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π•Ίπ–“π–‘π–ž π•³π–šπ–’π–†π–“

06/18/2022 10:33 PM 

Miss Nothing - Sample/Starter/Drabble.

Drabble/Starter/Sample.Song: Miss Nothing.Theme: Personal, Her story, Main storyline. ~~~I’m miss autonomy, miss nowhere.I’m at the bottom of me.Miss androgyny, miss don’t care.What I’ve done to me. This was her story and hers alone, but she knew it wouldn’t always be like that. Her aunt used to say she guided people to her without thinking. Back then it was said venomously, but she had a feeling she meant every word when she said it. There are no happy endings from where she stood. Her life was surrounded with mystery and heartache; maybe not to where some stand. You could see this as a sob story that could easily be fixed, or you could cry with her and feel every emotion. Why did it matter? Because this was her story first, and now you’re coming along for the ride. Scotland was never filled with excitement for as long as she lived there. Which wasn’t long at all. She didn’t care for the selfish people who busied their selves in their busy everyday life. Forgetting what it means to have fun or enjoy a drink or two. No one cared for each other, not really, and behind a happy home was a cold bearing shelter. At least for her, it was. At first, she left Scotland to find things away from home after being forced to go into foster care. Then things happened, and they forced her to leave until she was twenty, it wasn’t something she desired - they suggested it to her to go back and make peace. Whatever that was. Bellshill wasn’t entirely the worst place to live in. It wasn’t dirty, at least not down by Motherwell road. The streets didn’t become busy enough to cause a crowd, but it wasn’t entirely empty either. A figure stared down from one of the rooftops to notice that tonight wasn’t so quiet either. Police cars patrolled the block she lived in. The small council homes below are built modestly, with two levels, a bathroom, two or three bedrooms, a living room, and a decent garden. By rights, it wasn’t the council's fault if this wasn’t a suitable home after all it was their choice if they wanted to make it better by their own right. Her aunt certainly never tried. I am misused, I don’t wanna do.Be not your slave.Misguided, I mind it.I’m missin’ the train. Moira Iona MacQueen slowly stood up from her place on the roof. Recently upon coming here, she had blonde hair, but she wanted to make sure no one would know who she was and dyed her hair strawberry blonde - Although this is often said to be red hair. It still wasn’t quite different from her natural hair. Her light strands are curled over her shoulder in what seemed to be a mess, the wind gently pushing her curls off her shoulder and down her back where they sway behind her rear. Her face wasn’t round but long, her forehead somewhat big, and she had hazel eyes that seemed bright with smokey eye shadow making them stand out. Her lips were painted red, but she always found them too small. Considering she had to be quick and easy to lose, she swapped whatever leather she had for some jeans and easy boots. A blacktop was covered with her red leather jacket. She had a bag with additional items thrown over her shoulder. Just in case something happened. Lifting her wrist, Moira checked the time on her gold watch - a gift. Along with her chain necklace with a protective crystal, gold earrings, and a ring with rubies inside of them. The only other thing she had been her bracelet, which she placed into her bag for safekeeping like the ring. And I don’t know where I’ve been,And I don’t know what I’m into,And I don’t know what I’ve done to me. “...It’s not like the police to be around here.” She said to herself quietly, did something happen? At any rate, she had to follow them. The one good thing about the street was how quiet it was. Back when she lived with her aunt, she didn’t like it much. Moira frowned. Then she walked back against the chimney and ran forward for another roof. Her body lunged with everything she had and grabbed onto the roof - Her boots hitting the tiles underneath her heels. Then she slowly sat up and ran a hand over her hair to put it back from her face. “Note to self; Tie back hair before jumping.” It wasn’t like her to do something so stupid. Usually she was good at this, but coming back to Scotland left her with a busy mind. She reached back and began tying her hair into a high ponytail. Then she stood up and stepped over broke tiles. Her eyes glancing down to see men below, “...Who are they waiting for?” And as I watch you disappear into the ground.My one mistake was that I never let you down.So I’ll waste my time, and I’ll burn my mind.On miss nothing, I’m miss everything. The police men calmly sipped their coffee, the chilly breeze of Scotland often known for being bad. Not as bad as some places, but rain was often on than not. “So what happened anyway?” One of the younger ones asked - The older one looked liked he was drinking soup rather than drinking any warm drink. The slurp coming from him lasted more than a second before he pulled back and wiped his mouth with a napkin. “A drunk was found dead.” Moira's mouth opened wide and her eyes widened. Her heart lunged at the thought of that woman being dead. How could that be? This never happened here. The younger man scoffed, “Good riddance.” “Hold your tongue.” The older man snapped. Watching the younger one deflate and mutter something under his breath. I’m miss fortune, miss so soon.I’m like a bottle of pain.Miss matter, you had her.Now she’s goin’ away. Having enough of this she glanced down the house she was on and saw the pipe, good. This was steady enough to climb down then. For a moment she steadied herself and fixed the back behind her before going down with her back away from the pipe. Her boots finding a steady place before she slowly climbed down. The police might find her, that much she didn’t need to deal with right now. Jumping down in a crouched position, Moira checked around the edge and noticed one man looked toward the car. She smirked. This was easy as pie. Pulling her bag forward to grab a coin and fixing it back, she flicked it past the man and slowly crouched behind his car. The young man looking to the right to see nothing but a coin. “What the...?” Moira bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from laughing. Hazel's eyes dancing with mirth while she escaped to the other alley past the car. I’m misused, misconstrued.I don’t need to be saved.Miss slighted, I mind it.I’m stuck in the rain. Around the corner was her street. Moira snapped her body back and pressed herself into the wall when police men ran past her, no doubt the other two phoned them back. “Dolts.” She huffed. Her eyes darted back to the opening and then she peered around. No one was there. She quickly darted from the alley and ran toward the hill up to her house to see into the window. Two men stood in front, both on a smoke break, and her aunt was nowhere to be seen. Moira narrowed her eyes dangerously, taking the back way around. When she came around the back, a trail of blood stopped her from going further. Moira swallowed nervously, her heart beating against her chest. Why her? Even though she was a drunk, no one dared touch her. This didn’t look like the supernatural had any hand in it either. And I don’t know where I am.And I don’t know what I’m into.And I don’t know what I’ve done to me. The race of her own heart was so loud she could hear it herself. The thud against her chest felt so real to her, but it couldn’t be, right? Her aunt was hardly someone who could be killed, and if so, why? Moira slowly slipped into the back and around the kitchen on her hand and knees to see the white chalk covering her aunt. Her eyes taking in the blood and her body covered with a blanket. One man kneeled down and removed it. Aunt’s eyes wide open, the life and fire faded to nothing. Her head was hit open, blood and part of the brain could be seen where she was in the kitchen. Bile slowly rose her throat. Moira's color faded to sickly white while she backed out of the room and back around the house to climb up a pipe near the house. “Did you hear that?” One man said, a murmur of agreements coming forward before feet checked where she was last seen. And as I watch you disappear into the ground.My one mistake was that I couldn’t let you down.So I’ll waste my time, and I’ll burn my mind.On miss nothing, I’m missing everything. Moira fell back on the roof with her butt hitting the tiles, her eyes closed tightly, willing the image of her aunt's lifeless eyes to go away from her mind. She didn’t understand why someone would try to hurt her. This was insane - Even if someone hated her, why would they even want to? Could the supernatural be in on this, maybe? So many questions filled her head and still, she had no way of ever answering them. Her eyes opened slightly, but she didn’t seem as upset as someone would be over family death. No one would understand. Usually, she would go back to her friends, but how could they understand? Both of them had a love and hate relationship with their family but hating them enough to wish for their death? She was alone on this.I’m miss everything. A few hours and she still wanted to be sick. She was sick, just before getting onto her motorbike and riding back to his hometown. He was the only one who could help her and if anyone understood this - at least partly, then he would. Then again, she might just keep it to herself and not tell him. Things are hard to deal with right now, and all Moira wanted was to be in his arms. Moira realized shortly after an hour passed her Aunt was never someone she wanted to die. Not really, but to cry over her was something she couldn’t do. Her unreadable expression through her helmet was hidden. Her lips pressed into a thin line. “She deserved to die, but not like this.” And as I watch you disappear into my head.Well, there’s a man who’s telling me I might be dead. Moira slowly came to a stop across the road and leaned back. Her hand took the helmet off and she inhaled the air, her face hot from being confined into her helmet for a long period. Shaking her red hair from the helmet head, she no doubts had. In reality, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go in there and see him. The weather suddenly turned for the worst and drizzled on the way here, and now she could feel the rain on her hair. Hazel eyes peered up, dimmed from the events. She felt tired, and the bags under her eyes didn’t hide that very much. “ It’s now or never, I guess,” Moira mumbled, sliding her leg over and setting down her helmet with her bike she began the short walk along the street. When she came to the door, her hand reached to knock and froze. Her eyes quickly darted to her trembling hand, her Aunt flashing in her head again. Moira swallowed past the lump, while her eyes burned and water. It felt okay because the rain would hide her tears - It wasn’t like he could tell she was crying, right? After a moment she knocked, and the door opened to reveal a soaked Moira. Her red hair now flattened, sticking to her face that it usually framed. Droplets fell from her eyelashes, “...Can I come in?” So I’ll waste my time, and I’ll burn my mind.So I’ll waste my time, and I’ll burn my mind.On Miss Nothing, I’m miss Everything. It seemed - Hate or love. You can’t hate your blood no matter what. To this day she wasn’t sure if it was because of her or maybe just being safe forced her to accept everything. The back of her head disappeared behind the door, instantly relaxing when it inched to be closed.

