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Spoils of War

10/11/2021 03:52 PM 

Share US

share us

Spoils of War

10/11/2021 03:50 PM 

Audition form

Auditon form  

Spoils of War

10/11/2021 03:48 PM 

Rules and shilt



10/11/2021 02:51 PM 

AC #13: Recommit

Letting go of Doubt is much easier said than done, especially for me. After a few days of self-reflection, I don’t think I ever fully committed to every aspect of The Organization. I’ve relied too heavily on therapy and medication to help, and while they’ve all greatly helped my mental illness and my ability to continue to run my business, I need to recommit myself to going to these workshops weekly. Ryan goes. I should go with her or right after. Going together would make situations easier to deal with, right?   With Thatcher disappearing and reappearing, only seemingly to wreak havoc, and murder the innocent, I’ve been more terrified than ever. I haven’t been able to keep my emotions in check. It seems like my medication only works for a certain period of time before wearing off, almost as if the dosage isn’t correct anymore, and there’s only so much Lithium I’m allowed to take per day, per however many hours.    I used to be so confident in the work I did to help Thatcher, and more importantly, to help the women who came into The Organization. Some were worth saving and some weren’t but I tried, regardless. I never doubted my abilities to help them. I made all of the right choices within my limits. I tried to make the right calls and help who I could. But, whenever Thatcher disappeared, along with the shipments of women coming and going from House of Balloons, I doubted my ability to hold everything together. I doubted my place within these walls. I doubted if I truly mattered, if I really was vital to this place, and I can’t believe I did so.   Sitting through these last few workshops this week, I’ve realized that I’m a part of a family and a much bigger plan. I need to go and visit Sophia, and speak to Phoebe more often, about my thoughts and feelings. Both women have a way with calming me down and setting my head straight, offering state of the art protection and advice. Ryan’s continuously telling me that I should speak to either women and that they can even help more than she could, and I’ve realized that during all of these workshops. I place a lot of blame on myself, I doubt myself, I doubt others, but I need to get a handle on that. With that realization, I plan on recommitting myself to the Program, and truly using the resources offered to the fullest.  

𝔅𝔞𝔟𝔶 𝔊𝔥𝔬𝔲𝔩

10/11/2021 12:57 PM 

𝐼𝓉 𝓇𝒶𝒾𝓃𝓈 𝒾𝓃 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓃 𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝒹𝒶𝓎 𝓁𝑜𝓃𝑔

The orange and brown hues of fall met Brooklyn’s eyes.  The leaves beneath her feet crunched like someone was eating a potato chip.  When she stopped at the front of an entrance. Her hand ran gingerly over the rod iron gates leading into somewhere that she had not been in quite some time but always felt like home.  She slung the messenger bag she was carrying over her shoulder.  Walking along the gravel path to a clearing, rows of flowers aligning the path.   Finally reaching her destination she smiled and spoke. “Hey I brought us lunch and I know how much you like Lilly's. I thought it would be cute while we had our picnic.”  “Sorry I haven’t been here in a minute. I just haven’t found the time I’ve been busy.”     She took out some Tupperware from her bag as she criss crossed her legs, and opened the container. “I grabbed your favorite tacos from ombrés and margaritas.”   She took out a taco and bit into it, setting it back into the container.  From any passerby they would think Brooklyn was off of her meds, but that wasn’t the case.  “ I made some new friends yesterday, some more high society people. They are really sweet.”  “ I also think I might be crushing on one of them.”  Brooklyn bit her plump pout, “don’t give me that I am allowed to have friends and a crush.”  She grabbed the marg, and downed the entire thing.   The alcohol quickly does its job.  “Besides, you told me to move on.”  She grabbed the Lilly’s and placed them against her friend. “Here…”. Brooklyn’s eyes began to water.  “Why did you have to go and try to fight off the mugger, we were only sixteen… No you had to go and be Billy badass didn’t you?!”  Brooklyns voice cracked as she screamed at her friend.  Tears began welling in her eyes as they started to sting. “We are girls, we had no business being in that neighborhood but I listened to you!”  She bawled her fist up and struck her friend.  “F*** F***! God damnit.”  Her knuckles cracked, red and bleeding.  She winced as she dropped on her knees, touching the cold earth she laid down curling up.  “ I miss you I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hit you I just I loved you, Stephanie I f***ing loved you and we’ve grown apart.”   Her friend just stood there unwaveringly silent, and standing on the ground.     Getting up from the ground Brooklyn looked at her friend as she tucked her hair behind her fixing herself and clearing her throat. “So you got nothing to say? Just gonna stand there?”  Brooklyn shrugged and sniffled, wiping her tears and snot on the sleeve of her hoodie.  “You know what I guess this is goodbye you hear me goodbye.”     She walked over to her friend and wrapped her arms around her.  She pressed her face against Stephanie, her cold marble cooling her reddened cheeks.  She brought her lips to the headstone and gave Stephanie a kiss. “ I love you..”. She looked up to the sky as the wind picked up blowing her hair all over,  “ It rains in heaven all day long.”   She turned and walked back down the path to her car. 


