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06/23/2022 12:01 PM 


1.) Would you rather camp in a tent or an RV? Tent in warmer weather RV in the colder weather2.) Would you rather go “glamping” (fancy camping) or go backpacking? Backpacking3.) Would you rather go fishing or hiking? Hiking4.) Would you rather tell ghost stories or play games around the campfire? Ghost Stories5.) Would you rather roast marshmallows or hot dogs? Marshmallows6.) Would you rather camp in the Spring or the Fall? Spring7.) Would you rather go camping or go on a fancy cruise? Camping 8.) Would you rather go to a campground with a playground or a pool? Pool9.) Would you rather camp deep in the woods or at a campground with activities? Deep in the woods10.) If you were camping, would you rather see a bear or a skunk outside your tent? Skunk 11.) Would you rather kayak or canoe? Kayak12.) If you caught a fish, would you rather eat it or throw it back into the water? Eat it 13.) Would you ever go tent camping alone or would you rather go with a group? Both depending on the mood14.) Would you rather go camping with your friends or your family? Both 15.) Would you rather eat smores or trail mix for dessert? S’mores16.) Would you rather take a long hike without hills or a short climb? Long hike17.) What is worse, getting bit by a snake or a bat? A bat unless it’s a posioness snake18.) Would you rather have power or be off the grid when camping? Go off grid19.)  Would you rather go camping for two weeks or two nights? Two weeks 20.) Would you rather go camping in freezing cold or super-hot temperatures? Both21.) Would you rather bring bug spray or sunscreen? Bug spray22.) Would you rather go camping by yourself with gourmet food or go camping with friends and canned food only? Friends23.) Would you rather bring your best friend camping for one week or four friends camping for one night? One week24.) If you were responsible to make dinner camping, would you rather cook hotdogs over the fire or a gourmet campfire meal? Hotsogs25.) Would you rather camp on hot sand in 90-degree weather by the ocean or 70-degree weather in the woods? Both

ᴊᴇsᴜs ʜ. ᴄʜʀɪsᴛ

06/23/2022 10:22 PM 

ᴄ.s. - ᴘsʏᴄʜɪᴀᴛʀɪᴄ ᴇᴠᴀʟᴜᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

Patient Name: Edward J. MunsonDiagnosis: Attention Deficit Disorder with HyperactivityIn accordance with the DSM III (1980).  Hyperactivity in young children is manifested by gross motor activity, such as excessive running or climbing. The child is often described as being on the go, "running like a motor," and having difficulty sitting still. Older children and adolescents may be extremely restless and fidgety. Often it is the quality of the motor behavior that distinguishes this disorder from ordinary overactivity in that hyperactivity tends to be haphazard, poorly organized, and not goal-directed. Symptoms may include…  Inattention: Has difficulty concentrating on schoolwork or other tasks requiring sustained attention. Impulsivity: Needs a lot of supervision due to risky behavior and has difficulty keeping quiet.Hyperactivity: Has difficulty sitting still or fidgets excessively. Typically, the symptoms of this disorder in any given child vary with situation and time. A child's behavior may be well-organized and appropriate on a one-to-one basis but become dysregulated in a group situation or in the classroom; or home adjustment may be satisfactory and difficulties may emerge only in school. It is the rare child who displays signs of the disorder in all settings or even in the same setting at all times. [ inspo driven from here but with era-appropriate sources and definitions. ]   

ɢɪꜰ ᴊᴜɴᴋɪᴇꜱ ; resources.

06/23/2022 09:26 PM 


Set prices. If there is a promo/deal/freebies i will have it written underneath the normal prices. I'll tag everyone when i start/end a sale.1 Gif: .       $0.50c10 Gifs:     $ 425 Gifs:     $750 Gifs:    $1575 Gifs:    $20100 Gifs:  $25

ɢɪꜰ ᴊᴜɴᴋɪᴇꜱ ; resources.