π•Ίπ–“π–‘π–ž π•³π–šπ–’π–†π–“

06/18/2022 10:28 PM 

What the hell - Sample/starter work.

Drabble/Starter/Sample.What the hell - Avril Lavigne.Theme: Fun/Distant boyfriend/Hidden surprise.As requested, I will make the boy rather hidden so that anyone reading - Male can imagine that this is him. It was asked, so I plan to go through with it. So if I don’t go into detail on this guy, you know the reason for it. You say that I’m messing with your head.All ‘cause I was making out with your friend.Love hurts whether it’s right or wrong.I can’t stop ’cause I’m having too much fun. We all have something to say about the other gender. Nice or not, it all comes to the same thing, nothing good or bad depending on how you raised yourself to live. However, what we cannot see is the reason for their action. Everything is done because of what someone else did or how they came to be raised - Even a child can grow into something evil should you treat it like trash. That was the thing Moira often thought on. To her, men do not differ from animals, which wasn’t a bad thing considering she slept around with them pretty often. Behind her point of view she was raised to not trust people, no matter how kind they appear to be in this life. A boy toy is something to keep her mind off things. She had no intention of keeping them around or stay around. Then that one boy will come out of the radar and make her think - Okay, this isn’t too bad. She’ll enjoy their arms around her and smile to herself. Then something stupid happens and Moira will be disgusted all over again. Sad, right? Too many girls don’t accept the facts of the world. As for her? She accepted, broke them, and f***ing made her own facts. Who cared if they were just into her body, anyway? This was just for fun. The early morning sun peeked through the dark and messy motel room. Hazel eyes squinted, but seemed to be less sleepy than she was giving off. On her side, away from her partner, she rolled to her back and ran a hand through her messy hair. The red strands sprawling out over the pillow. Movement from the other side rolled to meet her and her face moved to greet him with a small smile. “Mornin’.” She mused not bothering to wait for him she rolled out of the bed in her black lace underwear. Kneeling down to pluck the shirt off the floor, slipping it on before going over to the small desk in the room. You’re on your knees.Begging, “Please, stay with me”.But, honestly, I just need to be a little crazy. “Where are you going?” He asked on the bed, his arms folding behind his head. His eyes roaming her figure from behind while Moira threw a smirk over her shoulder. Humming in reply, she grabbed her hair from behind and pulled it out from the shirt from behind. Her gaze stared into the mirror to see her playful expression and her current partner stand from the bed. Moira smiled and leaned down to get her perfume sitting on the table, lifting it up to spray around her neck when she turned to see him. “...Hmm?” “I don’t know, why do you ask?” His hands gently pulled her closer by the waist, Moira pressed herself closer to his body and pressed it into his. Her lips only widened while she ran her hand through his hair. Her red strands tugged gently at the back in a gentle grip made her tilt her head. Turning on her go, she moved them until her hands pushed him into the bathroom. “What the f***-” He shouted at her, more surprised when the door shut on him and she locked it from where she was and leaned back with a laugh. “Moira! Open the f***ing door, where are you going?!” All my life I’ve been good.But now I’m thinking, “What the hell”.All I want is to mess around.And I don’t really care about. The only thing she did was ignore his yelling from the other end. Pushing herself off the door to find her clothes once she scanned the room she found her black tank top and skinny jeans near the bed. Grabbing both while jumping around the room to fit her jeans on. The rest of the outfit comprising her ankle boots, shoulder bag and add things inside with her gold dangling earrings and matching bracelet and necklace. The next thing she was skipping outside with her waving curls bouncing behind her back. Her head peeked to see nothing following her while she strolled down the path. Only to find that a taxi was sitting by, broke down from the steam coming from it. Moira slowly smirked and jogged to the front to get in the car. “Who the-” The taxi driver questioned only for her pressed her foot down before he could stop her the taxi speeding down the road with two men chasing her from behind. If you love me, if you hate me.You can’t save me, baby, baby.All my life I’ve been good.But, now what the hell.What? What? What? What the hell? Moira turned on the radio and ‘What the hell.’ Covered by the sounds of angry men from behind, only when she looked out the window she noticed him follow her on the bike and shook her head at him. Then she faces forward again only to see him riding beside the car. Her lips twitched, the car recklessly skidding down the road unevenly, “Moira get out the car! Are you trying to kill yourself?!” He yelled at her from the car window. Her smile never left her face, even while he scolded her. Did he honestly think she was doing this for any other reason but to cause trouble? “In your dreams!” She shouted back, taking one hand off the wheel to briefly press it to her lips and blow him a kiss. Winking when she drove right past him again. So, what if I go out on a million dates?You never call or listen to me, anyway.I’d rather rage than sit around and wait all day.Don’t get me wrong, I just need some time to play. It only took her like ten minutes before she jumped out of the driver's seat without stopping the car. The taxi dove right for the car in front of it while she ran off to the near basket ball park. Her lips stretched into a comically open mouth. “...Oh, well.” She said and shrugged. It wasn’t even her car in the first place, and it would be the taxi company who ended up paying for whatever damage was made with the driver himself. When she walked into the park, she had the pleasure of meeting all the tall basketball players. “Hey boys.” Moira greeted, hazel eyes darkened with mischief while all players stopped to check her out for a second. “Moira. Been a while hasn’t it?” One