10/11/2021 11:44 PM 


It was late in the evening when Bowie began to run herself a bath. Steam filled the bathroom due to how hot she liked her baths. She lit some candles and played some soft music before climbing into the bath. She lay there humming along to the music that was playing. The water was so warm, it was like being embraced in a nice hug. As she lay there her mind began to wander and think about the stories she had heard lately, and how some of her friends had died. She thought Freddy was an urban legend. One of the many stories you told at sleepovers as kids to scare each other, but now she was beginning to wonder. What if it was not just a story? What if there was some truth behind it.She shook her head, thinking she was just being silly. She sighed to herself and thought more about the stories they told. She then remembered a little song they used to sing as kids. “One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You. Three, Four, Better Lock Your Door. Five, Six, Grab A Crucifix. Nine, Ten, Never Sleep Again” Bowie sang to herself. Bowie let out a soft chuckle, reminding herself how ridiculous she was being. Yeah, Freddy really came and killed her friends… Bowie had, had bad dreams before and Freddy had appeared in them, but she was still here. So they were just stories… right?Another sigh escaped Bowie’s lips as she lay back further and rested her head on the inflatable pillow. The water covered more of her body and it felt really nice. Due to the warmth she begins to fall asleep. Her eyes closing and her head turning to the side. Due to her eyes being closed she does not see the Freddy Krueger scissor hand slowing rising from the water, like a shark coming to claim its prey. The hand slowly moves towards her not that she knows. Suddenly a knock at the door from her sister wakes her up. A little startled by the sudden knock. The hand suddenly disappeared back into the water as if it was never there. So Bowie never knew it was there in the first place. Maybe it was better she did not know, otherwise she would have freaked out and probably hurt herself.“Bowie” Avery called. “Yeah sis what’s up?” she asked, as she sat up a little bit. “Don’t fall asleep, you might drown in their” Avery said. Bowie rolled her eyes “I won’t fall asleep and I won’t drown” she replied. “Okay, well I am going to make some hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. You want some?” Avery asked her. Bowie sunk back down again and closed her eyes. She felt something grab her leg and she let out a loud scream. Suddenly she was dragged under the water, only she was dragged deep under water. Impossible in a bathtub. ‘What is going on?’ she thought to herself, as she panicked under the water. She did not understand how she had gone so deep under water.She thrashed her arms and legs around trying to get back to the surface. She was unaware her sister had managed to pick the lock of the bathroom door and open it. At that moment she rose to the surface of the water and coughed and spluttered, as water left her mouth. She climbed out of the bath and grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her body. “Are you okay? I heard you scream” Avery said. “Yeah, I…” she glanced back at the bathtub unsure of how she could possibly explain what had happened to her. Nobody would believe her, I mean it was ridiculous. She had probably just had a nightmare and gone under the water right?“I ugh, fell asleep and had a nightmare” she said. “I told you not to fall asleep” Avery said with a chuckle. “Get dressed I’ll finish fixing the hot chocolate” she said before leaving Bowie. Bowie sighed and took the plug out of the bath and allowed the water to drain. She dried off and got dressed before heading into the living room where Avery was. She sat down on the couch and picked up the mug of hot chocolate and took a sip. “This is great, thank you” she said with a smile. “Wanna watch a horror movie?” Avery asked her. Bowie shook her head “no, how about a comedy this time?” she asked. “Sure” Avery said, before putting on a random comedy movie for the two of them to watch. 