06/23/2022 09:26 PM 

Order form

1. Package:2. Faceclaim/'s:3. If it is a couples package - the same amount of Gifs apply. You can purchase different packages for different characters.  Or you can split them up - just make sure to add how many GIF's per character.4. Show/movie/youtubevideo: (if you have the link to the youtube video and already know what you want, you can send it. If you are getting a large package but have small time stamps - please add a few different options for me to gif just in case i run out of content when doing large packages.)5. Specific scenes: (You can time stamp the scenes, or leave it up to me. ) - when given a scene/movie/or character to creatively look for, i look for emotions/fighting/romance/angst etc. If you do not give me specific scenes, i will go from beginning to end with the content you want me to gifs. EX. Starting on season 1 - episode 1 - and Gif from the first scene on.  make sure you are specific - you don't have to have time stamps but note what season/movie in the franchise etc.6. What you don't want: (if there is anything specific in these movies/youtube/show, that you do not want but it is in the midst of what you want, leave that here)7. Am i grabbing aesthetics of the movie?: Such as vibes, scenery - ex: Witchy vibe movies will often come with magical books, witch craft aesthetics such as harry potter.If i have any further questions, i will ask during your project intake.I accept payment in Paypal and cashapp - Paypal is a min. 1$ charge due to the fee. Your packages will be done in the order they are put in (unless your files are harder to get) in that case, it could take a little longer. Every order is different so time frame applys. I will judge each project separately and give a guesstimate when i take the order. If you want to see me stream your project, make sure you let me know so i can notify you when i go live. Once i start your order, i will message you immediately to let you know. I will keep you updated before and through the order. I will send you a few sample GIF's through out so you know what you are getting. 


06/23/2022 03:40 PM 


Years before Mari is even born, Mari's mom and her aunt Val were sold by their parents in Venezuela, their parents wanted to obtain legal papers and to get out the debt they were in. After selling Iris (Mari's mom) and Val to a wealthy old man, he forced Iris to marry him and she was only like fifteen at the time while he was like forty. Iris ends up pregnant with his baby, but is almost accidentally killed by him out of anger and alcohol. Val instead protects her sister and kills the man, they take his money and flee to Mexico. Iris gives birth to Sam (Mari's older half-brother) and Val takes all their money and leaves her sister behind before going to the US.While in Mexico, Iris meets the Crown Prince of Costa Luna and the two fall in love pretty quickly. A few months after they are married, Iris is expecting a baby girl. Nine months later, Iris gives birth to Mariposa Sofía Rosalind Maria Vargas Gonzalez Delgado Ramirez.Originally over hundreds of years ago it was named Islas Cielitas and was located inbetween Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands, an archipelago of an island ruled by its governing monarch, King of Islas Cielitas. But a volcano erupted, creating a major disaster, and the resulting earthquake altered the flow of a major river, creating separation between the islands. Thus from one formed three, Costa Estrella, Costa Luna and Costa del Sol. The people had to come together to overcome the disaster, but now the island is divided into 3. The King's wife had given birth to triplets and the King named each one an heir to the 3 islands.The farms on volcano island are destroyed, and the island itself is literally higher than the others. One of the islands is smaller, with a lot of marshy coastline. There is an island of farmers, and island of fishermen, and island of merchants. Costa del Sol would be the highest one, Costa Estrella would be the small one, and Costa Luna would be the farm one. The volcano is on Costa del Sol, which is how it became Sun Island. It had the mountain, and so had the palace.Islas Cielitas was always a little archipelago, but the islands were so close together, travel was easy. Some places, you could just walk over a sandbar. Then the mountain erupted. The people didn't know it was a volcano. There was much fleeing over the water to the other islands. But volcanoes also ruin the sky. The sky went dark for days. It was truly the darkest time for the people. They found solace in one another, but disaster breeds adversity which breeds hatred. The rivers changed and the islands became more separate.Sun Island was problematic. The terrain is rough and hard to build on. It is very hilly, and not good for farming. The palace is rebuilt, and the rich nobility live here. The nouveau riche merchants who can afford to build there come, too. Star Island soon finds itself covered in docks and boats. Fishing is plentiful and easy. Moon Island is closest to Sun Island. It benefits the most from the volcano. The volcano makes it's soil rich and perfect for farming.Current day, Mari's dad's double coronation will be held next month where he will be crowned King of Costa Estrella and Costa Luna. Mari's great-grams, Rosie's mom Sofia, is the current Queen of Costa del Sol. But she's old and ready to retire after only holding her title for seven years. Which means her dad will be the one to officially reunite the islands or so he hopes. And if not, Mari is the Crown Princess of Costa Luna, Costa Estrella and Costa del Sol. But with her mom being from outside the royal family, some don't believe she's ready to rule. Her cousins are Bentley Inez and Britain Inez. Her aunts are Val and Ronnie. Her brother-in-law is Luca Inez.27 years old. Actress best known for playing Alex on the Disney Channel along with a few movies and two studio albums before she broke away from Disney. Released two other studio albums with Interscope and a handful of other singles along with a few collabs. Party girl, fluent in Spanish, English and sarcasm. Loves to travel, smoke weed, watch Marvel movies and hang out with her friends. Would rather be eating tacos and drinking margaritas on a beach then dealing with asshats. Has slowly been writing Spanglish songs with a few different artists but hasn't released anything yet. Working on the music videos for them, and she's also currently filming her new cooking show. Until I develop more, that is it.

