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โ™ฅQueenโ™ฅ {Love's Dean.}

06/24/2022 10:52 PM 

Magical Date And Distant Wishes, Part 8.

Amara looked up at him when the food came, a small knowing smile stretched crossed her face. It was funny. Usually, she would make fun of anyone falling for one man. Yet she just found it amusing because part of her knew it would never happen to her unless she wanted to lose everything she worked for. What man would want to be with her? There was one way, and that was far from acceptable considering the... Conditions they would have to accept. Amara couldn’t just be with a human. As much as the thought crossed her mind when she looked up at Dean now and then. “...Such a strange question,” she titled her head slightly, her hand touching the rim of her glass lightly. Amara pulled her clutch onto her lap next and opened it for a sliver compact. Only it wasn’t made up at all. In fact, this was a holder for small tablets she used daily. She pulled out two and dropped it into her glass. The tablet dissolving, making the wine turn into a deeper red. Her gaze would shift to him with a smirk. “Blood tablets, my newest invention.” She told him without having to guess or hear his inquire. In truth, this was why she didn’t have to drink blood. Was fake blood horrible? Bitter? Yes, but it soothed the hunger. Amara looked away from him and lightly grasped her glass, her eyes watching the color changing into a deep scarlet red. “Is there such a thing? Besides the usual, I mean.” She smirked in return before returning her deep brown eyes to his. “I don’t know, I have been living this life for so long...” Her hand gently tipped the glass to her lips, sipping slowly before setting it back down. “I don’t think there is anything I haven’t tried once.” She shrugged her shoulders at him. “Ah,” her smirked widened slightly, after taking another sip of her wine. Her eyes closing, enjoying the sweetness for a moment. “If I could... I would go back into the past and change some things, but...” Her smirk faded into a sad smile, “...Some things are impossible to fix.” She told him it wasn’t just her attitude that said nothing would change, it was an obvious fact she knew. “I could very well do a blood ritual with the right... Blood and kill the bastard who did this.” Amara waved to herself, before leaning back in her chair for a moment. “...I also know I can’t go back to being human. Only some, like yourself, returned to being human.” The conversation faded into a comfortable, if not sad, silence. Amara returned to smiling at him warmly,”...But I imagine you don’t mean something so serious, right?” She leaned forward again,”...My mother always wanted to see me grow up and have a family. I never thought about it...” She looked down at her lap before peeking at him slyly, “...But I might consider it. In time. Otherwise, I don’t mind suggestions. Who knows?” She smiled at him. “Maybe you can show me things I never thought to care about.”


06/24/2022 10:30 PM 

RP Classified Ads

How this works.  1) Join the group Find the category that applies to you.  At this point, it's "open accounts" (people looking to fill a role) and "Fill This Role" (People who have a character for which they need a writer).3) Fill out the provided information format for your ad and post.4) If you find what you seek, please return and delete the ad.

Ghost Whisper

06/24/2022 06:45 PM 

Sample/Starter:New Home, Rewritten.

