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♡ aмazιng мary jane ♡

06/20/2022 06:16 PM 

Rules from the Desk of MJ

1. I am not associate IRL with the comics in any sort of way.2. I've played her since 2015 so my take on her has adjusted thanks to RP stories3. I love all my Spider Friends, but love crossovers as well in other comic lines and beyond.4. I'm here for fun and relaxing and no stressing.5. Stress me out and might take a while to respond back.6. Let's have fun shall we.7. I do have two other profiles, I rotate around.8. I do rp a lot on discord and the quickest, but need to know you before adding you.9. And MOST IMPORTANT it's RL vs Online for me. I have a busy job so replying might be fast some weeks or slow depending on work which has been more stressing since COVID.You don't have to sign, but if you want to, tell me what your fave rendetion of MJ is

Here Kitty Kitty

06/20/2022 05:57 PM 

Rules of the Kitty Cat

1. I am not associate IRL with the comics in any sort of way.2. Just because I am sex charged doesn't mean  I will hook up with everyone.3. I am multi-ship with chemistry.4. I play her with affection for both sisters5. I don't mind twins, but don't steal my angle on Boo Cat.6. She is lesbian like the comics.7. Here for purrfect fun and writing.8. Let's have fun shall we.9. I do have two other profiles, I rotate around.10. And MOST IMPORTANT it's RL vs Online for me. I have a busy job so replying might be fast some weeks or slow depending on work which has been more stressing since COVID.You don't have to sign, but if you want to, tell me who your favorite black cat is.

๒ɭคςк г๏รє ฬเՇςђ

06/20/2022 05:53 PM 

Rules of the Witchy

1. I am not associate IRL with the comics in any sort of way.2. Just because I have sex magic doesn't mean I will hook up with everyone.3. I am multi-ship with chemistry.4. I love my twin Ruby to death and support her.5. I don't mind twins, see number 4, but don't steal my angle of the Tarot Witch.6. She is bi like the comics.7. Here for magic and writing.8. Let's have fun shall we.9. I do have two other profiles, I rotate around.10. And MOST IMPORTANT it's RL vs Online for me. I have a busy job so replying might be fast some weeks or slow depending on work which has been more stressing since COVID.You don't have to sign, but if you want to, tell me who your favorite witch is.


06/20/2022 03:57 PM 

verses & divergencies.

verses. the phantom menacepadme is the newly elected queen of naboo & is attempting to find her own path in leading her people out of the occupation by the trade federation. padme would occasionally trade places with her servant, sabe, as a way of keeping an eye on the outside world – meeting a young anakin skywalker in tatooine. by default – padme is fourteen years old.attack of the clonesshe has now taken the position as senator, after succeeding after sheev palpatine, and has signed the delegation of 2000 alongside ally bail organa. she has fallen in love with the padawan, anakin skywalker, and is facing a crossroad between following her heart or breaking the jedi code. by default – padme is twenty four years old.hidden figurineshe was left with a broken & betrayed heart as she had to watch anakin skywalker succumb to the dark side. she gave birth to her twin children, but fear of the sith’s finding out about them or her – padme was forced to hide them with two different families, all while keeping herself hidden from darth vader & fighting against the empire. by default – padme is twenty eight years old.senator ghostpadme lost her life after giving birth to her twin children, after palpatine connected her life force to a dying anakin skywalker & knowingly taking her life. because of her force sensitivity – padme was allowed to become a force ghost & remained guarding her children, all the while watching darth vader corrupting the mind of her once lover. by default – padme is twenty seven years old.sith empressa pregnant padme chooses to join anakin on mustafar, leaving the life of the senator behind to take the title of empress alongside her husband. alongside the sith , they begin to remake the universe into their own.exiledfollows the canon events of revenge of the sith , however padme lives at the end . she goes on to live on tatooine with obi wan for 2 years before leaving to joint the rebel forces.  divergences. - padme doesn’t die of a broken heart / childbirth after the battle on mustafar. in order to break anakin skywalker & keep him alive – palpatine orchestrated a plot to blame anakin for the death of padme by connecting her life force to anakin in order for his burning body to survive the transportation to his new suit.- padme was force sensitive during her pregnancy with luke & leia – making it possible for her to feel anakin changing his alliance to the sith.

