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10/10/2021 08:01 PM 

Stuck With U.

serpent juliet stuck with u Betty seemed to be waking up a little. Her weary, crimson eyes study the white jackets, and Archie notices a bodily change at that instant. Betty Cooper had a look on her face that Archie had never seen before. Her eyes glaze over as soon as she sees the physicians, and her body jerks forcefully away with more power than a sick and injured person should be capable of. Betty seemed to be distancing away from everyone in the examining room at first. Betty is a Betty they've never seen before. Her fingers clench into tight fists as a glare takes over her eyes. Archie barely has time to dodge before her hands are clenched, and her voice is a screeching scream.On the other hand, Betty is practically immobilized with terror as she stares at a doctor with one arm flailing and the other covering her face. She considers the doctor to be her biological father, Charles, and tbk People are at a loss on what to do. Betty has never publicly expressed the consequences of her past experiences, but the sickness appears to be the spark for this new side of her. Betty's body heat radiates in waves, and she can see sweat streaming down her face and blood flowing from her leg, but she fights them all.The bomb must have set her off. Trauma. PTSD. Betty's eyes are a little glazed over, but they're open. She's not even close to reality. Betty is not the person people see when they look into her wide-eyed eyes. The physicians are now discussing sedating her and have firsthand experience with this. And there's only one person they can contact who might be able to calm her down without sedating her and exacerbating her trauma. As a result, Archie dashes out into the hallway and dials the phone number before he can stop himself. "Please don't get off the phone. Betty requires your help, or things will spiral out of control. We're in the hospital."Once they get near enough to Betty, they intend to sedate her. They'll restrain her and inject her. And when she wakes up, she'll be in a room packed with people she believes are her father and brother, as well as tbk, who is out to murder her. If they could just get close enough, but Betty hasn't allowed them. They'd given up trying to get close to her and were now attempting to calm her down, which was failing miserably. What will happen as a result of this? near the door, the silhouettes of police officers.Then Jughead Jones walks into the room, and Betty discovers him. Betty doesn't appear to notice it at first. She's gotten her hands on an IV pole and is swinging it at everyone who dares to approach her, still muttering about Charles and Hal, Tbk and completely drenched in sweat. He had no fear of her; she could see by his gaze. When she hears him, he rushes up to her and places one hand in Betty's. In a fast reaction, he pushes her chin toward his face and uses the other hand to imprison her hand against his chest quickly. He says, "Hey, Betts," in a tone that hasn't been heard in years. When she notices him grin at her, she extends her hand flat against his chest, her palm pressing against his. "They've arrived, Jug. They're going to cause a lot of trouble for everyone. They're going to kill everyone," she says. Jughead shakes his head as Betty notices his response. "Never, Betty, You're far too strong. They're never going to catch you." Betty's shoulders relax just a little, allowing her to see Jughead creep closer and murmur things in her ear that she can barely hear. And it's a look she hasn't given him in a long time, based on the way she's gazing at him. home comment message gallery stream blog So lock the door And throw out the key Can't fight this no more It's just you and me And there's nothing I, nothing I, I can do I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with youSo go ahead and drive me insane Baby, run your mouth I still wouldn't change being stuck with you Stuck with you, stuck with you I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you, baby

recidivist sinner.

10/10/2021 07:15 PM 

soulmate's curse.

archive old storylines here

recidivist sinner.

10/10/2021 07:15 PM 

the lives.

something here.

recidivist sinner.

10/10/2021 07:15 PM 

author's notes.

something here.


