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06/19/2022 11:43 PM 


Demonic Soul

06/18/2022 07:12 PM 

This is a joke, right? Right?" Ft. King

Prompt: This is a joke, right? Right? Featuring: King // Mentions: Dark  Julian was use to King being in trouble. He was a neon f***ing billboard for the sh*t. The very air around him screamed ‘Fresh meat.’ Everything in the damn state could and most likely even had or tried to come after him. Julian was used to being there in the thick of things. Sometimes putting himself literally in the way and getting hurt. Other times those that thought King an easy mark turned tail or was taken care of permanently. He was used to all that. What he wasn’t use to was being the very /reason/ that King was in danger. He should have though. Julian wasn’t just some random demon who ran into King and thought ‘Hey. This one’s mine.’ No he was an abomination. Half angel. Half demon. Created through an act of sin against God. His mother had been struck down and his father disappeared. Only to be raised by Ash. Lust himself. King was a prophet of the Lord. Not to be corrupted by the filth that Hell produced and spit out. Their friendship was a slight on Heaven and all its kind. Julian thought if anyone would be under attack it would be Julian but that wasn’t the case. They expected better from King. To put so much damn pressure on the man in the first place pissed Julian off. King had never asked for all this. Hadn’t ASKED to be a Prophet of the Lord. He suffered because of it daily yet hid it behind a smile. Angels and God acted as if being a Prophet was the greatest honor a human being could be. And THEY called demons cruel.He couldn’t be the reason King was in danger. Angels pretended to be this benevolent things but in reality they were worse than demons in some regards. Yet they acted better. Like they were higher than thou. If only mortals knew exactly what kind of cruel beings angels were they would be highly disappointed. King deserved better. He needed to do something. And the only thing he could think of was pushing the other way. Ash was staying away himself but for other reasons Julian was sure of it but he was keeping quiet about it. Maybe he had heard the same whispers through the grapevine. Or maybe it had something to do with love that Ash definitely had for the Prophet but was trying to hide it behind lust. After all love was a foreign concept to anything from Hell: be they born or fell. Or so others thought. It was more complicated than that. Julian steeled himself, a deep breath in and held for a second before being let back out. He repeated the motion a few times as he leaned heavily against the bar: eyes on the figure up on stage. He was working. It was the best time to do something like this. Kept King from being able to follow him. He was a professional so Julian knew –hoped- that King would be able to keep up the appearance of being there after everything that was going to happen. He sipped at the bourbon in his hand, knowing that King would soon be done for the moment.Sure enough the music dropped and Julian watched the other move across the stage and towards the back. Slamming the rest of the drink back and throwing cash onto the bar for the bartender, Julian gave a mock salute to the man behind the counter and moved towards where King had disappeared to. No one was allowed in the back but it took nothing to slip past everyone that could (wouldn’t) keep him from the back. He stood silently, waiting for King to turn around. Which he did with a smile that definitely could brighten the darkest days. ”I thought I saw you in the crowd, Jules.” He moved towards him, most likely to hug the other. It had been a week since they’d last saw each other. Julian raised a hand, King’s chest bumping into his palm. He knew he caught the other male off guard. Sure Julian tensed at any such movement but he always allowed it: for King. To be denied. To see Julian’s face without a slight smile. Like stone. It was something King didn’t know how to handle anymore. Before he could ask if something was wrong and Julian lost whatever nerve he had he ended up speaking. “King. I’m leaving.” Confusion flashed across King’s face before he was smiling again. “Ah okay. When will you be back?” He must think Julian meant that he was leaving on a mission that could take a while. After all Julian had promised him that he would so King wouldn’t worry so much. “I won’t.”“Jules? What do you mean you’re not coming back?” Julian shifted, straightening up before holding his hand out. “Exactly what I said. I’m not coming back. I’ll need my key.” He ignored the hurt that flashed briefly across King’s eyes, “This is a joke, right?” When Julian kept quiet, King’s voice raised slightly in pitch “Right?” This was it. He wanted to do nothing but take everything back. To tell King why he was doing this. To erase the tears that were gathering in King’s eyes. To soothe the pain he was sure King was undergoing at the moment. But he couldn’t. This was for the best. He had to keep telling himself that. But if it was for the best why did it hurt so much? Julian felt like he was going to cry or at the very least tear up. He never cried…for anyone. “No. Not a joke. What was the joke was that you thought we were friends.” A sharp intake of breath but Julian didn’t stop. He had to do this. To protect King. His mere presence would put King in danger. “Did you honestly think someone like /you/ could be my friend?” He smirked, stepping forward which resulted in King taking a step back. He had to be cruel. This hurt. Hurt so much but it was for the best. “Do you know how hard it was for me to even pretend to like you? To pretend as if I cared? As if I was your friend? As if I would EVER be your friend. You were nothing but Ash’s new favorite toy. I had to be nice. I had to protect you.” It had started like that but not anymore. But he couldn’t stop.He had to make the other hate him. Want nothing to do with him. King’s hip hit against the dresser in the room, but Julian only boxed him in with one hand on either side of him. “But now that Ash seems to have finally had his fun?” Oh how Ash was going to kill him when he found out what Julian was saying. “I don’t have to pretend anymore.” The fact that Ash hadn’t been around lately was helping him lie but he almost stopped as King’s face fell and he finally wasn’t able to keep his eyes on Julian. A tear fell. Followed by more. And his heart squeezed painfully at the sight. He almost stopped the smirk, almost gathered King in his arms and whispered his sorry into King’s hair but he couldn’t. “Oh? Did you think I could ever see anything in a Prophet of the Lord?” He laughed, the sound cruel in his own ears but he hid the flinch that even he wanted to let out. He stepped back, finally letting King breathe. He took that time to move across the room, towards where Julian knew he stuffed his belongings: finding the key was easy it was in a spot that King could quickly grab it in case of an emergency. “Jules.” Julian barely was able to contain the flinch that wanted to come with the soft utterance of his name. He snatched the key from where it laid, straightened up and moved towards the door. Fingers wrapped around his wrist before he could leave. He couldn’t stay. He was barely holding on. He spun, prying King’s fingers off of him and shoved him away. “Do not touch me, Prophet.” He snarled the title. It helped that he actually felt anger at the title. It helped a lot from the way King’s breath turned shaky, tears falling. “It was fun while it lasted though.”He turned and walked out, away from King. Away from the only friend that Julian had ever had. The only person he had let into his long thought non-existing heart. The only person he loved. Each step harder than the other to execute. King didn’t follow. Julian didn’t look back. It wasn’t until he was far away from Euphoria that he was able to slip into an alleyway. It wasn’t until he was that far away in a dirty alleyway that he was able to slump against the wall, slowly sliding down the wall until he was sitting on the ground. It wasn’t until he was that far away that he finally let that feeling in his chest loose. To allow himself to do something he had never done before. For anyone. He allowed himself to let tears fall, head falling back to thump against the wall. He allowed the small twinge of pain from his head falling back against the wall. It was what he deserved after that. After tearing King’s heart out of his chest. He couldn’t even tell himself that it was for the best. That it was to protect King. He was an abomination that would put King in danger. He couldn’t tell himself any of that because it wasn’t. It wasn’t for the best. But it was done. Julian sat there and allowed himself to cry before he was lifting himself back up and whispering, “I’m sorry King.” He slipped out of the alleyway after wiping the evidence of tears from his face, hands in his pockets as he moved silently through the streets leading to his apartment.