♥Queen♥ {Love's Dean.}

06/20/2022 03:48 PM 

That Special Feeling, Part Eight.

The more time passed the more the heiress realized that he was rather infectious with those smiles or grins, she didn’t mind but it was also confusing for someone who rarely cared for human contact. Amara sat her clutch beside her and returned the smile once more. Living as a succubus left her with little time to herself or privacy, sometimes it was women who are jealous or simply stared stunned her for no reason. If not that, then she found men flocking to her without much effort. Yet, on one invitation she decided to do her best to stun some.... Hunter without knowing a thing about him.Being a demon and vampire all in the one, she asked for the same thing... Minus the cooked part. Amara made a rule to never enjoy blood, but on a occasion where she could just enjoy some food. Not everything had to be cooked and that was just a bless for the demon herself. Blood also soothed her... Bloodlust on a rare occasion, even a seasoned person like herself could have issues with control and she did... She just choose not to use it as an excuse for feeding.Amara felt herself grow amused, the more they spent in public the more she saw him glow in the spotlight. Was that how it worked usually? She could say she knew what it was like herself... As a child she was very tough, a tomboy as some would say these days. At times she missed that part of her... Just being herself and active.“ Well... Being what I am,” Amara paused and left the missing word between them. Obviously very careful within the public, it wasn’t just the humans... But some creatures of the night could hide while looking completely human. “I can’t really take all the credit. After my change I have a natural gift for looking... Perfect, I guess?”Her eyes looked up when he reached for her hand her smile stretching over her face, completely charmed by his grin. Her eyes closed at the same time. “...I can eat food, and enjoy it for the sake of flavour.” She said with a light giggled. Her mind straying to everything he said about himself.She titled her head and flattened the over her lap before she continued to speak. Looking up at him, she carefully reached her hand over and touched the top of his knuckles with her own. “You have a big heart, Dean.” She stated, her face smoothed over with a serious expressions. “I can’t imagine how strong you’ve had to be... At least I thought I couldn’t...” Patting his hand and giving it a squeeze she pulled hand back and made room for the waitress to set down there food. Once she was away her eyes followed her before moving her gaze back to him. “...Then again, you have more in common with demons and vampires... Right?”Amara soft curls moved over her shoulder after she moved herself back. Her gaze softened slightly, “I just think you might be with the wrong people if you want a normal life...” She lowered her gaze to the table, forcing herself to smile. “I might just bring you more trouble and another problem, maybe more than one...”Yet she had no heart to stop him at this point, did she want to? It was a question she refused to think about. If she answered the serious stuff... Then that would mean she was serious about something. “I won’t push you away, or stop you. If you’re serious...” Her gaze moved back to his face, leaning back in her seat." If you ever need help... I can at least lend you a hand.” She promised with a warm look.

[ 🍆 ]

06/20/2022 03:11 PM 

"It wasn't your fault." - For Peter

It wasn't you're FaultSubtitleOnly hours earlier Spider-Man and Mysterio had been rushed to a hospital, kept away from the general public, though by now everyone knew both their identities. Spider-Man was Peter Parker and Mysterio was Quentin Beck. Both had been exposed by the latest villains that had been causing havoc in the city. Vulture, Dr. Octopus, and the Green Goblin.All had their issues with Peter, and why they wanted him, mostly it was because he was a hero. Beck on the other hand, well they now had something against him as well because they felt he was a sellout. He had been a villain and was now reformed. And they didn't much like that.When Peter had escaped them and had returned after being believed dead for nearly a year Beck had felt so many emotions but his thoughts at the time were to get Peter and get their family to safety. Because no matter how reformed Beck was he knew how a villain thought and he knew they'd be back with hard revenge and he was right.Before Beck could even put any plans into action to whisk the family off and hide them the group of villains had attacked. The attack left Beck and Peter injured, May was injured so badly it was still up in the air if she'd even survive. And the kids, well they were gone.Beck and Peter's beds were beside one another. While Peter seemed to sleep Beck couldn't. He couldn't rest, he couldn't settle. His children were at risk, he needed to go after them. Sitting there he was clearly restless. His attention was drawn to Peter though when he spoke. "Beck.. it wasn't your fault."Beck's exhaustion seemed to turn to anger. He glared at Peter as he spoke. "I know it's not my fault it's yours. I told you not to keep going as Spider-Man but you didn't listen! And now.. now May is probably dead! And who knows what they're gonna do to the kids!"Beck frowned as he watched Peter tear up and turn away from him. He let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes. Beck loved Peter, he'd always love Peter. But he was so angry with him that he just couldn't hide it any longer. His thoughts soon drifted from anger and back to the kids. He had to get the kids back, he had to. Those were his last thoughts before he finally lose his battle against the pain medications he had been given and he finally slipped into unconsciousness.Short quote here.   template credit.  