10/10/2021 07:02 PM 

| Luna Gaisti | Star Wars |

[ L U N A      G A I S T I ](Takes place in the First Order timeline)[ O V E R V I E W ][Name:] Luna Gaisti[Nickname:] N/A[Age:] 23-30 (depends on the roleplay)[Species:] Human[Height:] 5’3[Birth Place:] Alderaan[Accent?:] None[ F A M I L Y]MOTHER:[Nala Gaisti] - DECEASED-5’5, Blonde hair, Green eyes, Italian, Died month's after Katherine's birthFATHER:[Keido Gaisti] - DECEASED-5'10, Brown hair, Blue eyes, Italian, died on Luna's 23rd birthday, taught Luna everything she knowsSIBLINGS:None[ H E A L T H ][Drinks:] Yes[Smokes:] No[Sexuality:] Straight[Mental disorders:] None[Physical disorders:] None[Food Allergies:] None[Environmental Allergies:] None[Fitness:] Very fit[ P H Y S I C A L ][Hair color:] Blonde[Eye color:] Green[Skin tone:] Fair[Height:] 5'3[Tattoos:] None[Scars:] a few scattered scars from life on Alderaan and run in's with The First Order[Piercings:] basic ear piercings, gold double helix (right ear), gold rook (left ear)[ B A S I C S ][Personality:] Luna is a very kind and gentle girl, though she has a lot of suppressed emotions, seeing as she refuses to allow herself to grow close to anyone out of fear of losing them. She is incredibly cunning and crafty, taking notice of even the smallest changes in things and noting how things work. Luna has a particular fascination with the electrical mechanics of things, seeing as her father was a mechanic that taught her everything she needed to know about ships and their parts. Despite her angelic looks, she is quite cunning and has actually found a career in smuggling and has been known to pickpocket.[Backstory:] Having grown up on Alderaan, Luna's mother died shortly after she was born. Quickly, her father became all that she had. Luna was incredibly close with her father and his death was devastating to her. Seeing as her parents were both petty theifs and stole from people they deemed as evil, Luna did not often spend much time around other people. Because of this, she doesn't have anyone to call a friend, simply wandering the galaxy in hopes of finding some sort of purpose there. She is very strong with the force but is completely unaware of what it is.



10/10/2021 06:50 PM 

| Felicia Hardy | Marvel |

[ F E L I C I A      H A R D Y ][ O V E R V I E W ][Name:] Felicia Hardy[Alias:] The Black Cat[Nickname:] Party Hardy, Kitty, Kitten[Age:] 22-34[Species:] Super Human[Height:] 5’4[Nationality:] American[Accent?:] None[ F A M I L Y][Walter Hardy]-6'1 with white hair and a white mustache. Walter was a renowned cat burglar in his youth, attracting the attention of criminal group. When he refused to join this criminal group, they threatened and targeted his daughter, Felicia, causing Walter to fake his death in hopes of protecting his daughter. Walter later became a detective for the NYPD, adopting the alias Detective Mackey. Unfortunately this alias was discovered and Walter is currently being held hostage by the crime group.[Lydia Hardy]- Not much is known about Lydia Hardy, seeing as she left Felicia and Walter on their own shortly after Felicia's 3rd birthday[Siblings:] None[ H E A L T H ][Drinks:] Sometimes[Smokes:] No[Sexuality:] Heterosexual[Mental disorders:] None[Physical disorders:] None[Food Allergies:] None[Environmental Allergies:] None[Fitness:] Incredibly fit[ P H Y S I C A L ][Hair color:] Platinum blonde[Eye color:] Green[Skin tone:] Pale[Height:] 5'4[Tattoos:] None[Scars:] A few small scars on her stomach from fights[Piercings:] basic ear piercings, double helix (right ear), rook (left ear)[ B A S I C S ][Background:] Felicia lived alone with her father since she could remember, and had always been close with him. When her father, Walter, had faked his death, Felicia had been devastated. The young girl had just gone to college at the time and had multiple bad experiences with men. This combined by the fact she believed her only family to be dead, Felicia decided to take up her father's previous career as a cat burglar, though she only stole from rich people whom she deemed "deserving." Years later, Felicia ran into her father again who explained his reason for disappearing, only wanting to protect her. It wasn't long before Walter Hardy's alias was compromised and Walter was kidnapped by The Maggia, the criminal group who had previously tried to recruit Walter. Now they wanted his daughter, Felicia, and used Walter to get to her. The Maggia managed to convince Felicia to work for them using the threat of her fathers life. They tested her with a special serum that had been developed, giving her superhuman abilities.[Occupation:] Singer at a Jazz club[Positive Traits:] patient, kind, gentle, independent, loyal, smart[Negative traits:] closed off, can be cold, can be too caring, overthinks, eager to please, hard on herself[Likes:] Rain, nature, animals, sketching/painting, music, traveling, and cooking[Dislikes:] horror movies, thunder, drunk men[Habits:] lip biting (when thinking or nervous)[Pet Peeves:] disrespect, impatience, lack of ambition, laziness[A B I L I T I E S ]- Superhuman agility and stealth- Expert burglar- Trained in multiple forms of combat including martial arts- Often uses a suit with a grappling hook and retractable claws, allowing her to scale buildings



