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Miracle Prodigy

10/13/2021 09:26 PM 

Announcement: New Changes

Before I begin this just know that I truly do cherish each one of you. You're ideas are always brilliant, your drabs are simply amazing, and your edits are truly beautiful. Those I have had the pleasure of writing with, you guys have been simply wonderful and it's been a lot of fun. With that said, I have something to say and many of you may not like it... Some of you may not even see this and will question things later. To all of you who may be upset by what I have to say, I'm sorry... I truly am. I have had this character since the early 2000s. She has been in many different verses, written with a lot of different people, and had some awesome stories created with some really amazing people. As much as I love creating new stories with her and seeing where my writing partners and I can take our chosen paths, I think the time has come for a new change. When I first placed her in the MCU/DC/SPN verses there were so many wonderful people willing to write and create, some stories came quite a ways and some never got past the first post. Now, there are no more stories to explore with her. I understand inspiration dries up and real life comes first, my own life is hectic as hell right now with trying to find a new job and my family members going through different medical procedures. Still, I find it hard to stay hopeful that she will ever have new adventures so... It is with a heavy heart that I must bid her on-site stories a goodbye. I will be deleting all messages and comments relating to current stories in the coming days, so that if I ever do return to writing stories then they will be with a fresh start and a fresh mind. If I have any stories going on Discord, they will stay where they are and will not be changed. This changes only applies to the site, Discord will be unaffected. From this day on, I will only be focusing on posting drabs and edits as inspiration allows. I'll also post open statuses so anyone can join in if they wish. I may decide to return to writing stories with people in the future but for now it's getting hard to keep the optimisim alive and I feel it's time for a break. I will also be doing a friend sweep... I know there are a few of you who have been there for me the longest, so you will all be safe. Everyone else I will have to go through and see where my feelings fall. If we haven't spoken in a long time or I don't even remember adding you, then I cannot promise that you will be safe. I do treasure everyone I meet and talk with at some point but, as I've stated several times already, remaining hopeful is hard. I've tried to stay hopeful that people will want to write, that they'll come back from hiatus or breaks...but the longer times goes on, the harder it gets. I am a very patient person, as many of you know with how long I'm willing to wait for responses or messages in general, but even I have my limits. I truly do love you all and want nothing but the best for you, but there comes a time when I must value my own thoughts and feelings above my patience level and this seems to be one of those times. I'm sorry if this message upsets anyone, I'm sorry if I've ever hurt you or done something to make you not want to write, I'm sorry if I've ever hurt anyone in any way without realizing it. I'm just sorry... If you don't have my discord by now, you're probably not going to get it... I'm very selective with it and I'm sorry for that. I'll be giving it a couple days before I make the change completely. Saving everything will take time, and that gives everyone a chance to read this... Remember... I love you all but this is what I feel needs to happen. I've been patient, I've put others first for so long and now I feel it's time to put me and my wants and needs first. I honestly have been thinking about this for several months now but have been waiting to see if things changed... This was not a emotional decision and not an easy one to make. If I ever do decide to write with people again, to create new stories and adventures, then I will be just as selective with who and why as I am with my discord. I've had this character for so long that I do not intend to delete her and I do not want to put her on hiatus as I have done with my other one. So I will be trying this change first to see if things improve. If not, then a hiatus may be needed. Only time will tell for sure.So... That's it. That's all I wanted to say. 


10/12/2021 07:04 PM 

Fool Me Twice ... (Drabble)

I Imagine Death So Much It Feels More Like A Memory(tw - death - drug use - attempted murder) “If you die you're completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I'm not afraid of dying. Total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope I've got.”- Kurt Cobain It’s weird, saying you’ve died. Let alone saying its happened twice. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more at peace from anything else. No drug in the world could ever make you feel so relaxed as dying does. When I died the first time, I felt the pain from it all. Once I felt the first shot enter my chest it felt like a living hell. Times that by four I was laying in my own blood praying for death to take me away. I never felt so betrayed in my life, a woman I thought who loved me sold me out as fast as she could and tried to end my life. I remember thinking at the time if I was in pain from that or from the gunshots. Then all of a sudden, everything went black. That pain I was feeling moments before vanished, I felt my own heart slow down as each breath became more shallow than the last. For some reason, I wasn’t scared anymore, I embraced it. I was counting down from one hundred, each number taking me closer and closer down. In the back of my mind I thought about my funeral. Would my parents know? What would they think? Maybe they would come together to mourn over their only son’s death. Or they could just cut their losses and cremate my body. Sixty-one, Sixty, Fifty-nine, fifty-eight. What did it really matter at that point? Once your dead you don’t see what your loved ones go through, lights out. All I could really do is pray that they show some kind of care, and that they would be able to go on without me. Twenty-nine, twenty-eight, twenty-seven, twenty-six. I could tell that my body was shutting down at this point, I had lost too much blood. It was starting to seep down my neck and get in my hair. By that point I wondered what would be on the other side. Words from my old pastor from bible school played at that moment, “And from 2 Timothy 4:18, The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. ” I hadn’t been to a service since I was eighteen-years old, but since I started using that one verse stuck with me. If there was a heaven, It wasn’t the place for me. I ruined that the moment I stuck that needle in my arm. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six. Twenty-six years just wasn’t enough time, but I did this to myself. Five, four, three, two, one....I woke up the next morning gasping for air, my lungs felt as if they were on fire. “You’re lucky you were alive! We lost you there for a moment.”I couldn’t believe it, I made it out alive. After everything seemed to check out alright in my eyes I ran away as fast as I could. There wasn’t a chance in hell I would answer any sort of questions they had for me, let alone the amount of blood work that was done probably showed the heavy amounts of heroin in my system. The following weeks after that day were a bit of a blur, a part of that resulting from the heavy amounts of drinking and drugs I was putting in my system to cope with the pain. Everything hurt, nothing seemed to stop it. I couldn’t keep anything I ate or drank down, sleeping was damn near impossible. Maybe I was in a sort of hell? Eventually, the heroin usage caught up to me. I did it one too many times which triggered an overdose. My body threw up everything it had, even when nothing was left. My lungs felt like they were collapsing, and eventually my eyes closed. Ninety-nine, ninety-eight, ninety-seven. This had to be it. There was just no way I was going to make it out alive again. The pain I had felt these last few weeks vanished, and once again I felt at peace. I didn’t dwell on my parents, nor did I on the idea of going to heaven or hell. There was only peace this time. Despite only counting down to fifty-five I had felt my heart stop once again.“Sir, can you tell me your name?”My shirt had been ripped open, multiple EMTs surrounded me to see if I had regained full consciousness. My heart was racing, sweat covering every inch of my body. The only thing I could get out was “Did I die again?”Enough was enough. After that last incident, I realized my purpose was to live longer. To live that life I should have been already living before heroin came into the picture. It tried to take me twice, and I didn’t want to see if third time was really the charm in this case. 