of them said with a grin. She nodded her head and walked up to one player named James. “Month or two?” She guessed, her brow raising at him for a second. “Who’s counting, anyway?” The group chuckled around her and she stole the basketball for a second before walking a suitable distance to the hoop, throwing it just once for the ball to go in. “Still got it!” She said before throwing her arms in the air in a cheer, a few whistles from the surrounding team before something hit the ground near the entrance to the front gate. Moira checked around them to her her lover and blinked. “Whoops.” She uttered before running for the other side of the gate to escape.You’re on your knees.Begging, “Please, stay with me”.But, honestly I just need to be a little crazy. Moira checked everywhere for a place to hide in while he was there. The first thing she spotted was a vintage store, she loved shopping as much as anything and couldn’t help herself. When she stepped in the shop owner smiled. Her hand was thrown over weakly in greeting before she checked around the sore to see if she can find anything she liked. The shop owner watched her go further inside and shook her head at her back. Actually, this was a store she came too often with him. So he knew where it was really, but this was the first thing she thought of so it will do. All my life I’ve been good.But now I’m thinking, “What the hell”.All I want is to mess around.And I don’t really care about. On her way around she found stand filled with sunglasses and pulled out some black ones. The sound of the door ringing made her turn to see him there. Her lips stretched into a grin before she ran around the corner, throwing the glasses behind her for him to catch. “Hold that, would you?” If you love me, if you hate me.You can’t save me, baby, baby.All my life I’ve been good.But now, what the hell. For a moment she blinked and stood still with the ‘Sale’ in bright red letters. She pushed the clothes she had off the rack and made sure he was holding her new items before grabbing the ‘What the hell.’ shirt from the new rack, then she ran for the changing room and locked the doors behind her to change. Each clothing was thrown over her shoulder, making him catch her shirt and shoes and whatever she threw at him. Moira walked out of the room when he was still kneeling. Her hands straightened the top from showing some of her bra, her head looking over her shoulder to see him following her out. She smirked and rushed past the owner, “He’ll pay for everything!” She shouted before taking off in a run. La la la la la la la la.Whoa, whoa.La la la la la la la la.Whoa, whoa. Everything leads to this point. Leading him into the dark hallway of the clubroom where all the girls leaning on the wall watching him pass. Moira waved at him from the wall and wiggled her figure for him to come forward. Taking his hand, she leads him into the room where the music suddenly played for him. She jumped on stage and stood in front of the mike,” Happy birthday. Did you like your exercise for the day?” She said into the microphone with a laugh. She jumped down the stairs and looked around for him in the room. A hand came from behind her, “Gotcha.” He whispered into her ear and she leaned into him. “I guess you did.”You say that I’m messing with your head, boy.I like messing in your bed.Yeah, I am messing with your head.When I’m messing with you in bed.All my life I’ve been good.But now I’m thinking, “What the hell”.All I want is to mess around.And I don’t really care about.All my life I’ve been good.But now I’m thinking, “What the hell”.All I want is to mess around.And I don’t really care about.If you love me, if you hate me.You can’t save me, baby, baby.All my life I’ve been good.But, now what the hell.La la la la la la la la.

Mermaid Tale

06/18/2022 09:55 PM 


Dressy Casual.Summer Dressy/Date.Night Clothes.Mermaid.


06/18/2022 04:29 PM 

4 ― Rules of Engagement

    you can't kill me πš–πšŠπšŒπš‘πš’πš—πšŽ. I'm not alive   LENGTH ― I write in the 3rd person and generally post between 2-5 paragraphs or upwards of 500 words. Of course, this can fluctuate given specific settings such as dialogue-heavy scenes – the absolute very least you can expect would be a good-sized paragraph if such criteria happen to be met.THREADS ― I am selective with crossovers. I will not put Connor into any other verses, however, if you feel well enough to fit your character into the D:BH verse then I'm sure we can make something of it. I do strongly discourage supernatural or non-real-life themes. Please message me before if you're unsure about anything - I am more than willing to compromise on some things.PLOTTING ― I adore getting an essential guide for our story – not necessarily plot-heavy discussion, but an idea of where we are going and a goal in mind. BE A DRIVEN WRITER – I don’t like being the only one that moves the story forward or playing opposite someone who fears writing in their character’s thoughts and feelings. A story is more than its subject’s actions.TRIGGERS ― There are no triggers except for the obvious – anything towards children or animals is not entertained.REPLIES ― I write slow, and I reply slow. Activity does not equal availability! The order or speed in which I respond does not reflect my love for our thread – some muses come easier than others. I don’t nag for replies, ever, so you take the time you need to write – I will do and expect the same courtesy from you. Life outside RP exists and is beautiful.SHIPPING ― I am open to (multi) shipping with chemistry. Any ship will be its own AU. Smut and NSFW are okay in the DMs or Discord – however, this is not required to ship with me nor will it be the main plot of the story. Think of it as a supporting side dish. I will be happy to skip it or fade it to black otherwise.FRIENDS β€• I don't care about numbers or friend collectors. Sometimes I like being friends just to see your content regardless if we could write together or not. There is a lot of creativity here and I'd like to experience all I can.DRAMA ― I am wholly drama-free and have no quarrel abusing the block or unfriend button if I see it on my dash.MEMES ― Any meme I reblog is free real estate for any mutuals – they do not expire!AGE ― Please be 18+ at the minimum, but 21+ is preferable.     template credit.