10/10/2021 05:51 PM 


Birth name: Princess Reagan Isabel Mills-LocksleyDate of birth: The day of the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2016Age: As of 2042, she is 26 years oldPlace of conception: Storybrooke, Maine, United States of AmericaPlace of birth: Wish Realm, United Realms of MisthavenSpecies: WitchGender: FemaleSexual Orientation: PansexualHair | Eye Color: Ink-black hair | dark brown-gold flecked irisesHeight | Weight: 5 feet and 5 inches | 127 poundsEducation: HomeschooledOccupation: Co-leader of the Merry MenParents: Regina Queenie Isabel Mills-Locksley (mother), Regina Evelyn Mills (mother), Regina Freya Mills (mother), Robin Hood (father), Rina Mills (stepmother)Siblings: Len Locksley (twin sibling), Valencia Mills (older half-sister), Snow White (older stepsister), Roland Alexander Hood-Locksley (older paternal half-brother), Henry Daniel Mills II (older maternal brother), Robin Locksley-Mills II (older paternal half-sister), Lilith Page (older half-sister), Rebekah Evelyn Hood-Mills (younger maternal half-sister), Corinna Robyn Hood-Mills (younger sister), Prince Henry (younger maternal brother)Relatives: Queen Isabel of Misthaven (matenal great-great-grandmother), King Xavier (maternal great-grandfather), The Miller (maternal great- grandfather), Prince Henry (maternal grandfather), Coraline Mills (maternal grandmother), Rowan Harper Mills (aunt), Joelle Swan-Mills (aunt), Emma Parker Swan-Mills (aunt), Zelena Mills (aunt), Chad (uncle), David Nolan (stepbrother-in-law), Neal Nolan (stepnephew), Lucy Mills (niece), Alieah Swan-Mills (cousin), Eliana Swan-Mills (cousin), Morgana Swan-Mills (cousin), David Swan-Mills (cousin), Harper Swan-Mills (cousin), Amora Swan-Mills (cousin), Trenton Swan (cousin), Hope Swan-Mills (cousin), Elijah Swan-Mills (cousin), Damien Swan (cousin), Xena Swan-Mills (cousin), Theo Swan-Mills (cousin), Aries Swan-Mills (cousin), Mari (first cousin once removed)Brief Bio: During Len and Reagan's time of conception, they were once a shared egg between Regina Evelyn, Regina Freya and Regina Queenie. After fertilization took place, the single egg split into two identical eggs. However upon Robin's demise, one of the eggs didn't survive and miscarried while the other survived. When the leftover serum from Mr. Hyde was used to split Regina, the remaining egg was transferred to Queenie's body who carried out the pregnancy to full term. But she hide the pregnancy with magic because she had been worried that Regina and the others would come and take baby Reagan from her. Once she was hidden away in the Wish Realm, Queenie also hide the pregnancy from Wish Realm Robin because she didn't want to scare him away. Around the time of Reagan's birth, an eight year old Roland and the Merry Men arrive in the Wish Realm where they accept WR Robin as their new leader. Queenie made the decision to take Roland in and raise him alongside Reagan because the forest wasn't a suitable place for a small child. Roland was instantly interested in his baby sister, since he had remembered his other baby sister back in Storybrooke. He helped Queenie with everything that he could, he protected his sister and wouldn't let anyone harm her. Reagan was four years old, Roland was twelve when Queenie gave birth to another baby girl and named her Rebekah Hood-Mills. For a brief moment the family was happy, but the happiness was taken when Wish Realm Cora kidnapped baby Rebekah. Queenie raised Reagan in secret, keeping her confined to the castle and only allowing her to go outside when she was supervised and heavily guarded. One day, Queenie is pulled away from the Wish Realm which leaves a twenty year old Reagan and twenty-eight year old Roland on their own. The two venture away from the Wish Realm and eventually they somehow end up Hyperion Heights where they meet Roni, but are only their for a brief moment. A couple years later, they both find themselves in Storybrooke where they meet Mayor Gina. After the merging of the realms and the creation of United Haven, Reagan is 26 years old, her brother is 34 when Queenie finally lands her way back in Storybrooke.