โœž โ„“ฯƒััฮฑฮนะธั” ฯ‰ฮฑััั”ะธ โœž

10/12/2021 02:05 PM 

Loss of faith

The soft sound of a piano playing filled the Warren home. It was still early morning, none of the Warrens should have been awake yet but one was, Lorraine. Only hours earlier she and Ed had arrived home after a very trying case. The demonic cases always left Lorraine shaken. Left her faith wounded, left her wondering why God would allow such evil to roam the Earth. Thoughts like this were dangerous, could weaken her and leave her vulnerable. So she tried to ignore them with music. Lorraine had always loved music and was very talented at the piano.Sitting alone her fingers busily worked, dancing across the keys producing the soft melody. She was playing the only song she felt like playing at the moment, one of her favorites, Hallelujah. Given how she was feeling she thought it was a fitting song.Lorraine stopped her playing when she felt two hands on her shoulders. She wasn't startled, she knew who it was. She felt Ed press a gentle kiss to her head before speaking. "Not that I don't love your playing... but it is 6 am." He said sitting beside her, his back to the keys. He gave a small but tired smile."I'm sorry if I woke you." She said quietly, the two shared a look for a moment. Lorraine didn't even need to explain what was wrong or that she needed this distraction. Nodding Ed turned to face the piano. "Start again?" He asked. Silently Lorraine again began the song, Ed taking a few moments before he joined in.Softly he began singing along to the song, Ed had always had such a wonderful voice. As Lorraine played and Ed sang that dark and hopeless almost angry feelings Lorraine had been feeling were melting away, being filled with a new sense of hope. That maybe there were things to still be thankful for. God wasn't allowing evil to ravage the world. He was trying to save it, with something as simple as Lorraine's gift.By the time Lorraine had finished, she was crying silently. Again Ed didn't question this. Instead, he put an arm around her and kissed her temple. There were no words to be said, the couple simply sat holding each other, truly taking a moment to recover from all the darkness they had been exposed to over their last case. Hallelujah   template credit.    

The Diamond Standard

10/12/2021 01:59 PM 

Hallmark Hell

Emma's Hallmark Hell"Come on, Emma."Emma looked up from her phone to regard Christian with a frosty glare. Her brother leaned forward, pressing his hands on the shiny surface of her desk. Offering his sister a charming smile, Christian waggled his eyebrows. Dirty pool. Her brother was one play away from resorting to puppy dog eyes. Setting the phone down, Emma rubbed her temples. But no amount of massaging would spirit her brother away, nor banish the devious plan he clearly had already set into motion. Christian's grin widened, he knew that he had won."Where exactly is this place, Christian?"Emma Frost was again on her phone. This time searching every digital map known to mankind for some--in the words of her brother--charming little town upstate. And despite the effort of well manicured fingers, she came up with absolutely nothing. As far as the internet was concerned, this place did not exist. Glancing over at her brother, who--against her better judgement--was currently driving the Queen's white Lamborghini, Emma found herself faintly grimacing (the scowl lines, darling!). Christian seemed absolutely over the moon. Pursing her lips, Emma resolved to let him have his fun. So she turned her focus on the landscape in silent, suspicious reflection."Don't worry, Em. I've got it all up here." Christian tapped the side of his head. This was something of a challenge to his sister, whom he knew would not invade his thoughts, but was also tormented with not knowing their destination.White. So much white. The whole world was white. White. White. White. Fresh snow covered EVERYTHING; cars were buried, street lights draped, sidewalks concealed. The only thing not white were the brightly colored light displays that shone with a brilliance reserved only for this joy-invoking time of year. Santa and his reindeer looked back at Emma at every turn…mocking her with their unnatural cheer. Every window display offered a tantalizing glimpse into a magical realm of possibility. Christmas even managed to infiltrative her car. Christian belted out carols in sync with the radio. Emma sank deep into her jacket."Oh, come on! Emma, look at you." Christian looked over at his sister."Oh come on what?" Emma grumbled in return."You need a break! You're overworked, tired. Time to let go a little." Christian was far too happy, it put the White Queen on edge."I'm here, aren't I?" Emma muttered before taking a long drink from her overly-sweet holiday themed coffee. She could jump out of the car, she would survive without ramification in her diamond form. The thought was rather appealing. But, despite the daydream, Emma remained seated…a holiday hostage…as her brother drove God only knew where.The city gradually gave way to new landscape. Smaller towns, then rural, before ultimately becoming wilderness. It was beginning to snow again; lightly, but that was still too much for the White Queen's comfort in the middle of nowhere in her beautiful car. Emma's unease was growing and the rapidly approaching night did not help. Glancing once more at her phone, finger hovered over the screen, Christian's screams interrupted any further thought or action...A deer in the headlights' beam…Squealing tires…Tree.………When Emma Frost regained consciousness, she immediately became aware of flashing blue and red lights. Someone hovered just outside of her window. EMS. He was talking, but had all the clarity of an adult in a Charlie Brown cartoons. Focus, Emma. The door was opened, the first responder began checking her over. Emma's gaze shifted towards her brother, but he was gone. Was he OK? Sudden panic brought everything into focus."Ma'am?""I'm fine!" Emma snapped, brushing away the EMS's efforts to flash a light in her eyes. The errant light flashed against the diamond flesh of her upper torso, causing the responder to wince from the reflection. Emma, it seemed, had managed to partially react to the car accident. Just not fast enough. At her silent command, organic diamond reverted back to flesh. Aside from the throbbing headache, she appeared otherwise fine."What was that?" He rubbed his eyes a moment, but otherwise seemed utterly clueless. Emma raised an eyebrow. It seemed odd that a human's reaction would not be 'Oh my god, you're mutant!' Easy on the eyes though he was, his apparent naivety was highly suspect. The White Queen pushed past him to get out of her beautiful, wrecked car."You didn't see anything, dreamboat. Now take me to my brother!" It was a command, not a statement."Ma'am, I just saw..." He stammered, flustered by her efforts to push past him. If she hadn't be so annoyed at the moment, Emma might have found the whole doe-eyed country boy routine adorable. And then it struck her. Her Jedi mind trick did not work on him."I said, 'you didn't see anything!'" She narrowed her eyes on him, daring him to challenge her assertion."Uh-oh! I think I know what's wrong." Doc McCutie began to smile. Emma, too busy trying to understand why her telepathy was not working, missed the sudden shift in his personality. "Wait right there."He ran back towards his ambulance. Taking the moment to try again, she directed her attention towards a police officer. He was a middle aged man, slightly portly, with a generally jolly disposition. The man was writing down a report while chatting with a friendly familiarity to the other EMS responder. Focusing her thoughts, Emma commanded him to hop on one foot telepathically. Nothing. The two men continued their chitchat. All the while, her new buddy had returned with a thermos in hand. Oh for crying out loud!"I think you need a healthy dose of Christmas cheer." And with that, he poured her a lid-cup full of hot chocolate, no doubt an outstanding quality drink brought to us by Swiss Miss. Offering her the vessel, the slightly scruffy but otherwise boy scout, upstanding citizen of--oh God, was this the cute little town her brother had insisted she simply must see?-- Hollyville.Someone kill her now. 