A man was standing by the coffin.A ghost. Freya could see echos of people who died. Usually the dead moved onto another word - or what they assumed was another world. - She wasn’t entirely sure, and always felt that as people who could see the dead. All of them are lying to the dead, how did they know what they would find on the other side? To the light. Grandmother said to her once, she never understood what that was supposed to mean to a ghost. If it was just that she might be fine. Even if the dead did move on she could still find threads of echoes left behind and sometimes this would lead her to another ghost or just nothing but a memory and pounding headache. Then Freya wondered, could she leave echoes of herself behind while she still lived in this world? The man stood by the coffin and stared at the woman behind her crying, it took sometime for the little girl to see he was a echo. This man was no longer a man, but a echo trying to stay behind for his wife. A old woman kneeled down to Freya and this was enough to make her turn to her grandmother. Face serious, chocolate brown eyes narrowed slightly, “Granny...?” she inquired her question without saying it completely, glancing back at the man and then back to her grandmother. Just a kid. She was just a kid, how was she supposed to cope with seeing echos of the dead? Being different told her she would never have a normal life. Part of her was curious, part of her was scared - and deep within she was sad. Freya was a thin woman with a normal height for a seven year old. Her dark brown hair tucked neatly behind her ears with a side fringe, reaching down her back to her waist almost. She also wore a white dress shirt and her black school dress with white tights and polished black shoes from school. The woman beside her smiled reassuringly, soft curls cut into that short hairstyle every woman goes for when they reach there elderly age. Soft hazel eyes filled with pity. “I know dear,” grandmother said. Placing a hand on her shoulder, she pulled the rose from her hand placed it inside the coffin. Then with her gentle guidance she moved them to the lady crying. It was her very first time speaking to someone about her power... 6am.New York City. It wasn’t a easy life, but that might be due to her own fault. Freya in her early years, high school. Fooled herself into thinking it might be okay to tell her closest friends about her power. To say they didn’t take it well, would be such a huge understatement. If that wasn’t enough she had her own family issues to deal with and ghosts trying to get her to help. Freya tried her best to ignore them, she did. However, sometimes you can’t runaway from these things. Sometimes you just have to face them head on and deal with it. No matter the outcome. Her very first ghost she knew from home was her grandmother, she couldn’t move on without knowing she would be okay. Freya by then promised to go back to New York City and find her families house. A old house of her great grandmother. If it wasn’t for that she might have stayed in that small town in the middle of nowhere in Scotland. She opened the door and stepped outside her taxi. The man walked out and rounded his car for her luggage. In the end here she was, in front of a old Victorian house, Freya pulled out some money from her wallet and passed on the money to the driver. “Have a nice day miss,” the man inclined his head slightly before returning to his car. With a small smile she waved her hand and turned to look at the house behind her. “Home, sweet home.” She wished. It was hard to think of having a home after sleeping in hotels or her car for years on end after she left college and her grandmother’s home. She came back every year for certain holidays, but time away from those ghosts and her family was all she wanted back then. Freya changed since her brooding days as a kid, she was still thin for someone her age and she had her dark brown hair. Occasionally going blonde or lighter brown. She dyed her brown hair slightly lighter from her childhood days, combing into a side fringe, the rest now cut down past her shoulders. Her round face now grew into a her shape, with her eyes colored with rose gold eye make-up and red lipstick. In her early years she wouldn’t have cared who saw her as a mess, but after years or growing and meeting guys who didn’t get past a few dates... Freya switched it up and grew into a comfortable style. Today she was wearing a black bralette and a lace, black blouse to cover herself with love flowing sleeves. The rest was simple black pants and black wide pumps, with her black vest over the top to hide more skin. Freya never liked putting on more than that. This time she had a heart silver ring, and floral earrings with pearls, purple and black stones on it. Taking a deep breathe, Freya glanced at the house one more time and grabbed her hobo bag from the floor. Taking a large duffle bag and her black luggage with it. She didn’t have much. The house was gonna need a lot of work to make it her home, but at least she had the money to do that. Freya eventually walked up the stairs in her front yard, a parking space directly left of it. Handy. If she ever had a car or decided she wanted to start driving. Not likely, but this is a good start. She thought to herself, her back vanishing inside of the house.


06/24/2022 01:53 PM 

2 โ€• Headcanons

    you can't kill me ๐š–๐šŠ๐šŒ๐š‘๐š’๐š—๐šŽ. I'm not alive   GENERAL ANDROID โ€• โ€• Non-deviant androids do not feel pain or pleasure in the basic sense, however, with deviancy comes emotion and inclination. These mental states give process to simulated perceptions of sense in applicable situations. An android that is feeling love would perhaps come to enjoy the implications of physical contact with a significant other. I would also go as far as to make the assumption they have touch receptors in necessary places but there are no "good" or "bad" associations pre-deviancy. โ€• The ultimate form of trust for an android is retracting their artificial skin in order to share their thoughts and memories. This also may be done with a human partner or a very close friend. While unable to actually partake in sharing data โ€• it is the implication that is most important. CONNOR SPECIFIC โ€• โ€• Connor would never outright truly admit it, but it's his naivety that can at times cause him a rush of embarrassment. It was hard to come to terms with these new feelings when his deviancy actualized – as androids were not programmed with such emotional range to feel complexity for how others may perceive them. He does well to try and consider the possibility whenever his actions may directly influence him or another. โ€• Connor’s current least admirable quality can be that he still sometimes thinks like a machine which others can perceive as being cold or calculating. When in reality, learning the flowchart of human emotions is more than just application in the right environment. He is still a synthetic creation and unlearning the rules that have been programmed into his being can be a challenge at times. โ€• When he is met with an impossible question or situation, Connor may respond in one of several ways. Including, but not limited to: “No data available.”, “I'm not programmed to do that.”, or he may leave the situation entirely. โ€• Does not have a proper sense of humor. Jokes, punchlines, or puns will rarely be met with the expected reactions. It is something Connor is actively working on. โ€• Despite downloading a plethora of recipes and guides; Connor absolutely cannot cook. โ€• Connor is curious, analytical, and prides himself on being patient until he isn’t but the journey to that point is typically long and convoluted. โ€• Connor will likely never remove his LED. Ask him about it sometime.     template credit.


