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10/09/2021 04:21 PM 


I'll keep this short and sweet, but I'd rather just have this here and out of the way to save time in the long run.I WILL NOT ROLEPLAY WITH MINORS. YOU MUST BE 18+ TO START A PLOT WITH ME.N/SFW: DO NOT come at me just looking for smut. I am not here on this site to roleplay strictly smut plots.With that being said, I do write out smut and am also open to simply fading out. If we chose to write out smut I reserve the right to fade out when needed. Sometime things can get redundant and feel like all we are writing is smut. I'd say I write out a solid 30/70 ratio, seeing as my roleplays need to be more plot focused to keep my attention.WRITING STYLE: I roleplay in 3rd person past tense. I am a multi-para/novella writer. I will send a minimum of 2-3 SOLID paragraphs and requite that you do the same. The longer I've been writing, the more I've discovered that my muse fades when my partner doesn't match my writing style. Sometimes I can get a bit carried away in a response and send quite a bit. I don't expect you to match my length exactly but I do expect you to put in effort to keep the story going.ACTIVITY: Some days I may be busy or my muse may be low and while I may log in, I may not have the energy to respond. I'm typically good about getting at least one response out a day, though that varies. Expect a response no longer than every 3 days. I will be posting small prompts on my feed. These are open to everyone and don't really tie into our actual story.LOSING INTEREST: If you lose interest, let me know and we can either talk out a new plot or simply discontinue our partnership. We're all adults here, so don't leave me in the dark if you're no longer interested. I will do the same for you.SHIPS: This account is a multi-ship account. Each of my stories is set in its own world with no relation to other accounts on here. The same goes for the mini prompts I may post on my feed. If you have an issue with my characters interacting with other accounts on here, please do us a favor and do not add me.



10/09/2021 04:12 PM 

Hell hath no fury.. (Reply for Hope.)

It was bad enough that they had almost lost the fight with the dark magic when it was inside her twin sister, Josie and taking her over. Making her do things she would never normally dream of. And now they had to go through the same exhausting battle again. Only this time; it wasn't inside Josie -- it was inside the blonde barbie herself. From the minute the dark magic invaded Lizzie and overwhelmed her senses; her whole demeanor had changed. Her normal honey blonde colored hair was changed to a shade of red so dark; it almost looked as if she had dipped it in blood over and over again until no signs of blonde were left behind. And her once soft doe eyes? They were the darkest shade of black. Almost as if the night sky had fallen from above and landed in her eyes. There was no sign of the old Lizzie and she would be lying to herself if she said she missed the old her.It was a day like any other at the Salvatore Boarding School; well -- almost. The halls were filled with chaos, the foundation of the building threatened to collapse underneath the pressure of having to deal with the newfound strength of one Lizzie Saltzman. Shouting could be heard from miles away as Lizzie and Josie once again went at it. It wasn't an uncommon thing for the two to be at one another's throats -- but this time was completely different. Lizzie was trying to kill her sister and absorb her magic. It was the darkness inside of her telling to do so. Something she normally would have never dreamed of doing. Especially since the two were inseperable since the day they ended up in their mother's womb. Although she could hear Hope's voice calling out to her; the fellow redhead was the least of her worries right now. Josie was close to breaking and losing the fight against her twin and Lizzie couldn't wait to revel in her win; knowing she would soon be the only Saltzman kid occupying the Salvatore Boarding School. That is how she wanted it and at the moment; that is how it should have always been. Eyes dark as night, there was a devious smirk etched across her features as she walked over to her sister who was leaning against the wall; chatting amongst a few of their fellow friends. A roll of optics given, a scoff was elicited from tiers and she closed all the space possible between the two. Her smirk didn't show any sign of faltering and the look that was on her face? It was enough to chill a person to their very core."Poor little, innocent and naive Josie.. This would be a whole lot easier on both of us if you would just quit fighting me and give up! You're not going to win. I'm stronger than you. I always have been. I always will be. I didn't know it before but this dark magic inside of me.. It has given me a whole new outlook on life.. On myself. You can't stop me. So just give in." The voice that spoke these words wasn't the usual velvety voice that belonged to the siphoner; this voice was two octives lower and had a demonic tinge to her tone. The normally loving and loyal Lizzie Saltzman was no more; she had been taken completely over by the dark magic and she didn't care. She loved this feeling. But; she also knew deep down that her twin and Hope would not stop fighting until they managed to drain every single drop of dark magic from the young siphoner. Hell hath no fury like a witch scorned..  

ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴅᴇᴛᴇᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ

10/09/2021 11:14 PM 

Bat Cave Code

DISCLAIMER: I don't claim ownership of Batman. He's owned by DC Comics and Warner Bros Entertainment. He's a creation of the late Bob Kane and Bill Finger who came up with the concept of Batman in the late 1930s. I don't claim to be Ben Affleck either who played Batman in 3 films for the DCEU.NOTE: Sign with a quote from your character or a favorite quote/song lyric (especially if your playing an OC and you don't have a quote to speak of.) 1. Time Online Lets just address this right now. I won't be here everyday. Like most adults I have responsibilites and sorryt to say but real life comse before roleplay. In the real world I work a hectic job and mostly inactive during the week. I also help with my parents who are both very ill. Not to mention I like to get away from the computer and enjoy other hobbies like going to the mall, bowling, movies and during summer months, the beach. I will be around when time allows but more than likely I will be around when I'm off work. Now just because I'm inactive on site doesn't mean I'll disappear during work days. I do check in daily and do have a Discord. Just ask for it.  Also I will make announcements in bulletins and statuses if I'm going to be out of town, on vacation or a life changing event that will keep me away from being on site or online.2. IC > OOCI am beginning to notice that sharing OOC information or blending OOC with RP is just the cause of alot of headaches on here. Roleplaying has been a long term hobby of mine and I don't want it ruined with needless crap. So I am going to be IC unless saying something OOC. As far OOC information goes, I will only share the few things I'm comfortable with sharing: Yes I'm the same gender as Bruce Wayne and I'm in my 30s. I've been roleplaying since I was 18.  Now if I get to know you then and I feel comfortable with opening up more I will share stuff about me.3. Writing StyleMy writing length will be para to novella though I mostly multi-para write. I usually write no less then 3 paragraphs.  As far spelling and grammar errors go.. no one is perfect and I don't ask for or expect perfection. Just don't be lazy. For those of you who suffer from disorders or those who don't use the English language as their primary language I give alot of leeway to those people.  Also there is no time table to get starters or replies out. I know life can effect the muse and make it come and go. Just know I'm patient and I hope you are too. Also please don't be afraid to tell me if you're not feeling a storyline anymore and want to do something else I'm very flexible.4. Reaching Out To You Policy (Two Chances)Listen up. Even though I don't put a timetable on when you have to get a starter or reply out. I will be putting a timetable once I reach out to you. Why I am doing that? Because I'm weeding out the people who are gonna be active opposed to the people who are collecting and not going to talk at all. I am starting a two chance policy. The first time I contact you I will give two weeks to respond before attempting a second time. The second time I will only wait a week and then will be deleting. For too long I played the mute game and that needs to stop both on my end and the people on my page.  Now with that being said if youre one who is busy just let me know I will wait a bit longer. I rather that be the case then think you're ignoring me or only added because you got friend requested.5. My Take On BatmanMy take on Batman is blending the DCEU universe etasblished by Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman and Justice League (the 2021 version) films with DC Comics.  My version will play into the fact that Bruce has been Batman for 20 years. The only changes I will be making is that Bruce didn't break his no kill code. But everything else you saw in the films will stand. As far comics go even the DCEU Batman is based on The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel I will reference Batman storylines from any era of the comics -- Pre 52/Classic era, New 52, Rebirth etc.6. ContentLet me say this right now. I am an adult. My writing will reflect I'm an adult. I will only rp with adults. The content in my rps will include but not limited to -- excessive violence, adult language, alcohol use, sexual content. Not to mention my rps could include some triggering topics. So my request for anyone I write with is please be 18 years of age. If maturity becomes an issue I'll up this no one under 21 or 25. 