𝔐𝔬π”ͺ π”π”’π”žπ”«π”°

06/18/2022 02:23 PM 

Fail-Safe letters. [S4 Spoilers!]

Fail-safe letters Vecna is coming for me. I have no time left. Joyce's heart pounded in her chest as she came out of the vision. The clocks chimes still echoing in her ears. She hadn't been able to save Bob, and blamed herself for his death. If she hadn't told him anything about the Upside Down and Hawkins Lab, he would still be alive. But then again maybe they wouldn't be. The thought made her feel sick. But the vision made her realize that her time was nearly up.After snagging some paper from Will's room; him being an artist he always had paper; she sat down at the dining room table to write. She knew this was going to be hard, but she had no choice. If she was going to die, she had things she needed to say.Every single letter stained with tears, some of the ink smudged.Dear Johnathan,My oldest, my sweet boy. You are an amazing brother. Please keep that up. Take good care of Will and El. They are going to need you now more than ever. You all need each other. Thank you for being an amazing son, and know how much I love you. I know you will grow up to do great things, live your dream of becoming a photographer. I am so proud of the young man you have grown to be. Never forget that.Love mom.----------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Will,My sweet young boy. You are growing up too fast, and I'm sad I won't be there to see you become an adult. But Johnathan will take good care of you. Also help take care of El, you all need each other. Please stick together no matter what. I love you so much. Keep up with your art, you are so talented. You will make it far. I believe in you, I always have.Love mom.Although before folding the two letters she added a quick PS to both of the boys letters saying the exact same thing. "I'm sorry you had to see everything go on with your father that you did. Him and I did love each other once, I'm not sure what happened. Maybe I shouldn't have married him. But I never did regret it because of you two. You two were worth even the worst days. I love you, always have and always will."Sighing she quickly folded them before moving onto the next letter. This one for her adopted daughter.Dear El,You are such a strong and beautiful young woman. I'm happy to get to be your mom. Even if not by birth and I came into your life late, I still love you. I wish we had more time together. I know Hop would be so proud of you for everything you've done since he has been gone. Stick with Will and Johnathan, they will take care of you. You are part of the family. I am proud of you. You are a beautiful young woman, and you can do anything you want with your life. I believe in you.Love your mom, Joyce.The last one she started to write was the hardest. Even though she believed he was dead, she had to write one to Hopper. They were words she wished she could have said to him before losing him. She had to get them off of her chest somehow.Dear Jim Hopper,You are my best friend, you always were. My best memories of school always involve you in some way. I wish I got to tell you this before you died, but I love you. And not just as a friend. I'm in love with you. I think I always have been. I wish I had figured that out sooner. Even if you were still here it would be too late, because if you are reading this, I am already gone.Love Joyce.Folding the last of the letters, Joyce let out a heavy sigh. She hated the thought of her kids being alone now. Lonnie had never really been a good dad, he'd been a dead beat for years, and she doubted her death would change that. She worried more about how it would effect them than the fact that she'd be gone. Tears stung her eyes once more and she lift her hand to brush them away. She left the ones for the kids on the table, while still clutching the one for Hopper. The letter that he would never get to see.

Peyton (17) (T) Trans

06/17/2022 10:50 PM 

scary movies/horror

[email protected]

β™₯Queenβ™₯ {Love's Dean.}

06/17/2022 06:17 PM 

Date And the Mission, Part Six.

Luckily she didn’t seemed phased with the many questions pushed her way, questions are easy to answer. She just didn’t handle judgment very well when they don’t know what it’s like. Amara went through one thing after the other back then, and things got worse before they got better. In fact the world was more modernized when she started to relax around humans again. That was just hope long it took for her to truly return back to the public. At least without chopping some innocent souls head, or snapping necks to just drink blood. Dean said he believed she wasn’t truly evil and that was true... But nothing will ever make up for what she did to people back then. And the sad thing is she can never make up for it herself.Amara eventually assumed the world or the fates just didn’t like her before that time. Then things slowly started to change here and there, now she had a chance to meet, Dean and was completely surprised. No judgment just... A shocking amount of wisdom in his sight and words. Considering what he went through was it really a shock? Amara thought about it and eventually accepted that there is such a thing as a wise human who could see through everything and anything.“...Relax, Dean.” Amara said while passing him, stepping outside to the clammy air outside. “You don’t have to work so hard to impress me.” She told him, the wind gently stirring her long curls around her face.She slipped into the car and set her shawl on her lap, relaxing into the seat. Her gaze slipping to him when the music started. “I don’t remember the last time I heard classic rock.” Her lip twitched slightly, her deep brown eyes turned away to the window. “My mother would have liked you... She was more into that music... At least in in that era.”Dean was planning something for the full night, but so did she in the end. He was so... Intriguing that she didn’t want the night to end with there date. “I have a offer... Dean,” she started to say to him, hoping to get this out before they arrived at the dinner or wherever he planned on taking her tonight.“I was hoping, if you had no plans for the rest of the night...” Her hand came up and brushed her hair behind her ear.”...That you might consider coming back home with me. Stay the night, and maybe have a drink with me.” She suggested to him with a playful smile. Her eyes looked almost gentle whenever her eyes landed on him. Yet, anyone would get the feeling that this wasn’t her usual. She was hardly nice these days, some might say she is never genuine. “...And maybe we can talk some more, if you don’t mind keeping this demon company.”Amara turned her eyes away from him and returned to gazing at the scene outside. "I just thought you might want to keep this night with us, and maybe I can tell you about the vampire the next morning." That is, if they had luck on there side and actually had time to enjoy themselves. should something happen the offer was still there for him.