06/20/2022 02:24 PM 


Positive and Negative Traits 1) + Loyal: Bowie is a fiercely loyal person. She will defend the people she cares about with her life.2) + Caring: Bowie is a very caring person. Since she was a child she has shown motherly tendencies to people. Whenever someone is sick she will be the first person to make some chicken noodle soup. 3) + Adventerous: Bowie loves travelling and exploring new places. You can always find her hiking and discovering new things and she is always ready to try new things too. 4) + Dependable: Bowie is someone you can always count on. Whenever you need her she will be there for you. No excuses and no exceptions.5) + Honest: Bowie will always be honest, no matter how much the truth hurts. She was always taught that honesty was the beat policy. 6) - Argumentative: Bowie can be extremely argumentative, especially when it comes to defending something she is passionate about. She may not be a big fan of confrontation but she is not afraid of it. 7) - Smart Aleck: Her smart mind and mouth get her into trouble a lot. Sometimes Bowie can’t keep her thoughts to herself and will say what she is thinking. 8) - Clumsy: Bowie is extremely clumsy, she is always tripping and falling or dropping things. It can be a problem most of the time but it’s apart of who she is. 9) - Insecure: Despite people thinking she is confident she is actually insecure. She worries she isn’t good enough, doesn’t deserve people, doesn’t deserve happiness and worries she isn’t doing the right thing. 10) - Stubborn: Bowie is stubborn as a mule. She will dig her heels in and doesn’t back down easily. 


06/20/2022 11:23 PM 

Can’t fix me.

Father’s Day hit different this year. Damien Waltz knew he couldn’t pretend sh*t was okay. He couldn’t keep pretending life was normal without his children. But he did the right thing, right? He did the honorable thing? Right? He did what any person in their right mind, do? Right? Right. He assured himself on the daily that his decision to give up his children back to their mother was for the best. Even if it meant solitude. And pain. Yeah, he was in pain every single day since their departure. There wasn’t a single day they didn’t cross his mind. Even a walk around the neighborhood broke his heart. They were part of his life and letting go wasnt as easy. But, he accepted his fate. They needed their mother, too and even if he only got to see them occasionally, Damien knew he couldn’t raise them the same way she could. Plus, he still praise her grace. One day, he hoped they could be civil. Until then, all he had left was a family picture and some stuff animals to fill the void.

Damien, waltz, Diego, Lola

Mad Hatter

06/20/2022 09:35 PM 


Good morning, afternoon, or evening depending where you're at. Let me state that these aren't rules and don't need to be signed stating that they have been read. I don't tolerate drama. I won't be apart of it and if you try to drag me into it then you'll be deleted. We are all here for fun and to escape the stress of real life right? Despite Alex being married and having a kid in my storyline doesn't mean she is set with that LI. I will only have Alex get in a relationship if there is chemistry between the characters. No one liners. It isn't that I'm against short writing but I feel like you can't really move a story along without some substance to it. I'm para+ My real life gets crazy especially currently with work and upcoming vacations but I will be on and can be reached on discord. Just ask for it. Please, please, please remember that just because my character can be an ice cold bitch doesn't mean I am. My character's personality and actions are not mine. When it comes to discussing storylines, it is a two person thing. I don't want to be the only person coming up with ideas and the same goes for the other person. The point of discussing is to actually discuss together where both people give ideas, input, etc. Please don't tell me you like an idea that you don't like. It shows in writing and makes the storyline die quickly.