velvet underground.

06/18/2022 05:19 PM 

San Francisco Pride 2022

"WELCOME EVERYBODY! I hope, from the bottom of my heart that each and every one of you is enjoying the second day of this beautiful Pride weekend and massive party due to Kambria and Gretchen - two of the baddest women I know. Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of standing here after sitting so long in my Target lounge pants watching reruns with my dog, so you ready, Mike? let's rock!"Outside The Rain/Dreams. - Bella Donna; 1981/Rumours; 1977Soldier's Angel - In Your Dreams; 2011."I wrote this song many years ago after visiting Walter Reed Hospital and meeting all the brave young men and women who were in there. I walked in with nothing on my mind and I walked out a mother, heartbroken for these young men and women that had to pay with their minds and bodies for our freedom. I haven't done this song in quite some time, but deep down I always knew that I'd have to dust it off - and I did.Gypsy - Mirage; 1982"This song is about a few things, it's about finding freedom, it's about a store I used to shop at back when Lindsey and I were first trying to make it big in the business before we joined Fleetwood Mac called the Velvet Underground. It's a song about my best friend, Robin, who had recently died when I wrote it. These days, it's about all the gypsies in my life that are finding their ways, that are getting rid of their fear, and finding love. These days it's about the six most important girls in my life - LeeLee, Stella, Amethyst. Adria, Annakim, and Kenny finding their way through this crazed life - and one of them six is why it's always on my setlist."Bella Donna | Wild Heart - Bella Donna; 1981 | Wild Heart; 1983 Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac; 1975Landslide - Fleetwood Mac; 1975"This next song, everyone knows the story with this next song, and everyone knows that I dedicate it to either someone or a few people everytime I sing it, and given what this month is and what this weekend is, the list I could dedicate it to is so long I could write a book. I dedicate it to all of you, may you find peace in gathering like this and find pride in who you are, and never let anyone try to talk you out of being anyone else but yourself. I dedicate it to my children, who I have loved for as long as I can remember, and love you like you're my own, I dedicate it to my husband, the man who's found me a million times over the last 40 years, and we finally got our heads out of our asses and decided to make sure we never lose each other again. I dedicate it to my father, Jess, I know you're still standing beside me as you have everytime I've sung this song since you used to jokingly insist the song was about you. I love you, I miss you.Stand Back - The Wild Heart; 1983Free Fallin' - Full Moon Fever; 1989 [Tom Petty Cover]Edge of Seventeen - Bella Donna; 1981encore___________Rock and Roll - IV; 1971 [Led Zeppelin Cover]Stop Draggin' My Heart Around - Bella Donna; 1981 [featuring Tom Petty]"So, as I announced on Instagram earlier today, my longtime friend and guitarist, Waddy Wachtel couldn't make it to Pride today and he didn't give me a reason - and that's not really important right now. But, I also mentioned that someone went and got Mike from the airport, and as I was waiting for them I got an idea. I know Steve and Ron are somewhere out there, and Mike is playing guitar on stage with me tonight. Benmont has been doing keyboards for my tour thus far and is for the remainder of the tour. Anyone who knows classic rock knows their names - Steve, Ron, Mike, and Benmont - but there's one missing. After a bit of convincing, and maybe a kiss or two and a promise of a joint when we got off the stage, I figured I should do this song at least once with the person I've been singing it with since 1981. Kam, I also might've used you like a bit of a bribe to get him to do it, Ladies and gentlemen, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, the frontrunner, lead singer, maraca shaker, joint smoker of the Heartbreakers, but most importantly the man I'm beyond honored to call my husband - Tom Petty!"

π™ˆπ˜Όπ™‰ of steel.

06/18/2022 03:40 PM 

Heart to heart ft. Sawyer.

 Mikael knew better than to become one with his emotions but when it came to Shoshanna but in all frank, he was a complete mess.  Not only did she get back at him for cheating but she did it with no other than his cousin Callum. Bringing the drink to his lips he took a swig, thinking of when things weren't such chaos.  Today was his day off and thankfully work distracted him, but it was days like this, it ate him alive. He knew his cousin had feelings for his wife and here he was stationed at the bar, drinking the idea of happy marriage down the drain, that was until a familiar face, stormed into the bar with this smile that made the male chuckle lowly to himself, it was his bestfriend Sawyer, the one and the only person he could honestly spill his heart out without coming off as a weaker man,  but the question was would he. Or would he hold it all in until he exploded?As Sawyer pulled up a stool next to him, he laughed as he looked towards the blonde with this leer that would make anyone crack under the pressure, he just had that ability which he was thankful for, it wasn't public knowledge that they were splitsville but being his best mate he knew something was wrong. Mikael wasn't himself, he could sense it. As Sawyer reached over the bar countertop, he grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels and grabbed a thick glass, and poured himself a glass. Mikael studied his bestfriend as he brought the glass to his lips and sucked down the whiskey like water, before he slammed the glass down and made a face, which caused Mikael to chuckle, " It's whiskey brother, it goes down smoothly but burns coming back up."The two just stared at each other, as Mikael cleared his throat, as he placed a five on the counter before he grabbed another beer. " We need to get out of this town what do you say? let's kick this kickstand and drive anywhere?"