𝒲𝒾𝓁𝒹 𝒪𝓃𝑒

06/23/2022 01:38 PM 

Do you guys have kids?

Do you guys have kids?  "Do you guys have kids?" Asked Maisie. Quickly Alan, Ellie, and Allison all turned to look at her. "What?!" Alan snapped quickly, and Ellie seemed to hesitate. "Uh.. well I do two." She said quickly and motioned toward Allison. Maisie nodded and raised a brow. "But not with him?" She asked flashing her flashlight onto Alan. Again Ellie answered. "Uh.. no... no we're just old friends."It was at that moment Allison couldn't take it any longer. "Mom stop it. You aren't just old friends. They do have one child together." She said in a bold tone looking to her mother and then to Maisie. "Me."Ellie looked shocked, shocked that Allison would claim this, more shocked that she knew the truth. Allison looked to Ellie and frowned pulling a picture from her pocket, a picture of Ellie and Alan. "I carry it everywhere." She said quietly before tucking it away. "I've known for a while." She said.Allison's attention then turned to Alan. He had been a man she wanted to know, to get close to for so long now. The two stared at each other for a moment and Allison gave a weak smile. "I thought it's time you know... since we're probably gonna be eaten by something."Moving forward she hugged Alan, not caring if he might pull away from her. She held him there a moment and then pressed a kiss to his scruffy cheek before letting go, gently grabbing Maisie by the arm. "Come on.. we've got to get out of here."  template credit.

Adalynn Grace {T&L}Dongin

06/23/2022 01:35 PM 

Jungkook Dinner

n Ady smiles softly at Dogin as he kisses her, she blushes and gets in the car as they drive to his grandparents/ awe babe don't be jealous because of your family. loves me more. she hugs him gently and then they pulled up walking inside/

The Bitch Brianna

06/23/2022 01:33 PM 

Jungkook Dinner

 Brianna promises she will be on her best behavior and would not smoke any pot tonight, but Frankie keeps on her to meet her in the beautiful garden out back.