10/10/2021 12:30 PM 


Disclaimer: This universe’s focus of Buffy the Vampire Slayer focuses on a genderbent version, a male in his late teens and early twenties who has been Chosen as the next vampire slayer in Sunnydale.Plot: Benjamin Summers was an ordinary kid living Sunnydale after his parents moved from Los Angeles. He is a star quarterback and popular teenager around Sunnydale High. One night, he was targeted by a vampire gang ordered by King Lothos. He was saved from a Watcher named Meredith. After defeating the vampires, Benjamin was informed he’s been selected as a potential slayer. Coming from a bloodline of slayers, he is tasked with continuing the legacy, paving the way to stopping vampires and other dark forces in the world.First and foremost, my depiction of Benjamin Summers is a gender-bent of Buffy. What does that mean? He’s the opposite sex, representing a male version of the character with an alternate take of the character. Please refrain from talking about breaking canon traditions, as Role-Play’s an atmosphere dedicated to exploring new and creative ideas. Apart from that, do not ask me to write ‘female’ Buffy or her original portrayal, that defeats the purpose of creativity.A major portion of his character is hunting down evil supernatural forces. Ben is a novice within his first year as a Slayer. But, he’s a senior at high school. He dedicates time for both school and hunting, heavily preferring the former although he’s still coming to terms with his role in this lifestyle.There are a variety of ways to get in touch with me: 1) Discord, it’s available and easier for quick replies. In addition, I do write and RP on Discord, but that’ll be limited. 2) Discussions via messages. I’m open to plotting out storylines if there is a specific idea you have in mind. Yet, if the discussion drags out, chances are I may have lost interest. 3) Banter via comments. That’s the sharpest and quickest way to instantly getting a storyline off ground, without the necessary OOC.Most of my storylines are dark, extreme, and mature, meaning elements of drugs, alcohol, profanity, graphic violence, blood, and sex are expected. If you cannot handle triggering themes, please refrain from engaging in a storyline. Also, mature does not imply my character will sleep with yours at any point in the storyline. If that’s your intention, please look elsewhere. 


10/10/2021 11:49 PM 

ac 10/10

AC:            Best friend: Sang met her in New York. She was also from Korea---but her parents planned to keep her in the United States. Once, he went back to Busan, he was surprised to find her there. They were very close and actually had some romantic feelings for each other. This was until he met his actual girlfriend and started dating her instead. His best friend was distant after that but Sang hadn’t known that she actually felt anything for him at all. He assumed it was all platonic.Enemy: This is the brother of the man that Sang killed in South Korea. He comes to Morana, bent on finding Sang and getting answers. His revenge isn’t so much for the gang that him and his brother were in. It’s for himself, and his family. Once, he finds Sang and finds out what happened, he seems confused. Conflicted on whether or not to get his revenge, he slowly befriends Sang. Planning on revealing himself at some point or another, he finds out that things aren’t as clear cut as he had hoped.Assistant: This is someone who helps Sang with the firearms business. He stays out of the Alter dealings but Sang does some on the side. This man helps Sang find clients in the Morana area that haven’t been to Alter, and he sets up meetings for everyone involved. Sang and him aren’t exactly the best of friends, but Sang cares about this person greatly. 


10/10/2021 11:11 PM 

Crime is mostly secretarial.

Crime is mostly secretarial. She was fire and ice in that skimpy rhinestone get-up. A bangin’ redhead whom Julian couldn’t get out of his system. The demi bra and thong with dangling fringe made her a shark and a succubus. Her set was never long enough, but he was always grateful for the end because she beelined for him each and every time. She appeared on the floor and sauntered to the King. Slithering up behind him, she didn't touch him but her voice tickled the back of his neck. "You're late." She was the only stripper he tipped in fifty dollar bills and the hair on his neck rose when she snuck up behind him. He was getting his double scotch delivered by one of the three waitresses he allowed in his circle. These girls didn't strip, and thus were ostracized by the ones who did. He still had a soft spot for them. The kind with morals never got far, though. Kids to feed, college tuitions to pay, they all took a backseat to those with willpower enough to do what needed to be done, reason numero uno why strippers exclusively made up his Christmas card list. Tonight, had been rife with work. That sh*t with “Dwardo” was only the tip of a bureaucratic iceberg. The revenue this club generated was ridiculous; everyone seemed to be dipping their fingers into the pie, and he was here to make sure those fingers didn't dip too deep, either behind paper or under a fist. Movies had the cliche wrong. Crime was mostly secretarial. A little pissed, he downed his anger in a full shot, tossing it back like old pros do, full on without ever tasting a drop. His suit was charcoal grey with a crisp navy shirt underneath. No tie but a couple bloody rings on his fingers. When Julian was out for payback, he dressed up. It meant he was on duty. His uniform was a glaring beacon to those who could recognize the tone. There were certain cats in town you just didn't mess with. Sometimes he abhorred that, because he enjoyed the confrontation. "Had to work, baby." You didn't surprise Julian, no matter if you actually managed to do so. He took all things in stride. He reached to his neck, took her hand lightly, and walked her by touch in a half-circle to sit in his lap. "How were your tips tonight?" He was always making sure her light bill got paid.