π•ƒπ• π•œπ•šπ•žπ• π•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿ

06/18/2022 01:16 PM 

Loki as currently known

Legal Name: Loki Laufeyson-OdinsonNick Name(s): Ikol, Lady Loki, God of Mischief, God of Stories, Loki Laufeyjarson Age: 1,054 years in human, around 18 in Asgardian Gender: FluidBirth Date: December 17th Race: Jotnar/Frost Giant/ Fire GiantAccent: British Height: 6'1 (Can change wish shifting) Weight: 400 lbsSkin Color(s): Blue originally, pale white in humanHair Color(s): Usually black but also ginger Eye Color(s): Blood red, bluish silver, and green Unique feature(s): Jotnar markings (they'll probably tell you all of them is special) Ocupation: God of Mischief, rebel, rightful king of the frost giantsFamily: Laufey (birth father) (Birth mother unknown), Loki (Younger biological brother),Odin (Adoptive father), Frigga (Adoptive mother, Hela (Adoptive older sister), Thor (Adoptive older brother) //Information varries based on version of Loki) Friend(s): None in particular. (You listen close enough you can hear Thor crying in the background I bet.) Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Relationship Status: Single 

Murder, She Wrote

06/18/2022 01:19 PM 

Least Deserved: Starter/Sample.

Least Deserved.Theme: Water, Beach.I wanted to do a detailed version of what my starter would have been like. Enjoy, I hope you like this!_____Lily Spooner wanted to leave this small town for the holiday, but there was nowhere to go. There was no reason to stay here, either, but at it was cheaper. At least she had a roof over her head. Hell, considering most of the people here are too old to care about money and new buildings, was there any reason this place was cheap? Unless you hated seafood, which she did, all these people knew how to make was seafood. At least the people are friendly, and didn’t butt into her daily life. That was why she left New York. Her Friends and family couldn’t keep their big mouth shut or stay out of her life. At least, at least, at least... Oh, who was she kidding? This place was ten times worse. The wind suddenly picked up out of nowhere, or so she liked to claim. Her tiny fists clenched within her white rain coat before she shoved them into her tight pockets. It wasn’t so much sunny here, but this had to be as bad as Scotland when it came to rain, wing and snow. It was healthy for the sea below, but she couldn’t think how anyone would want to live here full time. The icy chill coming off the beach below made it worse. Every time the breeze picked up, she felt as if tiny dull razors were slicing through her skin. Lily figured it would be bad, but this? Nothing like this would ever prepare her for the coming fate. This could have been close to the south pole. As she struggled along the frosty path, trying in vain to judge which was safe to cross without splitting her skull or something worse. Each day, she judged it would get worse. Hell, winter wasn’t here yet. Still, she wished for New York weather. It seemed like every wave of the sea air made it worse. Her rosy cheeks coloring brightly. It was almost sore to touch. Her nose was red and no doubt ready for the oncoming flu moving around the small town. She wondered if her cheap clothes and shoes would last the season. The very first season she was spending in Cabot Cove. At this rate, someone was going to end up falling and placing their bodies on nightly news. Now she thought about it, what picture could they use of her, anyway? Maybe that awful one from her high school yearbook - it was absolutely dreadful. - Then it was would tragic death in it. The irony wasn’t lost of Lily that she would be more important dead than alive. No one gave a crap about her now. - The small little job in a vintage store that smelled like old people. The struggle with keeping up her classes, not to mention paying off each bill she owed. No one would care, at least not until she showed up frozen somewhere on the shore. The wind picked up again. Lily turned her head from the cold again, eyes squeezed shut for a moment. She opened them slightly with effort, trying to see through the heavy rain in front of her. Hell, she could barely feel her fingers now. Her hands had to keep clenching into a fist, just feel something in them. A shiver racked her body. Her breath squeezed her lungs. The moment the air left her mouth was the moment she could see the fog in front of her. Once more Lily closed her eyes and chantered her issues for the day to fight through this. Family, bank, food, car, family, back, food, car... Jason. Jason: Her boyfriend, Jason, had turned into an a**hole seemingly over night. School: She was going to flunk college if she didn’t find more time to study. Money: Hell, where to start? If she cut anymore time back, she was going to f***ing starve. Car: Her car started smoking this morning when she cranked up. It was a old thing, hardly worth the effort, but what else could she do? It was the only thing she could use to get to work on time. No buses came through the town, only to and form. Taxis take too much time to get to and if you miss them? You’re screwed. Lily trudged along, adding ‘frostbite’ to the list of issues she had to deal with at this point. Every-time she blinked, it like her eyes were cutting through her skin. Jason, car, frostbite, school, family. The frostbite fear should be on her mind more than anything, truly. Some might say she was being dramatic about it. Lily scoffed, too busy in her thoughts to care about on lookers - As if someone was stupid enough to walk in this - Someone should try to live her life. Maybe her heart was beating fast or her walking pace was picking up as the sun set. Then it kinda hit her. While whining in her head she might actually end up dead if she didn’t hurry the f*** up. Lily shivered again. Every step she took toward home was killing her at this point. Living here was not. Worth. It. Plain. It seemed like it took forever just to get down this bloody road just to get to her home. That was when she spotted the wooden pier and her shoulders stiffed. Oh great. She thought as her eyes went skyward, praying for the safety and warmth of her home. Well, it was now or never. Lily eyed the pier and could tell already the ice on it was going to be a veritable death trap for someone. First, she placed one foot forward and then the other. Licking her chapped lips, she took another and then another. Closing her eyes, releasing a breath. Great. This is it, take it easy and.... A harsh wind kicked her balance off before she was skidding down the wooden pier. “Sh*t!” Lily hissed, trying to catch herself before she slid into the water. Instead of falling into the water, she grabbed onto the pole. Her body forced her forward, but she held on tight. Pins and needles spreading over her finger and hand left her clenching her teeth and crying out. “F*** that hurt!” Steadying