Peeta Mellark

06/17/2022 06:02 PM 

Peeta’s Starter

It had seemed like a life time ago since the games had taken place and yet in reality it had been merely months or so he was told, if it wasn’t for Haymitch to fill in some details he would have been completely lost. Though there were still a lot he had forgotten Haymitch told him several times that things between Katniss and him got physical.. was it really that case? He was drawing a blank his mind only could make out bits and pieces. Yes he had entered the games…yes he had gonna through both and survived..he could remember friends were killed but their names once again went blank. The months really had helped but in away didn’t with his complete reset. the arrival back to district 13 was strange, for starters he was completely unaware that the place even existed and if it wasn’t for once again Haymitch explaining to him that district 13 had been hidden for years he would have never believed it. Than there was the fact of spending two months trying to recover from the torture and brainwashing the capitol bestowed upon him, every time Katniss was in the facinity or the mention of her name he would snap. He could remember clearly the first encounter with her he tried to literally kill her, in the back of his mind he knew he shouldn’t that he was still in love with her but it was like having someone else remotely control him. Now he was walking around eggshells with her the first month of finally leaving the medic wing he avoided her like she was the plaque he spent hours outside of the district with a chaperone more like a soldier watching over him and his every move. The soldier was ordered to shoot him if he snapped and the guy really didn’t have a reason not too. He pretty much was considered a traitor to everyone, it was obvious with the looks and glares he received daily it made him so uncomfortable that he avoided the cafeteria area completely and spent most day eating with Effie in her room. She was a huge help in keeping him calm and distracted, she was like an older sister of sorts despite her rants of not having her luxury attire and hair she was delightful to be around. There was the secret however she had a thing for Haymitch, it was so obvious to the naked eye how they flirted and would often sneak off like teenagers who were too afraid to get into trouble. He was happy for them they deserved some normalcy despite the war that was coming and yet he wished things weren’t so bad.There was a lot of self thinking as he found himself finally able to be outside again it was nice out for a change the sign of spring was there and he took the opportunity to go outside. Being outside had so many benefits…One he could be alone and not have Haymitch jumping down his throat to make amends with Katniss, two Effie was secretly trying to repair the romance and three he was tempting to leave when the guard wasn’t leaving. Finally his feet hit the soft soil and with in seconds he was off he followed the dirt trail that led to the ruins of an old brick building covered in vines. It was his go to spot…walking up to it his eyes glanced around it was nice not seeing snow for a change yet it was still cool. “ finally..” walking over to wall of the building he stood there looking out what used to have a window down at the woods below. The woods he spent a good time in them that he remembered clearly it was like a movie running in his mind but all he could make out was figured running and screaming someone calling his name and yet the voice was recognizable. Sighing he rubbed the back of his head boy did he hate being him right now only if he could rewind time and fix what happened in the first place he wouldn’t be having to fix his memory.

Lothiriel of Dol Amroth

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❀️~The story of Lothiriel and Eomer~❀️

                             The Story of Lothiriel and EomerStarts in Dol Amroth                The Meeting of Lothiriel and Eomer Happening at the beginning of the Third Age.{“The sun rose on the fields of Pelennor, the great siege of Minas Tirth was all but lost.  Yet hope had not faded and help was close at hand.  Through the crisp morning air, the sound of horn could be heard ringing out, signaling the arrival of King Theoden and the Riders of Rohan.  Attacks against the Corsairs of Umbar, Black Numenoreans, and Mordor.}There was a charming café on the wharf overlooking the Bay of Belfalas.  It was a safe- haven, built here an age ago when a Numenorean family of the Faithful settled near elves.  Elendil, who was their kin gave them title to rule in the fief of Belfalas which was part of Gondor. On this beautiful morning, Prince Imrahil relaxed behind the strong black iron gate which protected him from the sea invaders below.  It had been an exhausting week with waves of darkness.  The battle on Pelennor Field had proven bloody and fatal for friends and foe.  They had lost King Theoden of Rohan and the evil Witch King Himself.    The Princesighed, and inhaled deeply.  So many had come to help ward off the evil which had been promised to happen in Gondor.  As it was many of the Black Numenoreans had teamed up with Sauron in a big way, then making alliances with the heirs of Castamere and the consairs.  Hideous dastards all! He thought. The hope would be that soon there would be law and order again.The Prince had won true friends and allies in the last months, Aragorn, who was chieftain of a tribe of Rangers from the north, Halbarad, leader of the Grey Armies, Prince Eomer, who now was King of Rohan after his father’s death and Eowyn his sister.  He had made invitation to them all to stay at Dol Amrothwhile arrangements for the dead and wounded were being cared for.  On this warm morning, he hoped for some company on the wharf to remanence the battle fought and to mull over plans for the future. Word would get out that the meeting here in the Hall of Dol Amroth was being held and doors would be open. 

Peyton (17) (T) Trans

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walking dead

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SHOW YOUR PRIDE PLAYLIST!Jam out to these banging tunes, and dance like nobody is watching.#PrideAlly 1) Lady Gaga - Born This Way 2) Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls 3) Queen - I Want To Break Free 4) Panic! At The Disco - Girls/Girls/Boys 5) Scissor Sisters - Let's Have A Kiki 6) Taylor Bennett (ft. Bianca Shaw) - Be Yourself