10/10/2021 10:21 PM 


on this mmm i give a little sad goodbye to romulus ashford: my dumbass, supreme idiot son. in a sad, strange kind of way writing this felt like saying goodbye to a character whom i always knew the fate of, but maybe let myself be disillusioned in a way. after making him in may, life got in the way (as it usually does) and i never got to this point with him - but it's time. he's brought me more than i could describe, and given me some of the better parts of my life. but for now, it's goodbye.for context for any of whom might be reading this: romulus and his twin sister, remus, were born in a medical facility run by the government back in the 80's. their mother had been born into the program herself. but unlike their mother, romulus and remus, then known as XA and XB, they were designed as weapons. born with the abiliy to telepathically speak to one another as well as telekinetically move objects, they were the facility's best work. until, after an accident - caused by the twins - seven years into their life that took the life of their chauffeur and mother, they were abandoned on the side of the road and found by a older couple with no kids of their own. this couple would go on to raise the unknown children under assumed names, but the living workers of the facility never quite stopped looking for them. when i left off with romulus, he was on the cusp of chasing after them. both to find answers and to finish it once and for all. (he was almost successful)     You feel so cold. In the crumbling remains of the building, you collapse. The hand holding your side falters as it tries to keep you upright and your eyes see a flash of crimson left behind in your handprint as you fall to the ground.You shiver. You’ve lost track with what time it is and you’re exhausted. Your weak body desires sleep. You can’t give in. You need to get up. You need to move. Find somewhere safe to patch up your wound.Your wound - you’d gotten shot. Dr. Eisenberg had caught you off guard. Pressing your palm back against the spot, you let out a low hiss, breathing heavily as you stare at the ceiling.Just a few minutes, you think slowly. I just need to rest for a few minutes.Romy?Her voice in your head startles you. It’s been so long since you’ve heard her voice. Months. This entire time you know that she’s been trying to reach out, trying to get to you. Her countless phone calls, texts, and the like have been enough to know that. Your heart pangs. Where are you?Oh, you’ll never see her again, will you?Remy. You’re so tired. You can’t keep your eyes open anymore. I did it. You’re safe.      You remember being eight, when Remus had spent an entire week unable to sleep after a bad dream. She’d take naps in Mama’s arms, but she would never feel safe out of them. You remember sitting in the dark with her, with your flashlight pointed up toward the ceiling between the two of you.You remember her worried that the two of you could never be safe again.Rom? What are you talking about? Though you still have no idea what time it is or what day it is or where you even are anymore, you like to think that she was safe in her bed with the stuffed animal you’d won her at the carnival when you were both sixteen that she swears she lost several moves ago.She forgets that she can’t lie to you. You forget that you can’t lie to her.You two were designed to be each other’s halves, both in mind and in strength. Mama had called you two Romulus and Remus for the two kids that had been saved from persecution in Roman times, but you were never meant to have identities. You were never meant to have lives. You were designed in a lab, born to a woman who had done everything she could to ensure you were safe.They had never given up looking for you. Now, at least, there was no one left to look for her.For all that you had lost - your memories of that place, your memories of your birth mother, your memories of who you were - you had gained a life. You had lived a life. You’d made friends and memories and family. You’d had a real family.I did it. You repeated. Your body feels heavy. Not unlike the time you’d tripped down the stairs and hit your head, but still different somehow. A part of you pictures Remy’s worried face that day, hovering over you. She’d called you an idiot then.You know she’d call you worse now.They’re all gone.Remy remembers the least out of the two of you, but you know by now she has got to have searched through your belongings, found the file you’d left behind for her to find. Everything you had pulled together.You’d counted on her for that. Knew that she would never rest until she knew what you were doing, knew what you were up against. You know now she rested even less after learning.Romulus, Where are you?You don’t know. You’d lost track of the borders you’d crossed, the places you’d been trying to find them. Safe. You know it’s not enough. I think I can hear Mama, Remy.Mama? Are you in Long Island? You don’t think so. You think you’d remember that. You shake your head as your arm falls limply to the side, too tired to keep holding the wound. Another shiver settles through you. Your vision is blurry when you open your eyes for a second.Not Mama. Mama.     Rom... that woman is...She can’t bring herself to say it, you know. She’d seen the documentation, the details. Mama had never had a name either, she’d been born into the program like you. She was never meant to be anything more than your Mama. She’d died happily knowing that. She would have never done what she had if she wasn’t.I’m safe, Remy. You’re safe. It’s enough for you, you think. You remember the first time, so long ago, when you’d caught someone watching you in a crowd. And then Seth, who had tried to trick Remy. You don’t regret what you’d had to do to keep her safe then, and you don’t regret it now. I think I need to go to sleep now. You sigh a little and shift your eyes closed again.The ringing in your ears becomes more prominent.No. Rom just - tell me where you are. I’ll come find you. Turn your phone on. I can find you. I can help you. Please just - just don’t go to sleep. Keep your eyes open.I’m tired.I know. I know. I know. It’s okay. Please turn your phone on. Let me help you.With a shaky hand, you reach into the pocket of your jacket. When the blaring of the logo fades, you squint at the time. 4:08AM. A moment later, an influx of texts comes in. Mostly Remy, but there’s one that catches your eye. You swallow. Can you do me a favour?You wish it hadn’t had to go like this.You can’t feel Remy anymore, not the way that you used to. You used to be able to tell what she was doing when she was doing it. Now it’s just empty. You wait for the sound of her voice filling your head. Of course. Anything. There’s a conviction there that you know she’s faking.The hand holding your phone falls back down. You’d been too wrapped up in your own thoughts to realize how much you were shaking. There was another name in that folder... She’s important. Find her. Can you tell her... You falter. There’s a memory you’re too tired to unlock now, but you know your last meeting to be one you weren’t proud of. You’d wanted her to leave and she had. You should be happy that she’s safe, too, but... Oh, she knows.Your body can’t fight the urge to sleep anymore; it’s pulling you in, the call of it pulling you further and further into the darkness. A siren song. Rom. I’m coming to you. Stay awake. Please.You can’t. I’m sorry, Remy.The last thing you remember before the darkness takes over is the shrill sound of her screams.  