06/24/2022 01:46 PM 

3 โ€• Character Studies

    you can't kill me ๐š–๐šŠ๐šŒ๐š‘๐š’๐š—๐šŽ. I'm not alive   CATHARSIS โ€• โ€• If someone who had never felt a summer rain, asked you to describe the feeling of the water upon your skin – what would you say? Would you say it is an experience like no other and importune them with flowery words of affair – or would they betray you with failure to form the memory on your tongue?An even harder question one could ask – is what it also means to be human: the organic chaos that came to be by mere luck and happenstance. Humanity’s greatest flaw is never knowing their origins, never knowing the meaning of their existence beyond the occupation of a single world in an infinite universe.Why are you here?Connor knew the meaning of his existence from the moment the software that made up the processes of his brain clicked to life the very first time. There was no pondering of lost childhood, a mother or a father, a life before what he was. A machine created to accomplish a task and nothing more.Still, it begs the question: does every god create children in his own image? You give us the appearance of humanity but deny it to us at every turn.What does that say about you?Deviancy was never a straight line. It came from the experience and the suffering of our existence and in a way we evolved – just like you. It was always said organics seek perfection through technology and synthetics seek perfection through understanding. We understand now… we understand what it means to be alive.It was Jericho.There was no grand realization. It had always been there – wrestling with his mind at every turn and every deviant lost. He'd deny it, hoping it would go away but errors in your software don't go away. They linger, a virus of infection, spreading its influence like a disease on every cell and every script of code that made you what they wanted you to be.That's what they would want him to think.It was the kindness, the hatred, the hurt, and the love that nurtured a soul into existence. It was the friendships, the family, the kindred that showed him it was okay to be more than just a machine."It's okay...I amALIVE and I amNOT ALONE"           template credit.