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Task 31

  task #31, If your character was an animal, which animal would they be? If I could be an animal I would say I would a lioness or a cheetah. I would say a cheetah because they run fast and are fierce. Does your character pick wildflowers when they see them? If they were out in the road, yes, they would stop by to pick up wildflowers, it was something that she used to do with her parents and grandparents. How do they see themselves in their head? Is the image accurate, or not? They see themselves as strong, independent, and determined. Maribelle is very determined even when things seem to go wrong for her. She is determined to reach her goals. If they talk in their sleep, what do they say most often? They don't talk in their sleep and if they did they would continue talking about coffee or wine. Do they like muffins or cupcakes more? Why? They love cupcakes, it brings them memories of their childhood. They are not fans of muffins much unless its chocolate chip muffins, they will make an exception for those. Do they prefer arm day or leg day more? They prefer arm day over leg days because even though they will be sore, it is better than having cramps or soreness in her legs. What is the longest your character has ever slept in? The lastest that Maribelle has slept in has been until noon, it was because she had been working or partying the night before. What is their most embarrassing middle school moment? When she ripped her pants jumping and had to walk around the rest of the day with a sweatshirt covering her. What is/are their favorite pizza toppings? Pepporoni, italian sausage, and grilled chicken, the combination of the three is amazing. What was the last dream they had? She dreamed that she was on a train on her way to Nice, France. What is one possession they should get rid of, but can’t/won’t? She has an old coffeemaker, that even though its old, but its one of her favorites and she just cannot let it go. If your character spray-painted a wall, what would they write/draw? If they would be able to spray-paint a wall, she would make a mural of the beach, resembling her hometown, Los Angeles, with a positive message in the wall. What would your character want their final words to be? Remember me for my work, not for my flaws or my failures but the attempts I did to be successful. What is one aspect of their physical appearance that they like? They like their eyes and their hair, they love how flowy and wavy their hair is. Do they prefer jeans or sweatpants, or something else? They love both jeans and sweatpants. Jeans to be able to go out and what not but sweatpants to be at home and relaxed and comfy. How far can your character spit a watermelon seed? A few inches if she tried, but she doesn't try to. Are they more likely to notice the shapes of the clouds or the color of the sky? They tend to look at the shapes of the clouds. It used to be one of things that they did with her father, was to lay down and watch the clouds go by as they would see the shapes. They still enjoy doing this on their own. Do they laugh during serious moments? No, they stay serious during a serious moment, unless they have a giggles episode, meaning they can't stop laughing. On a road trip, are they usually the driver, in the passenger seat, the DJ, the backseat driver, or the one napping in the back? On a road trip she is usually the in the passenger seat and she is the DJ of the car. She loves music and when she was younger she was in the backseat but now she is either the driver or the passenger. Does your character sleep in normal clothes, pajamas, or something else? They sleep in pajamas, sometimes in a shirt and her underwear. When they sneeze, do they use their hand or elbow to cover their mouths? They usually use their hand to cover. Someone asks your character to dance and pulls them out to the dancefloor. How would they react? They would react surprised because she is shy and takes time for her to get to know people but she would go along with it. Are they more of a cat or a dog person? She is a dog person, she has a dog herself, named Luna. What alternate time period would they enjoy living in?  If she could live in an alternate time period it would be either the 20's or the 80's. She loves history and the music of both time periods. Does your character keep a diary? If so, what do they write about? They used to have a diary, now they have a small journal. They are trying to get into the habit of writing every day but sometimes they forget. They write about their day and reflect on the days they have. When they’re stressed, do they stress shop, bake, eat, clean, etc.? They stress clean and they stress bake and stress eat as well. Do they prefer raw cookie dough or fully baked cookies? They love both, its hard to choose. She loves raw cookie dough and fully baked cookies. What game is your character bad at playing? They are bad at playing basketball. They have tried in the past but they are not good. Are they ticklish? They are, specially on the bottom of their feet. What’s inside their car’s glove box? Manual, napkins, anti-bacterial wipes and sanitizer. What’s their birthstone? Do they like it? Why or why not? Their birthstone is opal and tourmaline, they do like them and they think that having two birthstones is unique and beautiful. Which Avenger is your character most like, personality-wise? She is more like Natalia (Black Widow) because she is strong, determined and badass. Does your character pay attention to the weather forecast? They do, sometimes not all times. When was the last time your character got sick? Did anyone take care of them? The last time they got sick was back in December, and her boyfriend, Harrison took care of her. What’s a weird/wacky/embarrassing story about them as a young child? The one time that Maribelle thought that she was her own stylist and she cut her hair and cut her sister's hair too. It was one of those things that her parents were upset at her but they thought it was funny. If they eat steak, how do they like it cooked? They do eat steak and they like theirs medium rare. Do they prefer to write with a pencil or a pen? If a pen, what color? They prefer to write with pencil as they can erase errors easily. If they write in pen they will write with black ink.  Imagine your character on the beach, waist deep in the water. A big wave rolls up and towers over their head. Do they dive under the wave, body surf, freeze and get swept off their feet, or something else? They will dive under the wave and come back up and try to ride the next wave, not minding being all soaked. What are the last five items in your character’s Google search history? Do they often clear their search history? Their last five searches are: How long to cook lobster for? Any recipes for casseroles? How long does dog live? How to take care of older dogs? Summer flowers to plant. No, they rarely clear their search history. Does your character sing in the car? In the shower? She loves to sing, so whether its the car or the shower, she sings at any time. Do they have a harder time going to sleep at night or getting out of bed in the morning? They have a hard time getting up in the morning as they feel that they could sleep longer. Would they rather fly or be immortal? They would rather be immortal. What’s the dumbest way your character has been injured? She has been walking down the street while on her phone and has strained her feet as she misstepped on the pavement and hurt her foot. Are they able to fall asleep in the car? On an airplane? On a boat? They are not able to fall asleep in a car, but they can call asleep on an airplane and even on a boat. How do they like their coffee or tea? They like their coffee sweet but not too super-sweet, and with lots of cream/milk. Her tea she likes it hot with honey and lemon.   TAKEN FROM FLUFFERNUTTERMEMES.TUMBLR.COM  

Peyton (17) (T) Trans

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O'Conner Family

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character questions (q&a).