The Diamond Standard

10/12/2021 01:56 PM 

The Trap Is Set

"Emma.""Hm?"The White Queen was ripped from her daydream at the sound of her name. She didn't mean to wander off, per say. The exterior wall of her office was all window with the most gorgeous view of the city. The sky was so blue and it was quite a beautiful day. The more she gazed outward, the further her mind drifted. Perhaps she should gather the Cuckoos and take her daughters shopping. There was an adorable sundress by Neiman Marcus she was just itching to take off the hanger. Oh! Maybe she could have lunch on the pier, wear a wide brim sun hat. What a lovely idea! And that was how her mind wandered off."What were you saying, darling?"Scott Summers clenched his jaw with a disapproving grimace. The fearless leader of the X-Men had come to seek her help. Things were a bit…chilly…between herself and the X-People. While she was more than happy to lend her services, she really wasn't all that thrilled about brandishing an X-logo across her chest these days. Still, they were all about helping mutant kind. So long as their goals were the same, Emma would gladly volunteer as an ally, even wear the dinky X. But no spandex."I need your help." Summers bristled."Aw, was it really that hard to say?" Emma quirked an eyebrow, a smug smile gracing her flawless features.It was. It really was.Scott Summers was clenching his jaw again.Emma sat forward in her chair, the new posture setting her ample bosom on the surface of her desk and presenting a delectable view. Fully committed in toying with the man, now, she laced her fingers together and propped her head atop the woven bridge, ostensibly framing the view of her chest. But the boy scout wasn't having any of it--or as far as she could tell. His eyes were concealed, after all. But there was no fluster, uncomfortable shift in his posture. Damn.Instead, he kept talking."There have been a string of high profile burglaries, all involving enhanced individuals. Seeing as how we don't want this sort of national attention, these people need to be found." He let out a low breath, dropping into one of the two chairs situated on the side of the desk. "The problem is they don't seem to exhibit the same powers each time they strike! One heist they'll use telekinesis, the next time they might shapeshift! Barring a whole gang of power mimics, something is very funny about this entire thing."Dropping the smirk, Emma looked quite puzzled. "And you need me for…?""Bait."Sunlight ran along the frame of his visor when he tilted his head and dare she say he almost looked down right sinister for a moment? It was quite comical in an ominous foreshadowing sort of way."Do tell."The White Queen leaned back in her chair, tenting her fingers as she waited for Cyclops to continue."You need to throw a party, something that will get a lot of attention, draw in certain crowd. Make yourself an irresistible target. I'll have some more…discrete…people among the crowd. We need to catch these people in the act. With your telepathy…""I can sense them, their thoughts." It didn't take a psychic to know that's where he was heading.Considering his proposal, Emma pursed her lips in silent reflection. Throw a little soiree, X-Men among the flock, catch the thieves. It did seem rather straight forward. But Emma was a known associate of the X-Men and a publicly known mutant. No thief with an ounce of sense would dare pick her pockets, especially in her own home. No, they needed a decoy."Darling," Emma gave a vulpine smile. "I know just the stooge."A couple years ago, Emma was on vacation. She liked to play with the blue bloods, twist them around her little finger; let them buy her stuff, shower her with attention, late night dalliances. No, she didn't use her telepathy on them (usually). All girlish charm, darlings. It was a game for her. And it was on such a vacation she met a charming fellow named Bruce. Enigmatic, handsome, and very rich, Bruce was a delightful companion to fill her evenings. And no doubt he would prove to be just as useful now.Giving Bruce a call, now there was an awkward conversation. 'I remember you.' 'You're a telepath, huh?' 'No, I swear I never used telepathy on you.' You get the general idea. He was, understandably, leery of her proposal. How could he not? They shared a couple of delightful days together and parted ways, only to find out she was a telepath? No doubt he felt downright violated. But aside from turning his mind from her existential crisis of conscience regarding the murder of her sister, Emma never delved into his mind. But had she done so, well, the well practiced veneer of rich playboy might have gotten considerably more interesting the deeper she delved. Such things as his very unique nocturnal habits and fixation with bats and robins. 