06/23/2022 12:20 PM 

group rules

group rules 


06/23/2022 12:11 PM 


  “Standard procedure Mr. Harrington I assure you, just a few questions and you’ll be on your way like the rest of your friends.”The protest of the former king echoed through the room but was met with declines. They were pulled in, all of them. Nancy and Jonathan stood outside with the rest of the group while he was taken in after El and questioned. The group made their intentions known right away and admittedly Steve had known their plan for quite some time. They wanted to bring El back in control of her powers in order to stop what was inevitably to come. That much was clear, and defending not only Hawkins, but his world, in general, was something Steve believed in so much, he quit his job at Family Video and enlisted to help. He enlisted, he joined to help, and it was all done in secret. It’s amazing how well a secret could be kept from the public when the aid of the government was on your side. A shadow task force was formed to eliminate the threat of the impending danger on the other side and Steve, refused to set on the sidelines defenseless anymore. He could barely keep himself and the others alive last time, no more. For the past few years he stood by their side and learned from them, evolved with them and became more than a burden, he actually did something of use. He trusted him and for the most part he believed they trusted him, but this was all offputting and he couldn’t put his finger on why. Speaking of, his right hand absently gripped the dagger that was on the table beside him. The white room used for interrogation was used on him and yet they kept a weapon on the table? Did they simply forget, something like a sharp weapon couldn’t be so easily overlooked right?“Sir, I can’t help but notice the weapon on the table. Perhaps it should be concealed.” He spoke to which the interrogator turned to face Steve and nodded. “Would you look at that. No, please leave it where it is.” That was odd. “All due respect sir I don’t believe a blade like this should be in reach of the others.” “But the others are not in here right now are they?” He interjected. “Should I be concerned with the weapon in your care Mr. Harrington?” Eyes shifted from the weapon before he finally let it go and shook his head. “No sir.” That was all he needed before he placed a few files on the table in front of him and opened the manilla folder in order to sort through the documents that stood inside. The reflection from his glasses gave light to the paperwork in his hands and although Steve focused on it far more than he probably should have, he broke the focus when he was finally addressed. “Tell me about your family Mr. Harrington.”This was not a conversation he was expecting to have. “What’s there to say? Mom and dad were never home. Always on the road dealing with business or just taking vacations, whichever mood struck first. They were basically shadows in my life. I raised myself.” A truth he hated to admit but there it was. “Can you describe them for me? What they were like, what you remember?” A soft shrug left him. “Your guess is as good as mind sir. Like I said, they’ve been gone a long time. I don’t remember much of anything at this point.” Again, simple and straight to the point. “Again sir all due respect but what do my parents…”“What were their names?” The sudden question took him off guard. “What?” But it was repeated. “What were their names Mr. Harrington.” His posture shifted and he leaned forward more before his mouth opened to give the simple answer. What were his parents name? How mundane and stupid of a question to waste their time with. They were brought here for a reason, why were they wasting time on him and not figuring out solutions for what was coming? Fine, just give him the damn answer so we could move forward. Just tell them their names. Tell him their names are…“You can’t, can you Mr. Harrington?” He was frozen, mouth opened and clouded in thought. Why was it so difficult? “Their names are…” He stopped again before his eyes dropped down toward the table and then shot back up toward the interrogator as if a plea in his eyes asked for help. What the Hell was going on? Why couldn’t he remember their names? “You can’t remember their names because you don’t know who they are, you never did. Their names are Henry and Margaret Harrington and they died when you were still an infant.” Again his body froze and the look in his eyes, it was as if his soul was being ripped from his body. His lips once more opened to speak but he was interrupted once more. “They were killed in a hit and run, mercenaries sent to eliminate them and retrieve something of importance, you. Thankfully you were never in the car with them, you were instead with us, with Dr. Brenner at Hawkins Lab. Okay this was all moving so fast and he needed to slow it down. His right hand ran along his face and through his hair before he opened his mouth to speak but was again was interrupted. He was honestly getting sick of this little trend. “Dr. Brenner took you in as a favor to your parents. They had suspicions something would happen and while losing them was incredibly heartfelt and saddening for all of us, keeping you alive was so much more important.”