herself, she took a moment to straighten herself, rain hitting her eyelashes made seeing very hard. Her hand brushed her wet hair back while her free one now let go of the pole. Touching her chest, her heart pounding against her ribcage from the startle of nearly dying. Hell, even that was putting it mildly. Then she stared at the water and wondered. Why did she stop herself? It wasn’t like anyone cared after all. Without thinking... She just took a step closer to the edge until her heels were the only thing touching the pier. How long would it take for her to pass out? How long would it take for her body to numb from the ice cold water? She closed her eyes again, trying to not think about the water below. Then a branch snapped behind her, with the adrenaline pumping through her still, she jumped. “Jesus!,” her foot slipped for real this time and before she realized it, ice cold water hit her skin... And then darkness.3am.Cabot Cove.Three miles in town. The only bus from Cabot Cove drove into town by the police station. There was only one person on it. None of the locals really saw reason to leave the town as often as this girl did. The bus driver glanced behind him. The sound of boots hitting the bus floor as she approached. “There you are, Mel.” He smiled in greeting, raising his hand before she could put money in. “Please, we’re family here! No need to pay me. Just leave some of the apple pie, eh?” Melissa Isabella Fletcher. The famous writer of Cabot Cove couldn’t help but smile and tilt her head at the man. “Really now?” She asked in a playful tone. “Really, really.” He parroted. “Alright, if you want food over money, who am I to mess with that?” “That’s a girl.” The bus driver grinned at his victory, only letting him stretch when she rolled her eyes and turned for the stairs. “Tell the grumpy old bugger I said hello!” “Will do!” Melissa said over her shoulder and stepped onto the wet path as she left the last step of the bus. The sound of the hand brake made her moved back away from the bus. Watching him driver out while she stood in the rain. The mystery writer turned to check the window, seeing no one in the police station. This didn’t worry her too much because she knew how much trouble this town got into. Especially during this time. Melissa was a platinum blonde with a heart-shaped face framed with curly locks. Her lips were recently painted in red, now losing their color from the rain. Hazel eyes with a blue ring around them and green spots looked away from her reflection. Anyone else would freak out that her makeup was ruined. Like the Scottish tomboy she was, her mind was set on finding someone. She was heavily covered for the occasion at least, her hand reaching for the hoody and throwing it over her head. The rain hitting the fabric of her leather jacket instead. The rest of her outfit consisted of her jeans and army black top with long sleeves. A pair of leather gloves covered her hands from the cold. While her brown leather boots splashed the puddles on the way to the beach. She pulled her sleeve back and checked the time. Hell, by the time she got there, it will be two hours away. Melissa frowned, “Oh well... Guess I should get going.” She told herself, shifting her handbag on her arm onto her shoulder properly while her free one dragged a black suitcase into the building. Leaving her things there before walking down the road. 6am.North Beach.Cabot Cover. Fortunately, the winter weather meant the body at the bottom of the lake would be well preserved, though the chill on the shore was bone-aching. What made you wish to be in summer once more. The sun on your face. The sweat running down your back. The way the air conditioner in your car blew out a fog because it could not keep up with the heat. As much as the cold made everything much worse this day, the body pushed those selfish thoughts to the back of his head. Sheriff Smith couldn’t feel anything but numbing pity at this point. “Found her,” the fisher said from below. Somewhat down from the pier was a beach you could walk on now and then when the water left the land. He was directing his men from the beach. Men working to move the body back out of the water - and care for the evidence the water would have taken left their minds. At least for now. Smith raised his hand, the heavy raincoat with his badge falling down his arm, droplets of water sliding down his pale skin. ‘ This better be one hell of a body to call me at three in the f***ing morning.’ Smith scowled, his gaze leveling the men with a look of annoyance for a second. James Smith was a grumpy man in his early thirties. To his credit, he did his best. It just so happened that he wasn’t a very good lawman, yet it was the only thing they had at short notice. He was a medium-sized male, averaged height for someone his age, with deep brown eyes narrowing. Dirty blonde hair combed back, silk with the pouring rain hitting his hair. The shrill sound of your phone was never a pleasant sound around this time. He dared to say it was a bad sign, and here he was... Soaking f***ing wet and standing in the rain. Sometimes he hated this job. Why he left New York, he couldn’t even remember at all. Since then, the crowd gathered around the pier and beach. Curious enough to come over, but smart enough to stay back, unlike some. James closed his eyes and his hand reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose when a female squeezed through the crowd. Curious Heterochromia eyes scan the entire scene in an instant. Her eyes are full hazel, with a round blue ring and green dots going around her pupils. “Here we go...” He grumbled to himself while facing the beach once more to see the men moving toward them with the body bag. “In the van guys, no more dallying.” He ignores the sound of boots shuffling through the sand in favor of the job at hand. “Oh, come on.” The voice of Melissa Isabella Fletcher reached his ears. Making the lawman roll his eyes before turning to face her again. The woman grinned slightly, “Nice to see you again.” “You too. Now what do you want?” Melissa crossed her arms over her brown leather jacket. Hazel’s eyes followed the men into the van for a second before she shrugged. “Just curious.” She said, obviously from the suitcase at her side, she only came back from her trip to New York. She was currently wearing her jeans with a long-sleeved top, the army print showing, when she raised her arm to see her watch. Black gloves tapping the face for a second. “Only six and you run to trouble so early?” James released a sigh and closed his eyes again. “Tell me about it.” Neither commented after that. Instead, the writer titled her head, shifting her bag on her arm onto her shoulder more before patting his back with her right hand. “Don’t worry, this will be easy.” James gave a withering glance and shook his head at her before turning on his heel. “Yeah, when pigs fly.”