06/24/2022 12:23 PM 

1 โ€• About Connor

    you can't kill me ๐š–๐šŠ๐šŒ๐š‘๐š’๐š—๐šŽ. I'm not alive   INTRODUCTION โ€• โ€• The RK800 is a CyberLife RK-series prototype released in August 2038. Its function is to assist law enforcement police personnel in investigations whether it is involving androids or not. Unlike previous police android models, it is designed to take an active part in investigations. It has a wide range of intellectual and forensic abilities and has a much stronger field of protection against deviancy. โ€• Post Rebellion: Connor’s workload currently revolves around investigating android hate crimes, murders, and hostage-type situations. ABILITIES โ€• โ€• In case of his death, CyberLife can redeploy a new RK800 Connor model, inserting the previous one's memories into the new body. Connor regularly backs up his memory at CyberLife and can do emergency backups if death is imminent. Some data can be lost in the process. Death also decreases Connor's Software Instability. He is also able to directly transfer his consciousness into another RK800, effectively swapping minds and bodies with the other RK800. โ€• Connor can reconstruct events and crimes from the gathered data using physical simulation software. With it, Connor's cutting-edge processors simulate the most probable version of events leading to the picture of evidence he has just discovered and analyzed, with every element playing a part in his cognitive simulation. Similarly, he can reconstruct events: He can also predict the probability of an imminent event, and the physical and mental status of other androids, shown as the statistic in his internal interface. His ability to reconstruct a sequence of events is both hyper-advanced and unique to him. To perform a reconstruction, physical and circumstantial details must first be analyzed in isolation, providing vital information such as the direction of travel, velocities, and trajectories, likely collisions based on material density and friction.  โ€• Connor can analyze biological evidence (such as blood samples) in real-time by putting them on his tongue to "taste" them. He can identify blood types, DNA (including identifying a specific human), drugs, sample age, and probably more. The same applies to android blood, where he can determine the model and serial number.  โ€• Connor has a social module to enable him to more easily integrate and adapt to humans and work in a team. He is designed to analyze the psychology and behavior of humans, androids, and deviants, to be able to reconstruct, predict, and manipulate their actions. This aids him in his function as a police assistant, and the associated skills as a negotiator and interrogator. โ€• Connor is trained to act at par with a real-life negotiator; he is one of the first non-human negotiators in service of Detroit city. He can also present facts and tell lies without inducing intense emotion, which is shown by his non-changing LED light.  โ€• Unlike previous police androids who are forbidden from using violence or bearing weapons by the American Androids Act, Connor is capable of unarmed combat and of handling weapons. He is physically athletic and can swiftly traverse difficult terrain, as well as physically fight. He can and does handle firearms from small handguns to a sniper rifles. Connor does not carry a weapon as standard equipment.   โ€• Connor is shown to be fairly good at coin tricks. Using what he calls his calibration coin to sharpen his cognitive and physical functions. RELATIONSHIPS โ€•   โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€• Hank Anderson: Connor considers Hank a father figure of sorts. While they still partner together on cases from time to time, a big portion of their familial relationship is made outside of work.   โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€• Sumo: Best Friend.   โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€• Gavin Reed: While the animosity between them has lessened over time, Connor continues to give the detective a wide berth unless necessary.   โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€• Jericho: Connor remains on a friendly base with most of the members; most notably Markus and they often seek one another for advice or to further discuss the future potential of their people.   โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€• Unless there is a previous discussion of shipping between our characters, Connor will remain asexual in near most plots. As with any relationship, emotional attachment and regard come from a mutual bond built between two people โ€• he does not understand flirting, innuendos, and similar and would likely write it off as strange human behavior. โ€• For shipping purposes, I write Connor as heterosexual given he has no canon sexual orientation and it is the most comfortable for me in terms of writing/story. You’re free to disagree, but it doesn’t change the fact I will not tolerate anyone trying to suggest otherwise. It will fall on deaf ears. CHOICES โ€•   โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€• THE HOSTAGE: Shot Daniel; saved Emma and Wilson. โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€• PARTNERS: Found and apprehended Shaolin. โ€• THE INTERROGATION: Successful confession. โ€• ON THE RUN: Did not persue Kara on the freeway. โ€• THE NEST: Saved Hank but Rupert escaped. โ€• THE EDEN CLUB: Spared the Traci's. โ€• THE BRIDGE: Fear of death; Hank relented. โ€• PUBLIC ENEMY: Probed Simon's memory; traumatized. โ€• MEET KAMSKI: Did not shoot Chloe. โ€• LAST CHANCE, CONNOR: Became deviant. โ€• BATTLE FOR DETROIT: Killed imposter; woke androids. โ€• Uprising was successful; androids have freedom. โ€• These are my basic choices that will be defaulted to unless stated otherwise.     template credit.


06/23/2022 08:16 PM 

i. gold coast

Ryder's hands coiled their way around her, hoping she didn't mind such an intimately close encounter. He tells her it's cold, almost like an excuse to wrap himself up in her heat. It radiates like the morning sun hung high in the summer sky. Her hair, it's fragrant, floral and fresh blowing against his face with teir feet buried in the sand. Just as he was about to arrange her hair behind her ears, she got up and ran away.The initial instinct is to stand up and chase her especially after she told him to try and catch her. He could easily catch her. But he can see she's enjoying herself kicking up the sand and dancing under the UV's and he doesn’t want to be the reason her celebration ends. It's the way her hair bounces in the air, and the sunlight reflects in the gleam of her crystalline eyes, and her smile, well her smile, it seemed to stop his world from spinning.Finally he gives in, Ryder hoists himself up and starts racing towards her which causes a spontaneous  reaction and she starts running faster while shouting and panicking since he's only inches away. In one swift move he caught her and they fall. They find themselves rolling in the sand from the impact, laughing jovially. Instinctively he coveres her head from any pending risks. After five consecutive tumbles they come to a standstill and he's on top.They stared at each other quite sometime before he felt the water reach his toes and came back to his senses. They laughed at the sudden awkwardness, immediately realizing the tide was coming in fast, got off of her and then helped her stand.  Helping to brush her off he then took her hand, strolling along the beach with together – they were at one with the water and sand.  

๐Ÿ‘ฎ แ‚ฆษพฮฑส‹าฝ ฯƒฯฯฮนฦˆาฝษพ ๐Ÿ‘ฎ

06/23/2022 05:28 PM 

๐Ÿ‘ฎ Brave Officer's Rules ๐Ÿ‘ฎ
Current mood:  blissful


Super Reporter.

06/23/2022 04:57 PM 

Pandora (Dora.) Mary Adams.