“Stop! Just stop!” He needed a moment to process it. “My parents are dead? No, that’s a damn lie I just heard from them a few months ago.” But that was already foreseen. “A letter right? One we sent you. Letters, phone calls, all made to keep the image alive.” This was driving him crazy, “What the Hell for?” “To keep you from breaking Mr. Harrington. A few years ago you came to us with the intention of joining the fight and saving our world. That’s what you know. What you don’t know is that you didn’t come to us for the first time. You see when were old enough and it was time to tell you the truth about your parents, you didn’t cower away, you rose up and said you wanted to help. Dr. Brenner and several others were already working on a new project one that we’d known for a while would take technology and its advancement to the next level. One we were already aware at the time would combat what stood on the other side. You took it on yourself to harness the power needed to fight what was coming.”“I joined your organization and learned to fight to protect my home and the people I care about but this, it’s…“Bullsh*t Mr. Harrington?” God if there was any word he absolutely despised it was that. “You know I hate that word sir.” “Those people out there Mr. Harrington, they look to you as a leader, they look to you to keep them safe. All of them, they depend on you. There is a war coming and they need you to stand up and fight for them, not to cower away and hide until it’s all said and done.” Steve was always ready for the fight, he knew it was coming for years now. But this, all of this that he was stating really was bullsh*t, it had to be. There was no way that Steve, never wins a fight, Harrington had any kind of power to fight what was out there, not in the way he was insinuating. “I’m not El, I don’t have the power she does.” A truth that he told himself every single day. A reason why he knew he needed to do more for the people he cared about.“Eleven, Eight, Three, Six, Nine, all incredible with power unimaginable to the human mind. Each of them capable of extraordinary and unfathomable things. But they’re no leader, they’re not capable of taking others into battle with them. They’re not you, are they…” He paused and for a moment Steves eyes shifted to meet his before he spoke again and once more his body tensed and his fists tightened.“Number One?” His eyes quickly shifted away, trying to piece together the logic of it all. This was ridiculous right? No it absolutely had to be. The words repeated on his tongue and it sounded so foreign. And yet his hands unclenched and he glanced down at them almost as if it felt normal? “You don’t seem as shocked to hear that.”“Why? Why don’t I?”“Because you know it’s true. You volunteered and you were our first experiment. You were our perfect experiment, our perfect soldier. You adapted to everything we gave you and you kept moving forward. When we brought in the others and they were terrified and ready to lose their way, you kept them from falling. You stood by them and made sure they rose up again. You were and always have been a leader.”“A few years ago I could barely throw a punch and now you’re saying I’m some sort of solider? That I’m anything like El? I can hold my own in a fight now sure but I can’t do what she does?” The interrogator shook his head. “Of course you can’t because you’re not her nor were you ever supposed to be. You’re Steve Harrington, you adapt, you learn, you grow at a far quicker rate than anyone around you.” “Then why don’t I remember?” A valid question. “Because we put a block on you or rather, Eight and Three did. You always volunteered first. You wanted every new experiment to be run through you so the others would be safe in case anything went wrong. Unfortunately the last process we ran you through did go wrong. When we were in their world, we found a piece of him, of it whatever. The creature that leads them, we found a piece of it, dna, and we needed to see if we could adapt to it. We ran the test on you because you volunteered and, we infused its dna with yours but once we did, you broke and nearly pulled yourself apart. Were it not for Eight suppressing whatever it was you were exposed to in a small part of your brain and for Three convincing you there was absolutely nothing there, you might have taken your own life. His hands were gripped together before he took in a breath.“So a piece of that bastard is inside of me and you let me go through with it?” It was ridiculous to say out loud but there was the reality of it. “Yes, and since then, despite Eight placing you in a more fond memory living in a place you believed to be your parents home, you’re slowly opening up once more. That home you have, the one you believed was yours, we gave you. And when you sleep there you get those nightmares don’t you? Visions of the past, something you pushed away as just a bad dream.” Again he took a breath, “How did you…” “Because we’ve been monitoring you Mr. Harrington. The brain is ever learning, ever-evolving and it wants to open up the box we placed in there. Our fear is, once the box is open one of two things may happen. You might find a power unlike any we’ve seen before and hopefully use it to help the others in battle and end this war, or it will finish the job it started and kill you.” If ever there was a lose-lose situation. “But if you don’t feel any of what I said pertains to you and you think this is meant for someone else, perhaps we can have one of your friends out there take your place…” The interrogator stood up from his chair and stepped toward the door. “Perhaps I’ll just ask…” But before he could make it to the door the dagger that was on the table was impaled into the wall just in front of his face to the left. Barely missing him, with Steves arm extended and a look of anger on his face. With the interrogator making eye contact with Steve, a smirk overtook him. “The prodigal son has returned. So you know, you were pretty good with knives long before you ever picked up that bat.” But Steve wanted none of it. His arm returned to his side before he asked.“When do we get started…”     template credit.