Murder, She Wrote

06/18/2022 01:18 PM 

Murder, she... Hung? Starer/Sample.

7am.Front Market.Cabot Cove.A cold, hard breeze pushed by her face while jogging through the town. Pushing her blonde hair, which was tied into a ponytail behind her back. A small town was the perfect place where you could run on for days and no one would see you. Melissa Isabella Fletcher was never the one for the spotlight. In leggings and sports bra, well attention was just seconds away, anyway. Her cheeks were flushed from running down from her house to the market. One man gave her a wave of adrenalin for the morning until she slowed down to a stop.   “Morning, Mel.” the fisher waved from his place on the pier. “Finished your morning walk?”   Melissa waved her hand to wave him off. Her hands sat on her kneecaps, leaning over in favor of taking in gulps of air from running from her house. She wasn’t fit. No one could run this distance without looking like they ran a Marathon. Hell, she was pretty sure this killed her, anyway. After a few seconds, she sat up and squinted her eyes, the people around the market on the pier watching her with hidden amusement.   “Ah... Sh*t.” She said under her breath, pulling around her crossbody bag to her front. “I shouldn’t run like this every morning.” Digging her hand into her handmade bag, she pulled out a black canteen and flipped the cap open.   Frank walked over and looked her over in one go without batting an eye. “You say that every time and yet you still want to run.”   “Oh, shut up.”   Melissa took a hefty sip of her water until she couldn’t anymore, pulling the canteen away with a gasp of air. Taking the moment to look around at the fish this morning. That was the one thing about this place, learning to live with fish and take in the smell and then eating the same food. Seafood was okay, but even she had to admit that this wasn’t her most desired dish.   “How are the kids?” Frank asked once more, stuffing his hands into his large raincoat.   “Good.” She placed her canteen back in the bag just before her mobile phone started buzzing against her leg. She pulled it out before swinging her bag back around and slid her finger across the screen.   The screen lit up to reveal the name of Sheriff James. He called her. At least she didn’t think he would ever call her unless things were dire. She titled her head and flicked the screen away, checking the text for a second. “Huh.”   Ever the curious one, Frank was a heavy bodybuilder type with dark locks falling down to his shoulder and deep blue eyes peering over her phone. “I never thought I would see the day, mister...” He said, frowning at the vague message.“I just saw him an hour ago, said something about getting a bunch of letters at once. The entire town is going mad with it.”   Melissa and James didn’t see eye to eye at all, rather he was used to doing things on his own until she came around. She has solved his cases and not him since she moved here and he was very vocal about that alone. Everyone understood he was in charge and she took over quickly. Truthfully, she found that sometimes he was in the wrong job, he just seemed to lack the... Sense for crime or problem-solving. Maybe it was just her, but he gave off something she used to be compared to whenever she couldn’t think fast enough. Airhead. That was the word. Later in her years, she found she was pretty smart after taking the time to learn.   Frank wasn’t that friendly either, but he was close enough that she considered... Friendly conversation between each other was enjoyable. Melissa grew up with backstabbing and casual relationships. She knew people like him well enough to accept the banter for what it was. That didn’t mean she was going to let them put her down and change her as they wanted. At least this one person came over to her house for food. She was a pretty decent cook and baking wasn’t bad either. Then again, she learned everything from her mother. Probably a fault of her own. Now she shared most of her bakes with the town.   “You better go then,” Frank pointed out while turning to start gutting his fish. “Don’t want him to nag so early in this morning, do you?”   “Please, we both know he will, anyway....”   “True!” Frank snorted loudly. “You never know though!”   The mystery writer rolled her eyes skyward. Hazel’s mirrored by a blue ring with green spots within them, obviously born with an eye condition. She turned on her heel and began walking back the way she came. That morning, she decided today was the day she wanted to work on her health more often. Then this came up, but to her credit, she at least attempted to run each morning instead. It wasn’t great, but at least she could get something out of this.   “Of all days,” Melissa said to herself while lifting her arms into the air. Stretching her already aching bones from a long run, just making herself do another would be tough. “I hope this isn’t some kind of prank.” She grumbled. Letting her arms fall back to her side, she fixed her black cropped hoodie on her person. Underneath, she wore a forest green sports bra with a tick at the front. Taking her usual army print leggings in favor of anything heavy or irritating on her skin.   Eventually, she kneeled down and fixed her laces on her flower pattern sneakers, and straightened before going into a light job again. Her arms fixed her blonde hair into a ponytail again. She was lucky. The police station wasn’t too far from here because the bus stop was directly in front of it. James never told her why, and she didn’t ask.

Femme Fatale

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Who Is Cat Woman?: Sample/Starter.