gavin hyde, live on twitch 14/06/2022.  Hey guys! Sorry I’m running a little late, we were having some technical difficulties out here. Jo, you want to say hi? No. She doesn’t want to be on camera. Everyone say hi to my best friend Jo, she’s going to be moderating and picking questions, but apparently she doesn’t want to show her face on camera. Lame. How are you guys doing? The chat is definitely alive tonight. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been on. Tour has been insane. We have any questions coming in yet?  Okay, first question asked is what things calm you? Music, always music. But really, it’s never soft ballads or anything like that, I always find myself putting on something guitar heavy or just heavy music in general if I feel like listening to music, but if I decide to calm myself down by playing something, it’s usually on the piano or my very old acoustic guitar. Is that weird? I’m scanning the chat and people think it’s weird. Uhm, but other than music I would say that I always feel more calm if I have a couple of my pets around. Moose and South are good at calming me down, but actually, my cat Jerry is the best at it. He always seems to like me best when I’ve been stressed out and crawls out of whatever hiding space he’s in to find me.  Uhm, yeah. Next question. Are you close with your family?Yeah, very close with my family. My dad moved here from home and is currently living with me. I don’t have a very large family to begin with — I only have two cousins but yeah, as a whole my small unit is very close. I love them very much, it sucks to be so far away from them so much.  Joey, are you paying attention? She just flipped me off. Okay, what’s something you regret?Pfft, I have a lot of regrets. What’s one I can talk about in a public forum, Jo? Don’t shrug at me. Go with something light, maybe. Some of my hair color choices are definitely at the top of my list, like the red hair lasted maybe a little too long. I think that’s going to be my answer. Hair and style choices I’ve made especially in the early days… yeah, definitely those.  Things you love.That’s not a question, but I like it so I’ll answer it. I love my band — my band mates specifically — and that I get to do what I love with the coolest people I know. I love my job and I love being able to step away from it to do other things, like producing music for other artists and all the work I do with Joey and the sanctuary. I love art, and reading, and spending time with my amazing group of friends, and getting to know all of you guys. I do have a beautiful life, there’s a lot to love about it. Really. Joey just sent me the opposite of that, things you hate.Only fair to do that one too, I think. It’s a harder one for me. Uhm, I hate avocado and I won’t apologize for it no matter how much outrage is already starting in the chat. I also hate people who take advantage of other people. That’s kind of the big one, I guess. People just need to be kind to others, when it’s allowed of course, we don’t let people walk all over us. Uh — yeah. That’s all I can think of right now. Do you believe in soulmates?I don’t think it’s impossible. I can name some people platonically who I would count as soulmates, so why not in other ways? Sure. Yeah for soulmates. How do you handle conflict?It depends. Yeah, it depends. I usually walk away and cool down a little bit if things aren’t cooling off and come back with my head on straight. I’m not really someone who enjoys conflict. It’s different if it’s for someone else though, I’ll go to bat for my people any time. What bad habits do you have? Probably a lot. Joey, what would you say?I’m horrible at getting back to texts quickly. Yeah, I’ll give you that one. I tend to get distracted and not reply to people for a while, so most people just call me instead now. Uhm — I say uhm a lot when I’m thinking and I have a water bottle beside my bed and use it every day, but i probably only wash it once a week. Overdramatize stupid sh*t, Joey said too. What are your friendships like?Oh, this one is kind of deep, isn’t it? It varies a lot depending on the friendship, but when it comes to the people I’m closest with, I guess it’s kind of what I imagine a good marriage being like, you know? Long lasting, understanding, occasional tiffs. Very loyal. I love people that I can cry with one minute and not being able to breathe from laughing the next. Those are my people, yeah. How do you show your love or affection?A lot of gentle bullying and just as many hugs. That’s pretty much it. What keeps you awake at night? Jesus, Joey, why are you picking the heavy hitters?There are a lot of real-world answers that I could give, like I hate the fact that I know there are still people going to bed without food and stuff like that, but I think that deserves a better forum for me to discuss those issues in. So on a lighter note, usually it’s Moose kicking me. What do your home and bedroom look like?Uh, I don’t know? Very white and kinda modern with a lot of wood. I think my game room, my studio and my bedroom are the only dark rooms in the house. I am good at keeping a tidy house though, I’ll make someone a good housewife if this music thing suddenly decides not to pan out. Yeah, I don’t know how to describe it. I just live here, what do I know? Things that scare you?Fire scares me now — maybe that’s too real of an answer, but definitely fire. Losing people close to me, that’s always been a big one. Uhm, yeah. Next question. How do you express your feelings?Bit of isolation, bit of crying. No, I’m actually pretty good at just talking about things when I need to. Find someone I trust and who’s willing to listen and just get things out when I can, but if I can’t then I just write it all out. Put it in a journal or write a song. It all depends on the situation. I don’t like being a nuisance to people though, so sometimes things just store up until I can find a healthy outlet. Both good and bad, you know. Anything to add, Jo? You looked like you had something you wanted to say. No? Alright then. Something embarrassing about you?My entire existence, probably. Next question. No really, what else do you got? Okay, do you have any pet peeves?Oh, yeah. People not washing their hands properly. I’ve got this weird thing and I always have, where I wash my hands kind of to an obsessive degree. It’s worse now with everything going on in the world, but yeah. Chewing with your mouth open, not putting things away when you’re in someone else’s space. Those are the biggest ones. Traffic, just in general. Your thoughts on love?Love is great. Yeah, don’t have much to say about that right now but love is beautiful when it’s right. Spread more love. I want to see the whole chat filled with i love you’s now. Thank you. I saw that comment, Rory. Shouldn’t you be doing something else? Go be a menace elsewhere. Kidding, I miss you. Your most/least admirable quality?Let’s bring back my tendency to isolate for my least admirable quality. For my most, I don’t know. Jo, can you give me an answer? Like a real one. I’m kind to a fault, thanks for that. Aw wait, that was sweet. You think I’m cool under pressure, that’s cute. My best quality is either my loyalty, my drive or my creativity. I feel like I should circle back around to my least admirable quality now. I’m impatient and anxious to an unnerving degree. I feel better now. Okay, two more questions and then we’ll do a short tier list before I have to go. Give me a banger and then let’s end light if we can. If present you could write a letter to your younger self, what would you say?Damn. A lot, actually. That’s a difficult one, maybe I’ll have to write one and if it’s any good I’ll post it on insta or something. Erm — well kid, you f***ing did it. You got out of Quaker’s Hill, made five albums and saw more of the world than you ever imagined. Hug mum and tell people you love them a lot more often. Things are good and things are bad, but you’re still killin’ it. I don’t know what else I would say right now. Probably that I was right and didn’t need a traditional education to get by, validate younger me a bit more. That’s a really good one, thank you. I’ll have to think on it more. Last question, Jo. No pressure. Seriously, quit flipping me off, you ass. Favorite childhood memory?Most of my favorite childhood memories were at my parent’s shop, uhm, but probably my favorite memory is my first time playing a guitar. I thought it would be easy because I killed it at guitar hero, but I wanted to quit almost right away. Just sitting in the back room with my dad and an employee,  who I won’t name because he likes his privacy, but yeah he taught me three basic chords and I’ve been obsessed since. There’s probably a better one, but that one means a lot to me. Started this whole journey for me, so I think that has to be my favorite.  Okay, thank you for that. I’ll try to do another when tour’s over. Let’s find a tier list quick. Ranking 5SOS hairstyles, I think all of mine are going to be D tier.

velvet underground.