The Diamond Standard

10/12/2021 01:54 PM 


"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen…""No, Miss Frost! She's a pirate!" Piped up the child. Chubby little fingers gripping her blanket, as Vika gazed up at Emma Frost with large, luminous purple eyes.Emma regarded the small child with a half smile."Very well. We'll split the difference. Once upon a time, there was beautiful pirate queen…" Emma gave pause, waiting for the approval from what would seem her biggest critic at the moment. The little girl nodded in approval. "She was the fiercest of scallywags, well versed in the way of the sword and sea." The White Queen gave a swift thrust with in an imaginary sword before coming to sit on the child's bed.She was the most fiercest of pirates who commanded an impressive fleet ("I supposed that makes her Commodore?") and countless minions across the seas. But she was not the only overlord of the oceans. There were many dangers when one lived the life of a privateer; the ocean herself was a dangerous companion, bellow her depths lurked the most dreadful of creatures…("And mermaids?" "Yes, dear, and mermaids.")…and those who also made a life upon the waters. A pirate queen HAD to know who was friend and who was foe. One such foe was a slimy ratscallion by the name Black Hearted Shaw…n. Black Hearted Shawn, another privateer who was not be trusted and rival to our hero. Lucky for the pirate queen, she had inherited a crystal ball that helped her reveal people's deepest, most secretive thoughts.Among those she counted on as her friends was…("The mermaid?")…the merman Namo..ok. Namook. As well as a the seafaring Prince Scooter…("Are they in love, Ms. Frost?" "NO! *ahem* No, dear.")..who, while obnoxiously do-good in nature, tended to end up helping the pirate queen on her escapades. And a wizard with a magic carpet. He, too, had a crystal with which he could see people's inner thoughts. ("He also wore a ridiculous hat to hide his baldness." ("Ms. Frost! That's not very nice.")Standing proudly on the deck of her spotless ship, the Pirate Queen looked out across the sparkling sea at the port of her adopted home, Krakoona. Krakoona was a giant sea monster with a paradise island growing on it's back. And if her crystal ball was at all accurate--as it most often was--the city seemed happy and at peace. It was nice to be home. With the winds to their back, the Marauder slipped effortlessly into port. The city was already bustling in the early morning light. Dockhands scurried to aid the newly arrived ship at the bark of the harbormaster. That land was an amazing mixture of life. Minotaurs, centaurs, pixies, and wizards; there was no shortage of magic on this island.Descending the gangway, Emma paused for a moment to simply enjoy the mingling of sea air with the scents of land. "I hope your journey was a productive one, Pirate Queen." The familiar sound of a friend's voice rang out from just beyond the dock. It was the Wizard sitting upon his magic carpet. The queen raised an arm in greeting. "As though you have not been keeping an eye on me with your crystal ball!" Meeting each other half way, the friends and ex-enemies exchanged a brief embrace. "Of course it was." The bald Wizard in his silly turban nodded his approval. "And your hat is still ridiculous." The pirate added much to his dismay.Together, the pair made their way to the nearest travel. It was sparsely populated, but a couple of familiar patrons were there. "If it isn't her highness herself." Chortled a dark elf who fancied himself a pirate ("Though he had neither a ship or the disposition for sea life."), making light of her otherwise dreaded moniker. 

๐ŸŽƒ Foxy ๐ŸŽƒ

10/12/2021 01:22 PM 

5AM Coffee

The sky was starting to lighten, but the actual sun up was still a little ways away. Venus shined proudly in the summer sky, determined in vain to outperform the full moon's waning glory. Creatures of the night settled into their homes for a well-deserved rest. The barred owl in the big oak still called out a couple of hoots, but even he was ready to sleep. At the base of the oak, another creature stirred. Residents of the forest had grown accustomed to her presence. Perhaps they did not trust her just yet, but they were /aware/ of her. What an unnatural beast or man, whatever she was!Sitting up, Nox let out an anguished groan. Her head felt like shattered glass. Never had she encountered enough alcohol to actually make her drunk per se, but she suspected this was pretty close to what a hangover felt like. Running her hands through her hair, the she-wolf began picking out the brambles and general forest debris she accumulated whilst being a wolf. Dirt turned white hair murky, twigs and leaves added to the disheveled state.If she shook it enough, would a bird's nest fall out? Where was her bag? Oh yeah. By the car. Ugh. She had to walk back to the car. Well, at least it was summer. No snow! Holy f***, she needed a strong ass cup of coffee!Standing up, Nox stretched as far as her body would allow. Fingers nowhere near reaching the lowest hanging branch, but that didn't stop her from trying. By human standards, Adelphe was on the shorter side. Knotted muscled, sore from sleeping on the ground, protested the movements. But it felt so good to stretch every sinew as far as it could possibly go! She twisted left, twisted right, all in an attempt to loosen up. 'Alright, enough messing around.' The wolf in human skin began a brisk trot towards her car. Midstride, the sound of movement caused Nox to nearly fall. She hadn't heard anything, nor picked up any curious scents in the air. She was completely caught by surprise when a pair of hikers stumbled out of the underbrush. How did she miss that?"Oh God!" The woman shouted. "Woah!" Her male companion echoed the sentiment. Both threw up their hands and ducked their faces into the crooks of their arms. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" "Why are you just prancing around like some…some…naked forest nymph?!" Nox looked down. Oh. Right. She was naked. Ooh! Right! She was naked! 'Sheesh, humans.' Putting her arms in front of her, Adelphe Nox feigned embarrassment. "Oh no! I'm so sorry!" She yelped. "My friends thought it would be funny to steal my supplies!" This appeared to be an agreeable excuse for the humans, who berated the imaginary friends for having done such a thing. The couple, still adverting their eyes, offered to help. A shirt, perhaps? But Noxy kindly declined, saying her car wasn't too far and she had some clothes there. Again, accepting her explanation, the pair took off as quickly as possible.At her car, things flowed in a predictably mundane manner. Clothes, wet wipes to wash away as much dirt as possible, pull a brush through the mangled mess that was her hair, hydrate with bottled water, and get on the road. It was during such tedious steps of the post-full moon that Adelphe's mind began to wander. Wouldn't it be nice to have a pack again? Maybe they could chase rabbits by moonlight! It would be fun to have someone she could talk to during the drive back. The fact that she was beginning to confide in Marie was a little bit…unnerving…to Nox. Marie, though a creature one would certainly call supernatural, was still an airhead who regularly had little regard to anyone but herself. And she certainly didn't understand the communal living a wolf was more accustomed to when not pretending to be a human. Sometimes Nox wished she and Marie had never discovered one another's secret life.Pushing up her cheap aviators, Adelphe rubbed her eyes. But that did little to clear the haze in her head. Catching a road sign listing restaurants and the approaching stop, the white wolf decided to turn off the interstate. It was a little one-horse town with barely a Waffle House. But that was all she wanted. Pulling up her white tresses in a messy--and it was truly messy, complete with dirt and leaves--bun, Nox examined her reflection in her rearview mirror. Wiping away all residual dirt, she deemed herself presentable. Well, as presentable as she was going to get. Purse in hand, she stepped out of her car. Nothing sounded better at the moment than a burnt coffee and a bacon/egg/cheese sandwich. 

๐ŸŽƒ Foxy ๐ŸŽƒ

10/12/2021 01:20 PM 

Rampage Cont.

