own thoughts, ideas, opinions, ect. We're teammates. If you are stuck and can't think of anything, let's plot! I am all about plotting things out! My ideas tend to lean heavily towards Criminal/Dark themes, however, I am more than happy to toss all of our ideas into a pot and cook up a plot that will feed us both. This is a dual story, I prefer it stay that way. Don't be afraid to take the lead. Use your virtual voice. And for Pete's sake if you can't help even when we plot I'm not interested. Slow replies. Writing is a hobby, my day to day life is never mundane and it often becomes a bit chaotic. I work a whole hell of a lot. I will go weeks without being able to reply, meaning I am looking for long term partners, who know what its like to be busy and can be patient. Nevertheless.. I will stay communicative with you always because I believe that is the glue that holds any form of relationship together. I'll tell you if I am not into the role play. I would appreciate if you did the same. I believe in a balance between quality and quantity simply lying on the fact that if you have some depth to your character, a semi/one-liner/para will be near impossible to stick with. Details hold my attention, which is fleeting. I tend to write a lot. My posts can range from 500 to 3000 words or more depending. I don't expect that you match my length, I just like to write.  God modding? Whatever, just make it creative and believable. And don't kill my character, you'll kill the roleplay. No Furry. No Anime. No Wrestling.  I don't usually roleplay seriously with Single-ships, but I'll welcome them as friends and joke around with a few one liners. Especially if they are bratty and witty. Nothing personal, just don't wanna invest into a story that will eventually be interrupted by a fake relationship. I also cannot offer you the same.  Also. Don't be intimidated. I am just blunt. You are most likely a better writer than me.  I enjoy various different genres including but not limited to:Crime〡Action〡Adventure〡Angst〡Drama〡Romance〡Medieval/Ancient〡Arranged/Forbidden〡Suspense〡Psychological〡Mystery〡Supernatural〡Fantasy〡Mafia〡On The Run〡Survival〡Alternative Universe〡Parallel Universe〡Dystopia〡Post//Apocalyptic〡Military〡Law Enforcement/Detective〡Time Travel〡Traveling〡Marvel/DC Types〡The Hunger Games〡Slice of Life = I Like A Mixed Plate.   ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‏‏‎"All Is Fair In Love And War."

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