10/11/2021 11:30 PM 

| Elizabeth Collins |

[ E L I Z A B E T H      C O L L I N S ][ O V E R V I E W ][Name:] Elizabeth Collins[Nickname:] El, Liz, Lizzy, Ellie[Age:] 21-28(depends on the roleplay)[Species:] Vampire (could be human at first in the roleplay)[Height:] 5’2[Nationality:] American[Accent?:] None[ F A M I L Y]MOTHER:[Katherine Collins]-5’5, brown hair, green eyes, AmericanFATHER:[Henry Collins]-6'2, black hair, brown eyes, AmericanSIBLINGS:[none][ H E A L T H ][Drinks:] Yes[Smokes:] No[Sexuality:] Straight[Sexual preference:] Switch, typically leans toward sub but she has her moments[Mental disorders:] None[Physical disorders:] None[Food Allergies:] None[Environmental Allergies:] seasonal[Fitness:] very fit[ P H Y S I C A L ][Hair color:] Chocolate Brown[Eye color:] Hazel/Green[Skin tone:] Tan[Height:] 5'2[Tattoos:] none[Scars:] none[Piercings:] basic ear piercings[ B A S I C S ][Personality:] Elizabeth is the definition of a flirt. She is very smooth and very playful but when she actually has feelings for someone she is clumsy and often gets shy. Elizabeth loves to go out to bars and clubs just to watch the people. She definitely loves being the center of attention to an extent but she also needs her own personal space and tends to watch for a moment before jumping into things.[Positive Traits:] patient, kind, gentle, independent, loyal, smart, caring, eager to please[Negative traits:] overthinks, eager to please, hard on herself[Likes:] Rain, books, tea, nature, animals, sketching/painting, music, traveling, and cooking.[Dislikes:] horror movies, thunder, ketchup, heights, loud people/noises (unless it's her music)[Habits:] lip biting (when thinking or nervous)[Pet Peeves:] disrespect, impatience, dishonesty



10/11/2021 11:13 PM 

| Anastasia Parker |

[ A N A S T A S I A      P A R K E R ][ O V E R V I E W ][Name:] Anastasia Parker[Nickname:] Stasi, Stasia, Ana[Age:] 19-26 (depends on the roleplay)[Species:] Werewolf (could be human at first in the roleplay)[Height:] 5’2[Nationality:] American[Accent?:] None[ F A M I L Y]MOTHER:[Emma Parker]-5’5, red hair, green eyes, English (born and raised in Wales, moved to America when she married Johnathan)FATHER:[Jonathan Parker]-5'11, black hair, brown eyes, American (lived in Wales for a few years, moved back to America when he married Emma)BROTHER:[Luke Parker]-6'1, brown hair, brown eyes, American, 24 Years old[ H E A L T H ][Drinks:] Yes, on occasion[Smokes:] No[Sexuality:] Bisexual (Male lean)[Mental disorders:] None[Physical disorders:] None[Food Allergies:] None[Environmental Allergies:] seasonal[Fitness:] very fit[ P H Y S I C A L ][Hair color:] Chocolate Brown[Eye color:] Hazel[Skin tone:] Tan[Height:] 5'2[Tattoos:] white rose behind her left ear[Scars:] a few on her back as well as one on the back of her left hand[Piercings:] basic ear piercings, double helix (right ear)[ B A S I C S ][Personality:] Anastasia is quiet and reserved at first , even coming off as a bit cold. She has been through quite a lot in her past which tends to make her rather cold and mean at times, but it's all just a defense mechanism. Anastasia can be very dangerous, seeing as she's very difficult to read and rather closed off, but once you make it into her heart she is the most kind and caring girl you will meet. Anastasia is fiercely loyal and protective over the ones she loves, however, she doesn't let too many people get close to her. (You can find out more about her personality as we roleplay and plot.)[Positive Traits:] patient, kind, gentle, independent, loyal, smart, caring, eager to please[Negative traits:] closed, distrusting, can be cold, overthinks, eager to please, hard on herself[Likes:] Rain, books, tea, nature, animals, sketching/painting, music, traveling, and cooking.[Dislikes:] horror movies, thunder, ketchup, heights, loud people/noises (unless it's her music)[Habits:] lip biting (when thinking or nervous)[Pet Peeves:] disrespect, impatience, dishonesty