Blood-crazed, the white werewolf charged towards the distant crowd of revelers. Christmas music resonated through out the park, drawing her attention. Black claws raked the ground--dirt and stone alike--as she charged toward the human buffet. Screams of alarm sounded as those on the fringe noticed the charging she-beast. Preparing the attack, Nox reared up into an upright posture. Shoots rang out. Ropes entangled themselves around her limbs, binding her arms to her side. Bellowing in fury, the She-Wolf topples over like a felt tree. CRASH. Face first in the gross. Screams grew louder as more people became aware of the rampaging wolf-monster. Panicked, them ran as a herd. Mindless cattle. So delicious!Nox squirmed, fighting to escape the lines that bound her. But this was not simple rope! The Order paid damn good money for tinstone carbide cables. Behind Adelphe, men in body arm disguised as NYPD SWAT emerged from the tree line. Tranquilizers had only a limited effect on these beasts, but maybe with the silver it would buy them enough time to contain her. Darting the savage creature, they hit her with enough to put down a bull elephant. "Hurry, this stuff won't last long."That's when it all went dark for Noxy. "Nighty night, beasty."Stirring awake, Adelphe found herself in total darkness. Ugh…her head. What a nightmare! Reaching to rub her eyes, Nox was startled when sharp nails cut at her face. The fog lifted.

Queen of Heaven

10/12/2021 09:42 PM 

God's Conquest

Warning:  The following might be...unpleasant to read...if you are not capable of handling darker topics, I suggest you skip this.-----------Thunder rumbled in the distance. Something so uninteresting should not have stirred สพElat from her sleep.But it did.Eyes greener than the deepest emeralds peered into the darkness from under the veil of thick lashes. Nothing seemed amiss. The patter of rain on the roof of the tent and her husband's steady breathing beside her was assurance that there was, indeed, nothing to be upset about. The beast about them slept, not so much as an ear twitch. Still, something was wrong, something was not right. Brief flickers of lightning illuminated the colorful fabrics of their dwelling. Rich patterns of golden stars and stylized bulls against azure fields almost appeared to move against the flashing lights. Heavy peels of thunder followed closer behind each bolt, the storm drew near.Discontent, she moved closer to her sleeping beloved. The light outlined his sleeping form. Nude, the rolling field of muscle, iron-hard from a lifetime of battle, draped in skin forever kissed by the sun; he was สพil mlk. The image of vitality despite the gray that had long overtaken his ebon locks. In her mind, he had not changed a bit since the dawning of the first sunrise when he approached her on the beach. Fresh from the slaughter of Yamm, oh he was truly a sight behold. If he, the great warrior, was unbothered by a little rain, why was she? Closing her eyes, she tried taking solace in the sounds of his steady breath. He was her rock, the only constant.Thunder boomed overhead, the storm had arrived. An uneasy sleep had finally taken Asherah, just deep enough that she did not sense an unwelcomed arrival. Drawing back the heavy fabric of the door, the dark figure stepped past the lioness and bull, the sacred totems to the lord of the cosmos and his queen. He did not come with an army, nor adorn himself in armor. Rather, under the cover of the thunder, Yahweh crept towards the sleeping couple. Gripping the hilt of his divine blade, he knelt down. The queen, he cared not for. No, it was the king he sought. At long last, El would fall. To claim his life would cement the pretentious war god's standing as king of kings; no others would challenge his claim. A flash of lightning, the roar of thunder, he struck. His blade kissed the throat of the old king."No!"Waking up, Asherah came face to face with her husband's killer, his knife dripping with El's essence. She knew his face right away: Yahweh! A short, trimmed beard and close-cropped brown hair; he was a young pup compared to El, the creator of the world. Rolling away, she spat a curse. Damn the pretender! Damn this usurper! With the ferocity of a lioness, the Queen of Heaven grabbed the dagger at the bedside. No warrior worth his salt would be without a weapon at arm's length, even at night. And She Who Treads On Water was no stranger to its use, El saw to that. Lashing out at the murderer, his blade easily blocked her blow. Yahweh pushed back, forcing her off balance. Before she could right herself, he drew back his hand and struck her. Dazzled from the blow, she could only be glad to not completely remember what happened next. For what came next cemented Yahweh's power over the region.With his blade, the pretentious invader from the east began to slice off bits of the body. Yahweh began consuming her husband, absorbing him into his being. Yahweh was a national god, a protectorate of Samaria. A war and storm god who controlled a heavenly army. His precious angels. It was only a matter of time before Yahweh turned his focus on the Canaanite pantheon. But what was he against so many?! El was unconcerned. Asherah never would have expected the usurper to attack them as he did. Instead of marching his army of believers across their border, the godling attacked the royal couple directly! Now she watched helplessly as Yahweh assumed the full power of El.With golden ichor dribbling down his face, Yahweh shuddered with this newfound power welling up inside of him. Possibly not since the dawn of time had so much cosmic power been consolidated into one single being. Asherah took a hesitant step back as the godling radiated divine energy. Golden light filled the tent, growing in brightness to the point of unbearableness. With tears in her eyes, Asherah had to avert her gaze. Would he survive housing so much power? Would he explode? And, should he do such, would she survive the blast? Emerald eyes flickered towards the tent's opening. Dare she run? Or would such a maneuver only draw Yahweh's attention? Did he mean to kill her as well? This and more ran through the goddess's mind as she grappled with this new reality.She took another step back. Yahweh was far too busy trying to digest El's power, her movement went unnoticed. Holding her breath, the Creatrix took another step. Yahweh made no move to stop her. Silently, she took another step. Then another. And another. Until she brushed against the heavy fabric of the tent. The usurper never seemed to notice the widow of El making her escape. It was still raining. Heavy drops quickly soaked ebone locks, plastering to her nude form. Asherah needed to reach her children. Their might combined might possibly stand against Yahweh. Might. That wasn't a lot to work with, but she would avenge her husband. Looking back at her home, Asherah saw no sign of Yahweh. Turning to leave, the Queen of Heaven came face to the would-be God-King."Going somewhere, good lady?" Yahweh raised an eyebrow, a pretentious smirk on his face. 