7. Shipping (Multi-LI) As romance goes or shipping.  I multi-storyline. Personally single shipping has not worked out for me and I have no desire to do so anymore on Bruce. I will only ship with women as the character and myself the writer are straight. Let me say this now. Multi-LI is not cheating. Any LI pairing I will have will be treated as equal like the others. To be clear I will not ship with muptiles playing the same canon character. I will write with others but if I find a canon character I click with I will pair with them and them only.  I am also ok with some rps leading to marriages but be aware our marriage may be only canon to our RP.   Now if me being a multi-LI page bothers you I am sorry but I won't chance my stance on this matter. If it's deal breaker for you then we can keep romance out our rp.8. Sexual Content (Smut)As far smut (sex) goes. I have no shame in admitting it that I roleplay it. I'm an adult who's been in RP for a long time so I've written it several times over the years and I don't play Bruce as virgin. If our rp takes that turn then I rp it. In the even it does here's  some ground rules.  Just like shipping, sex is strictly with adult women characters only (no animals, no children) and I do not homewreck so I do prefer the women to either be single or to be multi-LI like me. Secondly, It's done in private -- either through direct messages or done on Discord pending your perference. Thirdly, I am changing my position on doing pregnancy plot points in storylines. If you want the encounter to lead to your character becoming pregnant we'll discuss it it first and both have to be ok to such a twist in our SL. Just be aware that its only going to pertain to our storyline, I won't mention our kid in other SLs.On the flipside, sex is not mandatory to write with me. If you don't write sex for whatever reason then its perfectly A-Ok with me to keep the RP "pure" as it can be without that happening. After I'm here to write not get laid 24/7.9. Crossovers & Original Characters So I don't like sticking to the comic verse. I'm aware most of my adds will be comic verse but I will canon character from the following verses too --- science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, zombie, espionage, mafia, crime, modern, time travel etc. Original characters also have a friend here. I like creative people coming with something original and I will admit storylines with OCs have just as fun as ones writing with canon characters. 10. ConnectionsConnections will only go out to people I write with whether that's in depth storylines or bantering. To be clear I don't do mains because I don't like the competition mindset people seem to get into if you're not a main. Not to mention chances are I will have other people as connection playing the same character.11. God ModingIf you want the rp to move along just tell me. Please do not control what Bruce says or does. I will do what I need to to move the rp along. Not you. Control your own character and I control mine. Thank you.12. Where I Can Be Located If Not HereNormally I don't like sharing my other accounts because I don't like being hounded. However if people want more storylines or something outside of comic book then you can find me here and  here  .  Saying this now though... don't add me on either page and then proceed to bombard with questions about when I'm gonna be on Batman.  These other pages are important too and will get my attention. Only add if you wanna write there. 13.  Zero Tolerance Policy of Toxicity, Elitism and DramaWill say this now. I don't tolerate the childish crap that seems to infest this site. In particular in the comic verse where I know the problems seem to rise up alot in. So here's my only statement -- If you're one to cause problems for no reason. I'll delete you. If you're one who acts like you're better than everyone because you believe you have some pull on site. I'll delete you.  If you're one to mock and belittle people for no reason other then your own amusement. I'll delete you.  Don't be a douchebag and you'll stay. If you become one then you'll know what will happen. I don't care if we have storyline or connection. If you become an unpleasant person to have on my page I will boot out on your ass.That's that. Thank you for reading. Look forward to hearing from you and having some fun. - The Dark Detective's writer. 