Theme: Who is she?Song: Mr. Sexobeat. - Alexandra Stan.Prompt: Cops, Stealing, On the run.New York City. During the day you can find so much good will on the street, but then when night came people show their real colors. The crime here has always been rather heavy, even with someone trying to stop it. This was such a pity, from where she stood in the trade center building. Also known as the tallest building in the city, as far as eyes could see.Nylah could sit on the edge of the tower and watch the many lights come to life. She has been here since the sun went down, in fact. Neon lights lit up the entire city, the night view breath taking even for someone like her. The striking builds went out for miles, cars filled the area with their honking. If she was closer, she would no doubt hear people swearing at each other. Being nice off the road was another thing entirely, but on the road? All rules go out the door.The gentle wind made her waist length hair sway behind her back. The auburn color was hard to not take notice, but that was the point. Nylah wanted to attract as much people as she could. She wanted everyone to know someone was causing trouble and winning. “...Such a pity,” She said to herself, a soft meow coming from behind. Her head turned to see one of the many cats that tailed her from here to her home - God knows how it got there.“Hey, there kit.” She murmured in a gentle voice. The cat pattered over to her and climbed onto her lap, with her sitting her legs over the ledge like she did. The feline purred and rubbed his head on her stomach in greeting. Nylah rewarded the animal with a scratch behind the ear and a full on rub down his back until the tail was swaying lightly at the tip. He had a tiger coat that matched her hair. Gold eyes peered up at her before bouncing off her lap and sitting beside her.The same hazel eyes watched with a dash of blue mixed within. “I guess we should get going, Hm?” Her red lips curved into a smirk.Nylah slowly came to a stand at the edge of the building. From memory, she could tell where to go from here to find the Jewelry store. Usually she hit any place that interested her with the news or had something pretty for her to keep. It might guide people to herself in the end. But many have disappeared or simply had no proof to put her in jail. Seeing wasn’t enough in this case. Especially for the ones looking to make her pay the price around here.She could see it from here actually, it wasn’t the highest tower, so that left her with the best viewpoint. Naturally, people thought the Cat Woman was a lady searching without planning or source. And that made them cannot catch her.I wonder how this will turn out. It wasn’t strictly connected to anyone, but the building had the most priceless jewels in the city. Many important people left everything there just because of the top security and protection it had. From her understanding even a certain person was protecting it, she didn’t know why. That wasn’t Nylah concern for the moment. She took a deep breath for a moment and looked behind her to find the feline gone. “Slippery little thing....” She mumbled, a slow, cat-like smile appearing on her face. The mask sitting on her face keeping her from being seen.The wind whipped her hair over her shoulder at first, her hand came forward and pushed it back. Nylah gazed down the building, her boots stepped over the edge or her body relaxed knowing the fall was coming. She fell forward with her face staring down at the ground below, smirking slightly. Her arm lashed out with a whip, the end grabbing one streetlight above, swinging her body forward and up she pushed forward to find her landing point.One guard patrolling and another watching the camera’s from the security room. She repeated her thoughts from this morning, some protection.The whip was a very hard weapon to master, in her time she hit her face at least fifty times. Not the best feeling in the world. The end of the whip only held her so long and then she was dropped, Nylah rolled on the ground and stood crouched with her curly hair sitting over her shoulder in the alley she was landed in when her grip loosened. Hazel eyes narrowed. Why was there no one outside? It seemed almost like a trap was being set. Could it be? Did they list in another ally? Or is it another foe in secret?Her red lips twisted into a sadistic grin. The thing about listing for more help. No normal cop could catch her, there was only one person she could think about. Her eyes lit up at the thought of meeting someone like that.This was going to be a fun night.She stood up on her feet and looked up the right side of the building. The ladder would be a known entry, but few would do the things she could. Nylah went on the ladder anyway and see what she was in the mood for. Loud or quiet. Either way she wouldn’t lose anything tonight. Her fingers gripped first and pulled herself up, boots clinking on the ladder as she climbed the building quickly. Night could only last for so long, after all.A moment later, she moved onto the rooftop and walked over to the glass roof. Kneeling down, Nylah pressed the side of her temple and her eyes glazed over in red. The contact inside switching on for night vision. As of late, her goggles didn’t seem to hide her face as much as she liked. Not to mention it was easy to break in a fight, thankfully getting these contacts was easy and fast.She first clenched at her side to extend her claws inside of the glove from her side. Lifting her hand to her eyes, the sharp claw could easily go through something like glass. Her smile widened slightly. Whoever placed the glass roof was a fool.Nylah got to work and scratched out something big enough to let her body through. The slice made her grimace from the sound, but eventually she plucked out the glass and set it to the side. Standing back up and jumping down before landing in another roll and crouch. Her eyes scanned the entire room and found herself on the higher floor. From her research this would not be protected anyway, but she could move around easily, which was more than useful.She stood up from her place on the floor and walked over to the first glass cabinet. “ Here we go.” She said, her voice taking on a slight drag of the letter like a feline.The female burglar wasn’t shocked to find the light suddenly going on in the room. Her finger lightly tapped the night vision off, only to hear a gun clicking from behind. “Turn around slowly, hands above your head!”Nylah glanced over her shoulder for a second. Her face coy, a small smile on her face making her look playful. “...My, my. I guess this was a trap then.” She sighed to herself and slowly raised her hands to her head. Then she turned around. In the light, her cat suit could be seen under the light. All she wore was a form fitting suit which allowed movement. It clung to her skin for that very reason, her hour-glass figure obviously well kept and built to fight.From what could be seen, she had pale skin. Long hair, with a small nose and round face, she seemed harmless. The cop, known as Joe from his name tag. She blinked at him slowly; her smile widened mockingly. “Aw, don’t tell me...” She started teasingly, “You’re not scared of little me?”Joe instantly scowled at the slight bait she was trying on him. “Shut up!” He snapped, “Keep your hands on your head and don’t move.” He ordered firmly, only seeming to clench the trigger a little more when she raised her eyebrow and rolled her eyes at him. Even if he didn’t think he was falling for her trick, he was, but he moved forward and grabbed for his keys.Nylah instantly lunged and wrapped her arm over his neck with force. “Too bad.” She breathed close to his ear, “You should be.” Her steeled tone hissed near the end before she angled her arms on his neck to the right. A sickening snap coming from her grip, the cop dropped his gun and went slack in her hold. She let him go without bothering with the dead body, grabbing his gun for later use. Briskly walking over to the glass cabinet from before she used the end of the gun to smash the glass. Spending what time she had to grab the jewels inside before the alarm in the shop rang in the building.Turning her head, she saw the sirens from outside and clicked her tongue, “Meddlesome cops.”It wasn’t what she wanted in the moment but she could deal with them anyway, Nylah walked around the room and reached the place above the roof. Pulling out her whip when the cops barreled into the room. She grinned wickedly. Her hazel eyes sparkled. “Love to stay, but I have other places to break into.” Throwing her whip onto the ledge of the upper floor, she propelled herself up and took a sprint for the staircase for the roof.“Sh*t. Roof now! Move it, men!”Not stopping for anything, she knocked the door open with her shoulder and stepped onto the roof. A flashing light from the helicopter from above blinding her for a moment. Nylah raised her arm and covered her face of a moment. The force of the Helicopter whipping her long hair back and forth from behind.