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Halloween Mischief

Ok, this is a piece I really, really, really want to see finished in the form of a SL.  I've tried for many Halloweens to find someone interested in the plot, but it's never worked out.  Anyway, more awkward situations for my little wolf.It was October, Halloween was looming on the horizon nearly as brightly as the approaching full moon. Decorations were appearing early this year. Maybe those fat cats in the corporate offices finally figured out that consumers didn’t like f***ing Santa Clause being crammed down their throats from September to December 25 and that there were, in fact, two other holidays that needed observing. (Sorry, that's totally a pet peeve! Moving on.) It was nice seeing pumpkins, ghouls, and witches fighting for their time to shine. The air had grown crisp with the latest half hearted cool front that moved in over the city. (Unfortunately, it wouldn’t actually get cold until much later.) Leaves were changing colors; displaying bright hues of yellow, orange, and red. An appropriate swan song if you asked Nox. Maybe it was all the orange--her favorite color--or the return of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes (total guilty pleasure!), but there was something she just loved about the Autumn. There was something downright magical about the whole season.Despite living among humans, Adelphe Nox…She-Wolf…did not totally understand human holidays, but she’d be lying out her ass if she said she did not enjoy them. Halloween stood out above the rest. It was just all the symbolism and forgotten meaning behind the things children just take in as ‘part of the holiday.’ Like the jack-o-lantern. It was originally associated with All Saints Day and the carved turnips, squash, and eventually pumpkins represented the souls in purgatory. Now it’s just a cool art form that shows up once a year. And then there was the fact that Nox had expanded her social circle to include people who did some pretty unnatural things and some supernatural beings, many of whom heralded this season as a special phase in the Earth‘s cycle.Evening had settled, the sun already bellow the horizon. The only thing left was the dying colors across the sky. Pinks faded to purple before dissolving seamlessly into blue as the first star of evening winked into view. Was it Venus or Mercury? Nox could never seem to remember. Her walk back to her apartment was a short one, motivated by the realization that time was growing short and she’d better scoot her fine ass up the stairs to get in costume. The party was hosted by a friend of friend…of a friend, of a friend?…in other words, she had no idea who was throwing this shindig. But invites seemed everywhere, like, literally, all over town. Billboards, fliers, word of mouth, social media, celebrity endorsement. The party itself was in Central Park--can’t imagine how much that alone cost--and it ran…well, there was no end time, actually. There were some high profile bands even signed on to perform, a haunted house, this thing was more like a festival than a party. It seemed like a massive undertaking.Bursting into her apartment, Nox found Marie, her roommate and the most annoying human thing on the face of this planet, predictably prancing around half naked, “dressed” like a black cat (In other words, wearing black lingerie with cat ears and whiskers drawn on her face). “Ree-ow!” Marie’s voice hit an ear-splitting pitch as she clawed at the air in Nox’s general direction. Nox only lifted an eyebrow before shaking her head and rushing past her. “Gotta get ready.” Now, it would have been downright ironic for Nox to dress like Red Riding Hood., right? So she didn’t. Instead, Adelphe Nox opted for Tinkerbell. Yes, go ahead, laugh it up. Noxy dressed up like a froofy fairy with all the girly glitter and glamour…and a pair of wings. She even had a drawstring purse with ’fairy dust’ (incandescent glitter) in it. Well, this was something different for her and Halloween was all about trying out a different persona, right? Stepping out of the bathroom with her hair in curls, rather loud green, sparkly eye shadow on her face; this was more horrifying than any costume she could image. “Look how cuuuuuute!” Marie prance up, looping her arm with Nox. “Let’s go!”The party was already hopping by the time Nox and Marie arrived. No sooner among the crowd and Marie was gone, right into the arms of the sleaziest looking ‘hottie’ in sight. Skank. Grateful and half tempted to leave, Nox wandered into the crowd. To say Nox was not exactly…comfortable…among the crowd would be an understatement. Large groups of humans crowded into a tight space and alcohol? Oh yeah, what's the worst that could happen? Grabbing a cup of apple cider, she sniffed it once cautiously before tentatively taking a sip. Spiked, but nothing more. Draining the drink, the She-Wolf ventured deeper into the crowd. People swayed to the music that blared at an obnoxiously high pitch. 'Forget this.' She thought with a scoff, turning to leave the crowds. She'd much rather grab some beer and eat pizza.Weaving through the crowds, nearing the edge, Nox suddenly…felt different. She paused, feeling overwhelmed with dizziness. Her head was spinning, like she was riding a roller coaster. Looking around, it seemed the feeling was not limited to herself. Party goers weren't dancing anymore. They were standing dazed, some doubling over in pain. And they were changing…a process with which she was all too familiar. But what of her? The roller coaster sensation wasn't vertigo. Instead, the ground came zooming up at her, or she was falling---rapidly. Nox clenched her eyes tightly shut, throwing her arms up defensively protecting her head. And then…it stopped as abruptly as it began. Lower her arms, Nox was not remotely ready for what she saw. She was surrounded by a forest. A forest of grass! She, the She-Wolf, stood a scant six inches tall, wearing a green dress made of leaves and shoes with…oh for f*** sake…little pom-poms on the top of the toes. No no no. She twisted around. Awh f***. There were wings. There were f***ing wings! Shiny, gossamer f***ing fairy wings.No sooner had the revelation set in, but those damnable things began to move on their own accord! They pulled her aloft, though Nox had no idea how she was doing it. Flailing around, Nox flew--or rather, found herself being dragged by her wings--high enough to see the chaos that had befallen the party. Where once revelers in various costumes stood, there were all manners of creatures. Zombies, ghosts, pirates, and the such had replaced… No, not replaced, they were the party goers transformed! Just as she! Screams filled the air. All those 'sexy nurses/maids/etc.' were being chased by zombies. (Good luck finding any brains, guys.) A yowling black cat slinked against the leg of a Frankenstein monster…oh Marie… Twisting around, still more suspended by her wings rather than controlled flight, Nox tried to go higher, above the chaos. Though she felt like she was ten stories in the air, the reality was that at three feet off the ground she was quite vulnerable. Her idiot roommate could eat her! How insane was that?! That's when something moved behind her. Oh pixie dust!Behind the miniscule wolf, something monstrous came to her attention. Something REALLY monstrous, not 'oh my god, everything looks huge' monstrous. A massive wedged shaped head regarded her with large yellow eyes as flames flickered from its angular muzzle, mere inches from the wee fairy. Talon tipped feet scored the earth with each step of the green dragon as it turned its full attention on Nox. Massive pinions filled the night sky as the beast positioned itself, poised to pounce. All she could do was watch, slack jawed and frozen, at the giant lizard with a combination of fear and disbelief taking a firm hold. As the tooth-filled maw parted, Nox regained her wits. Fly, girl! Fly! Stupid wings, go! Teeth clicked over a trail of pixie dust. Nox managed to hit the gas. However, much to her dismay, speed and steering were two very different things.Launching through the air like a tiny, glittery rocket, the She-Wolf lacked the experience to even consider how to dodge. WHAM! Right into the back of someone's head. Falling to the ground, dazed, a startling new revelation dawned on Nox. On the sidewalk just beyond the limits of Central Park, it quickly became apparent that whatever enchanted occurred at the party, it was limited to the party. The rest of the city seemed unchanged. Something else quickly dawned on Nox: There was a thirty foot tall dragon descending from the sky, still hungry for fairy. Yikes! 'Wings, do your thing!' Nox silently prayed, willing the new appendages to do as she commanded. Taking to the air, she hurtle down the street with a dragon hot on her glitter-covered green tail. What would happen when the other "creatures" wandered out of the park?