10/09/2021 11:32 PM 


#GoodVibesPlaylistHere are 12 songs on Bowie's good vibes playlist.She listens to these when she needs a little pick me.Maybe you will find one you like.  1) Good Things - Dan + Shay 2) Good Vibes - Chris Janson 3) I Was On A Boat That Day - Old Dominion 4) It's Time - Imagine Dragons 5) Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band 6) Just Keep Driving - On The Outside 7) Look What God Gave Her - Thomas Rhett 8) Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts 9) House Party - Sam Hunt 10) Don't Stop Me Now - Queen 11) Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves 12) Good As Hell - Lizzo


10/09/2021 09:38 PM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything   3W group post His eyes suddenly thrust open. Tyler Lockwood was shirtless but he was wrapped up in bandages over his shoulder. He started to jump out of the bed but was stopped by the firm hand of his werewolf mentor Thomas. The older wolf spoke in calming words to him. “Take it easy there Hoss. You’ve been through quite an ordeal.”Tyler closed his eyes tightly trying to recall what had happened. He could remember that he was going to leave the Wolf safe zone to go look for Hayley, but had gotten stopped. Hope had come out of the house to follow him. He was not very happy about it when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. “Someone tried to kill me!” He declared. He tried to peel off the bandages, but Thomas gave his hand an extra squeeze. “What the hell Thomas? What are you not telling me?”The old werewolf shaman who had been originally from the Smoky Mountains looked at the young man who was a surrogate son to him. “You were hit with a wolfsbane crossbow. You should have died, but Hayley’s daughter saved you.” He had not seen any wolf with that gift of healing ever. He gently nudged Tyler back into the bed. “It’s been three days since this all went down. So you need to take it easy!” He insisted.“Three DAYS?” Tyler was incredulous. “Where is Hope now?” He knew the truth about Hope. He was the only one that Hayley had trusted with the truth of Hope’s father. Tyler had sworn to keep the secret at the cost of his life. He was starting to sweat. He’d been down for three days. Hayley had been missing the last he knew. “Is Hayley back? Come on! You’ve got to tell me what’s going on Thomas!” Tyler felt his head start to swim with the worst case of vertigo he’d ever experienced.“I will, but in due time. YOU need to stay in bed. You’re in no shape to get out there and run around any time soon. I keep cleaning your wound and packing on healing herbs. They need time to work. Hope’s magic cleared the wolfsbane from your body, but you had substantial damage to your muscles. You need the chance to heal right, okay? Don’t fight me on this Tyler. You can’t even sit up straight right now.” Thomas didn’t want to tell Tyler that the siblings of Klaus Mikaelson had seen him in his injured condition. If word got back to Klaus that Tyler was with the Wolves in the Bayou and he was injured, this wasn’t going to end up well. He had no clue that Klaus was actually missing. That word had not reached him or any of the wolves hiding in the Bayou from the edict that had sent them all there in the first place.Tyler laid back against his pillow and closed his eyes trying to will the world to stop spinning the way it did. He drank in a slow breath through flared nostrils. “Okay, you win. I’ll stay right here.” He knew by the brief moment he’d opened his eyes that he was in the cabin that had been given to him when he took his place in the Bayou to try and help build the Sanctuary for the Wolves. “Are you going to let Hope at least know I am awake? I really would like to see my niece, Thomas. I need to thank her for saving my life.” He hated being incapacitated like this. Tyler was one who was more of a hands on type of guy when it came to anything, especially when Klaus was involved.“I’ll make sure she knows.” Thomas told him. “Are you hungry? I’m sure you’re hungry. You’ve not eaten in three days.” He knew that Tyler was a meat and potatoes type guy, but he was going to have to take it easy to get back up to his full operating capacity again. “I can get you some soup and maybe a beer if you’re lucky.” He was trying to make Tyler smile even though this situation wasn’t exactly the best that could have happened.“Soup and Beer? REALLY Thomas?” Tyler teased slowly, opening his eyes. “If you can make it one cheeseburger and a beer, I’ll be happier.” He stayed in bed just like he was told with a shy smile.Thomas laughed at Tyler shaking his head. “Stay in the bed and I’ll meet you halfway alright?” He left the younger wolf in his bed heading toward the kitchen to make sure that Tyler would get some food.Tyler lay there in the bed. He was feeling helpless. What was happening? Where was everyone? He felt like he’d failed everyone at this point.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet

Heir of Slytherin 🐍

10/09/2021 04:13 PM 

My rules

You add you Talk. i add i talk Don't god mode me i hate it don't tell me how to play Draco. i have been playing him for a long time snice 2001. i write Para, no oneliners, Unless i'm very Sleepy or i have to go out i have a discord HeirofSlytherin#8813 i'm a mutli ship account. Ships with Hermione,Harry,Luna,Pansy,Blaise please don't use me as a number. i'm here to rp. not be treated like a number i have a Main Hermione. will rp with others i do sleep. and i'll just shut my laptop without loggin out i live with my family, we do have family time once in a while if you understand an read these rules. Commemt your fave movie Quote          