𝒲𝒾𝓁𝒹 𝒪𝓃𝑒

06/22/2022 09:48 PM 


Eggs   The world was a different place now. The idea of living alongside dinosaurs was still a fresh concept to some. But what else was there to do? They were now part of this world, there was no avoiding it. Dinosaurs were becoming just as common as any wild animal like a bear or wolf though far more dangerous. Most tried to avoid them, particularly humans. But not Allison.Allison had always been fascinated by dinosaurs, what child wasn't? But this fascination continued into adulthood and even now studying them from books and fossils wasn't enough for Allison. With these animals being alive and so close she often ventured off from her home to explore.Allison had a small home in the state of Wyoming. Part of the reason she had chosen to settle there was because of the vast wilderness and the fact that many different types of dinosaurs had migrated there. She often left her home to explore, to see what she could come across and find. Yes, this might have been a foolish thing to do but Allison just couldn't help herself.She had gone out many times and anything she did see she never allowed herself to get close enough to be noticed or in any real danger. However, there was a rise of predators in the area. So wandering would eventually prove to be much more dangerous.Today Allison had been walking for a few hours when she stopped along a small river. She planned to sit and rest for a bit before turning back home. As she moved closer to the river though she noticed something nearby, almost hidden just behind some bushes. She stopped when she realized what she had stumbled onto, a nest.Hesitantly Allison moved closer and soon noticed all the eggs were empty and hatched. She checked each one and was able to conclude they were the eggs of a t-rex. Searching through the eggs Allison found one that had not yet hatched. It had most likely been left behind and considered a dud.Holding the large egg Allison suddenly felt the urge to take it home with her, and that was just what she did. Arriving home she gathered some blankets and made a small nest on her sofa and set the egg inside it. Sitting there Allison watched the egg almost as if she were expecting it to hatch, and hatch it would.The egg was that of a tyrannosaurus and it was not a dud. Allison watched as the egg seemed to slightly shake as though something was moving inside it. It was a sure sign something was inside the egg. Letting out a sigh Allison picked up her cell phone dialing her mother's number. "Mom is gonna kill me.." she mumbled quietly as she waited for her mother to answer.Now Allison had brought a live egg home she wasn't exactly sure what to do. Whatever was in there was only a baby. She couldn't very well leave it out in the middle of nowhere. It would surely be eaten by something. Allison glanced back toward the egg and smiled slightly. "Some girls bring home a puppy or a kitten.. I've brought home a dinosaur.."