📕 "Hex Gonna Give It To Ya" ✡️

10/10/2021 01:45 PM 

In case of emergency! ft. Latredocus

It was something that Wanda never conceived she'd have to deal with or a problem that she could not overcome. Simplest answer; she still cherished him, even if he was not her Vision.   In her apparent bid to rid herself of Hayward; the prominent man continued to intentionally try to take her out for whatever possible reasons that he naturally felt he genuinely needed. Wanda had decided that it would be most prudent to go after him herself. Take him out of the equation before he could take her out and; hopefully, aim to try to gain the love of her life back out of the endless void that was presently, White Vision.   With all of her extraordinary powers and her rage, though, she was no match for the White Vision because his emotions did not get in the way as hers typically did. He did not experience the unspeakable joys of the gifted children that she bore with him in Westview. Her rage and depression made it impossible to put those feelings away to use a killing blow. He was strong, too strong, and protected Hayward in such a way that he was impossible to get to.   Now, forcibly broken and severely bruised; Wanda was genuinely on her own and possessed no one to condemn but for herself. Wanda needed help; a sympathetic hand that she did not imagine would criticize her for the bad light that she had suddenly drenched herself within.   So, with a burner phone in capable hand. The note had read: "In the specific case of emergencies; I will be there." It was a shot in the dark but, honestly, that was all Wanda could see around herself right now. Picking up the flip phone; she dialed the only number that was programmed inside of it.   Breathing heavily, the considerable pain was intense and she was still not 100 percent sure of her own powers. Like, the power to heal. Wanda was still reading the Darkhold and grasping her own powers. Plus, even if she could heal herself? It did not negate the terrible trouble that she found herself in now. There was no place to hide; they knew her power signature and even without wielding her powers? When the program was activated; Wanda lit up the mobile screen like a radiation cloud. It would be very hard for her to hide that she could not be found.   The line trilled twice before it picked up and Wanda overheard a very soothing and familiar voice. "Romanoff, go."   "Nat? It's Wanda. I...I require your help?" she was going out on a wing and a prayer that would help her and not give her up. There was, nevertheless, that whole matter of the Sokovia Accords and the Civil War. True, Nat did come up, in the end, to help break them all out of the raft but there would always be that seed of doubt in her mind.