10/09/2021 01:53 PM 

drabble: halloween drabble

“Mackenzie! Don’t walk away from me!” The scream was loud enough to fill an auditorium, but yet, Mackenzie kept walking. She wasn’t in the mood for this conversation and not with her. It was over and the sooner the brunette realized that the better off they’d both be. “I never stood a chance, did I?! It was always her. It was always going to be that little blonde bitch, wasn’t it?” The words pierced through the air like a knife and caused Mackenzie to turn and face her ex-girlfriend. “That’s the sad thing. You did. I wasn’t even going to come back to town. I’m only back here because of what you did, so don’t you dare blame this on me. Or Avery for that matter,” Mackenzie hissed. She was angry. How dare Halston blame Avery for any of this. It wasn’t on her and nor did it have anything to do with her.  Moving slightly closer, dark orbs meeting emerald green ones, Mackenzie shook her head. “It’s over. You and me, but believe me it-” She fell silent when she saw the flash of lightning and heard the crash of thunder that followed. “I’m not doing this right now. I need to get to my sister’s to help her set up. Just go back to New York.” Turning on her feet, the redhead stepped off the sidewalk and made her way across the road as the heavens opened up and rain began to fall from the sky. She could hear the splash of water on the pavement behind her as Halston ran across the road to catch up to the fast walking redhead. “Halston! Go home!” The brunette ignored Mackenzie though as she caught up. “I am home. I live in Hartsville too, remember. And in case you’ve forgotten, McKayla is one of my best friends. She asked me to help her with the party.” The realization that she was not going to be able to get rid of her ex-girlfriend easily suddenly crashed over Mackenzie like a tidal wave. “Fine. Just stay away from Avery. Got it?” The brunette ignored her which caused the redhead to roll her eyes once more as she walked towards her sister’s house. “Fine. Act like a child see if I care,” she muttered as she walked into her sister’s home. “Kay!” She called out, kicking her shoes off as she looked around for her sister, though when she spotted the redhead, she immediately rushed over to throw her arms around the other woman. “Hey, pretty girl. I’m going to get changed and then I will be down to help, okay?” A small smile spread across her lips when her sister nodded in agreement. “Have a shower too. I put your costume in my room by the way!” Mckayla called out as the younger redhead rushed down the hallway towards the bathroom. “Thank you!”

🎃 quєєn σf spσσkч 🎃

10/08/2021 11:34 PM 

🎃 Queen Of Spooky's Rules 🎃
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10/08/2021 10:01 PM 

First Dates and Dancing {Drabble}

Felix stood in the garden by the fountain, he was looking down at the water as classical music played softly. His mind was all over the place as he stood there, he had never been one to show his emotions but he had moments where he showed that he wasn’t just the Volturi’s executioner. He was an uncle to three little ones that kept him on his toes, a best friend to his queen; they were the only ones that he was nice too though. Freyja had come into his life and he instantly wanted nothing more than to make her smile.  He had almost missed the sound of her silent footsteps “My favorite song” her soft voice reached his ears as he turned around to face her. Reaching his hand out to her “May I have this dance?” he asked as she stepped closer to him. It wasn’t long before he found himself wrapping his arm around her slender waist as they swayed to the music. “Thank you for saying yes to the date” he whispered as he looked down into her red hues with his own. A soft smile appeared on her face “thank you for asking me on a date, I love the roses you left in my room they are beautiful.” He smiled as he twirled her before pulling her back into his arms “I had help from the kids on picking them, the vase though I picked out on my own.”  The song soon changed to Just the Way You Look Tonight and Felix found himself singing along to the lyrics softly as he swayed with her, by the end of the song he had his forehead pressed to hers. 

𝓑𝓻𝓪𝔁𝓽𝓸𝓷 Hughes

10/08/2021 02:56 PM 

Oct 8,2021

Alice and I well more Alice than me cause lets face it i don't like shopping. She said that we need to get our costumes already and make sure that Poise had hers. No hints as to what they all are but shh I only bought mine cause I supposedly can't hand out candy nor take Poise out without a costume. Major eye roll the things I do for the girls in my life. I would give them both the world and moon and stars if I could. But i guess I will have to settle with dressing up so i can make them both happy. O yeah and i guess we had to start on Christmas shopping to why i don't know as we have not even got throw thanksgiving yet.


10/08/2021 12:36 PM 

Supernatural Character

Elisaria has fire red hair descending just above her waist and held back from her face by several tiny braids. her purple eyes have numerous muted hues like wisteria, she was odd looking for this other world she found herself in.    Though it wasn't actually a whole new world, just outside her home the Celtic island of Brasil. The few who had left, never returned. She didn't care if she ever went back, her heart ached for adventure.    Her sister was always the better ruler anyway. She was lucky there wasn't any hard feelings when the final decision was made. It was accepted by her family and her people. Free will was always important in her village.  Elisaria's abilities are elemental, with strength in earth & air that gives her the capability to control the weather.