10/11/2021 10:46 PM 

| Eleanora Pierce |

[ E L E A N O R A      P I E R C E ][ O V E R V I E W ][Name:] Eleanora Pierce[Nickname:] Nora, Ella, El[Age:] 19-26 (depends on the roleplay)[Species:] Half angel/Half demon (Thinks she's human)[Height:] 5’3[Nationality:] American[Accent?:] None[ F A M I L Y]MOTHER:[Octavia Pierce]-5’5, Blonde hair, blue eyes, homeland unknown(Believed to be dead)FATHER:[Atlas Pierce]-6'3, black hair, brown eyes, homeland unknown, leader of a gang[ H E A L T H ][Drinks:] Yes[Smokes:] No[Sexuality:] Straight[Sexual preference:] Switch[Mental disorders:] None[Physical disorders:] None[Food Allergies:] None[Environmental Allergies:] None[Fitness:] very fit[ P H Y S I C A L ][Hair color:] Dirty blonde[Eye color:] Blue[Skin tone:] Pale[Height:] 5'3[Tattoos:] None[Scars:] One scar on her wrist that looks oddly like a flame[Piercings:] basic ear piercings, double helix (right ear)[ B A S I C S ][Backstory:]Eleanora's mother, Octavia, was a fallen angel. She had been sent down to earth on a year-long assignment but she had fallen in love with a demon, Atlas. Atlas had managed to escape hell, someone having summoned him many many years ago. Atlas had been spending most of his time on earth running a large gang, a gang that was ruthless and feared by most other gangs in the area. When Octavia and Atlas met, it didn't take long for the two to begin to fall in love, but neither of them knew about eachother's true forms. Atlas didn't take too long to propose and Octavia happily accepted. When the year was up and the angel Octavia was supposed to return home to heaven, she found that she was pregnant. Due to the fact that she had fallen pregnant and was in love with a man on earth, she was granted permission to remain on earth and live out a human life.Octavia and Atlas were happier than they ever had been their whole lives. Atlas filled the emptiness that Octavia had been feeling and Octavia brought kindness and patience to Atlas. After Octavia admitted to Atlas that she was not only pregnant, but an angel that had been granted permission to live on earth with Atlas, he soon confessed of his true form. Atlas was torn up and thoroughly concerned, admitting he was actually a demon. Atlas was worried she would hate him and that she would leave him, but she loved him all the same. The only issue was that they needed to keep it a secret. All of heaven was happy for the two, however, when word got out that Atlas was actually a demon and not a human, Octavia was punished and perished during childbirth, leaving Atlas alone to care for a half demon half angel child.After the loss of his love, Atlas went cold, his gang becoming even more cruel and ruthless. He had a constant battle within himself, bouncing back and forth between the kindness Octavia had instilled in him and the hatred he felt at the world for the loss of his lover. A part of him even blamed his child, Eleanora, but the child was all he had left of his lost love. From a young age, Eleanora began displaying great power, having the ability to create fire and touch it without being burned. This was a power she had inherited from her demon father, however she was already much more powerful than him at a young age. This frightened her father and he had instilled fear in her since she was old enough to understand. This made her fear her powers, suppressing them so that she would never use them. The girl had no idea how powerful she was, only knowing she had an immunity to fire.Atlas kept Eleanora out of his gang business to, not thinking a woman was fit to lead his gang after he passed and he did not want her to somehow discover the amount of power she held in her hands. He hated the girl, truly, but Eleanora bore a striking resemblance to her mother and he couldn't bear to part with her, not to mention he planned on keeping her close to him because she was so powerful. He planned on using her powers for his own devious plans.[Personality:]Eleanora is quiet and reserved at first, very very shy. She is the definition of a good girl with a slight twist. She is incredibly smart and can read people like no ones business. Eleanora is fairly innocent minded and has little to no experience with any sort of conflict, seeing as her father kept her rather sheltered and wouldn't allow her to date all her life. She has a love-hate relationship with her father, seeing as he goes from hot to cold all the time on her. The girl has a passion for nature and animals.[Positive Traits:] patient, kind, gentle, independent, loyal, smart, caring, eager to please[Negative traits:] Naive, inexperience in minor life matters, doesn't know how to flirt, cannot stand up for herself but she stands up for others[Likes:] Rain, books, tea, nature, animals, sketching/painting, music, traveling, and cooking.[Dislikes:] Fire(she had been taught to fear it, but she is still drawn to it), coffee,[Habits:] lip biting (when thinking or nervous)[Pet Peeves:] disrespect, impatience, dishonesty, cruelty to animals