06/19/2022 06:28 PM 

About nate Nate jacobs is living a double life he is in the closet and hiding his sexuality just like his father. Nate has an older brother named Aaron and a younger one who's missing and it's unsure what happened to brother number 3 and no one talks about it. When Nate was eleven years old he snuck into his father's room and he found all his CDs with his father's encounters on them and he watched them learning about sex and how rough it can be and how his father was in hiding with his sexuality. Nate might have been abused by Cal he has a nightmare about that in season 2 of euphoria and it's him as one of his father's encounters Nate's mom said to him when his father moved out that at around eight or nine Nate got darker and he changed and his mom asked him about it and he don't remember his childhood at all. And his father never believed in therphy for Nate and Aaron . Nate was the second child of Marsha and Cal Jacobs and he had a younger brother who is unknown where he is . Occupation: student at east highland highschool Age 18 Status -popular quarter back at east highland highschool and captain of the football team Drinks yes Drugs yes Smokes yes. Sex yes all the time Lovers Cassie howard and Maddy Perez Obsession Jules vaguhn. Likes parties , winning , being in control . Hates - everyone else who isn't him. Being called out about his sexuality. Nightmares Nate has nightmares about his father touching him like he did with his hook-ups and that Nate told him this when he had him arrested Nate's dad didn't even flinch or say I never did that to you Enemies - rue, fezco and anyone else who crosses him . Nate is someone who will ruin you if you get in his way or hurt his pride and for Nate when he found out about Tyler and Maddy he saw them at the party and he decided to beat up Tyler and ruin his life get him arrested for assault and Nate was the one who was violent with Maddy not Tyler.Headcanon   Nate's bedroom is white and has plain. Walls and no photos of family or friends around it and he only has trophies and his workout gear as well     He has a very simple room even when he was younger his room was very plain and not like his friends rooms . 


06/19/2022 06:16 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

Rules This is a blog for Nate jacobs from HBO'S euphoria and it's a oc and au friendly blog and multi verse friendly blog and multi ship friendly blog too.I write darker plots on here like drugs and other triggersNate is secretly gay and hiding it so I ship him with males, females and trans people too and his euphoria ships too I will reply when I can on Monday WednesdayFridayAnd I come on and write on the other days only for a bit and I need to get muse for Nate 