10/08/2021 10:19 PM 

Issei Yume

First Name: YumeLast Name: IsseiAge: 19Hair Color: BrownEye Color: PurpleFavorite Food: Sour plums, Korean seaweedHobbies: Photography, bike ridingOccupation: College studentBackground:"Yume... I think we should break up.""Ok.""That's it?! You have nothing else to say?"Yume was a very kindhearted person, but she never really did experience true love. She heard stories of first loves in high school, but she never got the chance to experience such a thing. As a college student, she was very passionate about studying [insert subject] and tried her best to maintain her social life, but was just dumped by her now ex. She didn't feel hurt or sad, she just felt "ok." Yume wasn't in a rush to find love or to devote her time to another person, but she always felt that she was doing something different from others her age. She focused much of her time on school and studying while others went on dates. Her friends even worried for her as she often overworked herself over classes and pushed her to take a vacation.She took them up on their advice and went back to her hometown in the countryside for a break. She spent time with her parents and enjoyed taking walks in the familiar nature. There, she met an old classmate and talked for hours. She then realized that everything was ok; that she was ok with where she was in life.


10/08/2021 10:10 PM 

Hinako Kotone

First Name: KotoneLast Name: HinakoAge: 18Hair Color: RedEye Color: White (L) Red (R)Favorite Food: Apples, apple pieHobbies: Teasing others, philanthropyOccupation: Game masterBackground:"W-what do you mean?""Didn't you hear me? I said... DIE.""I think there's been a big misunderstanding, I didn't do it! I swear!"Kotone is one of the game masters of a tournament that people participate in to become what is known in their world as "Sorcerers." Although she is young, she is a genius and is known for her merciless judgements. If someone cheats or breaks any rule in the round she is hosting, she'll have them eliminated and sometimes, based on the severity of the action, she'll sentence them to death herself. As a respected individual in the world of magic, she enjoys her fame and fortune, but doesn't forget where she came from. Kotone was just a kid living in the streets before her great awakening in magic and keeps her closest friends as her aides. Though many believe she has a twisted personality, she is simply playing a fair game and making it fair for all who wish to participate in the world of magic.


10/08/2021 10:09 PM 

Tsuneko Hikari

First Name: HikariLast Name: TsunekoAge: 17Hair Color: BlondeEye Color: PurpleFavorite Food: Udon, Chinese foodHobbies: Drawing, watching reality showsOccupation: Fashion design studentBackground:"You have no talent. You're only here because of your family.""But I worked hard for this! You can't deny me!""You have no place here."Tsuneko Hiakri, daughter of the prestigious Tsuneko family who ran a glamorous jewelry brand, was used to this treatment. No one believed in her because of who she was. Ever since she was young, Hikari wanted to be a fashion designer because her mother was a model for her father when he first started his business in jewelry making. She remembered watching blurry videos of her mother confidently strutting down brightly lit runways and swore to design the most beautiful dress for her to model. After her young siblings were born, her mother retired, but that didn't stop her from falling in love with designing elaborate clothes. Yume got into an international fashion school where people from all over the world came to study in Tokyo. There was no doubt that she was one of the most talented students and went on to win many competitions with her designs, but there were still people who claimed her rise to popularity was only due to her family name. She knew that her father praised her, but she also knew that there were no strings being pulled because of her parent's. Despite these challenges, Yume continued to pursue her dreams as a fashion designer and persevered through harsh criticisms to become her own person.


10/08/2021 10:08 PM 

Nanamori Maika

First Name: MaikaLast Name: NanamoriAge: 17Hair Color: BlackEye Color: OrangeFavorite Food: Mushrooms, seafoodHobbies: Playing card games, swimmingOccupation: AssassinBackground:"Maika! Pick up the pace!""Yessir!""If you fall behind, we're not coming back for you!"Nanamori Maika, an assassin at the young age of 17, was trained for all types of combat. After the death of her parents, she was taken in by family friends who worked alongside her parents when they were in the military. They only wished to prepare Maika for the harsh world at first, but saw potential in her skills and convinced her to train with a "special" group of people. Without a though, Maika carried out orders for the family and was known for her emotionless expressions. Unbeknownst to the family, Maika had been preparing to escape the life of assassination with others who were tired of doing the now corrupt family's bidding. She was tired of being told what to do and wanted to create a life for herself, but she didn't know how. All she knew was killing and the strong scent of blood that followed after. Maika often felt dirty and knew that what she was doing was wrong.Will she be able to build a life of her own while her past haunts her?

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