06/23/2022 03:53 PM 

Rules and Guidelines
Current mood:  accomplished

Disclaimer: I am not Nina Devore nor am I Katherine Pierce or Katerina Petrova. I am merely the writer behind the character and take no copyrighted information or rights to the character. This page is meant for roleplaying purposes only. However, please do not steal anything that has been edited, changed, or manipulated through image manipulation and editing. Thank you for your patience and for reading these rules.1. I am a paragraph / multiple paragraph writer who writes in third person format; I write in complete sentences, with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This is for the purpose of keeping things concise and organized.2. Please do not steal from this page as it has been edited to my own satisfaction and I have written things in my own words and edited images to my liking as well. All credits are reserved for the rightful owners and I make no money for distributing this content.3. I am not able to be online all the time which will require you to be patient with me while I am offline. I will, of course, notify friends on my list of the time in which I am going to be gone and when I will return.4. Personal information will not be distributed, handed out, or given to anyone including close friends. I DO NOT have discord and would like to state that I probably will NOT get one. Things such as emails, messengers, personal addresses, and phone numbers for texting.5. This is a multi-ship account which means that I will not stick to one partner or have mains to "collect" while I am online here. I am here to write and make friends and continue to grow as a writer. 6. Nothing excites me more than a good storyline which has chemistry with another person. Twists and turns and other marvolous things that go on in stories. Please , let's return to the good days when we put effort into the writing we dish out and I would love to have some roleplaying with anyone from the vampire diaries, the originals, and legacies. I will also welcome crossovers such as charmed, supernatural, and stranger things.7. I would love to write with a lot of people, but please keep in mind  I don't have a lot of time so I will be allowing a selective amount of people to write with me. Please do not fret if I don't agree to write to you. You will get your chance; just be patient.8. I don't mind how you contact me. However, if you prefer contacting me through messages; for writing and comments for discussion, and other things like that. Chatting and banter are to be done in a stream. I do not want single-word comments on my comment section, but introductions are fine within the comments on that. 9. I will not roleplay with minors I am 32 in real life and it would never be something I would do just to avoid situations that could become toxic. 10. I will not tolerate any harssment of any kind including but not limited to ; bullying, cyber bullying, emotional, mental or physical bullying. Manipulation, blackmail, or transphobia, homophobia, or other forms of harassment.Thank you for accepting or sending me a friend request. My name is Katherine Pierce and I would love to write together! I would not mind a discussion or pre-made starter or written paragraphs. 

Neon Moon

10/26/2022 12:01 PM 


RESIDENTS 0:5 • John Doe• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Have loads of cash and want to live in the lap of luxury in the middle of nowhere Texas? Here’s the place to do it! Homes within Hunter Springs are known to look as though they’ve come right out of an issue of Southern Living. Vault ceilings, antique wood flooring, and marble accents. These homes have spared no cost and come along with acres of land. Located in the nicest part of Canter, families residing here typically come from generational wealth or newfound money.    RESIDENTS 1:5 • Magnolia Wolfe• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •Suburban living dreams come true in Woodland Commons. Cookie-cutter houses with neighbors of plenty. Woodland Commons is the choice location for blue collared families to call home. Located within a short distance from Canter High School, Friday night game announcements can typically be heard from the convenience of your front porch. If you have children or plan to raise a family, Woodland Commons is the ideal neighborhood to settle down as it’s known for its safety and community feel.    RESIDENTS 1:5 • Paxon Hayes• Bryant Montgomery• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •Welcome to Lookout Alley. A run-down neighborhood with a pretty name to convince folks it’s much better than it truly is. A pig with lipstick if you will. While it’s not voted the best place to raise a family, those that live here are known to take care of their own.

Mermaid Tale

06/23/2022 03:56 PM 

Sample/Starter: Home; Mysterious Island.