𝙄𝙧𝙤𝙣 𝘼𝙡𝙥𝙝𝙖

06/22/2022 08:54 PM 

Iron Hounds Wolf Pack Information

 IRON HOUNDS PACK LAW 1.) DRAMA: This is the number one rule, literally. NO DRAMA!!! You will literally be removed and blocked from all access points to the pack. It will not be tolerated whatsoever. It doesn't matter how small it is, We will not tolerate it.2.) REPORT A PROBLEM: If there is a problem between you and another pack member, You are advised to bring it to the attention of I (Alpha Anthony) Or Amelia (Beta) so that we can try to resolve it before further issues arise.3.) ACTIVITY: You are expected to be fairly active. We understand RL comes first, ALWAYS. However, We would like a heads up if you plan on being away for an extended period of time (Ex. A few days-weeks). We do expect you to communicate with us.4.) COMMUNICATION: You will be expected to have Discord as that is our main line of communication.5.) RANKS: We all have our ranks, However; If you're wanting to join the group as an Alpha, It will need to be understood that there is already a pack alpha and any standing member of the group will outrank you automatically due to their time invested in the group. We completely understand that sometimes there might be a little joking and teasing with ranks IC, but OOC, Our ranking system still stands.6.) Please make sure you read our ABO Dynamics  if you're not familiar with it. Understand that we have tweaked it to our liking. It will not follow any ABO dynamic from any particular show/Dynamic in general, We've taken bits and pieces to ensure everyone is comfortable with how it's done.7.) Rules will be added as time passes and we begin to get a better feel of those interested in joining the pack.8.) DISCORD: Each channel on Discord is labeled for everything needed. There will be times when we partake in a group rp, just to keep creativity flowing. We will also hold group events in a channel and there will be times where a different server will be created.9.) DATING:  While we do allow dating within the group, We urge newcomers to know that some of the members in the group are already taken. I'm mentioning this due to a previous situation where someone tried to join so they could date someone with a particular FC. The reason I'm posting this rule is to say that just because you use a specific FC, You aren't required to date the person in the group who uses said FC’s LI FC. You can date outside of the group. We don't mind. But I felt this was something that needed to be added. 9a.) SEXUAL ACTIVITY; There is be absolutely NO and I mean NO sexual activity written within the server at any time. Making joke’s and teasing one another is completely fine however if you want to write sexually please do so in private messages. We’re all consenting adults (or you wouldn't be here) and need to have respect for those who aren't necessarily comfortable with seeing or writing that type of style within the server. If I see it, you’ll get ONE warning and that’s it. 10.) If you'd like to join us, We'd love to have you. You're more than welcome to use any face claim you'd like. Please fill out an audition form located at the end of the blog and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.  ABO DYNAMICS First and Foremost, ABO Dynamics vary depending on which source you use. Different sites say different things. What I’ve done is take bits and pieces from what I’ve found and I put them together in a way that I like- a way that hopefully makes sense. So no, Its not exactly by ‘the book’ depending on which you would have gone by. It's my own variation. What is ABO?Alpha, Beta and Omega is mainly a sub verse in werewolf fanfics. Alpha/Beta/Omega or Alpha/Omega (occasionally Alpha/Beta) is a kink trope wherein some or all people have defined biological roles based on a hierarchical system, with the terms originating from animal behavior research. There may be werewolf, knotting, or other animalistic elements involved. ALPHA’S:Alphas are the top of the social ladder. They are strong and territorial. Their personalities are often described as arrogant and autocratic. This is by no means to say they are not capable of compromise and understanding, every Alpha is different and unique. BETA’S: Betas are the "norm." They are not overly dominant, nor overly submissive. They make up the most of society. Betas are vital to a pack as they are the 'caregivers' if you will. They provide a peaceful vibe to the pack and at times give the Alpha guidance when needed.OMEGA’S :Omega's make up the vast majority of the pack. They are considered to be a crucial part to the pack as they offer support to other ranks in times of distress. Omega's provide an added protection to the pack as they are more territorial than betas, but not as much as the Alpha. No lycan gets to choose what they present as, Mother nature does that. Most Lycan who were born either full blooded or half blooded, present between 14-17 years old, sometimes there's late bloomers. As for bitten lycan, we'll find out. It's unclear when or if they'll present. Now in a pack where there's already a Main Alpha, there can be other Alphas, it means they butt heads with the Pack Alpha. At the end of the day there's only one Pack Alpha though. In this pack we've got our established Alpha so keep that in mind. While there may be some in pack drama from time to time, keep in mind that at the end of the day they're a family. This pack is family, come whatever, through it all. It means they watch out for one another, they take care of one another. If there's a problem with one of them? You have a problem with us all. If some problems outside the pack arise and a certain lycan wants to handle business alone- they always know their pack has their back. We go to war together- there's nothing stronger than our family of misfit toys...You don't get to join the pack simply because you have a sob story, we all do. You need to prove yourself to us. We're ride or die as they say.. We had nothing so we created something and we'll be damned if we have it shattered into pieces due to someone who seems to thrive on drama. PACK POSITIONS Salutary This wolf is the herbal wolf. They heal and take care of the ill and injured. No magic or powers, just herbs and special medicines from resources.   Sentinel Sentinels are to ensure that the pack is safe by patrolling the territory and watching the movements of the surroundings. They are to make sure that no intruders enter the clearing. In doing so, it is a sentinel's responsibility to greet new visitors and learn why they are here and where they come from.  Hunters The hunters are those werewolves who are exceptionally skilled at tracking and hunting down prey. The hunters make sure that the pack has a full abundance of food. Scouts Scouts are responsible for warning the pack of dangerous territory outside the clearing, if any.  Scouts are mainly werewolves known by neighboring packs and visit around often. They stay in touch with other packs and keep friendly relations. They are to report any important changes to the alpha and beta.  Omegas and Pups The omega of the pack is 2nd lowest ranking werewolf. The omega is usually a young werewolf that is very new to pack life and still learning.  Delta The delta werewolf is a werewolf in training for beta position. They are third in rank to alpha and beta. Deltas do not hold the authority to call medium or large hunts. That is a privilege to only rank alphas, betas, and hunters. Deltas usually become the next Beta after training is complete but one can remain Delta without moving to Beta position. When this is the case, if ever the current beta is removed from their rank, steps down, changes rank, or leaves the pack, the delta may take the place as the new beta at the alpha's request.  Elder An elder is a werewolf with great experience and knowledge of werewolf packs. In the past, they may have held such high ranks as alpha and/or beta. They are sometimes older members who have decided to make the pack their final resting place. An elder's opinion is greatly respected throughout the pack, being adviser to both alphas and betas. They are asked to be role models to the pack, adults and cubs included, and also to visitors, showing them the way of the pack. They express maturity in their thoughts and actions during serious discussion or conflicts and help out wherever they can, supporting the pack through and through. The elder lingers in the background when it comes to pack affairs.  Guardians A wolf that shows interest and skill in caring for weakened pack mates. They also watch over the older or ill werewolves of the pack. The caretaker of the pack ensures when any werewolf is wounded, they recover properly not putting too much stress on their wounds. They serve as a support unit, and try to keep the pack in a healthy state. If they feel a werewolf is not strong or rested enough to hunt, they are to inform the alpha, beta, or hunter. Care taking does not mean healing; it means helping to survive, to watch over and make sure one does not further hurt themselves. A caretaker has to be stern to the wounded. Many werewolves will insist they are fine. A good caretaker needs to know what injuries are serious and what injuries can heal on their own. They need to make sure a wounded werewolf does not over exert itself. They need to be firm in having the wolf rest. AUDITION FORM *Follow the directions at the bottom, It's not rocket science folks*   You're here, Which means you're interested in becoming one of us. So, First things first.Make sure you have read and signed 'Laws' and read the 'ABO Dynamics' for the group. Next. We want to know about you.  -Character Name:-RP age:-RL age:-Rank:-Pack Position Desired: -What faceclaim will you be using? -How often are you online?-Preferred length when writing?-Are you willing to submit a starter? (If the answer is yes, Please do so with the questionnaire): -Are you willing to submit a short summary of your character's biography? (If the answer is yes, Please do so with the questionnaire): -Discord friendly?   Much of the recruiting will be done by the Alpha (Myself). However my Beta Amelia and I will decide together on bringing new members to the pack. You may submit your bio, starter and this questionnaire to my messages or if you have our Discords, you can send it there. ** We only ask for your real age, Due to the fact our group OOC chats can be mature ***You will be required to meet both leaders of the pack before being accepted*