06/19/2022 05:01 PM 

happy birthday holly

CANDLE ONE.Flipping through pages in his notebook, Aaron let out a breath as he finally got to the next available one. With the click of his pen, a gaze to the sleeping femme, it only took a moment for near scribbles to take over blank pages.There’s that core memory trend that asks you to mine your hard drive for something so precious, it's core to who you are. And that is you. You, Holly Parker, are a big part to who I am now. My other half. My first real and indescribable love. Here are my core memories featuring you.CANDLE TWO.I remember blues falling over the page with your information; attached to it was a pathetic excuse of a resume. But all my eyes connected to was your name. Albeit, at the time, I was plotting ways to murder you. To rip you to shreds and get you to understand wasting my time by being late to your first day of a job forced upon my establishment wasn’t an ideal way to impress your boss. Holland Parker. All I saw was the name of the bane of my existence— who knew you’d also be the object of all my desires.CANDLE THREE.“Boss, the lady is here.”Those words prepared me. Oh, was I prepared. My hand ripped through the back curtain, words passing my lips before I had even looked up. But once I did, man, was I speechless. I don’t know if you caught the way I stopped in the middle of my attempt to drag you through the mud, but I stopped talking.Because once I looked at you, I saw the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.I also saw the Starbucks cup I so dearly wanted to throw against the wall. Either way, core memory is unlocked.CANDLE FOUR.You were confident; I’ll give you that. And I’m 100% sure that only drew me in more. I don't know what was going through my head at that moment. All I know is I didn't want small talk— immediately, I tried to get under your skin, to get to know you.What could be unique about Holly Parker? Is she as fun as she is ethereal?So, I grabbed the machines. I grabbed the ink. I grabbed the supplies, and I took a gander. You had two options tattoo me or lose my interest.Then, you picked up the machine.CANDLE FIVE.As you etched the winning line through the O’s, I couldn't help but stare at how your lips moved with every syllable. The small and probably cocky smile grabbed my attention, and I wanted to see more.What did you say to me? Right.Whether or not it's a good thing that we met, you now have permanent proof on your body that I always get what I want slash win. It seems futile to worry about it at this point.Well, Holly, two things. It was a great thing we met. And another core memory unlocked. Your prize: me.CANDLE SIX.Now, before you kill me, I was being a bit spicy. Reminder, my birthday was a mere minute before yours, so try not to kill me. And as you so, unfortunately, said to Lenny, you need my hands. No death for me. Yet, at least. When I do die, I hope it's by you.I forgot why I took a break in this whole core memory thing, now?Right.I'm not a prize. I don't know how you even deal with me. You're one hell of a trooper to stick around. ( Now is the time you agree I'm a trooper. )CANDLE SEVEN.The month dragged on. Not much to say besides you were a sh*t worker. I don't think you realize to tell people you work; you must go to said work. Either way, in hindsight, I think I was more bothered I didn't get to see you.But that's for another entry, as you know. Of course, that is a core memory. Later though. Let me articulate my thoughts.There is one moment where I think, oh f***, this woman is going to be the death of me. And I'm sure you know what is coming. Yup, you guessed it— Greece.CANDLE EIGHT.There is something to know about me. You already know; that I fight for those, I care about. But I didn't think you were someone to care for until some guy pushed you, and everything else disappeared around me.I hope you remember by now; it’s insulting to wave your hand in a Greece locals face.Anyways, I genuinely don’t know what came over me. All I knew was my first instinct was to protect. Before I know it, you’re out of the way, to the safety of others, and I’m fighting for your honor— as you put it, anyway.CANDLE NINE.Now, the next part is the core memory unlocked. You took me back to your hotel room, fighting off the rest following ( I hope you remember that ), and I was joking about knowing you wanted me in your room every night.You, of course, have that grit and shut my mouth up because I almost murdered someone for even touching you. Well, Holly, what can I say?You are worth protecting at all costs. And let me tell you, I'll do that until the day I die.The rest of the night, I don't need to write. Core memory unlocked.CANDLE TEN.I do need to mention, though, that I really couldn't help but kiss you. And not even because there was blood on me, but I think that was the day I realized a great way to shut you up.But Jesus Christ, the moment my lips met yours, I felt like I was in one of those disgusting rom-coms because I swear the whole world stopped. I swear something in my brain clicked, and I was wrapped around your perfectly manicured finger.One kiss and I knew I wanted to kiss you for always and a day. Core memory unlocked.CANDLE ELEVEN.There was a moment, after climbing through your bedroom window, you had to do something. I admit, I snooped. I feel like bedrooms are a look into one's soul, and my God was your bedroom a damn mess. I'm laughing just thinking about having to fight the urge to speed clean your room.Anyways, that's not the point; I looked around and saw your perfume. As I tried to smell it, I swear I was so confused because although it's a part of your smell, it wasn't matching up. Something was missing. And when you hugged me, I knew: Strawberries.CANDLE TWELVE.Another core memory unlocked as my cheek rested upon the top of your head. My eyes fluttered shut as I took a deep breath, and the smell of strawberries infiltrated my senses.That was it.It was the f***ing strawberries.And my God, Holly, I've never found the smell of fruit so enticing.I went to your bathroom right after to make sure, checking your shampoo, and what do you know: strawberries.It's my new favorite scent. It's our thing. It's our code word. And I don't give a f***, but I will gate-keep a fruit if I have to.CANDLE THIRTEEN.We’ve had our fights. We’ve had our differences. Hell, the start of us bloomed as a game for two. A part of me knew you would mean too much to me. But the more significant part that never liked attachments put me in denial.It wasn’t until Mason spoke of the two of you that I felt my world crashing down. A poor core memory unlocked as I felt my heart rip into a million pieces. My initial reaction was to run. To show you, that you meant nothing. But that would’ve been a complete and blatant lie, Holly Parker.CANDLE FOURTEEN.That was the night everything changed, wasn’t it? At least, in my eyes, everything shifted. Our game stopped, and I felt like that was the closest we had ever been.It was the first time I had seen you cry. And unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be the last. But right then and there, it was just the two of us.It was right then and there that I knew you were it for me. You were mine, and I would do anything I had to to keep you with me. In my arms, for always and