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"Can you walk?" - For Julian

Can you walk?By: Lorraine Warren // 1533977For: Demonic Soul // 1352949Lorraine and Ed had been on one of their many investigations. Usually, their oldest children assisted them on their cases. Their son Drew, and their daughter Jade and her boyfriend Julian. Deep down Lorraine knew this sort of work wasn't exactly something Julian liked to take part in. But he was useful, especially in the demonic cases and these were one of those cases.After the brutal exorcism everyone was tired, Lorraine had taken most of the brunt of the demon's aggression, being thrown around the room like a rag doll. She laid on the floor face down, she groaned as she slowly rolled over onto her back. Seeing Ed on the floor as well she frowned, Drew was by his side and looked to her. "He's okay." He assured her.Lorraine then looked up as Julian stood over her. "Can you walk?" He asked quietly. Lorraine tried to sit up though couldn't manage to stand. She gasped a little as Julian came up behind her and in a swift movement lifted her off the ground and carried her, setting her in a nearby chair. Wincing she forced a small smile "... thank you." She said softly. She knew sometimes he was going against his nature. She glanced around and frowned not seeing Jade "where is she?" She asked. Julian forced a small smile. "Out at the car getting a first aid kit for you and Ed. You guys.. aren't as young as you used to be. Bound to bust a hip one of these days."Lorraine rolled her eyes at Julian's comment but she knew it was his way of trying to keep things.. light. She sighed and leaned back in her chair, the boy who had been possessed was now sitting beside Ed. He was okay it seemed. They had done it, it had worked. They had been able to expel the demon and save this boy's soul.   template credit.  

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"I'm sorry. I can't do this anymore." - For Ed

"I ' m   s o r r y .   I   c a n '  t   d o   t h i s   A n y m o r e ."   The things that Lorraine saw, heard, and experienced were sometimes beautiful, more beautiful than she could ever describe. Both other things she experienced were horrific. So horrific that sometimes in her darkest moments, when she felt most alone. The dark things she saw and heard shook her to her very core and left her feeling hopeless. And sometimes that hopelessness was too much for her to take.This had been one of those times. She had encountered something... something demonic. It had been plaguing her for months now but she told no one, not even Ed. Somehow this thing had always been in her life. It would only strike occasionally and now was one of those occasions. It had given her such a horrible vision, it had left her with such a feeling of hopelessness, desperation, and anxiety that she couldn't bear it.Early that day Lorraine was meant to meet Ed for a date. Her parents were out for the evening, her sister was out too. She was nearly two hours late when Ed came looking for her. He entered the Moran home and began searching around. "Lorraine?" He called out and glanced up hearing a sound from upstairs.Investigating further he was led to the bathroom where he found Lorraine. She seemed to be in some sort of trance. She was taking pills from a bottle, pill after pill after pill. Ed opened the door and seeing this grabbed Lorraine up. "Lorraine! What the hell are you doing?!" He asked.Lorraine seemed startled, the glass of water she held shattered. She seemed almost unaware of what she had been doing for a few moments before she teared up becoming aware of what the dark spirit had been making her do. "Ed... I'm sorry. I can't do this anymore." She said before breaking down into sobs.Ed held Lorraine for a few minutes before turning her toward the toilet. "Throw up right now." He said firmly but there was concern and worry in his tone. After making herself sick, once Ed was convinced she had forced out all she had taken he carefully carried her to her room and set her in bed."Hon what were you thinking doing something like that?" He asked gently cupping her face. She looked at him, wanting to tell him the truth but not wanting to further worry him. "it's all just... so much sometimes.." she whispered. Ed nodded and frowned "you gotta promise me you won't do this again. Hon... I don't know what I'd do without you. I can't lose you." He said.Lorraine watched Ed for a moment, she had never heard him speak like that before about her. So confidently that he just couldn't lose her. "I... I promise." She said softly unsure how good she could keep to that promise but she was going to try. Sighing she hugged Ed again, he stayed for a few hours in her room with her until the sound of her parents coming home.Then Ed made a hasty getaway out the window. Climbing out he looked at Lorraine before he left. "Promise me?" He asked. Lorraine slowly nodded "I promise." She said, the two shared a quick kiss before Ed slipped out the window. Closing it Lorraine sighed and leaned against the glass for a moment. She thanked God for sending Ed when he did. She wasn't sure what would have happened if he hadn't.   template credit.  

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"Please don't lie to me" - for my Ed

    By: Lorraine Warren // 1533977   Please Don't Lie To Me...   For: Ed Warren // 1537318     "Hon? Hon?! Come on... Lorraine!" Ed shouted worriedly. Lorraine finally woke from her vision and was frantic. Panting heavily, tears streaming down her face she looked to Ed. "Ed... this house... it's the closest to hell I ever want to get." She said before collapsing against Ed sobbing from what she had seen. Everyone who was part of the group just watched uncomfortably. If something terrified Lorraine, someone who was used to these sorts of things there was clearly something to this place, some truth in it all. At the Amityville investigation, Lorraine had seen something... something she couldn't get out of her mind. And that much was clear because during the ride home she didn't speak or look at Ed. She just stared blankly out the window as Ed drove. Ed was quiet but also worried and uncomfortable with the silence. Hesitating for a moment he switched on the car radio. "How about some music? That always cheers you up." He said trying to sound calm and relaxed. "Might even get Elvis... the only guy I think you love more than me.." Ed said jokingly. Lorraine shot Ed a look that told him all he needed to know, she hadn't found his innocent joke funny. She shut the radio off before staring back out the window. She watched as the rain began to fall. Sighing Ed tried to think of what else to say. He knew Lorraine, when something like this truly terrified her she was reluctant to speak about it. That bothered him, as a couple and partners they were supposed to talk about everything. "Maybe it'll help if you tell me what you saw? I mean... how bad was it? Maybe we can stop off to Father Gordon? Pray in the church for a bit?" He suggested. Lorraine seemed unphased by this request. "I don't want to see Father Gordon... and... I don't want to go to church." She said, her tone was dead and void of emotion like she had shut them off. "I want to go home. I want to go to bed. And I didn't see anything I want to talk about. I'm fine Ed. So drop it." She said still avoiding looking to him.Ed watched Lorraine for a few moments before pulling over and stopping the car. Frowning Lorraine looked at him "what are you doing?" She asked. Ed turned in his seat to look at her. "Please don't lie to me, Lorraine. I know you saw something that shook you... that doesn't happen often so please... tell me?" He asked almost desperately.Lorraine looked to Ed, the tears filling her eyes again. "Ed I can't... please.. I don't... want to think about it anymore.. please..." she said breaking down into tears again. It seemed the mere memory of what she saw was enough to leave her trembling. Sighing Ed nodded and leaned over hugging Lorraine, soothingly rubbing her back. "Fine hon." He said quietly and just held her for a few moments before kissing her head. "But please... don't shut me out... okay?"Tearfully Lorraine nodded and once she was able to compose herself and stop crying Ed started the car back up and headed for home. Lorraine now leaned back in her seat just watching Ed as he drove. Closing her eyes she had no intention of falling asleep, not after what she had seen. But instead, she was silently praying, begging for God to protect Ed. For God to make sure what she saw would not come to pass.       template credit.

how i end.