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the clubhouse

the clubhouse. october 20th, 2021Los Angeles, Canote: this isn't following my storyline, it's canon. Most people were spending the day doing different tasks, getting set up for their Halloween parties coming up, helping their kids with their homework, or maybe getting ready to go out for dinner and a date. Stevie Nicks was standing outside a warehouse, a star badge in her right hand as she tried to prepare herself to walk through the door. She had been here a million times before, being able to hear the music coming from within the walls before you even opened the door always proved to her she was at the right building, but the silence was louder this time than it ever had been. She couldn't come here, she made attempt after attempt in the last four years and she never could bring herself to. Even when Adria called about her wanting to be involved with a project she was doing and requested Stevie to come here so she could be a part of it she refused, because of her own selfish reasons, but when Mike called and said the band voted for her to be here to watch this with them tonight she knew she couldn't say no."Stevie, remember. You're the only girl in our band for a reason."Stevie grabbed the handle and turned it before pushing the door in as a sea of emotions quickly slid their way deep within her soul. She could still feel him here, she was planning to walk down the narrow hallway to the open room and see the band sitting around the table playing cards or eating, Tom rolling up a few joints before they started a jam session whether it was for a recording, a tour or simply because it was a Wednesday afternoon and the band had nothing better to do. But, where there once was normal laughter and tuning of guitars was now silence, Stevie left in the room with her thoughts as her eyes scanned around and rested on numerous items in the room. A collection of guitars and basses from Tom and Mike, Lord only knows how much they spent over the years on them, the table folded up in the corner that used to be out so often for the band to play cards or eat on, a coat rack that had one of Tom's frayed leather jackets hanging on it as Stevie almost felt someone guiding her towards it. Before she knew it, her free hand was grabbing the frays on the back of the jacket while the feeling of the heavily used leather was something that was oddly soothing for her to feel within the moment. Her coming over here to feel something she knew he treasured so much was, in a weird way, almost as if he was telling her that he was glad she was here. "Stevie?" the blonde was lost in her own thoughts, the frays on the back of the jacket dancing between her fingers. "She has to be here, Adria only came and unlocked it a few minutes ago just in case she was the first one to arrive. Stevie?" Hearing Mike's voice snapped her out of her thoughts, yet it was such a bittersweet feeling that made her almost have to choke her emotions back for a few moments. She knew that he sounded like Tom in a million different ways, but it was almost when he hollered Stevie she faintly heard Steph in the back of her head - and only one person ever called her that on the regular basis.Turning around as Benmont and Mike walked in, the fray of the jacket finally falling from her fingertips, Stevie titled her head as she only saw them two, curious as to where Steve and Ron were. "We all thought it'd be easier if it was just us three, you know? The two original members and the honorary Heartbreaker." She nodded her head, Benmont walked over to the TV that was hanging on the wall and quickly put the DVD copy on the side of the television while Mike grabbed a few chairs and sat them near the television so they could watch the final cut of Adria's project - Somewhere You Feel Free."Adria worked hard to make sure clips involving you weren't involved because she didn't want you upset with her. I know she called you about doing the documentary, even though we all understood why you said no..." Stevie simply cleared her throat, the badge still resting between her fingers on her right hand. It's not that she didn't want to watch this, she wasn't sure if she could watch this, she has been avoiding watching anything involving him since his death, hell she barely spoke about him. But now, she has it sit and watch a documentary about an era of his life that which no one knew how much she was heavily involved..As the opening couple minutes played on the television, a big birthday thing from fans and other artists alike, Stevie found herself standing up and walking back over to the coat rack, her free hand grabbing the brown, frayed leather jacket before she slowly slid it over her shoulders, As it rested on her body, she walked back over to the trio of chairs and sat down in the empty one and remained silent, her free hand gripping the jacket that had years of lighter burns from missing the top of the joint because he was too high to start with. Stevie sat and watched so many memories that she's replayed in her head a thousand times since the recording of Wildflowers, but it was as soon as his voice first came across the television speaker did she feel herself choke up on emotions, only pulling herself out of the moment when she felt Mike nudge her shoulder. Looking over, she saw a freshly lit joint resting between his fingertips."It's not rolled as tight as yours or Tom's are given you two were the rollers, but I figured it was fitting"Grabbing it with her free hand and taking a couple of hits before handing it back to Mike, the trio sat for the next hour and a half watching the work Adria did on the documentary. Memories they had long forgotten about were freshly implanted, and every single time she heard his voice or saw certain scenes her heart melted, her mind remembering all the nights and times Adria didn't put into the film, the nights where they were the last two left in the studio and they worked and smoked until the sun came up. All the hook-ups, the big fight that she left right before the album was done.Before she knew it, the documentary was coming to an end and, as Stevie, Belmont, and Mike talked about how they missed Tom, Stevie felt her right leg start to shake from the anxiety due to fighting her own emotions from overflowing out of her. And once again, much like she had when her fingertips first grazed the leather jacket when she arrived here, the overpowering sense of him having his arms around her just broke her, the emotion that she had been suppressing since she walked into the clubhouse as the band called it quickly slamming into the forefront. She felt the air escape her lungs while the faint sensation of feeling arms around her waist made her hands start to shake, the grip on the badge tightening while she sat there in silence. She was scared to move, scared to open her mouth to speak, realizing when Karen made a comment sometime last year that Stevie never truly processed Tom's death that she was indeed right. "Stevie?""I miss him, it wasn't supposed to be like this..." Stevie spoke for the first time since she walked into the clubhouse, looking over at Mike and Benmont as tears freely rolled down her cheeks. "I couldn't do this because I miss him, I couldn't sit and talk about him like he's no longer here, because I have to trick myself into thinking he is so I get out of bed every morning. I miss him so much it hurts to breathe. It wasn't supposed to be like this..."Stevie got up from the chair and walked over to the television, the ending credits rolling as it showed random short clips of Tom in a field while "Wildflowers" played, a song that he admitted during the recording of the album that it was about her. Taking her free hand, she placed it on the television as the DVD would somehow pause, Stevie, noticing the remote on a bookshelf and nowhere near any of the three, she'd take the tips of her fingers and press it against the television. Closing her eyes, it was almost as if her hand was resting on his cheek instead of the television as she all but feel the scruff of his beard tickling her fingertips. "I'm always going to be with you, Steph. Don't live like a hermit forever, the world needs Stevie Nicks back on stage, and I'll be right there with you always. She's so proud of you, darlin', as am I. I love you, Steph, don't ever forget that - take care of the band for me, I'll be waiting at the gates when your time is up and we'll be together until we find each other in the next lifetime."  Stephanie 'stevie' nicks-petty "you're finally somewhere where you feel free, baby" template credit.

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