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Casual.Summer Casual.Work Dressy.Extra.Wedding.Night Clothes.

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Sample/Starter: New Home.

Theme: Main Story, Home, Flash Back.Song Theme: Faded.Prompt: Home, New Home, Memories.------Freya was a small girl around the age of seven. Her face was glowing with a bright smile stretched over her pale face. Her dark brown hair tugged into a tight ponytail with a white ribbon in her hair. Just to be more fitting, her eyes were the same colour as her hair and she looked completely like the side of her father and grandmother’s side of the family. The little girl ran in her white summer dress with the straps tied around her little neck. Her skinny body running down the staircase with a book hugged tightly to her chest, while her white flat shoes noisily tapped onto the wooden floor below her. Early in the year, she was moved from her family house to her grandparents. Grandfather had already died before she knew who he was, but her grandmother still lived and took her in. Freya, being too young, didn’t understand. Although she was knew her mother had her issues, she wasn’t sure why they had to fight. The old house was of Victorian make. Grandmother made it from scratch. It was supposed to be a copy of another house she didn’t use now. Someday that would be Freya, if she moved there. The red wooden floor was completely polished, a couple of servants roaming the house, stepping out of the way. Every wall in the hallway had an outward rose pattern and white wallpaper. The small home was a maze to her still, after being here since she was three. Thankfully, down the stairs and around the corner lead to double doors that lead into a wide living room for family and guests. When she first came here, she stared in awe, since it filled the entire room with things she had never seen in her life. Grandmother was a lover of old things, to which Freya seemed to find the same love for herself. The entire room had a dark look with red wooden walls around them in certain squared parts. The same wallpaper from the hallway was used, just in deep red and golden roses in here. Eventually, her eyes drifted to the woman sitting in the chair. “How many times are you going to stare at everything?” She chuckled at her only grandchild. Her tendency to get distracted easily, pulling amusement out of the old woman. “Come along, or you’ll be going to bed without a story.” She gently scolded, Freya, being the timid girl, flushed with embarrassment at her slight scolding before quietly moving over to her grandmother’s knee to read. The book she placed into her hands revealed Cinderella, a a natural love for the brunette. Instead of opening it like she usually did, her small hand pressed on the book and glanced at her grandmother. Her eyes were wide and brown, which she got from her mother’s side of the family, if only that. “Grandmother?” “Hm?” Jean was constantly called grandmother lately. She forgot her own name during her old age. No one came around anymore. Freya was a darling thing, curious and clearly hurt by the hardship she had to face. Jean was a thin woman who forgot to eat so often she became too thin to walk around on her own. The wrinkles on her face revealed the stress she took on, along with the dark circles under her eyes. Hazel hues peered at the little girl with warmth. “What is it, dear?” she asked her, while opening the book. She also wore a summer dress, white with gentle roses in red going over the white fabric - a style her grand daughter enjoyed. The big small on young Freya’s face disappeared over there scolding, her eyes staring at the book and then her guardian. Her lips pressing together, almost as if she wanted to keep them from trembling. “..Will mother really come tomorrow?” She asked in a small voice, her tone unsure. Whether she wanted her mother to even come at this point was a question she asked herself often. “Oh... Dear, I’m not sure...” There was a small pang, but the hurt didn’t register on the child’s face for a moment. Freya eyed her grandmother and smiled a little. “Oh... Can we read now?” She slowly moved on just as quickly, having no heart to tell her guardian of the relief she felt.... -Years later.- The gentle breeze curled her long brown hair over her shoulder. Her window in the car opened while she drove through the new city. Big brown eyes blinking just a tad, coming back to earth from the flashback to the past. Why did I think about that? Melinda wondered, glossy lips frowning just slightly. The memory was a little off-putting considering she used to only remember grandmother Jean being old and weak, too little strength to even move around. From the car she grew into a woman her twenties and seemed to be more wary and tired than happy, her eyes are still wide like her mother’s side of the family while her skin was now slightly less pale because of her time outside of home. Gathering her school things before leaving home was much easier after her grandmother died. The hatred for the rest of the family became known enough to get them to leave her be after her teenage years. Her car was a silver Mercedes. After going to school, her intention was to gain money, even if she had to gain some around the house and save it up. No one knew she planned on buying a car to get away from them. She wasn’t stupid enough to spend it just to make them happy, but lying wasn’t completely bad. Not with them at least, and she used to lie whenever her gift came up or something relating to it. The car slowly drove up to a Victorian house like her grandmother used to describe to her. It wasn’t perfect and there was a lot of work to be done... But it was good enough. Freya put the car in a park over the small hill she had near the house, then pulled out her keys and black hand bag before opening the car door to get out. Outside of the car, she was wearing a slim pair of jeans and a black blouse with a fancy black blouse at the edge of her sleeves and at the bottom of the blouse by her waist. The only jewellery on her neck was a golden locket in the shape of a heart, and tear drop earrings matching her blouse. Her pumps clicked on the floor while she closed the door and locked her car down. Why did she bother unpacking her things? Melinda looked up to see the sun just raising into the sky after driving for most of the night and dropping into a crabby hotel. Then she stepped back onto the road. She was still tired. Her back turned to view the house and looked it over. It wasn’t as big as she thought it would be, but for just her, this was perfect. Grandmother suggested it was larger inside, two stories high designed with a yellow paint on the outside and black roof, flat unlike the rest. The first floor was a living room, kitchen and with a dining room, but upstairs had a guest bathroom, main bathroom and three bedrooms. Freya smiled genuinely for once, her smile stretching over her face in a soft smile. “...Not bad, gran..” she muttered under her breath.

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Hunger Games

The wrath of Snow will come to end, the hunger games will cease to exist and lives will get back to normal. Peeta here and I'm not looking for numbers, being used or drama. If your up to serious connections I am open to ideas to make a good storyline. Yes I'm looking for mains...yes I can do crossovers specifically marvel..though my writing style is multipara/novella so I won't take anything less then two paras. As far as my character himself goes he's single so love interests are always welcomed

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