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Formal Business.Work.

Master Thief

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Casual/Informal.Dressy Casual/Date.Smart Casual.Coming Soon.Casual Sports.Smart Sports.Coming soon.Dressy Sports.Coming Soon.Summer Dressy/Date.Summer Formal.Business Casual.Party Formal/Informal.Festive Dresscode.Coming Soon.Lounge DressCode.Coming Soon.Business Formal.Semi-Formal Business.Black Tie.Black Tie Freestyle.Creative Black Tie.White Tie.Work.


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Introduction. Part 1.

Introduction. Part 1.Type: Drabble/Starter.Song Theme: Savior.Prompt: Astoria Shepard.     Ambassador Donnel Udina was not a happy man. On most days, he was hardly polite to the surrounding people. He might even say his personality was a special preference for some. Others would just say he was a good worker, if not the only hope people have to fit into the council. Unfortunately, he also lacked the patience to deal with fools around him. Sadly, that never changed work or not.    Udina was a dark-skinned man in his early thirties. The power and stress put on his shoulder showed from the wrinkles and dark shadows under his eye. He was sure this meeting would bring more stress to go with everything else.    Now they just had to pick the right Guinea pig. Nearly every person thought it was best to pick someone quickly and quietly. He thought they could use the press release for a boost. Others claimed it would get in the way, he had little say in the matter, but Udina was firm on the first pick being a... Temporary solution. Once again, others had more confidence.    Udina was sitting in his office, on the citadel, standing in front of Captain David Anderson and Admiral Steven Hackett. All looking as restless as the ambassador felt.    As well they should be, he thought darkly, a scowl sitting firmly on his face. This could bring the future of humanity and more. Not that there votes counted for much. Udina didn’t like to say it, much less admit it. However, his vote counted even less than the two men in the room. Which he completely resented till this very day.    “Is this it?” A turain man inquired in the middle of the three human men. As a six-feet man in the room, he made them feel more than a little wary and he knew it. Also, he was a spectre which made it more intimating to them. He had two long, proportionately thick fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand, each tipped with talons, and a set of mandibles around his mouth. The most distinguishing feature of turains is their metallic carapace, which contains trace amounts of thulium. He looked like a mix between a birth or dinosaur.    Nihlus Kryik was taking the humans interests at heart. Yet, he was fairly sure they would fail either way. Everyone felt that way. Humans are far too greedy to have that kind of power. Luminous eyes trailed over the three holos set before them.    “The ones who were picked are free and the best.” Hackett answered for them while sitting on the right of the ambassador. Standing out with his blue marine suit, a ceremony sword tied to his hip for show. Much like Udina, he was more restless than the other three men in the room. Human men, at least. Setting his hat on the table, he ran a hand through his grey hair. Grey-blue eyes watching the alien closely.    “What about Shepard?” The third human in the room suggested, standing there with the same sword and blue suit as the admiral. He was also the captain and the one who will look after the new spectre. He was wider than the ambassador, with his dark skin and brown eyes staring down the holo of a tall woman smirking.    “What about Shepard?” Udina shot the Captain a look, trying to frame the question for more inquires on the woman and yet not succeeding, his tone coming off with a sneer.    Anderson, however, ignored him completely and looked at the admiral, who tried not to chuckle. “Yes, a colorful background this one...” Hackett agreed, yet refused to voice a yes or no to the suggestion.    It was enough for Nihlus to pick up the holo file on the table and flip the pages with his large, opposable thumb. “No family to speak of,” He noted, but his gaze slipped to Anderson, who looked stiff in front of them. “Born on the street, joined some gang early on and left. Did she ever explain the gap from then to joining the army?”    “It was impressive, reading her file before, she was so young for her age and manage reach a high rank early in her career.”  Anderson told them, forcing himself to lose the tension in his shoulders. Warily eyeing the Turian.    “Not very healthy, is it?”    “Nothing is healthy in this job, Udina.” Hackett scoffed.    “A heavy set of stress level for a young girl her age,” Nihlus continued, overlooking the status on her health on file. “Could she cope with even more after the Skyllian Blitz?”    Anderson nodded his head. “I worry myself, but she went back to work after a temporary leave.” He crossed his arms over his chest and looked over at Hackett. “We had to force her to take a quick break. She was determined to work again.”Udina leaned over the table and placed his hands on it. Turning his head to look at the men in the room for a second. “Do we really want someone like that leading us?”    “Who else would you suggest, Ambassador?” Hackett was quick to raise a single grey eyebrow at him. “She’s hardworking and knows how to make tough decisions when needed.”Nihlus paused in his reading. “Does she remember doing it?”    “Bits and pieces.” Anderson shrugged, “Normally someone will forget depending how stressful it was...” His brow furrowed with hidden concern. “I can’t imagine what she went through that day....”Usually, someone claiming fame will get used to it quickly. If this was someone else, he might have accused her of lying, or maybe her captain lying for her. Yet, she told the truth about remembering bits and pieces. Some say it was easier to forget, but how could you live your life knowing part of it was gone?    “And you, Ambassador?”    “By the book and you can’t question her courage or skill to get things done.” Udina said with a grimace.Nihlus’s turned his keen gaze back to the file and nodded his head slowly. He could work with this. Someone like that will keep her people happy and others. If she introduced to the people and moved to the right place. They didn’t need another rogue Spectre of all things and if he was right; they needed someone like her for this job.

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Kerosene - Starter/Drabble.