a day. Mine.CANDLE FIFTEEN.The next day was a core memory I with to omit from my mind. It was the day I believed I had lost you. The word “done” is never allowed to leave your lips again, by the way. For future reference, that isn't authorized.If it leaves your mouth again, if you ever tell me you are over and done with me, with us, it ends in the both of us being hauled away in body bags.I felt my whole life stop right then and there. I knew I couldn't let you go.I will forever fix that mistake.CANDLE SIXTEEN.Do you remember when I was texting you freaking out because your good friend Lenny was in my house? Jesus, I thought I was going to die. OR lose you because I murdered your best friend. Would it help if it were self-defense?Either way, it went well. And it unlocked another core memory.Lenny didn't do it. She wasn't the reason so that you know. What unlocked it was the thought— you must be something extraordinary if I withstood the uncomfortable best friend talk and threats.That was another moment I knew I wanted you for the long haul.CANDLE SEVENTEEN.All of this writing may all seem like rambling. You may be rolling your eyes at me, possibly yelling “simp” repeatedly in your mind. Holly, you want to be in my head.Here are all my thoughts of you written in the stars, or in this case, this journal.These are memories of us— my core memories that have shaped our relationship and made it chaotic yet beautiful in my eyes. My thoughts, my feelings, my love for you. My God, I wish you could see how often you take up my mind. Hopefully, this helps. Let's continue, shall we?CANDLE EIGHTEEN.One night, I was wide awake, and you were asleep. The usual sh*t, you know? But one night (you already know I watch you sleep, so I don't care I’m writing this ). But you looked so peaceful there.So perfect.I leaned in to kiss your forehead, and even if you slept, you held onto me. It was the cutest f***ing thing. You, Holly Parker, would not let me go. And if there's a God out there, I hope and beg you never do. Don't ever let me go, baby. Hold on to me for a bit longer, okay?CANDLE NINETEEN.In this part, I thought you would think I was insane. As a tattoo artist, I wouldn't say I like tattooing people’s names on others’ bodies. I full-heartedly believe it's a huge mistake and asking for more money and sessions to get it removed or covered.But one day, I don't know what came over me. Okay, I do know. I was sitting in my shop, staring at the game of tic tac toe on my skin; I smiled at a text you sent, and then I picked up my machine. You are forever a piece of me, my baby.CANDLE TWENTY.After you saw your initials inked into my skin, I swore you would run crying. Remember the times you told me you and relationships don't go well? Well, I hate to break it to you, Holly, but that's long gone.Because once you saw your initials on my skin, you were next, this time with mine.I hope you can imagine the smirk on my face writing this. Because remember when you said “we’ll see” to my asking when I got to mark you? We saw it, didn't we? Now, I’m forever a reminder on your skin. H.A and A.J.CANDLE TWENTY-ONE.Terrible core memory was replaced by an even better one. But first, I found relief in Sage walking into my room that morning. Albeit, I wish she had walked in on us awake and clothed. Still, it took a weight off my shoulders for sure.I had been dying to figure out a way to introduce you, officially, to Sage.She had to know who was taking up my time, which I kept texting when with her, and who made me happy.I learned two things that day: sleep with clothes and keep the door locked. And I love you.CANDLE TWENTY-TWO.That wasn't the better core memory, though. The better part of that memory was Sage asking you to breakfast. I admit I was freaking out. Not only did she walk in on us sleeping and entangled, but now she wanted your company. I deeply feared you were going to climb out of my window.I tried to make it better by telling you which window was safer.I don't think I told you before. But the words “I love you” were at the tip of my tongue when I watched you walk out in my clothes. Significant core memory unlocked.CANDLE TWENTY-THREE.“You love her, don't you?”That was a question Sage had asked me one morning after you had left. You had breakfast with us again but kissed me before you left.I felt two things, pain for my kid and relief for myself.Pain because everyone I love either leaves or dies; it's a curse. I’m telling you. And Sage gets the abort end of the stick each time. But I also felt relief because the following words brought light and laughter to us.“I’m happy for you; I think she loves you too, daddy. Do I still scare her?”CANDLE TWENTY-FOUR.“You sure she's going to like it?” I couldn't help but ask as I gave everyone their instructions and clues.A group of our friends smiled and aligned, giving words of encouragement. I was going to do this later. I was going to provide you with more time.But I couldn't help it, rounding everyone up in Japan as fast as I could.I planned day and night ways to keep you surprised. I counted out the roses; I talked to people and places, and I scribbled down the riddles as fast as possible.And it’s all for you. Always.CANDLE TWENTY-FIVE.There’s nothing I'd love more than to officially be yours. Yes, yes, seven-hundred-seventy-seven times yes.Do you remember when you said that? You said that in response to me asking if you would be my girlfriend.I'm bad at expressing my feelings; a smile was rare to come by until you waltzed into my life. But I felt like I was on top of the world right then and there.You joked on twitter about how I got a wife asking you to be my girlfriend. It's not a joke though. My last name would look good next to yours.CANDLE TWENTY-SIX.Another core memory unlocked as you woke me from the shouts. Your hands gripped the side of my face, and I don't know if you did it purposely, but it was the most calming thing to wake up to your angelic face.Your soft pleas for me to wake pulled me from the demons pulling at me in my sleep.But then another scream rang through the night air, my heart dropping as Sage screamed for me in her sleep. Words of "don't go" echoed in my mind.Before I could even get up, you went to her aid, Holly.CANDLE TWENTY-SEVEN.I love you.Three stupid words had so much meaning to others but sounded like a lie off another's tongue to me.I love you.Three words never meant a thing until falling off your tongue like a whisper in the breeze of a warm summer night.I love you.Torn from us in words of desperation, but what other way would we have it?I love you.Words I never knew I needed to hear until you said them to me.I love you.Three words. Eight letters. And they are not enough to describe my feelings for you.LUCKY CANDLE.I can't wait the rest of my life doing this with you. With a broad smile shared upon features and our hearts intertwined."Five minutes," I count down.Soft giggles and drunken kisses. They all held the same love, though."Four."Digits brush against silky skin as light optics stare into matching pairs. I love you."Three."I'm getting antsy now. I always hated my birthday but you, you made mine perfect."Two."My birthday is falling into yours, the spotlight shining on my love."One."There's no other way I'd love to spend my life."Happy birthday, my love."