10/11/2021 10:40 PM 

| Alicia Harrington |

[ A L I C I A     H A R R I N G T O N ][ O V E R V I E W ]**NOTE: Gender-bent Steve Harrington(Stranger Things 1, 2, and 3)[Name:] Alicia Harrington[Nickname:] Alice or Ali (pronounced Allie)[Age:] 18 (Could be played as older in a college setting)[Species:] Human[Height:] 5’3[Nationality:] American[Accent?:] None[ P H Y S I C A L ][Hair color:] Brown[Eye color:] Brown[Skin tone:] Light tan[Height:] 5'3[Tattoos:] None[Scars:] None[Piercings:] basic ear piercings[ H E A L T H ][Drinks:] Yes[Smokes:] Sometimes[Mental disorders:] None[Physical disorders:] None[Food Allergies:] None[Fitness:] Very fit[ B A S I C S ][Personality:] Considered the reigning "Queen of Hawkins High." Very popular among the high school students, loves to party, constantly making bad jokes, friends with a few children, considered the "mom" of her friend group. Alicia is incredibly protective and while she often makes poor decisions, she tries to do the right thing. She thoroughly enjoys playing sports and partying and can handle quite a bit of liquor, earning the respect of many of her peers. Considers herself pretty smooth when it comes to guys, but in actuality she is pretty awkward when it comes to flirting and has no game.



10/11/2021 10:28 PM 

| Katherine Genovese |

[ K A T H E R I N E      G E N O V E S E ][ O V E R V I E W ][Name:] Katherine Genovese[Nickname:] Kat, Kitty, Katerina[Age:] 24-30 (depends on the roleplay)[Species:] Human (Could be werewolf/vampire/half-demon depending on the roleplay)[Height:] 5’3[Nationality:] Italian (Raised in America)[Accent?:] None[ F A M I L Y]MOTHER:[Nadiia Genovese] - DECEASED-5’5, Blonde hair, Green eyes, Italian, Died month's after Katherine's birthFATHER:[Marcello Genovese] - ALIVE-6'0, Black hair, Brown eyes, Italian, Cartel leader/Mafia affiliateBROTHER:[Luke Parker] - DECEASED-6'1, Brown hair, Brown eyes, Italian, Died at the age of 18(right after Katherine's 10 birthday)[ H E A L T H ][Drinks:] Yes, on occasion[Smokes:] Surprisingly, no[Sexuality:] Straight[Mental disorders:] None[Physical disorders:] None[Food Allergies:] None[Environmental Allergies:] None[Fitness:] Very fit[ P H Y S I C A L ][Hair color:] Blonde[Eye color:] Green[Skin tone:] Fair[Height:] 5'3[Tattoos:] white rose behind her left ear[Scars:] a few on her back, the back of her hands, and lower stomach. All very light[Piercings:] basic ear piercings, gold double helix (right ear), gold rook (left ear)[ B A S I C S ][Personality:]Katherine often comes off incredibly heartless and closed off. She isn't one for conversation and would rather just get down to business. The less you know about her, the better in her opinion, and unless she needs something from you, she'd rather not get to know you either. Katherine is actually very kind and sweet, though hardly anyone gets to see this side of her. She can be a bit of a hothead. Katherine is often incredibly misleading and will lie to get the information she needs, but that was just how she was raised. All of the intense outer display is really just a defense mechanism, seeing as her involvement in the cartel has caused numerous friends and family to die, she thinks it is just better not to befriend anyone.[Backstory:]Katherine's mother and father moved to America in their teens to start up their cartel business. After having many run-ins with opposing gangs, one escapade ended up in a shootout and Katherine's mother was killed shortly after Katherine was born. In another shootout 10 years later, Katherine's older brother was caught in a crossfire and killed as well, leaving her alone with her father, Marcello. After spending 6 years working alongside Marcello, the police caught up to him and sentenced him to 10 years in jail, leaving Katherine all by herself to carry on her fathers name and take on the mafia leader role. She fit right in after her father was taken, and she was damn good at what she did. After spending 8 years in jail, Marcello was released early on "good citizenship" and returned to his gang where Katherine had been in the lead... but now Katherine knew something about her father that she hadn't before. In this time away, Katherine managed to stumble upon files and secret communications her father had been hiding from her. Turns out, her mother and brother hadn't been killed by accident... In fact, Marcello set up the shooting to have them killed. Her mother had begged Marcello to retire and give up his mafia dream so they could care for their children and she threatened to go to the police. Marcello took things into his own hands and pulled the trigger. As for Katherine's older brother, he had found out about the truth behind his mother's death and confronted their father about it, only to be shot dead. Now Katherine was forced with a choice... take things into her own hands or leave the mafia for good?[Positive Traits:] can be kind, can be gentle, independent, loyal, smart, eager to please, incredibly crafty, observant, calculating[Negative traits:] closed, distrusting, can be cold, eager to please, hard on herself, can be hotheaded, can be impatient[Habits:] lip biting[Pet Peeves:] lack of drive, impatience, stupidity