Drabble/Starter/Sample.Song: Miranda Lambert - Kerosene.Theme: Cheating, Revenge, Fireworks.{ If you notice that there is no detail on where she is. Then you can just be anywhere that fits this, I’ll leave that to your imagination or writing skills if you want this. Flexibility is the key for me! Also, this is a setting and started so it requires more, and if you don't write that much just put out your limit. You do not have to match me.} We all want that something to light up our life. Little girls think dating is all fun and games until their hearts are broken by some first love. Boys think dating is easy until they learn just how demanding a relationship can be. Loyalty, friendship, faith, trust. It was a never-ending list of things you had to do and yet couldn’t complete. No relationship is perfect and those that continue to think so learn the hard way. But then again, some people earn that poor relationship from the way their life is built. Moira was the only one that didn’t understand what these girls are thinking. Men are dogs, being faithful is just not something you will get from them. No matter what, the children don’t fall far from the family tree. Maybe her drinking problem came from the only relatives she ever knew - A scary thought, but accurate enough. Even to this day, her relationship was built on sex. No love and no feelings, if they did? She got rid of her recent male toy. I’m waitin’ on the sun to set.‘Cause yesterday ain’t over yet.I started smoking cigarettes.There’s nothing else to do, I guess. The sun was just setting over the little ranch outside of town. The deserted ground around the female was dry and quiet. That was perfect for just what she planned, though. Her arms leaned on the fence behind her, the ruck truck hidden down the road. Her long wavy hair was thrown over her shoulder and tied in a low ponytail. A few odd strands framing her long face. Some say her forehead was too big and her chin was too long - but screw them. Some liked her looks, and that was all the confidence she needed. Her hazel eyes glanced up at the sky, watching the birds go by, her eyes brighter with smokey eye shadow around them. Throwing up the package of cigarette in her hand and catching it in her other. Her gaze moved to her nasty habit and frowned. Sue called it a nasty thing to do, but she couldn’t understand. In this time, what else could she do? She would not stress about it, and this was her first one today. Her fingers fiddled with the package before taking one out, slipping the package into her back pocket before taking the cigarette to her painted lips, then her free hand flicked her lighter. Her eyes closing as soon as she inhaled and exhaled. “F*** her this is good either way.” She muttered under her breath. I gave it everything I had.And everything I got was bad.Life ain’t hard but it’s too long.To live it like some country song. Moira opened her eyes and sighed to herself. A hand coming to brush her hair away from her face, pushing herself off she stepped away when the man she had been waiting for was stepping outside. Her eyes darkened slightly, “F*** bastard.” She mumbled, her lips dipped down into a scowl this time. She watched him go into the black truck and drive down to see his whore. She didn’t care as much as her face showed, though. In fact, like everyone else in her life, he was just a toy, but when a toy tries to trick her into a serious relationship with something on the side... Sh*t is going to go down. Taking her cigarette from her mouth throwing it down on the ground. Her brown laced boots crushing it into the ground. Usually she wore leather on a day like this. However, she swapped it for some fitting jeans and a black tank top that wasn’t cropped for once. The one thing she had for some leather biker gloves and her leather jacket, which was flung over the back of the truck down the road, just beside her leather shoulder bag. Moira turned around and walked back to the truck with a kick to her step. Then she checked to see everything was there, her eyes roaming over her bag and the mobile phone she plucked out. Nails flicking messages away here and there before putting it back. She didn’t believe in wearing too much. A silver bracelet with black gems and a ring on her finger. Along with some hoop earrings, nothing too big or fancy. She couldn’t afford those, anyway. Finally, she pulled out her black sunglasses and placed them on. Trade the truth in for a lie.Cheating really ain’t a crime.I’m giving up on love ‘cause love’s given up on me. Moira grabbed the edge of the truck and pushed herself up. “Here we go.” She smiled, her eyes eyeing the tank of fuel. Leaning down she grabbed that with her hands and huffed when she pulled it to the edge. There was no way she was jumping down with that. Once down, she pulled the tank with her and began hauling it back to the house near her spot. The first thing she did was kick the door open and make her way inside to check inside. She smirked seeing no sign of any animal, then she moved to the back of the house. Her hand turning the cap around, before pouring some fuel through each room until she was sure the entire thing would light up in flames. Eventually, she came out of the door and down the steps toward her truck. Just to watch the fireworks from a safe spot.Forget you high society.I’m soakin’ it in kerosene.Light ‘em up and watch them burn.Teach them what they need to learn, ha!. On her way back, she lifted herself back onto the back of her truck and planted her butt there. Moira's smile widened and the sparkle in her hazel eyes seemed brighter. “Let’s see some fireworks.” She said, taking her lighter from her bag and flicking it. The fire coming out just as her hand threw it on the fuel. The liquid lit up from the spot she placed it, the fire gathering up from the dry path. Slowly passing by the fence, she took as her own just a second ago. Then going right into the house when someone yelled down the road. Dirty hands ain’t made for shakin’.Ain’t a rule that ain’t worth breakin’.Well I’m givin’ up on love ‘cause loves given up on me. The same black truck was driving back down the road. Someone must have seen the smoke and warned him, she’d love to know who so she can kick their ass too. Clearly, someone else knew about this affair. “I guess someone is getting away free today,” Moira pressed her lips together, pouting over letting someone go. She never did like having the second last say in this case. Now I don’t hate the one who left.You can’t hate someone who’s dead.He’s out there holdin’ on to someone.I’m holding up my smokin’ gun. Oh well, her eyes shifted toward the house was currently falling to the ground and turning black from the fire. Jackson Smith stepped out of his truck and ran toward his house with his hands on his head. He was a tall male with broad shoulders and a freshly cleaned shaved face with dark brown eyes. Not the most handsome man she had taken in. He was good enough to pass her time around here, though. Moira whistled loudly, attracting the man who was kneeling on the ground. “How are the fireworks?” She asked before jumping off her truck.Stepping around to get into her seat and pull her truck from its parking space, the engine loudly roared to life. Jackson just standing up to run toward the car, “...You f***ing burned my house, you bitch!” He yelled on the sideline which was met with her middle finger. Rolling her eyes, the dude was seriously stupid if he thought anything he said was going to make her stay around. So the prankster turned on her radio and turned the volume to blast. ‘What the hell.’ down the road to the diner she frequents. I’ll find somewhere to lay my blame.The day she changes her last name.Well I’m givin’ up on love ‘cause love’s given up on me.Well I’m givin’ up on love, hey, love’s given up on me.

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