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chapter three.

chapter three.i stared at the ugly vase that i brought in college as a dare from sarah. we always did some stupid bullsh*t when it came to dares — it made us feel, alive. it was a weird rush, feeling that adrenaline of being caught, of being bad. it was tall and round and this ugly yellow colored.she called it the diarrhea vase — where flowers go to die, because i always was absolutely no green thumb and flowers died instantly in my presence.there was constant chaos in my home, but oscar sat on my lap, ensuring that i just stayed put while cas went into full cop mode. he began by calling a few friends as well as his sergeant; i honestly couldn’t tell you what happened. i just kept seeing those three words: I SEE eyes captured the red of the letter so vividly that i could see it like a photo in front of my face, hanging on the wall or above the tv. a vibration brought me back to the present, seeing a text from sarah; cassius must have told her about what happened. opening the text, i see the words that i try to comprehend.custody? a custody battle for the kids? i thought about my best friend, about justin and pip — but then i thought of daniel and william. i thought about the kids, about the nights they allowed me to be there. to remind them that their aunt was still there, no matter where mommy went.unable to take much of reality, i set my phone back down and began to put oscar behind the ears. his white fur shred onto my dark leggings that i wore from my workout. “miss —““rachael, call me rachael, “ i said to the police officer who came to sit down in front of me. “my name is-““hey, no not him,” said cassius as he looked to the detective and back toward his boss.“honey sit down,” i said to him, my voice calm while cas’ wavered. i was surprised to hear the break in his voice; normally i was the chaotic one. “what were you saying?” i asked the officer as i grabbed cas’ hand, holding it tight as he sat next to me.his eyes never left my form as i sat next to him, talking through next steps as to what exactly this even was. “should i be concerned?” i asked, after speaking about corey’s recent release and him leaving the state — which he had every right to do.“i’ll contact his PO and see if he has a forwarding address; to be successful, they have to have something lined up,” said the officer before standing up. i followed suit as did cassius until everyone stood around the coffee table.“well, thank you,” i said as i pushed my hands against my hands from my back, trying to stretch the tightness there. i knew i was stalling; i was stalling the fear, the could be’s. i was waiting until i was alone; until i could be alone. but the problem was, cassius was never going to let me out of his sight he walked the officers to the door, i stood up, setting oscar down on the couch and began to stretch my arms over my head. the relief of tight muscles felt good for only a moment before the sour stomach sunk in.something was going on; i wasn’t sure what and neither was cassius, but something was up. as cas walked back toward the living room, the house clearing out, he stood at the doorframe of the entrance to the open living room, staring at me. “do we need to talk about it?”“i don’t think so,” i said, honestly; unsure of my feelings, i didn’t know really how else to respond. “do you need to talk?”“i just wanted to check where your head was,” he said, his voice a tone i knew all too well. the girlfriend is crazy, but i love her no matter what, tone. i knew he just wanted to make sure i was never back to that darkness that had been there before.too many close calls.walking toward him, i wrapped my stretched arms around his small waist and tugged him closer. “you don’t need to worry,” i said to him with a small smile, looking up at him as my forehead touched his.a scoff left his lips as he smiled, “you trip over your own foot. i’m constantly worried.”well, f***, he wasn’t wrong. “listen, i didn’t ask for a co-sign on my lack of balance and stoner-isms,” my sass was in full swing; my hands resting lightly on his hips. he was thick and broad; a unit to be dealt with.and i knew that if i ever needed him, that cassius i knew when i first met him — the one who was a drunk, who tried to fight everyone — the one who gambled away everything, but somehow still made it back to work the next day; the one who would do anything necessary to protect would reveal himself. he’d calmed over the years, but with this new information about corey — i knew sore subjects were likely to surface.truth was: corey was plague to us all. i tried to keep corey out of it as much as i could, but due to his knowledge of corey pre us dating, along with what he found out — cassius had been dragged through it. it didn’t help his suspension from the streets either because corey was everywhere. he was the weird homeless guy on the corner that watched you, he was the weird feeling you get with your back to the back of the shower, like something is there. he’s the chill down my spine every morning. the recurring nightmare i can’t shake.“i love you,” he said finally, in a whisper, “and i can’t lose you. oscar and i can’t lose you.” my brown eyes met his hazel ones, glitter of green throughout his eyes. “you won’t,” i reminded him. “i’m right here.” as i spoke, i felt his hands tighten around my waist as i pulled him closer, reaching up and running my fingers through his buzz cut along the back of his tense neck.his traps, large, and tight through even his tshirt. i began to scratch his back, to feel as he melted into me, humming softly. i wonder about the things corey did and the things you do and you’re nothing a like; but i’m still terrified.i can’t explain it. you’ll leave; eventually. i know you will.but you’re still here. you’re holding’re telling me you want to marry me but that we dont have to if i dont want to because of my beliefs of marriage. he’s saying i can be rachael nicole with him rather than be him.i don’t understand his words because they dont exist. no one is actually this way; the way i know is control, is pain, is nothing else to’s emptiness and autopilot, like the tesla’s that park themselves. i am that turned off from the world, but you. . . you’ve turned on the light. i’m unsure how, but you’ve turned on the light and started the isn’t much, but it’s enough for’s enough for me, which only helps the flames grow.that night, cassius and i make love well into the early morning hours. his kisses stained against my bare skin for the world to know that i am his through my soul; made of his own just as eve to adam.but as two people rather than one entity. and for just a second, i believe that this can be real. that cassius can love me. can handle it.but as we leave the house to look at the message on my house, we both realized that the message is now gone. no trace of the red paint that haunts my dreams. no trace of a single thing — had i dreamed it? i looked to cas who looked at me, looking back toward the house. “okay, did you see something on this wall or was i sleep walking again?” he finally asked.

mad world.

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