(S.D.)-King Pierre-Louis Chautre

10/11/2021 10:21 PM 

One Tag four different ways
Current mood:  amused

𝐏ᴀʀᴀɴᴏɪᴅ 𝔸ɴᴅʀᴏɪᴅ

10/10/2021 11:04 PM 


(Copy&paste from my main account because I'm lazy like that lol)I know not many read this. But I'm gonna keep them around so I can tap the sign if someone starts acting up.1) Multi-para and para are welcome, I will write novella ocassionally. Only if I'm in the mindset and have enough story to work with.2) I do romance, will be a multi love-interest BUT give me a story. Give me the angst, the drama, the tension, etc. Rose tinted romance where the characters just hold hands and kiss (or f*ck and nothing else) is not my thing. 3) I won't make Vision marry anyone, that sort of stories are not my jam to be honest. When it comes to family, I might only add in the story the ones that are canon in the comics/MCU. Aside from those, no babies, no children, etc.4)  I'm a bit shy when it comes approaching people out of the blue in character. So my apologies if you think I'm just collecting followers. I just don't know how to say "hello there!" lmao4)  Don't try to "cure" aka "make him human" via magic, spells, whatever. No, no, no. Vision stays an android, end of story.5) Smut accounts get out. You'll be deleted and blocked in sight.6) Don't bring your drama to me. I don't care who was a meany or who wasn't, who did that or what.It drains all energy and kills my muse when people can't stop talking about other writers.7) This is the chill zone. Just chill. 8) Said that, people who try to bully, stalk, gossip and try to cancel me will be blocked and ignored. I'm too old to be dealing with teenager sh*t. 9) The writer is a queer genderfluid person. Please take note that my account is LGBTQ+ friendly and safe space for the community (is the character going to be bi? I dunno. I guess If the story calls for it or if I ever find a writer who is up to it and clicks with my writing hahaha).10) Go, and be happy.