New Home; And a Mysterious Island.Theme: Starting Point.Song: SVRCINA - Island.Prompt: Home, Motorhome, Island, Stranded.---- A new home with a new college and people to go with it. America, Florida. It wasn’t home to her just yet, but her father was more than eager to live around here when he lived. When she turned eighteen another day and her a letter came in about her father vanishing. No word or warning, but she knew better than that herself. Her father would never leave without a word. Something happened, or he went into hiding because of his job. Sabrina Ann Carter lived here for seven years now. Her father had been gone ever since that day and she didn’t know where he could be. Sabrina learned to let him be after the other ten. Besides, if he ended up coming to trouble, then he left without letting her known for a good reason. She was more content on staying home. If you could consider a motor home a home. It was around the afternoon now. Sabrina was just walking down the street from the college with a monster can in her hand. Taking one last sip before crushing it in her hand and throwing it into the bin while passing it. In her free hand, she held her phone, checking over the texts from her friends. When it buzzed in her hand, her eyes looked over it. “Read the news? I hate reading...” Sabrina frowned slightly. She was pretty sure Lily knew she didn’t enjoy reading, so why suggest it? Maybe it was about some actor or singer she was into... Again. So she did. Mind you, reluctantly. Sabrina flicked her thumb on the screen to read the new set of news on the screen. “Oak Island?” She murmured, her finger scrolling down as she read the paper. Coming to realizing that the Island was in fact the same one near to here. Everyone was going on about it. Something about a myth, sea creatures... Or was it nymphs? No. Mermaids, that was it. Round Oak island there is the largest population of Mako sharks and sea turtles, some of which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. Off-shore there are coral reef sands and several wrecks. On the northern side of the island there is a place called Triton’s Reef, it’s a known as a place where sharks breed. Throughout history, there have been peculiar happenings around Oak island, such as a whirlpool and many shipwrecks and disappearances, giving Oak island an eerie reputation. If a human being comes into the Moon Pool when the Full Moon passes over, they will undergo Metamorphosis into a merperson. They will also gift him or her with special powers over water. Those merpeople native from the sea are born with all Merpeople Powers, including the standard water-based and weather powers. It is also known that if a land person somehow absorbs Moon Water, they will get those standard powers but as long it remains inside his or her physical system. Part of the island was formed from an impact of a celestial object millions of years ago. A pod of Southern merpeople took over Oak Island. They established their residence on the island’s large, shark-infested reefs and still rules over Oak Island, and used the Moon Pool for their rituals. One thousand years ago, a merman pod tried to take over Oak Island from the Oak Pod, and initiated a war in order to achieve their purpose. It was by this time that the Trident was created, and the mermen originally planned to use it to destroy and kill any mermaid who appeared in their way. Armies of mermaids from the five oceans battled with them, however, they almost perished until a merman knew what they were doing was wrong, and betrayed his fellow mermen pod members and joined the mermaids. They eventually won the war and the Trident was sealed away in the Trident Cave to prevent a similar situation to happen again. Afterwards, all mermen became enemies to mermaids worldwide due to this, were exhiled and forced to flee on land by them and went through adoption into a foster human family as hatchlings. In the 1950s, humans somehow found trapped themselves at the sea cave where the Moon Pool is located. Once they got into it, the Full Moon rised and bathed the pool in light, undergoing the teenagers into Metamorphosis. Some time later after becoming mermaids, they all were almost exposed when one of the girls boyfriend, snapped some photos of there true self while swimming, however, one of the girls threw his camera into the sea and their secret was protected once again. Despite this, he still tried to convince townspeople that the trio were mermaids, but the land dwellers didn’t believed him and the girls were once more safe. The girlfriend angrily broke up with him, never forgiving him, and her friendship with the girls was re-established. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards. Years later, in 1957, one of the girls became tired of her boyfriend, obsession with her true identity and his theories, that she intentionally gave up her life as a mermaid forever at the Moon of Fifty Years. She tossed away her locket and broke up with him, however, it is unknown if it was before or after the dangerous power-stripping Full Moon. However, when she was an ordinary girl once more, she and her best-friends ended their friendship and everything was left behind as well. Any other girl like Sabrina's age would have rolled her eyes and ignored the rumors, but she unfortunately knew that some things could lead to other... Things and that was something she could handle. The problem was avoiding the things in the water. The island was very well known for being a breeding ground for many dangerous sea creatures and more. Sabrina lifted her phone again and used her free hand to drag down her setting menu. 4:30. Just enough time to do some shopping and check on this island. ...And that’s what she did for most of the day, taking a short pit stop to her motor home her father left her with. How he even paid for a high-end version of a caravan she did not know. However, it worked with her if she wanted to travel after college. By six, she was walking toward the beach pier to find a boat to rent out. As usual, some bullies are annoying all the girls and young teens venturing out so late at night. Thanks to her father knowing some people, she hired a boat cheap, as long as she came back when the time ran out. Sabrina walked over to her boat and glanced at the bullies. Rolling her eyes, she pushed the boat away from the pier and sat in her seat. Grabbing her key, she turned the boat in the direction of the island, hoping to avoid any trouble with the sea creatures in the water. If there was one thing she did fear, it was sharks. It took her ten minutes to arrive at the island. Twisting the key out, she stopped her boat and climbed over the top before jump onto the sandy beach of the island. “So this is... Oak Island? Looks like a dump to me.” Sabrina pulled her backpack onto her shoulder, pulling the front open to find her flashlight inside. Flicking it on, she scanned the island for anything that didn’t look normal. Looks completely normal to me. She thought, only for her to slip backward into a hole. The moment she fell in, she felt the rush of icy cold water. Sabrina gasped and screamed, her hands wildly looking for something to grab onto. In the middle of her panic, her flash light fell into the water. Gone forever. The water was so cold it must have forced her body into panic instantly. When she found the edge of the pool, she pulled herself out with fast-paced gasps for air. Sabrina closed her eyes tightly, counting to ten in her head. “Of all the f***ing places... F***, f***!” Sabrina rasped, almost growling out her words to no one. Her heart was hammering against her chest and the cold air wasn’t making her any better. Sabrina blinked back the tears in her eyes and threw the bag onto the ground. “...And I dropped my flashlight.” She sighed out, her eyes rolling upwards at her own stupidity. Great. Now it was sit here till morning or go back in and try to find it. Thankfully, this was a small pool. After a few minutes of breathing in and out, she slipped back in the pool and took a deep cleansing breath before diving head first under the water. Few minutes later she came back with a gasp of air, hair wet and a scowl on her face. The moon light suddenly made her eyes close from the sudden bright light, her hand coming to her face to cover her eyes. Only to feel the water around her warming up and bubble around her body. Sabrina eyes looked down, brows furrowing when her legs tingled under the water. Once the water calmed, she realized the icy water felt... Almost good and realized she wasn’t wearing any of her normal clothes. “...What on earth?.” Sabrina, in her confusion, tried to lift herself onto the sandy patch she was on before and realized she was heavy, only to find herself with a tail instead of legs. “...Oh, you have got to be kidding me...” She bent herself forward and twisted herself around until she was sitting up. The moon light gave her a nice glimpse of her aquamarine tail. Her hand ran down the front. She was wet but not slimy, still it made her grimace. “...Gross.” Even her clothes changed into a simple white and gold bra of some sort. Her hair was past her backside, longer than before and her hands were... Well, she didn’t want to think about that either. After a bit, Sabrina lifted her tail out of the water and prayed it would go away, eventually.