06/19/2022 04:48 PM 




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this love; father's day.

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♥Queen♥ {Love's Dean.}

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That Special Feeling, Part Seven.

There was a hint on confusion on her face, her brows knitting together to convey her lack of understanding. To her knowledge he was... Frequently known for his flirting and ‘lady man’ title. Of course, she didn’t know if these are true or not. Maybe they are, maybe something happened to stop him from flirting so much. In any cause now she was even more curious about him. Amara couldn’t blame him at this point, not with his life being so horrible for the Winchester family as of late. She might even say she agreed with him, pushing people away and locking herself in was what she did for centuries.As hard as it was to understand she was curious about him. Hunters are known for being brutal with vampires and demons for good reason, it was hard to gain her freedom and distance from all of them. Amara was hiding from demons along with the vampires and hunters; that being said she wasn’t scared of them.... Just very peaceful and kind unless someone pissed her off. And they usually did just that - If that vampire on the run had anything to say about it.In the end that vampire wasn’t anything important to her, but he was to the hunter beside her so she was open to talking about it later. These days she rarely asked anyone to come home. If she was feeding it was at her club or in some hotel. Her home was her personal space, besides she was already having issues with museums supplying more things from her families past. Thankfully, she knew how to fix that with a few phone calls. Hopefully no one will have to die... But who knows? Amara was no saint after all.Amara did want to question him why he was so shocked. Yet found herself unable to ask, he was so excited and she really wanted to work with his wish to pull away from his hard life. “...You can have me later, don’t worry.” She smiled at him her tone almost playful for him.She titled her head slightly, her eyes going widen at his confession. “...Oh? Well I guess you have a point. We do have some things in common.” Her smile widened slightly, and found herself admitting something to him. “I don’t allow people close to my home. That much should say what I think about you.” Amara nodded her head, what can someone do when they open there heart like that? He remained her of her mother when he did things like that. Maybe that was the problem, he was too much like her.Amara found it hard to no stare back, partly astonished about the previous topic, partly stunned. When he smiled her stomach twisted into knots; she was so calm usually, yet he made her do things that was completely out of character for herself. Either way she smiled again and stepped out of the car, her hand closing it gently behind her before following him to the diner.“....And waste a perfectly good night?” Amara gasped, her eyes going wide before leaning forward. “Now that would be a crime.” She teased, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek before walking inside the diner. Her brown eyes spared little for the people or anyone gawking and settled on the back table. It was far away from the others and private enough to enjoy the night. Not waiting for him she walked over to the table.

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