10/10/2021 08:29 PM 


Name: Eric Noah BrooksStatus: AliveRelationship: FatherBrief BioJacob was born to Eric Brooks and Violet Moore. After failing to raise his first son, Eric actually put forth a valiant effort to be there for Jacob--at least for the first two years. After the very violent end to Violet and Eric's relationship, Eric could only see Violet when he looked at Jacob. He couldn't stand the sight of him,a nd that became evident in the way their relationship proceeded after Eric married his second wife. Jacob was a target child, even suffering more at Eric's hands than Eric's stepchild--Isaiah--did. Physical and mental abuse was commonplace when it came to Eric's parenting style, and no one knew that better than Jacob.Name: Cynthia Leigh "Violet" MooreStatus: DeceasedRelationship: MotherBrief BioFrom the moment she was born, Cynthia--or Violet as she preferred to be called--had stars in her eyes. She grew up in the glamorous city of Las Vegas, Nevada and made a living as a stripper while she waited to be discovered for her modeling. Her upbringing had been rather tumultuous, which did not mix well with the alcohol and drugs she absolutely adored. She and Eric and carried on a drug-filled relationship based on sex and partying. While some o fit was fun for them, a lot of it was Hell and eventually it drove Violet over the edge. Violet began exhibiting concerning behavior when she fell pregnant, but Eric wasn't smart enough to make sense of them. These issues continued into Jacob's early years, untils he eventually attempted to drown Jacob. Eric interfered, and ended up killing Violet to save himself and Jacob.Name: Linda Mae FlynnStatus: AliveRelationship: StepmotherBrief BioLinda and Eric met when Jacob was two years old. She already had a son of her own, who was quite a few years older than Jacob. The two met when Eric turned over a new leaf, and began going to churhc. Linda was an avid church goer, and Eric appreciated her values. She and Jacob's relationship was strained right from the get-go. Jacob always seemed rather aware of the disconnection between him and the other members of his family and Linda was never really intot he idea of rectifying that. She had her own child to worry about,a nd would eventually have many more with Eric. She was far too busy to worry about Jacob and mending their relationship.Name: Jennifer Lynn CaverlyStatus: AliveRelationship: RelativeBrief BioJacob knows very little about Jennifer Caverly, outside of the fact that she's the disorganized mother of his half-brother, Casey Caverly. Because Jacob and Casey did get along, he would often come over to the hotel the two of them calle dhome. He always noted Jennifer as an uneducated mess who was constantly in over her head.Name: David Shane BrooksStatus: AliveRelationship: BrotherBrief BioNo one in the world could bring out the worst in Jacob like his younger brother, David. Right from birth, David was treated as some sort of 'do-over' to rectify the mistake that was Jacob Brooks. While Eric didn't often alter his parenting methods--that was he could still be physically abusive no matter what--it was fair to say that David skirted around a lot of the cruelty just by virtue of being a child born from Eric and Linda specifically. He had no traces of Violet in him, and therefore to be loved and favored. This caused Jacob to hold nothing but pure animosity towards his brother, and to this day the two have yet to repair their relationship.Name: Mary Sarah BrooksStatus: AliveRelationship: SisterBrief BioMary became a rather sad case in the Brooks family--one Jacob had immense sympathy for from a very young age. She was the first daughter both Linda and Eric would have together. Eric, naturally misogynistic, was less than thrilled about her arrival and their relationship never seemed to get much better. Once again, Mary found herself targeted not only by Eric, but now David who was taking cues from Eric. Mary and Jacob, however, had a much more sound relationship. Right awyay Jacob felt protective over Mary, being fully aware that she deserved so much better than she was given. the two, even to this day, are as close as they can be with Jacob now living somewhere else.Name: Lily Paige BrooksStatus: AliveRelationship: SisterBrief BioIf Eric and Linda were asked, they would definitely classify Lily as an 'accident.' She was born into complete chaos, and was more or less ignored by most members of the family unless she was actively in distress. More often than not, Jacob and Isaiah found tjemselves far more invested in Lily's well-being than either one of her parents. That gave the three of them a special bond that would still hold close, though Lily wouldn't remember him much until an eventual return to Pahrump, Nevada in an attempt to mend things with his family.Name: Elijah Ryan HumphreyStatus: AliveRelationship: BandmateBrief BioElijah was a prominent musician on social media--he made quite the name for himself by posting various covers, original songs and even lessons on certain instruments. Jacob was the first to take note of Elijah, and when it came time to start recruiting a new bassist for the band, Elijah was a name Jacob suggested. He sat in at a few shows before being welcomed aboard. Right away, Jacob and Elijah hit it off as if they had known each other their entire lives. Elijah quickly became one of Jacob's closest friends.Name: Reuben Devon WilliamsStatus: AliveRelationship: BandmateBrief BioReuben had been another alumn from the Talent! days of 24 Times Rock's career. He had competed against them, and actually made it to the semi-foinals. During their time on the show, Reuben had gotten close with each one of the brothers, and Jacob found himself rooting for Reuben when he was on stage. He was a wealth of talent, but he preferred to be be away from the spotlight. Once again, when it came time to find a rhythm guitarist for their band, all of them came to the conclusion that Reuben should be the one. Excited to get back to the same shenanigans they used to get into, Reuben jumped at the chance to join the band. Once again, Jacob and Reuben were close and Jacob quickly began to consider Reuben another one of his best friends.Name: Sophia Gianna RussoStatus: AliveRelationship: Ex-WifeBrief BioSophia Russo, prior to meeting Jacob,w as working on her career as a social media influencer and beauty vlogger. When she came into Jacob's life, he was starting to slip further and further into an alcohol addiction, and that was where Sophia was headed as well. The two had a strained, convenience-based relationship but neither one of them had enough self-esteem to recognize that it was toxic to the two of them. The two were only married for a short period of time before Jacob begun having an affair with his childhood crush, Cece Donovan. In an attempt to not only drum up content for her vlogs but also keep Jacob interested in their marriage, Sophia announced to the world that she was pregnant. But after awhile, the veil was lifted and she was forced to come clean, effectively ending their marriage and her career.Name: Bryon Dale JamesStatus: AliveRelationship: ManagerBrief BioByron had been a judge on Talent! He was the one with the most amount of heart, in Jacob's opinion and he also gave very sound advice. Casey was the first eliminated, and eventually Jacob and Isaiah followed after but he never lost interest in them. He, in fact, reached out when he caught wind that they were planning to start their own group, and offered to be their manager. Jacob was thrilled--he had always loved the guiding hand that Byron had, and couldn't wait to have that around in their group.