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕷𝖆𝖘𝖙 𝕳𝖔𝖕𝖊

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Professor V̶e̶s̶s̶ Onyx - Drabble

Liliana VessProfessor Vess Onyx”Why serve the living, when you can rule the dead?” Two immaculately manicured fingers rubbing in tight circles at her temple. The high bun, ever so neatly piled atop her head as she swept through the halls and all but terrorised her students began to unravel – was six or seven papers ago now – and sat in dark curls around her shoulders. She had practically force fed the little imbeciles the correct methods. She had left the notes on the board for an entire day, for Uzra’s sake. How could none of them even get the correct first step in a simple anti-toxin? Drawing a giant X in red ink across the page, closing her eyes as she felt the left begin to tick, Liliana set down the pen and reached for her tea cup. Finding it empty, she leant back in her seat, jaw clenched. Why did she think teaching was a good idea again? Someone remind her why this was a brilliant plan exactly? Oh, that’s right. Because she didn’t have the patience for anyone else, let alone people that couldn’t perform to her standards. Why would anyone think she would be a teacher. Rising to her feet and moving to the cabinet below a mirror covered with a cloth, pointedly avoiding looking at any part of the glass that may be exposed. Then Liliana scratched around inside the cabinet, pushing aside pouches of dried herbs, jars of pickled parts and gods only know what else until she found what she was looking for. A bottle of wine. The only way she was going to get through the rest of these papers, if the first half dozen were anything to judge by. Pouring a healthy serving into her drained tea cup, she returned to her seat and with a heavy sigh, turned suddenly very tired, very ancient eyes back over the crossed out paper. With her teacup in hand, she began to scribble feedback in the margins. ’Perhaps you would perform the tasks better in a practical environment. Perhaps you should all be poisoned before the next test and you will perform better.’ 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕷𝖆𝖘𝖙 𝕳𝖔𝖕𝖊 credit.

【ʀᴇʙᴇʟ ʀᴇʜᴀʙ】

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<center><a href=";><img src="; title="source:" /></a><br /><span style="font-size:11px;"><span style="font-family:Georgia,serif;">Alexis &quot;Lexi&quot; Branson&nbsp;<br />Everyone&#39;s favorite vampire rehab that met an unpleasant death<br />thanks to Damon Salvatore. However, that isn&#39;t where my story<br />would end. Instead, my soul was sucked into a recently deceased<br />witch...who would have thought that could even happen? Like it is<br />one thing for vampires and all to exist but this is just insanity at this<br />point. So as I navigate my new life I&#39;d love to make some connections<br />and get storylines you in?</span></span></center> 


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Partner-In-Crime: they are literally two peas in a pod and do pretty much everything together, if there was a crime to committ the two would always be found committing that crime. They did however commit an actual crime together, when a group of "old dudes" as they called him would hang around the arcades trying to hoot and holler at teenage girls and the cops wouldn't do anything about it the two decided to take it into their own hands. The ended up torturing them and let them bleed to death before chopping their bodies up and placing them in barrels of acid. It had been years since the last time he'd killed anyone, but he felt he and his partner in crime were helping Morana.Ex-Girlfriend: The most toxic relationship he probably ever had. She wave very manipulative and literally had Mason wrapped around her finger. She never wanted to admit it, but she also took a liking to his best friend and even though he didn't like her back. During a party where Mason didn't attend she decided to get his best friend super f***ed up and take full advantage of him and then even gloated about it later only reason Mason found out as soon as that happened he cut her out of his life.Frienemy: These two had become friends pretty much instantly the moment he moved to Morana, he was the first person to talk to him in High School and the two were pretty insperable. Up until the let a girl get in their way, she was Mason's girlfriend at the time and during a party she had taken advantage of his best friend when he was totally wasted. Even though it was his girlfriend's fault it caused major turmoil between the two friends. It was years until they tried to patch things up, though it still lingers feeling like his friend did it without thinking about what it would do to Mason or even tried to stop it. Honestly in the end he still has no trust for him and he never even tried to apologize or talk about it.

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