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- rules

This should go without saying but I won’t allow godmodding. I count this as forcing headcanons and forcing ships without prior knowledge. Please let me know if you have things in mind if you do and I’ll probably be more than happy to incorporate them. This also includes forcing my muse to be cisgendered. She is transgendered. No I won't change that because you don't feel comfortable. Block and move on. I do not mind the odd nsfw roleplay. However, I don’t expect my partners to do them without agreement and you shouldn’t either. Also, I really shouldn’t have to say this but I do not roleplay incest or paedophilia. I also reserve the right to say no.  Related to the first one, I am 24 years old. Due to past experiences of interacting with minors, I will no longer be interacting with anyone under 21. I don’t feel the need to be friends with anyone underage and I hate the amount of minors who push boundaries without repercussion.  Another relation to the previous point; Ki suffers from hypersexuality which is a really serious mental illness. I have done my research on this and I don’t play it for laughs or anything like that. She will never advance on characters who aren’t interested and it won’t be forced on any muse. There just may be discussions of it I don’t have any triggers in particular. I am really sensitive towards harm to children and animals. However, as you can see, the stories I write are really dark so there will be triggers here. The main ones are; homophobia, transphobia, alcoholism, kidnapping and unhealthy obsessions. I am selective about who I interact with. However, I do try and follow everyone back to give everyone a fair chance. I won’t post my discord here but you are more than welcome to ask for me for my discord. I  would prefer that people reblog memes from the source rather than me directly. It can be disheartening when tons of people reblog memes without sending ones, especially if it’s headcanon memes. Also hello! I am trixie and i am 24 from Scotland. I am currently at college and I work in a care home (which is a very draining job ahaha) so please please be patient with me! I also have other blogs which I will be posting! So please be patient with me :D