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Stuck With U.

serpent juliet stuck with u Betty seemed to be waking up a little. Her weary, crimson eyes study the white jackets, and Archie notices a bodily change at that instant. Betty Cooper had a look on her face that Archie had never seen before. Her eyes glaze over as soon as she sees the physicians, and her body jerks forcefully away with more power than a sick and injured person should be capable of. Betty seemed to be distancing away from everyone in the examining room at first. Betty is a Betty they've never seen before. Her fingers clench into tight fists as a glare takes over her eyes. Archie barely has time to dodge before her hands are clenched, and her voice is a screeching scream.On the other hand, Betty is practically immobilized with terror as she stares at a doctor with one arm flailing and the other covering her face. She considers the doctor to be her biological father, Charles, and tbk People are at a loss on what to do. Betty has never publicly expressed the consequences of her past experiences, but the sickness appears to be the spark for this new side of her. Betty's body heat radiates in waves, and she can see sweat streaming down her face and blood flowing from her leg, but she fights them all.The bomb must have set her off. Trauma. PTSD. Betty's eyes are a little glazed over, but they're open. She's not even close to reality. Betty is not the person people see when they look into her wide-eyed eyes. The physicians are now discussing sedating her and have firsthand experience with this. And there's only one person they can contact who might be able to calm her down without sedating her and exacerbating her trauma. As a result, Archie dashes out into the hallway and dials the phone number before he can stop himself. "Please don't get off the phone. Betty requires your help, or things will spiral out of control. We're in the hospital."Once they get near enough to Betty, they intend to sedate her. They'll restrain her and inject her. And when she wakes up, she'll be in a room packed with people she believes are her father and brother, as well as tbk, who is out to murder her. If they could just get close enough, but Betty hasn't allowed them. They'd given up trying to get close to her and were now attempting to calm her down, which was failing miserably. What will happen as a result of this? near the door, the silhouettes of police officers.Then Jughead Jones walks into the room, and Betty discovers him. Betty doesn't appear to notice it at first. She's gotten her hands on an IV pole and is swinging it at everyone who dares to approach her, still muttering about Charles and Hal, Tbk and completely drenched in sweat. He had no fear of her; she could see by his gaze. When she hears him, he rushes up to her and places one hand in Betty's. In a fast reaction, he pushes her chin toward his face and uses the other hand to imprison her hand against his chest quickly. He says, "Hey, Betts," in a tone that hasn't been heard in years. When she notices him grin at her, she extends her hand flat against his chest, her palm pressing against his. "They've arrived, Jug. They're going to cause a lot of trouble for everyone. They're going to kill everyone," she says. Jughead shakes his head as Betty notices his response. "Never, Betty, You're far too strong. They're never going to catch you." Betty's shoulders relax just a little, allowing her to see Jughead creep closer and murmur things in her ear that she can barely hear. And it's a look she hasn't given him in a long time, based on the way she's gazing at him. home comment message gallery stream blog So lock the door And throw out the key Can't fight this no more It's just you and me And there's nothing I, nothing I, I can do I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with youSo go ahead and drive me insane Baby, run your mouth I still wouldn't change being stuck with you Stuck with you, stuck with you I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you, baby

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