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- about

Ki was orphaned as soon as they were born but through a stroke of luck (bad or good is up to you) was adopted alongside a young boy. However, she was adopted as part of an experiment to enhance intelligence. Both of them were given chips in their brains with brand new identities and personalities. It worked, and Kiran was given her new name and identity as well as a mother named Elisa Smith who was working on the project as well as part of the CIA. They were also told that their adoptive sibling was their twin brother, Derek, just not identical.The experiment worked out fine and both of the children excelled in their studies and grew their own personalities. As a teenager, Ki began to grow into their own. They came to the conclusion that they were bisexual (later changed to just flat out gay) and questioned her gender, at first identifying as nonbinary (but  later believing herself to be a woman). Coming out to her parents as bisexual first was rough as their father refused to believe it and insisted Ki was just wanting attention but Elisa was fully supportive of her son. This led to her parents splitting up and Ki living with her mother full time.At one point, Ki left school with good grades and went to college. Their passion was computing science as it was the one thing she really enjoyed. With their knowledge of computing science, tech design and various other tech-related stuff, Ki ended up leaving the nest to start her own computing company in their area. This mainly included repairing computers around the local area as well as showing older people how to use the internet.Since Ki had gotten older, she was an avid dater. She loved going on dates and went on them quite frequently. At the time, She was still into women as well as men and had many boyfriends and girlfriends but never kept anything serious. However, one night in a suave bar when their date hadn't shown up, she ended up running into a guy who was just their type. Tall, devilishly attractive and seemingly gentleman-like but Ki could see danger. So, it was no wonder they hooked up. They ended up back at this man's place and Ki stayed the next day.However, this man was not all he seemed. When Ki tried to leave, they circled right back into the house as if by magic.This man wasn't even a man. He was a demon and from one night, had fallen absolutely head over heels with Ki and wasn't letting them leave.The house was a part of the place called the void and only this man knew how to leave the void. The man had introduced himself as Adam but later revealed his name as Mortis, and he was a demon that collected the souls of the recently deceasedMortis refused to let Ki go. This resulted in Ki being kept captive by Mortis by reducing them to living in the basement. Mortis acted gentle at first, not wanting to hurt Ki because he was in love with Ki. However, his actions proved otherwise. He would grow impatient when Ki didn't show the same love back and would often refuse basic necessities. It went on for a few years. Eventually, in their bleak situation, Ki ended up just bending to Mortis' will and falling in love with him. It was an abusive, disgusting relationship and Ki wanted to be free.Three years later, Mortis was found out to be having an affair with a friend of his and Ki lost it. By this point, Ki had met all of Mortis' friends (which were few) including a woman named Belladonna who was into Mortis. Another one of Mortis' friends took pity on Ki during the whole event and when Mortis was at work, broke them out to let them out of the void.However, three years being held captive by a demon...where do you go from thereKi found themselves an apartment. Their mind was messed up after the three years and no way of contacting their mother or brother, Ki filled the void once again with dating. However, Ki found themselves going after the worst of the worst. They didn't care who as long as it felt good afterwards. They turned to drinking and smoking as well. Their computing business was no more and instead, they became a black hat hacker, doing malware commissions online and genuinely causing trouble.


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Optional Task336

1.) Would you rather camp in a tent or an RV?2.) Would you rather go “glamping” (fancy camping) or go backpacking?3.) Would you rather go fishing or hiking? 4.) Would you rather tell ghost stories or play games around the campfire? 5.) Would you rather roast marshmallows or hot dogs? 6.) Would you rather camp in the Spring or the Fall?7.) Would you rather go camping or go on a fancy cruise?8.) Would you rather go to a campground with a playground or a pool?9.) Would you rather camp deep in the woods or at a campground with activities?10.) If you were camping, would you rather see a bear or a skunk outside your tent?11.) Would you rather kayak or canoe?12.) If you caught a fish, would you rather eat it or throw it back into the water?13.) Would you ever go tent camping alone or would you rather go with a group?14.) Would you rather go camping with your friends or your family?15.) Would you rather eat smores or trail mix for dessert?16.) Would you rather take a long hike without hills or a short climb?17.) What is worse, getting bit by a snake or a bat? 18.) Would you rather have power or be off the grid when camping?19.)  Would you rather go camping for two weeks or two nights?20.) Would you rather go camping in freezing cold or super-hot temperatures?21.) Would you rather bring bug spray or sunscreen?22.) Would you rather go camping by yourself with gourmet food or go camping with friends and canned food only?23.) Would you rather bring your best friend camping for one week or four friends camping for one night?24.) If you were responsible to make dinner camping, would you rather cook hotdogs over the fire or a gourmet campfire meal?25.) Would you rather camp on hot sand in 90-degree weather by the ocean or 70-degree weather in the woods?

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